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Marisol’s Valentine’s Fantasy

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Marisol listened to the soft rustle of the palm leaves in the morning breeze. She rolled over, turning her face from the wall to the window. The soft morning light and the slight breeze made the open window look like a post card to paradise. She loved coming here, to Costa Rica. Her husband Paul scored them a last minute trip just around Valentine’s Day.

For the past three months she had been pulling long days at work, completing projects that came due around the holidays. Now was her downtime, her present, her trip to paradise.

She lay there in bed alone; hunger probably drove Paul to search for food. The small resort they were staying in would make his search easy. Restlessly rolling onto her back to stare at the ceiling fan, she wondered what was in store for them today. The door gingerly opened. Paul was trying to be quiet. His wife looked over at him.

“Oh Mari, I thought you would be still asleep. I brought you breakfast in case you wanted to lounge.” He revealed a tray of various fruit, muffins, a big slice of ham, and her drug of choice, coffee.

“Thank you” she said, sitting up to receive her tray.

Paul placed it next to her, planted a kiss on her cheek and lay down on the foot of the bed.

“I was thinking we could join the van trip to town today.” Paul fished for her, affirmation.

“Sure, what time?” Mari sipped her coffee.

“In ten minutes.”

“Enjoy going stag.” Mari quipped. She knew her husband’s humor. “So what time really?”

“Noon, which is in 3 hours. So no rush.” Paul smirked.

Paul looked over at his wife. He could tell she was exhausted from the efforts of her job. The last few months had been tough and they hardly saw one another. That “spark” she normally had was not there. He was determined to make his wife relax and enjoy herself on this trip. She was really a beauty. He shut his eyes and dozed off.

The first thing he fell in love with was her eyes. Like most Moreno women she had beautiful brown eyes, but Mari had eyes that Paul noticed across a busy room. They were big and expressive and unlike many women, she knew the proper way to accentuate them with eyeliner and shading. Paul knew she spent time on her eyes and eyebrows, but he did not know that was what she used to reel him in. They dated, moved in together, married, and never looked back in regret. Now they were “forty-ish” and secure. Mari finished her breakfast and put the tray on the nightstand. She noticed Paul was asleep. She crawled over to him and kissed his cheek. He did not respond. She got up and drew a hot bath. She had to shave her legs. Despite the work burn-out fog that she was navigating in her head, she was NOT going to town in a sundress with anything less than smooth skin. She added her own special bath foam. The mango and melon scent flooded the room. Easing into the warm water, Mari closed her eyes and relished the peacefulness. Her mind wandered. She was too tired to be horny, but her mind thought to a fantasy she had let slip to Paul.

She wanted to be made love to by Paul and another man. She loved her husband, but something about having two men and two cocks focusing on her drove her curiosity and desire. She imagined Paul taking her from behind with his hands on her hips pulling her ample ass to him. She bit her lip as she thought about his thick, hard cock thrusting into her in a steady rhythm. Mari reached down into the warm water. Whenever she thought about this it turned her on. She had to touch herself. Her fingers started rubbing her clit. But, Paul would not be the only man in the room. Another man would be lying in front of her. She would be pleasing him. He would moan with pleasure as her tongue traveled on his shaft. Her tongue would lap the head of his cock, and then her mouth would engulf it. Her body would move slightly as Paul pumped her. Mari kept rubbing, her body squirming as her orgasm built like an ocean wave. Her fantasy put her on her back. This time, Paul was off to the side of her head, sitting low on his knees, his cock red, swollen and loaded. Mari kissed his cock’s swollen head, took it into her mouth, her tongue engaging it in a lustful French kiss. Her second man was taking her Missionary. Her legs spread wide by his strong arms. His cock also was sliding in and out of her pussy. His grunts alluded that he would be coming soon. Mari parted her lips, inhaled deeply, held her breath, then exhaled, letting loose a slight sigh. Her fingers were bringing her to her own private climax. In her fantasy, her second man came first. As all men do, he sped up, his pelvis moving as fast as he could muster, thrusting deeply into her. He moaned loudly and pulled out. Mari brought her full-bodied legs together, sandwiching his cock. It was hot and wet with her juices. He shot his load. The first burst landed on her breasts, the second on her belly, and the third drizzled down her thigh. Mari felt the tingling. It fell onto her like a wave while she was lying on sand. Her fantasy had Paul coming last. His cock swelled, filling her mouth. “Oh Mari”, his voice trailed off, silence before a loud moan. Hot cum shot from his cock filling her mouth. Mari swallows and lapped up every drop until Paul’s cock is too sensitive for it to remain. Mari came. She let loose a series of short breaths and sighs. “Mariiii.” Paul said in a soothing voice. Mari relaxed against the back of the tub. She opened her eyes. Paul was leaning against the door frame of the bedroom. “Feel better babe?” he asked with an all knowing look on his face. Mari blushed from being caught.

Paul fished. “Can I offer you some breakfast sausage?”

“No thanks.” Now it was Mari’s chance to smirk.

“Ok, then I’m going to get more coffee, want some?” She nodded.

Marcus picked up the clipboard from his aunt.

“So far we have six going to town, but maybe hang out for a little bit to see if you can get 8.” She told him.

“Yes ma’am” he chimed.

“How did that massage this morning go?” A slight smile came to her lips.

“Fine.” He said, holding up a small roll of American dollars. “She really enjoyed.” What Marcus left out was how he had earned such a large tip.

His early morning customer wanted her massage after her morning walk. She was an attractive Rubenesque blonde in her 50’s on vacation with girlfriends, all of whom were not morning people. She came to the second floor veranda of the main house. The ocean view was breath taking, except when Marcus did a massage. The veranda could be made very private with a few well-placed, recycled sailboat sails used as drapes. The morning sun made his outdoor massage studio an oasis above the beach level. It was very private to the side, but exposed to the sun, sky, and clouds. The seashore sound of waves could be faintly heard as well. As she lay on the table, Marcus worked his magic. After an hour, his client smelled of lilac massage oil and was barely awake. Marcus covered her up in a sheet and began cleaning up. Most of his clients ended up this way. He stepped behind a screen in the back of the veranda hiding the sink where he washed the oil from his hands, and refilled the items on this supply tray. After he was done, he went to check on her.

“Are you doing fine Ms. Lee?” he asked.

“I feel amazing Marcus.” She mumbled. Her voice was hard to hear since her face was down in the face hole of the table.

“Can I get you anything?” he asked.

“Actually, there is something. Can you help me get up? Your hands were too good.”

“Certainly.” He stood next to the table, took her by the hand and helped her sit up.

“Thank you. My, you are strong even after an hour of working on me.” She smiled.

“Well, I’ve done this for two years now and it helps get me through grad school.” He proudly stated.

“I love seeing such a hard working young man like you. I worked my way through grad school too.” She smiled.

Marcus was swift enough to know this woman was used to getting what she wanted.

“Do you have another person after me right now?” She asked.

“No, I am free until I have to drive the shuttle to town. Why?” He knew why.

“Could I have you for another half hour? My legs need a little more attention.”

“Certainly.” His voice deepened slightly. “Let me help you back up on the table.”

Ms. Lee lay on her back. Marcus adjusted the modesty sheet so it stopped about mid thigh. Marcus put a pillow under head and then went to work on her feet. Her skin was still moist from his previous rubdown, so he did not add anymore. He worked her feet again, then her calves, and finally her ample thighs. His deft hands reached the bottom of the covering sheet.

“Higher?” he asked.

“Yess, pleassee.” Her voice trailed in a relaxed tone.

He worked his hand under the sheet. The border had been crossed. She wanted him to; many of them wanted him to. Ms. Lee was a woman of means who got what she wanted and who was he to deny her? Soon his fingers were delicately massaging her pussy. Light fingertips danced on her clitoris and traced the outline of her lips on the outside and in. Marcus watched her. She started taking deeper breaths, the form of her ample naked body could be easily detailed under the sheets when she inhaled. He changed techniques.

“Ooooo…” she quietly moaned in affirmation.

Marcus brought her close, her breathing quickened. He then backed off, it was a ladder, and he was building her up. These skills he learned several months after he became certified. A longtime therapist told him about vaginal massage. For a fee he would show him. Marcus asked why the fee. His mentor answered. “Because that is where the REAL money is.”

“Ooooo…oh my…you have sssuuuuccchhh great handsss.” Her slurred speech and closed eyes said it all.

Marcus decided to top the ladder. As he did, Ms. Lee jerked the pillow from under her head to muffle herself.

Mari and Paul went to the parking lot to catch the van to town. Walking hand in hand, they were both looking forward to enjoying the rest of their day as tourists. The relaxed atmosphere of the small town would stand a huge contrast to that of the bustling city they lived in.

“Is this where we take the shuttle?” Paul asked, looking down at a young, Panama hat-wearing guy in a red t-shirt with the resort’s logo on it. He was sitting on a bench near a big white van.

“It is.” He cheerfully responded. “What are your names?”

“Paul and Marisol.” Paul pointed on the clipboard.

“Great, you two are the first ones. I’m Marcus” he said shaking Paul’s hand.

Marcus looked at Paul’s arm. “That is some good quality work.” Paul liked showing off his full sleeve of tattoos on his arms. They were full color and took some time to complete. As their conversation got more involved, Mari took a seat on the bench. She watched Paul give Marcus the “tour” of his forearms to his shoulders. He was wearing a short-sleeve Guyabera shirt, which easily showed off his ink. The open collar showed off his chest hair. He was a solid looking 6 foot tall man with short, cropped black hair. His job kept him inside, so he liked to joke that his ink eliminated his need to constantly tan. Marcus had stood up and he and Paul moved their conversation over by the van. Mari could no longer hear what they were saying, but could see Paul kept pointing to his arms. She crossed her legs and was bouncing her open sandal sole off of her heel. It was a beautiful, sunny day with the occasional cloud easing by. She was admiring the blue sky and green fauna in the manicured drive of the resort when she saw Marcus pull up his t-shirt to show Paul a dark tattoo that ran across his upper back. Mari was glad her big sunglasses hid her admiring gaze. Marcus was younger and slightly shorter than Paul, and on the skinny side. But his back muscles were well defined and tanned. He had shed the Panama hat so she could see that his hair was cut in the trendy “a muss” style that was popular.

“Is this seat taken?” Asked an older blonde lady in an all-white linen outfit.

“Oh no, you can sit here if you like.” Mari replied.

“Are you waiting for the shuttle to town?” She asked while fidgeting with a small purse.

“Yes, I think my husband is going to talk the driver’s ear off.”

The woman looked up at Marcus and Paul, than back at Mari. “I really like your sundress.”

“Oh thank you. It was a great buy that was hard to find.” Mari was not sure how to take some complements from strangers. But today she was sure she looked good. She was getting some well needed rest, her legs were shaved smooth, her hair did what she wanted it to do today, her nail lady was able to get her in before the trip, and she had not forgotten any of her makeup. But, her new gold colored sundress with a purple cotton tied belt made her feel sexy. She was like most short women with large breasts. Buying clothes that fit nice was a big challenge. This dress was one she found that fit her DDD cups up top and her tailor helped her make fit below them. The purple belt created a slimming effect by keeping her dress close to her body. It was sleeveless and she hoped to get some sun on her arms and shoulders.

“Well, it really compliments you. Your husband should treat you like a queen today.” The woman’s companions walked up and got her attention.

“Hey Mari, we are ready to load up.” Paul extended his hand to help her up.

As the resort tourists climbed into the van, Marcus donned his Panama hat again.

“Is everyone ready to shop Costa Rican tourist style?” He announced in a melodramatic way.

“YES!” a semi-motivated chorus responded.

“Great! Remember, you cannot bring back any livestock, parrots, or pet monkeys. But, your driver will welcome some rum.” Marcus closed the side door and they headed out.

Paul and Mari sat across from one another. The quaint restaurant had small tables and mismatched plastic chairs. The table cloth was a thick, aqua blue color with a seashell pattern. The remnants of their lunch were in paper and plastic mesh bowls. Mari’s hands were in Paul’s.

“You having a good time, babe?” Paul asked softly.

“Yes, thank you. This is exactly what I needed. I wish we could shop at home with a beer.” Mari let out a contented sigh.

“Well, we CAN if we shop online at home.” Paul replied.

“We’ve been over this. There is NO fun in that!” Mari reminded him, lifting her hand to shake her index finger at him.

They left the restaurant and leisurely made their way through the shops. Shopping as tourists in Latin America was different, but as they enjoyed cold cervecas they were able to complete their gift list with items small enough to fit their suitcases.

“You’re right babe, this is the ONLY way to shop.” Paul tipped his Imperial bottle up high to consume ever last drop. “Oh, and I have a present for you tomorrow morning.”

“Breakfast sausage?” Mari asked rolling her eyes.

“Well…sort of…our driver Marcus does the massages at the resort. I booked one for you.”

Mari was taken back. “Wow, you are really sucking up this trip. Breakfast in bed, shopping with me, now a massage. But I guess that is what I need before your family’s Easter dinner.”

“Hey now…at least that house is big enough for everyone and there is no Kid’s table for those of us who are 40ish.” Paul knew this drill.

“At least there we are not fending off those questions about…” Paul interrupted her with an arm around her back and a firm, silencing kiss that lasted long enough for Mari to forget about completing her counter point.

“Want to head back to the van?” Paul asked.


Paul carried the bags as they made their way to the van. Marcus was there waiting.

“Hi there! Are you shopped out?”Marcus asked.

“YES!” Paul answered.

Marcus opened the side door.

They made small talk while waiting for the other resort people to filter in.

Marcus looked over at Mari, “I hear I’m giving you a massage tomorrow morning?”

“Yes, I heard that too.” She replied, her smile was big under her large sunglasses.

“Well, I hope you will enjoy”. Marcus beamed. He loved making women smile. It was something he enjoyed doing, and not just for the money in massage tips. He looked Mari up and down. She was sexy with curves like a large bust line, soft thighs, and an ample ass that caused men to do a double take. He was going to enjoy tomorrow.

It was about 10 in the morning when Marcus knocked on Paul and Mari’s door. His massage table was on a wheeled cart with him. Paul answered the door.

“She is taking a bath so come on in and set up.” Paul replied.

Marcus set up his table and then stepped out, while Paul helped Mari slide under the clean, white modesty sheets on the table. The room’s lights were dimmed and some soft music was started as Marcus stepped back in. Mari was on her stomach, her raven black hair put up. He started. His hands gently, but firmly caused soft appreciative groans from her as he focused on her back and shoulders. She could feel his hands working out months of tension and frustration. Minutes of heaven went by. Mari relaxed and enjoyed. She could feel Marcus stop. After a few seconds she felt hands on the other side of her back. Marcus must have changed sides. Soon, the first two hands resumed massaging her where Marcus had left off. She had two masseuses?

Mari lifted her head up, looking over her shoulder. Paul was right there with his hands on her. Her eyes widened when she saw him, fully naked. He smiled. She turned on her side so that she could fully see both of them. Marcus was naked as well. Paul leaned over, putting his face next to Mari’s.

“You know that fantasy you keep telling me about? Here it is, Happy Valentine’s Day. Now, would you like to roll over on your back?”

Marcus helped her roll over on the massage table. Her modesty sheet was still intact, but her insides were not. She felt the excitement swirling inside her. After much anticipation, here it was: two cocks for herself. Two men: one, her husband and another young, tanned, and inked stud that was very good with his hands.

Marcus and Paul began rubbing Mari’s knees and lower thighs.

“Paul, I would like to teach you something that I learned about massaging women. Are you interested?” Marcus asked with a big grin.

“Sure.” Paul smirked. “Will it drive her out of her mind?”

“Yes, it should.”

“Good.” Paul winked at Mari who was enjoying her view.

Marcus began explaining to Paul what to do with his hands on her thighs. Mari could feel those amazing dual sets of hands again. It was an amazing feeling. She felt them working their way up. Her modesty sheet was raised as light, touching fingers paid attention to her pussy. She felt like she had ten-thousand butterflies inside her. Fingers lightly touched her pussy lips and her clit. Her eyes shut. The sensation made her feel like a queen, attended to by servants who sought nothing but to do her bidding.

Marcus was showing Paul the techniques he had learned. Marcus would show Paul the motions and then Paul would repeat them. Paul looked up at Mari’s closed eyes. He saw the sign, she was biting her bottom lip and her hands were fidgeting. Mari opened her eyes and grabbed Marcus’ hand tugging him her way. He started sliding towards her.

“Think you can finish?” Marcus asked as her tugs grew stronger.

“I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just leave her hanging.” Paul mused.

Mari pulled Marcus towards her. When he got close enough she reached for his cock. He was not yet erect, but that would soon change as Mari needed an outlet. Her hand grabbed it mid-shaft and as Paul generated waves of pleasure through her, she transferred it to her hand on Marcus’ shaft. It did not take long for him to be fully erect. She looked up at him; he was smiling down at her. She pulled his cock to position it closer to her head. His cock was similar to Paul’s eight circumcised inches, but slightly thinner. Mari felt Paul’s fingers inside her. She looked at him, he was smirking at her and stroking her g-spot. She leaned her head towards Marcus and took the head of his cock into her mouth. He moaned softly as she flicked her tongue on it directing it with her hand on its base. The massage table swayed slightly as Marcus leaned into it. He slid down the modesty sheet covering Mari’s breasts.

Mari felt cooler air on her nipples as Marcus pulled the sheet down. Her nipples were erect like his cock and just like it, needed some attention. She felt his fingers slightly pinching the one closest to him. Paul continued to pleasure Mari. She could feel herself on top of the ladder.

She pulled Marcus’ cock from her mouth so she could breathe in deeply.

“Oooohhhhh…”she moaned.

Paul grinned. “Want me to stop now?”

“Don’t you DARE!” She warned, her grip on Marcus’ cock base tightened. She pulled his cock into her mouth and bobbed her head a few times, keeping him under her control.

Paul teased her until the end. Mari felt the thousands of tingles move up her body. Marcus’ cock was in her mouth as she started groaning. He felt the vibrations, until she leaned back, her hand gripping it just below the head.


Her sighs turned to a long soft moan. All the while, her hand remained on Marcus’ manhood.

“Want to move over to the bed?” Paul asked.

“No, I think we are doing fine. Right?” Mari quipped, playfully tugging at Marcus’ cock. He nodded in agreement. She smirked at Paul, relishing in the perplexed and disappointed look on his face.

Mari announced, “Marcus, let’s go to the bed.”

Marcus and Paul took her hands and helped her to her feet. She moved the short distance and sat on the corner of it surveying her two men.

“Well now,” her hands reached up for each man’s cock. Taking one in each hand she looked back and forth at each man, one familiar and the other new and enticing. She relished the sight: they both wanted her. She had two erect cocks close to her face. This was her fantasy, her present from her husband. She took Paul’s cock into her mouth, her hand on the base of it while her other hand gently tugged on Marcus’.

“Mmmmm…oh Mari…you do that so well.” Paul mused. “So Marcus, how do you want to take her?”

Marcus’ shocked look faded when he caught Paul’s wink.

“Take her?” Mari playfully asked. She ceased sucking Paul’s cock and turned her attention to Marcus. He remained silent, looking down as Mari took his cock into her mouth. Her lips and tongue were amazing. He watched her head moved up and down his firm shaft. Her pretty dark eyes were shut. He was going to take her.

Paul tugged at Mari’s hand and moved her further on the bed. Marcus followed. He sat down, his back on the pillows, his cock at full attention to Mari’s affections.

“Don’t go too far.” Mari smiled as she crawled on all fours towards him. Her DDD breasts hanging down.

Paul positioned himself behind her.

“Wait, you know what? I think I want Marcus to ‘take me’ first.”

“Oh really?” Paul responded as Mari turned around on all fours. She was now facing Paul granting Marcus full access to her soft, shapely ass.

Marcus reached over to the night stand where his massage bag was, pulled out a condom and had it on in record time. Mari shook her ass, pivoting on her knees back and forth. He spread her knees apart, putting both of his between them. He reached down and circled the head of his cock around her pussy lips in a short tease. He could not tease long. This gorgeous woman with beautiful curves had him on fire. He had anticipated this moment ever since her husband brought this up to him: the moment where he would mount up doggie style. He slid inside her.

“Ooohhhhh Marcussss…” Mari let out a sigh of delight.

Paul’s moved closer to Mari. He was standing and she was on all fours on the bed. His finger tips caressed her cheeks as she let out another gasp. His index finger started tracing her lips. Mari sucked it in. Eyes still wide open she looked around Paul and into the mirror on the dresser. She could see Marcus. His muscular arms were holding her hips, pulling her ample ass towards him. as his cocked pumped her in slow, steady thrusts. She could she him looking down at her back. After a few more thrusts, he looked up, catching her eye in the mirror. His eyes widened, her gaze caught him off guard. The sides of her mouth moved up as she smiled, Paul’s finger still in her mouth.

Paul’s cock was no longer rock hard, but still swollen. He removed his finger and replaced it with his cock. Mari now tried focusing on her husband’s cock. It was hard; her young stud she fantasized about was giving her a steady fucking. The steady fucking she had dreamt about. Her pussy was tingling; her orgasm was building as it did whenever Paul took her this way. The mattress was too cushy. She had to remain on all fours and could not reach for Paul’s cock.

“Enjoying yourself baby?” He asked.

She nodded. Paul directed his cock back into her mouth. Her body swayed with Marcus, causing her head to bob on Paul’s cock. Marcus sped up, his pelvis more loudly slapping against her ass. She could feel herself building. Marcus leaned forward and put his left hand on her left shoulder. His right hand was searching for her corresponding breast. Unlike the smaller coeds he was used to being with, this was a real woman with soft curves and large breasts. He reached and was rewarded. He cupped her right breast, pinching her nipple between his enclosed fingers. This was enough for Mari, she came.

Paul knew his wife, he removed his cock from her mouth and smiled.

Mari let out a chorus of “Oooooohhhhhh, oh yeah, ooooohhhhhh” separated only by some heavy panting. Marcus stopped, his cock still inside her.

Paul looked up and winked “Hey Marcus, think you can take her missionary?” Marcus pulled out and let Mari move to her back, her head on the edge of the bed.

“Come here baby.” Mari beckoned to Marcus. She pulled her legs up so the inside of her knees would be pushing against his strong arms. She was so turned on she could hardly stand it. From this position she was spread wide open for him, plus she got a full view of his body. His firm, muscular chest was glistening with sweat. His defined pectoral muscles begged to be touched. She reached up with both hands and pinched his nipples lightly, and then she admiringly caressed his young hairless chest. A dark blue and red tattoo adorned his lower abdomen. Her manicured nails lightly traced the design and scratched at his firm abs. He smiled big. His steel hard shaft slid into her very wet pussy.

“Meeooww…you did great a great job finding him honey.”

“Glad you approve.” Paul responded, standing over her head. His cock hovered above her face. He was waiting. He had an appetite for seeing his wife mounted and fucked. Marcus’ muscular arms and body ink gave him that edge he knew Mari loved. Mari reached up and stroked Marcus’ cheeks with her nails. He smiled, leaned down and sucked her left nipple. She reached behind him, digging her nails into his taut body just enough. No way was this man going to leave without a few passion marks. He leaned back up, thrusting deep into Mari. Her head leaned back over the edge of the bed. Paul was waiting for this.

He guided his cock gently into her mouth. This position was one they both enjoyed. Paul reached and cupped her breasts in each of his hands. His index finger and thumb pinching her nipples. Slowly he started moving his hips back and forth, moving his cock in her mouth careful not to go too do deep. Mari’s muffled moans caused an erotic vibration that transferred right to his cock.

Marcus was building. His strong arms kept her legs spread so he was able to go deep inside her. She was moaning, but it was muffed. Marcus watched her husband throat fucking her. He had a big smile on his face. Both of his hands were on her luscious breasts like they were handlebars to a motorcycle.

Mari was on overload; two cocks in her. She had a yummy, muscular stud fucking her and her stud husband’s cock dangerously close to making her gag. Orgasms were coming through her in waves. She could feel Marcus’ cock swelling–it would not be long. Her hands wrapped around his forearms, gripping tightly. His warm sweat was dripping on her. Another orgasm wave rolled through her. She reached up, her nails scratching down his chest leaving shallow red marks. Paul pulled his cock from her mouth, saliva trailing with it. Her lips were as visibly wet as her pussy.

“Are you ready for us Mari?” Paul asked.

Before she could answer, he plunged his cock back into her mouth, pumped a few times, then withdrew.

“Yes.” She said in a breathless whisper.

Paul plunged back in; he was rock hard and building.

“Aaahhhh…” Marcus pulled out and removed the condom. He unloaded on Mari’s stomach. Mari’s right hand reached and helped tug the rest out of him. Paul let loose a deep moan followed by an “Oh yeah Mari…” as he came. Mari reached with her left hand and jerked him off. His load coated the side of her face and neck.

Together, they panted like they had just finished a marathon.

Later that night, Paul and Mari sat at a table together. Her hands were across the table in his.

“Well babe, did you have a good time?” Paul asked.

“Yes, a wonderful time.” Mari smiled. Her face beamed and she let loose an excited school girl giggle. Paul noticed, her “spark” was back. Her silky hair was flowing in the soft breeze.

“So does this mean you will get me to set up a ‘massage’ with your friend Veronica?”

Mari kept giggling “Uh, no. She does not ‘do’ massages”.

They kissed, shared a laugh, and watched the sun set.

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