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Melons in the Morning

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My stammered exclamation hung there in the laundry room as the young woman and I stared at each other. I could not for the life of me recall her real name. She was, after all, not my son’s girlfriend. If anything, she was a hanger-on, an occasional presence drinking beer or occupying a lawn chair while the boys worked on trucks. All the guys just called her “Melons” because of the balloon like breasts she so proudly paraded in front of her.

While the embarrassment of her walking out of my son’s bedroom in this pre-dawn hour as I stood naked, waiting for the shower, built into that laundry room, to warm swirled around us, I recalled that she had stooped by while I ate dinner last night, asking my son to look at her car. They had vanished for coffee, and I had given her no further thought. Except here she was, stepping out of his room, wearing a not very long T-shirt, and, it seemed, nothing else. Her melons filled the shirt just fine, and I realized, to my further embarrassment, that my cock was swelling in response.

“I’m sorry…” we both started at the same instance, which made us both stop and laugh. The laughter made her chest bounce, and I could feel the heavy end of my dangling cock bobbing in rhythm with my guffaw.

“I’m sorry…” I resumed, “I had to leave the door open – the cat followed me in. If it thinks it is trapped, it goes crazy.”

“I woke up, in a strange room – we had a few beers, so I didn’t want to be driving home. I heard the water running,” she explained, “and it made me need to go pee really bad, so I staggered out here still half asleep.”

Her hair was a jumbled mess of bedhead, but I barely noticed. My eyes honed in on those firm young tits moving under the T-shirt with each breath. My cock rose like a heat seeking missile locking on target. My hands instinctively dropped to shield my groin, but that probably just made my plight more obvious. I held my breath waiting for this goddess to collapse in laughter at the sight.

“In fact, I still need to…” she finished.

“Go ahead, there’s a bathroom…” I waved my hand across the basement, to where the powder room sat in the opposite corner. “I’ll be in the shower, so you can have privacy. Besides, as long as no cat follows, you can always close the door.”

“But what if it follows?” she asked, for the first time moving, but not toward the bathroom. She was stepping toward the laundry room, toward me, her fingers twirling a look of matted dark reddish hair. As I watched, speechless, I realized that my hand which had been shielding my surging cock ineffectually was now idly stroking my shaft.

“Maybe it would just be easier if I stepped into the shower and pee there?”

As she spoke, she raised her arms above her head and smoothly lifted her shirt, confirming that she wore no panties, and for the first time fully exposing those ripe melons to my hungry gaze. She was only about three feet from me, angling toward the shower stall. I was so obsessed with her melons that I barely glanced at her pretty little pussy, though I did note that the hair was trimmed, not shaved, and she had very prominent labia.

“It’s an old hot water tank,” I explained, “It only lasts for one shower, and I need to get ready for work.”

The primitive part of my brain was screaming at the smart part to shut up, because it – the primitive part – was enjoying a nice fantasy of Melons dropping to her knees, brushing my hand aside, and without another word, taking the head of my throbbing cock in her twenty-something mouth, expertly fisting my shaft, swirling her tongue around the ridge. My common sense muttered to that primitive brain that I would probably explode the instant she touched me. Good old primitive brain reasoned “so what?”

“Well, then, I guess we better share,” Melons giggled startling me back out of the fantasy.

I stepped over to the stall, where she was already under the spray, water streaming down her hair, her back, tiny rivers forming over the curve of those melons, parting into two around each nipple. Her head was tossed back, eyes shut. There was room for me in the stall, but other than some warmth, I was not really sharing the shower. Looking down I saw the strong stream of urine flowing from her engorged labia. I stood and watched the pleasure light up her face while I adjusted to my first experience of watching a young woman piss for our mutual enjoyment.

My fingers reached across without conscious direction and I felt her spray coating my skin. It just seemed to make sense to lift them to my mouth and taste Melons.

Her eyes must not have been fully closed because as I licked her essence, she leaned toward me, grinning. Grabbing my wrist, she tugged my arm back down, shoving my fingers right into her cunt, rotating them until they were coated with a melange of fluids. She then raised my arm upward, but instead of offering it to my lips, she tasted herself off my flesh, moaning deeply, her knees quaking. The electricity ran from her tongue to my fingers all the way through my body and out the tip of my aching cock.

The warmth of her palm encircling my shaft, and stroking my erect flesh was at once both a natural extension of the bizarre situation and shocking, because it was the stuff of which middle aged fantasies are made. The fingers of my other hand moved until they were buried in her sodden cunt. I started fingering her, trying to match the same pace as she was using to stroke my cock.

Melons spit my fingers out of her lips, but guided them down to her left tit. Using them to twist her nipple. We kept up that pace, my hands mauling her roughly, her hand toying with my erection playfully, her moans muffled by the sound of the water splashing all around us. I leaned closer, nibbling her neck and sucking on her earlobe, the tip of my cock bouncing against her pouchy little belly. Her hand let go of my manhood and grasped my ass, pulling me closer. She rubbed her breasts against my wet chest, my cock trapped between our bodies. I ground my hardness against her from the outside while still fingering her on the inside.

I felt her climax building rapidly. Her breathing became deep and ragged, her pussy walls clenching around my fingers, and then she came in a shudder.

“Fuck…me…” she gasped, her body almost limp, leaning against me for support.

Perhaps the exclamation was just her automatic reaction to her orgasm, but I took it as an invitation. Still. I hesitated momentarily, knowing nothing of her sexual history, nor whether she was protected from pregnancy.

Melons might be a mind reader, because she moaned, her lips almost at my ear, “Don’t fret, baby, just fuck my ass.”

Of course, we had no protection handy for that either, but she giggled girlishly again and added, “It’s almost virgin.”

By that point, I was past the point of common sense. My primitive brain reasserted itself. The possibility of tapping that curvaceous young booty was irresistible.

Melons turned around, spreading her legs, planting her feet and pressing her hands out against the tiled wall of the shower. Then she curved her back, which presented her ass for my enjoyment. My fingers had never left her labia, so I began to explore her inner thighs while my other hand kneaded her dangling tits. I planted a string of butterfly kisses starting from her hairline all the way down her spine until my mouth reached the triangle where back became backside.

As I licked along the edges of her anal cleft, my fingers grasped her sculpted hips. My hands hefted her peach shaped bottom. Then she shifted her legs just a millimeter further apart, and my hands spread those buttocks. The valley that led to her forbidden fruit yielded to the explorations of my tongue. She gasped when I first licked there.

“No one has ever tongued me there before.”

I took it slowly, ignoring the risk that we might run out of hot water. My tongue pressed very gently on her rosebud, not entering her yet, but probing and then pausing relaxing so that she would feel her asshole pulsating, gradually opening. At the same time, I worked a couple of fingers inside her very wet cunt to add to the stimulation.

Then I twisted those fingers around her clit while I eased the thumb of my other hand into her asshole, wriggling it to widen the opening. I moved my mouth to her taint, flattened my tongue and licked slowly up laving the valley up to her asshole fully.

“Does this feel good?” I asked, leaning my head close behind her ear, and then promptly resuming darting the tip of my tongue in and out of her anus along with those fingers. I started working my thumb in the open mouth of her anus in a bit of a corkscrewing motion.

“You have no idea how good it feels,” Melons sighed.

She pushed back, burying my thumb deeper into her asshole.

“Oh…shit… I’m coming again,” Melons moaned, reaching around to pull my face awkwardly to hers, kissing my mouth without regard to where it had just been. Her body starting to quake, her pussy contracting around my fingers as her sphincter clutched my thumb. My swollen member rubbed against her anal cleavage until her last spasm subsided.

“You’re such a dirty girl. But I think you know that.””Yes, a happy dirty girl. Thank you. But you know we aren’t done yet, right?”

Her ass might have been ‘almost virgin’ but Melons knew enough to reach over and grab some body wash, which was the handiest lube available. She poured a dollop on the crack of her ass, and caught the top of my cock as I lined it up with her rear entrance.

First though, I teased her opening with my fingers probing, and finally entering her, working as much lube inside her as I could. “Are you ready, Melons?””Yes.” she giggled, I think because I had never called her directly by that nickname before, excluding my exclamation earlier when we first stumbled across each other. I pushed more lubricant into her partially open asshole, and lathered up my cock with my slippery fingers.

“Time for the main event,” I warned, the tip of my stiff cock rubbing up against that rosebud.

“Just go gentle at first,” she begged, ” but once you are in all the way, fuck my ass hard, please.”

She arched her back and pushed back against me. I rubbed my well-lubed cock along the crack of her ass, pressing against her puckered hole, feeling the muscle relax a bit more with each contact. Finally, I pushed my way inside. I felt her stretch as the tip of my cock head pressed past the first barrier to enter her tender asshole. My head eased fully inside, past her outer ring, stopping when her hole had captured my crown. Melons let out a deep breath.

“Oh, I loved the feeling of you stretching me so much. Your cock is just the perfect size for ass fucking.”

“Shh,” I replied, kissing her neck below her ear. “Just relax. I know what you need.”

I moved against her ever so languidly as I felt her asshole opening up to welcome more of my manhood. Although we were moving slowly, I kept pressing deeper, deeper, filling more of her rectum with my length, stretching her with my girth. Each time I pulled back, I slid in a bit further, but I also slid out more on the next stroke, so that the force was building.

Other than a quick gasp, Melons never complained. Soon, my groin was planted right against her ass. That seemed to be what she wanted, because she immediately started pressing back hard against me.

Her melons were swaying wildly from side to side. The solid pink flesh of her tender young ass rippled, from sticking beyond the water into cold air, excitement or both. I ran my hands along the curves until I felt her flesh warm to my touch, then gave her ass a couple of playful slaps that made her coo in appreciation. Soon we had a solid fucking rhythm established. I reached around her and tugged on her nipples to add to the sensations.

“Ohmigawd, no one has ever filled me so full,” she groaned as I sawed in and out of her bowel. The sight of my cock sliding in and out of Melon’s shapely ass as my scrotum slapped against her curvy ass, causing that young womanly flesh to jiggle like jello, made my balls pull tight to my groin.

“I’m close,” I gasped, “Should I pull out and pump my seed down the drain, or …”

I paused for breath, picturing as I spoke, “…or anoint your back?”

“God, no, don’t you dare pull out. I can hardly wait until you gush your great gobs of goo into me – you can, I hope. I’ve never been with an older guy like you, so I never thought about whether you come buckets like guys my age.”

I began to fuck her sweet ass harder and faster. The way her sphincter ring tried to close around me on each stroke created the greatest sexual friction I had ever experienced. Melons seemed to be on the brink of another huge orgasm. I vigorously fucked her ‘almost virgin’ ass with my throbbing cock, racing to finish before the cooling water turned cold. Another orgasm surged within her as I fucked her ass more fiercely. Melon’s entire body shook. Her cunt contracted around my fingers, coating them with her nectar. Her asshole squeezed and released my invading weapon as I kept right on fucking, until I finally lost it. My cock was trapped deep within Melon’s ass as my cock sputtered and exploded, delivering that thick chunky mass of seed into her passageway. I kept right on fucking her until my last spurt emptied into her. My deflating cock kept twitching and spurting inside her anus as she moaned and groaned through her orgasm.

“I’ve never felt so full of cum,” Melons gasped, struggling to catch her breath. Beneath me, her body felt slack. If her hands had not steadied her against the shower stall, she would have collapsed.

The water was barely lukewarm already as I slowly withdrew my cock from her yawning asshole. I watched my seed flow out of that orifice, dripping onto her young thighs. Grabbing the soap, I quickly washed us both, our limbs tangling in a post-coital dance.

Melons planted a chaste kiss on my cheek as she stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her plush body, locating her discarded T-shirt.

“You better get ready for work, I’m headed back to sleep,” she said. “Remember – this never happened, it was all just in your imagination.”

As the icy water rinsed my body, but not my soul, I wondered whether I had any melons upstairs to eat.

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