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Older the Better

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My wife told me there was a family get-together and I needed to attend. I normally hate these affairs and try to slip out early. These people were not my blood relatives and I didn’t know too many of them. I arrived on the day in question and found a seat in the pavilion that had been rented. No sooner had I sat down a group of people arrived.

One of them was my wife’s aunt, Dee. She was always friendly to me and didn’t tend to be a big pain at these affairs. No sooner did she spot me, she came over and sat on my lap. I was a bit shocked at this. Dee had never acted this way towards me before. She told someone to snap a photo of us together, as I was not a regular show for most of the family reunions.

The part that was disturbing was that Dee placed her arm around my shoulder and was practically grinding down on my crotch with her ass. I forgot to say that Dee is around 65 years old and almost 25 years older than myself. I always told my wife that Dee must have been a looker when she was younger. I could never figure out why she married the guy she did. He was a slacker in my mind and Dee seemed to have so much on the ball.

Dee didn’t sit very long on my lap. When she did get up I was a bit embarrassed. I had a semi-erection in my pants. I had to wait a few minutes for things to calm down before I stood up. I didn’t stay long and was soon heading for home. When I got there, I realized something was in my t-shirt pocket. Dee had slipped a piece of paper in my shirt with her cell phone number.

I was really puzzled now. The next day I got a call at home. It was Dee asking for a favor. She needed someone to help her move some furniture around the house and her husband was usually found at the horse track during the day. I told her I would help her and made arrangements to go over the next day. I hadn’t told my wife any of this. I just didn’t want to get into a big fight over something this trivial.

When I got to Dee’s house, she was there to greet me. Dee might have been 65 but she had kept her body pretty fit from what I could see. She had a cute face with upturned nose. Her breasts looked firm from the shirt she was wearing. I went inside and she showed me what needed to be done. I got the furniture rearranged in about a half hour’s time.

When I finished Dee brought me a cold drink.

“I hope you didn’t think me too forward for leaving my phone number,” she said.

“Not at all, I don’t mind helping out,” was my reply back to her.

The next part is a bit cloudy now that I think back on it. Dee asked me to step back into one of the rooms to help on something else. We walked back to the bedroom and that is where she made her move. Dee walked up to me and placed her hand on my pants crotch. To say I was shocked was an understatement.

“You got a little excited yesterday, Dan, didn’t you?” Dee asked.

My face must have gotten red. Before I knew what was happening, Dee began to unzip my pants. She then pulled them and my underwear to the floor. My cock sprang out and I was already a little hard. Dee got onto the floor and took my cock in her hand. She lifted my rod and placed her mouth around the head of my dick. I must have let out a moan as Dee proceeded to give me a blowjob.

She worked all the way down to my crotch then slid her mouth back. She kept doing this and squeezing at my ball sacs. I just couldn’t control myself. I placed my hands on the back of her head, urging her to take every inch of me down her throat. Dee was making the most erotic slurping noises you could imagine. She got me harder than I could recall in a long time.

She eventually pulled off of my stiff prick and stood up. Off came her shirt and shorts. She slipped out of every stitch of clothes she had. I was surprised at her body. For someone her age, she looked damn good. She must have worked at maintaining her looks. She went over to the bed and laid down on her back. Dee spread her legs and soon was fingering her pussy.

My cock was really stirring now. She motioned me to come over and I climbed on top of her. From there I basically just went crazy. I started to suck on her nipples and then bite on the tips.

“Jesus Dan, keep sucking on them,” Dee cried out to me.

My cock was now rubbing against her pussy. I could feel that she was hot and wet down there. I kept biting on her tits when Dee reached for my shaft. She guided me towards her opening. I just looked down at her face for a moment. What had I gotten myself into? I didn’t have much time to analyze matters. I pushed my mushroom head past her folds. I kept sinking deeper and deeper inside Dee’s pussy. Soon I was in all the way. Dee lifted her legs up and then around my waist.

I began to fuck her like she was a teenager in heat. There was no wasted motion. I drove in deep to the hilt and held my cock there. Dee was panting and then telling me how much she needed my cock. She begged me not to stop. I continued to fill her with my thick rod. I am around seven inches in length, but that day I felt like I was a foot long.

I pounded her wet quim for what seemed an hour or more. In reality I knew it wasn’t so, but I had lost total control of what was happening. We were like two animals in heat. Dee was the neediest woman I ever slept with by far. I think she could have fucked for hours if possible. I was pushing in then pulling out, with just the tip of my cock inside her. When I plunged down, my balls made a loud slapping noise against her ass.

Dee was into moaning and begging for it. She told me to make her cum and don’t stop for anything. I was also surprised how tight her muscles were. She was milking my cock like there was no tomorrow. I eventually felt like I couldn’t hold out much longer. I told Dee I was close and she begged me to cum inside her. She wanted every drop of my load.

I plunged in one last time, then squirted all my seed into her pussy. Dee went off like a rocket when she felt me unload. We both came together that first time. I just kept stroking her pussy until I was finally spent. We both collapsed afterwards. I was trying to catch my breath while Dee was lying there, her body shaking from all of our fucking.

After we recovered a bit, Dee licked my cock once more. She cleaned all the love spunk from my shaft with her mouth. We both finished up by taking a shower together. Her husband was due back soon and we couldn’t try for a second time.

Dee wants this to be a regular occurance now. She said when she saw me at the reunion, something went off inside her. She just wanted me and decided to do something about it. We are now going to try to set up a regular time when we can meet and fuck each other silly. I know this is probably insane to continue this way, but Dee’s body is so incredible and she would do anything to satisfy me. Those are her exact words. I will write about any further adventures I have fucking this older woman.

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