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My Boyfriend’s Cousin Yvan

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Have you ever met someone that you positively can’t stand, and yet you feel sexually attracted to them? That’s how I feel towards my boyfriend’s cousin. My boyfriend Allan, and his cousin Yvan are both from a Polish/German heritage. They are both tall, Allan is 6’4” and Yvan is 6’6”and both fair skinned. My boyfriend Allan has bright red hair and Yvan is naturally blond.

I honestly think that they are both very sexy, and attractive, I’m sure not only to myself, but to others as well.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. Although Yvan is very sexy, he’s a complete asshole. He’s very blunt, opinionated and thinks he’s always right. He and I never really got along, except for this one night that I will never forget.

It started off as a lazy Thursday night. My boyfriend, his best friend Jeff, Yvan and I were debating if we should go pick up a movie or two, when Yvan suggested that we go out for a few drinks instead. We all agreed that it would be fun.

I looked down at myself, and realized I would have to change first. I was wearing an old beat up sweater and a faded pair of jeans. I mentioned this to the guys, and Yvan said; “What difference does it make, it’s not like your going out to pick up?”

I looked down at myself again, and gave Yvan a funny look. “I might not be going to pick up, but I still would like to be dressed for the occasion. I’m not going out like this.”
He gave me an annoyed look. I shook my head, and went to my car. I pulled out of the driveway and headed home, once there, I looked through my closet and decided to throw on a short white skirt with a tan colored tank top. I was debating between underwear or no underwear, bra or no bra, and the naughty side of me won. All I did was through on some white lace stockings, with a white garter belt. I threw half of my long red hair up, and left the rest fall down past my shoulders. I applied a little bit of eye shadow, blush, mascara, and then a hint of red lipstick.

Finally, I threw on some white strappy sandals, and pulled my long denim jacket over. Over all, I looked cute. The skirt showed off my ass, and my nips were clearly visible through the light tan top. I smiled and headed back over to see the guys.

“Mmmm, hey there honey, I shouldn’t even let you out of the house looking like that!” Allan pulled me into his arms, kissed my neck and grabbed a good hard feel of my ass. I moaned. Yvan threw on his coat, walking towards the car, and grumbled something about getting a room.

I caught Jeff checking me out, and winked at him. I knew what he as thinking about, and it made me smile. “So what bar are we going to?”

“Were gonna check out the Liquid Gold.” Allan told me, grabbing my hand. I nodded my head. The Liquid Gold was the local strip club. I have never been there yet, and was actually kind of anxious. We decided to take my Intrepid, since it was roomy enough for the four of us. All the guys drove sports cars, and there as no way we would all fit in one. My boyfriend agreed to be the designated driver for the night.

Jeff sat in the back, but leaned over to whisper in me ear. “So, Celina, do you mind watching a bunch of hot naked woman dance around?” I giggled, starting to feel a little nervous.

“Actually, I’m kind of excited.” Personally, the thought of beautiful woman dancing naked cause my little twat to get wet. Maybe wearing the white skirt with no panties was a bad idea.

Jeff chuckled and sat back. Allan pulled out of the driveway and turned up my mp3 player. He switched it from the folder containing slow songs, to the one that I called Driving Tunes. It was a twenty five minute drive, and the entire time was spent listening to music and joking around. By the time we got to the club, I was feeling even more excited.

The club was a nice place, it was classy and yet it still had a cheap feel to it. I liked it.
We went in, and I was carded. Although I’m twenty, I’m often told that I barely look 17 or 18. Heck, I still have a hard time renting R rated movies.

Once we passed the entrance, we went up to the bar and we all ordered some drinks. Allan, Jeff and Yvan all decided to drink Heineken, and I decided to have a Tequila Sunrise. Yvan led us up to a table near the stage. The place was pretty busy, but it wasn’t right packed.

I looked out onto the stage and admired the pretty Japanese girl that was dancing. She was dressed in a band uniform and played seductively with a flute. We all sat and watched. She was gorgeous, she had long black hair with medium brown highlights, she had fair skin, and a toned little body.

I sat next to Jeff and Allan, and Yvan was across from me. We all stared and cheered as the young woman, unbuttoned the top to reveal a nice little pair of tits. She then pulled up the skirt to show us that she wasn’t wearing much under. Her shaved pussy glistened, and she ran the flute up and down over it. The whole scene, with the music, and the liqueur, and the dozens of horny men, and a few women around me was more than I could handle. Immediately, I felt my pussy start to drip with my juices. Jeff and Allan both looked at me knowingly. I let out a small moan and continued to stare. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Yvan looking at me oddly and re-arranging his package.

The Japanese girl continued playing with the flute, sliding it in between her titties, her ass cheeks and stopping at times to lick on it. Men in “Perverts Row” threw money at her and cheered. It was a good routine. I liked it a lot.

A server came by, and I ordered shots of Tequila Rose for the guys and me. She came back with them and we drank up.

I giggled when the next show began. The girl came out with a short white skirt and a tan tank top that was almost identical to mine. Mind you her skirt was quite a bit shorter and her sandals had much higher heels than mine. The guys laughed and we all watched as she danced against the pole.

About five or six drinks later, Allan said he had a surprise for us. I wondered what it could have been. A minute or two later, two pretty blond strippers dressed as school girls came out and led all four of us to the VIP room. I couldn’t believe him. The bastard bought us all lap dances.

Allan and I sat on one couch and Jeff and Yvan took the other. The girls both came up to me first and danced on me. While one girl grinded against me, the other exposed her titties, and began playing with her nipples. I couldn’t help but moan and was surprised when the girls winked at me. They were both very very sexy. Both stood about 5’6”, and had large breasts. Soon, as they stripped off each others clothing in front of me, I saw that one of them had a very small and trimmed muff, while the other was completely shaven.

The girls touched and kissed each other, as we all watched. I noticed all the guys had bulges growing. The whole thing was so intense, my pussy was soaking wet, and I was afraid I might have a wet spot on my skirt.

Things only got hotter, and a few rules were broken. The girls took my hand and pulled me up. They asked for my consent to have some fun. I agreed. The closed the door and locked it. I looked around and noticed that the guys were all shifting in there seats, with knowing smiles.

One girl, the girl with a bit of a muff, her name was Beth, began kissing my neck. The other girl, Sandra, took my hands and brought them to her breasts. I sighed. I had never touched another girl like that before. God, it was wonderful! I kept massaging her titties, pulling softly on her nipples. Beth slipped her hands under my skirt, and grabbed my ass. I closed my eyes and relished the feeling. When I opened my eyes again, the guys all had their dicks out and were stroking them. My pussy was just leaking juices all the way down my thighs; the smell of sex was thick in the room.

Sandra, took my hand and brought it to her pussy. I touched the glistening folds, and watched a look of pleasure come over her face. I tickled her clit for a little bit, then brought my hand up to taste it. Her creamy wetness covered my entire finger and I sucked it all off.

“Oh god…” The words escaped my lips. Beth smiled and took my hand. I was surprised when she led me to Yvan. He sat there with his dick out. It was monstrous.

Sandra spoke; “Your boyfriend tells me that you enjoyed being fucked by his best friend.”

Beth chimed in; “Well now, you get to do his cousin.”

I was shocked. I looked over at Allan and he nodded his head. I couldn’t imagine why he would have planned this, since he knows how Yvan and I don’t get along. But standing here now, with two beautiful women touching and caressing me, and Yvan’s gargantuan cock standing there ready, pre-cum already leaking out, I felt more aroused than ever. Yvan smiled, so I stepped up to him.

Beth gently began to slide my shirt off, while Sandra began to caress my pussy. My tits bounced free, and Yvan gasped at the sight of them. My nipples were hard, and as Sandra pulled my little skirt down, Yvan gasped again. The girls led me towards him, and grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to my knees in front of him.

Allan and Jeff continued to whack off. The girls demanded that I be good and listen to them.

“Open your mouth Celina, open it wide.” Beth ordered.

I did as I was told and I cried out as Yvan stood up and slapped his cock against my face and open mouth. Beth and Sandra kept a good hold of me by my hair as Yvan’s big tool was forced into my mouth. I gagged as it reached the back of my throat. I closed my eyes, and soon he was fucking my pretty little face.

He continued at a medium pace. Then he pulled his cock out and rubbed the head onto my lips. Pre-cum dropped down onto my chin and the girls ordered that I lick it all up. I moaned, as I tasted it. It was salty and good.

Yvan sat back down on the couch, and Beth and Sandra ordered me to straddle him. So I did. The girls held me by the shoulders, and Yvan held me by the waist and before I had a chance to react, he forced himself into me. As wet as I was, I was still very tight and the feel if his entire shaft sliding into me brought tears to my eyes. Yvan grabbed a hold of me and began to fuck me.

Beth then left my side to join Allan, and Sandra went over to see Jeff. I closed my eyes, and Yvan dug his fingers into my side. “You’re gonna cum on my cock you little whore, you’re gonna come for me!” As he said this I opened my eyes and looked around. My pussy twitched and pressure was building inside my cunt, as I watched Beth fuck my boyfriend and Sandra suck off Jeff. Yvan grabbed me harder and literally fucked me until it hurt. I moaned, and looked him in the eyes, as juices flooded out of my pussy and onto his cock and balls. I came, and my pussy cranked down on him.

Yvan squeezed my breast painfully, and I let out a groan. I looked over at Jeff, and smiled as he watched me bounce my ass onto Yvan’s dick. Jeff smiled; “That’s it Celina, you naughty girl, fuck that huge cock. We want to watch you fuck it hard!” He groaned as Sandra’s mouth opened and swallowed his cock whole.

Allan, was groaning now, and I looked over at me him. He had picked Beth up, and had her pressed against the wall. He was fucking her hard. I could see her pussy juices dripping down to the floor.

“Dirty girl!” Yvan, forced one long finger up my little asshole, and began finger-banging it. I groaned, and felt my pussy clamp down one more time as I came. Yvan looked at me and smiled, then roughly pushed me off of him and onto the floor.

“What the…” I looked up and groaned as Yvan stood over me and jerked off, as his huge load of cum squirted all over my hair, my face and my tits. I groaned, and looked around.
Jeff was squirting cum all over Sandra’s pretty little face and Allan’s cum leaked from in between Beth’s little thighs. I lay down on the ground and closed my eyes, with a huge naughty little grin on my face.

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