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Summer Nights

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They were friends – good friends – the kind of friends who had known each other for ten years and seen each other during the good and bad times of their lives. He had lusted after her since their early teens, but she had never looked his way twice…until now.

It was in the heat of summer and working late nights in the store had taken their toll on the slender redhead and she was longing for someone to come in and give her a night to remember.

The hot days and humid evenings left her with a thin sheet of perspiration on her pale skin and the combination of that along with her boredom in the quiet DVD rental store, left her with thoughts of sex; ideas of some hot, sexy man coming in and pinning her against the counter, filling her aching pussy with his solid cock, pounding her until she screamed and begged for release.

God, Kay was wet and whenever she had the chance, she would reach up and tease her sniff nipples through the thin material of her vest until a soft whimper would attract Jake’s attention from somewhere in the stacks of the store. Only then would she realise where she was and try to do something – anything – to take her mind off how horny she was.

Nothing seemed to work though and night after night her pussy simply grew wetter, the ache more intense and her hormones raged uncontrollably.

Jake was starting to notice the change in his friend too. The vests were baggier and thinner, so that when she leaned over on the counter, he could see the curve of her breasts, unbound by a bra, freely. Her nipples prominently appeared beneath the sheen material and his cock throbbed at their cameos of the night. Her denim shorts became tighter and shorter, the soft shape of her ass catching his eyes every time she walked by. There had been one or two nights when Jake had been forced to take an impromptu break to the bathroom to release his frustrations with the aid of his right hand. Nothing seemed to help though and every time his sparkling blue eyes fell on Kay, he wanted her more than ever before.

It had started out as an innocent high school crush, but now it was pure lust and he found himself hiding in the stacks so that he wouldn’t jump her and ruin their friendship. In the end though, he didn’t need to worry about that.

– – – –

It was a hot Tuesday, the temperature unbearable and their boss out of town on a holiday to Hawaii. In such scorching heat people weren’t interested in renting a cheap DVD; most were hunting down pools or beaches to escape too, anywhere where the air was cooler. The two friends, however, were contracted to a midnight shift at the store where the air conditioning was past its best.

“No one is even coming in.” Kay complained, hopping up onto the counter as her olive eyes rested on the clock.

“What do you want to do then?” Jake poked his head around the stacks, his eyes falling on her long legs.

“I wanna close up early and hit a bar.” She said honestly, thinking that at least she could get laid if she was in some hot, sticky bar. He laughed and moved closer to the counter, deciding that it was safe enough to approach her at this moment in the long night. “Why are we still even working here?”

“Because college fees would break our backs otherwise?” He suggested leaning on the counter next to her.

“I can still think of better ways to spend my night.”

“Let me guess; with your thighs wrapped around some guy’s waist?” He teased, secretly wishing she would do it to him.

Her thoughts were in the same place, luckily enough, and the growing horniness that she couldn’t satisfy herself led to her next bold move.

Kay reached across to him and grabbed his arm, pulling him towards her until he was stood in front of her, staring at her with a bemused expression until she wrapped her legs around his hips and used her thighs to pull him flush to her.

“Kay, what are you -”

“You’re right, this is better.” She flirted, biting her lip seductively as she felt the bulge appear in the crotch of Jake’s board shorts.

He thought she was just messing with him, until her lips hungrily captured his and then it was like everything else changed. Normally she would never do something like this with Jake, but he was a guy and his cock was poking her in the manner that she longed to feel against her body; he had everything she craved. His hands quickly found her hips and he pulled her closer to his body still, his cock brushing teasingly against the join on her leg and a soft moan slipped from her lips as he probed her mouth with his tongue, longing to hear that sweet sound again.

Jake’s hands moved higher, sliding under her thin shirt, cupping her swollen breasts, squeezing them gently as his fingers easily found her nipples, tweaking them stiff. Kay pulled away, lust in her shining eyes.

“We should probably lock the door and kill the lights.” Her voice was husky and they were both breathing heavily, his fingers pulling at her nipples and enticing a sexy hot moan from her swollen lips before he stepped away, moving quickly to the door whilst she ran across the store to hit the light switches.

When Kay turned around, Jake had already caught up to her and in one swift move had her pinned against the nearest stack, his hands inside her shirt again as his lips crashed against hers, this time with no distractions to stop him from finally living out the fantasies he had been dreaming about for years. She clawed at his back, pulling his shirt up and over his head whilst he went to work on her shorts, popping the button and yanking the zip down, leaving it to her to push them to the floor whilst he rid her of her shirt. His mouth attached to her nipple, sucking and licking at it, smirking against her hot skin as she moaned and grasped him in place, overcome with desire and lust for him.

Her hand reached into his board shorts and grasped him firmly, pumping his shaft as he left out a guttural groan, nipping teasingly as her sensitive, stiff nipples, turning her on more.

Kay loved nothing more than rough, horny sex and right now, it was exactly what she wanted. She pushed his shorts to the floor and dropped to her knees, sucking him eagerly, her hand still pumping his shaft as her tongue swirled around his length. Jake groaned, falling back against the shelves as he tangled his fingers in her bright hair, guiding her and forcing her to take more of him in until eventually she was deep-throating him, gagging and spitting around his large cock. He couldn’t get enough of her lips around his shaft and was dangerous close to cumming when she pulled away.

Jake grabbed her hips and pulled the lace panties from her body before spinning her around and lifting her onto the counter, bending down to taste her sweet pussy that was already wet and dripping for him. Her thighs gripped his head and his tongue slipped between her folds, finding her delicate clit and flicking over it as he moved his fingers to her pussy, slipping two inside of her, seeking out her g-spot as he fingered her hard and fast whilst his tongue teased, sucked and massaged her clit until she was bucking against his face, pussy clenching around his fingers as she came hard, screaming and moaning his name as she rode his face.

There were no words spoken between the two as he straightened up, instantly slipping his cock into her tight pussy, groaning at the feeling of the velvety walls gripping him there. He didn’t need her to tell him and before the words “fuck me” escaped her lips, he was pounding her furiously, overwhelmed with lust and desire as she wrapped her arms around him, her nails scratching down his back as his hand found her hair, pulling it back so that his lips could find her neck. Her moans intensified as he bit and sucked at the column of flesh, her nipples brushing against his chest, damp with perspiration as they fucked wildly. She screamed, his cock slamming into her, balls slapping her ass as he fucked her harder, bringing her to another orgasm, powerful and intense, leaving her body quivering with passion as it ebbed.

Her lips found his instantly and he lifted her from the counter, cock still buried in her pussy as he lowered her to the floor, only pulling out to turn her around. On her knees, he slid into her again, fucking her hard from behind, his hands reaching round to pull at her nipples as her slammed into her. It wasn’t enough though, and Jake grabbed a fistful of her copper hair and pulled hard, her scream of surprise mixing with her moans as she was forced to arch her back, driving him deeper into her wet, tight, pussy.

Jake could’ve fucked her like that until he was cumming over and over, but he didn’t want this to end, not yet. He smacked her ass hard, her soft voice begging him to do it again as he continued to fuck her dripping pussy. He brought his palm down once more, groaning at the red handprint he left and her growing moans at his roughness.

Her ass was beautiful, his eyes were fixed on it as his thumb drifted down the crack until it reached her puckered little hole and he rubbed it gently, imagining all the things he could do to it. Tonight seemed to be a night of fantasy though and just as Kay was about to cum again, he pulled out and dropped lower, his tongue licking that tight little hole as his fingers reached under her to massage her clit.

The strange sensation of a tongue at her asshole was surprisingly good and Kay moaned, dropping lower to allow him better access. Jake flicked his tongue over her ass, smearing her cum and her juices over the hole with his spit until it was wet enough to slip a finger in. He worked at it, smiling at her squirms and moans, happy that she didn’t protest as he fingered her ass, slipping another finger in to stretch it some more and enticing more moans from her swollen lips.

“Fuck my ass.” She moaned, turning her head to beg him.

He groaned at the three words and then pulled his fingers out, positioning his hard cock, soaked her with her juices, at the much tighter hole and pressed it in slowly, groaning and crying out at how tight it felt around his shaft.

Jake started fucking her slowly, growing accustomed to the tightness before increasing his speed. Kay reached down and slid three fingers into her dripping pussy, fucking herself as he began to fuck her ass harder and faster. Her moans combined with his groans and the sweat dripped from their bodies as they fucked, the pleasure building in their groins as they succumbed to their passions and desires. He pulled at her hair again and reached around to squeeze and tug at her tits and nipples as his own orgasm began to build and this time he was incapable of denying it.

“I want you to cum on my face.” Kay pleaded, feeling how close he was getting as she peaked, moaning and squirming as she came hard around her fingers, juices trickling down to her wrist as her cum dripped from her pussy.

Jake groaned, pulling out and flipping her over, tugging lightly at her lip to get her to open her mouth. He’d cum on her face, yes, but he wanted her to taste him too. Within five pumps of his shaft, his legs threatened to buckle and he groaned, gripping the counter with his spare hand as he came, shooting long, hot streams of cum over her face and onto her tongue, groaning as she swallowed and he pumped the final strings of sticky cum onto her cheeks, groaning at how hot and sexy Kay looked with his cum dripping over her face and from her chin onto her glistening breasts.

“Summer may not be so long after all.”

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