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Trailer Trash

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Billy Joe Parker hears a vehicle pull up outside the beat up old trailer where he lives with his daddy. He looks out the window and sees Sally Mae Struthers getting out of her pick-up truck. She’s wearing a pair of tight shorts and a cotton top that stretches across her ample tits. Billy Joe hasn’t seen her in a long time and is pleasantly surprised by the unexpected visit. He walks out to say hello.

“Hey Sally Mae.” Billy Joe’s eyes scan her body. “It sure is good to see you. What you doing here?”

“Hey Billy Joe. Momma sent me to fetch your daddy. He was supposed to come by an fix the stove. Mamma cain’t cook.”

“Well your mamma is shit outta luck,” Billy Joe tells her. “He didn’t come home last night – probably in town drunk on his ass. But since you here come on inside an have a beer. I ain’t seen you in a long time.”

“I cain’t do that Billy Joe. I ain’t supposed to drink cause I’m only 19, and mamma would kill me if she knew I went inside a house alone with a boy.”

“You 19 already?” Billy Joe asks with a surprised look on his face. “No wonder you look so grown up.”

“I am,” she says proudly. “I’m gonna graduate from high school next year. I might even go to college.”

“You always was real smart. Why don’t you come on inside just for a little,” argues Billy Joe taking her arm and moving her towards the trailer. “You’re gonna hurt my feelings if you don’t pay me a proper visit and tell me what you been up to.”

“Well, I guess it won’t hurt.” Sally Mae says stepping up into the doorway. “But just for a little bit cause I gotta be getting back.”

Sally Mae doesn’t let on how excited she is to be with him. Like most of the girls in school, she had a major crush on him even though he was several years older. Billy Joe opens the door and lets Sally Mae go first so he can admire her firm ass swaying back and forth against the tight shorts she is wearing. She takes a seat on the couch while Billy Joe opens the refrigerator.

“You sure grew up since we was in school together, Sally Mae. You was just a kid when I dropped out to help daddy, but now your titties are almost as big as your mommas, and you got a real fine ass.”

“Don’t you be talking trash to me or I’m gonna leave,” Sally Mae warns him with pursed lips. “I’m not like those girls you used to go out with in high school.”

“I’m sorry, Sally Mae. I just couldn’t help but notice, that’s all. Here’s your beer. It sure is good seeing you again.”

Billy Joe lifts his can to her as a toast. Sally Mae touches his can with hers and then takes several long sips. Billy Joe sits next to her on the couch.

“It’s good to see you too Billy Joe,” she replies. “It’s been a long time. I figured you’d be married by now to that girl you was with all the time… what was her name?”

“Pammy Lee? She went west to get in the movies. Someone told me she was making them x-rated kind. I know from personal experience that she’d be awfully good at it. She could suck a peanut off the bottom of a coke bottle.”

“Now stop talking like that Billy Joe. I don’t wanna know about that kinda stuff.”

“You trying to tell me you ain’t never been with a boy?” He asks. “A pretty girl like you?”

“What I do with boys is none a your business.”

“I guess it ain’t none a my business,” Billy Joe agrees. “Can I ask if you got a steady fellow?”

“Not really,” she says taking several more swigs of her beer. “Ever since my step-daddy disappeared momma don’t like boys to hang around. I go out with Bobby Ray sometimes after school but she don’t know about it.”

“I guess I cain’t blame her, Sally Mae. As pretty as you are boys would be beating down your door.”

Sally Mae quickly drains the rest of her beer out of nervousness. Billy Joe stands and gets her another. She takes several deep gulps. She is not used to drinking alcohol and begins to feel a little lightheaded and tipsy.

“You really think I’m pretty?” Sally Mae asks.

“As pretty as a picture,” Billy Joe tells her. “You look good enough to eat, and I mean that in a nice way so don’t go getting all mad at me.”

Sally Mae smiles and takes another sip. Her nipples feel like they are going to burst from all the attention he is giving her. She looks up at him with her big blue eyes.

“How about you Billy Joe, you seeing anyone special?”

“Not really. Remember Mary Jo? I poked her a few times. Same with Betty Ann. It ain’t nothing regular.”

Sally Mae hits Billy Joe on the arm.

“I wasn’t asking about your sex life. Sides, I don’t believe you cause I know both of them got married and dropped out of school.”

“Well, Sally Mae, that means they ain’t virgins, right? I guess their hubbies ain’t taking care a business at home. Once they sampled Mr. Big they was hooked.”

Sally Mae turns red at this remark but doesn’t say anything. She downs her second beer practically chugging it. The alcohol has her head spinning. She stands and puts her hand on a chair for balance.

“I gotta pee. Then I best be going before momma gets mad.”

“So soon? Have another beer first,” Billy Joe pleads. “I don’t want you to leave just yet now that we’re gettin to know each other.”

Sally Mae really doesn’t want to leave either. She likes all the attention she is getting from Billy Joe. He’s older and better looking than the immature boys at her school. She decides to stay a little longer.

“I guess I could have one more for I go.”

Sally Mae staggers to the bathroom while Billy Joe gets her another beer. She returns and sits down on the couch sipping nervously from the can. Billy Joe sits next to her. He puts his arm around her pulling her closer. She lays her head on his shoulder and looks up at him with her bright blue eyes. He takes the can from her hand and puts it on the end table.

“Can I kiss you, Sally Mae?” Billy Joe asks moving his face closer to hers. “It would be an honor if you would let me.”

She tilts her head. Their lips meet. She opens her mouth and feels Billy Joe push his tongue into it. He moves his hand up to her breast and squeezes it through the top she is wearing. Sally Mae pulls his hand away without breaking the kiss. Billy Joe moves his hand over her breast again and gently caresses it.

“I don’t think I ought to be letting you do that, Billy Joe,” Sally Mae tells him in a whisper as she pulls her lips from his. She doesn’t move his hand. “You might go tell. I got a reputation you know.”

He finds her hard nipple and pinches it through her top. Sally Mae gasps.

“I wouldn’t tell, Sally Mae. It’s just between us. Nobody’ll know, I promise.”

“You best not tell Billy Joe. If momma finds out she’ll kill me — an you too.”

The kiss resumes. Sally Mae’s nipple feels like it is going to burst under the gentle caress of his fingers. Billy Joe slides his hand down and pulls up her top. He reaches into her bra and squeezes the naked flesh of her soft breast.

“I don’t know, Billy Joe,” she tells him pulling his hand away. “Maybe we best stop. I told you I ain’t that kind a girl. You can’t just have your way with me like you did with them girls in high school.”

“I know that Sally Mae. We’re not doing nothing but foolin around a little. Besides, you you let Bobby Ray touch you like that.”

“I never said I let Bobby Ray touch me,” protests Sally Mae indignantly. “Sides, it was different with him cause he took me out on a proper date.”

“Then I promise to take you on a proper date, Sally Mae.”

“Really?” Sally Mae replies a little too enthusiastically. “You promise.”

“I promise.”

Billy Joe kisses Sally Mae and slips his hand under her top. This time she lets him. He unsnaps her bra. Sally Mae lifts her arm and puts it around his neck. His fingers knead the naked flesh of her soft melons and pinch her swollen nipples. Sally Mae gasps. He pussy is tingling and seeping into her panties. Billy Joe slides his lips down to her neck and nibbles on the sensitive skin.

“Mmmmmm… Billy Joe, you getting me all excited,” she purrs.

Billy Joe lifts her top higher. Sally Mae puts her arms in the air so he can remove it along with her bra. Her oversized melons bounce freely on her chest. Billy Joe sits back to take in the view. He stares at her two perfectly formed tits capped by large brown swollen nipples with tips poking out like erasers.

“Them are mighty fine titties Sally Mae.”

Billy Joe’s reaches out with his big hand to squeeze the naked flesh. His thumb rubs across her sensitive nipple. Sally Mae’s head is still spinning from the beer. She likes what he was doing but knows it is wrong to let him.

“You… you promise to take me on a proper date, Billy Joe?”

“Of course Sally Mae.”

“When we gonna go on our date?” She asks biting her lower lip.

“Real soon, Sally Mae. Maybe this weekend,” Billy Joe assures her. He lowers his head and sucks a nipple into his mouth.

“Oooohhh… Billy Joe… what’re you doing to me… oh gawd…”

Billy Joe rakes his teeth across her nipple and swirls his tongue over the tip. He pinches her other nipple with his fingers. Sally Mae’s head is spinning.

“Mmmmmmmmm… oh lord…”

Sally Mae runs her fingers through his hair. She is moaning from the sensations surging through her body. She has her eyes closed. Her breathing becomes erratic. Jolts of pleasure shoot straight from her nipples to her pussy. Billy Joe lowers his hand down between her legs and presses his fingers into the crotch of her shorts.

“Noooo,” she protests putting her hand on his arm without pulling it away. “Not there.”

He doesn’t move his hand. His fingers dig into her pussy through her shorts. Billy Joe kisses up to her neck. Sally Mae slowly moves her thighs apart and moans. Despite her protest she finds her body pushing back against his fingers. Billy Joe pushes a tongue into her ear. Sally Mae’s gasps and moans are faster and more erratic. An explosion rips through her pussy.

“Oh… oh… aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh… uuunnnggghhhhh…”

Sally Mae twists and squirms against his fingers. Juices gush from her pussy and soak her panties. Billy Joe continues to dig his fingers into her quivering sex. She finally pulls his arm away. She curls up with her back to him. Her body is still shaking. Billy Joe uses this opportunity to unfasten his jeans and pull out his hard cock.

“Sally Mae, I think it’s time to introduce you to Mr. Big.”

When he pushes down his jeans, Billy Joe’s throbbing eight inch cock springs free and pokes up from his lap. Sally Mae turns to see what he is talking about. Her eyes get big.

“Wha… what’re you doing Billy Joe. Ohmygod, put that thing away right now.”

“You seen one before, I know, but not one like this. I can tell it likes you plenty. You can touch it if you want.”

Billy Joe takes her hand and wraps her fingers around the hard flesh of his cock holding them in place with his own hand.

” Wha… stop that, Billy Joe. I didn’t say I wanted to touch it. I told you to put it away.”

Despite her words Sally Mae finds herself staring at his cock. She keeps her hand wrapped around the hard flesh.

“That feels good Sally Mae,” Billy Joe tells her encouragingly. “Now move your hand up and down like this. Yeah… just like that.”

Billy Joe takes his hand from hers. Sally Mae continues to slowly stroke him with her eyes fixed on his cock.

“You promise you ain’t gonna tell nobody Billy Joe?”

“Course not Sally Mae. Try doing it faster.”

“And you promise to take me on a proper date?”

“Of course, Sally Mae. How many times do I have to tell you?”

Staring intently at his cock, Sally Mae pumps her hand up and down his shaft. Her tits are bouncing on her chest with each stroke. Her eyes remain fixed on his cock. She strokes him faster and faster. Billy Joe puts his hand on the back of her neck and forces her head down towards his throbbing member. Sally Mae tries to resist but he is too strong.

“Stop that Billy Joe. I ain’t that kinda girl. I… ggaaaahhhh…”

Billy Joe forces his cock between her lips and into her mouth. He holds her head down while he fucks it in and out. Slowly he feels her resistance fade.

“That’s it Sally Mae. Just let it slide between your lips and use your tongue…”

” Gggggghhhhh… mmmmmpppphhhhh… sssllluuuuuuuppppp…”

He lets go of her head. Sally Mae wraps her fingers around his shaft and continues to aggressively suck his cock.

“Oooohhh yeah… you done this before, hadn’t you? Oooohhhhhhhh…”

“Ssssuup…ssssuup… sssuup… ggggggrrrrrraaahhhhh… sssshhhuuuppp… mmmmmpppphhhh… sssuup… sssuup…”

Sally Mae finally pulls away from his thrusting cock. Spit drools from her lips and down her chin.

“Don’t you go shooting in my mouth Billy Joe.”

“Course not Sally Mae. What kind a person do you think I am anyway?”

Billy Joe pushes her head down. Sally Mae eagerly swallows his cock using her lips and tongue to caress the ridges and veins of his hard flesh.

“Oh god… you do that better than Pammy Lee or anyone. See if you can take it deeper.”

“Shluuup… gggggggaaaahhhhhh… mmmmpppphhhh…”

Billy Joe grabs her head and rams his cock up into her mouth faster and faster. He feels his balls shrink and his cock swell. He is unable to stop the impending explosion.

“Oh gawd… aaaaawwwww… Sally Mae… I cain’t stop it… AAAARRRGGGGGGHHHH…”

Cum explodes from his cock and fills her mouth. Sally Mae pulls away and gets splattered all over her face and tits by several more powerful spurts. When he is drained Sally Mae looks up at him angrily with cum dripping down her face and drooling from her lips.

“Shit, Billy Joe, look what you done. You promised you wasn’t gonna shoot in my mouth.”

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it Sally Mae,” Billy Joe says with a grin on his face. “Not the way you was doing me. I couldn’t hold back.”

“Well I don’t think it’s funny,” Sally Mae says with a scowl. “Anyhow, I gotta clean up an get going for momma wonders what happened to me.”

Sally Mae goes into the bathroom and looks in the mirror. A girl with cum splattered all over her face and tits is staring back at her. For some unexplained reason she can feel a powerful tingling between her legs. She puts a hand into her shorts and slides a finger along the moist gash of her pussy. Sucking Billy Joe has turned her on something awful. She needs to get off but decides to wait until she is home. It will be safer that way, she thinks to herself.

After Sally Mae cleans up she realizes that her bra and top are still in the other room. She puts a hand towel across her tits to cover them and opens the bathroom door. Billy Joe is standing by the couch stark naked. He is holding her top and bra in his hand with a smirk on his face. This gets her angry.

“Give them to me, Billy Joe. Right now. And for Christ’s sake put some clothes on.”

Her tone was stern but her words were still slurred from the beer.

“Aw, Sally Mae, I hope you ain’t mad at me. I would never forgive myself if I made you hate me. The fact is, Sally Mae, I really like you.”

His words soften her resolve. The fact is she likes him too despite what happened. She looks at him with tender eyes.

“I don’t hate you, Billy Joe,” she says moving closer, “But I really do need to be getting home. Can I have my top back?”

“Let me have one more look at them fine titties before you go. Please, Sally Mae.”

She frowns and drops the towel. Billy Joe’s eyes feast on her magnificent beauties. His cock begins to grow. Sally Mae glances down quickly and then back up.

“There. Now I gotta go.”

“Turn around first,” he begs of her with pleading eyes. “Let me get one final look at your back side. You’re so beautiful. I want to remember every part of you.”

“You’re too much, Billy Joe,” she says in an exasperated voice. His flattery has softened her resolve. “I’ll do it but then I’m going for sure.”

She turns around. Billy Joe looks down and sees her firm ass cheeks stretching the white shorts she is wearing.

“That is one fine lookin ass, Sally Mae. But you gotta you bend over so I can get a better look. Do that for me and then you can go.”

“I don’t know what has gotten into you, Billy Joe,” she complains while putting her hands on the table and tilting her ass in the air.

Showing him her body like this is a turn-on. Sally Mae feels her pussy tingle and her nipples swell. Billy Joe steps forward and squeezes one of her rounded cheeks with his hand.

“I didn’t say you could touch,” Sally Mae protests. She brushes his hand away.

“It was just a little love squeeze,” replies Billy Joe moving in behind her and wrapping his hands around her waist.

Sally Mae feels his cock press against her cheeks. Two hands move up her stomach and cover her naked breasts. He sinks his teeth into the side of her neck. Sally Mae gasps.

“You got to stop, Billy Joe,’ she whispers. Her trembling body betrays her real desire. “Momma’s waiting.”

Billy Joe slides a hand down her stomach and slips it under the waist of her shorts. His fingers push into her panties and across the thick curls covering her mound until they reach the searing folds of her pussy. He rubs a fingertip across her clit.

“No,” she moans putting a hand on his arm. “We cain’t. Momma’s… Oooohhhhh.”

Two fingers curl up and into her hot pussy. Sally Mae moans and throws her head back. He bites down lightly on her neck and slowly fucks her with his fingers.

“You sure do got a hot pussy, Sally Mae,” he whispers into her ear an pushes his tongue in it.

His fingers go faster and faster. Sally Mae is breathing hard in a series of gasps and moans. Juices are seeping from her pussy. Suddenly he removes his fingers from her body. Sally Mae is confused. Billy Joe quickly yanks down her shorts and panties and bends her over the table. Before she knows what is happening his cock slides between her cheeks and sinks deep into her pussy.

“Oh… oh gawd… uuuunnngggghhhhh… aaaahhhhhh…”

Billy Joe reaches around and squeezes her big tits while his cock hammers her in hard and deep strokes. Sally Mae moans and squeals with pleasure. The pressure in her belly is incredible. Her head is spinning and her legs are shaking. The explosion hits hard sending her to places she has never been.


“Aw fuck, Sally Mae, I can feel your juices squirtin all over me.”


Billy Joe pulls his cock out of Sally Mae’s quivering body and walks over to the couch where he sits. Sally Mae is still sprawled over the table whimpering and breathing hard. She can feel pussy juice trickling down her thighs.

“How about you come over here, Sally Mae, and climb on top.”

Sally Mae pushes up from the table and looks over to Billy Joe with glazed eyes. Her shorts and panties are still bunched around her knees.

“You promise you ain’t gonna tell no one, right?” Sally Mae asks again. Her pussy feels empty. She knows she wants more. “Cause if momma ever found out she’d kill us both.”

“Course I won’t tell no one Sally Mae. This is between you and me. Now climb on up here.”

Billy Joe waves his hard cock which is poking up from his lap. Sally Mae steps out of her shorts and panties. She moves over to the couch where she straddles him with her knees. Billy Joe guides his swollen cock to her dripping pussy. She lowers herself until she can feel his hard meat sink deep into her cunt. Billy Joe grabs her ass cheeks and slams up into her. She lifts up and impales her pussy on his cock again and again.

“Ooooohhhhhh… oh gawd… mmmmmmmmmm…”

“Ride that big hard cock, Sally Mae,” Billy Joe shouts just before he sucks a nipple into his mouth.

“Ung, ung, oh, oh, uh, uh, uh… oh gawd… I, I, aaaaahhhhhhh…”

Billy Joe flips her onto her back and mounts her from the top driving his cock straight down into her pussy on each thrust. Her heels slam repeatedly into his ass cheeks trying to draw him deeper. Another orgasm explodes through her pussy drenching his cock and balls. Her fingers claw at his back almost drawing blood.


“Aw fuck Sally Mae… I think I’m gonna cum.”

Billy Joe pounds his cock into her cunt hard and deep again and again sending Sally Mae into another series of convulsions. He feels his balls shrink and his cock swell.

“Aw fuuuuck… here it cums Sally Mae… AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH…”

Hot cum sprays into Sally Mae’s quivering cunt in spurt after spurt until it is leaking from her pussy and dripping down his balls. When he is drained he collapses on top of her. Sally Mae finally recovers from her orgasm and wiggles out from under Billy Joe. She stands next to the couch with cum running down her legs and dripping onto the floor.

“Shit Billy Joe. You went an shot your stuff inside me. Now I might get pregnant. What you gonna do then?”

“You ain’t gonna get pregnant Sally Mae,” Billy Joe assures her. “We only done it once.”

“You don’t know that,” she pouts. “Anyhow, I got to be going. Momma’s already gonna be steaming mad for me being late and for not showing up with your daddy.”

“Don’t worry about it Sally Mae. You tell your momma that I’ll come over in the morning an fix her stove. Then you an I can go for a ride in my truck.”

“I ain’t gonna be back from school til after lunch,” she tells him while pulling on her panties. “Can you wait til then?”

Sally Mae finishes dressing while Billy Joe sits naked on the couch with his wilting cock lying on one of his thighs and still oozing cum.

“Don’t worry Sally Mae. I’ll wait til you get home even if I finish early. This time I’ll take you on a proper date for we fuck.”

“Don’t go thinkin I’m gonna let you do that again Billy Joe. You best behave tomorrow, particularly in front a momma, and besides, she ain’t going to let you take me anywhere.”

“You just leave that to me, Sally Mae. I sure am glad you stopped by today.”

“I guess I’m glad I stopped by too. See you tomorrow Billy Joe.”

Chapter 2

The next morning Billy Joe knocks on the door of Sally Mae’s house. Mrs. Struthers greets him wearing a loose blue dress and an apron. Her long blonde hair and blue eyes makes her look young and innocent. Billy Joe glances at her ample tits when she opens the door.

“Hi there. Sally Mae didn’t say nothin bout a big sister. Your momma around? I’m here to fix the stove.”

“You must be Billy Joe Parker,” she says laughing. “I’m Susie Jean Struthers. Sally Mae is my daughter.”

“Ain’t no way. You’re too young to be a momma.”

“Why thank you Billy Joe. That’s right kind a you. Come on in an I’ll show you the stove.”

Billy Joe takes off his shirt to work. Susie Jean can’t help but notice his rippling muscles and well toned body. She feels a tingling in her loins that she knows is wrong but she can’t help. It has been a long time since she had a man. Billy Joe works hard until he is finished. Susie Jean fetches him a glass of water.

“It should work fine now Mrs. Struthers,” he explains. “I fixed that loose shelf in the oven too. Here, come see.”

Mrs. Struthers bends over to look into the oven. Billy Joe steps behind her and bends over to point out his workmanship pressing against the soft ass cheeks. He rubs against her as he is explaining what he did. She stays bent over the stove and closes her eyes to contain the pleasure that is surging through her body. She can feel her her pussy leaking into her panties.

“It looks good, Billy Joe,” she says trying to sound normal. “Thank you.”

Before she can stand Billy Joe reaches around her body. His hands move up her body and squeeze her full tits.

“You shouldn’t be touching me like that Billy Joe,” she says in a wispy voice. “It just ain’t right. Besides, Sally Mae might come home from school anytime now.”

Despite her words she makes no effort to move away from Billy Joe. He crushes her tits with his hands and presses his hardening cock into the cheeks of her ass. She stands upright. Billy Joe sinks his teeth into her neck and kisses his way up to her ear.

“Mrs. Struthers, I know you ain’t got no man around the house and a pretty woman like you must get lonely at night. If I can help in any way it would be a pleasure.”

She makes no attempt to pull away. Billy Joe’s lowers a hand and presses it into her pussy through the dress. He feels her ass slowly grinding back against his hard cock.

“I don’t know Billy Joe,” she gasps. “I’m… uh… too old for you.”

“I don’t think so Mrs. Struthers. I’m a man and I think you need a man.”

Billy Joe presses the back of her neck until she puts out her arms and props her weight against the stove. He lifts her dress and pulls her panties to the side. He already has his cock out of his pants. He guides it to her already wet folds.

“Billy Joe, we… we shouldn’t be doing this.”

He shoves and feels her pussy split open. His cock slides deep into her body.

“Oh god… uuuuuhhhhhh…”

He slams into her pussy again and again. Susie Jean Struthers gasps and tilts her ass into the air to meet his thrusts.

“Aw gawd… Mrs Struthers, you sure do have a hot pussy. Oh fuuuck.”

“Uh, uh, uh… aaaaahhhhh… nnnnggghhh… aw fuuuck… oooohhhhhh.”

Susie Jean’s gasps and moans are out of control. Billy Joe pulls her dress down her shoulders and unsnaps her bra. His hands knead the naked flesh of her tits while he continues to pound her pussy.

“Aw fuck… oh shit… aahhhh… Mrs Struthers…”

“Mmmpppphhhhh… ungh, ungh, ungh… aaaahhhhhh… aw gawd… nnnn…”

Billy Joe grabs her by the hair and yanks her head back. His cock drives deep into her pussy. His balls bounce off her clit.

“I cain’t believe that pussy a yours is so tight after all them babies.”

“Uh… uh… I… uh.” She can’t get the words out. “Oh fuuuck… mmmmm…oh gawd… UUNNGGHHH…”

Susie Jean explodes. Billy Joe continues to hammer her until she explodes again. He pulls out and pushes her to her knees shoving his dripping cock between her lips. She eagerly swallows it into her hungry mouth.

“Mmmmpphhhh… ssssthuuup… ssssthuuuup… nnnggggghhhhhh…”

She takes him deep until her lips are pressed against his pubes. Spit is drooling from her chin.

“Jesus, Mrs. Struthers, you got the whole thing in your mouth.”

“Ggggggghhhhh… gggggaaaaaaggghhh… mmmmrrrpppphhhh…”

“Aw fuck, Mrs. Struthers… I cain’t hold back anymore… AAARRRGGGHHHH…”

Hot cum explodes into her mouth. Billy Joe grunts and shoots more cum into her until it is drooling from her lips. When he is finished he pulls his cock from her mouth.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Struthers,” Billy Joe apologizes. “I didn’t mean to shoot in your mouth.”

It’s okay, Billy Joe,” she mumbles while wiping her lips. “I don’t mind the taste of a man. Do you like the taste of a woman?”

Susie Jean pulls off her panties and sits on the couch. She pulls her legs into the air. Billy Joe looks at her hairy pussy with the folds of her hot cunt peeking out through the dark curls. He slides over between her legs and lowers his face to her waiting sex. His mouth opens over her swollen mound. Billy Joe pushes his tongue into her steamy hole.

“Aw fuuuck… oooohhhh… yes… aaahhhhhhh…”

“Sluuuuurrrrpppp… ssssssssppppppp… shhhllluuuuuppppp…”

Susie Jean grabs his head and humps his face. Billy Joe pushes two fingers up her cunt and flicks his tongue over her clit. Susie Jean explodes into his mouth. She squirms and bucks against his face. A second orgasm sends another gush of pussy juice into Billy Joe’s mouth. She finally pushes him away to catch her breath.

“Jesus, Billy Joe, where’d you learn to do that?”

“I don’t know, Mrs. Struthers,” he says wiping his mouth. “I guess I just like the taste of a woman. I get excited doing it. Looky here, I’m all hard again.”

“Sit down on the couch and I’ll take care of it, Billy Joe. Sides, I need something inside me after that.”

Billy Joe sits on the couch to pull off his pants and shirt. Sally Jean removes her dress and panties. She straddles him with her knees, guides his cock to her pussy lips and slowly impales herself on his hard meat.

“Ahhhhhhh,” she moans, “It feels so good inside my pussy… uuuhhhhhh… fuck me Billy Joe… fuck me real good.”

“Your pussy is so hot Mrs. Struthers… aw fuuuuccckkk…”

Susie Jean pulls Billy Joe’s face into her bouncing tits while she rides him, lifting up his entire length and slamming her ass down until she feels his cock spear deep into her belly. Billy Joe finds a nipple and bites down on it.


“Mrs. Struthers, I can feel your stuff dripping from my balls. Holy shit.”


Susie Jean falls off him onto the couch breathing hard. Billy Joe climbs on top, rolls her legs back and drives his cock deep into her cunt. Her screams of pleasure pierce the air.

“Fuck me… fuck me… aaaahhhh… uh, uh, uh… oh god… fuck me…”

Billy Joe pounds into her again and again. She has another orgasm and then another. Billy Joe can feel cum building in his balls.

“Aw Jeeez… I’m gonna shoot… UUUUHHHH… AAAAHHHH…”

Hot cum explodes from Billy Joe’s cock and pumps into her pussy until she is overflowing. Susie Jean thrashes and squirms beneath him while her feet flail wildly in the air and her fingernails dig into the flesh of his back. They finish sweaty and exhausted clinging to each other with Billy Joe still inside her. He feels her pussy clench his cock in several post-orgasmic spasms.

“Holy shit, Mrs. Struthers, you almost sucked the life outta me. I think I shot a gallon a cum into your pussy.”

“I can feel it inside me. I hope I don’t get pregnant. I don’t need no more babies.”

“You mean you ain’t on nothin?” Billy Joe asks with a surprised look on his face.

“Well I ain’t been with a man in a long time, but I sure do miss it. You gonna come around more often? I got things that need a fixin.”

Billy Joe pulls his cock from her pussy releasing a flood of cum and pussy juice that makes a large wet stain on the couch.

“I reckon I could stop over in the mornings before the kids get home from school. Course people might get to talking.”

“It don’t matter to me Billy Joe,” she tells him while picking up her clothes. “I need what you got more than I need my reputation. We best get dressed now before Sally Mae and the kids get home.”

“Speaking of Sally Mae, Mrs. Struthers, I was wondering if she could come with me to Jimmy Bob’s farm and help me feed and water the horses this afternoon. She was telling me yesterday how much she loves horses.”

“Why that’d be real kind of you Billy Joe,” she replies. “Sally Mae would be tickled.”

“I can guarantee you she’s going to be gushing with excitement.”

Chapter 3

“So where we really going?” Asks Sally Mae as she climbs into his truck.

“You’ll see. I got something special planned.”

Sally Mae slides next to him on the bench seat and babbles nervously while trying to guess where they are going. He just drives until they reach a dirt road out in the country. He turns and goes a few hundred yards finally stopping the truck underneath a large oak tree.

“Why’re we stopping here, Billy Joe?”

“So I can be alone with you, Sally Mae.”

“But I thought we was going on a proper date,” Sally Mae protests. “I thought we was going to the movies or something.”

“We don’t have time to go to the movies,” explains Billy Joe. “You told your momma that you’d be back to help fix dinner. This way we can be together. I’ll take you to the movies some other time.”

A tear runs down Sally Mae’s cheek.

“You told me you was gonna take me on a proper date.”

“And I will Sally Mae. We just don’t have time right now. Don’t you wanna be with me? I thought after yesterday we had something special. Don’t you like me?”

“It ain’t that,” sobs Sally Mae wiping the tears from her eyes. “It just don’t seem right. I feel like you’re using me.”

“I’m not using you, Sally Mae. I like you. I wanna kiss you and hold you and make you feel good. That’s what people do when they like each other.”

Billy Joe slides his hand under her t-shirt and caresses her right tit. With his other hand he reaches up her back and unsnaps her bra. His fingers knead the soft flesh and hard nipple. Sally Mae sits there sobbing but does nothing to stop him.

“I… I told you I wasn’t gonna let you do me again like yesterday,” Sally Mae mumbles between sobs. “I ain’t that kinda girl.”

“I know, Sally Mae. I respect you. I do. I know you’re a good girl.”

He leans over and kisses her on the lips. His hand continues to squeeze her oversized melons and tweak her nipples. Despite her protest Sally Mae feels her body respond to his touch. She opens her mouth and kisses him back. Billy Joe kisses down her neck nibbling on the soft skin.

“You think I’m pretty, Billy Joe?” She purrs.

“You’re not just pretty, Sally Mae,” Billy Joe tells her while moving her hand over the bulge in his jeans. “You’re beautiful. Any man would be proud to be with you”

His flattery works. Sally Mae begins to rub his hard length with her hand. Billy Joe shoves his tongue into her ear and tugs on her nipple.

“Take it out,” he whispers. “Please.”

Sally Mae tries to unzip him but finds it difficult. Billy Joe reaches down to help while they are kissing. He unbuckles his jeans. Sally Mae reaches into his briefs and wraps her hand around his swollen cock pulling it free. She strokes him with slow steady pumps of her fist.

“Oh god, Sally Mae, that feels real good. It would feel even better if you put it in your mouth. Would you do that for me?”

“You’re not going to shoot in my mouth like you did yesterday are you?” She asks looking down at his cock with her mouth poised only inches above it.

“Of course not, Sally Mae.”

Billy Joe pushes down on the back of her neck. Her lips move over his swollen knob as his cock slides into her hot wet mouth.

“Mmmmmmppphhh… shluuurrp… thuup… thuuuup…gggggghhhhhhh…”

“Oh gawd, Sally Mae. You do that sooo good. Ooohhh yeah.”

“Sluuuuup… you taste a little funny,” Sally Mae says pulling her lips from his cock, “Like maybe you been with someone else.”

“That’s crazy, Sally Mae,” Billy Joe adamantly denies. “When would I have the time to be with someone else? I was at your house fixing the stove all morning. Ask your momma. It’s probably just sweat from working so hard.”

Billy Joe pushes her mouth back over his cock. He holds her head and fucks it up between her lips.

“Ggggghhhhhhhh… aaaarrrgggghhhhh… mmmmmppphhh… ggggghhhhhh…”

“Ahhhhhhh… oh fuuck… shit… you’re doing good Sally Mae… ooohhhhhh…”

Billy Joe holds her head and pushes into her throat. She gags and begins to struggle for air. He lets her up briefly as spit drools from her lips and then shoves his cock into her mouth.

“Gggggggggaaaaahhhh… shluuuuup… ggggrrrraaahhh…”

“Gawd, I gotta get my cock in your pussy for I explode, Sally Mae,” he says pulling her drooling lips from his cock.

“I don’t know about that, Billy Joe,” Sally Mae says wiping the spit from her lips and chin. “I told you I wasn’t gonna let you do me like yesterday.”

In truth her pussy is on fire. When Billy Joe unsnaps her jeans she lifts up from the seat so he can pull them down. He continues to yank on them until her jeans and panties are down by her knees. He slides his hand between her legs and fingers her pussy.

“Sally Mae, you know I wouldn’t do nothing to hurt you, but this is special just between you and me. Don’t it feel special to you too?”

His fingers dig into her pussy. She moans and humps her pussy against him. When he finally pulls his fingers from her dripping cunt her pussy is about to explode. Everything is spinning out of control. Sally Mae is vaguely aware of Billy Joe pulling her up onto her knees until she is leaning over the back of the seat with her ass towards the front. Billy Joe wedges in behind her and slides his cock between her cheeks until he feels it part her juicy folds.

“I don’t know,” Sally Mae says protesting while she climbs onto the seat.

“What you doing back there Billy Joe?” Sally Mae protests weakly. “I told you I ain’t that kind a… nnnngggghhh…”

Sally Mae gasps when his hard cock sinks into her body.

“Aw fuck Sally Mae… aaahhhhh… you got such a hot and tight little pussy. I just love fucking you… oh shit…”

“Uh, uh, uh… ooooohhhhhhh… oh gawd… uh, I… uuuunnnggghhhh…”

Sally Mae’s pussy explodes. Billy Joe hammers her hard. She screams. Another orgasm ripples through her body. Billy Joe licks his forefinger and presses it against her sphincter. When he shoves it up her ass a third series of orgasms sends her into orbit.

“Let’s get outta the truck so we got more room,” says Billy Joe pulling his cock from her dripping pussy. “I gotta blanket we can use.”

“I cain’t believe you shoved a finger up my butt, Billy Joe. What’d you go and do that for?”

“Seems to me you liked it,” Billy Joe tells her. He opens the door to get out. “You was screaming pretty loud when I did it.”

“I didn’t say it didn’t feel good,” Sally Mae says sitting on the seat and wiggling out of her jeans and panties. “It just seemed kind a weird, that’s all. No one’s ever done that to me before.”

“I got something else I bet no one has done that I know you’ll like,” Billy Joe tells her. “Ever had a boy lick your pussy?”

“No, cain’t say I have. You sure you want to lick me there, Billy Joe? It’s all gooey.”

“I sure do, Sally Mae. I just love the taste of a woman.”

Billy Joe spreads the blanket and has Sally Mae get on her back with her legs spread and her knees propped in the air. He crawls between them until his face is only inches from her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm… you smell real good Sally Mae. I cain’t wait to eat me some hair pie. You’re gonna like this a whole lot.”

“I don’t…” she starts to say. Billy Joe clamps his lips around her swollen pussy and shoves his tongue into her steamy cunt. “Oooohhhh… uuuhhhh… oh god… aaaahhhhh… uuummmppphhh…”

“Sluuuuppp… shliiippp… mmmmpppphhhh… shluuuuurrrpppp…”

Billy Joe’s mouth and tongue attack her pussy sucking and slurping the nectar from her juicy peach. He shoves two fingers up her cunt and twists them around while sucking on her clit. Sally Mae squirms against his face. Her moans get steadily stronger. When he senses she is close her shoves a finger up her ass for the second time.


“Sluuuup…sluuuuup… ssssspppppp…”

Billy Joe licks the cream oozing from her cunt. He keeps his finger in her ass and nibbles on her clit until her body is twisting and thrashing with another orgasm. She is still recovering when he slides up her body and thrusts his cock deep into her pussy pushing her knees back by her shoulders. Almost immediately she is in the throes of another orgasm that goes on and on while he pounds his cock into her cunt.

“AAAAHHHHHH… OOOOOHHHHHH… oh god… oh god… uh, uh, uh… AAAHHHHHHHH… UUUUNNNGGHHHH… ooooohhhhh…”

“Oh gawd… aaaaaawwwwww… I’m gonna cum… oh sheeeeeeiiittttt…”

Billy Joe quickly pulls out and kneels above Sally Mae. He aims his cock at her tits. The first jets splash across her large globes drenching them with white cream. The second shot is high and lands on her face. He continues to pump cum over her face and tits until he is drained.

“Why’d you go and shoot all over me like that,” Sally Mae says in an angry voice as she sits up. “Damn you. Now I’m a real mess.”

“I’m sorry, Sally Mae, but you told me not to shoot in your pussy.”

“I guess I did,” she replies wiping cum from her face, “But you could a aimed somewhere else.”

“I won’t do it again. How about we take a break and have a few beers. I got a cooler full a cold ones in the back of the truck.””I guess,” Sally Mae says still wiping cum off her body. “I am pretty thirsty.”

Sally Mae practically chugs the first beer. Billy Joe hands her a second which she also downs before he has finished his first. She gets up and goes behind the tree to pee. Billy Joe hands her a third beer. He tips his can to hers.

“I sure do like being with you, Sally Mae. Bottoms up.”

“I like being with you too, Billy Joe,” she slurs and drains her third beer.

“You want me to do you in the butt Sally Mae. I think you’ll like it since you liked my finger up your butt. It’d feel even better with something bigger.”

“It would?” Sally Mae says slurring her words with a groggy look in her eyes. “I think I drunk too much beer, Billy Joe.”

She is feeling no pain. Billy Joe rolls Sally Mae onto her stomach and picks up a tube of lubrication from the blanket. He put it there in anticipation of fucking Sally Mae in the ass. He squirts some on her asshole and pushes his finger inside to spread it. Then he squirts it all over his cock.

“Wha… what you doing?” Sally Mae asks. “What’s that wet stuff?”

“Just relax Sally Mae. I’m gonna fuck you in the ass.”

“Oh,” Sally Mae responds. “You mean in my butt?”

“That’s right,” he tells her. “You’re gonna like it. You just gotta relax.”

“I don’t know, Billy Joe,” she replies in a slurred voice. “I ain’t never done it that way.”

“Don’t worry, Sally Mae. This is special between you and me. I ain’t never done this with no one,” he lies.

“Oh. Okay,” she mumbles.

Billy Joe pushes her legs apart and climbs onto her back. He guides his cock between her cheeks pressing the swollen knob of his cock against her tiny brown sphincter. He pushes hard and suddenly the head pops through. Sally Mae shrieks.

“Aaahhh… wait… stop. It’s too big. It ain’t gonna go in.”

“Just relax Sally Mae.”

He pushes deeper driving another two inches into here bowels.

“Uunnghhh… oh god… stop… it ain’t gonna fit.”

“I said to relax Sally Mae,” Billy Joe tells her pushing his cock even further up her ass. “It won’t hurt if you relax.”

Two more inches disappear up her ass and then another two until finally his whole cock has disappeared. He holds it deep inside her without moving until he is sure she has adjusted. Very slowly he begins to move in and out stopping each time she tenses.

“Mmmmmmm… I did it, Billy Joe,” she tells him with a drunken slur. “I took it up my butt.”

“You sure did Sally Mae. You’re getting butt fucked.”

“I’m getting butt fucked,” she mimicks.

Billy Joe moves faster and faster as she adjusts to his cock. He slips his hand between Sally Mae’s legs and fingers her clit while he fucks her ass. Her gasps and moans steadily increase. His thrusts are harder and deeper. His fingers dig inside her pussy looking for that special spot under her pelvic bone. He finds it.

“Aaaahhh… oh gawd… what’s happenin… uh, uh… UUUUNNNGHHHHH…”

Sally Mae screams and twists below him. Billy Joe pumps his cock into her ass again and again driving her to new heights of pleasure. Her screams finally turn to whimpers. Billy Joe collapses on her back with his cock still buried deep in her bowels.

“You were right Billy Joe. I liked that a whole lot. I can still feel you in me. It feels hard.”

“It is hard. You want some more, Sally Mae?”

“I reckon I do, Billy Joe.”

Billy Joe begins to move his cock. With Sally Mae lying flat he is able to drive straight down into her body on each thrust. She lifts her ass to meet him driving it even deeper. Sally Mae moves a hand between her legs and rubs her pussy. Moments later she jerks and squeals from another orgasm.

“Let’s try a different position,” suggests Billy Joe pulling his cock from her ass. “Get on your back and pull your legs behind your head.”

She complies. Sally Mae is pumping three fingers in and out of her pussy and rubbing her clit. Billy Joe’s cock hammers her ass again and again and again until she is shaking uncontrollably. They get onto their sides. He slides behind her and shoves his cock back into her ass. She cums again. He pushes her leg into the air and straddles her other leg which is lying on the blanket. He hammers her ass hard and fast.

“Aw sheeiit… I’m gonna shoot in your ass Sally Mae… uh… aaarrggghhh…”

Sally Mae feels his hot cum fill her bowels. Her fingers fly across her clit as he is pumping his seed into her body. She begins to shake. A scream pierces the air and then another. Billy Joe finally falls away while Sally Mae rolls onto her stomach to catch her breath.

“I guess we best be getting you back home,” says Billy Joe, “Before your momma gets worried about us.”

“I guess,” says Sally Mae sitting up. “But that’s the last time I’m gonna let you do me like that until we’ve been on a proper date.”

“How about I take you on a date this weekend, Sally Mae.”

“Really, Billy Joe?” Sally Mae says as her eyes get big. “I cain’t wait. Where you gonna take me?”

“Someplace real special, Sally Mae. I promise.”

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