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My Blind Taste Test

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It’s early evening, about 7:00. Maybe 7:30. I’ve be at a 3D shoot all afternoon. I didn’t win but I scored very high and did come home with some of the major prizes. The shoot was actually over about 4:00 but I stopped in at my parents on the way home. I dropped the kids off there this morning on my way to the shoot and they have been having a blast all day, what with the horses and all. Dad asked if they could stay the night, possibly the weekend.

Seems it keeps his other kids occupied. I said sure and as I had to go to Rosetown tomorrow anyway, I would drop off some extra clothes in the morning and could pick up all the kids on my way back.

Mom had made “Klutetskies” and asked if I wanted to stay for supper. You were hosting some dance wind-up party or something anyway so I decided to stay. Supper was great and I phoned you to see if you wanted me to bring home a plate.

You said no, cause there was lots of munchies still from your pot-luck. The girls had all brought exotic plates of Greek and Garlic ribs, stuffed wine leaves, baklava, baked cheesecake and other ethnic specialties. From the way you had sounded on the phone I suspected there was also plenty of wine flowing.

You sounded good on the phone. That little twinkle in your voice that always makes me want you. You had been showing videos and slides and it sounded like all was going very well.

I pull up to the house, tired but exhilarated, the kind of natural high you get from an all out effort, trying your best and doing well. Wally had been at the shoot and asked me if I wanted to go Moose hunting with him and his buddies next weekend. I had jumped at the chance and was anxious to tell someone. As I walk in the house, you come up the stairs to greet me. You’re bare foot and wearing a long dress, black, off one shoulder with a slit up the side. Way up the side. It almost looks like a wrap-a-round. It must be new because I don’t remember you ever wearing it before. You look great and I just stand and stare for a minute. You have that same twinkle in your smile that I heard in your voice earlier. You slink over and, wrapping your arms around my neck, give me a hot, deep, passionate kiss. As I kiss you back and struggle to relieve myself of the encumbrances I am carrying in my hands, you grind your body into mine in a way that makes my knees weak and says, “just wait till we’re alone. I’m gonna rock your world.”

I hear laughter from the basement and someone calls your name. I don’t recognize any voices but it sounds like they are having a good time. She yells to you not to forget the ice on the way down and I know that it is not just wine you guys have been into. You tell me that you’re just about finished and ask if I want to come down for some food.

I tell you that I need a shower as I’m all hot and sweaty and that maybe I’ll be down later, after all, isn’t “X Files” on in a while? You crack some joke about making sure not to shower away the “hot and sweaty” part, grab my ass and grind yourself into me again. We both laugh.

You ask how my bad leg is doing and I reply ” O.K. but all that walking through the bush on uneven ground has used muscles that haven’t been used in a very long time. It’s not so bad now but I can feel that it will be sore in the morning.” You offer to massage my legs later when everyone is gone, then you pick up the ice and return down stairs.

I put my stuff away, grab a Greek rib from the tray on the counter and start the water running. I decide to have a bath first, plug the tub and return to the kitchen for another rib. Even cold they’re good. I make a mental note to make sure we get the recipe. I go to the bedroom, get undressed, grab my red shorts, check to make sure there is no one in the living room, and, naked, dart into the bathroom.

I have been in the sun all day so I add a few squirts of oil to the bath water. The water is hot and I have to enter slowly. Once in, I relax and let the soothing waters relax my aching body. The taste of your kiss still lingers on my lips and in my mind. Your mouth was so soft and warm yet openly wanton. I close my eyes and picture it again, this time as an observer rather than a participant, watching it all happen as in a movie. I see you close your eyes and draw my mouth to yours. Your tongue probing, your hands holding my neck, your body against mine. In my vision we are naked and I see, and feel you press your body against mine again.

My hands move to touch where you touched me. My leg still has the memory of you. Isn’t that funny. I thought that memory resided in the brain. Not so funny I tell myself. My body could never forget your body. The way our bodies sleep entwined seems more natural than fetal position.

My hands have a mind of their own and they remember your body too. They start to stroke my body the way your hands usually do. Gently caressing across my chest, down my side and back across my abdomen. Memories of past experiences flash across my mind. A growing anticipation starts behind my knees and washes over my whole body.

From the bath I hear the comings and goings of your group. Laughing and jocularity radiates from the downstairs, out the back door and into the ally. You sound so good. Your voice clear and recognizable. God I love you. I wonder if I told you that today.

This water is so warm and the oil in making my skin feel so soft. I take a deep breath and sink my head under the water. Even under the water I can hear your laugh. It raises my spirits and level of anticipation. A “tweak” from below my waist tells me my penis has also started to take notice. I wonder how long I’ve been in the tub and how much longer till X Files, but those thoughts are drowned out by these other wandering of my mind.

By themselves my hands have found the inside of my thigh. They start to gently caress the underside of my testicles and penis. My mind envisions that my hands are your tongue, moving slowly and without haste. Tasting, probing, exploring, enjoying. It is a most delicious daydream.

After a while I become aware of the fact that I can no longer hear anybody. I lift my head and listen… just you tinkering in the kitchen. By my watch on the back of the toilet, I see I have been here for over half an hour. I lift the plug, stand and have my shower.

As I dry off, you stick your head in and ask if I want a glass of wine. “Half a glass” I answer and slip on my shorts. You return with the wine but before giving it to me you run your tongue up my throat, over my chin and end with another deep probing kiss that sends goose bumps up my spine. I think I detect a hint of Kaluha and, with a knowing smile, ask what you’ve been getting into.

You give me a mysterious smile and answer cryptically that I should be more concerned with what “I’ll” be getting into. I ask what you mean by that but you just lean forward and playfully whisper in my ear that you are not wearing any underwear.

I attempt to return the favour with the goose-bumps by licking your throat to a kiss at the same time reaching my hand up the slit in your skirt and dragging my nails gently across your abdomen. I also confirm that you, indeed, have no panties on. I physically feel your stomach contract and you loose your breath breaking off the kiss and laughing. “Now we’re at least even.” I think to myself.

I keep my arm around your waist as I brush my hair straight back with no part. You sink into my body, put your head on my shoulder and watch in the mirror till I’m done. “Finished?” you ask. I nod. From behind your back you pull out a blindfold and start to tie it around my eyes. “What is this?” I ask. You tell me not to mind and not to peek. It’s a surprise.

You grab my wine and lead me downstairs. I can’t see but it feels dark with candles burning and soft music playing in the background. You lead me to a spot on the floor where you have a blanket spread already and tell me to lie down on my back so you can massage my legs. Before I lie down you take my hand and gently put a small glass in it. A shooter. My my… you have been having a good time haven’t you.

I swallow it down and am gently pushed back on the blanket. I feel you kneel or sit beside me. You start by gently caressing my body. Across the chest, down the arms, back up the underside of the arm, down my side. You slowly work your way down to my legs. A little warmed oil is poured on my knees. It’s scented. What scent I don’t know but I’m sure it’s one from a list of aroma-therapies. I guess it would be a relaxation but knowing you it might also be an energiser. You continue to massage my legs, first one then the other. You alternate from kneading the muscle to caressing the inside of the thigh. You ask if I want more wine. I say I’m fine. You ask if I’m hungry. I detect something in your voice that lets me know you’re not talking about more garlic ribs. I answer that I “could be… depending on what was on the menu.”

I feel you shift as you stand, hike up your dress and reposition yourself on my face. I taste you. You’re wet already… and sweet. God, you taste sweet. My tongue dances in and around the nooks and crannies that are you. My hands come up to caress your ass. I bury my face in your soft muff, breathing, tasting, smelling touching. I love this. It’s never ceased to amaze me how totally different you can taste at different times in your cycle. Sometimes you’re sweet like honey… sometimes pungent… sometimes you have no taste or smell at all. It’s ironic but the “nothing” is my least favourite. It’s like trying to enjoy a gourmet meal when you have a head cold. You know you should be enjoying the flavour but you just can’t taste anything. My hands pull you down on my face harder. My tongue probing deeper… trying to lap up all this sweet honey. I hear you breathing faster, shallower. I love it when you love it. You ask if I want to change positions. I ask what position you had in mind. You answer “on the couch with me sitting on the floor in front.”

“I’d love to. Lead the way. Do you want a chair to put your legs on?”

“It’s already taken care of.” You answer and I think to myself you must have this all scripted already.

I am helped up and led where to sit. I sense you sit in front of me. You hike your dress up again and scoot down to give me access to your moist tunnel. I bury my face again. My hands come up and over your abdomen to play in your pubic hair.

I’ve always loved your pungent taste, my nose running through your course pubic hair like an old fashioned horse drawn plough, turning the soil and making it ready to receive the seeds that will become the summer’s new growth. My tongue is that seed… planted deep… fertilised with my own hot breath and self watered with moisture emanating from within this rich soil. I marvel at how large your clitoris is. You must be REALLY turned on. I know it swells when you become aroused but I don’t ever remember it being this big. I laugh and take it between my lips to suck it and tickle it with my tongue. You seem so new to me. I feel like a 17 year old fumbling around with my own virginity. I’m drunk with things that just seem sooooo new and different.

A question from under the surface of my consciousness finally breaks free making itself known to my conscious mind. Something IS different. Your hair… course now, but wasn’t it soft just a second ago. You do change flavour sometimes… but not within 30 seconds. Does this feel like the dress you were just wearing? I pause, my mind disoriented.

I feel you walk up behind me. You kneel and run your tongue along the back of my neck. Your arms encircle my chest. I jump, totally lost now. My hands come up to remove the blindfold but you stop me.

“No peeking” you say. You laugh along with some other people. How many I don’t know, two, maybe three others, and all women I think.

You whisper in my ear… one word… “Enjoy.” A wave of realization washes over me as I begin to understand. You sit behind me and wrap your arms around my body, your chest pressed up against my back, your legs around my waist, your head on my shoulder. I have no idea who is sitting in front of me but she just shifted a little to make it easier for me to please her. My mind is swimming in this wave of confusion… fighting to keep my head above the water.

“You did this for me?” I think… not sure if I say it out loud or not.

“I’ll get you for this.” I do say out loud.

“I’m counting on it.” You respond. “But after… right now you have another job to do.”

I return to the task at hand. There is someone that needs to be pleased and someone anxious to please.

I dive right in with my tongue leading the way. The pungent aroma wafts through my nose and I bury that nose in a soft, wet, warm place. With my nose occupied, my tongue is free to lick and suck and circle and tease. Your hands continue to caress my chest and abdomen, taking time on my navel and nipples with forays down to my thighs. I hear a soft moan escape from the person on the couch. She starts to buck and roll. After a while, her hands reach out and grab my hair. She directs my tongue to her magic spot. I take it in my mouth and between my teeth. It really is much larger than yours. I suck the whole area deep and tickle her clitoris with flicking motions of my tongue. My hands roam freely under her light summer dress from her breasts to her ass. In time, I move one hand around and push my finger deep into her. Turning my wrist I’m able to rub the top of her tunnel all the while maintaining the action with my mouth. She wraps her legs around my head and squeezes, still pulling my hair with her hands. Her groaning has become more intense, her breathing shorter and deeper. She starts to mumble but I can’t understand her, her thighs cover my ears. I tickle her anus with a free finger from the hand that is still deep inside her, my other hand caressing and pinching her nipple. She screams. She has become very active, her motions show a sense of urgency. She arches, strains, straightening and spreading her legs and pulling my hair violently. Her legs shutter as she forces her hips hard against my face. You hug me tight. “I love you.” you whisper in my ear. Those simple words take my breath away again. I turn my head and kiss you square on the mouth, sucking your tongue deep into my throat. I am allowed this little sidetrack… but not for too long. With a jerk of my hair I’m reminded that I still have other unfinished business. This person… whoever she is… has become VERY insistent. I turn my attention back to this “creature in need” and attack this steaming tunnel with a vengeance. She is soooooooo wet. Her juice is smeared on my entire face and I love it. She slides down even further on the couch… pushing harder into my face… her feet are on my shoulders and she is bucking and humping. It’s a wild ride… and I have to fight not to fall off.

I start running my tongue over the entire area… licking everything I can… from the top of the crack in her ass to her navel. I suck and bite the sensitive little spot just outside her box where the top of the leg first meets pubic hair. She is bucking like mad and her entire body seems to convulse every time I cross her clitoris with my tongue. My hand again finds her entrance and I insert first one… then two… then three fingers. I begin to wiggle them and explore the interior of this deep, dark cave. I feel like an explorer. With a little repositioning I find that I can still enjoy eating too. An added benefit is that my other hand… now free from having to support me, is also free to rove and explore. It travels her entire body. When it crosses her face she sucks my fingers into her mouth… wrapping her tongue around my middle finger, probing the knuckles and giving little bites in the soft flesh. When it crosses her breasts it caresses and pinches, sending little shivers coursing through the rest of the body. When it brushes her anus she tightens and gasps… pushing herself harder against my tongue and hand. She is really moaning and screaming now. I hear the others commenting and giggling at her antics, partly teasing, partly envious. When I gently grab her inner lips with my teeth she pushes herself hard onto my hand. I begin to pump with my hand, wiggling my fingers and reaching areas inside that previously seemed inaccessible… all the while concentrating more and more on the activities with my tongue. The couch is shaking and creaking… the others simply watch dumbfounded. I’m pumping and twisting and caressing and sucking and she is matching my every movement. Suddenly she screams, grabs my hair with both hands and pulls. She’s not directing my head anymore… she’s just pulling. She cums… long and loud and hard.

When it’s finally over I hear deep, cleansing breaths, and not all of them coming from this person whose box I still have my tongue slowly dancing around the insides of. I hadn’t realised how much tension was in the room. Slowly, your hand works its way up to cover my hand… the one that I am using to caress her breast. Your fingers entwine mine and gently guide it to the right, where there is someone else sitting. Without stopping what my mouth is doing I begin to caress the bare legs of this other person. Behind the knee, the inside of the thigh, the top of the other knee, everywhere but where my mouth will ultimately be.

This first one seems more relaxed and takes another deep, cleansing breath. She releases my hair but not my head, she is not quite ready for me to quit. My other hand pulls out of her and begins to play in her pubic hair.

After a while you release your grip on me and stand. This first woman does the same and I am urged to slide over. I do slide over with my face and body but, for the time being, leave one hand with the first woman, her legs are shaking and I can feel the trembling beneath my fingers. I like that… I like the fact that I caused that.

This second woman is smaller in stature, really sweet tasting, and with a very high bikini-line wax job. I could use her “flavour” as a topping for ice cream, it’s that sweet. I am amazed by the difference, not just the wax job but by the whole anatomical difference. I revel in the variety. She takes longer to cum and I am never really certain exactly when it happened, but I am certain that it happened more than once. She moans more and is even more vocal, but her orgasms do not get intense and “explode” like you do.

I always love it when you cum.

I always hate it when you cum.

After a while I am again urged to slide over. This one is you… I’d recognise you anywhere. You’re sitting on the ottoman with the chair behind you and pillows propping you up. I dive in like a starving man. You seem so new. You have just shaved ALL your pubic hair- within the last 10 minutes. I love this. You’re doing everything you can to disguise yourself and keep me guessing but it’s no use… I’d know you anywhere. God, I love this. God I love you for giving me this.

You know exactly what you want and how to make me give it to you. I let you lead me. You make me take you to new heights that even you have not been to before. You are screaming and much more vocal than I have ever heard you before. You begin humping my face like a cowboy at the rodeo. I wait… biding my time… then just before you reach the point on no return… I stop! Everything!

“What are you doing?” you scream.

“I told you I’d get you for this.” I reply calmly.

“Get your fucking face over here.” you demand.

I do but take my time in doing it. You are on a roller coaster ride and although you might be driving, I control the peddles. I take you higher and higher each time, and each time you think the ride is over, we go around again. Finally you are screaming at me to finish it. I wait for just the right moment, then, quickly stand, whip down my shorts and plunge my thick, 8 inch cock deep inside you.

It takes your breath away. You gasp and have an earth shattering orgasm that seems to go on forever. You ride my cock matching me stroke for stroke. You pound your body into mine and dig your nails painfully into my back. Your hands rip off my blindfold. We are alone. Your mouth, already open, searches for mine and hungrily consumes my entire face ending in a deep passionate kiss that pushes me over the edge as well. I pound into you, filling you, spilling my jism and filling you again.

I fall back on the floor and you fall with me both of us spent. We hold each other tightly. I never want to leave you. I never want to leave this. If I died now I die happy. I want to cry and tears well up in my eyes but that is as far as they get. We lie there unable to speak.

After a time I open my eyes and see it is after 11:00.

“I guess we missed X-Files.” I say.

You laugh and make a move to get up but I protest. I am still hard. Still hard or again hard I don’t know.

“Come on… let’s go to bed.” You say. “We can make love again there, then sleep without having to move.” I know that we should but that would mean coming out of you and I don’t want to do that. I kiss you again. It’s my way of prolonging the inevitable. Eventually you do break away. My penis feels so cold and naked without you on it. I hate that feeling… like something is just not quite right.

I stand and follow you upstairs. “So… who where those other girls?” I ask as we climb the stairs. You tell me you don’t remember their names as you look at me sideways with that little glint in your eye. “Just a couple of girls that happen to be walking past the house, I think. I really don’t remember where I met them.”

There is that twinkle again and I know you will never tell me, (although, for the next 4 months I seem to catch people staring at me… and I notice little smiles from 6 or 7 of your friends that seem to come from nowhere… but maybe it’s just my imagination).

Anyway… we do make fantastic love again before drifting off to sleep in each other’s arms, waking the same way. Just like you said it would happen. God I love you.

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