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Ashes to Ashes

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The cigarette burned my fingers, damn it, how long had I been holding it without taking a drag. The tiny filter slipped from my fingers and sparked briefly as it came to rest on the ground, on the hard pavement outside the apartment complex.

I had been watching the complex for what, two hours now? What did it matter, I filled my lungs with the midnight air and felt enriched by its scent.

My prey was close, I could feel it. At the moment the two story apartment was filled with a few lights, reading lights most likely. I closed my eyes and imagined what was going on inside.

She had pulled out a book, and after her evening shower was laying on the bed naked, except for a long flowing terry cloth robe. The book in her hand would be something thick, but popular, something that she had pulled off of the best seller list. Despite what she thought about herself, she was the ideal of a yuppy business woman. Intelligent, independant, lived alone with all of her money.

Maybe, just maybe, as she lay there reading about spies and espionage she would let the book fall to her side, and her eyes would close, the mental images of those tall, dark and handsom spies burning in her mind. She would slowly sink down into the covers, and with one hand she would flip off the bedside lamp, but with the other she had business left to attend. The covers would be warm, the fresh scent of her showered body would dampened them slightly and make them aromatic, filling the room with her musk. With that other hand she would slowly, at first, begin to pleasure herself. It would begin with rubbing, just slightly, as though she were relieveing an itch, but the itch would need to be more than just scratched. Then her body would tense and…

I saw it, the last light flipped off. A quick glance at my watch showed that it was quarter to midnight still, she had stayed up late tonight, probably because it was thursday and she could feel the weekend coming.

Some people have told me that I am psychic, at least slightly, because I can read into the actions of what others do, and often can guess their next move. I was always told as a youth that I should go into business, make lots of money, rub elbows with people like the woman I was about to rape. But that wasn’t for me. I was a creature of the night, I was a predator of the innocent, and I could not come out in the daylight.

I have always had an aversion to the day, I could never explain it, but now I can see why. It is my destiny to become like this, I am one of God’s predators, preying on the weak and the helpless, one of the shadows in the night that people lock their doors to keep out. Yes, I was in touch with God, at least on some level, I could feel his presence within me, and I could feel how powerful I was at that moment, just before I took their innocence from them.

I grabbed my crowbar and my bag of stuff, and began walking to the darkened apartment. It was a very nice apartment, at the end of a row in the complex, and the nicest model that was offered. It was also secluded, surrounded on three sides by forest, and only sharing one wall with another apartment. Of course, the woman’s bedroom was on the opposite side, so that she wouldn’t have to deal with the noise of the neighbors.

The apartment also had glass doors which opened onto a patio in the rear, and he had seen that she only locks the hand lock, and does not put in the pin which would make opening the door a lot tougher. I was correct, and only a quick yank with the crowbar and it opened. She also never set the alarm, living in a world that she felt was safe for her to not have to set the alarm. But just in case, as I went through the now opened house I went straight to the luandry area where the circuit breakers were, and flipped them all down. That way there would be no hideous lights to interupt me, and the alarm would not be able to be activiated, since it did not have its own power supply. Now if I guessed it correctly, the alarm company would call within an hour to check on her and make sure that everything was okay, since they actively ping the boxes to see if they are functioning properly. But I knew that they did that for this area only at quarter ’till, and that just came and went. I had an hour to do my work with the prey.

Upstairs a crept, smelling the air become thick with her scent, it filled my lungs and made be become aroused. She wore some sort of expensive perfume, like Chanel 5, or something very sweet and elegant. I took out of the bag a mask, and while standing just outside her door I donned the mask and looked at myself in a hallway mirror.

I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am a GOD. I stand about six and a half feet tall, and have always been blessed with a chiseled body. Lets just say that I am not the person you would want to meet in a dark alleyway. I was wearing a black jumpsuit with combat boots and a black skimask, I looked the part. I am the angel of darkness, swooping down from heaven to take the innocence from society. I rubbed the bulge in my jumpsuit, and felt that it was time.

The door was of course unlocked, and I turned the knob ever so slowly, it was well built and did not squeek once. The room was full of the after-shower scent of her, and I felt as though I would explode. The phone was beside the bed, and since I could hear the heavy breathing of her slumber, I went to it and pulled it from out the wall, but left it in place. In case she wanted to call the police, she would have to use her cell phone, or plug this one in, since the phone downstairs had been cordless and needed power.

Slowly I climbed onto the bed, so that my legs naturally pinned her down, and pulled a long black piece of fabric out. With the fabric I tied her hands together, and the whole time she just sat and watched with unbelieving eyes. She of course leapt to life, totally predictible. Her bigs eyes looked up into mine, and for a moment she just lay there dumbstuck by what was happening, by what was about to happen.

I whispered in her ear very calm like, “If you make no sounds, and are a good little girl, I will let you live. Otherwise, this will be a lot more painful for you than it needs to be.”

She nodded very slowly and I felt her body was rigid underneath me. I backed off of her for a moment, just to pull the covers back, and I saw that she was, in fact, totally naked already. My job was made easier.

She was gorgeous, even more so in the low light of the bedroom. In her late twenties, she had a tight and youthful body despite, and I could tell that she worked out regularly. Her hips were toned, and her breasts were smaller, but very perky and showed no sign of drooping. I ran over her body with one of my gloves hands, and as I did I pulled at her nipple and cupped her small breast in my hand. I could feel her body twitch under me as I did so, and so I said, “You like that, don’t you. If you release yourself to my darkness, then you will enjoy this a lot more.”

As I examined her I knelt down to look at her vagina, it was sweet smelling, and had the scent of recently being cleaned. It was also wet, probably after the late night stimulation she had just put herself through. Well, it was about to get a lot more stimulation than just a couple of fingers. I reached back into the bag and brought out a gun, it was rubber and not real, but it felt real in my hand. I pulled myself up to her face, and her eyes got much bigger as she looked at the semi-auto pistol that she thought I was holding. I held it against her head, and a single tear rolled down her cheek. With my other hand I unzipped the bottom of my jumpsuit, pulling my solid member out to the air. I am also gifted in that area, and I could see her eyes widen as she looked at me, thinking how she would ever take that into her. Well, first I needed some moisture.

“Alright, listen to me very carefully, if you bite, I will put a bullet through your neck and down into your heart,” I repositioned the rubber gun at the nape of her neck, “So just take it and then I will move one. Understand?”

She nodded slowly, as if she were a child. I pulled closer, and with my free hand grabbed some of her ample brown hair, it was silky in the grip of my glove. All of a sudden, I pulled her face to my sex, and she opened her mouth obediantly. I have often been refused sex by otherwise willing partners because of the size of my member, and very few willing ladies have been able to take it. Because of all this, I always make my victims take it, even if they throw up in the process. As the ip touched her open lips, I pulled her head further, and she took the first few inches into her mouth. I began to pull her head a little closer, all the while thrusting into her mouth. The interior of her mouth was hot with sleep, and it felt wonderful on me. She relaxed a little, thinking that I wasn’t going to push all of it down her, but then I did. I rammed myself deep into her mouth, and could feel the back of her throat spasm as I pushed down her until her nose was buried in my bush. I held her there only for a moment, as I felt she would probably throw up soon, and that was never pleasant. I pulled away, and she gasped for air as I pulled out.

“Good girl,” I whispered into her ear. She retched a couple of times, but never puked anything out.

Now my penis was fully erected, and covered in spindles of spittle, so I felt ready to enter. She looked on in wonder, and horror, as I positioned myself at her crotch. I pulled her legs up so that they were over my shoulders, and without further warning buried myself into her. She let out a gasp that could have easilly become a scream, but she restrained herself. Her pussy was wet, but it still had not been ready for what I had to offer. I pushed deeper and deeper with each thrust, until I had buried myself inside her all the way. I could feel her cervix as I thrust myself into her, and I began to pound her harder and harder. As I did so she began to push back with each thrust, and her head rolled back from the royal fucking that she was receiving. To hell with masturbation, this was the way to go! That encouragement drove me wild, and I lowered the gun to let myself be taken over completely by the pleasure of the moment. Her innocence had been torn from her, it was my doing. Just because she wasn’t a virgin doesn’t mean she had lost her innocence until this point. Now it was mine. I pumped harder and harder, she began to moan softly, and I could feel her spasm beneath me, soaking my crotch with her fluids. I felt ready, so I pulled out of her and jumped up. She looked confused, until I pulled her face down to my sex again and forced her to it. She opened her mouth much quicker this time, and even reached up to grab me and jerk me into her mouth. I jerked, and she pulled me to her, sucking hard on my cock as I blew an incredible load of hot liquid that burned down her throat. She sucked it all down, and continued to do so until I had begun to soften.

I was unsure where to go from here. I had never experienced such… enthusiasm, but I figured old tricks are the best tricks. “If you scream, I will kill you.” I took the fabric off of her hands, and she relaxed visibly as I did so. I pushed it back into the bag, and my limp and soaked member back inside my jumpsuit. She watched me as I turned to leave, but then she took me totally off guard.

“Bring friends next time.”

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