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Julie’s Forceful Seduction

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Julie and Todd Baker, were celebrating their first anniversary in Central Florida. Their love of Roller Coasters had brought them during the hottest month of the year. After the first day of standing in line, and sweating water by the gallon, both were convinced coasters farther North would have been preferable.

Julie wouldn’t be twenty-one for a couple of months, and Todd had just turned twenty-four.

She was short and weighed maybe ninety pounds on a good day. Her big breasts made her look top heavy. Being as pretty as she was, her friends never understood why she married Todd Baker. Her husband was only three inches taller and slightly built, but he was the most caring and kindest man in the world. Without his tutoring, she would have never gotten through college.

Returning from an exhausting day at one of the many Amusement Parks, Julie went inside the motel room for a long, soothing shower. Todd relaxed outside in one of the chairs furnished by the motel. On Hwy 192, many of the motels are only separated by a parking lot and privacy fence. During the week, many motels have only a few units occupied.

There was really nothing to view, except the second floor of the motel next door. A young, black woman was leaning over the safety railing. She appeared to be wearing only a bra and panties. She noticed him looking and went back inside. A moment later, a stocky black male left the room and disappeared around the corner. Todd saw all this, without really thinking about anything. Leaning back, Todd closed his eyes and wondered how much longer Julie was going to be.

A few moments later, Todd heard, “You white piece of shit! What were you staring at my old lady for? You like black women, whitey?”

Shocked and speechless, Todd could only stutter, “I..I didn’t stare at your wife.”

“Now, you’re calling her a liar! You’re getting an ass whipping, shithead!” The stocky, muscular black put actions to his words, jerking Todd up and slamming him against the door.

Julie was one of those people that became sexually excited from the thrill and danger of riding an extreme Roller Coaster. She had just experienced the most delicious little orgasm, using her two magic fingers. Stepping out of the shower, she heard Todd’s voice. Strange, but, there seemed to be someone yelling at him. Not even drying, she rushed to the door. If Todd was in trouble, she had to know! Cracking the door, she opened it a few inches to peer out.

Unknown to Julie, this was the exact moment Todd was knocked against the door. The force slammed her against the wall and momentarily knocked the breath out of her. Todd flew into the room and across the bed, slamming his head against the wall, knocking himself out.

The angry black man was right behind him, and the first thing he saw was a naked woman. A beautiful, big breasted woman! A defenseless, young, white woman! “God Almighty! What do we have here? Were you waiting for me, honey?”

Julie was attempting to suck air into her lungs and scream at the same time. She felt herself picked up like a rag doll and thrown roughly onto the king size bed. Finally, able to take a deep breath, she gulped air into her oxygen starved lungs. Scared beyond belief, her next thought was to scream as loudly as possible. Before a sound could escape her lips, a large hand was clamped over her mouth and nose, cutting off her precious air again.

“Not a whisper, bitch! You understand?” He growled. When she nodded, he removed his hand, only to clasp one of her full breasts.

“You be a good little wife and you’ll not get hurt! That piece of trash sprawled on the floor likes to look at my woman. Well, I’m going to fuck his!”

Julie was able to speak, at last. “You’ve killed my husband!”

“He’s not hurt bad, just knocked silly. Trying to put a hole in the wall didn’t help his head any, though.” He answered.

“Please…Please, let me make sure Todd’s okay. Julie begged.

Releasing his grip, she was told. “Go ahead, check his sorry ass. You even think of causing me any trouble, and I’ll be all over you like stink on shit.”

After a brief inspection, Julie could tell Todd was alive and breathing normally. Thank God! Turning around, she was going to plead for mercy. With the drapes closed and no lights, the dimly lit room was still bright enough to see her rapist had dropped his shorts. His heavy, black cock was hanging no more than two feet from her face. The sight almost scared Julie to death!

With his hands full of her hair, she was pulled toward his tumescent penis. “Time to suck black dick, bitch! Show my cock how much you prefer him to your wimp husband. If you’re nice, I’ll pleasure you by fucking your white pussy, or, would you rather have it up your ass?”

Julie had her lips pressed together when she came into contact with his black pole. “Open bitch! Would you rather I stomp a mud-hole in sleeping beauty’s ass?” Holding her head with one hand, he used the other to rub his manhood all around Julie’s face.

Julie opened her mouth when she felt the head of his rod against her full lips. She had to open wider before the partially erect penis would enter her oral cavity. Tentatively, she licked her tongue around the sensitive tip of the blunt head. Feeling the pulse and throbbing veins against her lips would have been exciting in other circumstances.

He began fucking her face with short, powerful strokes. With each thrust, his cock was getting harder and harder, until it became a rod of black iron.

“Enough! Get on the bed and spread those legs!” Not giving Julie a chance to comply, or refuse, he simply lifted and threw her like a rag doll onto the soon to be fuck site.

Everything was happening so sudden, Julie never had a chance to gather her thoughts. It hadn’t been more than five minutes since she left the shower with the afterglow of a small orgasm on her face. In that time, her husband had been knocked out, she had sucked on a black dick, and was now expected to open her thighs to be fucked. It was too much for Julie’s mind to accept, and she momentarily blacked out.

Julie came to her senses with the most pleasurable feeling between her thighs. For an instant, thinking it was her husband, she reached down to pull his head closer to her throbbing pussy. Feeling the kinky hair brought her immediately to full awareness. Groaning in shame at her body’s betrayal, Julie begged, “No..No! Please no! Turn me loose! Don’t do this..Please don’t!”

Skillfully, the broad, flat tongue never slowed it’s rape of her innocent canal. Trying to squirm and wiggle away was a useless effort. He had her hips rolled upward and his strong arms were entwined around them, while his thumbs spread each side of her labia. Julie was in the perfect position for oral stimulation.

Julie’s mind and heart were repelled and disgusted with what was being done to her young body. That didn’t stop the electrifying jolts of pleasure from shooting through her lower torso. The feeling became so intense, she saw little explosions of stars behind her closed eyes. Without conscious thought, Julie knew she had her first orgasm with someone other than her dear husband.

Suddenly, he removed his tongue and slid up her firm body. With one hand, he placed the head of his monster against her wide open pussy. Julie felt the huge head slide inside her wet and slick vagina. She was being stretched beyond anything she could ever imagine. His monster meat was slowly forcing it’s way deeper and deeper into her moistened canal.

Julie wasn’t actually feeling pain, just a tightness from the unfamiliar stretching. She felt him slide almost all the way out, then farther with the next thrust. Her tight, wet hole was getting used to his length and thickness. Two more strokes and his nine inch woman killer was buried to the hilt. Julie knew the head of this giant penis was pressed against the mouth of her womb. Holding himself in place, he gave her a moment’s reprieve to become accustomed to his size.

With her pussy impaled on the long, thick rod, his hands were free to gently fondle Julie’s sensitive breasts. Rubbing the nipples between thumbs and forefingers, caused an involuntary moan of pleasure from this innocent victim. Hearing the moan and feeling her vagina muscles clamping and releasing his cock, brought an unseen smile to the dark face.

Julie could feel the throbbing penis buried deep within her stomach. His mouth was sucking her firm breasts, first one and then the other. Strong white teeth were lightly nibbling on the erect nipples. There was no denying the bolts of pleasure shooting through her being.

Julie had accepted her rape as a way of saving herself and husband more pain. The thought never entered her mind that she would enjoy every inch of this huge cock. Her mind was in denial, but, not her twitching, moaning body. She couldn’t help herself, as her hips pressed firmly against his thrusting cock! Her ass began flicking upwards on his down stroke, attempting to accept more of an already buried organ.

Feeling his thick lips clamp over hers, Julie greedily opened her mouth, as he thrust his tongue inside. Their tongues began their own battle for supremacy, twirling and sucking the juices from each other. The more excited Julie became, the more tongue, she attempted to swallow.

Her slick pussy had loosened and her inner walls were tingling from the fullness and friction of his black rod. As his thick snake slid in and out, her pussy fully accepted and welcomed this stranger’s massive cock. With long, smooth strokes, meant to destroy the last vestiges of resistance, she was fucked expertly and thoroughly.

Julie, feeling the heat begin to spread through her lower regions, clasped her ankles around his firm ass. She was being consumed by the fire raging upwards, until it burst in a shower of sparks behind her eyes. She cried out her orgasm, as shudders racked her tortured body.

Her climax triggered his, and she felt a sudden wave of hot sperm splashing inside her fertile pussy. Again and again, gobs of sticky cum shot into her tiny pussy. Julie heard him moan as he released the last torrent of his seed, drowning her womb in millions of baby making seed. With a final twitch of his still hard cock, he collapsed on her body, keeping himself buried inside.

Holding her body close, he rolled over, placing Julie on top. Still clasping her to him, he scooted around and sat upright on the bed. Now, with his feet on the floor, and her legs placed on each side of his body, she is still fully impaled. Not knowing or caring what is in store for her, Julie leans her head on his shoulder. The kinky curls on his chest, were tickling her still sensitive nipples. She can feel ropes of thick cum ooze out of her well fucked vagina.

Their lips again locked, as first one and then the other tried to swallow the others tongue. Tightly holding her ass cheeks, he begins lifting her up and down on his cock like a play toy. Julie groans with pleasure at the pleasant sensation. Her pussy throbs and pulses, as it’s again filled with his massive pole. She moans as her pussy begins heating up again. As he lifts her up and down, Julie’s weight is enough to cause the head of his monster to enter the mouth of her womb each time.

Now, Julie is holding his muscular shoulders, helping to lift and slam her pussy back down. The friction alone is enough to heat her love canal. But, this heat was emanating from much deeper, causing her nerve endings to be on fire. Then, like a bolt of lightning, shooting through every pore of her body. Throwing her head back, Julie couldn’t help but scream! The strongest climax of her young life raced throughout her body. At the same time, his cum blasted another load of potent fertilizer into her!

Finally spent, Julie is laid on the bed and the large tumescent cock is slowly pulled out. Totally exhausted, Julie still gives a sigh of disappointment at the sudden empty feeling between her legs. She can feel gobs of thick liquid leaking out of her pussy and onto the comforter beneath her.

“Please, leave now.” Julie whispered. “Todd’s going to wake up any minute and I must take care of him.”

“I’m leaving.” He answered softly. “My name is Dajon and I’m from Jamaica. I’m sorry I forced myself on you. Please, try and not be angry with me.”

“My name’s Julie and I’m not angry, except at myself.”

“Thank you. You’re like a flower, beautiful and fragile. You see that door? There’s another just like it on the other side. The other door will be open tonight. I’ll be in the room waiting, praying you will use the entrance willingly and come to me one last time.” Dajon was speaking as he dressed.

At that moment, Todd groaned and Dajon hurriedly left. Julie, placing her hands over her gaping pussy, tried to hold the sperm inside until she could reach the toilet. Bringing back a wet hand-towel and washcloth, she quickly cleaned the large puddle of cum off the covers. Throwing the used hand-towel toward the sink, she knelt at Todd’s side, applying the washcloth to his forehead.

“Ooowww…What happened?” Todd groaned.

Helping him up and onto the bed, Julie explained.”It seems you pissed somebody off, and he knocked you through the door, just as I peeked out. You’ve been unconscious for a few moments.”

“Where is he? Are you okay?” Todd questioned.

“I’m fine. I didn’t really see him. He left too fast.” Julie lied.

Later, they ordered pizza, since neither wanted to leave the room. Todd, not wanting to spend another day in this place, insisted they leave the next morning.

chapter 2

Dajon and his older brother, Lemarr, were leaning against the safety railing on the motel walkway. They could have passed for twins, except Lemarr was a year older. Comparing their manhood was another story, Lemarr’s ebony cock was longer and thicker than his almost twin. Lemarr never let this fact be forgotten and was constantly bragging of his prowess in the bedroom.

Dajon was laughing, as he related all that had happened that afternoon. “I’ll tell you, mon, she’s got the tightest pussy I ever saw. I know she’ll come to the room next door tonight, just for more of my big dick.

“Hah! You’re just lucky she hasn’t called the police and put your black ass in prison!” Lemarr replied.

“No! No! I tell you true! She loved me fucking her! She’ll be there for more tonight! She knows that husband of hers’ is going to leave tomorrow. He will be scared of this place, since I busted his ass!”

“Little brother, I think you should let me take your place! You’ve already fucked her twice.” Lemarr said.

“Like Hell! You must be crazy! You think I give up white pussy?” Dajon exclaimed.

“Well…While you’re fucking her, how about letting me fuck your old lady? I think Mattie would like that! I’ve seen her checking out my meat.”

“Fuck you, mon!” Dajon angrily shouted. “You remember sneaking around with Bertise back home, getting her drunk on cheap rum and fucking her? She never did let me fuck her again, after you ruined her pussy with that cock of yours!”

“Do you remember what you were doing at the time? You were fucking that little whore down on the beach!” Lemarr replied. “I haven’t had any pussy since we left Jamaica six months ago. You could do this tiny favor for me, little brother.”

“I’m still going to fuck that white pussy tonight!” Dajon said.

“Fine with me! You got a hot piece of ass right here living with you. I’ll have to tell her true about where you are. I’m sure she will want me to comfort and console her. Don’t you think so? When you come home, have the courtesy to knock, will you?”

“You rotten prick! You would, wouldn’t you? I ought mop the floor with your black ass!”

“Let’s not get hasty, little brother. You’ve tried that shit before, and got your ass kicked everytime!” Lemarr laughed. Knowing he had won, he let his bro stew until he cooled down. A few minutes later, Lemarr said. “I should go get that room, in case that old fart rents it to somebody else.”

“Aww fuck! Go ahead and get it!” Dajon reluctantly agreed. “Remember, you got to tell me every juicy detail.”

The object of their conversation was having a difficult time with her husband. He was acting like a big baby over the bump on his stubborn head. Not even changing motels, would convince him not to leave Florida.

Julie had other things on her mind, without listening to Todd whine about the injustice he had suffered. Tuning him out, Julie was thinking. Why did I get so much enjoyment and pleasure from forced sex with a man I never actually saw. With the drapes drawn, I never even saw the features on his face. When he spoke, he had a funny accent, like a foreigner.

Is it possible, the sexual stimulation I receive when riding an especially thrilling Roller Coaster, is the same when taken by a strong man? Does the danger and thrill carry over into the bedroom?Is that what turned me on?

What made him think he could get the connecting room and I would enter for more sex? Why didn’t he think I would call the police? What did I do to give him such confidence in himself? So many questions, and so few answers.

Todd, finally dragged himself to the shower, giving her a chance to check out the connecting doors. The deadbolt made a loud click when unlocked. She tried the other door, just to be sure it was locked. Closing and locking her door, she felt safer and more secure. Julie knew there was no chance in Hell, those doors were going to be used this night.

Todd took two Tylenol PMs and went to bed, giving Julie a chance for another shower. Her pussy was still slick from the remnants of all that thick sperm blasted inside her belly. Two of her fingers easily slipped inside her larger than normal canal. Julie thought. My God! I’m so sensitive, I could easily cum again! Resisting the temptation, she dried off and returned to the bed of a snoring husband.

Still wide awake, Julie heard the soft click of the deadbolt on the other door. A few moments later, Julie was amazed to hear, “come to me…come to me, my beautiful flower.” Julie thought, this afternoon, he called me a beautiful flower. That’s Dajon wanting me to come to him! Again, she heard him softly say. “My flower, please, come to me.”

Without conscious thought, Julie, gently slipped from bed, and silently as possible unlocked her door. Her last clear thought was, he’s already fucked me twice. What’s one more time going to hurt?

The other door was already open, and except for the faint light around the drapes, the room was pitch black. She was startled when a strong hand clasped her fingers, pulling her into the room. She heard the doors being closed behind her. Adjusting to the near blackness, Julie could make out the form of a man standing close beside her. Reaching out, she felt bare flesh. He was naked!

Before he said a word, Julie felt her bra being removed, her shorty pajama bottom was slid over her thighs and dropped to the floor. “Come, my beautiful flower. Come to our wedding bed. Tonight, we are married and this is our wedding night.” Lemarr whispered into her ear.

Julie couldn’t believe how comforting those words sounded. It made everything pure and perfect. When he lay beside her, she was momentarily frightened, feeling his huge cock pressed against her stomach. But, thinking she was with Dajon, she knew the pleasure it could bring.

Lemarr, knowing he had all night to pleasure himself and this young wife, was being very slow and gentle. Softly, with his lips and tongue, he lovingly kissed her face, ending at her full lips. Her mouth opened as his tongue probed for her own. One of his hands had already found a firm breast and was slowly teasing the erect nipple.

His erotic lips moved to her throat, then traveled to her shoulders, and slowly trailed down her chest. His hungry mouth encircled one of her breasts, then the other. Sucking and nibbling the hard little nipples, caressing and kneading the huge globes, had Julie moaning in pleasure. His large hands seemed to be everywhere at the same time, always moving and touching her most sensitive areas.

Julie lay on her back, her body spread wide, and open for his pleasure. Her body had stiffened and she had a death grip on the oversize pillow. The sensations of his loving every inch of her body were overwhelming. Never, had anyone come close to accomplishing this act, not even her husband!

Feeling his mouth, lips and tongue on her stomach, had Julie trembling with desire. She knew the next area would be her most private and sensitive place, but, she was mistaken! Dajon was giving her inner thighs, and all around her yearning pussy attention. His mouth never came into contact with her wide open slit and throbbing clitoris. Moving on down, biting and massaging her thighs and lower legs, he reached his destination. My God! He’s sucking my toes, and licking the soles of my feet! It was an utterly foreign and stimulating experience to have each of her toes sucked! Julie couldn’t believe how exciting and dirty it felt!

Lemarr moved up her left leg, giving it the same treatment as the other. Reaching her well trimmed mound, he could see her love bud unsheathed and glistening with desire. Torturing her a while longer, he kissed and licked around and around the circle of his final destination.

Julie was going crazy, squirming and wiggling her ass, in an attempt to get his tongue on her slit. At Last! His thick lips covered her mound, pushing her labia to the side, as he flicked his tongue inside her open vulva. When Lamarr sucked her clit between his teeth, and licked the nubbin with a feather touch, Julie went crazy! Trying to get more contact between his tongue and her aching bud, Julie was humping and gyrating her ass against his mouth. Feeling the familiar heat of an impending orgasm…knowing she is only moments from a huge climax. Julie’s body welcomed the spreading fire in her loins. She lost awareness of everything but his mouth and the amazing feelings it gave her! Suddenly, her body bucked and thrashed against the pleasure giving mouth, moaning loudly, as she was consumed by gigantic waves of pure flaming heat.

Finally, it was too much and she pushed his head away from her throbbing slit. Lemarr slithered his way up her body, kissing her passionately, as they relaxed and regained control of mind and body.

Then…Julie straddled him, her thighs pressed tight against each side. Leaning over, she kissed him softly and deeply, before sliding down his neck toward the massive cock. Not understanding why it seemed so much larger, her soft hand continued stroking the powerful tool. Julie moaned softly when her tongue first made contact with the pre-cum dripping from his pee hole. Licking up the first drops, they were immediately followed by more of the sweet, sticky fluid. He jerked a little, as she tried to stick her tongue inside the small slit.

Her mouth opens widely, accepting the huge mushroom into her oral cavity. Julie’s lips are spread wide as she softly sucks, while her hand still strokes and squeezes the shaft. More relaxed now, she swirls and twirls her tongue around the underside of the sensitive end. Opening wider, she slides his cock as deep as possible into her throat. Her mouth working feverishly up and down his cock. One hand stroking, the other fondles and squeezes his balls. Lemarr’s moans only urged her to suck harder and faster.

“That’s enough! Fuck me! Climb on my cock and fuck me! Now!” Lemarr growled. “I want to cum in your pussy!”

Without hesitation, Julie squatted over the huge black pole, still wondering why it seemed so much bigger. If my jaws ache, what is it going to do to my pussy, Julie thought. Knowing she had already received two magnificent orgasms from Dajon the afternoon before, her mind must be playing tricks on her. Holding his baby maker with one hand, she tried to spread her labia with the other. Lemarr took the matter into his own hands, and spread her pussy wide, while she put the huge head to her slick opening.

Julie slowly worked his cock back and forth, carefully stretching her vulva enough to take him in. The huge head penetrated into her vaginal sheath, causing Julie to gasp in surprise at the lack of pain. Her pussy was so slick and ready, she was able to slowly slide down the long thick pole. Her vagina stretched and elongated ahead of the monster’s invasion, until she was sitting on his pelvic bone. Not realizing she had been holding her breath, Julie, suddenly, let loose with a large whoosh of expelled air. She had to look down to really believe his entire manhood was somewhere in her stomach.

Lemarr’s over sized fuck stick had pulled the lower part of her sensitive clitoris inside with her labia. When Julie began to ride his black shaft up and down, the friction on her clit caused the first of many orgasms. Trying not to scream, Julie leaned over and groaned into his eager mouth. On her knees now, she held herself above his pelvis, as he fucked her faster and faster. Julie was shuddering through one climax after another. Her hips were pressing…lifted…to take every inch deep within.

With a roar, Lemarr’s sperm exploded into her womb! The scalding liquid brought another shuddering orgasm, and Julie collapsed onto his chest. Completely exhausted, the two cum soaked lovers lay snuggled in each others arms. With her back to his chest, his flaccid cock trapped between her thighs, Julie dozed off. Not knowing how long she slept, Julie awoke feeling his dangerous black snake stirring again.

“Not again! My body can’t take another fucking!” Julie whispered. “What time is it, anyway?”

Lemarr, looking at his Timex Indiglo, replied. “It’s almost one-thirty.”

“Oh, my God! I’ve got to go!”

“Once more, my little flower.” Replied Lemarr. “Just one more time.”

“Okay, I can’t refuse you, but after, I must go!”

He moved her onto her back and mounted her, spreading her legs wide, driving the full length of his black shaft hard and deep into her sopping pussy. When Julie began responding to his long slow strokes, Lemarr stroked faster. In a few moments she started to writhe her hips each time he went into her. Julie raised her legs until her knees were just above his shoulders.

“Now,” Julie whispered. “Fuck me deep and hard!”

Lemarr drove into her, Julie lifting her hips to to meet each long fast thrust. She began to cry out, animal yelps rising from deep in her chest. Then she began trembling and sprawled with her legs spread wide, her entire body tossing out of control, as the largest orgasm yet raced thru her body.

With a mighty thrust, Lemarr jetted great spurts of his thick cream deep into her womb. Her pussy was filled to overflowing and oozed out around his huge pole, and down the crack of her ass. The wet spot on the bed was huge from his cum and her juices. Julie was completely exhausted, both mentally and physically.

After a quick shower, Julie slipped back into her own room, leaving Lemarr to clean up the mess on the bed.

In Conclusion: Julie never became pregnant. She remained true and faithful to Todd for almost a year. Her black supervisor in Personnel had lost his wife in an auto accident. After several lunch dates and stopping after work a few times for a quick drink, Julie finally accepted an invitation to visit his home….The End

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