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Yarkwork Ch. 5

Category: Incest
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First of all, I want to say thank you to those people that have written with feedback. It is always good to know what you the readers want to see.

* * * * *

Carrie followed me to the kitchen keeping her eyes on the floor. I didn’t know what to think about this new attitude. She had been so bubbly. I walked out to the eastern porch and noticed the sun was well overhead and it was getting hot. “Carrie, what time is it?”

“Almost noon.”

“Well, I guess I missed breakfast then, didn’t I?” Not even a smile, something is definitely bothering her. I guess it will be cooler on this side with the afternoon sun glaring down. I sat in one of my favorite chairs and sipped at my coffee. Carrie excused herself and went inside. Shortly, I could hear others heading my way. The procession came out the door being led by the precocious Heidi with the coffee pot. She curtsied and filled my cup, winked and disappeared back inside. She missed seeing the grin her grandmother gave as she went by. The number of women present had shrunk to the welcoming committee (Myra, Stephanie, Heidi, Debbie, Beth and Rachelle) plus Lisa and Carrie. “OK, Myra, now that I have taken care of a couple of my ‘problems’ maybe I can get an explanation to why I was all tied up this morning.” Everyone was sitting but Myra was just looking at me. She seemed to be making up her mind about something. She even looked nervous. She was biting her lip. Now this was making me feel very uncomfortable.

“Bill, the easiest way to say this is just to be honest. The fruit drink you were drinking for dinner was spiked. I don’t mean just alcohol, you knew it was alcoholic. It also had a pretty strong umm… sexual stimulant.”

“Go on.”

“Well, one of us…”

Carrie ran over and fell at my feet, burying her face in my knees, “It was me, I should be punished. I did it. It was my fault. I just didn’t want to wait any longer to make love to you.” Carrie had tears running down her face and I still didn’t have a clue why she was so upset. OK, she had date raped me, but I wasn’t really complaining. Especially since I couldn’t remember it happening.

“Yes Bill, Carrie added the stimulant to your drinks. None of us knew what it would do to you when it was combined with alcohol. What it did was turn you into a ‘fucking machine.’ After your toast, you sat back and kind of glazed over. We thought you had fallen asleep and maybe you did for a few minutes. When you opened your eyes, they were out of focus. It was like you were looking somewhere else. You called Carrie to your side. You reached up and started rubbing her breast with one hand and her ass with the other. All at once, you ripped off her clothes and threw her onto the table on her belly. You then shucked off your shorts and… I swear Bill, your cock was a lot bigger than normal and you have a sizeable cock. Anyway, you spread Carrie’s ass cheeks apart, spit in the crack and forced your cock into her an inch at a time. She didn’t complain, she has been waiting for you since you bought the place. She wasn’t quite ready for the thorough fucking you gave her ass though. You fucked her until she passed out from too many orgasms and pulled out looking for more. We still weren’t worried about you. You have shown amazing staying and recovery power. Debbie brought out a cloth and hot water and washed your cock and started giving you a blow job. You grabbed her hair and starting fucking her throat. You were not very tender, but she loved it. You were grabbing women and fingering them, fucking their pussy or ass or both. Maybe five minutes for some, others a long time. In fact, there were a couple of women trying to get you to pick them again. I was one of them, in fact.”

I was flabbergasted. I had never forced myself on a woman in my life. “Are you sure no one was hurt? Why don’t I remember any of this?”

“No, everyone is fine. It was you we were worried about. You just wouldn’t cum. I think you went through everyone here before Heidi got to swallow your cum.” I looked around and saw her sitting across from me stroking her pussy with one hand and waving at me with the other. “She nearly drowned when you came. When you finally finished showering her with your seed, you promptly fell on your knees and collapsed. We finally roused you and took you to bed. You just thought the scenery had changed because you were hard and ready to go again. You were eating Rachelle and Debbie got to try your cock on for size. She is not going to be satisfied with any clumsy boys her age again. Of course, Heidi had to try to outdo her and you fucked her just as silly. You had eaten six of us to orgasm before the twins gave up trying to make you cum. Angie had just got going on your cock when you passed out again. You didn’t go soft, you just quit moving. We decided it would be safer to tie you down in case you tried to get up and the blindfold was just to keep the sun out of your eyes so you could sleep longer. That is why you were tied up and why we were worried this morning.”

“I don’t remember any of this.” I looked around and no one seemed to be bothered a bit. There were some women openly fondling each other. I don’t know whether they were reliving last night or turned on hearing it again. “Am I in any danger?”

“That is why we were so concerned. Angie is a nurse and she checked all your vital signs. She convinced us you were fine and you seem just fine to me. You did finally cum in buckets this morning. It is up to you to decide what to do about your… situation. This is not really committee business.”

“Carrie, come here.” She hadn’t moved far away when her confession had been completed, but she looked at me like she was ready to bolt. “CARRIE, come here!” Not only did she jump when I raised my voice the other women did also. I figured it was time I took control. I kept my eyes on Carrie as she walked over to stand in front of me. “Well, the first question I have is why didn’t you just tell me you wanted to make love to me.”

“I couldn’t. Look at all these beautiful women, why would you want me?”

“I see, so it is ok for you to think I am more than I am, but I can’t do the same to you?” She looked me straight in the eye. She knew exactly what I meant. If she could see me as her Adonis, why couldn’t I see her the same way? She grinned, “I don’t believe you think I am beautiful, but I understand, thank you.”

“That was only question number one. The second question is where did you get this stuff you gave me and does it work on women too?” “Yes, it works on women and I have it in the barn for my stallion.”

“Thirdly, you mentioned that you needed to be punished and I believe you are right, so what punishment do you think will make us even?” She was fidgeting now. She looked to Myra, who only shrugged her shoulders. She looked at almost everybody and no one offered any suggestions or help. She was on her own. She stood there looking at me, “I don’t know. Whatever you think is appropriate, I agree.”

I laughed, a sinister quiet laugh, raised an eyebrow looking at her, “Really, whatever I decide? Done! Heidi, Debbie, come here please.” I motioned them close and whispered in their ears to get a blue container from my closet and bring it down here. “OK Carrie, while the girls are away, I want you to strip naked. Will a couple of you bring that table a little closer to the middle of the deck? Beth, I think we will need a couple of things from the kitchen, honey and umm, whipped cream and a spatula. Rachelle sweetie, would you be so kind as to go to the woodshed and… maybe I should whisper it to you.” Rachelle came and leaned over me allowing her breasts to press into me as she placed her ear to my mouth. I had to nip and suck her ear lobe a little since it was so close. Her eyes got wide when she heard what I asked her to get. She looked back over her shoulder at Carrie before running toward the shed.

I could see the mixed emotions on Carrie’s face. She had no idea what the twins were getting, but she had heard about the honey and whipped cream and now knowing where Rachelle was going but not what she was getting. She was getting nervous and very excited. Her pretty little pussy was soaking wet. She was dripping down her thighs. “Carrie, do NOT touch yourself. You are not to cum unless I give you permission, do you understand?” She nodded her head in acceptance, but she was already quivering. Her imagination was making her hornier than I could have in an hour of foreplay. She tried closing her eyes. She tried making her hands into fists. She crossed her arms around her stomach but she couldn’t get control. When she rubbed her thighs together she starting cumming. Her eyes popped open to see if I had saw and I was staring right at her. Her breasts were heaving and she needed more stimulation but she stood there and just quivered. “We have a problem now, don’t we? You had to orgasm even when I told you not to. What am I going to do with you?” The twins returning with the blue box helped Carrie gain a little control but not much. “Thank you ladies.”

“Myra, I would like to see Carrie tied face down on that small table. Make sure her little ass is pointing toward me. Tie her arms out to the side and put these on her nipples.” I had just opened the lid enough to remove two small nipple clamps and Carrie involuntarily came again. She tried to hide this one too, but I saw the spasms hit her. “Oh Carrie, strike two. I didn’t want to have to do this, but you have left me no choice.” The table I had her trussed up on was a small buffet table about 18″ wide. It worked out that she was able to stand and bend at the waist and we would have access to her tits on one side and her entire crotch on the other. Her hands were secured to the legs with her arms bent at the elbows. She could raise her belly and move back and forth, so I thought she would be comfortable. Her legs were not tied so she could move them to keep comfortable too.

Myra, please blindfold our bad little girl also. Maybe if she doesn’t see what is happening she can keep from cumming every two minutes.” I heard a sob from Carrie and saw Lisa and Stephanie starting to rub each other from their tits to their thighs. Rachelle returned with the horse crop and a dozen peacock feathers. “Rachelle, if you would be so kind to pass those around, but give me the crop. Carrie jumped and twisted on the table and more juices were running down her thighs. I got up and walked to Carrie’s head. I leaned over and whispered in her ear. Carrie, I am going to give you what you really want now, but we also have to have a way to stop when you have had as much as you can take. Do you understand?” “Yes, Master,” she whispered. “Good, now, repeat after me, Mississippi.” “Mississippi?” “Yes, Mississippi. When you have had enough, the only way to get me to stop is to say ‘Mississippi.’ Do you understand? Nothing will stop me but saying what?” “Mississippi, Master.” I kissed her nose and walked away letting the crop run across her shoulders and down her back. I tapped it on each ass cheek and then ran it down her thighs. She moaned. I immediately raised the crop and left a little welt on her left cheek. I tapped the crop against the inside of her knees, “spread them wider, up on your toes, wider.” When she was as wide as she could get and keep her feet on the deck I stopped her. “That is fine, now do I have to have them tied like that or will you stay spread wide for me?”

“No Master, I don’t need to be tied.”

“We will see. Our bad little girl has to be punished. In fact, she needs it, “Isn’t that right, Carrie?” “Yes, Master, punish me for being such a bad girl.” Ladies if you would please use your instruments on our bad little girl now. And no one is allowed to speak to her. Until we have disciplined her correctly, she doesn’t get to hear your voices, only my orders, do you understand?” They all nodded their agreement and moved in to use the feathers all over her body. That was not at all what she expected and the first feathers went right up her thighs to tickle her pussy. Try as she might, she couldn’t keep her legs apart and I raised another welt on her ass. She immediately spread her legs apart again but her breathing was picking up. She had a grip on the table legs and she was dripping profusely. The twins decided to work on her feet and tickled her unmercifully. She stayed as she was but her laughs turned to tears before I made them stop.

I walked over to the container and pulled out a small butt plug. I lubed it up and handed it to Myra. “Would you do the honors for me, please?” Myra took the plug and walked over and stuck a couple of inches straight in her ass. She then twisted and pushed until she got it past the rim and her sphincter tightened around it. Myra then twisted the plug in her ass a few times and walked away. This also was too much for Carrie to take and she had another orgasm. “Oh ungghh, I’m sorry Master, I am so sorry, you must punish me Master, I was bad again.”

I motioned Rachelle and Beth to me and whispered in their ears to settle themselves one in front and the other behind Carrie and to start licking her pussy and tits slowly. And I forbade them to touch her clitoris or nipples. They both moved silently into position and they both gave her long wide tongue strokes at the same time. Carrie’s moans were turning into whimpers when she realized that they were not going to do anything but drive her to a higher state of excitement.

Those ladies not involved physically with our miscreant had moved off to explore their own endeavors. Myra had liberated a large dildo from the play box and was pounding herself with it as she massaged her clitoris with her other hand. The twins decided to chew on each other for a while. And Lisa and Stephanie were looking to me for some play. I didn’t have time right now and raised the crop and pointed at them to be good and let me discipline Carrie. They tried to pout but starting giggling and fell into one of the settees and started their own games. I motioned for Beth and Rachelle to stop and they moved out of the way.

I raised the crop and snapped it down on Carrie’s left cheek, right cheek, alternating back and forth firmly for thirty strokes to each buttock. They were bright red now and I took the honey and poured some on her cheeks using the spatula to spread it around. I then took the can of whipped cream and placed the nozzle at the opening of her pussy and filled her up. The sound of the cream going up her tunnel was enough to set her off again and she whimpered and cried for more. “Please you are driving me crazy, quit please quit. I can’t stop cumming.”

I took the crop and used the handle to run up and down her ass cheeks and tapped the butt plug a few times. “Aren’t you having orgasms? Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“They aren’t enough, I need more, please Master, give me more.”

While she begged and whimpered, Rachelle and Beth started licking her honey-covered ass. The roughness of their tongues on her tender cheeks was giving jolts of pleasure pain that she hadn’t known before. “Oh please, someone fuck me. Touch my clit, pleeaasse!!” Both my honey lappers reached up and twisted her nipple clamps and pulled on her tits. Her nipples stretched a long way and were getting harder in front of our eyes. They both let go at the same time and they snapped back bringing a tear to her eyes. “Oooh, you bitches, more, give me more.”

No one had seen this side of little Carrie and everyone was surprised. I reached into the play box and pulled a silver vibrator out that would stimulate very deeply for her. I gave it a good coating of lube, turned it on and laid it on top of the butt plug. The vibrations transferred deep into her ass and she started rotating and pushing her ass back toward me for more. I stopped and no one touched her or said a word. She was searching and squirming demanding more. We were all quiet. The only noise besides her begging was the gentle hum of the vibrator. When she realized she wasn’t going to get any help she started to relax and try to calm her turned on body down. When I saw her resign herself to having to wait I thrust the entire length of the vibrator up her pussy and turned it on high. I also reached around pinched her clit between two fingers. Her orgasms were massive, one jolt after another rolled over her. Her ass was bouncing around she was screaming like we had cut off an arm. Her breath was coming so hard and she was starting to hyperventilate when I yanked the vibrator and butt plug out of her. She didn’t notice for a minute or so and then she screamed for more. I need more, hurt me, please, give me more.

I had a 10″ by 4″ dildo greased up and I started working it in her pussy. Her wishes started changing when it stretched her wide and she begged for me to stop. “How do you make me stop, Carrie.”

NO, I didn’t mean it, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

I was relentless in stroking it in a little more at a time, twisting it as I thrust it in her. When it was buried inside of her, I slapped her ass cheeks and pulled the dildo out slowly inch by inch. No, don’t take it away, please fuck me. I left the end right at the opening of her pussy. I nudged an inch back in and then removed it. I slapped her ass cheeks again and as she relaxed from the slaps I pushed the entire length back in. As soon as it hit bottom I pulled it out and started a slow motion of fucking her with the entire length. I called Beth over and whispered to her to get my cock lubed up. Carrie was starting to enjoy the long strokes of the dildo and I added a twist as I reached bottom. She was now cumming from just about any stimulation at all.

When I was lubed up I pushed the dildo in deep and grabbed both ass cheeks and spread them wide. I took the end of my cock and placed it against her rose bud. “You took my cock up your ass last night and here it comes again.” I started pushing against her and she relaxed completely and swallowed me whole. I couldn’t believe how horny this little thing was. She was begging me to split her in two. I started stroking her slowly. Beth had reached underneath me to take over the dildo and she was stroking it in time to my thrusts. Her ass was so tight with the dildo in her pussy. When Rachelle climbed under and sucked her clit into her mouth, you could hear Carrie scream for over a mile. Her pussy tightened down so hard on the dildo that Beth couldn’t even move it and I thought her asshole was going to chop me off inside of her. Her contractions continued for almost a full minute like that. All Beth or I could do was hang on and wait. Of course, I had a lot harder time keeping control.

When her contraction quit I drove as deep into her ass as I could for a dozen strokes or so and started cumming. “I am filling up your ass with my sperm. Take it all you cock-hungry little slut, take it all.” Carrie was flopping as much as she could move on the table reaching for anything. Lisa slid her pussy over one hand and Stephanie squatted over the other. She was squeezing and rubbing their lips until another orgasm hit her and she jammed her thumbs deep in both their pussies rubbing the sides of their tunnels. Both of them started cumming also, moaning in time with Carrie. I had stopped cumming but remained inside her ass until she calmed down.

Myra came over and untied her hands but she didn’t even notice. She reached under her and also removed the nipple clamps. When the blood returned to them she gasped and I could feel another orgasm rush through her. That one seemed to finish her off and her thumbs dropped out and she laid her head down on the table taking in big gulps of air. I slowly took my cock from her ass and reached down and removed the giant dildo. Her body gave one more quiver then she was still. Even though it was still quite warm, I had Debbie run in and get a light blanket. I reached down and lifted her in my arms and sat down with her in my lap and Debbie covered her up. I kissed her face all over, her eyes, cheeks, nose and finally her mouth. “I forgive you, Carrie.” She curled up in my lap with her arms around my neck, gave one big sigh and went to sleep.

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