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More Than Just Friends

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Married, and deeply in love with my husband, but strongly curious about sex with another woman. That’s where my head was just about everyday, especially after meeting Claire.

Claire and I had met and became good friends online about 3 months ago. I had always been curious but never thought I would actually enter into a sexual relationship with another female until meeting Claire face to face over lunch for the first time. She was a strikingly beautiful woman with a smile that reflected in her eyes.

She had certain qualities about her that made you want to look at her and be with her. She was open and sensitive, and truly great fun. Images of what it would be like to just kiss her stayed on my mind. My thoughts were obsessed with her.

We were out shopping one day, and Claire was trying on dresses for a party she was going to attend. I was browsing the clothes racks near the dressing room waiting for her to come out, when I heard her call out my name. She called me in the dressing room, and announced she had jammed the zipper trying to unzip herself. Now in a panic she needed help to get the rest of the way out of the dress. After sharing a giggle and calming down, I was able to get the zipper down so Claire could then remove the dress. As she removed the dress over her head, I discovered she had taken off her bra to try on the dress. Now standing before me in only her white lacy panties, I could not take my eyes off of her . She was breath taking and very sexy. I tried to shake any sexual thoughts from my head, but before I could, Claire sought out my eyes and knew I was staring at her.

“Disapprove of my not wearing a bra?” she asked.

“No, no. I just was thinking how pretty you look standing there like that.” I said to her in return. I wasn’t sure how she would take it, but the words were now out.

“Thanks.” She said. “It’s nice to hear every now and then.”

“Claire, you are so beautiful and very sexy.” I wanted so bad to just touch her breasts. They were so beautiful, and her nipples were now erect from the cool air of the dressing room. I was overwhelmed at how I felt and what I wanted to do with this woman standing before me.

I turned around, and started out the dressing room door, now afraid of having really made a fool of myself. I turned and smiled into the mirror at her then headed out of the dressing room.

I waited for Claire to come out of the dressing room. She came over, took my hand, and simply said, “Thanks for your honesty. And thanks for the zipper help.” She smiled, and I knew it was her way of making me feel comfortable. That’s how Claire is.

We continued to shop, talking of nothing but every day things-work, our kids, our husbands. Neither of us venturing near what took place in the dressing room. ‘Maybe she didn’t think anything of it’ I tried to convince myself. But as we sat down to lunch in a quiet Ruby Tuesdays Restaurant, I could tell she was nervous.

Claire ordered the Chicken Que se Dia and I ordered a Mexican Chimachanga, so while we waited we both ordered a Capt. Morgan’s rum and coke. One turned into two and two turned into three while we waited for our food. Feeling pretty sure of myself, with Capt. Morgan’s help, I reached over and placed my hand on top of Claire’s, “I hope I didn’t offend or upset you by saying what I did in the dressing room”

I watch that smile cross her face as she stared at my hand over her’s, “Kerri,” she laughed, “of course you didn’t offend me. Why would you think that?”

“It’s not everyday I say something like that to a friend.” picking up my glass, preparing to drink, “a female friend at that” then swallowing more of Capt Morgan’s courage as I blushed red.

“Stop it, Kerri,” softly, laughing at me. “Friends are allowed to admire each other. When you wear your hair down as you have it today, I have to fight the urge to reach up and run my fingers through it. It’s just soooo, um, erotic and in my mind burying my fingers in it would be so sensual,” squeezing my hand gently as she said the words.

I looked up to find her blushing also. Could we be thinking the same things about each other? I wanted her to explain further, but our food arrived at just that moment, so we busied ourselves eating-both of us ravenous from waiting so long for our order. We both ordered another rum and coke to go with our meal, both feeling very relaxed still a bit tipsy as we left.

After leaving the restaurant, Claire had one more store she wanted to check before deciding on the dress she was going to buy. She found two beautiful dresses to her taste. As she headed to the dressing rooms, she asked me to stay close for ‘zipper support’. Laughing, I followed her to the back of the store prepared to zip and unzip. The dressing rooms in this particular store were small rooms unto themselves, not the small cubicles so many other stores have. Claire tried on the first dress and rather than chance the zipper getting caught asked me to come in and zip her up. Upon walking into the dressing room, I saw that three walls of the room held huge ceiling to floor mirrors that covered almost the entire walls. And on one side was a small sofa that could seat two to three people comfortably. I put my purse down on the sofa and zipped the dress for Claire, looking at her reflection as I did so. “What do you think?” she asked as she studied herself in the mirror.

“I think it looks gorgeous on you” I exclaimed, looking at this breath taking beauty in front of me, watching her turn and pose in front of the mirror, all the while critiquing herself. Claire is one of those rare women who look good in almost anything they wear, but to her way of thinking nothing looks good on her. “I think this is the most beautiful one so far, Claire. That color blue really brings out the color of your eyes.”

Claire turned and gave me a look of mock disdain, “You’re just saying that so I’ll finally buy one so we can go home,” she said still looking over her shoulder at herself in the mirror, then coming to stand in front of me, turning around and pulling her hair to the side so I could unzip her.

“I am not! You know I would tell you if something didn’t look good on you!” giving her one of my perplexed looks as if saying how dare she suggest I would do otherwise. “I wouldn’t let you go out in just anything.” I said jokingly, the rum still working it’s magic, “Now would I?” reaching up to unzip the dress, realizing as I did so that Claire had tried on this dress braless also. The zipper ended down below the curve of her back bringing me to the realization that she wasn’t wearing the lace white panties this time either. A flood of sensations hit me and I stepped back to get my purse “I’ll step out while you change into the other dress.”

“Nonsense, Kerri” she said turning to face me as the dress slipped off her shoulders and down to her waist, revealing to me again her beautiful breasts, her nipples long and erect still. “You can sit comfortably on the sofa while I try on this last dress,”stepping out of the dress that was now around her feet on the floor. My breath caught as my eyes took in the rest of her body, moving immediately to the soft triangle of hair covering that most intimate part of her. Claire turned and bent down to pick up the dress and with her back to me began arranging it on it’s hanger. “Am I going to have to come and make you sit down?” she threw over her shoulder, her back still to me.

“N-n-n-o” I said softly. I sat down on the sofa, my eyes never leaving her body. I have never wanted to kiss any woman’s ass, but the desire to do so now, very literally, was all I could think of as I stared at Claire, totally nude in front of me, her beautiful backside in front of me. An image of me down on my knees behind her, kissing and exploring her with my tongue, ran briefly through my mind. I looked up to meet Claire’s eyes. The smile on her face told me she knew what was going through my mind. It also told me that the Capt. Morgan’s was still coursing through her veins at full speed. Coming back to myself, “what do you mean ‘make me?'”

Claire laughed and winked at me, “Do you approve?” she asked, totally naked now. Turning around and walking a few steps toward me, “would you let me leave if I wore this?” Pirouetting slowly in front of me, a knowing look on her face.

Staying where I was, not trusting myself, “Yes, Claire, I do approve…but no I would not let you leave me wearing that.” I said softly, my voice catching, realizing it came out with an undertone. “How could I?” I said quickly, “You might get arrested. The officer would enjoy it, but he’d still have to take you in.” Grinning broadly she turned and took the other dress from it’s hook and began putting it on. Coming over to where I sat, I stood and zipped the dress for her.

“What do you think of this one?” again studying herself in the mirrors.

“It looks good, but I like the other one better. It compliments so many things about you” I said earnestly.
“Hmmm, I like this one, too. But you think the other looks better on me?”

“I think they both look great on you, Clair.”

“I hate deciding. I like both of these…… let me try on the other dress again” stepping backward for me to unzip her. Shaking my head, I giggled as I unzipped the dress-very conscious of my hands being so close to her skin. As soon as I unzipped it, she pull the dress off her shoulders and step quickly out of it. The word ‘torture’ popped up in my mind as I watched her naked body move to retrieve the first dress from its hanger. I didn’t bother even sitting down again and stepped up to help her get the dress on. I pulled the waist of the dress up her body and held it as she fit herself into the top. Absentmindedly, she gingerly placed each breast in the bodice and pushed her arms through the sleeves. I zipped it once more. Watching Claire fidget with the bodice, I stepped around to adjust it for her- a tug here and there. Stepping back to look -the bodice wasn’t fitting as well as it did before. “Adjust it for me, Kerri. The way it was before.” I knew the problem, I just wasn’t sure how to go about correcting it.

“The left side is correct, the right is not for some reason,” I said looking from one side of the bodice to the other

“Fix it” Claire said, quite simply.

…so I did. I reached behind her neck and unzipped the dress a bit, then reaching into the front of the dress, I gently held her right breast and lifted it into its correct position in the dress. I was very conscious of what I was doing, my hand on her breast was seriously affecting me and her quick intake of breath told me it was doing the same to her. Removing my hand slowly from the dress, with no way to avoid it my fingertips grazed over her hard nipples, as I held the bodice in place with my left hand. A soft moan escaped her lips and I looked up, sure that I had hurt her somehow. “I’m sorry” I started. But the look on her face was one of wanton lust.

“Sorry? Why are you sorry?” putting her hand over mine, pressing my fingers over her hardened nipple. “You’ve not done anything to be sorry for, Kerri” and with those words she pulled the dress down as much as the zipper would allow, revealing her breast completely to me. The next few moments were a complete blur. I could resist it no longer, I bent my head down and kissed the supple breast she had exposed, my lips quickly finding the hard nipple and sucking as my tongue played over and around it. I felt Claire’s hand in my hair, pulling me closer to her buxom, moaning softly into my ear as I kissed and suckled her. Kissing up her throat, our lips found each others and I was treated to the most sensual kiss I’ve ever in my life experienced. I completely lost myself for a few moments, enjoying her breast and her lips. We were both brought back to reality by the turning of the doorknob to the dressing room. Thankfully, it was locked, but it was our reminder of where we were. I unzipped the dress and Claire quickly disrobed of it and began dressing in her clothes. I busied my self putting the dresses back on their hangers, my mind reeling at what I had just done. “I want that dress” I heard Claire say “If you think the blue looks good on me, I’ll go with that decision”

“Don’t buy it just because I say so, Claire” wanting her to know it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if she liked the other dress more.

“It’s not just because you say so, Kerri,” that wanton look again, “I felt something I’ve never felt in that dress. Thanks to a wonderful friend” winking at me as she said so.

Claire purchased the blue party dress and we started home. Stopping to drop her off at her house, I helped her take in her packages. Her husband and children were not home, but should be home “any minute now,” Claire guesstimated.

Putting her packages down in her bedroom, I thought outloud “Time to head home, myself”

But as I was readying myself to leave, I shared with her, “Claire, I have thought about you for weeks. Wondering what it would be like to be with you. Struggling in my head where I was with my sexuality. Why I want so much to kiss you, experience this with you? I know that may sound stupid. I love my husband, and have no intention of hurting him, but at the same time, I have been almost obsessed with thoughts of you. And I have never been with a woman, so how will wanting to be with a woman affect my marriage? I guess I have been confused with my thoughts, but I just wanted to let you know how I felt.”

“Kerri, I have to tell you I find myself sexually attracted to you also. I have known, or at least thought, you were interested in me, but with both of us being married, I wasn’t sure how to initiate things. And if I was wrong, I didn’t want to end my friendship with you.” Claire added, her hand reaching out to touch mine softly “The best we can do is say how we feel and what we are thinking, be open with each other. Our being female is a fact, but we are people first.”

“I want to ask you something,” she said.

“If I asked you to come to my house for dinner, without your husband, would you come? Would you come knowing that perhaps more might happen between us? I think we both know what we want, but we have to be sure. And we both have issues about never having been with a woman. The feelings are out there. I think we should explore them together.”

I thought about what she had said, and knew I wanted her more than ever. I was so drawn to her sensitivity and sweetness. I didn’t have to think long, and told her I would but to remember we should go slow, moving only as fast as we were comfortable with. She chuckled, as only Claire could, and reassured me nothing would happen unless we both wanted it.

A few days later standing outside her door, I could feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I told my husband I was having dinner with Claire and he was fine with it, we had discussed on several occasions his fantasy of me being with another woman and lately my fantasy of it also. So I wasn’t worried, BUT I still wondered about how I felt about this. I needed to take one step at a time.

Claire answered the door, and gave me the tour of her home. She had small appetizers and some wine for drinking. I immediately asked if it was okay to pour for both of us and remarked, “I think I need a drink.”

Claire’s only remark was “not too much. You will want to remember what we do tonight.” And then she winked. She was taking away my nervousness, and I could feel a bit of excitement returning.

Over the course of the evening, sitting on her sofa we shared lots of insignificant information about growing up, and past relationships. We talked about our marriages, and I knew she was happy in hers and she was glad that mine was in fact a good marriage. Sitting next to me, she took my face in her hands, and said, “Finding true love is a gift. Sometimes it doesn’t matter who the bearer is, or what sex. If it makes you happy, and not uncomfortable, it’s wonderful.” She then kissed my lips, and I truly felt all my fears disappear. I found it easy to kiss her back. Her lips were so soft, and I found it different than kissing my husband. She moved away, and I had to ask. “Was that ok?”

“Just as good as the first one. Of course it was” Claire giggled and asked me if she ‘was okay’.

I replied that her’s “was the most sensual kiss I have ever received.”

She moved from my side on the couch, to being on her knees in front of me. I was still nervous and just giggled as she began taking off my sandals, then spreading my legs she moved between
them, leaning in and kissing me. The touch of her lips against mine took away my nervousness and I closed my eyes and gave myself to Claire and the moment. As we kissed, I could feel Claire begin to undress me. Her movements were slow, not rushed, and I began to reciprocate her actions. Soon, we stood together with only our bra and panties on. Claire removed my bra, and placed a hand on my breast. Her gentle touching was erotic, and I could feel excitement building. Small currents seemed to surge through me. She placed her mouth on my nipple and began to suck. I got shivers down my back, and now felt anxious to return the gesture. As she removed her bra she took my hand in hers and placed it on her breast and I gently roll her nipple between my fingers. I enjoyed the feeling and knew she would too. I wanted to suck on her nipple and moved forward to do so. The feel of her nipple in my mouth was incredible. I could feel it harden, and knew I was pleasing her. As I did so, she tugged my panties off my hips and let them drop to the floor.

With any new lover, we all have some doubts, and inhibitions, but as the time passed, I could feel them ease. Claire made me feel special, and we both knew how to take our time.

Claire took my hand and led me to her bedroom. We kissed for quite some time, kissing and tasting each others breasts and body. Simple kissing and touching was so erotic for me, and now with Claire the feeling was more intense, somehow deeper than it had been with a man . I loved the feel of her smooth skin under my touch and tongue. The emotions and sexual energy I was feeling were so new, yet so comfortable at the same time.

Our tongues played in and out of each other’s mouth, slow and unrushed. I wanted to touch her. I reached for her panties and started pulling them off. She instinctively raised her hips, and helped me. I knew what I wanted from her and her eyes were telling me that she wanted it, too. I reached down and spread her legs gently, exploring her wetness slowly and gently. I was thrilled to find her so wet. My fingers gently explored up and down her slit. Claire began to moan, so I knew I was doing something right. I pressed a finger inside of her, surprised at the heat of her body. Bringing my fingers to my mouth, this would be the first time I had tasted another woman. I found the taste and smell of Claire to be intoxicating. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The sweet salty taste was wonderful. I knew I wanted to taste more. As my fingers played in her wetness I began kissing down her body, over her breasts, her tummy, stopping to press my tongue into her belly button, breathing in the scent that was hers, burying my nose in the soft hair nestled just above her prized treasure…soon to be mine, even if only for a few hours. Moving my body between her legs, I wanted to see the sexual beauty of this woman. I was in awe of what I was seeing. Opening her supple outer lips, I watched as my fingers trace over her clit. Her intake of breath and moan told me I was touching the right spot. I watched as my fingers disappeared inside of her and came out completely covered in her sweet nectar…spreading that nectar over her clit I leaned in, my eyes now on hers, to taste Claire’s beautiful pussy.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned as I buried my tongue into her. Going slowly, I wanted to remember every small thing about what I was doing to Claire. And Claire gently led me in what to do to pleasure her. The feel of her pussy beneath my tongue was so slippery and wet. Her opening was so pink. The color, the feel, the scent, all of it intoxicating to me. I moved back to her clit, and again flicked my tongue across it as if it were the wings of a butterfly. My fingers moved in and out touching every inch of her inside and out. I listened for her moans to guide me, and they did. I could hear her breathing increase, and every now and again, she held it.

I licked and sucked her wetness till I heard her tell me she was ready to climax. “Mmmmm, put your fingers inside me, Kerri” she moaned. “More. Yes, just like that.” Watching and feeling her ride my fingers was incredible. To know that I was pleasuring her in this way. “Suck my clit harder as you fuck me… I need to feel both.” I wanted to give her the most pleasure possible so I sucked her clit into my mouth, my tongue working fervently over and around it, and moved my fingers in and out of her pussy to the rhythm she had set. The rhythm sped up to her body movements and I pushed in deeper and harder as I nibbled her harder. I could feel a rush of fluid and with her bucking hips, and loud moans, I knew I had given this truly wonderful person something special and I willing obliged her through several more. Loving the high pitched noise she made at the height of each one. And the heady feeling of control. The power to love and pleasure another woman, the power in the feeling of exploring her body and finding her most pleasurable secrets. After she climaxed, I continued to enjoy her taste and fragrance. I breathed in deeply the lingering scent and taste of her as I moved to lay in her arms. I wanted her to make love to me. I had succeeded in pleasuring a beautiful, very sexual woman. I felt such an incredible bond with her. Sharing a sexual bond with someone on any level, is special, but with Claire the connection was somehow different. Much more emotional than I thought it would be, but I was happy for it. Maybe because I never felt the need to be someone I wasn’t or to admit that I needed to learn along the way.

Claire then moved on top of me, kissing me deeply. Her hand massaged my breast and pulled on my nipple. The small surge of pain made me shiver. Bending her head, she captured my nipple in her lips, I watched her make love to my breasts and nipples with her mouth…slowly teasing, playingly biting, then sucking hard. I didn’t want her to stop, but I wanted her to touch me all over. I couldn’t move. I lay there almost frozen. I felt like my breathing had stopped, and yet I could hear myself start to breath faster. I wanted her to melt into me. The feeling of loving and wanting someone so much overwhelmed me. Her hands moved downward over my stomach, caressing all the way down, moving over my shaven pubis, feeling the baby oil I use there to stay soft. Smiling at me, she pressed first her fingers, then the palm of her hand into my smooth, fat outer lips. The effect was a stretching feeling that Claire had no way of knowing was something I enjoyed-that fine line between pleasure and subtle pain. Moving her fingers and hand down the length of my slit just stretched my thick outer lips open wider to the width of her hand. My God, I couldn’t believe she was doing something I had tried several times to show my husband, without my ever guiding her. My tendency for deep breathing when aroused kicked in as her fingers moved deep into my pussy. Pulling her hand away, I saw it covered in my juice, watching her press it to her mouth and began sucking my wetness from her fingers. This was such an erotic thing to watch her do. She then pressed her fingers to my lips, covering them with my wetness, sharing it with me in a kiss. Kissing her way down my body, I lay still enjoying all that she was doing to me. Feeling her tongue move over my shaven triangle was like electricity moving inside me. Feeling her kiss and nibble my fat outer lips was almost more than I could bear. My legs spread open under her and my hips moved up involuntarily to meet her. When her tongue finally circled my clit my deep breathing turned to moans of pleasure. Her fingers pressed deep into my pussy as her mouth worked it magic all around my clit, my pussy lips and to my surprise I felt her fingers begin to tease my ass. With her mouth sucking my clit, fingers moving in and out of me and one of her fingers finding its way into my nether hole, I was gripped by the strongest, most exquisite orgasm I’ve ever had. I felt myself gush onto her hand and her tongue lapping my juice up. Not being multi-orgasmic as she is, I was totally spent and lay breathing deeply. Claire lay down beside me and neither of us said a word, we just held each other and enjoyed the afterglow.

Claire is a great lover. Months have passed since our first lovemaking session. I cherish the time I spend alone with each of my lovers-Claire and my husband. Loving someone is a gift and I have been blessed with two special ones.

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