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More Watersport Fun With Wife

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Ever since that night when my wife gave me head while she sat on the toilet taking a leak, the mere sound of her peeing starts a stirring in my cock. When she gets up in the middle of the night for a late night whiz, her stirring often wakes me a little. As I lay there in the stillness, I can hear her pad across the room to the bathroom, and I know in a matter of seconds I will hear those intoxicating chimes as her bladder releases and a stream of her hot urine sprays into the toilet bowl.

I will lay there hearing her and my mind flashes back to that night, standing in front of her, her hot mouth wrapped around my swollen rod as she swallowed my meat again and again, nearly gagging at times.

With thoughts like that it’s little wonder why, by the time she finishes and climbs back in bed to snuggle up to me again, she will find my erect cock poking her. And if she allows me, I go down on her like a “convict with his first pussy in years” as she put it. I wonder if she has figured out that when my head is between her legs those times, my mouth and tongue are extra frantic because I am passionately searching for any golden droplets she might have left behind, and I know if I can get my tongue up her still damp slit, I can push against her urethra and be treated to a hot drop or two.

The other night, as I am just finishing brushing my teeth, she walks in and hikes up her nightie and proceeds to take a quick pee. Her sigh of relief as her stream loudly slashed below her was driving me crazy.

As she finished up and stood next to me, I pointed out that every time she does that now, I remember the blow job she gave me while sitting in that very position and the wild sex we had that night and without even trying, my cock will begin to rise up in anticipation.

“Really?” She teased as she reached inside my robe, when her fingers came in contact with my swollen meat, she batted her eyes, “is that for me?”, her fingers circled my growing shaft and stroked it, “all this just because I peed in front of you? Let’s see what we can do about this.” Using my cock like a leash, she pulled me from the bathroom and into the bedroom.

Keeping her grip on my now fully erect tool, she lies back on the bed and pulls my cock in between her waiting and wide opened legs. One hand on my cock to guide it home, the other reached around to my ass and pulled me in deep. She let out a loud moan as my thickness filled her for the first time. “Ohh fuck baby, that’s the stuff,” her eyes locked with mine, “now fuck me baby. Fuck me hard.” She had kept her hand between us and was furiously rubbing her clit now. “Oh damn that dick is good”

Keeping her fingers working her stiff little digit, her free hand rose to my chest. Tracing her hand up my chest, her fingers found and circled around my sensitive nipple. Twisting and pulling it, she hissed through clenched teeth, “Damn, I love your dick honey….keep fucking me, keep fucking me…..” She was repeating that almost like a chant, “keep fucking me, keep fucking me…” With her squeezing my tit, and feeling her hand jump around between us, I was in absolute heaven. She was in rare form tonight, hitting all my triggers. She knew what turned me on, and she seemed to be doing each one.

I wondered what had gotten into her, she seemed to be trying to get to cum quickly, instead of the usual making sure she had at least an orgasm or two before letting me blow my load. She had a drawer full of toys at her disposal that she could use to finish herself off if she needed, but preferred my flesh and blood cock, fingers and tongue to get her off. Besides, she had told me with a wry smile on her face, my snoring would distract her.

It wasn’t long before I felt the familiar tingle start in my balls, and I knew my climax was approaching. I slowed down so I wouldn’t pop too quickly, but she had other motives. “Don’t you dare slow down lover. Keep fucking me baby. I want to feel that cock of yours fill me up with your hot cream. Cum for me baby, cum in my wet pussy….” Her hand between us never slowed, but she took her fingers from my nipple and ran them down my back and between my cheeks.

“Woah!” I exclaimed as her finger found it’s target. A little pressure on my sensitive little o-ring and I knew I would be shooting soon. “Baby, if you don’t be careful, you’re going to make me blow my load too quick.” I gasped.

“Oh really?” She teased. “Then blow away honey!” And with that, her finger pushed it’s way up inside my tight asshole. “Shoot baby! Fucking cum for me!!”

That’s when I just surrendered to it. One final thrust and I drove my cock deep inside her wet folds and just let it go. I held myself as deep as I could as my dick twitched and shot it’s creamy load inside my wife’s pussy.

She locked her legs around my waist and dug her nails into my shoulders as I spasmed on top as well as inside her. She let out a soft squeal as I grunted out my orgasm. I stayed still for just a moment before starting to pull my softening prick from it’s slick, wet home.

“Oh nononono….stay inside…,” she whispered. I could feel her internal muscles gripping and releasing my diminishing cock over and over as if she were practicing her kegels using me as a squeeze toy. Not that I minded. It felt fabulous. “Oh baby…that was great.” Her hand still lay between us and only slightly stirred on her rosebud. Keeping time with her cunts grip on my dick as it continued to shrink. I could tell it was about to be expelled, and so must she have as well. She closed her eyes and seemed to prepare for a moment before her beautiful pink snapper clamped down with more force than I’d ever felt and my now fully limp and spent prick was expelled out of her wet snatch with a loud “Slurp!” Followed by what felt like a fair amount of the load I just shot inside her leaking out across my shaft and balls.

She squeezed me tight and shivered slightly, “oh damn, I just love that feeling.”

I kissed her deeply and told her, “I just love how much of a little freak you are. I am the luckiest guy to have such a kinky wife.” We lay there together for a while and I’m just about to slip off into sleep when she rolls over to face me.

“So, I got to know, what is it about me peeing that turns you on so much? I mean, is it just watching me, or do want to be peed on also? ‘Cause you sure seem to want to eat me out anytime I come back from the bathroom, and that last time, you even asked me to pee while you were licking me. And when I did, I swear you fucked me like a man possessed. But you said you get all hard even just hearing me go, so, what is it you like?”

“Well, I guess I like allot of it. This is all pretty new, so that’s a huge part of the turn-on, you sitting on the toilet with your panties down at your ankles, pussy all exposed, and your head is right at waist level? How could that NOT turn someone one? As far as the rest, I don’t know, there is something primal about your smell after you pee that just drives me wild. And when you leaked a bit last time, it really made me wonder what it would be like to just be peed on all over. Something about laying down while you squat over me and cover me in your pee just seems to be the ultimate in submission.”

“Well, then, follow me…” she says as she gets out of the bed and walks into the bathroom.

She stood in the shower, leaning in the corner with one foot up on the low shelf. Both hands rubbing her thighs and between her legs. “Hurry up and get over here, I don’t know how much longer I can hold it.” I stepped into the tiled shower, and dropped to my knees in front of her. I ran my hands up the back of her legs to her perfectly plump ass and quickly buried my face between her legs.

Her lips were still warm and sticky with our juices and I rubbed my mouth against them. Her flesh was hot, her hand dipped between her legs and she splayed open her lips with two fingers, “lick me” she said whispered. I put my tongue out and made contact with her folds directly at her taint. With one long, maddeningly slow pull, I dragged my tongue across her sex, up to her exposed clit where I wrapped my lips around it and sucked at it, flicking the tip of my tongue across it’s slick surface. “Oh, shit!” She jumped a little and pushed my head down an inch or two, “not yet honey, just get back down there. Lick me. Oooohhhh, that’s the shit. Lick it nice and deep. Work that fucking tongue like a cock and slide it up inside….oohh fuck! Yes! Like that. That’s good….” She carried on a bit as I ran my squirming tongue across her wet, pink folds of flesh. Sliding up inside her, licking across her thighs, covering every inch of her crotch from her tight backdoor to as close to her rosebud as she would allow.

She massaged her breast with one hand while the fingers of the other kept her nether lips held as wide as possible. So wide, that at a certain point, I realized that for the first time in my life, I was looking directly at her urethra. I flattened my tongue and lovingly pulled it across her little slit. Her body shivered and she let out an audible gasp, “Oh god….” And at that moment, she lost control and could not hold it any longer. It began as a trickle, and then became a full stream shooting out from the pink folds. The stream hit me directly on the tongue at first, and I opened my mouth to catch as much as I could, but before I knew it her flood had filled me full. I tried to close my mouth or maybe turn away, but she grabbed my head between her hands and held it in place, directly in the path of her flow. I was helpless but to submit to it. She was covering my entire face with her hot, sweet urine. From my forehead, across my tightly shut eyes, to soaking my facial hair and finally aiming directly at my tightly closed lips. I was being covered, it ran down my neck across my chest, warming my nipples as it went until finally reaching my now raging hard on.

“This what you wanted, right? Drink up, baby, drink it allllll up!” I finally swallowed what I had in my mouth and opened again, laying my tongue out in reception of her continued river. Before long, she finally gained control again and shut her stream off for a moment. I coughed and tried to wipe my eyes clear.

With my eyes clear, I stared at her luscious pussy in front of me, swollen from excitement and her rubbing, thick golden drops still hung from it’s meaty lips, and small rivers trickled down her thighs. I dove in with such desire; I had to be careful not to bite as I ran my mouth all over her dripping wet cunt. I started at her ankles and licked up each leg over and over, making sure I got every golden drop. Returning to her pussy, I lavished such kisses and attention on it, her knees began to give out, so I let her sit down before I continued to devour her pissy pussy. I have never tasted such amazing flavors, her hot natural musk, our mutual sex juices, her personal wetness and now her own urine, which even though his was not the first time I have sampled her golden nectar, it seems to vary in taste and thickness each time. And each time is wonderful!

She sat on the ledge and leaned back. Legs wide and eyes closed, “oh baby, go to town…I love it when you just attack my pussy like that…..” She just laid back and let me continue my oral treatment of that gilded lily between her legs. I licked that sweet pussy from it’s top to her bottom, slid my tongue in and out and sucked on her clit like it was my master’s bone. I wanted nothing more than to please her with my mouth. She had given me such a great golden gift, and I wanted her to be pleased with my gift to her. And judging by her breathing and moaning, she was. “Fuuuuuck, honey….lick it……lick it….oh that’s it…..slide that tongue up inside me…….tongue fuck me….oh shhiitt…..use your fingers! Get me off….get me offfff!” I moved my mouth to her rosebud, and slid a finger up her wet slippery snatch, first one, and then two. Curling then slightly, I sought out and found that elusive little soft spot and began rubbing in small circles. “Oh fuck,” she flinched, “yesss!!!” I circled her g-spot until it was nice and swollen, and began to fuck her with my fingers, each in stroke; I circled that ball of flesh with my finger tips before withdrawing. It wasn’t long before I could tell she was on the brink. Her breathing was almost a ragged pant, she held me by wrist with my fingers deep inside, “keep rubbing….keep rubbing….” She repeated over and over like a crazed mantra. My fingers and tongue worked in unison. Rubbing and circling, flicking and caressing. “Uh…uh….uH….UH….OooooH DAAAAMN!!” She cried out as she hunched over, driving my face deeper between her legs as her body shook with orgasm. “YEESS!!” Her voice rang off the tiles as her muscles clamped and released my fingers over and over as her body succumbed to it’s orgasmic release.

She let loose with another shiver or two as I slowly pulled my fingers from her velvety hole. “Whoa, damn that was good…now, you lay back. Get on your back. That’s right, you ready for a true ‘golden shower’?” As I stretched out on my back, she stepped astride me with on foot on each side of my hips.

“Oh please baby, make my dreams come true….” I reply as her hands again dipped between her legs and begin rubbing and spreading her lips. She angled her hips a bit and suddenly arcing from between her legs was a perfect stream of wonderful pee landing almost perfectly on my forehead. With a grunt, she stemmed the flow and giggled a bit. “Damn, talk about a luck shot!” Over the next few minutes, she eventually coated me from my head to balls in her pee. She was getting the hang of it, using her fingers to spread herself and direct the stream where she wanted it, learning to control her muscles to start and stop mid stream. I lay there, practically in heaven. My wife is standing over me dousing me from the top of my shaved head down to the bottom of my shaved balls. Allowing myself to be covered in her warm water is better than any shower I have ever had. Feeling it drip down my sides, feeling it fall gently from her perfect sex on to me. Completely submitting myself before her, allowing her to ‘mark’ me as no one else ever has. I truly am hers.

When she got to the bottom, she seemed to bear down a bit, and put some pressure into her stream as it hit my hard cock and heavy balls. I reached down and held my dick at it’s base to point it straight up, and gave it a few quick strokes before she lost her water. My fist slapped against my wet balls as I stroked off a little. Hard is not even the right word to describe my tool at that moment. Solid. Steel. Purple with lust. Those words are closer. I was probably as harder than I had been since I was a teenager, probably even harder than that.

She looked down and saw my dick at full mast; she knew what I had in mind. Bending at the knees, she slowly lowered her still dripping pussy down to my tool. She reached down and grabbed hold of the base to keep it pointed at it’s target. She rubbed the swollen head across her waiting slit, found the right angle, and lowered herself down, impaling her cunt on my stick with a heavy grunt as she bottomed out on my balls. Up and down she bounced on me, her big beautiful ass grinding into my balls with each down stroke, her huge tits wiggling and jiggling as she rode me. All too soon, she climbed off, “sorry honey, this tile floor is killing my knees.” Unwilling to end this shower fuck fest, I quickly grabbed a couple of our towels, folded them and laid them down on the wet floor. She saw where I was going and kneeled on the cushion and bent over the ledge, “much better” she commented over her shoulder. I saddled up behind her, running my hands over her perfectly round ass cheeks. As much as I love her riding me cowgirl style, entering her from behind is probably my favorite way to fuck my wife. And if you’ve seen her ass, you understand.

Running one hand across the small of her back, I hold my rigid cock with the other and run it up and down across her pussy, smearing her wetness across her pink entrance and getting the head of my cock nice and slick. “So tell me baby,” she asks over her shoulder, “you liked getting peed on?”

“Oh, fuck yeah I did. Something about your hot liquid covering me was so fucking sexy.”

“Soooo, you want to show me a little what it’s like? That is, if you have any to give.”

“Wait…..what? You want me to pee on YOU?” I ask, completely taken by surprise by her request.

“Well, yea. Maybe a little. You really seemed to enjoy it, and I’m curious what it feels like. Just not in face. Not yet.”

With one hand still rubbing all over her beautiful butt I aimed my cock like a pistol at her crack. And….nothing. I was too hard and I was pulling down too much. I could feel the need, and with a little adjusting I was actually able to relieve myself a bit. By just letting my hard-on stand free, I released an arcing stream the shot out my cock and fell smack between her butt cheeks.

“Whoa!” She jumped a little as the first stream hit her bung and ran down between her cheeks before flowing across her own urine rich pussy lips. “Oh wow….that’s why you like it….it’s pretty fucking exciting.” She reached back now between her legs and began rubbing her pussy. “Hit it here,” she breathed, “wet my pussy….” I gripped the base to shut the flow and repositioned myself a bit, aimed my tool directly at her clit and let it fly. “OHHH Shiiiit!” She cried as my stream made contact with her clit and pussy lips, hitting her folds like a water pic. “Ohhh yessss….” She moaned softly as my stream petered out, “fuck me baby, please, fuck me…” Only happy to oblige, and with my dick aimed at her honey hole, I dove in. Holding her soft hips, I drove mine into her again and again. Her grunts were music to my ears as I slid my glistening cock in and out of her from behind. I stared down and just enjoyed the view. Her ample ass up in the air, cheeks parted, little brown eye winking as I thrust into her pink lips underneath. Her butt rippling with my thrusts. Perfect. Her ass was made to be fucked doggie style. She pushed back and held me deep inside her, “don’t move…” She whispered. A moment later I felt the walls of her pussy push out a bit and I realized she was bearing down as warm liquid ran over my balls. My wife was pissing on me AS I fucked her! Damn I love this woman!

Staring at her little butthole as I fuck that pussy is just too much, I drip some spit down on it and rub my thumb around her tight ring. Circling it nice and slow as I push deep into her snatch. She pushes back when I start rubbing her backdoor, “I know you want to fuck me there, don’t you?”

“Hell yeah, I do…”

“Then tell me,” she whispered as she pushed all the way back on to me, “tell me what you want lover….” She was rocking those hips side to side, as she spoke, teasing me a bit, but letting me know I had to ask permission.

“Please…” I grunted.

“Please WHAT?”

“Please. Let. Me. Fuck. You. Up. The. Ass.” Each word was accompanied with a long, deep thrust. Gentle, but firm.

“Oh baby…that’s how you ask…mmmm….so fucking good….” She replied. With each thrust, she grunted her approval:


“Ooohh yeah….








“Uh huh……”



“PLEASE!” I ended the plea with one hard fuck. I had almost completely withdrawn, and slammed my entire length deep into the snatch. It sounded like I knocked the wind out of her.

“Uuffff! Okay, okay…you can fuck it baby…just, be a little gentle huh? And, uh, here. Use this, okay? I don’t think I can another dry fuck like last time.” She grabbed the first bottle she could reach from her position and it was her bottle of baby oil. Good thing I’m going to fuck that butt bareback I guess. Before I cover that ass in oil, I gotta give it a quick taste. Holding open her cheeks, I drop my face down between them and wrap my lips around her perfect pucker. My lips pushed against her tight ring, my tongue extended and traced that perfect circle, licking it a few times before dripping inside. She shuddered as my tongue entered her. I absolutely love rimming that asshole. Something so devilishly perverse about sticking my tongue up her shit hole. It’s just so wrong, it’s right. But I need to get to the fucking of that butt.

I flipped open the top, and began to pour. I dripped it over her ample cheeks and down her crack. Rubbing it all over until her twin globes are shining like they’ve been waxed. Water, (or pee?) and sweat are beading up across her butt. I coated my steely dick until it shined, and then proceeded to grease up that wonderful little hole I was going to fuck.

She exhaled slowly as I slipped a finger up her, working it easily in and out, and pouring little oil on it as it passed inside. I removed my finger, and put the nozzle up against her sphincter and gave the bottle a squeeze pumping a generous amount of oil directly up her rectum.

I saddled up behind and got into position, one hand on the small of her back, the other holding my solid cock by it’s base, pointing it at it’s target, her tight little asshole.

“You ready?”

A long exhale….and then, “As ready as I can be…”

I placed the head of my cock right up against her puckered hole, “It’s all yours…”

And with that, she begins to rock back on to my cock, taking it at her pace. The bulbous head of my tool pops inside her tight ring fairly easily, and I so desperately wanted to hold on to her shoulders and just drive my meat into her, savagely ass fucking her as I just take what I want. But I let her be in control and decide how much to take at once. Her tight asshole gripping my shaft as I ever so slowly was permitted up her dark passage. She is rocking back and forth, grunting with each inch she takes. Soon enough she bottomed out and I was fully embedded in her tight back end. She pulled forward, withdrawing almost to the tip and then sliding all the way back to the base. I felt her knuckles brush my balls as she reached under and began fingering herself, “all right baby, it’s all yours….”

Music to my ears, I shifted my grip to her hips and began to enjoy that butt of hers. Slowly at first, but steadily I began plugging away at her butt. Working a few inches at first, then more and more and before long I was taking long thrusts packing the full length of my cock in and out of her well oiled asshole.

And packing that ass is just how it felt. Her tight velvety tube gripped my cock shaft like tourniquet as I slid back and forth through her well toned muscle ring.

Once or twice I pulled out just enough for little air to be pushed inside her. We were covered in so much oil that I knew it would make some beautifully sloppy sounds as it bubbled and popped out around my well oiled stick.

Her hand brushing across my balls as I worked in and out of her, her grunts as I pushed my thick cock up her ass, and the occasional wet, sloppy sounds her butt hole made as the air was pushed in and then escaped around my shaft was making my head spin. I could feel my orgasm approaching and I picked up speed. Ramming her sweaty ass over and over again. We were both making sounds more animal than human as our flesh slapped together.

“Uhhh…I’m gonna cum. I want to fill that tight shit pipe with cream baby.”

“Ooohhh yesss….let me feel that hot load inside…do it honey…cum in my butt…”

And with that I released. One hard push and I was as far inside her ass as possible and my balls were emptying their wad. It felt like a jolt of electricity every time my dick twitched and I send another load up her rectum. She pushed back and squeezed hard as she rocked side to side, “yesss baby, I can feel that hot cum seep inside…keep filling me up…” She groaned as I ejaculated my last squirt up her butt.

I leaned into her and trying to catch my breath. It wasn’t long before I began to soften a bit. And an urge I thought was gone returned. I was getting soft enough to pee. A devilish thought occurred. “You like all that hot cum inside you?”

“Ooohhh yes,” she said, “feeling that warmth of your load explode and fill me up like it does. It’s nice and warm, kind of relaxing. Wait, what do you have in mind?”

I don’t answer. I just release my bladder while I’m still buried in my wife’s shitter. My warm pee filled up her rectum like a hot piss enema.

She jumped a bit at first, and then settled into it, “mmmmm…..fucking kinky…damn that feels soooo good.” She moaned as I empty my bladder in her. I was still hard enough to fuck a bit and begin to work my cock in and out of her liquid filled bowels. A few strokes and I became too limp to continue. Slipping out with a wet “pop!” She flinches a bit and sits up. “Whew! That was fucking wild…but now….” She eyed the toilet. I could see the look on her face and she did seem to be straining a bit.

I helped her up and turned on the shower for a quick rinse, scrubbing off the oil and rinsing the assorted bodily fluids off, I leave her to her porcelain throne, as she was when as this started, to expel the contents of that beautiful, that perfect, that highly fuckable ass. I closed the door just as I heard her sigh of relief as she relaxed that recently fucked asshole and allowed the contents to be emptied into the bowl below her.

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