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Zoey, Let Me Explain

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Not every story has a happy ending, at least for me it didn’t seem that way. Zoey had won states and was heading off to the west coast and Stanford in the fall. She was excited but apprehensive about the move and being that far away from home and me. I assured her it would be fine and she would be fine.

Soon after we had returned from the state championships my wife decided that she wanted to be single and try to find someone else.

She had threatened enough times that she was leaving and now she finally made good on her word. Only thing was she wasn’t running away, I was getting kicked out. I didn’t want to fight and be that guy so I left and moved in with Easelee.

He didn’t mind having me there since his wife had past and he had a big house with nobody to share it with. He was starting to have health problems so it was nice for him to have somebody in the house with him just in case.

I knew my wife was going to leave me sooner or later but I always thought it would be later. I thought Cotton would be out of school before she would make that decision but she just couldn’t wait anymore. I didn’t really care since I found myself in love with Zoey. We spent that summer doing one of two things, golfing or screwing.

We had a lot of time for both since I had retired soon after the impending divorce was sprung on me. Zoey improved a lot over the summer and really had her game working for her when she left in the fall. She begged me all summer to come out there with her since I wasn’t needed here anymore. I told her I would think about it after everything was settled and I knew how much money I had left over after I split it with the ungrateful Ex.

She headed out west in the fall and continued to beg me to come with her. I told her it would still be a little longer before I would know if I could or not. Money was tight and her mom was trying to suck me dry. She suggested that she quit school and try to get on the tour so she could make money and we could be together. I tried hard to keep her in school and told her things would work out.

Soon after that she stopped calling and wouldn’t return my calls. I tried for 2 weeks before I got a single text message from her that said she was doing fine. That was the last I heard from her. I tried to ask her mom about it but she was just as cold as ever. I couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong but I had that sinking feeling I had broken her heart somehow.

I checked the web and was able to keep tabs on her through that. She was still at college and finished in third at the national golf championships. It wasn’t until July, when Easelee came in and told me to turn on the golf channel, that I saw Zoey. She was holding the open trophy after an exciting win and by an amateur no less. She dropped school and went on tour. I followed her via TV and watched her win and lose but I always cheered for her.

By the time she had won her second open, Easelee had too past and I was forced into a small apartment alone. It was all that I could barely afford. I quit golfing and became a shut in. I continued to follow Zoey on TV and sent her cards on the holidays but I never tried to contact her other than that. I still loved her and missed her but it was up to her to decide if she wanted a relationship with me. I never got anything back from her.

It was a sunny day in early June, another year had gone by, three since she had won states. I had decided that living like a slob wasn’t cool anymore. I join an amateur tour and played competitively on the small stage. I had just returned from a long weekend away and was happy with my third win of the year. It didn’t pay much but it was fun nonetheless. It got me back out there instead of being locked inside.

I opened the mailbox and took out my stack of mail that had piled up for the few days I was gone. I set them on the table and noticed one in particular. It had my address and a Malibu post mark on it. I scrambled to open it and Zoey’s neat handwriting jumped off the paper and went straight to my heart.

I was called dad of course but it was better to be called that then nothing at all. The letter said we had unfinished business that needed to be resolved. She was taking the whole month of June off in preparation for the open in July. I could come out anytime and visit her until then. If I chose not to then this would be the last time I ever heard from her again. I was given an address to the house and nothing more. I booked a flight the next day for the second week in June. I had just enough money sitting around to do it.

I landed at the little airport in Burbank. I avoided LAX since I hated large amounts of people crammed into a small space. I paid a little more to fly in here but I figured it was worth the trouble. I walked down the flight ramp and onto the runway itself. It was unusual but I figured this way the way they did things before the planes parked at the gates like most places do.

I claimed my bag and caught a cab towards Malibu. I had the cabbie stop at a diner so I could get a bite to eat. I asked if he wanted to join me but he declined. He made money driving people around not eating with strangers so off he went.

I walked into the joint and was seated quickly. The hostess was a hot little number that was around 30 years old. I complimented her on how good she looked. She smiled but brushed it off. She must have heard that all the time I thought. The waitress was even better looking but a few years younger. Malibu definitely had some very good looking women in it. Zoey belonged here.

The waitress made small talk with me as I ate dinner. She must have felt sorry that I was sitting by myself. I told her why I was here and who Zoey was. She had never heard of her but was genuinely interested. She hoped I could figure everything out but if I couldn’t she had a place for me to stay. I took her number and folded it up before putting it in my pocket.

People were good looking and friendly too I thought as I waited for her to return with my change. I called for a cab again and waited while continuing to talk to her. The place was starting to get busy but she still managed to chat.

I left her a nice tip and started for the open door. My cab had just pulled up. She wished me luck and thanked me for my business. I reached the thresh hold of the door and was stunned by a blonde headed beauty. I gawked as she smiled and tried to go left. I went right and we almost bumped. She tried to swerve back right as I tried to go left. My hands went to her hips and touched them lightly as I turned her back to the left and spun us around.

“Oh my,” she giggled as we smiled at each other. “Such strong hands,” she teased.

I looked at her intense blue eyes and natural hair. She was a beauty. A guy approached from over her shoulder and looked at me with interest.

“Thanks for the dance sweetheart,” I said as I let her go.

“No, thank you,” she flirted.

“I will take it from here pal,” the guy said as he took her arm. “Wouldn’t want to burn yourself on something this hot.”

I took a hard look at him in a very quick way before turning. I wasn’t violent so I didn’t bother. The way he said it though, he wanted a fight if I was giving one. I walked out but glanced back. He had his tongue shoved down her throat and his hands cupped her ass marking his territory. Maybe the women were nice but the guys were dicks so far.

I shut the door on the cab told him where I was going. We started driving. The Pacific Ocean came into view as we wound down the highway. It was peaceful and beautiful. We drove for a little while until we reached the gate to the house. He stopped and dropped me off. I paid the fare and watched him speed away.

“Wow,” I said aloud. A big copper gate weathered by the ocean air guarded the entrance to a narrow driveway flanked by tall palm trees. They were spaced evenly apart and in a perfectly straight line down the driveway. At the far end was a circle drive that circled a granite fountain. Flowers and shrubs were neatly planted all around and all were blooming. A mass of hedges and smaller palms hid a tall fence that guarded the edges of the property. This was my kind of place. I loved gardening back home but this put my stuff to shame. I could only see the front of the house but it was huge. I buzzed the speaker box and waited.

“Hello,” said the voice. It was Hispanic in accent.

“I’m here to see Zoey,” I spoke. I was expecting her so this took me off guard.

“She is not expecting anyone today and is currently busy working,” the voice talked back.

“Oh,” I said dumbfounded. “It’s her father,” I offered.

“Oh, si, yes,” she said excited. “Step back to the X to I can see your face.”

I turned around and saw an X on the pavement by the gate pillar. A camera hung above it. I walked and looked up at the camera. The gate buzzed and started to open.

“Ah,” thanks I said as I picked my bag up and started walking.

I started up the long driveway towards the house. I admired the neatly cut grass and well-trimmed hedges that surrounded the property. I touched the zoysia grass gently and marveled at its smooth feel and deep green color.

I got about half way up when I saw a golf cart coming towards me. My heart jumped thinking it was her. It was her but not Zoey her. Miranda, the voice in the box, picked me up and drove me the rest of the way to the front. She was a mid-50s house keeper that had been working for Zoey for about a year.

I guess this is what money buys you I thought as we reached the door. Nice land, nice grass, nice trees, and nice hired help. Back home I was stuck in a one bedroom with a view of the trash receptacles on the first floor in a rundown neighborhood. This was living and living large.

“Fucking ex-wife,” I cursed as I followed.

“Pardon,” Miranda asked?

“Oh, nothing” I groaned. “This is very nice, much better than what I have.”

“Si,” she agreed.

The outside was nothing compared to the inside. The door opened into a foyer tiled with black slate tiles. The sharp white lines gave it striking contrast. It opened up into the living room and dining room behind that. Left went around to a TV room and connected to that was the kitchen in a big loop. You could reach the kitchen from the TV room or the dining room. Right was an office and two guest bedrooms. The far back right off the dining room had a set of stairs that went up to the master bedroom.

Miranda led me out to the pool deck. I was swept away by the view. The pool deck sat overlooking the ocean on top of a steep cliff. The deck surrounded the pool on three sides but was left open in back. To the left of the pool and deck were more landscaped areas. Farther out near the edge of the lot and cliff was a green. Zoey had an actual green installed in the backyard. I was envious to say the least.

A puff of sand flew up mixed in with a golf ball. It landed gently and rolled to a stop 3 feet away from a flag stick. I could see the top of a head as it watched the ball.

“She is working on her short game,” Miranda said. “Please don’t disturb until she is finished.”

I watched as another ball shot out and landed. It bumped the other ball softly.

“What can I get you to drink,” Miranda asked?

“Water is fine,” I replied.

I still hadn’t seen Zoey so my focus was out on the green. Miranda left to get water.

I walked to the edge of the deck and looked around at her little piece of paradise. It was beautiful here. A cool breeze floated gently from the ocean. The sun was sinking slowly into the ocean. I looked and watched another ball tap the flag stick. She was good. I turned and saw a long straight away and noticed the tee box at the far end of it. She had a whole hole in her backyard.

“Sir, here is your water,” Miranda said.

“Please, call me John,” I said.

“No, it is not polite to speak to a guest that way,” she countered. “I call you Mr. Lewis,” she asked?

“If you must,” I relented.

“Please, come sit, she be done shortly,” she ordered.

I went and sat on the bench overlooking the ocean and waited. I was tired as I sat. It was nearly 10 pm east coast time, way past my bedtime.

I must have drifted off. I awoke to Miranda setting a bottle of wine and two glasses on the small table. I looked quickly towards the green and didn’t notice any golf balls on the green. The sun was almost touching the water now. Tiki torches flickered around the pool deck.

“She go to change,” Miranda said. “She be out shortly.”

I turned towards the house and saw her. For the first time I saw her in over three years. My heart leapt as she opened the slider and started out. She wore a black bikini covered by a long sheer cover, buttoned at the front by a single button. It caught the wind a flowed behind her softly as she walked with confidence towards me. Her eyes were covered by a big pair of black sunglasses. This made me nervous since I couldn’t read her eyes. I remained seated until she reached the cushioned bench seat.

I stood and she gave me a gentle hug. I didn’t squeeze to hard either. I wanted to feel her out and try to get back on her good side. She was guarded for sure.

“Hi dad,” she started. “How have you been?”

“Um,” I stuttered.

I didn’t know what to say. Do I tell her hurt, crushed, in pain, lost, regretful, confused? Do I lie and tell her wonderful, great, perfect, fantastic. Or should I just come out with it. I’m living in a shit hole and everybody I ever cared about has left me except Cotton. He wouldn’t even stop by if he didn’t feel the need to. What the fuck happened to us? I decided to turn it back on her.

“Not as well as you are,” I said softly. I made sure I had no hate or venom in my words. “You look wonderful too.”

“Thank you, dad,” she said. “Sit please,” she offered.

Wow my little girl was polite and refined like a proper woman. What the fuck did California do to her I wondered?

I sat with her on the bench and glanced her over from head to toe. She looked just as gorgeous as she did the last time I saw her. She had filled out just a little but she still looked stunning. I tried not to stare too long.

“Wine,” she asked?

“Sure,” I replied.

She poured mine halfway and hers full. She took half of it down in one slug. I watched but sipped mine. I waited for her to decide where this was going. I sipped a little more and stared at her nose. I couldn’t see her eyes still but I knew she had something to say. She starting drinking hard again and tipped the glass vertical to get the last drops from it.

“I’m getting married,” she blurted after finishing her glass.

She was already pouring another one. I choked a little but kept the liquid in my mouth. I finished mine and held it out for a refill. She topped it off and waved her hand back towards the house. Miranda hustled over another bottle already open.

She took her glasses off and set them on the table. I looked into her eyes but still hadn’t said anything.

“I’m getting married,” she repeated.

Her voice said yay but her eyes, those deep brown eyes, glowing in the sinking sun said something different. They still had hope for us, me and her, but she was so unsure and hurt by something I did.

“Congratulations,” I said.

I leaned and gave her another soft hug. Her skin felt good and the wine had me a little buzzed already. Not drinking for 3 years did that to you though.

“You’re not upset,” she asked?

“I just want you to be happy,” I sighed.

“Who is he,” I asked quickly?

“My caddy,” she said.

She was still a little shocked that I didn’t flip out. I was dying on the inside but I couldn’t show her that. The chance of us was fading faster than the sun in the Pacific so I was just hoping to be a part of her life.

“Oh,” was all I could muster. I finished my glass and was quickly poured another.

“What’s the story,” I asked? “How did you two meet?” I was looking for something to end the awkward silence that the ocean waves couldn’t drown out.

“Well,” she started.

I listened with pain and mostly drowned out the story of how they met when she got in a tour event as an amateur. She seemed happy about him but something inside me said she wasn’t happy. She talked on for a while about him before she stopped to sip and refill her glass. I was hurt and the sting was only dulled by the wine. He was where I wanted to be, with Zoey. I avoided another silent moment and asked another question.

“Where is he,” I asked? “Do I get to meet him?”

“Of course, why do you think I asked you out here,” she said. “He is taking care of his mom, she is sick with cancer and he goes over there to care for her. That’s part of the reason I took time off from the tour.”

“Oh,” I replied. The whole idea of all this stung. The pain must have been obvious on my face.

“Just, oh,” she asked?

“What’s the other reason you took off,” I asked? “You pregnant?”

“No,” she said. “Not yet, by next year maybe. I don’t know though, I’m hitting my stride out there and I don’t want to take that much time off. I am resting for now and practicing and letting him have time with his mom.”

That hit hard too. Duh you dummy, they live together. You don’t think they are sleeping in separate beds and not screwing do you? Idiot!

“Yeah,” you are doing good,” I said fighting back my emotions. “I watch every time I can.”

She smiled. I loved that smile and had missed it so much. The smile, the wine, her beauty, the pain of what she had just told me and the memories of us from 3 years ago flooded my mind. I was in a haze and reacted by letting my emotions take over.

“God, you look good too,” I blurted.

I place my hand on her leg above the knee and squeezed gently. Her skin was so soft and tan. She felt good to my touch.

“California certainly has changed you,” I continued. My tone was clear and she knew what I meant.

“Dad, don’t,” she snapped quickly! Her hand tossed mine off quickly. She stood and faced me.

“Don’t you dare come out here and try this. You don’t know how badly you hurt me. I gave myself to you and you hurt me so bad,” she cried.

Tears filled her eyes as she spoke. Her emotion was raw and cut deep. I could do nothing but listen. I knew this was coming just didn’t think it would be so fast.

“I thought we had something and you ruined it,” she croaked.

I wasn’t sure what it was that I ruined. Guess there’s only one way to find out. My emotions continued to drive my mind. I meant to be more tactful but it didn’t come out that way.

“I ruined it,” I piped. “You stopped communications with me so I’m not sure how I ruined it.”

“What, was it the moving thing,” I asked quickly? “I told you after I took care of things at home I would find a way to get out here.”

She quickly interjected with pain. “Take care of things at home dad? What, you had to end it with your other girlfriend so you could settle for your daughter.”

I gave a perplexed look. I had no idea what she was talking about. I never cheated on my ex, well, except with Zoey.

“Mom told me what she heard,” Zoey cried. Tears ran down her face now. God I almost wanted to cry seeing her like this.

“Your mom told you,” I asked more than stated? It was not a good choice of words, but I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My ex-wife was a liar.

“Yeah, mom heard you on the phone one night talking to some fucking girl,” Zoey barked. “I know you are a cheating bastard and to think I was stupid enough to think you loved me.” She sniffled hard.

“Phone call,” I asked? “I have never.” Zoey cut me off again.

“Yeah, I must be stupid,” she roared. “No wait, it was, not smart enough to stay in school,” she cried. Her fingers were making quotation marks in the air. I was confused by that too. It sounded to me like my ex was filling her mind with some serious rumors. She hated the relationship Zoey and I had formed when she took up golfing. Zoey was her little princess turned tom boy.

Then I remembered the quote but it wasn’t in that context. It was a little different than that. ‘I hope she is smart enough to stay in school just in case the golf thing doesn’t work out’ I remembered saying. Then she would have something to fall back on. Not, ‘she isn’t smart enough to make it in school.’

“Don’t look so innocent, dad,” she yelled. “I could forgive you about the comment but the cheating thing, fuck you. How could you tell me you loved me and want this to work even though it is a fucked up thing then you go and fuck around with somebody else. I gave you my trust, I should have known better.”

“Zoey,” I cried.

She was hurt and balling now. It hurt me deeply too but I never showed it. I was the stone faced rock the family looked to when things were bad. I never stopped being that but now might have been a good time to start.

“Zoey nothing,” she sobbed. “This was a bad idea on my part to bring you here. I only wanted you to meet the man I will spend the rest of my life with but that was too much to ask for. You just want to come out here and rip my heart open again.” She wiped her tears and stepped towards the house.

She turned quickly and looked hard at my stunned face.

“We had something dad, something I still haven’t found but I’m going to try and make with Jason,” she sneered. “I loved you so much, way more than a daughter should have. Just try to be happy for me now and not fuck with my heart anymore.”

She stormed away and called for Miranda. “Please show my guest to his room.”

“Yes, Ms. Lewis,” she responded.

I sat stunned at what just happened. Where did all this shit come from? The comment I did make but not in that context. The cheating thing, I couldn’t place that for the life of me. Maybe she heard Cotton on the phone and assumed it was me, we did sound alike. I was confused.

“Mr. Lewis,” Miranda asked? I looked at her. She waved for me to follow.

I stood dumbfounded and walked towards the house. The light flipped on in the upstairs bedroom as Zoey slammed the door. She flopped on the bed and cried. My stomach turned as I followed the short Latino to my room. She shut the door as she left.

I sat on the bed and started thinking. Coming here was a bad idea. I would fly out tomorrow morning after I met him and let her live her life. If that’s what she wanted then that’s what she would get.

I fell back onto the bed and tossed around for a while. Finally I slept but not well. A dream filled my sleep. There was the blob with little t-rex arms again. It was spying into the peep hole at the cart barn. I was on the phone talking and laughing. Then I had a serious look on my face. My pant leg swelled with my 3 foot long dream cock again. The blob listened hard. My voice could be heard.

“Oh, you’re taking your shirt off,” I asked? “And you’re rubbing your tits. Are your nipples hard? What about your pussy, is it wet? Um, I know, I like how wet it gets. It’s making me so hard.”

I shot up in bed and breathed hard.

“That’s it,” I cried. “Now it makes sense.”

I climbed from the bed and opened my door. I went to the bathroom and pissed. I returned to my room and silently lay in bed listening. I wished Zoey was awake and would come down here. I could explain everything now.

I thought about waking her but that would infuriate her more. Just try to sleep and worry about everything tomorrow.

I settled back in and closed my eyes. I was awakened by the sound of a gas powered blower outside my window. I crawled out of bed and looked. Somebody was blowing the leaves off the circle in the driveway. A lawn mower buzzed by heading down the straight away on her par 3 hole. I left my room and headed for the kitchen.

I found the coffee maker and made myself a pot. I poured a cup and went outside on the deck. I was chilled by the air as I opened the door. Warm days and cool nights, this place was paradise but way out of my price range. It would be back to hot and steamy by tonight as I was heading home. My as well enjoy it while I can.

I sat and watched the crew cut the grass on the green. They raked the bunker and added some sand. They brushed the green and replaced the pin. The rest of the house was buzzing with other people cutting and grooming the grounds. After about an hour they were done and gone.

The sun was just starting to come up over the hills in the distance. I returned to the house and set my cup by the sink. I took a quick shower and changed my cloths. I packed and set my bag on the bed. I walked out to get another cup of coffee. Zoey was sitting at the table, her legs pulled up in the chair, looking out over the ocean. She didn’t acknowledge that I was there.

“Can we talk,” I asked?

“Enough has been said,” she replied. “I don’t feel like fighting again. I don’t even want you here.”

My emotions boiled over again. I breathed hard to calm myself.

“Then listen to what I have to say and then I will leave,” I ordered. “My bags are packed.”

“Whatever dad, say your piece then get out,” she hissed.

“I was talking to a girl when your mom overheard me,” I started.

I was at the house after Zoey had left for college getting a few more of my thing the ex hadn’t thrown away or sold. She said she was going to be gone from this time to that time and that I could come over and get the rest of my stuff. I started gathering some things when I took a phone call. I didn’t hear her come back but boy did she let me know about it after I hung up.

“She came in after I hung up and cussed me a new one,” I continued. “She wanted to know who it was and everything else under the sun. We were almost divorced so it shouldn’t have mattered.” Zoey turned away. She was hurt still.

“You want to know who she was, Zoey,” I asked? She didn’t respond, she continued watching the ocean.

“The girl on the phone was you,” I said blankly. “Do you remember that day, we had phone sex? I couldn’t tell your mom I was having it with you, so I was having it with Rachael.” Zoey cocked her head around and looked at me.

I stood there and looked at her dead in the face. I was not lying. That was the only time her mom had confronted me and it was the only incident that I could think of. Zoey’s look said what her voice couldn’t. It all made perfect sense to her now.

“Rachael right,” I asked Zoey? Her stunned face still didn’t speak but the look in her eyes confirmed that was the exact incident.

“Your mom has a habit of embellishment,” I said. “I have loved with every fiber of my being since that day you won states. I have loved no woman since. I have waited and waited for you to figure it out. You think you hurt, you should see things from my end. I have spent 3 years trying to figure all this out.”

Tears filled her eyes and streamed down her face. I stood in place and waited for her to make her move. She sobbed as she got to her feet.

“God daddy, I’m so sorry,” she sobbed. “I remember that call.”

Zoey wrapped her arms around me and hugged me with a long lost lovers hug. It felt so good to have my daughter back. I pulled her into my hug and smelt her coconut moisturizing cream. My hunger for her was back, it had given up until now.

“Do you forgive me daddy,” she cried?

“Of course I do, baby,” I said.

She looked up at me. Her eyes had that look in them. Her face though was unsure of what to do. She went for it anyway. She leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips. I returned the kiss. Her mouth opened slightly and my tongue crossed over her lips. I tasted the salt from her tears. She pulled back gently and we released.

She backed away and looked confused. I knew what was on her mind. She loved him but loved me too. Was there enough fuel to rekindle that fire we once had or would we be just normal? She looked at me to explain. I put my finger over her lips and hushed her.

“Take all the time you need baby,” I whispered. “I’ve waited this long, I can hold on a while longer.”

“Sorry I’m late,” Miranda explained. “I had car trouble this morning.”

She huffed her way into the house and towards the kitchen.

“It’s ok, Miranda,” Zoey replied absentmindedly. She smiled at me before getting her coffee cup.

“Ms. Lewis, shall I call a cab for Mr. Lewis,” she asked?

“No, no,” Zoey replied quickly. “I have had a change of heart.”

“Oh,” Miranda replied. It was almost as if she was hurt by not being able to throw me out.

Zoey smiled softly at me again. “We have more to talk about,” she said to Miranda.

Miranda looked at her watch and glanced at Zoey.

“I know,” Zoey said.

“Daddy, you want to jog down to the high school with me and get a work out in before Jason gets here,” she asked?

“How far,” I asked?

“Not too far,” she smiled. I knew by the smile it was but I wouldn’t miss spending time with her for anything right now.

“Let me put on my running stuff,” I said.

“Me too,” she cheered. She took off up the stairs like a shot.

Miranda smiled at me. “I no see her this happy in a while,” she said. “Not since her last win a month ago. You cheer her up somehow.”

I smiled and went back to my room. Guess I was staying for another night. I changed and waited on her to return.

We started down the drive and reached the gate. It opened before we got to it so we didn’t have to break stride. She led us down the road for a while. I watched her tight ass bounce under the black lycra pants as we pounded across the pavement. She obviously wasn’t wearing panties. I didn’t know if she did this intentionally or not but she had my attention.

She turned after a while and cut down a side road and we ended up on the beach. The running was harder now but I did my best to keep pace with the hot ass in the black pants. We trudged along the sand for what seemed like forever before turning again and heading across a few roads and finally reached the high school. I was glad that was over. It was more than a few miles to get here. I was already dreading the trip home.

“You look tired daddy,” she teased.

“I’m out of shape,” I admitted as I puffed with my hands on my knees.

“That’s the first rule of golf,” she scolded. “You must stay in shape.”

“I quit for a while,” I revealed. She looked shocked.

“I’m back now,” I said. “I’m on the amateur tour back home. Nothing special, it’s fun and gets me out there.”

“That’s good,” she said. She pulled the door to the gym open and hurried inside.

She introduced me to a few people inside. They were all friendly to me because of her. She was the object of all the attention from the men inside. They were annoyed that I was here, that I could tell. Who wouldn’t be with a hot somewhat celebrity who toted along her dad.

She quickly got into a routine and worked with various weights for a while. I did a few light things trying to conserve energy for the run home. I was dead already, I didn’t know how I would make the run home. She worked for the better part of an hour. I stole glances at her along with every other male in the room. Her tight pink top combined with her tight black pants made her easy on the eyes today.

I rested quietly in the corner by the door as she finished. The fun part was coming. She bounced along after saying her goodbyes and found me. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek. That got my attention.

“Come on daddy,” she teased. “Ready to follow me home” she asked? I nodded my head and off we went. We stuck to the road on the way home. It had small ups and downs but it was much better then running on the sand. I was thankful for that.

We puffed home and up the driveway. I was ready to die. Her hot little ass was the only thing that kept me going.

“I’m going to shower,” she said. She glanced at me over her shoulder as she climbed the stairs. I couldn’t read her look but I was intrigued.

“I will start lunch,” Miranda said.

I decided a shower was in order for me too.

I returned to the kitchen after and got a cold glass of water. I was still beat. I hadn’t run that far in years. I was surprised my body made it that far.

Zoey descended the stairs in a white robe that hung mid-thigh. It was tied loosely around her waist. I watched in awe as she came down so effortlessly. I had parked my tired ass in a chair and watched as Miranda hurried around the kitchen getting lunch ready. We were eating outside since all the food was heading that way.

Zoey passed by with a smile as she went to the fridge and got a bottle of water. She bent at the waist but dipped a little so not to openly show me what she had on under her robe. I got just a glimpse of her tights but that was it. I tilted my head to look a little higher but she stood and caught me.

She smiled her smile that I remembered so well. She was teasing me and she loved it. She walked over and stood next to me. She was still smiling. She leaned down and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. I placed my hands softly on her thighs just under the hem of the robe. Her skin was intoxicating to me and made my cock stir again.

The front door opened as she stood. I dropped my hands as a figure entered and approached. We looked guilty as I quickly stood and headed over to the water bubbler to get a refill. Soft thumps grew louder as he came into the kitchen.

“Hi honey,” he said.

“Hi babe,” she replied.

They hugged as I started filling my cup.

“Who’s that,” he asked?

“My daddy,” she replied.

I sipped my water and turned as he approached to shake my hand. I nearly choked when I saw his face. Mother fucker I thought. The asshole with the blonde from yesterday stood before me waiting to shake my hand. I swallowed my water and remained calm. I extended my hand politely. He smiled and shook my hand. He had no idea who I was.

“Daddy, this is Jason,” Zoey started. “Jason, this in my daddy, John.”

“Nice to finally meet you,” Jason said as he shook.

Well fuck you too I thought. Time to have some fun.

“Sure thing, PAL,” I responded.

His grip suddenly softened and his pupils got a lot bigger. He placed me and knew he was busted. He retracted his hand as he looked straight at me. Zoey had backed away to get her water from the table.

“Whoa, don’t burn yourself,” I teased as he let my hand go quickly.

“So, how is your mom,” Zoey asked?

We parted a little, Jason and myself, but we remained close.

“Yeah, how is your mom,” I asked him?

Zoey gave me a cross look. I didn’t want to come right out and say it. I wanted to see if he was man enough to do it himself.

“Well, for now,” he replied. Our eyes never parted as we stared each other down.

“Jason, dad,” Zoey barked. “What’s going on?”

He backed away.

“I’m going to change,” he said. “It’s been a long night.”

I bet it has you fucker.

“Daddy,” Zoey chirped. “You look like you saw a ghost. Come on and let’s go outside and sit.”

I followed her nice ass covered by a robe outside. We both sat down.

“Ms. Lewis,” Miranda called. “Can you come here for a second?”

“Be right back daddy,” she cheered. She was so happy now. That would change by tonight. If he didn’t tell her by then I would.

He came out and sat in a chair opposite of me. He had a cold and nervous look.

“You can tell her or I will,” I ordered. “Disgusting fucking pig.”

“Is your mom even alive,” I asked?

He shook his head side to side. He couldn’t even talk to me.

“You fucking prick,” I scorned. “How can you do this to my daughter? Do you know the amount of shit she has been through over the past few years?”

“It’s over,” he cried. “I’m telling her now. For what it’s worth I do love her. She is special but she is guarded. She loves someone else but won’t admit it. Do you know what it’s like to love somebody but they don’t love you back the same way.”

“Yeah, I do,” I said stone faced. He got up and started for the house.

“I’m sorry I did this to your daughter,” he offered.

He met her at the door and pulled her back inside. Miranda came out with some food. She set it down and returned to the house. I sat and waited for the inevitable.

Zoey came out 10 minutes later as casual as she could be. I wondered if anything even happened by the way she walked. Miranda followed her with some fresh brewed tea. Zoey sat and Miranda poured.

“Can I get you anything else Ms. Lewis,” she asked?

“Please call a lock smith and have all the locks changed,” she ordered. “Then leave us be for the rest of the day please.”

She slipped her dark glasses over her eyes to hide what she felt. We ate silently. I wanted to tell her everything was going to be alright but I didn’t. I remained silent and waited on her. She had just been through hell with me last night and now this today. Poor kid.

We both mostly picked at our food. I ate more than she did but it wasn’t much compared to what I normally ate.

“Daddy, come with me,” she spoke softly.

I followed her into the house and up the stairs to her bedroom. She pulled back the covers and crawled into bed.

“Just hold me daddy,” she begged.

I tossed my shirt onto the floor and softly got into bed. I pulled her close to me. She started sobbing as I held her. I tried to comfort her by rubbing her leg. This only caused her robe to fall off her leg and give me skin to work with. She was wearing panties at least. I could feel those as my hands crossed her hip.

We lay silently in her bed. Just soft whimpers escaped her lips as she hurt over him. I continued to rub her leg, hip and side and tried to keep my cock under control. It was hard being in bed with her. The only thing separating us was 2 pieces of cotton.

We both drifted off to sleep. I awoke some time later to her still pressed against me. She was calm now and just laid there quietly.

“Everything happens for a reason,” I offered.

“I’m tired of being hurt,” she sighed.

“I won’t hurt you ever again,” I swore.

“How do I know,” she asked?

“You have to trust me Zoey,” I said. “Trust me like you trust yourself. I have never done anything to hurt you.”

“Except for that time before states,” she said light heartily.

“I didn’t do anything to hurt you,” I offered. “I just didn’t do anything to you.”

A soft giggle.

“How do I know there isn’t any Rachael,” she asked?

“There’s not,” I assured her. “In fact, there hasn’t been anybody since that day we broke Easelee’s chair on the pool deck.”

“Hmm,” she giggled. “That was forever ago. Gawd, how have you lasted so long?”

“A lot of cold showers and a hope of you coming to your senses,” I replied. “Plus living in a one bedroom shit hole doesn’t exactly make me a hot priority with the ladies.”

“You’ve really waited on me for 3 years,” she asked? She rolled over to face me now. My hand continued to rub her thigh, hip, and side.

“I have,” I said. “I didn’t really try for anything else either.”

“Awe,” she said. Her fingers were twined in with mine as she held my hand.

I rolled on my back. Her other hand ran over my chest hair as she continued to hold my hand with the other.

“I was 2 weeks away from leaving home and coming out here with you,” I said. “I just had to sign the papers and see how much money your mom would take from me each month. I was going to find a place and be with you.” Her smiled melted my heart. It was good to see her smiling again.

“You stopped answering my calls,” I said. “You stopped texting after that. You stopped everything.”

“I never gave up and never stopped loving you even though I sure felt like it sometimes,” I sighed. “I’ve missed you terribly.”

“You and this thing,” she teased. Her hand touched my tented cock. Her hand on my chest had inflated it and it strained against my gym shorts. I sighed softly. I had missed those hands on my cock. She gently pushed the waist band down and allowed it spring free. It pulsed with my heart as her hand wrapped around it.

“Wow, I don’t remember it being this hard,” she sighed.

She tugged it softly. The tip drooled clear precum as her hand slid up and down my engorged shaft.

“Maybe it’s because I’m horny,” she whispered. “2 weeks is a long time, 3 years is forever.”

“You’re always horny,” I joked.

“Hmm,” she growled.

I stayed still and squeezed her hand as she tugged softly. She leaned up and released my hand. She looked at me with those eyes. Love and lust. I loved those eyes. She pulled the waist band and I lifted slightly to allow her to remove my shorts. She smiled as I set back down on the bed. I pushed my shorts off with my feet. She straddled my body with her legs and allowed the robe to open. Her tits were still perfect tear drops as they hung on her chest.

She leaned down and crushed them into my chest. Her pussy was wet with excitement as she slid it over my cock. The material pushed into her wetness by my hard on. It was the only thing keeping me out. It still felt heavenly to slide on something warm and wet.

She lowered her head and kissed me softly as she ground her cunt over my dick. My hands slid under the robe and ran down her back. Her skin was alive again and felt electric as I crossed the flare of her hips. I roamed down over her ass cheeks and under her panties from the leg holes as she kissed me. I cupped her perfect ass. It felt a little fuller but it was muscle from hard work on tour.

She moaned as my fingers gently probed her anus. I didn’t push I only rimmed it. I went just a little further down and felt her wetness seep from her excited lips. I felt my cock pushing from the outside. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and battled mine.

I pulled her panty to one side exposing her cunt to my cock. She moaned at the touch. My cock now felt more wetness and heat as she ground on it. I didn’t try to penetrate her. I would wait for her and judging by her wetness, she wouldn’t wait much longer.

She sat up suddenly trapping my cock inside her panties. My hands lost contact with everything. My tip rested near her tailbone. She puffed with excitement as she studied my face.

“You promise never to hurt me,” she asked?

“I won’t,” I responded quickly. “I love you baby.”

She twisted and the panties came off quickly followed by the robe. She returned to her spot and we resumed kissing. My hands were rewarded with more freedom now that her panties were gone. My cock pressed and separated her wet lips. I didn’t press into her though. I would let her do it. I continued to play with her lips and kiss her with a want I hadn’t felt in years. I was alive for the first time in forever.

She lifted her hips gently. My cock flipped a little forward and was on the mark. She rolled her hips while arching her back. My cock pushed her lips apart and entered her sticky wetness. She was just as tight as she was 3 years ago. She pushed back and I sank all the way in and bumped her tunnels end. She was just as wet as she used to get too.

“Fuck,” she said softly. “I’ve missed you. I haven’t felt the bump in forever.”

She pulled forward and then pushed back. I could feel her lips spread and juice leak down to my balls as she bottomed out again. She pushed her hands on my chest and arched her back. It pushed a little deeper. I moaned in pleasure.

I twisted her nipple lightly as she lifted just her lower half up. My cock left the tightness of her tunnel slowly. It felt the cold of the room as her juice made it slick. It pushed into her hole easily as she returned down and groaned again. Bump!

“Fuck,” she cried. “Daddy, I’ve missed you. I’m so wet I’m ready to cum.”

“Cum with me daddy,” she cried.

She pulled away and rolled her hips. I came all the way out and rested on just her lips. She rolled her hips again and my cock split her as it tunneled down to her womb.

“Cum,” I cried. 3 years of frustration was ready to release.

“Daddy, yes,” she cried. Her pussy tightened and released as she pulled up and sank again. My cock washed her cunt walls with cum. Ribbon after ribbon of hot cum blasted her as her pussy clenched and creamed. The over flow rolled out the sides and down onto me.

My curly hairs and nuts were soaked. It ran down my ass and into the bed. We continued to cum. The room spun and moans filled the midafternoon air. Two lovers had finally reunited.

She dropped onto my chest and kissed me. We both breathed hard as we recovered. My cock wouldn’t deflate as we rested. It kept us from leaking from her and making a further mess. She smiled so happy and content. I was glad she was back.

She reached around and found her robe. She dismounted from me and quickly shoved it under her. Her pink little pussy drooled cum onto the material before she laid back on me. Her pussy still looked and felt as tight as it had 3 years ago.

“I love you, daddy,” she sighed.

“Love you too, Zoey,” I said.

“Promise,” she asked?

“Always,” I replied.

She kissed me before getting up to go to the bathroom. She returned and covered herself in a new robe.

“I’m hungry, want something,” she asked?

We sat at the table outside in the evening sun. It was much warmer and nicer now then this morning. It was around 75 outside and perfect. I could see why she had chosen here. This was paradise year around.

“Ms. Lewis,” Miranda started. “The locks are changed, the key code reset, and the cleaning for today is done.”

“Thank you Miranda,” Zoey replied. “You can go on home if you like. I will still count your hours.”

“Are you sure Ms. Lewis,” she asked?

“Yes, most certainly,” Zoey replied.

“Oh, thank you,” she cried. “I see you tomorrow then.” She hustled out the door.

I looked at Zoey. She was in thought.

“How are we going to do this,” she asked? “Us I mean. We can’t be open like this in public, I’m too well known.”

“In public, we are father and daughter” I said. “When we are here, we are lovers.”

“Ok, lover,” she teased. “You still remember how to caddy?”

“Yeah, why,” I asked?

“I just fired my caddy,” she said. “Or, he fired himself.”

“I’m going to need to get to know your game again but I would love to tote your bag around and follow your sweet ass around the course,” I replied. “We can start tomorrow.”

“Why not tonight,” she asked?

“You’re going to be busy,” I teased. “I’ve got 3 years of lost time to make up for.”

“Oh, daddy,” she cried.

I leaned over and playfully kissed her. She giggled softly and kissed me back. I felt young again as I worked my way down her neck to her collar bone. I gently untied the knot on the robe as I kissed her soft skin on the throat. She moan gently as my hand parted her robe.

My fingers touched her clit as I worked her neck with my lips. She let soft moans escape as I circled her engorged clit.

“Mum, god that’s nice,” she sighed. “It’s been so long since I’ve been touched properly.” I didn’t question what she meant. I worked my mouth over her nipple and gently pulled it with my teeth.

I continued down kissing her softly, worshipping her soft skin as I went down. She leaned back onto the soft arm rest as I reached the apex of her legs. I removed my fingers from her pussy and gently licked the soft puffy folds. I was taken back to 3 years ago when everything was right between us. This was present day and things were getting back on track. I sunk my tongue deep into her creaming hole and swirled.

“Oh, god,” she moaned. “You haven’t forgotten what I like have you daddy.”

“How could I forget,” I asked? “I remember it like it was yesterday.”

“I’m sorry,” she sighed as my tongue sank into her again.

I paused for a second. “Quit apologizing and keep the past in the past.” My tongue rolled her clit.

“Yes, daddy,” she moaned loudly.

I worked her clit gently as I enjoyed her juice that flowed hot and sticky.

“Lay on your back,” she ordered.

I lay flat on the bench as she dropped her robe on the ground. She pulled my shorts off. My cock slapped my belly splattering precum as it sprung back up. She dropped her dripping cunt over my face as she lay on my body. Her mouth covered my shaft in one swift move as I dove back into her hole.

“Your mouth feels good on my cock,” I groaned as it hit the back of her throat. She moaned her approval as I parted her lips and teased her clit with my tongue again.

She continued to bob up and down expertly on my cock as I worked quickly on her clit to make her cum. I wanted to fuck her again but I was enjoying her cock teasing mouth.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and rolled my tongue over it.

“Fuck, that feels good,” she moaned. “Keep going and I’m going to soak your face.”

I slapped her ass cheek and watched it jiggle gently. Her ass was soft but firm. I loved it. A wicked thought crossed my mind. I took my finger and teased her asshole gently. I continued rolling her clit and softly probed her. I got just the tip in and let it sit there for a second to see her reaction.

She gently bit the base of my cock and held it as I pushed in a little further. She released and coughed a little.

“Naughty boy,” she teased.

She didn’t tell me to stop so I slowly started working it in and out. She returned down on my cock and bit the base again. Her mouth felt good on my cock. I flattened out my tongue and flicked it hard on the protruding nub.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” she cried. “Daddy, I’m going to cum. Yes, lick my clit and finger fuck my asshole. Make me cum you bad boy.”

Her cunt flooded my mouth with juice as she came. She writhed on my tongue as she bucked her hips. She abandon my cock which was a blessing since I was close to shooting off.

I softly licked as she glowed with pleasure. Her cum tasted as good as I remembered. I stopped licking and slowly pulled my finger from her ass. She moaned as it popped free. She sat up and laid spooned next to me.

“That was good,” she sighed.

My cock found her ass and she pushed it between her legs so it rested across her puss.

“I’m still a virgin back there, don’t go getting any ideas,” she teased.

I parted her legs and pushed my cock into her soaked hole.

“This is the only hole I want right now,” I moaned. I sunk all the way into her.

“Gawd, I hope so,” she sighed. “I wouldn’t walk right for a week if you put that in my ass.”

I pushed her leg up. She turned slightly and rested it on the back of the bench allowing me more room to push into her.

“We wouldn’t want that,” I teased. “Bad enough you are going to be sore on this end.” I pushed deep into her as she moaned.

“Try me daddy,” she said coyly. “I can still fuck like an 18 year old.” She had that wicked smile on her face as she turned her head.

I pulled back and pushed into her hard again. I kissed her and squeezed a tit for good measure.

“Fuck me, daddy,” she cried. “Fuck me like you haven’t seen me in 3 years. Punish me for being a bad girl and hurting you so much.”

I started pumping at a good pace. The bench softly shifted as my balls slapped her with each thrust.

“I’m going to fuck you like I haven’t seen you in 3 years,” I retorted. “All that other stuff is over with. I got you and that’s all that matters now.”

“Yes, fuck me daddy,” she cried. “Fuck me and make me cum all over your cock. Gawd I’ve missed this cock.”

I continued plunging into her wet little hole. We slapped together and made the bench shuffle around in the fading Pacific sunset.

“Fuck my wet cunt and make me cum again,” she cried. “Gawd, I haven’t felt this alive in years. Fuck me daddy, come on, fuck me. I want to cum hard on your fat cock.”

“Cum you little vixen,” I groaned. My cock swelled and started fire inside of her.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” she cried. I flooded her cunt with my hot spunk.

We spooned together and watched the sun sink into the ocean as we rested and just enjoyed each other.

“I love this,” I sighed. “This feels so right.”

“Yes it does, daddy,” she agreed.

We lay together, until the last sliver of sunlight fell into the ocean, listening to some oldies station on the radio. The sky turned a light hue of orange with some pinks and purples mixed in. It was time to head into the house and continue to snuggle in her bed.

We both stood and started for the house.

“You know what this place needs,” I said.

“You better not say a fucking hot tub, everyone says that,” she laughed.

I chuckled as she read my mind.

“I’ll get Miranda to call somebody in the morning,” she sighed.

“Think of the possibilities,” I teased.

Maybe there is a happy ending after all. We continued to be lovers behind closed doors. It wasn’t the perfect life but it was one we wanted to share together. Somehow it felt right. In public I was just her daddy and her caddy. I loved being out there with her. I felt at peace being with her and being on the golf course. She went on the win the open again that year and by 15 shots. Not every week was like that. She had her ups and downs but through it all we had each other.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

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