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Maybe Someday

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My wife and I have always had a great sexual relationship and we have been able to tell each other our likes and thoughts about sex very freely. Lately she has been hinting about a bi-curious side she feels she has had for a while.

She knows I would be supportive and while making love she has fantasized about another woman being there, and has been very turned on while playing at this.

One night a few weeks ago she came home and as usual she went to our bedroom to change into house clothes, often pajamas or loose fitting clothing. However this time she called to me to come to the room. When I walked in she was nude and simply said to me ” kneel down” I did so and watched her bend over the bed spreading her legs wide and pushing back slightly so that her ass pushed up and out.

” Eat my ass a little ” was all she said.

I could feel the wet spot the head of my cock made in my pants before I ever touched her. She told me not to touch her with my hands so I placed them on either side of her and pushed my face into her ass as I felt her push back I could smell her cunt and the pure sex her body was warm with.

My tongue licked around her tight little asshole flicking it then pushing ever so lightly against her. I wanted to tongue fuck her ass deep until she couldn’t stand it any longer. My cock was rubbing against my pants like it was jealous of my tongue. She pushed back then reached behind her pushing me away telling me to ask her if I could lick her ass. She made me beg to be allowed to eat her ass until I was willing to do anything just for the pleasure.

After what was too short a time she pushed me away and told me to undress making sure not to touch my cock.

I watched her get on all fours on the bed then lay her head down as she pushed her wet ass up and out. She made me kneel behind her forbidding me to touch or lick her she wanted me to just blow on her wet little asshole. Each time I did I could see her ass tighten and push back trying to rub on my tongue but I knew better then to let her .

She told me to finger fuck her ass, slow, one finger slowly in then out and to lick her asshole as I pushed my finger deep inside her. Sometimes she would reach back grabbing my wrist to push me in and out at her own pace.

She would tell me to stop and just blow on her asshole from time to time while she played with her cunt. She rarely used the word cunt so when she told me to watch her play with her cunt while I teased her asshole I knew this would all be a part of our love making for a very long time.

For the next couple of days I couldn’t wait for her to come home. Sometimes she teased me by avoiding the bedroom and just sitting in the living room when she came home. She knew I was addicted to her new found games as much as she was. It wasn’t long before she added an imaginary friend to our sexual antics.

One night she went to the bedroom and called me to watch her imaginary friend lick her ass while she sucked my cock. I could see her ass and cunt getting all wet in the mirror adjacent to the bed while she knelt on all fours sucking my cock.

One night she undressed in the living room and simply bent over. She knew I would kneel behind her and eat her ass. She rubbed her ass and cunt against my face and reached back to pull me tighter against her. She told me she didn’t feel like fucking me but if I ate her ass real nice she would give me a present. I knew she was acting out her own fantasy and as long as I could be part of it and lick her I was happy to oblige. She finally pulled me tight against her and just came. Her whole body shook as she tried to push my tongue deeper up into her ass.

When she calmed a bit she told me to stand and get undressed. Then she had me kneel again and told me to jerk off. She made me make up sexual fantasies and tell her what I was thinking while she watched me jacking off. All she said was not to cum before she told me to. I was jerking off so fast I didn’t think I could hold it if she told me not to cum. I told her I was going to cum real quick and begged her permission. She told me to lay down on my back and to keep jerking off.

Then she squatted over my face and told me to open my mouth. When I felt her warm pee running down my throat I thought I would never stop cum’n. She leaned over to suck me off and it was like her cunt poured into me. “if you lick me nice from now on I will pee for you, but only if you lick me real nice”

Just when I didn’t think she could surprise me with anything else she turned around and leaned to kiss me when I felt my own cum spew into my mouth.

The next couple of days were anything but dull. She thought of things that amazed me and I have to admit I liked them all. She would call me to the bathroom after peeing to have me lick her clean. Nothing else, just to lick her clean. She drove me nuts with teasing, making me stand fully clothed and watch her play asking me if there were another woman there did I think she would lick her ass like I did.

One day she came to me in our yard with what I thought was a cool drink as I had been working on the yard. It turned out to be a glass of her pee, she pulled me into a corner of the yard that wasn’t very visible to any neighbors and dropped to her knees. She sucked me off while making me drink her then she took the glass from me. The taste of my own cum mixed in what little of her pee was still in the glass made me crazy for her.

She told me she was going inside to play. She said she always wanted to fuck herself with different objects around the house. When she started describing what she wanted to do I was ready to fuck her right there.

She undressed there in the yard and pushed her panties into my mouth telling me to suck on them until she called for me then simply walked away into the house.

The taste of her was making me crazy, her pee, her panties and the thought of her and what she was doing had me going nuts. Finally she called me to the house.

She made me lick the panties, the area that covered her ass then the crotch area. Then she knelt on the bed, ass pushed up and her wet asshole and cunt enticing me to do whatever she wanted.

For the rest of that week she would make me lick and suck on her panties. She might sit on the toilet and pee through them then have me lick and suck on them. Then for three days straight she wouldn’t let me touch her at all. Just suck on her panties or lick them while she jerked me off. Whenever I came she would catch it in a glass and have me drink it .

The next weekend she told me she had another surprise and nothing could have been truer. She sent me out to the store for some things we needed in the house.

When I returned she called from the bedroom telling me to get undressed and to make myself hard before going to her. I couldn’t help remembering her promise of a surprise and was hard and ready to cum in a minute but nothing could have prepared me for this surprise.

She was standing there in white panties along with three other woman.

When I walked into the room she simply told me that she always wanted to try sex with a woman. I was told to keep jerking off and did though it wasn’t easy getting over the shock of it all.

I watched as the four of them rubbed each other’s cunts through the panties and one or two of them had little wet spots starting to appear in the crotch.

I thought I was the most surprised man on the planet until she walked over to me telling me that I had had enough time eating and tongue fucking her ass and drinking her cum and pee to be able to recognize her taste and the smell of her cunt from anyone else’s. They all took off their panties and threw them in a heap.

She told me to lick them, suck them into my mouth, smell them whatever it took to identify hers. She picked up a pair and pushed them into my mouth telling me that while I was licking them the other women would jerk me off or tease me by playing with each other but I was not allowed to touch anyone except her and only when told.

All I could taste was cunt. I could feel fingers and nails rub and pull my cock, some hard and fast some slow. One woman licked the palm of her hand and cupped the head of my cocked and just kept rubbing it into her palm. I was on tip toes and bent over at the waist but she kept rubbing then stopped just when I thought I might cum.

My wife asked me if I knew which panties were hers yet. I gave her the ones I thought were but she laughed and said I was wrong and that she knew how to refresh my memory.

One of her friends lay on the bed with a pillow propping her up and my wife knelt between her legs burying her face in a very wet very closely shaved cunt. I could hear her sucking and licking when she told me to kneel behind her and to lick her sshole while she tongue fucked her friend.

Another woman reached between my legs jerking me off while I tried to push my tongue all the way up my wife’s ass.

The rest of the women were mixed and matched for short periods, licking, sucking or jerking me off.

They cheered me on as I begged to be allowed to cum. My wife came over and put her mouth over my cock, her teeth barely bit into the head as she took another woman’s hand and placed it on my cock. I was being jerked off into my wife’s mouth while she played between her legs to make me even crazier she would bite hard then just lick the head.

When I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer I begged for her to tell me to cum but instead she turned and got on all fours then reached between her legs. She rubbed my cock through her cunt pressing hard then rubbed it all around her asshole. She held it tight then pushed back so just the head pushed into her hole. She rubbed me hard against her asshole until the cum just shot from me. I shot into her ass then all over her cunt and down her thighs.

I wanted to scream for her to suck me or just get on top of me and fuck me til I died. At that point I would have done anything she commanded. I would lick my cum from her asshole and clean her cunt with my tongue, whatever she told me, and she did tell me. She wanted me to clean her all up while her friends watched.

I licked her asshole like it held candy, sucking my own cum from her. I cleaned her cunt with sucking noises that made me want to cum again. The inside of her thighs glistened from cum then from my tongue.

When she felt I had done a good enough job of it she walked away with measured steps as she pee’d while walking and without turning to look she knew I would lick it from the floor to get to lick her cunt.

If what she wanted was to show her friends that I would do her bidding, she was on the mark as far as I was concerned. To watch her lick a pussy or be fucked by strapons or to 69 with another woman drove me nuts. I loved watching her like that and I knew I was not allowed to touch anyone but her and they were allowed very little contact, to jerk me off for her was about all and I was more then happy.

I only wanted her, the others were great to watch and to look at and they even made me horny as hell, but horny for my wife.

When it was all over and they had gone home she told me that no way would I have been able to identify her panties as hers were never really in the bunch.

Things went on like this for the next few weeks, she would have the women over and if they allowed me to play I was told how and what etc.

Sometimes I would just start jerking off and they would push my wife towards me to tease me or to play with me. Once, one of them actually laid her down in front of me and sat on her face.

She made my wife suck her cunt and finger fuck her ass while I watched. At one point she lifted up pulling her ass cheeks wide and had my wife just trace her wet tongue all around her asshole.

More and more often I would come home to find another woman or women in my house but then I noticed one in particular seemed to be there more frequently then the rest. Not long after she would be the only I would find.

My life has been spun and flipped and just turned inside out by it all but truth be known, my wife loves me and I know better then to ever begin to think otherwise.

I don’t do anything with her friend alone and I do whatever I would before with my wife just as if she hadn’t met her new friend.

I have to admit I like being used by them, if that’s the right description and I like seeing my wife with another woman.

The other night I arrived home to find them locked in an embrace in the middle of the bedroom. I could smell the sex and scent of them as they kissed I watched my wife spread her legs and her friend just push her leg between them.

My wife fucked up and down on her thigh, rubbing hard against it until I knew she had cum. Then my wife just tensed, a small trickle ran down their legs then a stream of warm pee as her lover pulled my wife tight to her body and pushed harder against my wife’s cunt with her thigh.

I watched my wife go limp and slowly slide down her loves body until she sat clinging to her thigh and kissing and licking as she pulled her lovers cunt to her mouth.

I knew my wife would not stop until she got to drink from her lover’s cunt. She sucked her cunt lips hard pulling them, teasing them with her teeth and tongue. I watched my wife demand to have this woman pee for her.

Finally they sixty-nined and out of total exhaustion they came and both of them glistened with cum and pee. I pulled them into comfortable positions as they fell off to sleep. The scent of sex hung on them like a paste.

Then I turned off the camera they used to tape it all.

I knew they would have me jacking off to this episode for months.

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