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Miranda had just turned twenty-one. With hazel blue eyes, soft blonde shoulder length hair, and a smile that made most men melt, Miranda had been looking forward to this particular weekend for quite some time.

Her two very best friends, Joey and Frank had been talking about taking her out for a night on the town for her birthday celebration. She had known Joey and Frank for years, never intimate with either of them, though they had certainly flirted and teased one another on several occasions.

But beyond that, they’d remained simply friends, albeit very good ones. One thing that Miranda appreciated about both of them the most, was they could share and discuss nearly everything, trust one another to keep a confidence, and rely upon one another whenever there was need. They had both been by her side after her very hard breakup with her boyfriend Steven, something that had set her back on her heels for several weeks after discovering he’d been banging one of the women he worked with. Something that had been very traumatic for her to accept as she’d given her virginity to him shortly before discovering he’d been sleeping with another woman.

With everything she had recently been through, Miranda was looking forward to a fun-filled entertaining night with her two very best friends.

They had gone to one of the local restaurant/bars that was a very popular hangout. Starting out with a tall pitcher of Margaritas, one of Miranda’s favorite drinks. She was soon into the swing of things, having a great time joking and laughing with her two friends. When it became known however that it was in fact her birthday, the custom of this particular place was to bring out the “party funnel” as it was called. Leaning back in her seat, one of the bartenders placed a long thin funnel just above her mouth while another stood on a tall chair pouring the contents of a specially designed birthday drink into the funnel. It was the challenge to see if anyone could keep up with the continual pour until the entire contents of the drink had been consumed. Not real high in alcohol content, it wasn’t designed to make anyone sick or get stupidly drunk. And though she’d already had two glasses of Margaritas, Miranda felt more than up to the challenge.

Several other patrons began to gather around their table as the bartender began to pour the concoction down the funnel. Joey and Frank began chanting, “Go! Go! Go!” as she drank, miraculously keeping up with the continual pour. Spilling very little upon herself, though a large plastic bag had been draped around her to prevent ruining her clothing, the crowd began to cheer giving her a standing ovation for accomplishing a task that very few were able to keep up with.

“Impressive Miranda!” Joey said in congratulations to her. “Yes, it was…but I’d be willing to bet you couldn’t do that again with a real drink!” Frank challenged.

“Well not now I couldn’t!” Miranda admitted. “That was a lot of liquid! Maybe later,” she left the challenge hanging.

“Yeah, right…maybe later,” Frank teased. “Like I said, no way with a real drink!”

Though feeling good, Miranda was far from being drunk. But her inhibitions had flown out the window with the party atmosphere as well as having more fun than she’d remembered having in a long, long time.

“Put your money where your mouth is Frank! What are you willing to bet I can do it?”

“Ok…” Frank said grinning. “Twenty bucks says you can’t!”

“That’s it? Twenty bucks? Come on Frank, surely you can make this a little more interesting than that! Twenty bucks seems hardly worth it. Like I said, you’re so sure I can’t do it…lets really make it interesting!”

Joey perked up at that. “I’m in! So what if we lose Miranda?”

She considered that for a few moments, then grinned wickedly. “I win, the two of you have to come over and clean my entire apartment next weekend. And I mean clean it! Windows, floors, dusting mopping, everything!”

Suddenly Joey wasn’t as enthusiastic as he was a minute ago. “I don’t know Frank…” he began backing off worriedly.

“And what if we win then?” Frank challenged back.

“Name it!” Miranda told him.

Frank was now grinning even more broadly than Miranda had. “Anything?”

“Anything,” she replied now wondering if perhaps she’d put her own foot in it as the expression on Frank’s face told her he wasn’t thinking about her doing any cleaning.

“Ok Miranda, here’s the bet then. We lose, we clean your entire apartment. You lose, then you come with Joey and I up to my folks cabin next weekend.”

Miranda stared at him. “And? That’s it? Just come up to the cabin for the weekend?” Frank actually seemed nervous now as he obviously began mulling over the real meaning behind that. “Not exactly. You lose, you have to do whatever Joey and I want you to do with the two of us.”

Miranda stared at her friend incredulously. They’d never been intimate with one another aside from that occasional flirting and horsing around which had included a few semi-erotic wrestling matches. But beyond that, there’d never been anything else.

“You can’t be serious!” she replied thinking that he was in fact kidding around with her.

“Like you said Miranda, put your money where your mouth is!”

She sat back in her seat staring at him. It wasn’t that Frank and Joey weren’t attractive looking men, they were. Frank had a boyish look about him that was sexy as hell! He wore his dark hair long in a ponytail, stood a few inches taller than she, with alluring hazel green eyes that could penetrate a person’s soul. Joey was the taller of the two with shorter light brown hair, but had the sculpture of a body-builder though he wasn’t. More than anything, Miranda was concerned that getting involved sexually with either one of them might ruin their long-term friendship.

“If I do lose, which I won’t by the way, both of you need to know this is a one time thing. I don’t want it ruining our friendship,” she added seriously. “But like I said, I have no intention of losing either. I expect to see the two of you showing up at my apartment bright and early Saturday morning ready to spend the entire weekend cleaning!”

Once again Joey appeared a little nervous at Miranda’s self-confidence. That look convinced her.

“Ok, it’s a bet!” she heard herself saying.

“Pinky swear it!” Frank responded.

In all the years they had known one another, none of them had ever broken a pinky-swear promise. As silly as it might have been, it was the one thing that had cemented their trust between them. Frank was taking this seriously, which meant that if Miranda really was going to go along with the bet, she’d have to swear to do whatever it was that Joey and Frank told her to do if she lost. Miranda held up her hand extending her pinky expecting Frank as well as Joey to wrap their own little fingers around hers. What she also realized as she did that however, the mere thought of what this bet meant if she actually did lose had caused her to become somewhat excited.

Frank as well as Joey couldn’t help but notice that either. Miranda had luscious full breasts with rather large thick delicious nipples. Both of which had grown erect pressing fully against the tight tee shirt she had worn even through her bra.

Frank surprised her by extending his own pinky out, but rather than wrapping it around her own as she’d expected him to do, he placed it lightly on top one of her nipples causing her to flinch.

“That’s not exactly my pinky finger!” she stated leaning back and away from him forcing Frank’s finger to fall away from her breast.

“It is now…if you’re really serious about the bet!” he challenged her again. “You can back out now if you want to Miranda. One last chance. Either put up, or shut up!”

By way of an answer, she leaned forward once again. “You might as well pinky-swear on my boob too Joey because I am serious! I’m looking forward to watching the two of you wearing rubber gloves and cleaning my toilet!”


Frank had given Miranda easy to find directions up to his parents cabin. As she pulled into the long drive heading towards it, she shook her head in disbelief that she actually really was going through with this. And she’d been so close to winning too! Nearly downing the entire pitcher of Margarita’s, the bar tender who Frank and Joey had coaxed into helping them had just poured the last of the drink into the funnel when Miranda choked suddenly, her mouth pulling away with the last bit of drink suddenly drenching her. Shocked, she looked up to see both Joey as well as Frank looking just as stunned as she was initially until they both began grinning with the certain knowledge that their wildest fantasies were about to come true!

As Miranda pulled her car into the semi-circular driveway, Joey and Frank stepped out the front door of the cabin greeting her. Taking the overnight bag she’d packed, Frank actually leered. “You’re really not going to be needing this,” he said simply, then turned heading back into the cabin. Miranda followed, as did Joey who appeared considerably more nervous, almost embarrassed in fact than Frank had appeared.

She had heard Frank talk about his parents cabin before, but had never had the opportunity to see it though she’d actually been invited up on more than one occasion.

“Wow! This is pretty nice!” she admitted as she began following Frank up the spiral staircase leading up to the enormous upper floor. A large balcony overhung the downstairs sitting room where there was also an enormous fireplace that took up nearly the entire length of one wall. Reaching the top of the stairs, Frank gave Miranda a quick tour, sitting her bag down on one of the two twin beds inside the smaller of three bedrooms.

“Down the hall is the master bedroom,” he said a bit suggestively with a wink and a smile, letting Miranda know as he did that Frank had every intention of holding Miranda to their bet. “In here is the upstairs shower, as you can see, it’s easily big enough for four!” once again telling her as he showed her about that he as well as Joey had obviously been entertaining several naughty thoughts. Leading her into the main bedroom, Miranda saw that the enormous comforter had already been pulled down revealing black satin sheets covering the bed beneath it. Miranda actually walked over to the bed caressing the softness of them.

“Just for me?” she teased nervously herself. Frank nodded his head. “Just bought them for this occasion,” he admitted. “Thought you might like them.”

Miranda sat down on the bed. “Now what?” she asked a bit apprehensively. The boys turned looking towards one another.

“Well, like I said when you arrived. You probably won’t need much of whatever you brought along with you. Joey and I will go back downstairs and fix us some drinks, get a nice fire going for this evening so you won’t get too cold.”

“Too cold?”

“Yeah, cause after we go downstairs, the first thing you’re going to do is take everything off.”

“Oh really!” Miranda smiled in disbelief.

“Yeah…really. For the remainder of the weekend, until its time to leave Miranda, you won’t be wearing any clothing!”

Her grin disappeared. “You’re serious? Nothing?”

“Nothing!” Frank confirmed as Joey nodded his own head in support of what the two boys must have discussed and agreed upon earlier. “So, we’ll meet you downstairs whenever you’re ready,” he finished leading Joey back down the staircase.

Miranda wandered back into the small bedroom, sitting down on the edge of the bed as she began to contemplate that this weekend really was turning into a lot more than she’d anticipated that it might. She honestly wasn’t sure she could go through with this, but as she sat staring down at herself, or more precisely her hand as it rested upon her thigh, she remembered the ‘pinky-pledge’ and knew that there was no way, no matter what those two came up with that would cause her to break her agreement. Miranda had no idea what actually might be in store for her, but she figured that whatever it was the boys had come up with, she could, and would show them that she wasn’t as inhibited or afraid as they obviously thought her to be. With renewed determination to show both Joey as well as Frank that she honestly could handle whatever the two of them dished out, she stood and slowly began removing her clothes.

It had been a fairly warm summer. And though the evenings up in the mountains still tended to get a bit cool, it was hardly that now. Miranda stood looking down at herself. Her nipples were rock-hard, and not from any mountain chill. She realized that she really was aroused, just as she had been the night before as she’d sat grooming herself in the bathroom, trimming the downy-soft hair around her pussy. Miranda had been surprised to actually discover that she was as aroused as she’d been thinking about “the possibilities” she’d mused, wondering what her two friends might actually come up with and expect from her. And not that she hadn’t in the past entertained her own private fantasies regarding the two of them, she had. But the fact they had never even come close to acting on any sort of intimate contact between them had her nervously wondering what the two of them would actually look like naked, and even more amusing, “how would the two of them interact with her when she was?”

Miranda had found herself extremely aroused considering the possibilities. She’d packed a small overnight bag including one very sexy, very revealing nightgown, along with another not quite as provocative, but certainly as sexy. She’d then gone into the bathroom, started the tub, and had begun trimming her pussy. Just doing that sent lusty shivers of excitement coursing through her.

Testing the water that had accumulated less than two or three inches, she lay down inside the tub. Miranda was horny! She smiled wickedly to herself. She hadn’t done this in several months now. Placing herself beneath the faucet, Miranda spread her legs, resting one foot on either side of the tub. Adjusting the force of the water so that it wasn’t too strong, she closed her eyes, grinning to herself as the play of the pulsating water fell upon her perfectly, teasing as well as stimulating her clit. Reaching down with her hands, Miranda spread her lips a part, revealing the hardness of her small little clit even more obscenely, where the water now kissed and caressed it with a cascade of warm bathing pleasures.

She’d experienced two quick little orgasms before settling in and really allowing the falling water to slap against her pussy for an extended length of time before allowing herself to finally succumb to a third, extremely intense climax. The fact that she actually was looking forward to the weekend, nervous a bit, but more curiously excited about what might actually occur between the three of them.

Miranda shook her head waking up from the erotic memory, forcing herself back into the present. Taking a deep breath, she steeled herself, pinching her taut nipples, feeling an erotic thrill shooting through each one when she did. Padding bare-feet, almost silently down the hall towards the balcony, she leaned against the railing looking down into the room below. As she did, she saw both men sitting on one of the couches looking up at her, smiling expectantly.

“Holy shit!” Joey exclaimed as though he’d honestly thought Miranda never would actually take her clothes off. “Damn baby…you’re fucking beautiful!”

Miranda actually felt herself blush at the comment.

“Nice fucking tits!” he added with a low deep whistle as he sat there staring at her.

“Yes, they are!” Frank added gazing up towards her as well. “Miranda?”


“Play with your tits!” Frank told her.

“What?” she asked mildly surprised.

“You heard me! Play with your tits!”

She stared at him, feeling both embarrassed as well as very self-conscious.

“Remember? The bet? You said ‘anything!'”

She did, and she had. Closing her eyes so that she’d feel a little more comfortable, even though she was feeling extremely vulnerable at the moment, Miranda reached up cupping both breasts within her hands and stood there above them while the two young men watched as she began fingering her nipples.

“Oh yeah, that’s good!” Frank urged her on in continuing. “Now…lick them!”

Miranda’s eyes popped open.

“Ah huh…you heard me, now lick them!”

Miranda cupped one of her breasts within her hands, lifting it, allowing her tongue to snake out tentatively teasing her nipple. Erotic shivers coursed through her, she could feel the wetness gathering between her legs as the outright decadence of standing there in full view while she stood licking her own nipples was wickedly appealing!

“Tell her to play with her pussy!” Joey implored Frank to ask her to do. He laughed.

“Joey, I’m not the only one that can tell her to do stuff you know. She has to do whatever you tell her to do too remember?”

Joey let that thought settle in for a moment, almost surprised when it did that he had the same power over Miranda that Frank had. “Oh yeah…cool!”

Miranda soon alternated, now cupping and licking her right breast as the boys continued to watch her.

“Now…play with your pussy too!” Joey finally told her finding his own voice. Once again Miranda couldn’t help but open her eyes, looking back down into the room as though seeking confirmation they had really asked her to touch herself.

“You heard him!” Frank confirmed a second later. “We want to see you play with yourself!”

Miranda certainly had masturbated, frequently in fact…especially lately. But she had never in her entire life ever done so in front of anyone before. Not even her ex-boyfriend Steven though he’d once suggested that she do so for him. Miranda hesitated.

“Come on Miranda!” Frank pressed softly.

“It might be easier for me to do that if the two of you were naked as well you know!” she blurted boldly, trying to buy some time, wondering if in fact either one of them would actually take off their clothing, or if all this was just some big bluff to see if they could actually get her to do things they’d really never intended or dreamed she would actually do. Which is when Frank stood up off the couch and began removing his clothes.

“I was just about to do that anyway!” he yelled up at her. Seeing that Frank was indeed stripping down, Joey stood and began removing his own clothing as well. Soon, each of them was as naked as she, sporting magnificent hard erections as they once again sat down on the couch.

“Now…where were we? Or actually…where were you?” Frank teased. “Something about touching yourself I believe?”

Trapped, with nowhere to go from here, she did. Lowering her hand, Miranda allowed her fingers to slip just inside the moist warm folds of her flesh. Only somewhat surprised at herself for actually doing so, she was heated and aroused just enough that the initial shock that she could be doing such a thing in front of someone, especially her two friends, wasn’t nearly as bad as she’d at first thought it would be. In fact, she found herself getting quite a kick out of the look on their faces as she began finger-fucking herself, actually enjoying the exquisite sensations that rapidly inflamed her pussy as well as her desire. Looking down into the room, she was just as equally pleased to see that both Joey and Frank sat there masturbating themselves, though appearing to do so without so much purpose as mindless automation as their eyes remained riveted on her as she continued to explore herself, now doing so with much more abandon that she had been.

“Make yourself cum too!” Joey now added really getting into this. “I want to see you make yourself cum!”

As good as she was feeling, Miranda knew her own body. To merely stand there fingering her slit, occasionally rubbing her clitoris wasn’t going to easily get herself off. There was a lot more she enjoyed doing when she really got serious about pleasuring herself. She would have to lower her own inhibitions even more if she was going to do that, allow herself to somehow block her two voyeurs out of her own mind if she was seriously going to allow herself the pleasure of experiencing an actual climax. Sure…she could fake having one, but even that as she only briefly considered it seemed in violation of their agreement. Something as simple as pretending to climax as opposed to actually doing so was something that in her mind, the ‘pinky-promise’ also covered.

Watching Joey and Frank jerking themselves off helped however. And the distance still between them gave her newfound courage to actually begin doing as they’d now asked. Miranda began lightly slapping her lips with the tips of her fingers, knowing full well that this would begin to build the desired sweetness she needed in order to achieve orgasm. When the intensity was just as she liked it, Miranda increased both the rapidity as well as the pressure upon the lips of her cunt as she now palmed herself, a combination of both cupping as well as slapping her outer, as well as inner lips.

“Oh God!” she actually moaned, forgetting herself, as well as momentarily forgetting she had an audience.

“Fuck yes Miranda! That’s it baby, slap that pussy!” Joey called out excitedly.

Miranda soon reached that level of pleasure where only then did she switch tactics upon herself, now driving the middle finger of her right hand deeply inside the wet slick passage of her split. Simultaneously, she pumped her finger inwards, lifting as she did to ensure that her swollen clitoris was being equally stimulated, her left hand now pinching, twisting, and pulling upon the inflamed nipple of her right breast.

“Yeah baby! Yeah! Shit yeah!” she heard Frank near yelling as she spiraled closer and closer towards climax. Miranda felt the numbness come, felt the initial tingles of electricity as they discharged somewhere deep inside her soul, extending out to visit briefly with each nipple, especially the one she now held firmly between two fingers, gripping it vise-like, pulling on it and extending it outwards almost to the point of pleasured-pain. Only then did she feel the abundance of creamy nectar seem to explode inside her passage. The warmth, the pearly liquid now cascading forth to bathe her pummeling hand and fingers.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! I’m cumming!” she actually screamed, feeling her knees weaken as she at last let go of her breast, grasping the railing for support as she allowed her body to surrender to the sweetness that now enveloped her almost too sensitive clit.

Miranda exploded with ecstasy. Though finally removing her hand from deep within her split, she found herself rubbing the smoothness of her skin, her puffy swollen lips against the polished wood-grained railing as though still fucking her lover as the spasms of her orgasm slowly diminished.

“Fuck that was nice!” Frank finally exclaimed as Miranda at last collected herself, once again standing straight, feeling the flush of both embarrassment as well as the ebb of unbridled excitement filling her cheeks.

“Now…come down here baby. Joey and I have something for you to do!” he leered wickedly.


By the time Miranda’s bare foot touched the floor after making her way slowly down the stairs, Joey and Frank had stood, walking over to meet her. Before she knew it, Frank was kissing her, his lips pressed hotly, passionately against her own. Miranda succumbed to the kiss, swimming in it, her eyes closing of their own accord as she allowed Frank’s tongue to playfully caress and tease her own.

The feel of Joey’s lips suddenly encircling one of her nipples merely ignited the not yet cold embers of her passion. Feeling his lips gently sucking her nipple made the kiss she was experiencing with Frank all the more sensual. When at last their kiss broke, she wasn’t at all surprised to find Joey waiting his turn to kiss her, nor upon doing that, the feel of Frank’s lips now capturing the nipple of her previously neglected breast.

As far as Miranda was concerned, she was merely content to stand there, take turns kissing each man, and enjoy the delicious sensation of having her breasts licked and tickled simultaneously.

“Fuck I’m horny!” Joey finally exclaimed, unable to keep his own passion from reaching the boiling point. Frank laughed.

“Yeah, me too. Come on Miranda, lets head back over to the couch now.”

Each of them took one of her hands, leading her towards it as though fearful she would come to her senses and make some attempt at fleeing away. Which was the furthest thing on her mind at the moment. Aroused more than she’d ever been before in her entire life, Miranda was excitedly curious to see just what the two men had in store for her, and more importantly perhaps, just how far they were planning on taking things.

Up until this very moment, Miranda had not really gotten a good look at either man’s cock. As Joey led her towards the couch, sitting down, she was able to see that his prick was not quite as long as Frank’s was, though it did appear to be a little thicker around.

“What do you want me to do?” Miranda asked as it became evident that Joey was leading up to something.

“Baby, something I’ve been dying to do for a long time now. What I’d like is, for you to jack my cock off with those beautiful tits of yours!” Miranda almost laughed. It had been one of the first things her “ex” had requested of her too.

“What’s with men and their fantasy to rub their cocks between a woman’s breasts anyway?” she asked jokingly.

“Well just look at them Miranda! They’re beautiful! That’s why!”

Joey had already begun to reach for a nearby bottle of baby oil. Once again, this was something the two men had probably already discussed and planned for earlier. Kneeling before him on the floor, Miranda held her large breasts together surrounding Joey’s prick as he began pouring a generous amount of baby oil all over her breasts as well as his cock.

“What about you?” she asked Frank already having a pretty good idea of what it was he wanted.

“While you’re doing that, I want you to suck my dick!” he informed her.

Miranda laughed, “Figured as much,” she said smiling as Frank stepped over closer towards her where she enthusiastically drew a good portion of his long hard cock between her lips.

“Oh fuck! That’s nice Miranda! Those tits of yours feel great against my cock!” Joey exclaimed shuddering with obvious excitement as she continued to press her breasts together moving them slowly up and down the length of Joey’s penis with a great deal of help from the overabundance of baby oil.

“Sucks cock pretty good too!” Frank added with a bit of breathlessness in his own voice, which Miranda found herself getting off on in knowing that both men were extremely aroused, highly turned on by the sensations she was giving each one of them.

Though she had recently climaxed, Miranda soon found herself becoming aroused all over again listening to the erotic sounds as both men moaned and groaned their pleasures as to what she was doing to them, enjoying the fact now that she was.

“Oh fuck Miranda, I’m gonna shoot a ton of cream all over these tits of yours!” Joey announced pleasurably.

Miranda removed her mouth from around Frank’s prick in order to give Joey her undivided attention. He really was close, and she knew it. Without so much as a word in protest, Frank allowed this brief intermission, perhaps curious himself to see Joey pour his hot semen all over their friends breasts.

“Go for it buddy!” he urged Joey. “Spill it dude, shoot it all over her tits!”

Perhaps hearing that brought him right up to the edge. “Go ahead Joey, squirt it all over these nice big titties!” she told him in the sultriest voice imaginable. “Give it to me baby! Let me feel all that nice hot cream running down my tits!”

That did it. Hearing Miranda urging him on as she had, Joey groaned, arched his back as the first massive spurt from the head of his prick shot straight up into the air splashing against Miranda’s chin.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! More baby, More!” Miranda coaxed jackhammering Joey’s cock now as rapidly as she could all the while keeping a nice firm hold on him with her breasts. Joey continued to pour what almost appeared to be gallons of thick hot cream against her chest, her breasts suddenly coated in the thick creamy goo, which she now began using as additional lubricant though her tit-fucking motions began to gradually slow, as did the outpouring of Joey’s orgasm.

“Holy shit Miranda!” he finally managed, still breathless and enjoying the way Miranda’s cum covered boobs looked.

“You liked that huh?” she said with a giggle, actually finding the whole experience extremely erotic, if not wickedly delightful to have seen as well as felt.

Miranda now turned her attention back towards Frank, reaching out with both her hand as well as her mouth in order to pick up where she’d left off. To her surprise, Frank backed away just out of reach.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“No…what are you doing?” Frank asked her back.

“What do you mean?”

“Tell me. Say it…what are you about to do?”

Curiously Miranda looked directly into Franks face. In all the years she’d known him, she’d never seen this half-crazed expression before.

“I’m going to suck you,” she said somewhat uneasily.

“Suck what?” he prompted her again.

“Your dick.”

Frank pulled away just out of reach once more. “Not good enough baby. Say it like you mean it. Tell me what it is you want to do to me,” he smiled looking a little more like himself.

Not exactly frightened by this change in his demeanor, Miranda was still taken off balance by it, but finding that she was even more aroused now than she’d been moments ago.

“Ok,” she began. “I’m going to fucking suck your cock off Frank. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

“Something like that,” he said grinning. “And what are you going to do with my cum baby?” he asked.

“What would you like me to do with it?” she asked back.

“Swallow it,” he groaned allowing Miranda to finally place the tip of her tongue on the sensitive tip of his prick. “Now tell me…” he said still moaning as Miranda pulled the head of his cock inside her mouth speaking as she did.

“I’m going to suck your cock off until you squirt inside my mouth baby. Then I’m going to fucking swallow every delicious drop of it!” she added, suddenly clamping her mouth around him in a nice tight squeeze that buckled his knees.

“Oh fuck Miranda! You really do suck a mean cock!” he told her delightedly.

Miranda had begun stroking him with her hand, teasing him with her tongue as well as all but swallowing the length of his shaft in between doing that. Standing before her as he was, Frank placed his hands upon her head for support, but was soon beginning to pull on her hair, fucking her face as his orgasm began to rapidly approach. She could feel his balls beginning to tighten, knowing as they did that he would soon be pouring his cream down her throat. But she had one more little surprise waiting for him too, one that she was reasonably sure he’d enjoy. Using her free hand, Miranda managed to swipe up quite a bit of the excess baby oil still covering her breasts. Placing her finger just at the opening of Frank’s ass, she pushed, her finger suddenly, easily sliding up inside his rectum. Almost immediately Frank shivered and she knew that she was about to receive his hot creamy spunk.

“Fuck! I want to see it Miranda! Let me see it shoot inside your mouth baby!”

Reluctantly, Miranda removed her mouth from around Frank’s prick, though keeping it open and cheating a little as she continued to tickle it with the tip of her tongue. Her finger continued to worm around up inside his ass as her other hand continued pumping his long hard prick up and down as she felt the mushroom head of his prick suddenly expand before releasing the first torrent of Frank’s joy-juice.

“Oh fuck! Here…it…cums!” he announced, glancing down as Miranda opened her mouth even wider than before so that he could watch the cum leap from the head of his prick squirting into the hungrily waiting passage between her succulent lips.

Frank too seemed to expel a massive quantity of cream from his prick, finally forcing Miranda to swallow, which she now did and included wrapping her lips more fully around his prick as she strained towards sucking him fully and completely dry. A short time afterwards, Frank forcibly pulled away from her, staggering back over towards a nearby chair where he collapsed unceremoniously, exhausted, drained as well as being pleasantly surprised.

“God Miranda! You really do give one hell of a blowjob!” he said complimenting her.

“Why thank you!” she grinned, allowing a little of the excess cream to dribble from the corner of her mouth where she then licked it up with her tongue, showing it to him briefly before closing her mouth, tasting the salty-tartness of Frank’s final spurting as she swallowed it.

If she hadn’t been horny before, she certainly was now! But as both men had just spent themselves, Miranda was reasonably sure it would be a considerable period of time before either one of them was ready and able to satisfy any of her now burning desires.

“Well now, how about that drink?” she questioned. “Perhaps by then, the two of you will be ready to go again,” she added hopefully. Both men were smiling.

Frank reached over towards the end table where he was sitting and held up a small box.

“I think we’ve got that covered,” he said with a shit-eating grin on his face. Miranda quickly read the label.

“Viagra? Isn’t that just for guys who can’t get it up?”

“Not exactly,” Frank told her. “It’s also great for keeping it up,” he told her, “Even after you’ve cum!”

Miranda noticed. Though each of them had just barely finished climaxing, Joey was already rock-hard again, and even Frank’s prick seemed to be rejuvenating right before her very eyes.

“Well I’ll be!” she exclaimed in surprise.

“Yes you will,” Joey grinned back at her.

“Will what?”

“You’ll be fucked nice and hard very soon here!” Frank finished for him. “But first, lets have those drinks!”


It actually felt pretty good just sitting there laughing and joking with her two friends much like they always did. But this time of course, they were all doing so naked. Even so, Miranda felt comfortable, and though she had calmed somewhat, the wetness between her legs remained as a constant reminder that she was reasonably still horny too, and was hopeful that soon the two men would provide her with some real necessary relief.

“Lets go upstairs,” Frank suggested. “Perhaps a nice hot showers in order,” he recommended.

That did seem like a good idea. Joey’s cream had by now dried and caked all over her breasts. And though she’d enjoyed the feel of it squirting against her, it had now begun to flake as well as causing her skin to crinkle. Added to that, the thought of the two men washing and soaping her sounded very appealing.

“Good idea!” Miranda told them both, sprinting towards the stairs as both men quickly gave chase following behind her.


As she had anticipated and hoped for, they’d begun by soaping one another up. Miranda enjoyed the feel of two sets of hands tenderly caressing her, exploring her from head to toe. They had of course lingered a considerable length of time, soaping, and re-soaping her breasts. But she didn’t mind it at all as they had once again become tenderly aroused, her nipples swollen, erect and yearnfully in need. She also enjoyed the feel of both pricks, one now in each hand as she stood there stroking them both simultaneously, hands…fingers teasing and exploring her pussy, ass, as well as her breasts.

“God…I need to be fucked!” she suddenly announced surprising herself. “Who wants to go first anyway?”

“Be my guest Frank,” Joey allowed. “I’d like to watch for a moment or two anyway,” he grinned.

Frank nodded his head, then turned towards Miranda. “I’ll want you to do something special for me,” he told her.


“I’ll tell you when its time,” he said.

She looked at him curiously, but didn’t continue with the thought. Frank positioned himself on the floor of the shower as the warmth of it continued to pulsate, beating down upon her back as she took up a position to straddle him there on the floor. Joey quickly slid in beside them to watch immediately locating one of her breasts were he began fondling and tweaking one of her hard stiff nipples.

Easing her very wet slit down over the entire length of Frank’s shaft, she allowed one or two slow easy strokes until she’d accommodated him fully, feeling the lubrication of her pussy as it bathed the length of his prick now resting fully and deeply inside her. She began to ease upwards in preparation for beginning what she hoped to be a nice long, yet hard fuck.

“Ok Miranda, this is what I want you to do now,” Frank said freezing her in place.

She halted her motion mid-stride, once again settling herself back down upon his cock where she felt the fullness of him filling her completely. She looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to finish.

“Pee!” was all he said.

“What?” Miranda was sure she hadn’t heard him correctly. “What did you just say?”

“What I said was…I want you too pee, just like you are, sitting on me with my cock buried inside you. Think you can do that?”

For the first time, Miranda truly was speechless. She sat for a long moment contemplating his request, not at all sure this was one she really could comply with.

“You’re serious?”

“Very. Think you can do it?” he now asked with a pleading tone of voice that was both sincere as well as highly aroused.

“I don’t know…maybe,” she actually considered. She had had a considerable amount to drink, and hadn’t gone as yet though she had felt the urge earlier just before stepping into the shower. As there hadn’t been any privacy however, she’d fought off the urge, especially as it hadn’t become so intolerable that she couldn’t wait to actually do so later. “You really want me to pee on you with your cock up inside my pussy?”

“Say cunt,” he corrected. “It’s a little naughtier word and I love hearing a woman say it, especially when she’s excited.”

Miranda actually laughed though she was already blushing at the vulgar, yet wickedly interesting request she’d just been given.

“So…you want me…to pee on your cock while it’s fucking my cunt. Is that it?”

“That’s about it!” Frank shot back at her. “The question is, can you do it?”

“To be honest Frank, it’s not exactly something I’ve ever considered doing before, I’m not even sure I can do it under the circumstances,” she admitted openly to him.

“Will you at least try Miranda? I’d really enjoy feeling it. It’s always been one of my biggest fantasies, and one that I never believed I’d ever get a chance to do. But…since you did agree to ‘anything’, I thought this might be the best chance I’d ever have of actually experiencing it!”

“Well, no promises. But ok…I’ll try. If that’s what you really want me to do,” she said still skeptically.

“Oh, I do! I really, really do!” he implored her.

Miranda began to concentrate, though finding it very hard to do so with a thick hard prick shoved up her pussy.

“Don’t move! This is hard enough as it is!” she said. Frank giggled.

“What? My cock? Or you trying to pee on it?” “Both!” Miranda laughed back, then felt the first tiny trickle of urine as it escaped. “Damn! Maybe I can after all!” she exclaimed in surprise, once again concentrating, suddenly feeling the force of the tiny trickle increase until she was letting out a full stream of hot steamy urine.

“Fuck!” Frank moaned audibly. “God Miranda! You’re doing it!”

“She’s really peeing on you?” Joey suddenly asked trying to get a look-see as she did.

“Oh hell yes…God Joey, you really should try this some time! It feels fucking great!”

“Yes…it does actually,” Miranda found herself saying, “There’s something vulgarly obscene about it that is really becoming quite a turn on to me!”

Miranda began frigging her clit, teasing it with the tip of her finger, spreading herself a part with one hand while she rubbed the pearly nubbin of flesh, still managing to loose a stream of urine around Frank’s hard swollen cock that now throbbed, bobbing back and forth inside her tight wet opening as she continued peeing upon him.

“Getting any easier?” he asked.

“No. But in a way, it’s helping to make it last a lot longer too. That, and trying to concentrate on two…no, make that three things at once here is extremely interesting!”

Miranda was swirling her clit rapidly now as Joey stepped behind her, cupping both of her full breasts within his hands, beginning to knead and toy with her thimble sized nipples.

“Oh yeah, that’s nice Joey! Now, pull on them a little harder, sort of pinch them a little.”

He began doing that. “Oh yes perfect! Just keep playing with them just like that!” she instructed him.

“Ok Frank…NOW you can fuck me!” she all but begged him as she continued to squirt his cock, rubbing her clit, and enjoying the sensation of his hard firm shaft as it began thrusting upwards even more deeply inside her.

Before she even knew what was happening, Miranda began to climax. She felt that familiar little tingle, followed almost immediately by an earth shattering explosion that took her completely by surprise. It had swept upon her with amazing speed, and even more surprising intensity. Perhaps it had been her concentration and focus, the additional stimulus of Frank’s penis bobbing back inside her pussy at the same time, as well as Joey’s hands and fingers that had been skillfully toying with her super-sensitive breasts and nipples. Whatever the reason, Miranda allowed herself to cry out with delicious joy, the scream finding its own way out of her throat as thousands of tiny little white stars suddenly exploded inside her head.

She might have passed out momentarily, she wasn’t really sure. Frank hadn’t cum yet, and was still slowly thrusting in and out of her pussy, though it was obviously not his intent to climax, more than simply allowing her a nice easy way to slowly come back down from wherever it was she’d flown away to.

“What do you say we all towel off and head into the bedroom? I know that Joey here is dying to have his cock sucked, and I for one wouldn’t mind eating a little pussy. In fact…I want to eat a whole lot of this pussy!” he said thrusting quickly inside her half a dozen times. “And maybe we’d better do that soon before I decide to finish off inside you, right here…right now!” he added once again fucking her pussy another two, three quick times.

“I don’t know Frank. Keep doing that, and I just may keep you here, I’m already getting close to another one!”

“Hey!” Joey exclaimed with a frown on his face. “I think the two of you have been having all the fun. Now it’s my turn!” he nearly demanded.

“I think we’d best go,” Frank whispered to her. “Before poor Joey explodes!”

And Miranda saw by the looks of things, that he very well easily could too!

They soon found themselves in the bedroom, sprawled comfortably upon the soft satin sheets. As Frank had wanted to do, he’d positioned himself between Miranda’s legs, spreading them, and spent a good deal of time simply gazing at her sweet luscious quim. Eventually, he began to softly lick her there, taking time to introduce his tongue to her semi-hidden clitoris before exposing it even more fully with his fingers, giving her a much more proper welcum.

By now, Joey had knelt down beside her head on the bed, where Miranda had turned taking his rock-hard shaft into her mouth, sucking him and taking the fullness of him near-completely inside her throat.

“God…she really does suck cock nicely doesn’t she?”

“Hell yes she does!” Frank answered, the flat of his tongue still embedded within the fur-lined groove of her split sounding thick-tongued even as he spoke. “And her pussy sure tastes sweet as hell too!” he added giving her a nice long lingering stroke of the tongue, ending with his lips just capturing her clit, sucking it briefly. Miranda moaned, moaned around Joey’s cock giving his prick an unexpected thrill.

“Whatever you just did to her…do it again! I liked what she just did to my prick when you did whatever the hell it was you just did!”

After that, it became a bit of a ‘tag-team’ match. Just when Miranda thought she was about to explode, the guys would exchange places, and suddenly everything would start up from square one again. With Joey now licking her pussy, the sensation slightly different than the way Frank tickled her split with his tongue, but just enough differing interest to keep it constantly exciting as she’d readjust to the new style and technique. Even the subtle differences in the guys cocks, size…shape, was enough to add additional stimulus to her own reawakened arousal level, which was constantly shifting, continually escalating so that Miranda knew that in time, she would soon orgasm no matter who was going down on her. Her pleasures had already intensified to the boiling point enough as it were, so that now she was straining with the effort to force Frank’s cock to erupt the moment she felt her own pussy liquefy in pleasured release.

Seconds later, Miranda was doing just that. And as she began to spiral up somewhere towards the stars, she knew in an instant that this was going to be one of those very ‘special’ ones she so rarely had too. She thought briefly of actually warning poor Joey what he was in for, but as the ecstasy took over, she decided to let him discover it for himself.

Miranda moaned, felt not just the additional rush of lubrication further moisten her pussy, but the mind-numbing torrent of female cum-cream as it erupted much like a volcanic lava flow, spewing forth from deep within her cunt, the walls of her vagina suddenly expelling a torrent of rich, frothy female cum cream. The sound of Joey’s elated surprise reaching her ears, but his tongue now stabbing, penetrating her even deeper as he began to devour the honey-sweet nectar that continued to shoot out of her own pussy, and into his hungrily sucking mouth.

Hearing as well as seeing all this was the final straw for Frank’s throbbing prick. With Miranda’s sweet lips nearly driving him insane, he strained, feeling the first pressured release of jisim as it shot from the tip of his prick, flooding her mouth. Greedily, she began swallowing each and every spurt of his fluid as he continued pumping in into her, matching the force and tempo of her own female ejaculations which she too continued to produce, near drowning poor Joey as he struggled to drink from the fountain of her youth.

Soon after they all collapsed upon the bed, drained, exhausted from their exertions. The mixture of fluids so having saturated the sheets that there wasn’t anything BUT a wet spot to roll around in.

“I think…it’s time we fixed some dinner, got something to eat before we start things up again,” Frank announced.

“I think we’re all going to need our strength later,” Miranda agreed.

Joey smiled, “You can say that again. Hell, we’ve only scratched a few items off of our list!” he blurted out.

“List? What list?” Miranda asked. “You mean to tell me you guys actually got together and made a list of things you wanted to do? Where is it anyway?” she asked.

They headed downstairs where Frank pulled a steno pad that had been stuck beneath a pile of magazines sitting on the coffee table. Miranda began thumbing through the binder, her eyes suddenly becoming wide on occasion, smiling on others.

“What’s the bananas for?” Joey grinned broadly.

“Tomorrow, we thought it might be nice to turn you into a banana split!” Frank laughed, enjoying his own joke.

“Well, that certainly explains the Maraschino Cherries too then!” she added scanning the list, which is when she noticed the title at the top and laughed. “Miranda things to do list?”

“What can I say?” Frank smiled. “We’ve been thinking about this a lot!”

“I can see that. Anyone have a pen I can borrow?” Miranda asked.

“What for?”

She grinned. “Well actually, there’s one or two things I’d like to try as long as we’re here. Hell, after everything we’ve just experienced, I guess now’s the time to find out about a few things as long as we’re all willing participants!”

Miranda began to write as both Joey and Frank crowed around her to see what it was she put down.

“Fuck me!” Joey exclaimed after reading one or two of her comments.

“Only if you’ve got a strap-on I can borrow,” Miranda told him. “Perhaps we’ll try that next time!”

“Well, lets see about that dinner, how about some wine to go along with?” Frank asked her. “Steak ok?”

“Sounds delicious!” Miranda responded stretching out on the bear rug that was situated in front of the ready to light fire. “And what’s for dessert after that?”

“You are!” both men said nearly in unison. Right where you are in fact!” Frank added. “It’s going to be a very long, very exhausting evening I’m afraid.”

“Hope you brought plenty of those little blue pills with you,” Miranda teased back. “And…plenty of KY jelly for me. I think I’m going to need it!”

“Right behind you there on the floor,” Joey said pointing. “Like we said earlier, we planned for a lot of this already.”

“I can see that!” Miranda grinned, easing a teasing finger up her split as the boys stood their gaping at her. “You’d better hurry up with dinner, or I might just start without you,” she quipped still delicately fingering her rapidly moistening quim.

“Go right ahead,” Frank told her. “In fact Miranda, I want to see you play with yourself while we’re fixing dinner. Which reminds me, I bought you another present today. Something I really think you’ll enjoy.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

Frank reached down beneath the counter producing a rather nice-sized box. “Sorry it’s not gift-wrapped or anything,” he said handing it to her. She gapped at it and laughed.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to try one of these.”

“Well now’s your chance!” Joey said chiming in. “Like Frank here said, lay back, enjoy yourself while we fix dinner and enjoy watching you!”

Miranda sat back resting her head against the seat of the couch. Lifting the white-colored toy from its box. “Hmm, The Butterfly,” she read. “Interesting!” She noticed that what appeared to be a butterfly spreading its wings would seemingly fit perfectly next to her clit with the length of the vibrating toy itself being buried deeply inside her.

“That’s why I got it for you,” Frank spoke. “Thought you might enjoy trying it out. And besides, it’s another one of those things on the list there,” he added with an evil wink.

“I must have missed that one,” she replied still turning the new toy over in her hands. “What are these beads for anyway?” she asked noticing that a portion of the penis shaped toy had a section of beads showing through a see-through portion of the dildo.

“Oh…those rotate while it’s inside you,” Joey explained.

“Oh really?”

“Go ahead, try it out Miranda!” he told her. “Dinner’s going to be a while yet, so you just might as well give it a test-drive.”

“Think I’ll do just that,” she said turning the fuck-toy on. “Oh my…powerful isn’t it?” she said feeling it come a live in her hand. “Shit guys…I won’t even need you two after being given this!”

“Well, maybe not after this weekend, but as long as you are here…you still have to do whatever we tell you to do remember?”

“Ah huh…” Miranda purred as she began slipping the joystick inside her now pulsating pussy.


After dinner along with several more glasses of wine, Frank had gotten a nice warm fire going that soon made the room almost uncomfortably warm, though the night had cooled considerably. He had also shut off all the lights so that the only source of lighting now came from the fire that the three of them were lying in front of.

“So…what’s next?” Miranda asked, already feeling her desire return, as had the guys with the help of the supply of little blue pills they’d been so thoughtful in bringing a long. Frank’s cock was already hard and firm with the expectation of things to come. She lazily reached over and began toying with Joey’s, which soon began to rise back to its full stiff size as well.

“Where’s that KY?” Frank asked. “Cause we’re at the place where we’re really going to need it!”

“How so?” Miranda asked.

“Well, lets just say we’re about to fuck you simultaneously,” Frank told her. “Remember Miranda, you agreed…’anything’!”

Now she was a little nervous and a bit apprehensive. “You’re really going to make me do this aren’t you?” she asked them.

They were both grinning, already fisting their cocks with eager anticipation.

“Ok, so where is the KY jelly again?”

Joey quickly located it, passing it over towards Miranda. Frank began rolling a condom over his prick, soon after applying a generous helping of the KY to his now condom covered cock.

“How we going to do this?” she asked curiously.

“Probably the best way first is for Joey to lie down. Once he has, then you go ahead and climb up on top of him. Once he’s inside you, just hold still and let me take things from there,” Frank explained.

“Ok…but slow and easy though alright? I’ve never had a cock inside my ass before Frank, and I’ll be honest with you. Pinky swear or no, I’m still not sure I’ll be able to do this!”

“Well, as long as you give it an honest try Miranda, then I think the pinky-oath will have been fulfilled. But I’m reasonably sure that this’ll work. And I promise, I will take things slow and easy! Just don’t freak out or get too anxious about it. If you need me to stop and hold still for a minute or two, just say so and I will. But eventually, you’ll get used to it and will be able to take more and more of my cock up inside your ass.”

Somewhat fearful even then, Miranda mounted Joey’s prick feeling it slide easily inside her. Once he’d buried himself to the hilt, she felt Frank applying yet another liberal helping of KY to her still very tight anal opening. He knelt behind her, easing just the tip of his finger inside her where he continued to further coat and lubricate her ass, as well as gingerly beginning to stretch and expand the passage.

“Hmm, that’s not so bad,” Miranda admitted as she enjoyed the tickle of his finger inside her, especially with Joey’s cock resting comfortably and fully inside her dripping pussy.

Satisfied with the progress he’d made, Frank finally removed his finger from Miranda’s beautiful ass, stepping around and behind her where he then knelt, placing the head of his prick at the tiny puckered opening. He began to press, feeling the tip of his cock gingerly easing in. Miranda groaned.

“Want me to stop?” he asked her.

“No, it’s ok…I’ll let you know if you need to,” she assured him. “Trust me!”

Frank pushed a little harder, still stopping momentarily to see how Miranda was doing, though she appeared to be doing just fine. He pushed a little more, felt the inner ring suddenly expand, allowing a good two or three inches of entry inside her tight clenching ass.

“Still ok?”

“Yes…but slowly now. I think I’m getting used to it,” she told him.

He took his time with her, eventually easing nearly the full length of his shaft inside her ass. Only then did he remain still, allowing her to more fully adjust to the intrusion until at last, they both felt her inner muscles relax allowing him a much freer movement as he began to give her swallow, quick little thrusts back and forth inside her.

“How’s that feel?”

“Feel’s good!” she responded thickly.

“Ok Joey, I think you can start fucking her too now!” Frank told him.

As Joey began to slowly ease his own cock in and out of Miranda’s pussy, Frank began coordinating his still shallow, but slightly quickening pace until he could feel the press of Joey’s cock against his prick as they coordinated their movements in and out of her two passages.

“How’s that now?” Frank asked again.

“Oh my God!” Miranda exclaimed, “Fucking fantastic!”

“You like it then?” Frank asked actually thrusting himself fully and deeply into her all at once.

“Fuck yes! Oh my God! Fuck yes!” she actually yelled.

“What are we doing to you?” Frank pressed, once again feeling the heat of passion overwhelming his senses.

“Fucking me!” Miranda answered.

“Yes, we are. But how are we fucking you? What are we doing to you Miranda?”

“You’re fucking my ass…my pussy. Cunt!” she amended by herself remembering. “You’re fucking my wet fucking pussy, and my tight fucking ass!”

“Want more?” Frank asked driving himself even deeper, harder inside that now slick opening. Joey had reached up taking each one of Miranda’s swinging breasts within his hands, almost painfully twisting and pulling on her nipples, his cock driving into her from below just as powerfully as Frank’s was sliding into her from behind.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me Frank! Fuck me Joey! Fuck me you two beautiful pricks! Fuck me!”

Frank reached up taking a handful of Miranda’s hair within his hand near jerking her head backwards where he leaned over, kissing her hard and full upon the mouth.

“You like the way my prick feels inside you?” he asked looking into her wild eyes. “You like how Joey’s cock feels, sliding against mine as we sit here fucking you together?”

“Yes! Yes!” she groaned over and over, nearly crying now with the penultimate intensity of the moment. “Your prick…cock…dick…feels so good inside my cunt, my ass…Oh God yes…fuck my pussy, fuck my ass…fuck me!” she screamed loud enough to cause an echo to actually sound within the hallway of the cabin. “Fuck me hard!” she screamed out once again. “I’m fucking going to cum!”

Once again Miranda’s quim exploded with the same nectar white discharge that it had before, though if anything, even more so now than she had then. The spray of her pussy juice pushed past the pistoning shaft of Joey’s cock, the mist of her female cum-cream bathing his balls, coating them in the pearly-like substance of her orgasm, even as Frank cried out, driving his prick as deep as it had ever gone inside her ass, holding it there as he began pouring out his own pleasure, filling the reservoir of the condom to near overflowing.

Joey too began to climax, his own needful spurts shooting deeply inside Miranda’s cunt, his juices now mingling and mixing with her own which continued to pour forth as though never ending in either quantity or duration of her ecstasy.

Frank finally pulled out of Miranda’s ass, stripping the condom from his prick, pouring the contents of his jisim upon the back of her ass where he began rubbing it into her flesh as though it were a soothing lotion.

Miranda had just begun to calm when the second of yet another powerful orgasm began ripping through her. “Oh my God! Slap my ass Frank! Slap my ass…hard!” she was screaming once again, riding Joey’s still stiff cock even though he’d just finished spending the last of whatever cum-cream he’d managed to produce inside her almost too slippery pussy.

Frank in fact spanked her ass perhaps harder than he’d intended to do, but Miranda merely cried out in additional pleasure, the pain of the sting becoming pleasure as it intensified, then joined her already throbbing pussy as she quickly headed towards a third, then a forth rich full climax. Frank slipped his finger back inside her ass just as she did, felt her ass tighten, trapping his finger inside holding it there. The sound of her ear-piercing scream filled the night where she moments later collapsed on top of Joey, who’d already gone off into another universe of his own. Frank lay down beside her, his hands gently caressing and stroking her body as she made feeble attempts at trying to come around.

“Rest baby, rest. We have an entire weekend a head of us to enjoy yet!” he whispered soothingly into her ear. “And we’ve barely even scratched the list yet,” he said laughing softly. “Though I think we still need to discuss that one item you wrote down,” he told her. “And besides, we’re the one’s who won here, not sure that request of yours falls under our pinky agreement.”

Miranda opened her eyes turning her head back towards him. “You and Joey do that one for me, and you can have me, any time, any where, any place,” she stated hardly having the breath to do so.

“We’ll talk,” Frank said smiling. “Hell, who knows? After this weekend, anything’s possible!”

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