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On the outskirts of any big city you will find a few scattered small towns not yet gobbled up by the ravenous metropolis. They tend to be away from the major highways, which is probably the reason they haven’t been overwhelmed. But with the big city just there, a lot of people drift from the small towns to the city itself. Shops that used to support the small town just can’t compete with the big city malls and close down.

Unfortunate, but a fact of life, and an intelligent person will take advantage of this fact. If you have decent transport, why not save money by renting one of those empty places in those little towns? Rent’s a lot cheaper and the commute is probably the same.

That’s what I was currently doing. I’d found an old general store that had to close down. It had some nice living quarters attached, and the actual shop area made for one very large room. I just stuck up blinds over the large windows and made that front room a combination games room and garage for my motor-bike. And the rental was dirt cheap. The owner was just happy to have someone paying something rather than see his investment die.

So here I was, living in the equivalent of a small village, with all the mod cons of a big city just a short bike ride away. The only drawback to the place was that there was a bit of that small town mentality prevalent. Things ignored in the big city would be frowned upon here, but that didn’t really worry me, as I wasn’t doing anything that would bring the locals down on me.

At least, I didn’t know I was. The first inkling I had that I might have a problem was when a couple of the town council members dropped around to see me. They were very firm in telling me that if I took drugs then they would have to ask me to vacate their town and not sully it with my unsavoury habits.

I was a little at a loss. I don’t do drugs. Never really wanted to. Seems a silly idea to me. I politely told them that and asked them where on earth they got the idea that I did drugs.

Local gossip suggest it, they explained, and they felt they had to take a stance right from the word go. I agreed that they had the right idea and assured them that they had my full support in this area. I also delicately enquired as to who the local gossip was.

They wouldn’t tell me, of course. Confidentiality and all that. I waved them goodbye and as they wandered off I saw them being intercepted by a young lady who lived nearby. I saw the senior member of the council shaking his head and practically patting hers, and I could take a fair guess at their informant.

The young lady was Isabel. I’d seen her around a few times. A few discrete inquiries had let me know that she was single, over eighteen and still lived with her parents. She was always dressed most demurely and had the reputation of being a good girl, but a trifle shy. In my opinion there is often a big difference between a reputation and the actuality. I resolved to keep an eye on that young lass.

My next unexpected visitor was Isabel’s mother. She fronted up one Saturday morning. She was, she informed me a member of MADD. I looked confused. Mothers Against Drink Driving, she told me. OK. Was she collecting for them or something?

No such luck. She was there to lecture me about my reprehensible habit of riding on my motor-bike while intoxicated. She’d already informed the police that I did so, and she demanded that I cease it immediately.

I now had the reason I’d been pulled over and breathalysed three times in the previous week. The cops had been specifically waiting for me, tipped off by this idiot.

I explained that I didn’t drink and ride as I had no intention of committing suicide. She explained that I couldn’t hide it. Isabel had seen me early in the week, so intoxicated that I couldn’t even walk properly after I got off my bike. The reason I stumbled the other day was because I tripped on a broken step, I explained, which I was in the middle of repairing, she might notice. She still stood their lecturing me about the evils of drinking and driving while I silently fumed and fixed the damn step.

I took the time that afternoon to intercept dear sweet Isabel and have a little chat with her. I suggested, politely, that she should have better things to do with her time than to go around spreading scurrilous rumours about me. I didn’t like it and I would appreciate it if she would cease and desist.

She smirked and said she had no idea what I was talking about. It wasn’t her fault if other people misinterpreted what she said.

“It bloody well is your fault when you deliberately toss nasty little bits of gossip around with not a shred of evidence but your fertile imagination,” I snapped. “Now, please don’t think I’m threatening you, but if you keep it up you will regret it.”

“Sounds like a threat to me,” she said. “I’ll take your advice under consideration. I’m sure you’ll find you’re making a lot of to-do about nothing.”

Maybe, but I would lay any money down on that being the case. I returned home, just knowing that the little wretch would come up with some other item of gossip with which to entangle me.

Didn’t take long. There was a pounding on my door that evening and when I answered it Joe Hamperry was standing there. He and his wife live a few doors up. Joe’s a big man, run to fat now. His wife on the other hand started out fat and has since got fatter. Joe got straight to the point.

“I hear you’ve been sniffing around my wife, and I won’t have it, you hear?” he yelled as soon as I answered the door. “She’s a good wife to me and I’m not going to have some city slicker hanging around and trying to lure her away.”

He had to be joking. I’d as soon fuck a rancid nanny goat as try to get it on with his wife. Sooner! The nanny goat would probably have a smaller beard and would smell sweeter. Isabel had outdone herself this time.

“Hey, take it easy, Joe,” I said softly, placing a hand gently on his chest. “I’m not trying to take your sweet wife away from you. What makes you think I’d be interested in her, you silly man.”

I ran my free hand up and down his arm, smiling nicely.

“Why don’t you came in and we can discuss this. I’m sure you’ll quickly realise I mean no harm. I wouldn’t want to upset a man as nice as you. You look awfully strong. I bet you’ve got some real nice muscles under this shirt.”

While talking I brushed my hand lightly across his chest, trying to smile as sweetly as possible. Poor Joe went white and looked a little sick.

“My mistake,” he said hastily. “Knew it couldn’t be true. Got to run.”

He turned and bolted before I could drag him into my lair.

I really was going to have to do something about our little malicious gossip. Heaven knew what else she might come up with. And why was she picking on me anyway? Just because I was new in the area? Not that it made much difference. I still had to shut her down.

One of the advantages of renting an old shop as a place to live is that you have a front door right on the footpath. I kept one eye out for Isabel and when I saw her coming I opened the door and waited. As soon as she drew level I just reached out, took her arm and hoicked her inside.

She gave a startled yelp and glared at me, but I don’t think anyone else even noticed.

“What the hell do you think you’re playing at?” she snapped at me. “You almost gave me a heart attack.”

“Just the question I was going to ask,” I observed. “You almost got me a black eye.”

“What did I do,” she asked giving me an all innocent butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth look.

“Joe Hamperry,” I said. “All fire and fury because someone told him I was chasing after his wife.”

Isabel started giggling at that.

“God,” she finally managed to gasp out. “I couldn’t believe he’d go for that line. He’s always been jealous of her, but really. It was even funnier when he found out you were gay. He now thinks you’re after him. You could have warned me you were gay.”

“Why? Do you want to spread a rumour that I have AIDS and no-one should come too close to me? Or are you just anti-gay?”

“I wouldn’t spread those kind of rumours,” she protested, “and of course I’m not anti-gay. I couldn’t care less about anyone’s sexual preferences.”

“No. You’re just spreading the type of rumour that could get me evicted, arrested for doing drugs, arrested for drink-driving or beaten to a pulp by an angry husband.”

“But it’s only a bit of fun,” she protested. “None of those things actually happened, now did they?”

“Not through any fault of yours,” I pointed out, “and I’m sure the cat thinks it’s only having a bit of fun. The mouse probably thinks otherwise.”

Isabel flushed slightly at that crack, but I doubted it really hit home.

“I warned you to cut out the gossip and trouble making,” I reminded her. “I did mention that there’d be repercussions if you didn’t?”

“So what are the grand repercussions going to be?” Isabel asked. “Are you going to yell at me? Tell my parents. I’m so scared. Please tell me what you plan to do.”

“Now why would I yell or tell your parents? That would achieve exactly nothing. No, I was tossing up between a couple of different options. At first I thought I’d just put you over my knee and spank you. Then I thought that it might be a lot more fun to ravish you. I finally decided that I really should go for broke. Spank you and then ravish you.”

That woke her up a bit. She straightened up and glared at me.

“You wouldn’t dare. If you laid a finger on me I’d have you arrested.”

“For a spanking? I’d tell the cops it was just a lovers tiff and they’d probably just give me a warning. Especially after they examine your bottom and find it’s only been paddled.”

“They won’t be quite that lenient if I charge you with rape.”

“No. Probably not. But the court will take the special circumstances into consideration and, seeing how remorseful I am that I got carried away the way I did, I’d probably get a very lenient sentence. No prison time. Probably some community service.”

“What special circumstances?” Isabel demanded. “Rape is rape. There aren’t any special circumstances to rape.”

“Well there just might be in this case. According to the gossip that’s going around, you’re trying to help cure my gayness by showing me what a real woman is like. So if in the course of my treatment I get carried away, who could blame me? Not the courts, I think.”

“There’s no such gossip going around,” Isabel snapped.

“Actually, I think you’ll find there is,” I said softly. “Two people can play the gossip game, you know.”

Isabel was now looking a little nervous, and I saw her glance at the door, wondering if she could make it if she ran. I could practically see her mind churning, trying to find the flaw in what I intended. She finally spotted it and smirked. If I was gay, I wouldn’t really want to have sex with her.

“So when do you intend to start this little punishment of yours,” she asked, still smirking.

“Oh, I thought right now would be a good time. Why put it off?”

I moved towards her, herding her in the direction of the main living quarters. She moved along readily enough.

“Why not put off the spanking until after the ravishment?” she asked. “I’d just as soon not be spanked.”

“But the idea of being ravished doesn’t bother you? You’re actually agreeing to have sex?”

“Why not? It’ll be interesting. I’ve never had sex with a gay man before.”

“I’ll take your agreement as blanket consent,” I said affably. “Oh, and you’ll find that you still won’t have had sex with a gay man,” I added, as I shepherded her into the bedroom.

That gave her a jolt.

“Are you saying you’re not gay?” she demanded, looking shocked. “Joe swears that you are. Fruitier than Mabel’s fruit cake, is the way he described you.”

“And where Joe and his beloved wife are concerned, I’ll remain gay. But between you, me, and that nice comfortable bed, no, I’m not.”

Isabel looked around, seeming quite disconcerted.

“Um, you’re not seriously thinking that you can have sex with me are you?” she asked, her new found nervousness plain in her voice.

“Why don’t we discuss that after the spanking?” I suggested.

“But I don’t want a spanking either,” she protested.

“That’s OK. I didn’t want to be hassled by police and councillors and outraged husbands and MADD mothers. But when I was, I coped. I’m sure you’ll cope when you find yourself being spanked. Now I’m a firm believer in spanking a young lady on a bare bottom. It adds that je ne sais quoi, don’t you think?”

“I am not taking off my panties for you to spank me. End of story.”

“I was thinking more along the lines of total nudity rather than just panties,” I explained. “I enjoy looking at the female figure and I suspect that you’ve probably got a good one under those shapeless clothes you wear. Why do you wear things like that, anyway?”

“My mother insists on buying my clothes,” Isabel muttered. “She has old fashioned tastes. And I am definitely not taking them off for you.”

“I haven’t asked you to. I’m quite capable of undressing a young lady – even if she doesn’t want to get undressed. You never know, you may enjoy the experience.”

That was the point at which Isabel’s nerve broke. She turned and tried to run for the door. I picked her up before she completed the first step and tossed her onto the bed, following close behind. I then proceeded to demonstrate that I wasn’t boasting when I said I was capable of undressing a young lady despite her objections.

It was quite interesting. Isabel was very vocal in her objections, and her struggles were arousing me nicely. I did notice, though, that while she protested and squeaked and squealed and struggled gamely, she never actually screamed. It was always possible, even probable, that a loud scream would be heard outside, and I’m quite sure she would have realised that.

It didn’t take long and Isabel was naked, crouched on the bed and trying to hide her charms. I just stood back from the bed and stripped, watching her watching me. Her eyes opened very wide when my shorts came off and she saw my arousal.

“The question now,” I told Isabel, “is do you want the spanking to be separate from the ravishment or do you want the spanking to be arousing and lead on to a natural seduction?”

Isabel looked blank. I sighed.

“You haven’t got the faintest idea as to what I’m talking about, have you?”

She blushed and looked pointedly away.

“God save me from virgins,” I muttered. “Proper sex education would see the girls being dragged off and ravished for a day so that they know what happens.”

“I never said I was a virgin,” snapped Isabel, glaring at me.

“But you are,” I pointed out. “Never mind. It’s a curable condition. At least it lets me know how to proceed.”

I sat on the side of the bed.

“Now be a good girl and bend over my knee as though you are really sorry for the trouble you’ve been causing. We both know you’re not, but you can pretend.”

“And if I don’t?”

“You still finish up over my knee, but the spanking may go on for a bit longer.”

There was a fair amount of muttering under her breath, but Isabel did as requested, bending across my knee. There was also a bit of wriggling involved once she was there as she was trying to avoid contact with my erection. The wriggling didn’t help as I just adjusted her position until my erection was wedged firmly between our bodies, pressing hard against her.

I ran my hand lightly over her bottom, feeling her squirm slightly at my touch. I continued giving her a gentle massage, up one cheek and down the other, before probing gently at the edge of the cleft between her legs.

“Spread your legs a little more.”

“Why?” came the reply, which was answered with the first spank.

“Because I said so,” I replied after the squeal had died down.

Again I ran my hand over her bottom, this time being able to slide my hand between her legs and gently squeeze her mound. Isabel promptly bucked and protested, and I just as promptly delivered another spank.

It went on like that for a few minutes. I explored Isabel’s body and met every protest with a firm spank. Isabel very quickly learnt not to protest. Finally I decided that the spanking could get under way properly. My free hand reached around to cup a very nice breast and I warned her to hold still for the spanking.

She squirmed a little, but didn’t try to resist and my hand came down very firmly on her bottom. While I spanked I explained to Isabel what I considered to be shortcomings in her behaviour. She squealed and protested and apologised, and I gave her the spanking her parent should have given her years ago.

Satisfied that she’d got the message I moved onto phase two. I brought my hand down firmly but instead of landing on her bottom I delivered a sharp slap to her pussy, cupping her mound neatly. It was noisy and would have smarted a little but didn’t really do much more than encourage her mound to smarten up, because there was more coming.

Isabel gave a shocked gasp, followed by a loud squeal when another slap landed in the same manner.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she wailed.

“Spanking you,” I pointed out, my hand landing on her bottom. “I thought you realised that.”

“That’s not my bottom,” she furiously informed me when another light spank landed on her mound.

“I never said I would restrict the spanking to your bottom,” I pointed out, landing another inappropriate spank.

“Have you an objection to me spanking here?” I asked, leaving my hand cupping her mound. While waiting for her to decide what to say I gently squeezed her mound and started rubbing my hand around in circles, inadvertently dragging her lips apart when my hand ran across them.

“You’re not supposed to be touching me there,” Isabel finally managed to say.

“If you come right down to it,” I observed, “I probably shouldn’t be spanking you at all. And I’m quite sure I’m not supposed to ravish you when the spanking is finished, but I’m going to do that, too. Do you want me to finish the spanking now?”

A fine choice for her. Stop the spanking and the ravishment starts. Continue the spanking and I was doing naughty things to her pussy. While she made up her mind I continued playing.

I never did know which way she was going to go. I think she was about to tell me at the same time that I slipped a finger inside her and started exploring. Whatever she had been about to say was lost in a startled squeal.

Isabel started writhing slowly, and I could feel her pussy pressing up against my hand, urging my finger deeper. She was muttering something under her breath, but damned if I knew what. I don’t know about mentally, but her body was certainly ready for what was to come. She was hot and so wet that her lips were starting to dribble.

I leaned back onto the bed, rolling over and taking Isabel with me. Before she fully caught on to what was happening she was flat on her back with me leaning over her, mouth sucking lightly on a nipple. Her hands clutched my hair, presumably to pull my head away from her breasts, but they just stayed there, entangled in my hair while I tasted her breasts.

While doing this my hand was still down between her legs, keeping the suspense and excitement building. I reared up, poised above her. Isabel was looking down between our bodies to where my erection was resting on her mons.

“Move your legs further apart and lift your knees,” I advised. “It will make it easier for you to take me.”

She didn’t say a word, just kept staring down at my cock, but her legs moved wide and her knees lifted high, ready for me.

“Now ease your lips apart for me,” I murmured, moving my hands away from her mound.

She did, her hand going down and spreading her lips. Not very far, but the intent was there.

“Now steer me into place,” I commanded.

With that she actually switched her gaze from my cock to my face, blushed, bit her lip and then looked back down at where my cock was poised, waiting. Tentatively she reached down, took a delicate hold of my cock using two fingers and pushed the head gently up against where her lips were held slightly apart.

“It’s too big,” she muttered. “It won’t fit.”

I pushed forward, and her lips obligingly moved aside, giving me right of way. Another little push and her lips closed around my shaft, holding the head of my cock firmly inside her. Isabel’s eyes were open wide as she watched.

She was definitely a virgin. Her whole attitude shouted it, and now her body betrayed the fact. My cock was pressing firmly against her hymen, ready and eager to break that barrier and move on down her passage.

“You are about to become a non-virgin,” I warned her, “and it will probably hurt a little. Do you want me to stop?”

“I have a choice?” she asked, surprised.

“Don’t know,” I admitted. “I guess we won’t find out until you tell me to stop.”

She didn’t say anything. Just lay there, looking at when my cock was starting her ravishment, wondering if she should say stop. I shrugged and pressed slightly harder.

“It’s going to be too late in a moment,” I observed, “because I’m moving in.”

Isabel still didn’t say anything. Then I felt her hymen yield. Isabel gave a small scream and my cock pushed firmly several inches into her passage.

Decision made by fait accompli. Isabel seemed to be holding her breath and watching as I continued to sink deeper into her. Then my groin was pressing firmly against her, effectively saying that’s all there is and there ain’t no more.

She let out her breath with a whoosh and took a deep shuddering gasp of air. I just held still for a while, hands cupping her breasts and softly teasing her nipples while she accustomed herself to the feel of me in her.

Isabel seemed to be considering what had happened. Eventually a look of expectation was on her face. She knew that there was more to it and wanted to find out what. It was time to show her.

I pressed slightly harder against her and then pulled back a little. Sliding back in that little bit and pressing firmly, and then pulling back again. I wasn’t pulling back very far, just enough to get Isabel accustomed to the slide of my cock inside her, generating little thrills that spilled out and rippled away from her passage, warming her.

It wasn’t long and she was instinctively pushing up to meet me. With this acceptance I started pulling back further, lengthening my strokes, driving in harder as we progressed. Isabel may have been a virgin but she had a natural talent. She matched every move I made as though she was a practiced fornicator, entering into the whole thing with a flattering keenness.

After the initial entry I didn’t need to make allowances for her inexperience. Isabel was a fast learner and was banging me just as hard as I was banging her. Her legs came up and wrapped around me, trying to hold me within her, and I truly appreciated the fact that she had short nails. She would have ripped my shoulders to shreds with long ones.

I banged her long and I banged her hard and her face was alight with enthusiasm as she matched me. She was gasping and giving out little sobbing squeals as we came together, her excitement and lust rising with every stroke.

I could tell that she was close to a climax and I covered her mouth with mine as I started driving in for that final run home. It was fortunate that I did as I was able to muffle her scream as she came, her climax triggering my own.

A few desultory movements afterwards as we both came back down to earth, disengaging and lying there, spent.

Isabel finally got dressed and left, not actually saying anything to me, but she did give me a few considering looks. I wondered what was going on in her devious little mind. I decided that if she had mischief planned then I really should take some additional steps to protect myself.

The next day I loitered around the big front windows until I saw Isabel approaching. This time, instead of just grabbing her, I invited her to step into my little residence. She gave me a suspicious look but entered anyway. Then she waited to see what I wanted, still looking a little wary.

“It is my firm belief, Isabel, that if you want a lesson to sink in properly you need to repeat it at least once,” I said.

“You are not going to spank me again,” she stated flatly. “No way. See you around.” She turned to leave.

“Ah, it wasn’t the spanking I intended to repeat,” I told her. “Rather I thought I would just go ahead and ravish you again. Just a little something extra to help get the message across that you don’t mess with me.”

“Do you seriously think that I’m going to let you rape me again?”

A fair question. It deserved a fair answer.

“Yes. But we’ll do things a little differently this time.”

I indicated the pool table that held pride of place in my front room/games room/ bike garage.

“I’d like you to take off your panties, hitch up your dress, and bend over the pool table. Then I’ll molest you and ravish you from behind.”

“You have got to be kidding,” she said, speaking very quietly.

I shook my head, at the same time turning her towards the table, a hand on her back urging her towards it.

“You cannot be serious. Why on earth would I take down my panties and let you use me again the way you did yesterday?”

“Because if I have to take them off I’d probably spank you as well. Neither of us want that, so. . .”

Neither of us mentioned the fact that the door to the outside world was right there and that there were people passing back and forth. We could see their shadows against the blinds. Neither of us mentioned the fact that if she chose to bolt I couldn’t very well stop her.

Isabel gave me a speaking look, then lifted her dress and dropped her panties.

“You realise I’m doing this under protest,” she snapped at me, and I nodded.

“This is so unfair,” she muttered as she leaned over the pool table, head resting on her arms and bottom jutting out nicely.

“Life is unfair,” I told her, lifting her dress and tucking it up around her waist. “Now just behave.”

She gasped as my hand ran over her pussy, stroking along her slit. She made a faint protesting sound when she felt me easing her lips apart, a sound that grew into a definite protest when she realised that I was going to take her without any foreplay.

“Wait! I’m not ready yet,” she hissed at me.

“Don’t worry,” I reassured her. “You will be by the time I’m home.”

I pushed forward, sliding in slowly, as she wasn’t really ready. But the head of my cock had barely started to enter her passage when moisture came flooding out to grease the way. With that sudden flood of lubrication I slid neatly in, giving a groan of approval and hearing her give a sigh of relief as I filled her.

Now that I was in her I just held still while I started to take off the rest of her clothes. She made a few feeble protests but didn’t really try to stop me and Isabel was nicely naked in very short order. I slid my hands around her and cupped her breasts, appreciating the feel of them.

Then I disengaged and stepped back.

Isabel looked over her shoulder at me, a stunned look on her face. Seeing my circling finger she turned around to face me, and I moved towards her again. Again I slipped into her, with her watching this time. Once in I even slid back and forth a few times, getting the feel of her and letting her get the feel of me.

Isabel was flushed and breathing hard when I disengaged for a second time. For a moment I thought she was going to hit me. I held up a finger to silence her before she could say anything and then I hopped up onto the pool table. It was a fine sturdy table and took my weight with no problems.

I reclined on the table and patted it, indicating that Isabel should climb up onto it. She gave me a frustrated look and did so, her breasts bobbing up and down very nicely with her efforts. She sat there with a ‘what now?” look on her face.

I indicated my erection, bobbing slightly as it stood proudly erect.

“Climb aboard,” I said softly.

Isabel was shocked.

“What? But I don’t know what to do,” she protested.

“You’re a smart woman,” I assured her. “You’ll figure it out.”

She sat straddling my thighs while she considered the situation. She looked at my erection, noting how it lay. Then she lifted it until it pointed at the ceiling, giggling when if slapped back against my stomach when she let it go. She finally came to a decision.

Isabel moved up until she was lying on me, her legs straddling my waist. Then she eased down, one hand steering my cock so that it met up with her pussy. She eased herself onto it a short way, then sat up. As she sat erect she slid smoothly onto my cock, letting it slide deep inside her. By the time she was sitting upright she was firmly skewered.

Finally having my cock where it belonged she started experimenting. She rocked back and forth and from side to side, her movements causing my cock to slide back and forth, starting the journey to excitement and glory. I didn’t mind that. I wasn’t too sure of how I felt when she tried to do a swirling action. Her hips might be limber enough to gyrate in spirals but my cock wasn’t on a blasted gimbal. I wondered if she was trying to snap it off.

After playing around for a few minutes Isabel settled down to some enthusiastic bouncing, her face enthralled as she moved up and down on my cock, relishing the movement of it inside her. She was breathing hard, her eyes closed, and making little huffing sounds as she took her pleasure.

It was an interesting experience, and thoroughly enjoyable. The woman had no sense of moderation and was just going at it as hard and as fast as she could. I made a note to give her a long slow session sometime, see how long I could make it draw out. It would be fun to watch her frustration.

It soon became apparent that this interesting little experiment was drawing towards a rapid close. Deciding I wanted to initiate the final sequence I took steps.

Taking hold of one of Isabel’s legs I twisted her around so that her back was to me. Then still holding her to me I twisted over, bringing her under me. Now Isabel was lying on the table while I was taking her from behind. Rising up onto my knees I encouraged her to kneel, head still resting on the table. Then hands firmly holding her hips I drove home hard.

That was all it took to finish it off for both of us. Isabel just gasped and shuddered, shaking with the force of her climax. I was relieved that she wasn’t screaming. That could have been embarrassing. At the same time I was letting go, blessed relief sweeping over me as I finished deep inside her.

Isabel had to push the limits. I don’t know why but she seemed to have this need to see just how far she could push people. After we were dressed she turned to me.

“How do you know I won’t turn around and claim rape?” she demanded. “I’m pretty sure that I could make a case for it.”

“Well,” I said consideringly, “I think you’d have a hard time convincing anyone that you were reluctant when they see the video of you climbing on top of me and bouncing on my cock.”

I lifted my eyes and looked at the camera mounted on the roof, part of the shops original equipment, but still operative. Isabel went scarlet, horrified.

“I’ll tell you what,” I said. “When you come back over tomorrow I’ll let you see the video. You can watch it while I repeat your lesson, because it appears it hasn’t sunk in yet.”

Isabel glared at me and stalked out in high dudgeon. I didn’t mind. She’d be back the next day, wanting to both see the video and receive her lesson. I’d have to decide what I was going to teach her. She really was a receptive student.

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