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Four-Way in Vegas

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The summer was only half over and I missed Shauna. We had been keeping in touch both by phone and e-mail, but I decided a trip to Vegas was in order. I decided to give Shauna a call and ask her if it would be OK.

“How about some company one of these days?”

“Are you serious?”

“I think its time for a little trip. Don’t you?”

“I can take off whenever I want, so when do you want to come?”

“I was thinking about mid July.

“First weekend?”

“Works for me.”

“Bringing anyone along?”

“Well……I thought I might ask Robin if she wants to go, and maybe Kelli, the new friend I told you about who caught me.”

“Oh yeah, that’ll teach you to write about us.”

“What do you think?”

“The more, the merrier! Of course, sleeping arrangements will be cramped!”

“Like that really matters! I’ll let you know as soon as I get it arranged.”

Right after I hung up I called Robin and she was a go. I then called Kelli at work.

“Want to go to Vegas in two weeks?”

“Oh, I’d love to, but it’s too expensive right now.”

“Can you go second weekend of July? You’ll need to take Friday off.” “I can get the time off, but I really can’t afford to go right now. Sorry.”

“Just get the Friday off, I’ll take care of the arrangements.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll cover it. We don’t have any cost for a room, drinks will be comped, and all you’ll need is a little spending money for food. We’ll be staying with Shauna. You remember her, don’t you?”

“Sure do!”

“I really don’t want you to pay for the trip.

“Look, I want you to come with. Robin is flying with us from Tulsa, so you’re going!”

“If you insist.”

“I’ll call you later with our flight time.”

“Thanks, I’m excited. I’ve never been to Vegas.”

I got online and had the three of us booked for a early morning charter. It meant that we would all have to spend the night in Tulsa before our flight. Oh darn! I booked us a room at the Embassy Suite for that night. I then called Robin and Kelli and told them about the plan. We would have almost three full days in Vegas to party. Everyone was pumped.

Three days before our scheduled departure, I was going to go get some things for the trip in town. Carl was out in the drive changing oil on my SUV.

“Just take my pickup. I’ll be here a while,” he said.

I opened the garage door, and to my big surprise, there was no pickup, just a new BMW Z4 in it’s place.

“Bond Blue!” I screamed. He just grinned from ear to ear and said, “It was time to get rid of the pickup, so I thought you could use a fun car instead. I know you have wanted one for a while. It was hard to find one in the color you wanted, but they delivered it yesterday. Drove back to Dallas in my pickup. I’ll just use the SUV to tow the boat.”

“I don’t think I even kissed him before I got in it. My panties were instantly wet as I got behind the wheel.

“See you in about two hours, I said as I backed out and took off down the drive.

This man is a true gem. Let’s me go to Vegas with the girls and gets me the car I’ve always wanted since I saw it in “Goldeneye”.

The seven miles to town never went by quicker. I pulled up to the teller window, top down to show Kelli.

“Wow!” was all she could say.

“I believe we’ll be driving this to Tulsa next week. Probably with the top down all the way.

After calming down a little, I did my shopping and drove back home. As I parked in the garage, Carl came out, still grinning.

“Like it?”

“Words don’t describe it,” was my reply.

Needless to say, he got a big reward that evening, but I digress from the story.

The day arrived for us to depart on our trip. I told Carl I would try to behave myself in Vegas.

“I know better! Just have fun and don’t lose too much money. Remember. No debit or credit cars in the casinos. Only the cash you have with you. That’s just a law!” We kissed good-by and I drove off to pick up Kelli. When I arrived at her house, she was ready to go. One small suitcase later, we were on our way to Tulsa. I left the top down as we turned onto the highway. Since we both have short hair, the wind was not a factor. We got about half way there and my cell phone rang. It was Robin.

“Where are you?

“We’re about halfway there. Where are you?”

“Just getting on the road!”

“See you there about six. We’ll go out for dinner. If you get there first, just check in and wait.”

“See you soon.”

We arrived at the Hotel right on schedule. Robin’s car was in the lot and when we walked through the lobby, she greeted us from the free bar area.

I hugged her and then introduced her to Kelli.

“You’re in for a great time in Vegas. We get really crazy. What happens there………….Well, doesn’t necessarily stay there! Just remember that! Right, Marsha?”

“You weren’t supposed to tell, you read the story without me knowing it.”

“Seems like I did the same thing’, Kelli added.

We all laughed and went and got a free drink. I took mine and went to check in. When I returned they were both laughing and carrying on like two old friends. I was glad they hit it off, for I knew they would be seriously having fun together later.

“Where’s your Toy?” Robin asked.

“At home.”

“You took Carl’s truck over here?”

I flipped her the keys and said, “Go find it!”

She noticed the BMW emblem on the key and screamed “He got you it, didn’t he?”

I just nodded and smiled.

“You spoiled bitch!”

I looked over at Kelli, who was laughing and said “That’s what you get for twenty five years without a headache!”

We all laughed at that and I suggested we get some room service instead of going out.

We grabbed our bags and went to the room.

“”Looks like you get the couch, new girl!” Robin said to Kelli.

“No…..I believe I’ll share the bed with you two. I think there’s plenty of room.”

“No fighting , ladies”

Robin ordered room service for all of us and a bottle of champagne.

“It’ll be about 30 minutes. Anyone for a quick shower?”

We all raised our hands and decided there was room for everyone. Robin turned the water on and when it was warm enough, we all stripped our clothes off and got in. I had the sense to bring a bottle of nice shower gel with me and squeezed some out in my hand and began soaping Kelli’s back. Robin grabbed the bottle from me and started on her front side. Kelli began to moan softly as we massaged every part of her with the soap. Robin stopped and Kelli began to rub up against her as I caressed her butt and upper thighs from behind. As Robin ground up against Kelli’s mound she suddenly stopped and stepped back a little, looking down. “Good grief, girl!” That is one big clit you have.

“Then get down there and suck it!”

Kelli had definitely lost her shyness already. I could tell this was going to be a really wild weekend.

About the time Robin knelt down and began sucking clit, I heard a knock on the door. Room service already.

I quickly got out of the shower, leaving them there and grabbed a towel, yelling, “Just a minute!”

I through on my sundress and answered the door. A very nice young man brought the tray with our goodies in and set it on the table.

‘Shall I open the champagne?”

“I think we’ll let it chill a while longer.”

About that time I could hear those sex noises coming from the bathroom. He obviously heard them too.

“Newlyweds!” I mused. “I’m just the maid of honor.”

I don’t think he bought it, but I really didn’t care. I tipped him and he excused himself. I opened the bathroom door and gave them the all clear sign. They were just getting ready to get out anyway.

“Dinner is served.” I said

“I’ve already eaten, thank you. Quipped Robin.

“Don’t think you’re finished!” Kelli laughed. “You’ve only just started. I’ll let you know when you’re done!”

“Bossy little bitch, isn’t she?”

“Did she hold your head down there, or did you know what to do?” I asked “She held it there. Made me suck that little cock.”

“”Maybe you’ll show me how you did it after dinner.”

“Open the champagne. I’m thirsty!” Robin whined.

I opened it and poured us each a glass, then revealed al the goodies for supper. A platter of boiled shrimp, crab claws, and assorted fruits and cheese. Everyone began eating like they were starved. I’m not sure if it were hunger, or anxiousness to start serious partying. As I looked a all of us, I realized that we hadn’t bothered to put any clothes on.

“We’re out of champagne!” Robin said as she poured the last into her glass.

I was on the phone to room service again, “Could you bring up two bottles this time? We’re really thirsty.”

I hung up the phone and turned to the girls. “Put some clothes on. Room service will be here in about ten minutes.”

They both put on tanks and panties and just sat around to wait. I decided I would do the same. When the waiter arrived, Kelli and I demurely sat at the table while Robin answered the door. Surprisingly, she let him bring the champagne in.

As she walked back to the table, I saw him looking at her skimpy panties that barely covered her butt. I giggled a little and whispered to Kelli, “Guess he got his tip.”

She laughed and said, “She’s evil, isn’t she?”


W sat there talking about how much fun Vegas would be, letting the champagne get icy cold. I noticed Robin squirming around a little in her chair. I could tell she was getting horney.

“Pussy a little damp?” I questioned. “”God, my panties are soaked!” she blurted, standing and showing us the big wet spot on her crotch. “Who’s going to do something about it?”

Neither Kelli nor I volunteered. We just sat there and stared at her.

“Well……..if neither of you will help..I guess I’ll just take care of it myself!”

She went over to the couch across from us and began to rub the sopping crotch of her panties. She slid her tank top over her head with her free hand and began to work on her puffy breasts, tweaking her nipples and making them point strait out. She began to pull on them and alternately squeeze her areola, making them stand out as well. I pulled my chair over by Kelli to watch the show. I could feel the dampness in my own panties as well. I glanced down at Kelli’s crotch and could see her clit straining against the fabric and a wet spot growing below it. I casually reached over and began to slowly massage her mound, pulling the material of her panties ever further up into her steamy crotch, creating a great wet “toe” with a little man in the boat totally overboard. She reach over and began to slowly stroke my dampened crotch as we both kept our eyes on Robin.

Robin now had her hand down her panties, and, from the squishy sounds had more than one finger in her wet hole. We could see the action of her fingers stroking in her and then being pulled quickly back out. Every so often she would pulled her glistening fingers out of her panties and shove them in her mouth as she groaned with pleasure.

She finally raised her legs in the air and pulled her panties off with one hand as she kept her other buried in her vagina. Into her mouth went the sticky crotch of her panties, her tongue busy licking and her mouth sucking the juices from it. Her pussy was wide open, hand thrusting in and out up to the last knuckle. Juices were sloppily flowing from her as she jilled herself furiously.

Kelli and I were still leisurely stroking each other, not in a rush like Robin. Kelli’s vagina was leaking her lubrication all over my two fingers that I was stoking her with. I pulled them from her and sucked them into my mouth as she watched. She groaned a little from just watching me suck her juices. I reinserted my fingers, this time pulling them back out and offering them to her. She greedily sucked them in whispering, “I used to do this for hours, fantasizing I was eating another woman. I love the taste of myself.”

“Me too!”

We now focused back on Robin’s show. Robin pulled the panties from her mouth and now was stuffing them inside her pussy. She was so wet, the silk material easily went into her vagina, leaving only a small portion of a leg band sticking out. Robin now went to work on her clit. She lick her fingers and began to pull and twist her clit, and stroke herself as fast as she could. I knew she was ready to orgasm when she pulled the panties from her hole and stuffed them back in her mouth. She sucked on the panties as she came with her whole hand buried in her vagina, this time her thumb and half her hand was inside.

I knew the words “I’m cumming!” were being uttered from Robin, but it was totally unintelligible what we heard. I guess it is difficult to scream with a mouthful of panty.

She collapsed back on the couch, hand still buried as she spit the panties out

“That was great! I deserve a hand!” she said as she pulled a dripping hand from her gash, brought it up to her lips and began to savor her juices coating it.

“Mmmm. Nothing better than the taste of your own pussy!”

“Marsha and I agree!” Kelli said. “Too bad we can’t lick our own.”

“I’ll settle for it second hand!” I chimed.

“Now that you did yourself, you can do us!” Kelli suggested.

Robin got up from the couch, grabbed a bottle of champagne and joined us at the table. After pouring everyone a glass, she went and got the empty bottle from earlier. She took her glass of champagne with her and, as she calmly sipped it, legs spread wide, and vagina gaping open, she grabbed the punt of the bottle and slowly began inserting the neck into her hole. A broad smile went across her face, “Always wanted to do this! God it feels wonderful. Filling! If you know what I mean.”

All Kelli and I could do was stare as the entire neck disappeared into Robin, then was slowly withdrawn. Her juices began to coat the neck and even to slowly leak down the sides of it as she casually slid it in and out. Staring into our eyes, she took a sip of her champagne, then took the bottle from her vagina, brought it up to her lips, and began licking and sucking the juices from it.

“Taste as good as the champagne?” I asked.

“Better!” she replied. “Want some?”

Kelli got up from the table and knelt in front of Robin, diving headfirst into her dripping hole. Robin set the bottle down on the couch beside her and continued sipping her champagne as Kelli buried herself between Robin’s legs.

Robin winked at me and pointed to the bottle, giving a little gesture that I should give Kelli a little attention with it. I got up and took the bottle from the couch, licking the neck where Robin had missed some of her juices, now drying on the bottle. As Kelli knelt there on the floor, I lay on my back and slowly worked her legs apart a little so I could get between them, I could see just how wet she was, as I looked up at her glistening lips. I spread her moisture around them, causing them to open a little further and she began to push back against my finger. I raised my head up and stuck my tongue into her pick hole, running it from bottom to top, circling her clit as I finished. I could hear her moan into Robin’s vagina as I sucked her mini cock into my mouth. I began to give her a blow job, just like I had when I made her cum the first time. I could tell Robin was bucking against Kelli’s face, holding her head. Kelli began to buck back against me in unison, forcing her clit to be more exposed and making me suck it even harder.

I knew they were both getting close to orgasm, so I grabbed the empty bottle and slowly began inserting it into Kelli. Once again I could hear her moan into Robin. As I began to Fuck Kelli with the bottle, her clit began to recede a little and I knew she was going to cum.

“I’m gonna cum! Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” she screamed as she raised her head from Robin’s pussy. I could barely see Robin humping the air in front of Kelli as she screamed at the same time. Kelli’s face was about a foot from Robin’s pussy when Robin let go. A stream of urine hit Kelli right in her open mouth as Robin came and went, so to speak, at the same time. Kelli was shaking all over, and still able to swallow the stream of second hand champagne hitting her mouth.

I pulled my lips back of her clit, knowing she was over the edge already, and removed the bottle.

“Pee for me! Squirt in my mouth!”

I locked my lips over her gaping hole. I didn’t have long to wait. I could feel her muscles tense and a hot stream began shooting into my mouth. I swallowed and sucked on her until she was finished. She finally pushed my head back down to the floor, and waved her hand across her pussy.

“Now that was an orgasm, no……. in fact that was several!” she laughingly spoke.

I had nearly cum myself, just from the force of her pleasure. She was perfect for our little group. Nasty! She was definitely not the shy girl I’d introduced to girl-sex a month ago.

When the two of them had finally recovered enough to be coherent, I stood up and pointed to the lubrication literally dripping from my vagina and when I had their attention just smiled.

“Eat, ladies!”

Robin got up from the couch and knelt in front of me. She licked the drops of moisture that had collected on my labia and then shared them with Kelli. There seemed to be more tongue action going on between the two of them than where it was needed so I grabbed Kelli’s hair and forced her face into my crotch. Robin quickly slid under Kelli and so I could tell she had a suction building on Kelli’s oversized clit. Kelli lapped at my hole, running her tongue deep inside me, then teasing at my entrance before sliding back to lick my puckered ass. Then back again she would go, driving me absolutely insane with her teasing. I smiled to myself as she was pleasuring me.” Even though I had little experience before her, I taught her well”. Maybe it is not a learned experience but more of a continuing journey that some of us want to make. She obviously wanted to make it.

I grabbed the back of her head and held her with her mouth glued to my sex, not allowing her to tease any more. I fucked her face, grinding my mound against her open mouth, wanting her to taste the juices as she drained them from the depths of my vagina.

Harder and harder I fucked her face, until I felt that deep burn within me, telling me I was going over the top.

‘Suck me Kelliiiii!” I cried as I came.

She kept her lips locked over mine and her tongue buried deep within me as I spasmed against her mouth. Wave after wave of my orgasm buckled my knees and I nearly fell to the floor. I could feel me knees trembling, no my whole body trembling as she released her mouth from me. I looked down at her, her face sticky with my goo, and a big smile on her face.

“Pee for me, pee in my mouth!” she said without a sound. I could read her lips as she said the words over and over.

“I reached down and spread my lips apart as she opened her mouth wide. I tightened up and forced that first stream directly into her mouth. She moved her mouth over my squirting hole and swallowed hard, sucking in every drop. At the same time, I could hear Robin swallowing and gurgling below, and I knew Kelli was doing the same to her. Wow, all these new things so quickly. I nearly came again as I finished peeing.

Kelli let go of my lips again and smiled at me, wiping her face with her arm and mouthing, “Thanks!” without a sound.

I sort of glanced over at the clock and noticed it was nearly midnight. I had a wakeup call for 6 AM.

“Ladies, it’s time to sleep. We’ve got an 8AM flight to Vegas in the morning and we need to rest. Let’s get to bed.”

There was no hesitation as we all piled into the bed and I turned out the lights. I drifted off to sleep to the sounds of those two kissing and sloshing around in each others pussy. I knew I would be rested for the next day, but doubted they would.

I awoke around five AM and jumped in the shower so I would be ready before they got up. The hot water cascading over me felt really great. I finished in the bathroom and opened the door.

“Get your butts out of bed, ladies! We’re headed for Vegas!”

Kelli looked at me with tired eyes, but slid out from under the covers and sat naked on the edge of the bed.

“Did you make coffee?”

“Of course. I’ll bring you some while you’re showering.”

“You think I need one?”

“If you don’t, they’ll run you off the plane!”

She got up and went in to shower. I went over and grabbed Robin gently by the hair and told her to get up. She growled back at me, but also got up.

“Did you have fun last night after I went to sleep?”

“That girl is insatiable. She told me until she was with you she had only cum by herself. Now she doesn’t want to stop. I finally had stop with my mouth. Tongue wore out! She must have cum ten times. We finally went to sleep about two!”

She got out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

“Better give her ten minutes, then it’s your turn. We’ve got to move, so no funny business!”

She just gave me an evil grin, “Me?”

I brought her a cup of coffee, and gave one to Kelli, who was done with her shower, and was putting on her face. She really was a knockout.

She took the coffee and followed me out the door. Robin passed us on the way in, slapping Kelli’s ass as she walked by.

“Ready to go again?” she mused.

“You’re the one who gave out!” Kelli retorted.

I laughed at their bitch conversation and said, “You two sound like you’re married!”

“Just in lust!” she replied.

“What should I wear?” Kelli asked.

“Something cool. It’ll be over one hundred by the time we get there.”

She dug out a jean mini skirt and a tank top. She pulled the skirt on and lower the tank over head, It was about four inches from the top of her skirt, and showed off her great abs. Her nipples poked through the cotton material making her really hot. She pulled out a thong from her suitcase and held them up.


“I’m not! It’s cooler without, and no one will notice on the plane. Just be careful going up and down the escalator.”

She laughed and put them back in her suitcase.

Robin was now out of the bathroom and deciding what to wear. She chose a little gauzy sundress and sandals. I put on a pair of jeans and a short hoodie.

“Looks like a no underwear day for us!” Robin stated.

“They’d just get wet and sticky anyway.” I replied.

We packed up our bathroom girlie stuff and headed out the door. We stopped for the free breakfast, and wolfed it down, I went out and got my new car and picked Kelli up at the door.

“I’ll be in the covered parking at the garage. Meet you there.” I yelled to Robin.

We drove to the airport and got there with 40 minutes to spare. Since we already had our boarding passes and no luggage to check, we got to the gate with plenty of time.

The plane was of course, full. Charters always are and we went to our seats, about halfway back in the plane. We got quite a few looks on our way back. I put Kelli’s carryon overhead for her to avoid the passengers across the isle from stroking out.

We settle back in our seats and in a few minutes were taxiing down the runway and off.

We were all still pretty tired, and no one spoke a lot during the flight, but dozed off instead. I can imagine what people were thinking. I know I usually don’t sleep on the way to a party, but on the way home.

There was a lot of excitement on the plane as we touched down at McCarran. Everyone was pumped about the fortune they we’re going to make, or hoped they’d make. We waited in our seats until the passengers had made their way past us. As we got out of our seats, the flight attendant gave us each a book that they charge twenty dollars for on the plane.

“You ladies look like you’re here to have fun! So have some fun!”

“Thanks, we definitely will. Where do you suggest to do a little gambling?” I asked.

“Down Town, not on the strip. Payout is better, and not so high dollar. Use the pull slots, more fun, and slows you down too.”

“Thanks again, well take your advice.”

We got off the plane and walked to the security gate. Shauna was on the other side, waving at us as we approached.

After we passed through the gate, she gave me a big hug, kissed me on the cheek and whispered, “I’ve really missed you.”

She then gave Robin a big hug and kiss also.

She turned to Kelli and did the same to her. “I’m Shauna, and I’ll be your Vegas tour guide for the weekend.

Not being impartial, but I know there were not four more attractive women in the entire airport, I thought as we headed to Shauna’s car.

“Only 101!” she said as we reached the car. She popped the trunk and we through our luggage in. She put the top down and turned the a/c on as we pulled out of the lot.

“Where to, ladies?” she asked. “And what kind of tippers are you?”

Robin and Kelli exposed themselves to her as she glanced in the mirror.

Laughing she said, “That’ll do for now!”

She sped out of the parking lot and headed for her home. I vaguely remembered how to get there, but it only took about fifteen minutes to pull into her drive. She left the car out and opened the trunk. We all piled out and grabbed our suitcases and went inside.

The cool air hit my nipples and made them even harder. As I stood there in the kitchen, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard on the mouth, her tongue snaking in and mine returning the favor.

“No, I’ve really missed you!”

“Why don’t you get a room?” Robin inquired jokingly.

“Later, we will!” Shauna replied. “But you’ll be there, too!”

“Will I be include?” Kelli asked sheepishly.

“I suppose.” I replied. I think last night made you an official member of the ‘Girl’s Weekend Club’.”

We all laughed at that remark and Shauna led Robin and Kelli down the hall to her guest bedroom.

“You can put all you stuff in here and it has a full bath attached. The bed is to small to be useful, but you won’t be staying in here anyway. I figured we could all ‘sleep’ in my bed, that is if we get any sleep.

The sexual tension had gotten off to a quick start, and I wasn’t sure how long we were going to be able to hold out.

“The flight attendant to us to gamble down town. Is she right?” I asked.

“Totally, we’ll take a cab down to Fremont tonight so you can see the light show. It’s the best anywhere, and drinks are cheap and the slots are fun. But……that’s later. Too hot to leave now. Anyone hungry?”

“Starved!” we all said in unison.

Shauna got out a big tray of cheese and fruit, and went to get a bottle of wine from her cellar. She came back with a crispy cold chardonnay and opened it, pouring us each a glass.

“To the ‘Girl’s Weekend Club’!”

We all toasted and dug in. As we finished up lunch, Shauna took everything back to the kitchen and cleaned it up. Her house was absolutely spotless, as before.

“Are you a neat freak?” Robin asked.

“Can you tell?”

“I could eat off your floor!”

“That could be arranged!”

“Show us the rest of the house.” Kelli requested.

“She took us through the whole house, saving her bedroom for last. It was just as sexy as I remembered it. Shauna dimmed the lights and the soft glow made it even more so. I could feel myself getting wet and knew I had to get those jeans off. I went back and got my suitcase where I’d left it in the entry. I opened it and pulled out a pair of silk boxers, slid my jeans off, and pulled the shorts up. The crotch of my jeans were already a bit damp, so I carried them back to the bedroom with my suitcase in tow.

“I’m comfortable now!” I stated as I walked in. “The jeans were just too hot, but I couldn’t wear these on the plane.” Twirling around for them to see my backside.

Shauna walked over to me and began to squeeze my cheeks through the shorts. She pulled me into her and gave me a little kiss on my neck. I could feel a trickle of moisture leave my vagina. Robin and Kelli just stood there and watched as Shauna now slid her hand down the front of my shorts and ran a finger across my clit and eased it into a very wet pussy.

I melted back into her with a little moan as she brought her hand back out and sucked on her finger.

“Mmmm”, she whispered coarsely. “You taste great!”

Robin and Kelli had not yet moved, but continued to watch Shauna and me.

“Kelli”, I said. “Why don’t you show Shauna you little secret.”

I could tell Kelli was blushing as she replied, “You show it to her for me!”

I broke away from Shauna and led Kelli to the bed. I removed her tank top, exposing her tiny breasts. The temperature in the house and the heat of the bedroom had caused her nipples and areola to swell considerably

“Beautiful tits!” Shauna exclaimed.” I love your huge areola. World class!”

As Shauna was admiring Kelli’s breast, I unbuttoned her mini and pulled it off. Her legs were still together on the bed so Shauna could not see anything of her nether region.

“Shauna. Close your eyes for your surprise!”

She did as she was told and Kelli pulled her down on the bed so she was kneeling between her calves. Kelli opened her legs, exposing her sex. Even in the dim light I could see how wet she was. Her vaginal lips were swollen and entrance gaping slightly, as milky secretions slowly began to ooze out of her. Her clit was distended fully and stood out from her lips.

“Open your eyes.” Kelli whispered.

I watched the expression on Shauna’s face as she looked down at Kelli’s womanhood. A look of shock, then a smile of pleasure went over her face. She didn’t say a word, but merely lowered herself and lapped the sticky secretion from Kelli’s vagina. She moved her tongue to Kelli’s clit and slowly swirled around it, before sucking it into her mouth. Her head bobbed as she gave Kelli a slow and easy sucking.

Kelli just lay back on the bed and allowed Shauna to access every crevice in her vagina. Shauna slowly slid two fingers into Kelli as she continued to suck on her clit. Shauna was not in a hurry, taking her time to totally make Kelli crazy.

Kelli was now starting to hump against Shauna’s face. Shauna reached up with both hands and began to squeeze Kelli’s areola and then pinch her pointed nipples. The more Shauna squeezed and pinched, the harder Kelli forced her sex into Shauna’s mouth.

Loud moans of “Eat me! Came from Kelli’s Lips. Robin and I just watched and slowly stroked our own breasts and pussies, keeping our eyes glued to the two on the bed.

Kelli now arched her back completely off the bed and grabbed Shauna’s head, forcing her deeper into her crotch.

“Oh god, I’m cummming! Eat me Shauna, suck my clit!” she wailed and shook. From head to toe. She collapsed back to the bed with Shauna still glued to her swollen sex.

Kelli finally released her grip on Shauna and she backed away, allowing us to see deep into Kelli, her vagina really gaping and wet. She turned to look at us and just grinned.

“Biggest clit I’ve ever seen. Rock hard, It seemed to throb in my mouth as I sucked her. Wow!”

Kelli finally came back to earth. “You really suck pussy good, girl! Want me to return the favor?”

Shauna just nodded and said, “Un huh.”

Kelli got up on her elbows and pulled Shauna up over her face. As Shauna knelt above her, she pulled her down to her mouth covering her lips and even though I couldn’t see it, I knew shoving her tongue deep inside. Shauna began to slowly grind against celli’s working mouth and began massaging her own breasts, tweaking her nipples and squeezing them together. Evidently Kelli’s magic tongue was doing a job on Shauna, because it wasn’t long before she began to quicken her pace against Kelli’s mouth, Grinding faster and harder.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum in your mouth, Kelli! Shauna moaned. Kelli locked tight up against Shauna’s slit and inaudibly moaned, “Cum in my mouth, Shauna!” over and over.

She did. She shook as she grabbed the headboard and then was still. Her mound still flush against Kelli’s face. She stayed there for nearly a minute while she came down.

When she pulled back off her face Kelli spoke, this time there was no mistaking what she said, “You know what to do now. You know you have to!”

She was ready for something new. I guess she had read about us doing the water sport thing and was wanting to give it a try. She opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out.

“Pee for me! Pee in my mouth!”

The words were barely out when the first golden stream hit her outstretched tongue. She adjusted her mouth so it was hitting the back of her throat as she swallowed and swallowed to contain it.

When Shauna was finished, Kelli licked her lips and then sucked Shauna’s hole one more time to make sure she was finished.

“That was cool, no….hot!” she said with a wicked grin. “The only thing I need now is a good strap-on fucking! Anybody up for it?”

Robin was way ahead of her, already digging it out of my suitcase. I bet the security x-ray people got a good laugh out of what I was carrying. She took of her sundress and pulled the leather teddy up tight and got on the bed. Kelli got up on her hands and knees, pointed to her abused vagina begging for Robin to stick it in. Robin grabbed Kelli’s hips and slid it home. She buried it to the balls on the first stroke. Kelli pushed back against her as Robin began seriously fucking her. Shauna and I just sat on the bed and watched.

“Guess I created a monster, maybe a pair of them!” I remarked to Shauna.

“Seems so,” she replied. “They are really hot together. Kelli said she had never cum with anyone until you? She sure doesn’t seem to have any problem now!”

“New found pleasure, I guess!”

Robin’s rubber dick was now getting coated in Kelli’s lubrication. The original pinkness of it had turned a milky white as Robin stroked in and out of her.

“Excuse me while I lick a little,” I told Shauna.

I slid under Kelli and began licking her clit as the big cock above me slid back and forth in her vagina. Robin pulled it out and it plopped into my mouth. I sucked the juices from it and then guided it back into Kelli. I then felt my legs being forced apart as Shauna began making her way to my sex. She parted my lips with her fingers and stuck her tongue deep inside me, swirling it around as if to clean me out. Believe me, there was a lot of lubrication to remove. She began to plunge her tongue in and out by moving her whole head up and down. The whole time she kept my lips pulled widely apart to give her deeper access. I had a hard time concentrating on what was going on above me, but finally locked my lips over Kelli’s clit and began giving her a ‘blow job’ in time with Shauna’s probing tongue. Before long, I could feel an orgasm getting ready to explode from me. Shauna sensed it also, and quickened her probing. I sucked fiercely on Kelli’s clit as I came. She ground herself against my face as Robin held the rubber cock deep inside her.

“As my spasms were subsiding I heard Kelli scream “Oh yes………Oh yes!”

I felt her shaking against my face as she came. I quickly released my hold on her clit as Robin began easing out of her. I grabbed the cock and slipped it into my mouth, once again sucking Kelli’s juices from it. I finished cleaning it off and Kelli raised up, and knelt just above my face. I knew what was coming. She grabbed my hair and held me in place while she began to empty her bladder into my mouth. Her hot urine hit the back of my throat as I struggle to swallow it all. She really had to pee.

“Oh Yeah, drink my pee, drain me Marsha, drain me!” she screamed.

I couldn’t move from the hold she had on my head and obeyed her command. Two glasses of wine later, she was finished. Her labia glistened with a combination of her lubrication and pee. I licked her clean as she finally released her hold on my head. She swung her leg over me and sat at the head of the bed. A big smile was on her face.

“Another first. Peeing and cumming at the same time. Robin you screwed me good. Best I’ve ever had.” she giggled.

We all sat back and took a breath.

“Robin, how about you?” Shauna asked politely. “I’m just fine. Came twice just fucking Kelli. That strap-on is a powerful weapon. Grinds right against your clit. Couldn’t help myself!”

“Should have known!” I said “You are greedy!”

“Let’s get cleaned up and go downtown. It is almost six o’clock. How time flies!”

We all got in the shower together and washed each other’s hair and other parts as well. I thought something would get started again, but I guess everyone was satisfied for the moment.

Everyone got dress up to go downtown. I have to say we looked pretty darn good for a night on the town.

“Hurry up ladies, the man won’t wait forever!”

“What man?” Robin asked.

“The driver, of course!”

We exited the house to see a beautiful stretch limo in the drive. The driver was standing by his door smoking as we came out.

“Hey Shauna! You ladies look like you’re going to a party.” he said.

Shauna turned toward us and said, “One of the benefits of living here. He’s a good friend and works cheap. Only costs $200 for the whole night. For me, that is!”

He was very handsome and wearing his tux. All of us gave him the once over as her let us in the back. What a great was to go downtown. He had a bottle of champagne chilling and four glasses ready for us.

“My treat!” Shauna said with a gleam in her eye as she opened the champagne.

The driver rolled down the security window as ask, “Where to, Ladies?”

“Fremont street, and take your time please, Gary. We’ve got all night!”

He tipped his hat and rolled the window back up. Shauna turned on the CD player with some light jazz playing. The mood was electric.

“Want to gamble a little first?”

“You bet….no Pun intended!” I replied.

“We’ll go to the Golden Nugget then. Loosest slots I know.”

“I feel lucky tonight,” Robin stated.

Shauna got on the intercom and told Gary to go to the Nugget. As we drove down the strip toward downtown, we were all amazed at the sea of people and the glitz. It was seven-thirty when we arrived downtown

Gary pulled into the entrance and let us out. “Call my cell when you want to leave, I’ll be out back with the other drivers just killing time.”

“Thanks, Gary,” we all said in unison. He just sort of tipped his cap and laughed. He knew trouble when he saw it. We entered the casino and were not disappointed. People were everywhere and you could hear all the sounds of bells, whistles, and laughter. Seemed like everyone was having a good time.

Not to bore you with all the details of our little gambling excursion, but nobody won much. Robin came out about ten dollars ahead and Kelli came out about fifty ahead. Shauna and I really didn’t spend much time at the slots, but rather talked together and people watched. We actually sat near the lobby for most of the hour and had a drink in the lobby lounge.

“Like their short skirts?” Shauna teasingly asked.

“Not as well as I liked yours!”

“I think my little beaver shot I gave you at work turned out quite well! Don’t you?” “Absolutely! Opened a lot of new avenues for me. Robin too. And Kelli. She would not have written me that note at the bank if I hadn’t met you.”

“Thanks.” she said with a warm smile.” You ready to go out to watch the light show?”

I just grabbed her hand and we tracked down the other two who were still hard at it in the slots arcade.

“Let’s go watch the light show!”

They both picked up there quarter bucket and went and cashed out. At least they didn’t lose anything.

We exited the casino and walked out onto Fremont. The lights were absolutely spectacular. It seemed more Las Vegas than the strip. A sea of people and everything close up.

As we wandered down the street, I took Shauna’s hand and gave it a squeeze. Robin and Kelli were behind us and Robin poked me in the back.

“Do you two need to get a room?” she jested.

“No! I think we’ll just do it right here on the street!” Shauna chirped back.

We each got a mango margarita at one of the little bar fronts and just wandered around for another half hour or so.

“Want to go to a strip club?” Shauna quizzed.

“Can I get a lap dance?” Robin asked.

“Me too!” blurted Kelli.

“I guess that’s a big yes!”

Shauna called Gary and by the time we got back to the casino, he was there waiting. He opened the door for us and we all piled in. We were just a little tipsy by this time and I know Gary got an eyeful of crotch as we were all being sooo..careful about how we got in.

“Where to?”

“Palomino!” Shauna ordered. “The ladies want a lap dance!”

I couldn’t believe how many people were on the streets. There seemed to be people every where.

“Is it always this crowded?” I asked.

“”It’s busier this weekend. Right after the 4th and 777 you know!”

“I forgot. Read an article that a lot of people were coming here to get married this weekend.”

I looked over and Robin and Kelli were making out. I could see Gary watching a little in the mirror. I just smiled and slid a little closer to Shauna.

We arrived at the Palomino and Gary stopped out front. The doorman or bouncer opened the door for us.

“I’ll wait in the lot. Have fun Ladies!” Gary said with a glint in his eye.

As we entered the club it was not all high tech and glitz, but more of a older, more traditional strip club. A welcome site over what we expected. There was a huge stage in the middle of the main floor. The doorman stopped us and looked like he was about to ask for a cover charge when Shauna pushed up next to him.


He just sort of smiled and waved us on in.

“Let’s go up to the Lipstick Lounge upstairs! It’s more private!” Shauna said.

I beautiful young lady escorted us to a private room on the second floor.

“We would like to have two young ladies for lap dances,” Shauna requested.

“The girls will be in shortly. Anything to drink?”

“A bottle of good chardonnay, please.”

“Coming right up!”

I watched as she left the room to get our wine. She really had a great ass, and swayed it nicely for us.

Very shortly, two of the most stunning women I have seen entered the room.

“Jeez, they’re gorgeous!” Kelli said wide-eyed.

“My thoughts exactly!” Robin agreed.

They put on a cd they had with them and joined each other to give us a little show. We watched as they slowly began to take each others tops off and soon were staring at a couple of great pairs of tits. They took turns pinching each other’s nipples and soon they were all hard as rocks. From the looks on our faces, I think there were a lot more stiff nipples than were out in the open.

The blonde girl pulled away from her red-headed friend and came over to Kelli. At first she stood there in front of her, fondling her own breasts and tweaking her nipples. She began inching her way between Kelli’s thighs, slowly parting them with her legs as she moved upwards. Kelli’s short little dress rode further up, and soon her entire mound was exposed. Kelli’s eyes were glued to the face of the dancer. The blonde slowly began to unbutton her little skirt and then let it fall to the floor. Kelli’s eyes now found their way down to the young lady’s g-string. The dancer lowered herself until her crotch was resting on Kelli’s thigh. She began to hump Kelli’s leg very slowly, running it from her knee, almost up to her hip.

Meanwhile the redhead had taken an interest in Robin. She had removed her top and skirt and now was gyrating in Robin’s face, her breast rubbing against Robin’s face and her crotch occasionally grinding down on Robin’s mound. Shauna looked at me and winked.

“I think the virgin’s are enjoying this, Don’t you?”

“Absolutely! So am I.”

The blonde had now removed her g-string and was grinding against Kelli’s thigh. Kelli was squirming in her seat and I knew she had to be dripping wet. I could see a trail of wetness where the dancer had been sliding up and down Kelli’s thigh. Suddenly the dancer turned around and bent way over between Kelli’s legs. She spread one cheek apart from the other and very slowly inserted her finger into her very obviously wet vagina. She then withdrew it and curled it up making a “come here” motion with it. Kelli brought her hand up to the dancers cleft and inserted two fingers. The young lady pushed herself back onto Kelli’s fingers and then moved forward, allowing us to see all the moisture on Kelli’s hand. She repeated this over and over , Kelli finally adding a third and then a fourth finger to her and then diddling her clit with her thumb. Meanwhile Kelli’s other hand was busy stroking her clit like a small cock in rhythm to her finger-fucking the blonde. Faster and faster the blonde bucked against Kelli’s hand until, finally, in a huge shudder, she came, nearly collapsing back into Kelli’s lap. She was totally flushed and I knew that Kelli had really fucked her good.

She finally regained her composure and looked a little sheepish.

“I’ve never had anyone make me come like that during a lap dance. My god, you know how to use your fingers!”

Be thankful I didn’t fuck you with my clit!” a slightly tipsy Kelli growled and exposed it to her.

“A wide-eyed dancer just looked as Kelli stroked her little unit and quickly arched her pelvis out and came within thirty seconds.

“You’ve turned into a little slut!” I said.

“You made me!” she retorted.

Robin’s redhead had now finished her dance and it was time for us to leave. We tipped them well and left the club and walked back to the car. Gary opened the door for us. Shauna and I got in the back first.

Kelli and robin must have been scheming because they opened the passenger door in front.

“Can we ride up here with you?”

“Sure can.” he said with a big grin on his face.

I think he knew he was in for a little action on the way home.

“Is it always this hot?” I asked.

“The club, or the weather?” Shauna quizzed back.


“I’ve never been to the club before, and the weather is exceptionally warm this week. Are you hot?”

I just smiled and ran my hand up her skirt, feeling the warmth of her sex as I ran my hand over her smooth mound. She arched her hips off the seat and I slid two fingers into her very moist pussy.

She moaned a little, “That’s it, baby, fuck me!”

I began to slowly slide my two fingers in and out of her vagina and could feel the moisture almost squirt out as I withdrew from her. She grabbed my head and turned it around. I thought she was going to force me down onto the floor of the limo, but rather, she held my head so I had a view of the front seat.

Here we were heading out of downtown Las Vegas, and all I could see was Kelli’s head bobbing on Gary’s lap and since I couldn’t see Robin’s head, I had to assume she had it place between Kelli’s legs.

I kind of giggled a little, and then decided I would go to the floor of the car on my own. I slid off the seat and between Shauna’s legs. She spread them wide apart and I just sort of dove in to her dripping hole. I stuck my tongue deep inside her and then began to swirl it around, covering every inch of it with wet, sloppy kisses. She arched her hips into my face and then grabbed the back of my head, forcing herself tighter against my hungry mouth.

She soon cried out, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Ohhh God I’m cummming!”

I stayed on the floor for a few minutes, softly kissing her thighs and gently tonguing her lips and trailing down to her little puckered ass. When I reached it, she pushed back against me a little, and I knew she would soon be ready for more.

Back up front, Kelli was now sitting up, but I still could not see Robin. I guess Gary finished before Kelli and I knew Kelli would make Robin finish her.

Robin’s head finally appeared back in the picture about a mile from Shauna’s.

The privacy glass opened and Kelli turned around. She had a big smile on her face. “Can Gary join us, tonight?”

“He can join you and Robin if you’d like, but Marsha and I want some private time, if you know what I mean!”

The three of them in the front acted like a group of kid. As we pulled in the drive, Gary opened the door for Shauna and I and we all went in the house.

Shauna grabbed a bottle of wine and we walked to her bedroom.

“Have fun, you guys!” I yelled to Robin, Kelli, and Gary as I closed Shauna’s door.”

“I knew you didn’t want Gary involved with this party. Was I too blunt?”

“Not at all. I would have been very uncomfortable with him in the room. Might have been tempted, you know?”

“I felt the same way. I have kind of a professional relationship with him, and it would have been awkward later.”

“They’re going to screw him six ways from Tuesday!” I giggled.

“”I’ll bet they are!” Shauna said as she poured us a glass. “Man, my pussy is wet! I can feel it trickling down my leg.”

I raised her tiny skirt up a little and sure enough, a sticky trail of her juices were leaking from her hole. I ran my finger across it and then sucked my finger clean.

“You taste great, but then I already ate once!

I went to my suitcase and got out a present that I had brought for her. I was glad that the other girl’s were not around because it might be difficult explaining it. I got a pretty gift wrapped box out and handed it to Shauna.

“Until you get the real thing!”

As she opened the wrapping I watched the expression on her face as she saw what the box contained. As she pulled “The Vixen” from it’s trappings she held it in her hand and looked at me.

“Oh my God! It looks so real!”

“Hand crafted!” I said. “You can even pump it up to tie it in!”

“Do me right now!” she demanded, and stripped off her dress and panties.

She got on all fours and I quickly stripped and got behind her, gave her dripping vagina a quick lick, and finding it that wet, slid the vixen into her. I began to penetrate her deeply, holding on the black balls at the end and then withdraw slowly. After the first stroke, it was covered with her lubrication from end to end. I withdrew it completely and offered it to her to taste. She grabbed it with her hand and forced it into her mouth.

“Mmmph!” came out of her as she nearly filled her hungry mouth with it.

I slowly began to stroke it in and out of her mouth as she rolled over onto her back in a better position, at least a more manageable position for what she wanted. As I slid the dong down her willing throat, I slowly began to inflate the bulb a little, “tying” it in her mouth. I now kept steady pressure on her lips with it as she brought a hand down to her mound and began to stroke herself.

I pulled her hand away and replaced it with my free hand, circling her clit with my fingers and stroking her wet lips, as her lubrication now was glistening all over her crotch.

“This is what it is like!” I said as I just held the Vixen in place and shook it a little as she provided enough suction to drain a fire hose.

A garble half moan and scream that she was cumming left her full mouth and I buried three fingers into her vagina, strumming her g-spot.

She seemed to orgasm for minutes, as wave after wave hit her. Juices were running over my hand and saliva left a trail down her chin as she finally stopped shaking.

I released the pressure on the Vixen, and the knot slowly deflated. I slowly withdrew it from her mouth, and eased it back into her sopping pussy. I only left it there long enough to collect her fluids before reinserting it into her tired mouth. She slowly suck on it and when I was satisfied she had cleaned it off, I brought it back out and stuck it back into her vagina, leaving it there.

“You DON’T want to know what I was fantasizing about!” she exclaimed.

“I KNOW what you were thing! I relied slyly.

” Fuck me with that thing. The RIGHT way!”

“On you hand and knees, bitch!” I ordered.

She rolled over and did as she was told.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

She just stuck her butt higher in the air, and I made an effort to stick it in her swollen vagina. I deliberately missed several times, causing her to gyrate in an effort to allow me access. I finally hit her entrance and drove it home with staccato jabs, each one going a little deeper, until I had the whole five inches into her. I then slid it just a little further, and began inflating the bulb.

“Oh God, you’re filling me up! She cried as I now held it in place and made her squirm and work. She forced herself back onto the Vixen and shoved her head down into the floor and screamed into the carpet.

“I’m cummmmming, I’m cumming again! Pump that hot cum into me! She screamed and collapsed to the floor nearly loosing consciousness.

When she finally came back to a somewhat normal state, she turned over and looked at me with a very wicked smile on her face.

“Next time I visit!”

“Nuff said!”

I let go of the Vixen, stilled locked inside her, and she got back on her knees. She released the pressure on the bulb, and after deflation, slowly withdrew it from her gaping hole. She offered it to me to clean.

After I had sucked it dry and she was satisfied with my work, she examined it closely.

“Amazing detail!”

“Almost real!” I added.

“I swear I could feel it cum inside me!”

“Not quite that real! You just have an active imagination!”

We both laughed and decided to get up off the floor.

“Want to find out how the ménage is going next door?” she asked.

“Not really! I’d rather get in the hot tub with a glass of wine and you!”

We grabbed a couple of towels, a bottle of wine and glasses and headed out the door. We got in the tub and she poured us each a glass of wine. For several minutes we didn’t speak.

“That is the most incredible toy I’ve ever had!”

“Definitely not for everyone, though!” I added.

“Oh, please….Has to be one of the fantasies every woman has!”

“Well, probably so, but………they’d never admit it!”

“You should have been there!”

“Next time, I will be!”

About that time, Robin came out to the tub. She stood there naked just holding her towel.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Come on in. The water is nice and hot.” (Keep in mind that the air temperature right then was probably as warm as the hot tub.)

She dropped her towel and climbed in. She took a big sip of my wine and relaxed back in the tub, grinning from ear to ear.

“I had to leave the room. Gary wanted to fuck me and that’s a no-no. Eatin ain’t cheatin, but I had to draw the line somewhere!” They’re going at it like bunnies. That boy has stamina.”

Shauna laughed and said, “You don’t know the half of it! I’m sure he took a little blue pill earlier and he’ll go all night!”

“Kelli won’t be able to walk in the morning!” Robin giggled.

Robin went on to give us some details of earlier. “We started out in the limo as you are both aware. Well….in the bedroom I got my first look at it. He is hung pretty well. Kelli continued giving him a blowjob as he removed his pants and shirt. I joined hr and we took turns with him. Finally Kelli wanted him to fuck her so she got on all fours on the bed and had him slide in from behind. She suggested that I might lick her clit while he fucked her. I slid under her and began licking and sucking that massive clit of hers while his cock pistoned in and out. I licked it every once in a while whenever I could catch it. She finally told me to swing around in a sixty-nine so she could lick me too. I had no problem with that and she dove right in, sticking her tongue in me in rhythm to Gary’s strokes. I began to suck her clit harder and she began to tongue me deeper. I could tell she was getting close to cumming as her clit began receding back into its hood and I was close myself. She gave out a loud groan and bucked back rapidly against Gary’s cock and my face and came. This caused me to began my orgasm too. It must have been too much for Gary, because I could see him tense up and he let out a loud groan. Kelli screamed at this point for him to fill her with his hot cum. Sounds like something out of a porno movie doesn’t it. He did, and kept his cock buried in her to the hilt. When he finally began to withdraw, Kelli sat back on my face and made me suck all of his cum and hers from her gaping hole. I’ve never swallowed that much cum in my life. It seemed to keep flowing and flowing from her. I have to admit, it sure tasted good, though. When she was done grinding her mound into my face, I looked over at Gary and he was still hard. It was then that he wanted to fuck me, so I told him I couldn’t and excused myself to see you.”

Shauna kissed Robin and licked her lips a little. “She’s telling the truth, that’s Gary on her lips!”

“Probably a little Kelli, too!”

We all laughed and decided it was time to get out of the tub. We went back to Shauna’s bedroom and as we approached Robin asked again, “Can I join you?”

We both grabbed her and drug her into the room, closing the door behind us.

“I really need a good fucking!” Robin stated.

“Want it doggy style?” asked Shauna. I gave Shauna a quizzed look and just shrugged my shoulders. She got out a strap on and inserted the Vixen in the harness, leaving the inflatable part out and running the tubing and bulb through the straps.

“Your going to have to suck me first!” Shauna demanded.

Robin knelt in front of her and saw the tool.

“This is something different!” she said in a surprised voice. “Oh!”

She took the Vixen by the shaft and inserted it into her mouth, licking it up one side and down the other.

“Tastes like it was just used!” she said.

“Just was!” I replied.

I just lay there and watched as Robin gave Shauna’s new toy a great blow job. Shauna began gyrating her hips against Robin’s mouth, forcing her to take the five inches into her. She began squeezing the bulb a little causing the base to began to inflate some.

It popped from Robin’s mouth and dangled in front of her. “Swelling I see, is it ready to fuck?”

“Shauna just turned her around and got behind her. She began humping at Robin, much the same as I had done to Shauna earlier. Finally finding her mark, she drove it home. She fucked Robin with short jabs and then finally penetrating her to the hilt. I slowly slid under Robin and began to lick her clit as Shauna began to slowly inflate the toy. Robin groaned as Shauna just held it in place her arms wrapped around Robin’s waist as I furiously licked Robin’s clit and stuck my finger in Shauna’s vagina. I fingered Shauna slowly and she remained motionless as she held Robin tight. I could tell Robin was getting close as she bucked back against Shauna and my mouth.

“Yesssssssss!” she screamed as her orgasm hit. That was all she said. Shauna released her grip on Robin and slowly deflated the Vixen. She then began to back off and the cock slid out of Robin and popped right in my waiting mouth. It was covered with white, sticky lubrication. I sucked it into my mouth and cleaned it all off. I went back to Robin’s gaping vagina, and a copious amount of her juice was ready to fall from it. It was almost like someone had shot a load into her. I swabbed her with my tongue and then sucked on her gaping hole. I could fell her fluids draining into my mouth. When my mouth was nearly full of fluid, I slid out. And grabbed Robin, forcing her to lie down on the bed. I put my face over hers and gently force her mouth open with my Shauna coated fingers and slowly allowed her fluid to drain from my mouth to hers. She eagerly swallowed and then I kissed her, sharing the juices.

“A little cum-swapping, huh?” mused Shauna.

I pulled her down and stuck my tongue in her mouth, too, forcing her to taste Robin’s passion.

“Yummy!” she giggled.

“Still thirsty?” I asked.


I knelt over her face and held my pussy above her open mouth. Robin held my lips apart and I began to allow a small trickle to be release into Shauna’s mouth.

“More! I want more!” she demanded.

Robin now rapidly rubbed my clit and I began to really turn on the faucet, draining my bladder into Shauna’s mouth. Before I was finished peeing, I came, grinding my sopping hole right down onto Shauna’s face, forcing her to drain me completely. Sucking me dry, so to speak. What an orgasm that was.

Shauna just lay there, her mouth still agape and screamed, “More!”

Robin didn’t hesitate and climbed over her face, and before I had time to help her spread her lips, did it herself and began emptying her bladder down Shauna’s throat. Shauna swallowed all that Robin force out and never missed a drop. It seems that we have never made a mess of anything during our little water sport episodes. Probably a good thing.

Robin removed herself from Shauna’s face and sat back on the bed.

“My turn, Shauna!” she said with anticipation.

Shauna was ready to oblige and Grabbed the back of Robin’s head and pulled her mouth flush up against her swollen mound. I could see her strain and saw Robin’s throat muscles expand and contact as she swallowed Shauna’s urine. When Shauna was finished she began to grind herself against Robins face, forcing Robin to suck her vagina and clit into her mouth. Shauna literally face-fucked Robin until she had another orgasm, holding Robin’s head tightly against her as she shuddered.

I watched in amazement as she continued grinding and had a second orgasm within a minute of the first.

She finally fell back onto the bed and waved a hand across her mound signaling she had to cool it off a bit. We all laughed together and took a break, each grabbing a glass of wine.

“You know what this will do?” I quizzed.

“More of the same, I imagine!” Shauna replied.

“You guess it!”

After relaxing with our wine, and another glass on top of that, everyone was getting aroused again…….not that we had ever really not been in that state since we’d arrived.

“Anyone for a nice “Daisy Chain”?” Shauna asked.

“Robin had a quizzed look on her face, “A what?”

“Just turn on your side and put one leg up!” Shauna told her.

Robin did and Shauna buried her head in Robin’s crotch. I followed with mine in Shauna’s and turned around so my crotch was in robin’s mouth. Shauna lifted her head from Robin’s crotch and spoke,” Any more questions?”

She put her head back down and began sucking on Robin. I slowly snaked my tongue into Shauna and began squeezing her breast with a free hand, alternating between them. My other hand went to my vaginal lips and spread them apart so Robin could lick me deeply, running her tongue up and down my slit and circling my clit fervently. I finally released my lips and brought my hand back up to Shauna’s mound. Spreading her lips far apart with my fingers, I tongued her deeply, savoring the musky smell of her womanhood and the tastes of her delicious juices. I stuck a finger into her and then slowly brought it out, sneaking it down her crack and teasing her little puckered ass. I smeared her juices around it and she forced herself back against my finger, causing it to slip slowly into her little hole. She ground back against my face and we seemed to have an almost melodic rhythm going as we ground ourselves against each other’s faces. My finger was now completely buried in her as I knew she was closing in on yet another orgasm. My own orgasm was building deep within me and I took my hand from Shauna’s breasts and brought it down to my vagina, sliding a finger in and bringing the sticky wetness out past Robin’s probing tongue. I slid it into my own ass, poking the finger deep inside as I went over the edge. I could feel Shauna’s contractions with my finger that was buried in her ass and also my mouth, firmly glued to her swollen lips. She bucked against my face and came. I think we all reached within moments of each other. Our orgasm being driven by the others. It was absolutely awesome.

When we finally regained our senses, Shauna spoke, “Ladies, it’s four AM and we have a busy day tomorrow.”

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Robin and Shauna joined me and after all of our clean up work was cone, we went back to the bedroom, and just crawled under the covers naked. We did a mutual kiss good night and fell sound asleep.

I awoke around seven in the morning. Robin was still sleeping, but Shauna was already up and about. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. As I was standing there, I heard Robin stirring, but when I looked at her, she just rolled back over and closed her eyes. It had been a late night. I went to the kitchen to the smell of coffee brewing. Tina was sitting out on the patio. I grabbed a cup and went out. It was only ninety-seven degrees and it was seven AM.

“Good Morning, I trust you slept well,” Tina said with a smile.


“Robin or Kelli up yet?” she asked.

“Robin is semi-conscious! As for Kelli?”

“Gary’s Limo is gone, so I guess she must still be in bed. I imagine they had a late night of it!”

We didn’t have long to wait, as Kelli came waling out with a cup in her hand.

“Jesus, I feel like I’ve been fucked three ways to Sunday!” she stated.

We both laughed and Shauna added, “The boy is something, isn’t he?”

“I must have cum ten times, and I don’t think he was far behind!”

“Isn’t Viagra great?”

“Miracle drug!” I added.

We sat around drinking our coffee and not saying much until about ten minutes later, Robin showed up.

“Feel O.K?” I asked.

“Like hell!”

“I sympathize!” Kelli said.

Shauna got up from the table and went in to make some breakfast. She had said the night before she would make a Mexican breakfast. Good for a hangover and way too much partying. I went in to help her with it, and in no time we had it ready for Kelli & Robin. I brought it out to them, and they wasted no time in chowing down on their plates. They must have been starved because by the time Shauna and I came out with ours, they were nearly finished.

“One pig can’t wait for the others!” she chided.

Kelli looked up from her plate long enough to flip Shauna off and continued eating.

After breakfast, Shauna told us we were going to take a ride out to the lake. She was borrowing a friends boat and we could go cruising up the canyons and swim. We were all ready for that. The news said it was going to be one hundred eleven or more, so swimming at the lake sounded great.

Everyone took showers in record time and put on swimsuits and shorts for the trip to the lake. Shauna stopped by a deli where she had ordered a basket of goodies the day before for our little outing. A few bottles of wine and we were good to go.

We arrived at the marina about ten AM. We unloaded the trunk and walked down the ramp to the boats. Shauna had evidently used this boat before, because the marina operator just handed her the keys and told us to have fun.

The boat was beautiful. It was I think a Sea Ray 24. Anyway, it was gorgeous. As soon as we left the marina area, Shauna gunned it and we went speeding across the lake. It took us about 30 minutes to get to where she wanted to go.

All I knew is that the speed of the boat, and the company had me damp. We slowly pulled into a long secluded cove that seemed to back into the canyon wall forever. It was very narrow, with the sides nearly straight up. We all were gawking at the beautiful cliffs above us and the sparkling blue water below. We went nearly a half mile up and finally came to a wider spot in the cove that actually had about thirty feet of beach. It was beautiful.

“What do you think? Pretty as Hidden Falls?” “Absolutely breathtaking!” I replied.

“You’ve been to Hidden Falls?” Kelli asked.

“Marsha and I hiked up there earlier this year. Really pretty.”

“I forgot. I knew you had.”

A loud splash halted the conversation. We turned around and saw Robin coming up for air in the back of the boat.

“Water’s Great! Come on in!”

We all stripped off our shorts and dove in. We swam and played in the cool water for nearly an hour. When I finally got out, I looked like a prune. The hot sun dried me quickly as I lay down on the bow of the boat. Shortly Shauna joined me and we just lay there looking up at the canyon walls.

“Wanna fuck?” she asked candidly.

I just slid off my bathing suit and rolled over. I slid hers down below her breasts and began sucking her nipples in turn. She wriggled the rest of the way out of her suit and kicked it onto the deck.

I slowly worked my ways don past her navel and to her mound that was now quite warm with both excitement and the sun. I inched a little lower and my tongue found the top of her slit. I forced my tongue inside her and she just opened her legs wider and the flipped over on her side. I turned myself around to allow her to return the favor. We were soon slurping greedily at each other, totally unaware of the audience we now had back aboard the boat. The two of them didn’t say a word, but just stood there watching us.

I rolled onto my back and had Shauna get on her knees over my face as we continued our sixty-nine. The taste of her made me even hotter than the hot desert sun that was now almost directly overhead. As I grabbed her butt to pull her closer to me, I could feel the sweat beading on her lower back. She sat up and began to slowly fuck my face as I snuck my tongue deep inside her.

“Eat me, Marsha! Stick your tongue in my pussy! Oh yeah, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum in your mouth!”

She kept this nasty tirade up as she now humped faster and faster. I sucked her lips hard and shoved my tongue as far inside her as I could. Her legs clamped tight around my head, and I heard her screaming more, though I could not understand what she was screaming. I felt her vagina begin to pulse on my tongue, and I knew she was cumming. Over and over she contracted, my face glued to her crotch as the warm sticky lubrication flowed from her walls into my mouth. I dared not swallow until she was finished. After what seemed like an eternity, her vagina quit contracting and she sat back off my mouth. Her slippery hole now rested on my forehead as she cradled my face in her hands.

“That was INCREDIBLE!” she glowed.

“Amen!” chimed Kelli & Robin in unison from the back of the boat.

“I imagine you would like to cum?” asked Shauna.

“Later. Let’s make these two put on a show for us! They were peeping Tom’s, so this will be their punishment!”

Shauna got a few toys from her beach bag in the back of the boat. She included the Vixen in her selection for the two girls. They dutifully went to the bow and soon had their swim suits off. Robin put a large beach towel on the deck and got a couple of cushions in order to be more comfortable.

As She was doing that, Kelli perused the toys Shauna had given them. Her eyes got big as she noticed the Vixen.

“What the heck is this supposed to……….? Oh my God! Is it what I think it is?”

Shauna just smiled and nodded her head.

“What is it?” Robin asked Kelli without seeing what was now firmly attached to a harness.

“A hot dog!” Kelli replied with a straight face.

Robin turned around and saw what Kelli was now wearing. Her eyes widened and she looked over at me and shook her finger.

“Must have been a present from you. You’re then only one I know that would have one of those! Damn, it looks real!” she said as she fondled it.

“What’s the pump for?” she asked as she squeezed it. “Oh, I get it! Makes it swell.”

I must have blushed three shades of red as she gave me a little wink and said. “Didn’t think I knew, did you?”

“Knew what?”

“Your little secret! Next time, invite me!”

With the so-called cat out of the bag, Robin got down on her hands and knees in front of Kelli. Shauna poured us a glass of wine while we watched the show. Kelli flopped the Vixen back and forth and up and down over Robin’s hole. I could see there was no need for any lube as her slightly gaping vagina was beginning to leak from it’s entrance. Her clit was visibly swollen and glistened when the sunlight hit it just right.

Kelli wrapped her arms around Robins waist and began massaging her breasts as she slowly started to slide the tool into Robin.

“Faster!” Shauna demanded.

With a jerky motion Kelli began to slide the tool in and out of Robin’s vagina. Within minutes, it was cream covered from the friction of her lubrication on it.

“Start pumping it up a little!” I told her

She began to squeeze the bulb and Robin gasped as she felt it expand in her.

Kelli slowed down her stroking and was now not penetrating any deeper since the swelling was holding it in place. Robin backed into her and ground her hips in a circle in an effort to force it deeper.

From the sounds Robin was making, I could tell she was about to cum. She let out a long wail and Kelli held her tight as she began her orgasm. She shook almost continually for thirty seconds, as wave after wave hit her. Then she was still. Sweat had pooled in the small of her back and I could tell she was at least momentarily drained.

“Release the bulb and back away slowly!” Shauna told Kelli.

She did as she was told and as the Vixen slowly slid from Robin’s vagina, we all watched as the lubrication that had been trapped inside slowly began to leak out of her gaping hole.

Kelli turned around and walked over to where Shauna and I were sitting.

“Who wants to clean this up?”

Shauna pulled her over and slowly sucked the entire length into her mouth. When she was satisfied it was clean, she motioned for me to go over to Robin. I got up and went to her.

Shauna made a licking motion with her tongue and I got down behind her and slowly began to lick the copious amount of fluid that was leaking from her. I spread her lips apart with my fingers and lapped at her vaginal walls, hoping to get the last bit of nectar from her. When I felt I had done all I could, I turned my face to the towel below her where some of it had collected and sucked her juice from the towel. By this time both Shauna and Kelli were watching intently as I “swabbed the deck” so to speak. I slowly got up and walked back over to sit down. Robin just stayed there, butt in the air and waved her hand for more attention.

“What do you want?” Shauna asked.

“You know!”

“Guess it’s my turn, isn’t it?” she said rising and walking over to Robin.

Shauna lay beneath her looking up at Robin’s very puffy lips and stuck a finger deep inside her. She pulled it back out and sucked it into her mouth.

“Missed some!”

“Turn around Robin. We want to see!” demanded Kelli.

Robin turned around and squatted over Shauna’s face about six inches above her. She spread her labia with two fingers and I could see her abdominal muscles straining as she let loose a stream of urine into Shauna’s open mouth. The stream was very forceful and several times Shauna could not contain it all and it ran down her cheeks and across her neck onto the towel. Robin must have really had to pee, because the stream continued for at least twenty or thirty seconds. When she finally finished, she sat down on Shauna’s face and ground herself down on her. Shauna kept her mouth glued to Robin and soon Robin was climaxing yet again.

When she finished, she got up and said, “I’d like to do somebody “doggy style”, Who’s willing?”

“Come and get me!” Kelli said as she wiggled her ass in Robin’s direction.

Robin slid into the strap-on and got behind Kelli. There was no hesitation, she just buried the vixen to the hilt. She began sliding it in and out of Kelli’s pussy, nearly withdrawing it each time. The moisture from her pussy made it slick and shiny in the afternoon sun. Shauna and I watched and slowly stroked each others wet labia as Robin and Kelli went at it like a pair of dogs in heat.

“Pump it up!” cried Kelli.

“You asked for it!” Robin growled and began inflating the bulb.

“Oh my God!” Kelli shrieked. ” It’s too big!”

Robin released a little of the pressure and wrapped her arms around Kelli, massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples as she held tight to her. I saw Kelli’s hand move down and began stroking her clit as Robin now kept the toll buried deep inside and hardly moved at all. Kelli began stroking her clit faster and from her moans, I knew she was about to cum.

“Cum with me, Robin. Cum with me, please.” Kelli begged.

I left Shauna and got behind Robin. I began rubbing the crotch of her strap-on as he held fast to Kelli. Shauna came over and placed her mouth over one of Robin’s breasts and began sucking her nipple hard. With her other hand, Shauna began squeezing Robin’s other breast making her gasp as Shauna changed direction and began rubbing Robin’s nipple in time to my rubbing the leather crotch.

Kelli was now going crazy and screaming, “Fuck me you bitch, fuck me, make me cum!”

Suddenly, I felt Robin tense up and I knew from experience she was going to cum.

“Arrrrgh, I’m cummmmmming. Cum with me, cum with me, cum with me!” she cried over and over.

Kelli screamed and went over the top at the same time, her hand working her clit furiously. I slowed down my rubbing on Robin’s crotch and Shauna released her hold on Robin’s breasts. Robin just collapsed onto Kelli’s back and lay there shaking. I took the pump from Robin’s hand and slowly released the pressure.

As soon as I was certain the bulb had deflated, I slid under Kelli and slowly eased the vixen out of her now very wet and gaping vagina. I sort of popped when it finally came out, and I slowly took the length of it into my mouth, savoring the juices coating it. Shauna joined me under Kelli, and we shared both the vixen and Kelli’s nectar as we licked and sucked and kissed each other getting the entire shat cleaned. Shauna raised her head a little and gave Kelli’s clit a lick and then stuck her tongue inside for a moment. She then brought her tongue back out and stuck it in my mouth, making me suck more of Kelli’s moisture from it. She repeated this several times, until she was satisfied that Kelli was clean.

“God, that was totally hot!” I proclaimed. “I’ve never seen you so Crazy, Robin!” “I must have cum three times!” she told me.

“I lost track!” giggled Kelli.

We just lay there on the deck in total exhaustion, trying to regain some strength. It had been a long, hard weekend(no pun intended) for all of us.

Shauna finally got up and said, “ladies, it’s time to start heading back to the marina! Put some clothes on, and put those toys away!”

“Aye, Aye Captain!” Kelli saluted.

We all laughed about that, but dutifully put our shorts and tops back on as Shauna fired the boat up and began cruising back to shore.

What a day!

What a trip!

I can’t wait for Los Cabos in January.

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