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My Office Romance

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A meeting with the new boss, great. I hadn’t met him yet so he called me away from my busy schedule just so I could meet with him. I hated meetings and was notorious for it, thinking they were usually a diversion from the task at hand.

I walked down the hall toward his office, my face with an agitated grimace on it. Some of my co-workers caught on and began cracking jokes about it.

“Mark Johnston,” a sign on his office door proclaimed as I knocked.

“Come in,” a voice said, replying to my knock.

“I’m Jim Drake,” I said as I opened the door, “you wanted to see me.”

“Yes,” he said rising to meet me, “I hate taking you away from your work, but I felt we had to meet.”

Mark stood up, revealing a 6’5″ frame, athletic, fit. He was in his forties. He had slightly gray brown hair, blue eyes that had the look of ice. His smile was hypnotic, revealing a laid back demeanor that was disarming and inviting.

“No problem,” I said, “I just finished my last report for the day.”

He was hot, and I couldn’t believe I was thinking that. I was straight, a man’s man, I liked fucking chicks, but here I was thinking about what his cock looked like as we shook hands. His grip was strong. I also couldn’t help notice he had a noticable impression around his crotch, his cock must be huge.

We sat down in chairs, facing each other at an angle. My mind was still racing at this new development in my head.

We talked about work goals, family and the like. Late in the conversation Mark reached over and grabbed my thigh. A bolt shot through me as he grasped.

“I have a meeting to attend,” Mark said, “It was good to meet you and I’m sure we’ll get more time to get to know each other later.”

He left the room, leaving me with an erection and my mind wondering what was going on. Was I really attracted to this guy? It hadn’t happened before. Why did he grab my thigh? I couldn’t tell. Why the hell did I have a hard on?

I left Mark’s office and headed for the bathroom, trying to conceal my boner. I entered a stall and jerked off quickly to relieve the tension.

While I washed up afterwards I looked in the mirror. My brown eyes, black hair and tanned face looking back at me. I was 35, 5’10”, in pretty good shape. I was married with two kids, happily I might add.

I left work for the weekend and coudn’t stop thinking about Mark. His gaze was etched into my brain and the strength of his grasp wouldn’t leave my mind. My wife gave me a blow job at one point and I kept fantasizing about Mark with his mouth locked around my cock. I was slightly freaked out.

Monday came and I did my best to avoid Mark, but business intervened. Mark walked into my office late. His laid back style still intact.

“Eric Sanders at corporate is pissed about some of the reports coming out of the group,” he said.

“Can’t be mine,” I replied.

Mark smiled back at me.

“You’re a confident one,” he said.

“In this case, yes,” I replied dryly.

“You’re right,” Mark said, breaking the tension, “but we need to get these in order ASAP and I want you to handle it.”

“Why me?” I asked, somewhat peeved.

“Because you’re good at this,” Mark replied, “and I need you to be my go to guy.”

“When do these need to be fixed?” I shot back.

“Two days,” he answered.

“Damn, I hate working late,” I added.

Mark walked over and put both hands on my shoulders and looked me in his eyes. His grip was firm my heart rate shot up. I wished he would kiss me, and I couldn’t believe I was thinking about it.

“I’ll make sure you get compensated for your hard work,” Mark said reassuringly, “you’re worth it.”

“I’ll get on it,” I said reluctantly.

“Thanks,” Mark said, “I knew I could count on you.”

He left the room, leaving me weak kneed and more confused than before. His small embrace weighed on me, I wanted him. I wanted know what it was like to have sex with him, I couldn’t stop fantasizing.

I jumped into my work, more to get my mind off of my homo-erotic fantasy than to actually get the work done. I worked well into the night, leaving about one in the morning, then returning at seven. I kept to myself into the next day and was close to finishing about an hour after quitting time when Mark walked in.

“You hanging in OK?” he said.

“Yeah, a bit tired,” I replied, not looking up to see him.

I felt his large hands on my shoulders as he gave me a massage. His powerful hands melting the tension away as they moved across my shoulders and down my back. It felt good and my cock rose to attention as my breathing became shallow and quick. I let out a soft moan.

“You okay?” Mark asked, his hands continuing to rub me.

“Yeah,” I replied, “that feels good.”

“I’m glad you like it,” he said softly, “some guys get nervous getting a back rub from another guy.”

“It’s not normal,” I replied, “but I can’t argue with the feeling.”

“Good, I want you to feel comfortable around me,” he said.

“That’s not a problem,” I said.

Mark stopped slowly and stepped back a bit. I turned around, not thinking about my hard on. Mark looked down at the bulge and then our eyes met.

“I see you really are comfortable.” he said with a slight tinge of sarcasm, “I’ll let you get back to work.”

He left and I tried to get back to work. It was tough as I couldn’t stop thinking about his massage. A half hour of work turned into five as I finally finished. I went home and couldn’t sleep, the thought of Mark’s hands rubbing something other than my back and soulders. I fucked my wife twice, hoping to get the tension released with no luck.

I made it to the office the next morning with a tired look in my face. I was dragging a bit when Mark showed up.

“Great work,” Mark said excitedly, “I knew I could count on you.”

“Thanks,” I said with a yawn.

“You look tired,” Mark said with concern.

“I AM tired,” I replied, “I was here until one the last two nights.

“How about this,” Mark said, “my apartment is in the building down the street.”

“And?” I said.

“Go down there, take a nap,” he said, “I’ll come get you for lunch.”

I couldn’t argue with a nap, so I agreed. His apartment was in and old building that had been renovated. It was now high end loft apartments that demanded a pretty penny in rent. It had two levels with the bedroom area upstairs. I dropped onto the couch and fell into a deep sleep.

“Jim,” I heard Mark’s voice calling me out of my slumber, “lunchtime.”

Mark was looking me in the face and he couldn’t have been more than six inches away. One hand was grasping my thigh, the other ran through my hair. I could feel my cock rising to meet the sudden sexual tension. I didn’t know what to do. Should I make a move? Should I play it cool? I felt like a fucking schoolboy again as I was paralyzed by his hypnotic gaze.

That’s when he moved closer and began kissing me, my lips parting easily as he slowly slid his tongue in. I returned the kiss and we began kissing passionately. His hands feeling my entire body, rubbing and caressing me though my clothes. He stopped at my crotch and lightly stroked my bulging hard on. He slid his mouth down my neck, sucking and licking down as he unbuttoned my shirt.

“I can’t do this,” I said, “I’m a married man.”

“You are doing this,” Mark replied, “I know want this, I knew it from day one.”

“But…” I started saying before being cut off by another kiss.

He kissed me even more passionately than before as he removed my shirt, exposing my fit, hairless chest. He kissed and licked his way down again, his hands moving to my pants. He stopped at my nipples and began licking and sucking them. I let out a gasp as he softly bit them while he undid my pants, his hand moving inside to touch my cock. He worked my nipples for a while longer and then moved down while he licked and sucked his way down to my crotch as he removed my pants, leaving me completely naked.

He stood up, his gaze penetrating my eyes. Mark undressed, exposing his hairless chest and body and then his beautiful eight inch cock. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching up and taking his marvelous rod in my hand, slowly stroking its length as he let out a soft moan of pleasure. I began lightly jerking him off as he began rocking back and forth on his feet while giving the occasional moan of delight.

He stood me up and we kissed again as we embraced. The top of my cock was rubbing against the base of his shaft and his balls. He turned me around with my knees on the sofa and my arms draped over the back. Mark kissed, licked, and bit the back of my neck. I could feel the electricity shoot down my spine as he slowly worked down to the small of my back. His kiss and touch were overwhelming. I was panting and moaning, my body shaking with anticipation.

He then began to turn his attention to my ass cheeks, licking and kissing them. He moved closer to my anus with each kiss and would lick away, careful not to move in too fast. He finally made it to the middle and slowly moved his tongue up and down the crack of my ass. I let out a loud groan as he spread my ass cheeks, exposing my ass cherry. He began to lick and kiss my asshole, slowly rimming between light penetrations with tongue. I gasped with excitement, this taboo was too much. A man was eating my ass like I would eat my wife’s pussy. I was this man’s date, his bitch. He continued for what seemed like forever. My body quaking with erotic energy, my lungs gasping for air.

He slowly pulled away. I turned around facing him again. We gazed into each other’s eyes for a minute, his eyes taking in the hunger of my stare. He knew he could do what he wished with me.

I knelt infront of him, his cock staring me down. I began to lick his cock head while my hands rubbed his balls. Mark let out a moan as I inhaled his length and slowly began to pump his cock with my mouth. His musky scent driving me wild, driving me to suck his cock faster. I reached around and grabbed his ass cheeks, bringing him closer. Mark began returning my mouth strokes with light thrusts. He began rocking on his heels again and thrusting a little harder as I could tell he was getting close. With a loud grunt he siezed up as his cock began to twitch in my mouth and spurting his precious spunk into my mouth. The salty taste of him was exhilerating. I swallowed every drop as his cock twitch in my mouth depositing every drop he had.

“Not bad for a first timer,” He said, guiding me up to his mouth for another kiss.

“Thanks,” I said, “your cock is so nice.”

He led me up the stairs to his bed. He lay down as I moved in on top of him. We were kissing passionately again, our hands exploring our bodies. Mark found my ass and began rubbing my anus. I wanted more, I knew Mark would deliver as he applied some cool lube to my waiting asshole.

Mark moved me up, most of my cock pressed against his stomach. He lifted me up slightly and delivered a small dollop of lube onto his stomach. He let me down and I felt the head of his cock pressing into my asshole. He slowly inserted the head, making me gasp and kiss him more deeply. He took his time inserting his length into me as we continued to kiss. My cock was rubbing into Mark’s belly.

He finally had penetrated to about six inches when he began a slow thrusting. I began to groan as my asshole clenched around his shaft. I felt every vein, bump, and ridge on that magnificent rod as he fucked me. His pace was picking up and I began moaning loudly with each thrust. We began to sweat heavily, coating our bodies in the salty sweat. He pressed down on my shoulders as he fucked harder, pushing our chests tight together. My cock was being squeezed between us, the lube allowing it to slide with ease. I was getting close. He kept fucking as I moaned louder as my cock began to convulse as I began to come, my cock letting out a few drops at time. Mark began to grunt as I felt his load splash against my insides. His cock twitched inside me as he finished his load. We continued to rub against one another until I finally finished coming, the hot, sticky liquid coating our bellies.

I rolled off of Mark and onto my back. He rolled over and gave me a deep kiss.

“I’ve never felt like that before,” I said, “I never thought you would be that good.”

“You were not so bad either,” he said while his hand ran up and down my cock.

“Thanks,” I replied, “shouldn’t we get back to work?”

“Lunch hour isn’t over yet,” Mark said as he kissed me again…

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Very cum blowing hot why could I have never ha a boss like that great story write more please.