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Dan and Brian lived upstairs from me. I had lived in the building for about two months when I started running into to them more frequently at the mailboxes in the lobby. The building had more than a few gay men and couples living there. While many of the other guys in the building were playfully flirty (and sometime more earnest than playful) Dan and Brian were at first, always polite but never much more. They were rare that way and maybe that was what made them intriguing.

They were incredibly sexy devils. Both had salt and pepper hair closely cropped and piercing eyes; Dan’s were brown while Brian’s were a cool shade of gray blue. While Dan looked about thirty-eight, I guessed that Brian was about forty-two. More or less the same height they both stood just above six feet tall. Clearly, both of them were in shape from the way they filled whatever clothing they had on when I bumped into them. After we found ourselves meeting at the mailboxes (sometimes I would bump in to one or the other, sometime I would see both after one of their bike rides) I started to say hello and after some seeming initial hesitation, they begin to reciprocate to the point we established a polite but limited repartee. I readily admit that I snuck a few looks at them at the mailboxes. Catching glimpses of Dan’s sexy hairy chest through the opening of his button-down business shirts when he came back from work. Following the lines of the lean muscle of their backs when they came back from a workout with their T-shirts stuck to their bodies with sweat. What made them attractive was that they were men, and not the little boys that seem to populate the building and spill over into the surrounding neighborhood. They had the weathered look that comes from exercising outdoors rather than spending their time down the street at the gym doing endless hours on the elliptical machine that often felt like a staircase to nowhere.

After a few months our conversations started to get a little longer, bit by bit, even though my new work schedule made our run ins at the mailboxes less frequent. It got to the point that it felt like we were at least on friendly terms, catching up on how work was going, (I found out that Dan worked for a start-up tech company and Brian had been at the “green” non-profit he worked at since he first graduated college. Both careers seemed far more interesting than my job as an accountant at HR firm downtown.) and hearing about their weekend plans. Although I never got an invite for dinner or go out for drinks and I never extended one myself, I didn’t think too much of it as I had been seeing a guy named Jonah I had met at the gym and he kept me occupied a number of evenings a week. The other nights I was too exhausted from work.

A few months into it, it was clear than things with Jonah were not going to work out. When Jonah finally broke it off after a few weeks of half heartedly trying to make time to hang out together, I wasn’t left devastated by I was understandably disappointed. Once more, unlucky in love, I thought.

Back to my single guy routine, I wound up running into Dan and Brian more in the lobby. Seeing me particularly mopey, one day. Dan asked what was up. 

“Just got dumped” I replied. “Feeling a little down.”

“Oh, sorry to hear than, man,” came the reply. “I know how tough break-ups can be.” And with that Dan, absent mindedly sifted through his mail and head towards the elevator. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that the didn’t chat me up more.

A week later, I bumped into Brian at the front door. After a quick hello, he mentioned that Dan had told him about my recent break-up.

“So what are you doing to get through it?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” I said.

“Well, are you doing any thing to keep busy? Keeping busy, exercise got me through a few rough break-ups.”

“I guess I go to the gym.” (It sounded so lame coming out of my mouth.)

“I’m talking about getting into the outdoors. Some fresh air might do you good.”

Having grown up in the city and having spent my whole life enjoying the perks of urban living, I had no real idea of what he was talking about. 

“Dan and I are heading out to Azores’s National Park this weekend for a bike ride. We have an extra bike. Come with us.” Brian offered.

It didn’t sound all that fun to be honest, and I think it showed immediately on my face, because Brian broke out into a laugh.

“Oh, come on. Try something new. It will be a quick ride,” he promised.

Sizing the situation up, I agreed. This was the first invite I had gotten to do any thing with them. And I had ridden a bike before. Couldn’t be that hard. Hop on and pedal right? It sounded like it would be a quick jaunt at any rate…

Four hours after we headed out that Saturday morning, we made it back to the building. The sun had beat down on us the entire time. And while we had stopped for breaks to accommodate my pace, it was without a doubt the most strenuous thing I had ever done. I wasn’t convinced I had fun—the one saving grace had been when Dan had stripped down to his waist to air out and I got my first full look at his magnificent torso, sweat glistening off the ringlets of fur that covered his front.

Back at the building, I think they saw the damage they had done, particularly watching the wobbliness in my legs as I got the bike they lent me through the door. I think half feeling sorry for me, they invited me up for dinner. “It’s the least we can do.” Dan said.

I washed up, took a nap and arrived at their apartment sore but with a bottle of wine in hand a few hours later.

Over dinner, I found out more about them. They seemed liked genuinely nice guys. I think the bottle of wine that I brought and the wine they pulled out of their cupboard to supplement it certainly helped the conversation along. They told me that they were essentially quiet homebodies and that they more or less kept to themselves; that a lot of folks thought them aloof when they didn’t enter into easy conversation right away. I gathered that they were shy, which was a nice change from the over the top in your face queens that filled the neighborhood bars.

The conversation turned to my recent romantic woes. Not very interesting stuff but my new comfortableness with the two led the conversation from basic questions into more and more scandalous territory. “Was he at least any good in bed?” they asked laughing after I told them about the increasingly boring conversations that marked our last weeks together. “Well….” I started hesitatingly… which only brought even more laughter from them. Getting bolder from the rush of the day and the evening, I asked them how long they had been together and if the sex ever got stale. I had been with Jonah only a few months and the after a few weeks it felt fairly routine. All the while I noticed I was getting hard from our new topic of conversation. I think part of it was the excitement of having been invited into their world. The sudden intimacy made me feel a little flush. The wine wasn’t hurting. And either was my view of Brian and Dan’s chests ringed with salt and pepper hair underneath their unbuttoned at the top shirts. The proximity to both of them made the air feel still and suffocating.

Both of them looked at each other. “Sure you go through rough patches” Brian said. “But you think of ways to keep it fun.” With that he ran his hands through Dan’s hair, innocently kissed him on the mouth and went into the kitchen for another bottle. He and Dan started toward the living room as I excused my self to I head into the bathroom.

“Down the hall and on your right!” Dan called.

They laughed as they saw me wobble down the hall. Thankfully they didn’t see my hard-on busting up against my jeans.

I stared at myself in the mirror. I little wobbly from the wine and the ride, I propped my self against the counter, hoping that my erection would go down. No such luck. While I had secretly thought about each of them in fleeting moments, I was surprised to find myself where I was at that second. While my surprise at our sudden familiarity and the buzz from the wine was slowly starting to wear off…my sudden horniness was not.

I realized I wanted them both.

Feeling a little flush again, I started to unbutton the top two buttons on my shirt to air out. The sight of my own chest hair, made me think of the two of them, laughing away in the other room. They were such incredibly sexy fuckers. What would their lips feel like on my nips I wondered. Hesitating for a second while I ran my cool fingers across my nipples, I then unbuttoned all the buttons of the shirt and pulled it out of my jeans. I wet a finger and ran it in circles across my nipples. I could feel my hard-on throb. Taking my shirt off I let it fall to the floor.

For a pregnant second I looked in the mirror.

I figured the worst that could happen was I could make a fucking fool of myself and claim it was the alcohol that made me do it.

Feeling like there was no heading back, I slid off my jeans and pulled down the tight white underwear that hugged my firm hairy ass. Taking one big deep breath I exited the bathroom and headed down the hall.

I came out into the living with the stiffest hard on I’ve have ever had and was met by two shocked faces. Dan and Brian both just sat there with their jaws open staring. I stood there, looked them both in the eyes and said.

“I want to have some fun tonight.”

I went over and sat between them and ran my hands across their legs. I looked at Dan first and leaned over to kiss him full on the mouth. It was hot and wet. I turned to Brian who was more hesitant to meet my mouth and did the same. They looked at each other silently communicating, for what seemed like forever, leaving me thinking that maybe this wasn’t going to happen…

…And then their hands were all over me

Rubbing my hairy nipples. Kneading my furry abs. Massaging my neck. Running their hand across my chest, and down to my dick. Dan grabbed my cock and started jerking me gently with the ring he made with his thumb and index finger. I let out a nasty moan and my now slick with pre cum dick felt like it was going to explode. All the while Brian gently kneaded my balls. 

Soon both Dan and Brian had their mouths on me, alternating shoving their tongues down my throat, gently chewing on my nipples, licking my arm pits. They had some extended uninhibited kisses themselves and I wondered if maybe they had done this before. Watching these fine men kiss only got me going more. This went on for a while before Brian got up to get some water from the kitchen for us. The apartment was already burning up and our activity was making us all thirsty. Amazingly I was still the only one with my clothes off and I felt incredibly slutty being so exposed in front of these incredibly hot men.

Dan who was sitting to my left, looked me in the eyes, smiled and leaned over with his mouth hovering over my raging hairy cock. I felt his hot breadth on my dick waiting for the sweetness of his mouth. I let out a groan when Dan slid my dick into his warm mouth. I grab the back of his head and gently pushed it down again each time he came up off my cock. Brian came back into the living room to the awesome sight of his hot man slurping the entirety of my cock. He let out and appreciative smile watching me squirm and moan being worked over. Brian who was rubbing his dick through his jeans, came over and unzipped them and let them drop to his knees. His fat, wrist thick cock was hard as a rock and was now inches from my mouth. I rubbed his hard, hairy salt and pepper torso and kissed his treasure trail down to his hairy bush. Still moaning from Dan’s mouth on me I slowly let him insert his dick into my mouth and took him to the hilt. He gently held the back of my head and slow fucked my mouth. I looked up to catch his eyes and saw a gaze of unbridled lust. He winked at me and went back to slowly fucking my throat. Three of us continued like this for a while slowly bringing ourselves to the brink. But I don’t think any of us were ready to cum so we would pull each other to the edge and then stop for a minute to then back off. 

After a while it was clear that Brian was about to lose his load as he continued to fuck my mouth. As he got to the edge he looked down at me and started jerking himself while he moved his dick away from my face to shoot on the floor. But I was so turned on and I repositioned my face under his dick. After a moment’s hesitation, Brian smiled and kept jerking away. All the while Dan was still working my dick into his mouth, moving into my hips. After a few minutes of working his cock, Brian let out loud long grunts as he got closer. Looking down at me he suddenly thrust his hips forward and shot his wad all over me. Thick globs of his hot cum saturated my face. As he finished up by draining whatever cum was left he collapsed onto the couch next me, and said. “Fuck! That was hot.” He walked into the bathroom and came back with a warm, wet towel and gently wiped my face while Dan continued to suck me. Brian then put his mouth on my left nipple and slurped on it like a baby. Fuck, I was in heaven which I’m sure the guys could tell since I was moaning uncontrollably. Two mouths on the most sensitive parts of my body sent my over the edge and I soon wound up shooting a thick stream of my seed into Dan’s mouth. He happily swallowed every last drop of it and then stood up so that he was standing above Dan and I- we were still next to each other at this point on the couch. Within seconds he grunted and unleashed a bucket of cum on both our hairy chests. Brian reached over and rubbed into my chest hairy. Dan collapsed next to us on the couch exhausted but with a satisfied smile on his face.

We sat there for a few awkward moments, not knowing what to say. It was amazing what had transpired in the last hour, in their apartment. 

But we weren’t done.

I got on all fours and spread my legs. Dan got on all fours behind me, spread my ass cheeks open with his strong hands and started to lick my open exposed hole. His licking soon turned to chewing and I was in heaven. I reached back with my left arm to put my hand behind his head and draw his face deep into my hairy ass. Brian got up off the couch where he had been watching and stood in front of me again with his dick in hand. I look up at him to see his handsome eyes filled with lust as he watched me in this position.

He rested his left hand on the back of my head running it through my hair and said, “Open your mouth.”

Not needing any encouragement, I complied, and took his thick hairy cock into my mouth for the second time that night.

With slow thrusts, he hit a rhythm, all the while, keeping his hand on the back of my head. He went about pumping my mouth gently, looking down to make sure I was enjoying myself. From the smile on my face and my slutty moans, I think it was clear that I was having a good time.

Dan, who had working on my ass, stopped his licking, leaned on top of me so his hairy belly was resting on my back and whispered in my ear, “Wanna get fucked?” I simply nodded my head as Brian continued to slow fuck my mouth. 

Dan left the room to get some condoms and lube leaving me there with Brian. As Dan stepped into the other room, Brian pulled his dick out of my mouth with a pop, grabbed my face, and shoved his warm tongue in my mouth. I was lost in his grip.

What he told me next surprised the shit out of me. 

“I’ve wanted to have you since the first day I saw you,” he said.

Stunned, I didn’t know what to say back, and was saved by Dan returning armed and ready with lube and condoms. As Dan got behind me again, Brian disappeared into their bedroom

“Ready stud?” Dan asked. I nodded, looking back at him but all I could think about was what Brian had said a moment ago. As Dan rolled the condom onto his hard, hairy cock, and started to get my ass ready with his lubed up finger, Brian returned into the living room with a large mirror that he sat against the kitchen table next to us.

He didn’t look at me.

Dan grabbed my waist and positioned his cock at my hole, nuzzling the tip of it against the opening of my ass. Brian who was setting the mirror so that I could see my side view with Dan behind just watched as Dan slowly pushed his meat into my ass; half inch at a time until he was buried in me. I groaned when he filled me up and I could feel the fur on his balls against the opening of my crack.

I looked at Brian. He now looked me in the eyes and licked his lips. I stared right back at him challenging him to hold his gaze on me. 

Dan began to slowly pump my ass. I looked at the mirror and saw him as he draped him body on my back. I saw the bottom of his muscular, hairy belly rest on my back as he continued to pump me.

Brian came over, looked down at me and ran his fingers through my hair. As I looked up at him and felt a heat and spark that was new and electric. I wanted him in me. I opened my mouth and took his prick inside while continued to push back against Dan’s thrusts. 

I kept looking up at Brian, eager to have him see me like this, totally used and out of control. I moaned with each of his thrusts into my mouth and each time Dan pushed forward into me. We kept at this for what seemed like forever—thrusting, writhing, moaning. Wet, sweaty fur on wet, sweaty fur. Fucking like bucking wild animals.

At some point Dan pulled out of me, and flipped me on my back. He quickly re-entered me and grabbed my ankles to rest them on his shoulders. Without missing a beat, Brian rested his hot, muscular, furry ass on my face. As I started to tongue this hot man’s hole he brought his face down to my cock and took it in his mouth while his right hand continued to jerk the base of my dick. I was in heaven. Dan’s thrusts had gotten harder and faster and as Brian continued to suck my cock, I felt like a rag doll. And that was when I caught our reflection in the mirror. I had never before and never since seen as erotic a sight as the three of us there on the floor, glistening with sweat, moving as one and giving each other such pleasure. I felt like such a slut and it felt good to be taken this way. My moans got louder and louder. At one point as Brian continued to reach over and suck my cock, his own meaty dick hovered in front of my mouth. I reached up and took it in and heard him laugh and moan as it slid into my warm mouth. Dan kept pounding my ass, as time went on, his thrusts got more urgent. He let one of my legs drop to the floor. This new position let me take him deeper.

Pretty soon, I felt my asshole starting to vibrate, which was a signal I was ready to blow. As my moans got louder as I neared my edge, I felt Dan’s dick harden even more and as I let out a muffled wail as my cock exploded in Brian’s mouth, I felt his hot cum empty into me as he let out a deep growl. As Dan continued to pump me through my release, I felt my body shake and spasm in waves. Dan finally emptied his load, which I felt inside me even though he still had his condom on. And with that, we collapsed in a spent heap, panting. We lay on the floor without saying a word

Finally, Dan looked at me and asked, “Have fun?” I nodded with a weak exhausted smile. He got up and started to wipe his chest with one of our shirts. It was incredibly hot watching him; the sweat made his fur stick to his skin. He gave up on wiping after a while when he decided that a shower would probably get the job done better. He got and headed down the hall. I got up to get a drink of water and Brian got up to sort through the pile of clothes that we had shed.

After Dan stepped into the bathroom and we heard the shower start, Brian came to stand in front of me in the kitchen next to the sink. His beautiful, muscular chest was glistening. He smiled at me, and for some reason, I couldn’t look back at him, so my gaze turned downward. I followed his treasure trail down to his thick meat that I had taken in my mouth twice that night. It looked like it was ready for another round, and I stared to feel a stirring in dick. He reached towards me and started to run his finger through the thick wet fur on my chest and flicked his thumb across my suddenly engorged and still sensitive nipples. He gently grabbed the back of my head and drew my face to his and kissed me hard and urgently. I felt the roughness of his tongue as he explored my mouth. I didn’t try to resist.

When we finally moved apart, he looked at me and said, “If you want me as much as I want you…If you want to feel my dick as I pound you and kiss your neck as I take you from behind… come back sometime when Dan isn’t here.” And without looking back he went back down the hall.

He left me standing there with a view of his powerful, lean muscular back, and furry ass. I could see the tip of his dick swinging from side to side as he moved into the bathroom to join Dan in the shower.

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Bob wrote

Liked the way this story played out nice and slow till the day the hot furry guy’s went biking together came back had supper. They could have beat the shit out of him when he walked down the hall with his cock hard. I got better as the scene built till all three are naked devouring each other then he is spit roasted on two cocks Brains cock is in his mouth as Dan fucks his fuck shaft deep. Please write more love 3 some’s 1 on 1 or group sex.