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Meeting the Professor

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“Gretchen, are you sure everything’s okay? Ever since we got here you’ve been acting so… nervous! It’s okay to relax, you know. I mean, the conference is over. And I don’t know about you, but I’m planning on celebrating tonight!”

I smiled at Lauren – she was sweet to encourage me to relax, and I did want to let loose. More than she knew.

But my nerves were in high gear, and for good reason. We scooted over to the bar at the conference hotel, our arms grazing lightly as we settled into barstools and ordered our martinis. I smiled at her, trying to look composed, smoothing my skirt and crossing my legs toward her. We raised our glasses and toasted each other. She reached over and rested her hand on my knee. “We’re gonna have fun tonight Gretchen. We earned it.” She flashed me her sweet smile, the one that makes all the boys go weak. My heart skipped a beat as I returned her smile and moved the glass to my lips.


We’d arrived at the conference a few days before, two young and pretty grad students trying to act mature and collected as we worked our way through a sea of professors. Lauren and I always got a fair amount of attention when we entered a room together – Betty and Veronica, they call us in our grad program. I suppose I’m the Veronica of the pair, a curvy brunette with dark eyes, a deep tan, and a full mouth. Lauren is a willowy blonde, petite and graceful, with big expressive eyes and an irresistible sweetness. We do make quite a pair, and we’re as close as can be – except that I have a secret. I’ve tried to tell her a few times, but I knew that here, at this conference, she would find me out.

What Lauren didn’t know is that there was someone else at this conference I’d been planning to meet. Planning very carefully, and for a very long time. Although I’d never met him in person before, we knew each other quite well… our fantasies, our desires, the things we never tell. Robert is a professor at another university, who I’d been chatting with online for months. He was so exciting, pushing all my buttons, pushing my limits, pushing me to tell him to come to this conference where we would be, to come to this bar at the end of it all, to buy drinks for me and my sexy friend, to drink with us and laugh with us, but most importantly to keep pushing my boundaries.

A few months earlier, Robert and I were online chatting while I was at a café. I was sitting at a table across from Lauren, both of us clicking away on our laptops, and I began describing her body to him, telling him about the soft curve of her breasts, the way her shapely legs were crossed under the table. I knew he was getting aroused, and I liked it. What I didn’t know is how I would react when he grew suggestive, seductive, about my friend. He asked me if I’d ever wondered what she would feel like against me, how she liked to be touched. At first I reminded him that she was a close friend, that close friends don’t imagine each other that way. But as he typed, my eyes wandered to her bare skin, her long neck and pouty lips. Robert knew I was getting excited, perhaps before I realized it myself. He pushed me further. He asked me if she would look sexy with a cock in her delicate little mouth. I closed my eyes for a second and let myself picture his cock sliding between her pretty pink lips, and I imagined myself in the mix. I felt a deep blush spread from my cheeks to my neck, a heat that slowly made its way between my thighs. And the next thing I knew, Robert and I were concocting a plan.

The conference was only a few hours drive from Robert’s school, and I knew he could swing by today, even stay for the night. He had seen tons of photos of me, and even a few of Lauren that I’d sent his way, so I knew he’d be able to find us sitting in our corner at the hotel bar. My nerves were calming a little as the effects of the martini kicked in, but I had plenty to be nervous about. Although I’d never been with Robert in person, I’d been fantasizing about him for months now. And Lauren and I had never really taken our friendship to that next level. I’d been noticing lately that she’s been more playful with me, more flirtatious – especially when she’s been drinking. And I was hoping that Robert would work his magic, just manage to charm her into bed with us. But still, I didn’t know how she would react. I looked in her eyes and smiled as I sipped my drink. She was already a little tipsy, I could tell.

“But seriously, Gretch, did you see that guy in the back row during that last session?” Lauren giggled. “He was totally checking us out! He’s definitely your type too – he must’ve been at least ten or fifteen years older than us! Oh my god – don’t turn around right now, but there he is!!”

I didn’t turn around. I stiffened a little, and my heart skipped a beat, but I kept my eyes on Lauren. Even though it could’ve been any number of guys, I knew it was Robert. It was like I could feel him there, behind me, making his way towards us, just as I’d imagined so many times before. I watched Lauren’s eyes follow him as he moved to where we were, up to the bar. Then his hand was on my shoulder, and I finally let myself turn around and look at him.

“Hi there,” he said easily, his eyes fixed on mine. He flashed me a slow, knowing smile. “I was wondering if I could buy a round for the prettiest girls at the conference.”

I hardly knew how to respond. I was staring at him and smiling like an idiot, continually reminding myself that we were in public and I couldn’t just mount him right there. I’d been imagining this scene for so long that it almost felt unnatural to have him right there in front of me for me to look at and touch. I looked over at Lauren, who seemed intrigued and nodded at me.

“Well, we could have another round, I think,” I smiled at him, my voice a little shaky from nerves. “I’m Gretchen, by the way. And this is Lauren.”

Robert waved the bartender over and ordered another round of martinis, and then extended his hand to me. “I’m Robert. It’s very nice to meet you both.” We each shook his hand, and I watched his eyes fix on Lauren’s. He asked us what school we were from, how we were enjoying the conference. I let Lauren take the reins, answering his questions, sizing him up. Robert was doing a great job with her, making his easy jokes about the other professors at the conference, asking her what it was like to be a grad student in a situation like this, putting us both at ease. Lauren was getting pretty tipsy, I could tell. She was laughing a little louder, flashing her sweet lovely smile in Robert’s direction, reaching over and casually brushing his arm with hers.

While Robert was telling us a story about a different conference, I felt his hand grazing the small of my back. I shivered as he moved it lightly down across my hip, keeping his movements subtle so Lauren couldn’t see his arm behind me. His fingers traced the curve of my bottom, and then back up my spine. He kept telling his story, charming Lauren with his quips and ease, while I felt a moist spot form between my legs. It was all I could do not to push him against the bar and grind my body against his. It was torture not to be able to fuck him that instant.

Robert looked in my direction and smiled. “Would you ladies excuse me for just a second? I have to make a quick phone call, but I’ll be back in a minute.” We had planned this moment. Now it was my turn to take the reins. “No problem, Robert,” I replied as casually as I could. “We’re not going anywhere just yet.”

Lauren and I watched in silence as he walked away. I knew she was checking him out, that she was interested. Now I just had to play my cards right. I turned to face her and gave her a suggestive smile.

“He is so cute, Gretch,” she squealed as she polished off her second martini. Two of those, I knew, would be enough to open her mind. “Do you think he likes us?”

“Oh I think he likes us, Lauren,” I smiled at her and winked. “But what are we going to do about it?”

I watched her eyes narrow a bit and the corners of her mouth turn upwards in a seductive grin. “Well…” She looked up at me and bit her lip nervously. I knew Robert was watching from the doorway, trying to determine the effect he’d had on her. “Well… we said we were going to have fun tonight, Gretchen. And Robert seems… fun.”

“I agree,” I said smiling. “He definitely seems fun. And sexy…”

Lauren’s eyes met mine and she nodded. “Very sexy,” she agreed, looking to me to make a decision. I reached into my purse, pulled out my key to our hotel room, and placed it on the top of the bar. I leaned in close to Lauren’s ear and whispered softly, “Should we bring the next round of martinis to our room, then?”

She turned to look at me, her face inches from mine, and slowly nodded. “We should.”

I wanted so badly to lean in just a little further right then, to feel her mouth against mine. I slid my hand on her lap and gave her leg a light squeeze. Lauren’s eyes closed for a second while my fingers played with the hemline of her silk skirt. She moved her hand on top of mine and slowly slid our hands beneath the hem, on her bare thigh. Suddenly I heard a man’s voice behind us, clearing his throat.

“I hope I’m not interrupting,” Robert smiled. His eyes were fixed on our hands, on the smooth fine skin of Lauren’s leg. I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his pants growing as he watched. I was so fired up, lightheaded from our drinks and the feel of Lauren’s bare skin, I hardly knew what to do. Lauren smiled at me and then at him, and reached for my room key on the bar.

“Why don’t we have our next round of drinks up in our room?” she suggested. Robert smiled at both of us, and slipped his hand around my waist as I slid off my barstool. Without a word, the three of us walked to the elevator, drinks in hand, smiling privately to ourselves but for the same reason. Lauren was more than a little tipsy by this point, and slipped her arm through mine as we walked down the hallway to our room. She leaned over, giggled softly, and whispered in my ear, “I can’t believe we’re doing this!” I laughed with her and pulled her close to me as she fumbled with the lock on our door. Robert looked at the two of us, smiled, and shook his head. “I wonder what you girls could be whispering about…”

We opened the door, Lauren and I settling on the edge of the bed, laying our martini glasses on the floor below us. Lauren looked up at Robert laughing softly, “I was just telling Gretchen that I can’t believe we invited you up here… I mean, we don’t usually do things like this.”

Robert pulled the desk chair to the edge of the bed and sat down facing us. He smiled easily at Lauren as she nervously sipped her martini, and replied, “well, what is it that you think you’re doing, Lauren?”

She looked at Robert’s face first, and then at mine, trying to decide how to respond to his frank question. Shyly, she looked down and started playing with her hair. “I guess I don’t really know what we’re doing,” she said, with a coy smile on her face.

Robert looked at her more intensely, allowing his eyes to move along the curves of her body, down her chest and across her slim little waist, then back to her deep brown eyes. “I think you do know, Lauren.”

He stretched his arm towards her face, and stroked her long blonde hair with his fingers. Lauren’s eyes immediately fell closed and I watched as she enjoyed his touch on the back of her neck, fingers grazing her ear. Suddenly his fingertips were moving to her pretty mouth, tracing the thin pink curve of her lips. Her lips parted slightly as he slid his finger between them. She let out a little sigh and gently sucked his finger between her lips. Robert fell to his knees at the edge of the bed, his body nestled between her thighs. He continued to play with her mouth, his eyes wandering to mine. He looked voracious all of a sudden, like he could just push me back against the mattress and fuck me roughly right there. But I knew he wouldn’t. He would tease me with watching, with his slow and patient seduction. He would make me agonize.

Lauren was licking and sucking his finger more passionately now. I knew she wanted more. She was grinding her pussy against Robert’s waist as he pulled her closer. I ran my fingers through her hair, pulling slightly so she would arch her back for me. I could see the outline of her hard nipples poking through her blouse, and I was dying to touch her. Slowly, I crept behind her on the bed, straddling her as I sat down, sliding my legs around the outside of hers. Her back was pressed against my full breasts, and my mouth was hot against her ear. She leaned back against me as I whispered, “you look so sexy right now, Lauren…”

I reached around her sides and started to slowly unbutton her blouse, Robert’s fingers matching me button for button. I undid the clasp of her pretty white bra and we slid the blouse and bra off her shoulders. Her breasts were small but firm, swollen pink nipples pointing upwards, inches from Robert’s mouth. I wanted to watch his tongue against them, teasing her, making her blushing pink tips shiny and wet. I started to kiss her ear, my fingers sliding around her firm tummy, my nails trailing up her sides. Gently I started to massage her breasts as Robert looked at me and took a nipple into his mouth. Lauren was sighing, arched back, her head falling backwards onto my shoulder. His dark eyes were fixed on mine as he teased her nipple with his tongue, his teeth. It was amazing, the sensation of watching him play with her body while he looked at me. It was as though it was my own nipple he was teasing with his mouth. I held her breast in my hand as he sucked and licked, and with my other hand I pulled her skirt higher and higher.

Robert had still not laid a hand on me. Both of us were touching Lauren, looking at each other as we enjoyed her slender body, her sweet curves. I was dying for his touch on me, but I knew he would tease me like this, make me beg him for a touch or a taste. His kissed around her breasts, her neck, her delicate collarbone, up to her chin. Lauren pulled him close and they began to kiss full on the mouth. His tongue swept across her lower lip and played with hers as they teased each other. I wound my fingers through his dark hair, my own lips only inches from their kiss.

At last he broke their kiss and slowly moved closer to me, his eyes locked into mine. He whispered my name and brought his mouth against my full lips. I sighed as he kissed me passionately, his tongue exploring my mouth, intoxicating me, drawing me deeper and deeper into his full kiss. Lauren was pressed between us as we kissed, loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, watching as our kiss became more and more intense. I moaned softly into his mouth and realized that this was better than the fantasy, that I was ready for anything at this point, that he had me primed.

He backed away from me and looked at the two of us together on the bed. Lauren was topless, but my clothes were still on. Her back was moving against the full curve of my breasts and her hands were resting on my bare thighs. My skirt had ridden all the way up my legs to my waist, and Robert glimpsed my pink cotton panties from the side. “Mmm Lauren,” he murmured. “Why don’t you help Gretchen get out of those clothes?”

He slid his tie from around his neck as Lauren turned around, the two of us sitting on the bed facing one another. She reached down and pulled my top over my head, revealing my pink lace bra beneath. Her slender fingers trailed over the curves at the top of my breasts, then along my neck, to my full mouth. Her fingers were so soft on my lips, I started to lean in against her. Lauren’s hands slid around my waist and she pulled me close. The lace from my bra rubbed against her taut nipples and she started moan softly as I brought my lips to hers. I felt her fingers unclasp my bra and then trace my spine as our mouths met, lips parted slightly. She was so soft against me as I gently sucked her tongue between my lips, taking her deeper into my warm mouth. She pulled the straps from my bra down and slowly began to touch my breasts, squeezing softly, unsure of what to do. I knew Lauren had never been with a woman before, which made this even more exciting for me.

I pushed her down on the bed, admiring her breasts as they arched upwards at me, her pink nipples hard and swollen. Robert was undoing his pants, motioning for me to pull her skirt down, to show him what was beneath. I smiled and slid her skirt down to her ankles, tossing it off the bed. Lauren was wearing a skimpy pair of blue silk panties, and I could see a moist spot between her legs. I rubbed her thighs with my fingertips, rolling my thumb delicately over her slit. She groaned softly as I put pressure there, sliding my finger beneath the material, her moisture coating the tip of my finger. I brought my hand to her mouth and she licked my fingertip, tasting herself on me. Slowly I moved on top of her, my full, round breasts dangling against hers, my hard tan nipples moving against her little pink ones. She moved her hands to my breasts and started rubbing them hard against hers. I loved the force she was using, and returned it, pinning her down to the mattress and kissing her deeply, rubbing my body against hers.

Suddenly I felt Robert’s hands on my legs behind me, sliding up my skirt and squeezing my ass through my panties. I moaned, kissing Lauren, grinding my pussy against her waist harder as he pulled my panties off from behind. His tongue trailed up the back of my legs, teasing my inner thighs, kissing me higher and higher on my leg. I could feel his breath on my wet pussy, his hands spreading my cheeks forcefully. He slapped my ass with one hand and, with the other, slid his finger deep in my pussy. I moaned and Lauren started a bit when she heard the slap. She sat up and watched wide-eyed as Robert spanked me again and again, driving his fingers into my cunt faster and harder. I looked at Lauren, crazed with desire. “Spread your legs for me, Lauren. I want to taste you while he tastes me.”

She smiled and opened her legs in front of me while Robert slowed his fingers, spreading my juices to my hardening clit. I slid her panties down her thighs and ankles, admiring the beautiful cunt beneath. Her full pink lips were flushed, swollen a little, glistening with the moisture that had been building there. I started to kiss her calves and around her knees, while Robert’s tongue slid along my outer lips, making circles around my pussy. My tongue traced Lauren’s thighs as he teased my pussy, her hands tangled in my hair, pulling me closer to her cunt.

Robert pressed the flat of his tongue hard against my clit and started to flick it, making me moan against Lauren’s pussy. She felt the buzz from my voice against her clit and groaned, pulling me in further between her legs. Slowly, I began to lick the outer folds of her pussy, using my finger to spread her lips, to rub between them, and find her hard little clit. She tasted so sweet, and her pussy was so warm on my tongue. I licked her the way he was licking me, opening her lips with mine and then tonguing her hole, rubbing her clit with my finger. Robert was starting to make me moan harder against Lauren. He had wrapped his lips around my clit, spanking my ass from behind as he sucked my little nub into his mouth, between his teeth. I was going to cum soon, and I wanted to make her cum with me. I spread her legs further and slid two fingers into Lauren’s cunt, licking her clit and pumping her fast. She was riding my hand, grinding against me, looking down at me and moaning. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it hard into my mouth, sucking as I fucked her with my hand. Suddenly her cunt tightened around my fingers, just as I started to spasm into Robert’s mouth. I sucked her on clit as hard as I came, and Lauren started to juice into my mouth, her sweet thick cum running over the top of my tongue and my lips.

Robert finally emerged from under my skirt, crawling on the bed, his cock bulging against the cotton of his boxerbriefs. I pulled them down and took out his cock, so stiff and firm, the cock I’d been imagining for months. I stroked it slowly, imagining it sliding in and out of my pussy, opening me, splitting me in half. I rubbed my fingers against the tip, the ones that I’d been fucking Lauren with. Her juices were still thick on them and I spread them all over the head of his cock, making it shiny and wet. I looked over at her and smiled. “Want to taste your pussy, Lauren? It’s very sweet…” I licked my fingers and watched her crawl on the bed to where Robert sat. She slid down to the floor and got on her knees, pulling him to the edge of the bed. Slowly, she wrapped her fingers around the base and moved her pretty pink mouth to the tip, sensuously licking her juices from his cock.

I watched Robert’s face as Lauren took his cock into her warm little mouth, watched as his cock slid between her pink lips, and deeper into her throat. Lauren looked so good with her mouth full of his cock, her lips wet with her own juices, moaning softly as she took him deeper and fuller. I started to rub my cunt as I watched the two of them, my closest friend and my biggest fantasy right in front of me on the bed. I crawled to the floor and started licking the base of Robert’s cock, his hands now tangled in both of our hair. He slowly pressed our faces together and Lauren and I began kissing each other hard with Robert’s cock between our mouths. Our tongues were licking the head of his cock, our hands stroking him at the base and his balls. I loved the feeling of his cock rubbing against our lips like that. We both reached down and started fingering each other’s cunts as we kissed and licked.

Finally Lauren broke the kiss and looked up at Robert. “I need you to fuck me. Now,” she pleaded. He smiled wickedly and threw her onto the bed, turning her onto her stomach and pulling her back against his cock. She sat up in front of him, grinding her wet pussy against the tip of his cock. “Mmm please Robert, fuck me… please… fuck me hard,” she was groaning. I loved watching her beg for it, watching him rub the tip of his cock against her clit to tease her. I looked at him and nodded my head, crawling in front of Lauren on the bed. I wanted to watch every moment of this.

Suddenly Lauren moaned loudly and I saw him draw her backwards onto his cock, his hands pulling her hair back hard. She started to ride his cock from behind, her breasts pointing out towards me, bouncing softly as she moved up and down in his lap. I pressed my body against hers hard, my breasts rubbing against hers while she rode him. I whispered in her ear, “tell me how his cock feels, Lauren.”

“Mmm Gretchen it feels so fucking good,” she moaned as she moved against him. She reached down, slid two of her fingers into my pussy, and started fucking me to the same rhythm. Robert looked over her shoulder at my exposed pussy, at her slender fingers opening me and fucking me hard. He whispered in her ear, “such a naughty little grad student, Lauren. Fucking your friend right here for me to see…”

With that, Lauren slid a third finger in my pussy and started riding him harder, faster. Her fingers felt so good in me, it felt like Robert was fucking the both of us right there. I was moving forcefully against her fingers as she moaned and bounced faster in his lap. I knew she was going to cum soon. I moved against her and murmured in her ear, “tell me when you cum, Laur. I want to watch you do it…”

Lauren looked like she was about to burst. Her slender body was glistening with sweat as she rode Robert’s cock, twisting her fingers inside me. She looked at me, gasping for air, “I’m cumming, Gretch!” I saw her arch backwards and slam her body hard against Robert, his hands reaching around her chest and squeezing her breasts firmly, kneading the flesh as she wriggled against him, wave after wave of orgasm rocking her body, shaking her to the core. Finally, she went limp against him, turning and kissing him full on the mouth before falling forwards against me. I kissed her ear gently and whispered, “mmm…that was so sexy, Lauren. I am so fucking turned on…” She looked up and smiled weakly, murmuring, “You have to try it next.”

I turned to Robert, looking down at his glistening cock, covered in Lauren’s juices. He smiled at me, not saying a word. He knew I’d been imagining his cock in my mouth for so long, that I couldn’t believe this was happening. I crawled towards him and opened my mouth at the tip of his cock. Without using my hands, I slid my lips down to the base, licking Lauren’s sweet cum with my tongue. I sucked him like that a few times, looking up at his dark eyes as the taste filled my hot mouth. Slowly, I kissed his stomach and chest, his neck, and then opened my mouth for him to taste. He kissed me hard, pulling me against him, his tongue enjoying the taste of Lauren’s cum on mine.

I was about to lose it as we kissed, his cock teasing the opening between my legs, my pussy dripping with moisture. I wanted to have my way with the professor, to fuck him hard. I pushed him down on the mattress, pinning his wrists above his head, and straddled his cock. I heard Lauren gasp behind me as I took his cock in my hand and guided it to my pussy, feeling the tip open my lips slowly. I started to groan.

Moaning, I sat down on his cock, feeling it slide deep in my cunt, opening me, filling me completely. Robert’s hands were squeezing my ass, spanking me lightly as I started to ride him. I leaned over him, my breasts bouncing in his face as I fucked him deep and hard. He started to suck on my tight nipples, biting and licking one and then the other. I felt like an animal, overcome with lust for him, pleasuring myself with his cock.

“Mmm such a bad little student, Gretchen. Using your professor like this, and in front of your friend,” Robert smiled wickedly. He spanked my ass harder, which made me go wild on him, sliding my whole body up and down the length of his cock. He reached down and started rubbing my clit while I fucked him, which made me groan louder, my juices dripping all over his cock and balls. “Oooh fuck me Robert, I want to make you cum just like this, with your cock buried deep in my little cunt…”

He was thrusting back against me as I fucked him with all the force of my body. I couldn’t hold back another second. Lacing my fingers through his hair I slammed my body against him, and the muscles in my cunt started spasming all over his dick, milking it hard and drawing out his cum. I was moaning, gasping for breaths, my body tight against his, and my cunt throbbing around his cock. I felt his cock stiffen inside me and I looked in his face as he shot his cum deep in my pussy. He looked so sexy cumming beneath me, his balls unloading into my throbbing wet cunt. I could hear Lauren sighing behind us, watching us cum together, stroking her pussy as we did.


The three of us were laying there, sweating and exhausted, on the bed, for what seemed like a long time. I could hardly move, though I did reach my hand out to Lauren, tracing her silhouette with my finger. We must’ve been quite a sight. Finally we sat up and started reassembling ourselves before Robert stood up to go. Lauren kissed him goodbye, a sweet slow kiss on the mouth, and then he turned to me.

“Well Gretchen, it certainly was a pleasure meeting you,” Robert said playfully. He winked at me, kissed my neck and teasingly bit my earlobe, whispering very softly, “I’m in Room 224 – see you in an hour.”

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