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Your First Woman

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You pour me another glass of wine, the night air is cooling but the water in the hot tub is keeping us from getting chilled. The party has moved inside but there are still three of us left. You sit snuggled up beside me, legs intertwined under the water. You have one leg over mine and the other spread out to the side, exposing your pussy without being too obvious about it. S sits across from us, we are talking quietly, enjoying the sounds of the night. I had turned off the lights earlier so we could see the stars but the moon and the light from the house allows us to see each other well.

We have had a couple glasses of wine, something I know always gets your blood boiling. I have been softly playing with your pussy for the last half hour and I am amazed at your composure. Running my fingers along your pussy lips, spreading them slightly to tease the sensitive inner walls, then up to your clit as I roll it between my finger and thumb. I can feel you jerk slightly each time I give it a squeeze.

You are in a small black thong bikini, which has make access to your your shaved pussy extremely convenient. I have alternately given attention to your pussy from the front and your ass from the back. At one point you were up on your knees in the water, talking with S while slowly impaling your tight little ass on two of my fingers. You rocked up and down slowly for a few minutes until you couldn’t focus on the conversation any longer.

You are my sex slave, my horny princess and I will do anything to inflame and then satisfy your passions, as long you do exactly what I ask, whenever I ask, without question.

That is the pact that holds us together and provides the glue for our intense love.

Your good friend S is wearing a small white bikini which has become almost transparent in the hot water. Her breast are smaller than yours and are topped with erect little nipples that I have a hard time taking my eyes off. Each time she stands and turns around to reach for another beer her amazing ass is revealed above the water. With the string of her thong bikini nestled into her ass cheeks I long to explore the depths of that crevice with my mouth and tongue. S has come to the party alone and has been hanging with us most of the evening to avoid getting hit on.

S moves to sit up on the edge of the hot tub to cool off. I can see a thin vertical strip of dark hair ending at her pussy lips, everything clearly visible through the thin material of her suit bottom. I see you looking at her as well and feel your legs spread even more to give me better access. I play with you for a while longer, pushing a finger into you and fucking you slowly with my hand.

I lean over to whisper in your ear, “She’s the one.”

Your look of confusion turns slowly to comprehension and then wide eyed amazement. You open your mouth to say something and then close it again. I can see the blush reddening your face and neck, you turn away to avoid meeting my gaze.

We have talked in the past about finding a woman for you to enjoy. You want to control another woman the way I control you. You want to give her pleasure and have her pleasure you. You want to extend your passions and intense sexual energy into another person, to experience the control I exert over you from my perspective. The idea of making love to another woman while I watch is incredibly arousing to you.

We had agreed it would have to be someone we both trusted and felt comfortable with. I can see you struggling with your emotions. It is one thing to fantasize it is another to bring your fantasy to life. You know you are bound to do anything I ask, without question, but you also know that I had promised that it would be your decision.

I increase the pressure on your clit, twirling it between my fingers, inflaming your passion, bringing you right to the edge and then stopping.

You look at me desperately and I whisper, “You will only come for her tonight.”

You look deep into my eyes, I see trust there, absolute trust, but I also can see confusion mixed with lust. The desire to have her mouth on your nipples and your clit, to feel her tongue in your pussy, in your ass is overwhelming. You want her to taste you, you want to taste her, you have talked about this, you have come, hard, as I replayed your fantasy quietly in your ear. You look at me and nod, ever so slightly, then a grin spreads slowly over your face.

If S has noticed this exchange she gives no indication.

“Come over and sit with us,” you tell her.

S comes over and sits beside me, on the opposite side from you. You have to turn sideways to talk to her, which puts your hand on my leg.

I lean in to you one final time, “You are in charge tonight,” and you smile.

We keep talking, about nothing and everything, sipping our wine and beer, I lean back and allow myself to watch this play out.

I give a little start as I feel your hand sneak up my leg and onto my cock, rubbing, squeezing, playing. I feel you slowly undo my suit and pull my cock out. I look down to see if S can tell what is happening and decide the bubbles are, for the most part, hiding things.

You start to stroke my cock, slowly, up and down, squeezing the head just the way I taught you. The conversation continues but I am no longer able to take part. I close my eyes again and lean back.

Several minutes go by and I notice S has stopped talking. I open my eyes and see that S is looking down and is watching you stroke my cock. Her lips are parted slightly and her breath is coming deeper now. Her nipples are hard again and she is squirming slightly. Your focus is on her face but she is watching your hand.

I see you reach across and take her hand and place it on my cock.

You lean across me and take her face in your hands and kiss her softly. She looks at you and blushes. She lowers her eyes but raises her face to you now and leans towards you. You softly kiss her lips, her cheeks, her neck, all the while she is slowly stroking my cock. You reach down now and begin to lightly stroke her chest and shoulders, softly caressing her skin, exploring, getting ever bolder.

Finally you slide your hand into her top, cupping her breast, squeezing and stroking her nipple. I hear her gasp. She mirrors your movements, cupping your breasts as you cup hers. She pinches your nipple which I know can cause you to totally lose control. I have reached around and am playing with you from behind, reaching my fingers down to your pussy, stroking and touching, building your passion as you build hers.

You both lean back now as you tell her to take off her top. She complies and then you tell her to take yours off. I can see she is listening to your commands and doing exactly as you say. You turn your attention to each others nipples, I am forgotten for the moment as you take turns licking, biting and sucking. The gasps and squeals are continuous now. I want to touch S, to feel her body but I wait for your permission, you need to give her to me willingly.

I hear you whisper, “I want you to taste me.”

S looks up slowly and then you say it again. S simply nods her agreement.

I watch you sit up on the side of the tub, and I move to sit behind you, holding you, letting you lean against me so I can watch and so I can play while you are pleasured. You take off your bikini bottoms, exposing your shaved pussy. I can see your swollen clit and slightly parted pussy lips.

S starts licking your belly, down your legs and back to your belly, slowly circling in on your pussy. She dips her tongue into the top of your slit and I know she can now taste your wetness. S moves back to your belly as I feel you strain to push your pussy up to her mouth. She dips her tongue back into your slit and hits your clit for the first time, you convulse with the intensity of the pleasure. S takes your clit in her lips and sucks, you cry out in ecstasy.

“Spread your legs more,” I tell you quietly.

I know S hears and she looks at me with approval. You are shy but inflamed, fully exposed in front of another woman for the first time.

You spread your legs slightly but I tell you, “Further!”

I reach down and grab your knees and pull them up to your shoulders. You are lying in my lap now, pussy and ass fully spread for S. You shiver, both from the cold and from anticipation. I tell you to hold your own knees and not drop them. My hands go to your breasts and nipples as I increase the pressure and attention there.

“Do not come until I tell you!” I command and you agree frantically.

You are desperate for S to continue, to do anything.

S looks like a kid in candy store, she smiles and looks up at you through her wet hair, she moves her hands to your pussy and spreads your lips wide. Her tongue goes to your clit for a second but them dips down into your wetness, licking softly but then more frantically, reaching all the way down to your ass and then back to suck on your clit.

She begins to fuck your pussy with her tongue, you are moving your hips in time with her motions, your hands holding your legs apart. I am pinching and stroking your nipples and I know it is taking all your will power not to give into the orgasm that threatens to overtake you. Your pussy is pulsing slowly, your ass as well, wetness leaking out, S’s face is shiny with your juice as she continues to lick and suck and probe.

I whisper in your ear, “Tell her to make you come.”

You look up at me and kiss me deeply.

You look down at S and whisper hoarsely, “Make me come, make me come in your mouth you dirty little slut.”

With those words I wrap my hands around your throat and squeeze, you love to be held tightly during your orgasms and my hands around your neck provides the ultimate release of control for you.

S moves her mouth to your clit and begins to suck strongly, I know this will finish you quickly and I am rewarded with the deep moans that always accompany your orgasm.

You moans are intermixed with your pleading gasps, “Don’t stop, oh please don’t stop!”

I can see your belly contracting and know your pussy and ass are spasming uncontrollably. S continues to suck as your orgasm continues. Finally you finally pull her head away. Her face is covered with your juices and she has a huge smile on her face.

You slide into the water and kiss her deeply, you kiss her face and taste yourself on her mouth. Your hands go to her breasts and nipples as you tell her how beautiful she is, how sexy she is, and what a good little slut she is.

“Your turn!” you say.

You remove her bottoms as you let her suck on your tongue as if it was a small penis. She slowly stands up in the hot tub. I am sitting back in the water now, watching as you take control of her.

As she stands you push her forward over the edge of the tub, something I know you enjoy, whether it is the edge of a bed, or a couch, or the hood of a car. You have had many orgasms as I fucked you deeply from behind while you look over your shoulder, watching my cock disappearing in your pussy.

You spread her ass cheeks apart and explore her with your tongue and mouth. I can tell S is not used to having her ass stimulated but she is soon moaning in pleasure. You lick and probe her tight hole with your tongue.

Eventually you tell her to turn over and she complies. I lay several towels on the deck so S is able to lie back with her butt right on the edge of the water. S is less shy and quickly has her knees up and her pussy positioned for you.

I still have not touched S and am happy to watch you play with her, she is your toy and yours to control.

I sit beside you as you start slowly to lick her pussy, I can smell her and long to taste her. I reach under your body and play softly with your heavy breasts and nipples, I do not want to distract you but I am intensely aroused. You work on her pussy, giving attention to all areas equally. Sucking on her clit, then lightly tonguing it. Moving your tongue down to her dripping hole, down to her ass and back again. She has put a towel under her head and is watching you intently. You look at her and tell her again how sexy she is.

I hear you use the words I have used on you so many time, “Do not come until I tell you.”

S is moving her pussy under your tongue, desperate for release. She is staring in your eyes, waiting for the command that will release her orgasm.

You look at me and whisper, “Fuck my ass.”

I move around behind you and start to lick and tongue your ass. Lubing it up getting it ready for my hard cock. I see you start to focus on S more intently, sucking her clit and pushing you fingers deep inside her. As I start to push into your ass I see S’s eyes go wide. You are pushing your finger into her ass in time with my penetration. As I start to move into your ass, you finger starts to fuck S, in perfect rhythm. I can feel your ass tightening as your orgasm approaches.

You look at S and say, “Come for me now, come for me my little slut.”

S throws her head back and begins to buck on your mouth as your fingers bring her over the edge. I can see you have two fingers buried deep in her ass as she moans deeply through her orgasm. I can feel your orgasm sweeping over you, your ass clenching and releasing, threatening to milk the come from my cock.

You pull S down into the water and kiss her deeply, letting her taste herself on your lips. My cock slips from your ass as I swing down beside you. I am rock hard and desperate for release but I am letting you set the pace tonight. I see you kissing her face and neck, tickling her ears. I can tell you are whispering something to her.

S looks at me shyly and then back at you. She nods slightly and returns to kissing your full lips.

You sit up on the edge of the tub and pull S’s head into your lap. Her ass is now positioned above the water and you are holding her head and playing with her hair.

“Take her ass!” you tell me.

I smile and nod. I am so honored that you have decided to give your little slut to me, for my enjoyment.

I move around behind her and touch her for the first time. You have raised your knees and are pushing her face into your pussy. You look only at me, closely watching every move I make.

I grab S by the hips. I move my hands to her ass cheeks and spread them wide. I can smell her arousal and my cock hardens even more. I begin to slowly lick her. Down to her pussy, back to her ass, down to her tickle her clit with my tongue, back to her ass, pushing my tongue slowly into her, opening her so I can fuck her properly.

I see you begin to squirm, S has three fingers buried in your pussy now and is pumping furiously. She is sucking your clit and moaning loudly. Your eyes are half closed but are still focused on me.

I position my cock at her hole, pushing slowly. I tell her to relax as the head of my cock slowly begins to push inside. With a slight pop I am in. Just the head, for now. I hear her gasp, her butt wiggles a bit as she lets her tight little hole stretch to accommodate my cock.

Slowly I begin to stroke in and out of her ass. She returns to sucking on your clit and fucking your pussy.

You whisper in her ear again, “Tell me when you are close.”

She looks at you and nods.

I am buried all the way in her ass now, I am pushing hard into her, pushing her mouth hard into your clit with each stroke. I can see her fucking you with her fingers in time with my strokes. You stare in my eyes. I am not fucking S, I am fucking you. I push harder and harder into her. You pinch your own nipples and I can tell you are close to orgasm.

S lifts her head from your lap and looks at you in desperation, “I am so close.”

“Beg me!” you tell her.

“Please let me come!” she gasps.

“Tell me you are my slut toy!”

“I am your dirty slut, your sexy slut, your sex toy, oh god please let me come”

She is moaning uncontrollably now as she pushes her ass against me with every stroke. She is fucking you so hard with her fingers I am amazed you can stay in control.

“Oh my god, please let me come”

You pull her head to you, you kiss her on the lips.

You look in her eyes and say, “Come now.”

I can feel her body let loose. Her ass is contracting around my cock, her legs are shaking, she has her head in your lap and is holding you tightly. I continue to fuck her through her orgasm, pushing deep into her ass, fucking her from one orgasm directly into the next. Shuddering, shaking, moaning, she is totally lost in the intensity of her release.

She recovers slightly and looks up at you. You push her head back to your pussy and she resumes her frantic finger fucking and sucking.

“Let me make you come!” she pleads.


“Oh god, please let me make you come, please!”

“Make me come my little sex slut!” you tell her.

She renews her sucking on your clit, desperate to please you, she is pounding her fingers into you.

You look at me and say, “Come for me.”

I grab her hips and fuck her hard, my orgasm coming on fast and hard. I feel myself let go.

I look in your eyes, “I’m coming.”

I can see you give in to your orgasm now, as I fill her ass with come. I can feel S coming again as you cover her face in your wetness. She continues to suck and finger fuck you as you buck and writhe under her. Eventually you pull her mouth from your ravaged pussy as my cock slips from her gaping ass.

Slowly we all collapse back into the water. You pull S into your lap, letting her sit on you, facing you. I sit beside you and listen to you compliment her.

“You are so sexy, so beautiful, such a good little slut.”

All the things I have said to you in the past.

I smile, I am proud of my little sex slave, I have taught you well.

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