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My Best Weekend

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When my husband Brad and I began to date I was no virgin. Several penis’s had penetrated me and left their their hot cum. Even more than several fingers had visited there in addition to my own.

However Brad’s tongue was the first tongue to visit there and it was instant love. The instant his tongue entered I made up my mind to marry Brad.

He got my mouth cherry and introduced me to sixty nine. That led to my first real honest to god orgasm and to the end of any further doubt as to my choice to be my life partner.

Time went on, we married, we had 3 children and a great sex life. Brad introduced me to toys which along with his tongue caused many, many orgasms and usually more than one at a time.

By the way before we continue my name is Marg. I’m 33, 5’5″, 35B with what I have been told is a ‘Nice Round Ass’.

Meanwhile I learned the joy of giving as good as I received and I happily caused many oral orgasms and swallowed a lot of Brad’s cum. I also enjoyed giving him a hand job and watching his cum spurt. The best were the times it spurted on my tits.

Like many couples a discussion of sex with others came up and I rejected it outright and in no uncertain terms. Inside however I was really not that upset with the idea as I sometimes encountered men who caused me to speculate.

Meanwhile Brad would tease me about my preference, at times, for oral sex. He said that since I could obviously handle much more than he could give that maybe I should find a woman friend with similar inclination.

Meanwhile we joined a small swim club and although I was working part time I managed to spend many happy hours there. Early on I met a woman named Janet Sue who as her name indicates came from south of the Mason Dixon line. Actually she came from a college town in the middle of West Virginia.

We were very similar in size and build, both 5’4″, she 120 pounds, me 115. Part of her extra 5 pounds were in her boobs. She was a C+, I was a B-. We both swam a lot and both liked to run. She also worked part time and it turned out that she worked in the same building as Brad but not for the same company.

Brad was a sales engineer and traveled most days, and often overnight. When they met it turned out that they recognized each other. They worked in the same building and recognized each other’s face. Janet (I could never add the Sue) was single.

A couple of weeks after he met her Brad told me that he heard that Janet was a lesbian. I didn’t quite believe him since she looked so ‘normal’ but he said that he had it on good authority.

It turned out that the good authority was a co-worker who had tried very hard to get into her pants. He, when rejected, claimed that she must be a lesbian. Personally, knowing who the guy was I thought that she showed good taste.

However once the seed had been planted I began to speculate. What would sex with Janet be like. It wasn’t too long before my speculation turned into a masturbation fantasy of sex with Janet.

Meanwhile Brad and I had discovered Literotica and would suggest stories and authors with one another. We each had our own home office and computer and

e-mail address and would often send notes to one another. Once in while I would find that Brad would pass on a story he thought that I would like. Often those stories were tales of lesbian encounters.

Janet and I began to trade e-mail and sometimes IM one another although our occasions of being on-line at the same time were rare. In our face to face conversation we didn’t often get into intimate matters. In the e-mail exchange and in IM’s our exchanges got bolder.

It was about 10:00 one night when the phone rang. I had just got the kids down. Brad was out of town and I assumed that it was he on the phone and was surprised to find that it was Janet. We didn’t phone each other very often.

I held the portable phone to my ear as I undressed and talked. I took off everything except my panties and then put on an old worn out dress shirt of Brad’s that was a favorite. Brad also considered it sexy either with or without my panties.

Having changed I found my way to my computer and started booting it up. Janet heard it and I told her that since I was home alone that I was going to bring up Literotica. She had never heard of it and when I finished describing it she said “I guess I can imagine what you’ll be doing soon after you start reading.” Then she added “I’m not knocking it. Just tell me how to find it. This Literotica I mean.”

I talked her through getting on and showed her how to find the subjects and then how to navigate through the wide selection of stories in each category. After she seemed to have an idea of the workings I said that I wanted to examine the day’s new offerings.

We began to scroll down the new stuff together while discussing the merits of each. A few we laughed at, a few disgusted us and a few we agreed looked promising. Toward the bottom of the page we came across one called ‘Ted, Terrie and Marilyn’ by someone called Marilyn37MWF. It indicated that it was about a woman named Marilyn being taught how to give a BJ.

We decided to read it together. We did and discussed the plot and it’s happenings as we did. I was pretty aroused by that time and then Janet said. “Kind of reminds me of my first. I caught my sister sucking her boyfriend and ended up trying it myself. I had no idea about cum at that point and was shocked when that stuff filled my mouth. My first thought was that it was pee.”

I told my first BJ story and then said that I needed to hang up as Brad was likely trying to call. I was right, he did call and I was ready and we only talked for a few minutes before we turned some innocent remark into an excuse for phone sex.

Two days later I got my first real hint that Janet and I might be thinking along the same lines. She passed on to me a lesbian story to read. It was a good one and the fact that she had passed it on made it even more erotic. Being alone in the house when I was reading it gave me the chance to finger myself as I read it.

As the season became Fall, Brad, in the middle of love making sometimes might say something about me getting together with Janet for a bi encounter. I would reply “Maybe some day.” Brad would then get harder and quickly be into the ‘short strokes’.

I knew that Brad was serious. That if I did do the bi thing with Janet that he would not complain and in fact would be happy about it. I was also certain that if Janet were willing that Brad would like to have her too. With or without me.

I was working at home one afternoon but having trouble concentrating. My mind then switched over to the thought of masturbation and from there to Literotica. There are so many stories in Literotica that they tend to run together and get confused. But I suddenly had a recollection about the very last story that Janet had passed on to me.

I went back, found it and read it carefully. I paid particular attention to the expressions that the characters used. The story was well crafted and had excited me more than most. I read the story for the fourth time and then read the authors profile.

The profile was skimpy and therefore meaningless. Female, single 30+. Only fifty million of those around. The story plot was of a single woman who seduces a married female friend. There was much detail on what seducer was doing to the seducee.

I read it through a fifth time, I was now positive. The author was Janet and the friend was me. You’ve heard of ‘instant orgasm’ well I didn’t but my fingers barely got started when it was over.

Before I could do anything about my still flaming hot pussy it was time for dinner chores. Then Brad was home and the kids and the chores went on. I did manage to get naked under a wrap dress. I also managed to let Brad discover that fact.

Best laid plans and all that stuff it wasn’t until 11:30 that we managed to shower and meet naked in the middle of the bed. By then I was a firecracker already lit and the fuse very short. Brad’s tongue burrowed into my pussy and I was coming against his surprised face.

I made short work of him too and as we lay cuddled together in the afterglow Brad wanted to know ‘how come’. I lied a bit and said something like. “I must have a lesbian gene in me. I read a story this afternoon that really set me off.”

Of course Brad had to get up and read it. Then knowing the effect that the story caused in me he got all hot again and off we went again, and then again.

Two days later I managed to catch Janet home in mid afternoon and I thanked her for the story. I copped to everything that happened except for the fact that I suspected that she was the author.

My intention had been to read the story again with Janet and try to turn the occasion into phone sex. However we found another tale about our old friend Marilyn. This time she was being seduced by her friends Alice and Donna.

We got to reading that together and without any noticeable opposition I managed to get some phone sex started. I masturbated with Janet and we had a very erotic time indeed. It was then I shared my experience of falling for Brad initially because he introduced me to oral sex.

When Janet asked if any other tongues had visited there I had to admit that no others had. She laughed and said that her services were available. I laughed and said that she was already at the top of my list.

About then my strays began to show up and it was supper time again. As I fixed supper my mind was filled with lesbian fantasies and when Brad arrived home he discovered my hot, wet pussy immediately.

The kids seemed occupied so I put supper on simmer and we hit the bedroom for a pants down, skirt up quickie. Note that I didn’t mention panties.

Later Brad mentioned that he had found an incredible end of season deal on a Friday-Saturday night stay at a nearby ocean resort with a late Sunday checkout. I allowed that it sounded great to me but what about the kids.

He said that he had already talked it over with Janet and she agreed to ‘sit’ with the proviso that we take and share some sexy pics. I thought that sounded both like a great weekend and a great next step.

Came 7:30 AM on Friday of the great weekend to be and the phone rang. I could tell that Brad didn’t like what he was hearing. I knew then that the weekend had just gone up in smoke.

Turned out that a major redesign of a recently almost sold job was needed by early week. Brad would be busy most of the weekend. Meanwhile we had paid for the resort weekend and there were no refunds.

I was too busy with my own work most of the morning to give the problem much thought so when Brad called at about 11:30 it took a minute for what he was saying to register.

“I’ve got it fixed. I spoke with Janet, you and she do the resort thing and I’ll work at home and handle the kids. Sorry honey it’s the best I could come up with.”

Me and Janet, alone, away from home, in a sexy resort, for a long weekend. That’s the best he could come up with? Shame on him. Who in the hell did he think that he was kidding? I knew it was a set up. What I was not sure of was if Janet was in on it. Then I thought “Who cares?”

Most of my packing was done. My sexiest clothes, my favorite toys, my best make up. I WAS READY.

Janet called. Was I OK with the plan? “Yes.” What did she need to pack?

“I was all packed for a sex filled weekend. I have no intention of unpacking, if you catch my meaning.”

It took a few seconds for Janet to reply. “I think I do, I certainly hope so.”

As it penetrated my brain that our words actually were a promise between us my pussy began to tingle and twitch.

Brad got home about 4:30. I left immediately to pick up Janet and get on the road. I wasted us to be early and the resort was a bit over a three hour’s drive. I had dressed carefully trying for the subtle but sexy look. Janet seemed to have been on the same wavelength.

I wore a red V neck cashmere sweater and no bra. My nipples would tent the sweater if at all firm and boobs and more were there to see if one looked at the right moment. My white shorts had wide leg openings and my flaming red panties sometime showed as I shifted gears or braked.

Janet was wearing a close fitting somewhat short sun dress also with no bra. It was pale blue. The delightful shape of her breasts were there to be admired and I did. It wasn’t too long until I notices that she too was wearing sheer red panties. Talk about great minds.

As we drove we laughed and giggled and touched as we told risqué jokes and made risqué comments. I knew that it was going to be a fun weekend and a sex filled one and was very happy as we left the real world behind.

How it would feel to make love to and to be kissed and caressed by another woman was an unknown but eagerly looked forward to event. Not that it was all but certain to occur I planned to relax, take it slow and enjoy every moment of it.

Later as we unpacked Janet saw that I had brought my two favorite toys. One a massager with and extra long power cord and a special tip made by Brad was my number one favorite. The other was a non vibrating dildo which was covered with jell but was rock hard.

It reminded me of Brad at some of those extra special times. Janet turned a little red when she saw them and then unwrapped a slightly oversized vibrator which was wrapped in a pair of panties.

“Not sure if we are going to need these but they do offer endless possibilities.” said Janet.

“Over and above.” said I. With that I went over and stood close to and face to face with Janet and said. “How about a kiss to get us started down the right road. Then I’m ready for a light supper and then a session in the pool, hot tub and sauna.”

With that I put my hands on Janet’s waist and drew her close and kissed her on the lips. An intimate kiss with another woman was a new experience for me. The kiss stayed soft for a moment and then they slowly parted.

Just as slowly our tongues began to explore and they touched every part of the others lips inside and out. My hands never left Janet’s waist and her hands which had found their way to rest on my shoulders stayed there. This was simply an exploration by tongues of the other’s mouth.

The kiss ended and I stood transfixed. I knew then that the weekend was going to be fabulous. If a kiss could be that good…………………….

Janet smiled and gave me a quick kiss and then picked up her purse and said “OK now that it is settled about what comes fourth how about we get the first three items out of the way.”

She put down her purse and went to the mirror and touched up her lipstick. I did the same. She turned back, picked up her purse and was about to go to the door when she looked at the dildo on her bed. She bent down and patted it and said “Be patient I think that you are soon to enter new territory.”

With that we left the room and walked to the elevator our hands on each other’s butts.

We had a very pleasant supper and were actually relaxed. The tension was off. We had both made our decision and the other knew it, now we could relax and enjoy it.

We returned to the room and undressed and changed into our swim wear without incident. We were each wearing two piece relatively modest bikini. We paused at the door for a moment and Janet said “Just checking.” and she slipped her middle finger under the edge of my bikini bottom and into my pussy. Just as quickly she removed it.

“Just as I hoped. It’s very wet in there.” She was out the door before I could respond.

We swam briefly and then settled into the hot tub. There were about 5 couple also there but the tub was large and no one was crowding us. At least one couple was indulging in some monkey business hidden by the bubbles.

Janet and I settled down and each rested our hand on the other’s inner thigh. Suddenly my nosey gene kicked in and I leaned over and whispered a question into her ear.

“You have done it before haven’t you?”

She hesitated and looked sad and almost teared up and then whispered. “Yes. It was even more sinful than that. You don’t know I’m sure that I have a twin. We haven’t spoken in years, silly really. But we did it together…….” She couldn’t finish.

I was not sure what to say but I ended up saying. “I’m sorry to have caused you sadness. Forgive me. I’ll not pry further.”

“Not your fault. A fair question and I should have told you sooner. Our argument was over such a stupid thing and it escalated until we said such nasty things that we haven’t spoken now in ten years.”

Our mood was broken and we went through the motions and ended up in the room 45 minutes later. Janet’s enthusiasm was gone and I was heartbroken to have cause it.

Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer. “Where does your sister live? What’s her name?” Turned out she lived about 50 miles from where we were at that very moment.

“Do you know her phone number.” Turned out that she did.

“Every once in awhile I almost call her. I just never have been able to do it.”

“Give me the number.” She did, from memory, and eagerly it seemed.”

I dialed the number. “May I speak with Lois please.”

“My name is Marg. I’m a friend of her sister Janet.”

After a minute a voice came on. “What’s wrong? Did something happen to my sister? Please say ‘no’ please say she’s OK.”

“She’s fine. She’s sitting right here and she very much wants’ to talk to you.” With that I handed Janet the phone and left the room.

I few minutes later I was sitting on the balcony and looked through the sliding glass door and watched Janet for a minute. I couldn’t hear a word but there were tears of joy running down her face as she talked and listened.

“There goes my orgasm filled evening.” I said to myself. But just the look on Janet’s face made it worth while

It must have been a half hour later when Janet came out to the balcony. She collapsed into a chair. “Marg. Marg. How can I ever thank you. She was so happy to hear from me. She’s coming here first thing in the morning. God how I love her. Thank you. Thank you.”

Before I could answer she looked at me and said. “Some orgy we’re having huh?”

Then a minute later she got up and said. “Let me get my face straight and then WOW, what I’m gonna do to you!”

It was about ten minutes until the room lights went dim replaced by the glow of several candles and Janet came out with a cocktail glass in each hand. She was wearing some whisp of a thing which hung from her shoulders and was open in the front. The opening revealed about half of her beautiful breasts and her neatly trimmed bush.

By then having been waiting in hopeful anticipation I was stretched out naked on the lounge. She set her drink down and before she handed me mine she put her forefinger in it.

She took her wet finger and traced a circle around my left nipple. She wet it again and traced it around my right nipple. They were both by now as hard and extended as they had ever been.

Finally she took two fingers and spread open my vulva and poured a few drops there increasing and flavoring the wetness already there.

The alcohol was diluted enough to cause only an erotic twitch as Janet said. “I intend to drink my drink from your skin and you may not touch me until I have completed my task.”

With that she sat beside me and bent to take my right nipple in her mouth. Her hand cupped it as she gently tongued and sucked it. I wanted to pull her head to me but considered her words and let Janet take the lead.

After a minute she switched her attention to my left breast and as she suckled and lick and bit gently her other hand sought and found the drink glass. She wet her finger and after wetting my right nipple she pinched it and rolled it between her fingers.

My pussy and cunt were twitching and trembling and pulsing in anticipation of what was to come. Then it did. It came. The surprise orgasm rolled through me as Janet continued to work her magic on my breasts.

After a few more minutes she stood and took me by the hand and led me to the bed. The covers had been pulled back and there was a pillow on the floor and another on the bed aligned with it.

Janet pushed me back onto the bed and guided me this way and that until I was where she wanted me to be. “Marg my love, I’m going to kneel on the floor. You are going to place your legs over my shoulders and I am going to lick you into oblivion.”

And she did. She licked my pussy lips much as she had licked my mouth during our earlier kiss. She sucked my clitoris into her mouth and worked it over with her tongue as she inserted one, then two and then three fingers into my cunt.

I held them tightly through several orgasms. Then as I was coming down from my 4th or 5th one she removed her fingers to my great disappointment. My disappointment was short lived. I felt something probe at the opening to my cunt.

I didn’t know exactly what it was but I had an idea and just as the bulb in my head lit I felt and heard the vibrator start. I thought later that I must have sucked it into me because before I could think it was deep inside of me and it’s vibrations were coursing through my whole body.

Now I was just a mass of orgasm. Every part of my body was involved. I had never felt anything that good for so long. Finally my body gave up and I came down. I must have dozed for a few seconds.

My next memory is of being under the covers with Janet’s naked body tight against me. Her upper leg over mine and the vibrator still vibrating inside of me.

I reached behind me to take it out and Janet said. “Marg honey, put it in me, I like to go to sleep with it inside of me.” I did just that but without it being an erotic act.

I slept the night through not waking up until a few minutes before nine as Janet was slapping my but saying. “Marg. Wake up and shower. My sister will be here soon. We’re all having breakfast together.

I showered and dressed and went down to the front entrance to await Lois’s arrival. Janet was so excited that she couldn’t stay still. Soon a car pulled up and stopped and a woman who looked very much like Janet jumped out leaving the car running.

Janet and her sister had a joyous reunion as I got into Lois’s car and parked it. I wouldn’t let them go to the restaurant until they had both wound down and were ready to relax and enjoy being together again.

Before we went to the restaurant Lois asked where her car was. She ran to it and came back with a package and handed it to Janet. “I’ve been saving this for you. It was to be your birthday present. I’ve saved it for you all these years.”

It was a solid gold charm bracelet commemorating the events of their first 25 years. One of the items was a car covered in snow. “You know what this symbolizes don’t you?” asked Lois.

Janet turned bright red and then turned to Lois and said. “I’m going to tell Marg. She knows part of it and that how she happened to make the call.”

Then to me she said. “It’s a symbol of our ‘First Time’ you do understand I’m sure.”

“Yes. I understand.” Just then our table opened up and the hostess led us to it.

We sat and for the first time in a while we were all quiet as we examined the menu.

The sisters seemed talked out and it was quiet until Lois asked how we happened to be at the resort in the first place. We explained about the unexpected change in plans.

“So tell me. How was she?” Asked Lois looking at me.

“You should know.” said I. I suddenly knew something without have to be told. “You trained each other. But to answer your question. Great!”

That sort of stopped that conversation cold and the sisters having almost reached their former comfort level started into the ‘Whatever happened to….’ and the ‘Have you heard anything from………’ stuff as I listened and learned and enjoyed filling my famished stomach.

Lois had to leave soon after breakfast. We went to her car and before saying good-bye to Janet she came to me and hugged me hugely and for a long time and thanking me with tears in her eyes.

Then after we separated she looked at me and smiled and said. “My sister has great taste in friends. Compassionate and sexy. What a combination.” She paused for a moment and then followed up by saying to us both.

“How about in a couple of months the three of us spend a weekend here. The three of us in that oversized king bed. What could be better than that?”

I didn’t reply but smiled and winked to let them both know that it was within the realm.

The sisters said their teary good-bye and Jan and I returned to the room agreeing along the way that the ocean looked too good to pass up. I was naked and looking for my swimsuit when I felt Janet’s naked body press against me from the back.

“Marg darling. How about a quickie before we go out?”

I was standing at the edge of our bed at that moment so I fell onto the bed, wiggled my ass around till I was in the middle of the bed my head pointing to the foot. I spread my legs and said to Janet. “Well what are you waiting for? Christmas?”

She said nothing as she crawled onto the bed, put her head between my thighs and her knees aside my head. She reached around and put a hand firmly on each cheek of my ass and rolled us both onto our sides.

She pulled my thighs up around her head and without any preliminary action began to tongue fuck my wet cunt.

Being a fast learner I slid my arm under her waist and my hands onto her ass cheeks and my mouth between the lips of Jan’s pussy and my tongue into her cunt.

It was my first taste of another woman. I can’t begin to describe it. To me it was simply a taste of sex. Like the taste of cum I didn’t have to love it to love tasting it and to love her reaction to my tongue.

And what a reaction it was. I guess the events of the last 24 hours got to her at once because in just a few seconds she was coming. Then as she squeezed my head between her thighs I removed my right hand from her butt.

I stuck two fingers into her vagina and began to wiggle them as I plunged them in and out and sucked and licked her clitoris at the same time.

Janet was wiggling her but and shaking with orgasm but she removed her mouth from my pussy to gasp a few words. “Marg, you’ve been lying to me. You’re too good for this to be your first time.”

In just a few more minutes we had exhausted each other and we half rolled apart but rested with our arms and legs somewhat inter-tangled. After about 10 minutes I felt a slap on my butt and Jan said. “Up and at-em girl. We’re going to ride the waves.”

We did. We got into our suits and had a great time together in the surf. We grabbed some hot dogs and cold drinks and sat under some umbrellas and watched people enjoy themselves. Then we returned to our room. Janet was obviously worn out. I removed her bathing suit and tucked her in and told her that I had some shopping to do.

I showered and then found well stocked gift and variety store and bought some items in preparation for a plan I had in mind. I returned to the room where Jan was still sleeping and began my preparations.

When they were complete I went to the bed and kissed Jan awake. I took her by the hand and pulled her toward the bath alcove. “I gotta pee.” she said. I pushed her toward the powder room. When she appeared again I took her hand and led her to the bathtub. The tub was a modified Jacuzzi and had all kinds of features and controls.

I had very carefully read the instructions and just as carefully set the controls. I had purchased a cushion for Jan to lay back on and I positioned her in the tub just so. I had Scented candles producing a soft glow, scented water softener in the water. The temperature was perfect and I had just three jets working.

One pair of jets was playing bubbles and water gently over Jan’s breasts and the third was aimed straight at her pussy. “Today is my turn. I’m going to do you and I don’t want you to do anything but relax and let me give you joy.”

I adjusted the jets slightly for her maximum pleasure and then gently massaged her from head to toe several times. As I came to her nipples I would pause and gently pinch them and then bend over the tub and take each in my mouth. I would suck and lick it long enough to make sure that it was as hard as it could get and then move my hand to it’s next target.

As I moved my other hand up her thighs I would stop and slide my middle finger up and down her slit a few times and then pause to gently pinch her clit and roll it between my fingers. Sometimes while my other hand was doing the same to a nipple and my mouth was on the other nipple.

I could feel that an orgasm was developing as I helped her up and gently toweled her dry before leading her to the bed. I placed her as she had placed me and kneeling between her legs I began to duplicate the intimacies that Janet had rendered upon me almost 24 hours previously.

As I took her vulva between my lips my eyes happened to fall upon Jan’s vibrating dildo. I had my special massager hidden under the bed. I was intending to use it on Janet at the proper time and I thought it a shame that the dildo was standing idle.

I paused long enough to reach for the dildo and turn it on and then as I returned to my ministrations I placed it on the floor with its tip probing the entrance to my cunt.

Janet put a hand on each side of my head and pulled it until my mouth was hard against her pussy. It was sopping wet and my mouth was between her vulva and my tongue was performing those tricks I had only felt before this weekend.

“Marg, yes, yes, I love it, I love you. And she began to orgasm. As her pussy slammed against my mouth I was reminded of my own massive orgasm of the previous night.

Eventually she came down enough to release my head from between her thighs and I decided that it was time for the massager treatment.

It had given me hundreds of orgasms and I wanted Janet to experience the same pleasures. Meanwhile I had pressed down on the vibrating dildo and it was doing it’s thing deep inside of my cunt and causing the expected reactions in my body.

The tip on the massager was about 3 inches long with a rounded half inch diameter ball on the end. Doesn’t sound impressive but when the ball is vibrating several thousand times a minute and it touches my clit it is sometimes instant orgasm.

When it’s not instant it is usually within 10 seconds and I can just leave it there and have one after the other. Brief but intense they roll on and on. Once I counted 14 before I couldn’t count any more.

I could go on and on but you get the picture. We did that, we did sixty nine again. We ate and we did each other again with tongues and toys until there was not another orgasm to be had.

We slept in each others arms until mid morning. We showered and had a leisurely breakfast.

Since we were allowed a late checkout we walked the boards then frolicked in the ocean. Then did lunch, the pool, the hot tub, the hot room.

We followed with a nap in each other’s arms but without sex. As we packed Janet said “Do I dare offer this up? Brad has blessed us with the best weekend of my life and I would like to propose that he be suitably rewarded.”

“What exactly did you have in mind?” was my response.

“I think that Brad would love to see us do the lesbian act. Wouldn’t he?”

“I have no doubt that he would but I’m sure that his idea of a finale would be to fuck one or both of us.”

“Well, I’m game, I think that he’s a sexy guy but Marg, it’s your call.”

“OK. I’m up for it as a reward for the weekend. I’m not making any guarantee about re-runs though.”

“So be it.”

I picked up the phone and called Brad. “Honey, Jan and I are leaving now. We’re going to stop for dinner and will be home about 10:00. You be in bed showered and naked. I need to reward you for giving me a wonderful weekend.

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