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Making the Squad

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We had just finished the last workout before tryouts, and I wasn’t sure whether I had done enough to impress the coach. Maybe a little kissing up was in order? It was August, and I was one of dozens of incoming freshmen trying out for Big State’s cheerleading squad. I had been the captain of my high school squad, and cheerleading was the highlight of my high school experience.

But I came from a small town, where I was a big cheerleading fish in a small cheerleading pond, and the competition here was much tougher. Last year, I was the hottest girl in school. This summer, I found myself to be just one of many cute, toned, talented freshmen, each just as sexy as the next in a short skirt and skin-tight top. I didn’t know what I’d do if I didn’t make the college squad.

With that in mind, I made my way through the sea of tanned arms and legs and long hair to where the coach was packing up her gear. She was probably in her mid 30s, but still kept herself in incredible shape. She had been a star cheerleader here at Big State in her day, and worked hard to maintain the standards of the squad now that she was coach – it was always one of the best in the country. She expected a lot of her girls, and her standards were very high. But she was also very approachable, and insisted that we call her by her first name.

“Thanks for all of your help this summer, Julia. I’m looking forward to the tryouts on Saturday! Is there anything you’d recommend for me to do between now and then, so I can be as prepared as possible?”

I could tell by her expression that she knew I was kissing up – she wasn’t born yesterday – but also that she didn’t really mind, because she appreciated my dedication and enthusiasm.

“You’ve shown a lot of athleticism in workouts, Jennie,” she replied, “but you could use a little more work on the choreography. Why don’t you stop by my house later today and borrow a copy of this CD, you’re welcome to keep it until Saturday. I’m just three blocks off campus, it’s the white house on the corner of 17th and Lincoln.”

“Wow, thanks! I’ll come by about 4, OK?”

“That should be perfect, I’ll just be getting home about then.”

I had just enough time to get back to my dorm, take a quick shower to get cleaned up after the sweaty workout, and then lounge in the tub and shave my legs. As I pulled the razor across my skin in long, smooth strokes, I pondered what to wear for my visit to the coach’s house – I wanted to look respectful, but also leave her thinking how good I’d look in a Big State cheerleader’s uniform. After climbing out of the tub and drying my skin, I settled on my favorite sundress, which was light blue to match my eyes, and a matching headband to hold back my long blonde hair. The dress hugged my torso, showing off my 34C breasts, and came down to a few inches above my knees, a tactful but still flirty length. I never wore panties, and this dress was fine without a bra, so I was nice and cool as I walked through the hot August afternoon the few blocks to her house.

I reached her house just a few minutes before 4 and rang the doorbell. There was no answer for at least a minute, so I rang the bell again. This time, I heard a man’s voice answer, “Coming – just a second!” Before much longer, the door was opened and I found myself face to face with a 30-something man in a bathrobe. “Can I help you?”

“I’m Jennie – one of the girls trying out for the squad this year. Julia told me to stop by, she was going to loan me a CD to practice with?”

“Oh, OK, come on in, I’m sure she’ll be back any minute. Here, sit down,” he said, motioning to a couch in the living room, as he sat down across from me. “So, tell me about yourself – Julia doesn’t invite most girls over, so she must be quite impressed with you.”

Delighted as I was to hear that, I tried to sound nonchalant as I replied, telling him about my days as a high school chearleader and my hopes of making the college squad. He told me that his name was Mark, he and Julia met their freshman year at Big State, when he was a running back on the football team and she was on the cheerleading squad. They had been together ever since, married for 12 years now. He was a very charming man, so much so that I hardly noticed how much time had passed and that Julia still wasn’t home.

He began reminiscing about how he fell in love with Julia as a young cheerleader, and told me, innocently enough, that I reminded him of her at that age. Then he asked, “So, do you want to see what the uniforms looked like back in the day?”

“Really, she still has her uniform?”

“Oh, yeah – doesn’t fit her anymore, but she keeps it for old times’ sake. I’ll go grab it.” Moments later, he was back with something that looked slightly familiar (the school colors hadn’t changed, after all), but also very different in style. Rather than the form-fitting midriff-bearing lycra top and bottom of today’s uniforms, this had a v-neck sweater over a pleated mini skirt. How quaint!

“Do you want to try it on?” he asked, and when he noticed that his question made me slightly uncomfortable, followed it up with, “don’t worry – I won’t peek! Just thought you might think it was fun.”

“Sure, what the heck,” I replied, and after he stepped out of the room for a moment, I quickly pulled my dress off over my head and replaced it with the old-school v-neck and pleated mini. I was shocked at how well it fit – Julia really did used to be exactly my size! I was also amazed how sexy a fit it was. This uniform that had looked so old-fashioned on the hanger was actually incredibly flattering to a young, fit body like mine. The cotton of the sweater clung to the curves of my breasts, and the pleated skirt fit snug around my hips, barely reaching below my ass. And since I wasn’t wearing a bra or panties, I could feel every inch of the fabric on my skin.

As Mark came back into the room, I could feel myself blush and saw his mouth drop open. “Wow, Jennie, you look amazing!”

“Thanks,” I said, trying to think of a way to minimize the obvious sexual tension in the air – maybe if I played it off as a joke, did a silly cheer for him? Why did I suddenly feel so kinky, wearing this old uniform of Julia’s?

As I tried to think my way out of this awkward situation, I noticed that Mark was trying to hide a growing erection beneath his bathrobe. Wow, was he turned on by this as much as I was? I decided to go with the feelings of the moment – hell, if Julia came in, he would be the one with explaining to do, since he had given me her old uniform. I picked up the pom-poms that had been stored with the old uniform, and began to show myself off for him – my hot young body in this sexy old uniform.

I started with simple cheer moves, but gradually allowed myself to begin dancing in a sexier, sultrier way, moving ever closer to where he was standing.

As our bodies came into contact, I could immediately feel how hard his cock already was. I dropped to my knees in front of him and reached my hands into the fabric of his bathrobe, pulling out his hard cock and licking him from balls to tip. As I began sucking him, he gathered my long hair in his hands and used it to guide me gently in my motions on his cock. Before long, his gentle guiding became firm pushing, and he was thrusting himself deep into my throat. I responded by sucking with even more enthusiasm, and began fondling his balls as well. Just as this blow job reached a fever pace, with the slurping sounds of my mouth on his cock filling the room, he screamed out and shot his load, filling my mouth with his cum.

Doing my best to swallow it all, but finding some of his cum dribbling down onto my chin, I fell back onto the floor in front of him. As soon as he had recovered enough to speak, he looked deep into my eyes and said, “Jesus, Jennie, that was hot. I hope you don’t feel like I took advantage of you?”

“Where’s your bedroom?” I answered with another question, “because I want you to fuck me with that big hard cock of yours.”

“Whatever you say, Jennie. But will you do me one favor? Take off your headband, and put your hair up in two pigtails?”

“Sure, happy to. Why don’t you go into your bedroom and start working on that cock of yours, so you’re ready to fuck my wet pussy, and I’ll be right with you!” As he quickly followed my instruction, leaving his bathrobe in a puddle on the floor, I found my purse and positioned myself in front of the mirror in their hallway, where I could watch myself as I brushed my hair up into the pigtails he had requested. Wow, I thought to myself – I really am HOT in this outfit. And the pigtails added immensely to the effect, making me look like the innocent young cheerleader I obviously wasn’t. I couldn’t help but slide two fingers into my hot, wet pussy, watching myself in the mirror as they disappeared and then reappeared, glistening with my juices.

Remembering the man waiting for me, I pulled myself away from the mirror and joined him in the bedroom. He was on the bed, fondling his cock, which was already hard again. I climbed on top of him, pushing my wet fingers into his mouth and positioning my pussy over his cock. Holding his shaft in one hand, I moved the tip of his cock slowly back and forth from my pussy to my clit several times, before I finally couldn’t stand it any more and lowered myself onto him.

Slowly at first, and then gradually faster, I rode his cock for what seemed like hours. After his initial explosion in my mouth, he was now able to sustain himself much longer than any of the young guys I had been with before, and I couldn’t believe the sensations I was getting from our fucking. As I sped up my motions, my breasts and pigtails both began bobbing up and down, turning us both on even more.

I was just about to change positions when I heard a loud noise behind me, and could feel Mark freeze beneath me on the bed. “What the hell is going on?!?”

Even without turning around, which I was frankly afraid to do, I knew that the voice belonged to Julia. She had caught us, fucking wildly on her bed, with me in her old cheerleading uniform. I waited for the next shoe to drop.

“Mark, what the hell is she doing in my uniform? And Jennie, how dare you come into my house and seduce my husband with your hot young body?”

Neither of us could come up with a coherent answer, and we just remained frozen, with me still sitting on his cock, my hard nipples still pointing through the fabric of her old v-neck sweater. “What’s the matter, cat got your tongue, you little tramp?”

As she said this, she came further into the room and stood next to the bed, so that we could both now see her. “I’m…. I’m sorry, Julia,” I muttered.

“Save it,” she said, “I want you to suck his cock.”

“Wha…. what?” I stammered, looking at her in disbelief.

“You heard me, get on all fours and get your mouth on his cock. I want your ass up in the air, too.”

Shocked that she hadn’t thrown me out of her house, and also intrigued at what might be coming next, I figured it was best to follow her directions. I pulled my still-wet pussy off of his cock, got on my hands and knees, and began sucking him again. I heard Julia move away for a moment, and then return to my side, and then before I could even think about what she might be doing, felt her hand spank my ass, hard. I whimpered in response, but was also turned on by the intense feeling, and allowed her swat to push me further down onto her husband’s cock, the tip now reaching into my throat.

After a few moments of anticipation, she swatted me again, this time allowing her hand to linger on my bottom, grazing the wide-open entrance to my pussy as she pulled it away. “I think you have a few things to learn about discipline if you’re going to be a part of my squad, young lady. Do you understand?”

“Uhmmm hmmmmm,” was all I could manage with Mark’s cock now thrusting deep in my throat.

As soon as I had answered, she spanked me again, this time harder than the rest. She then pulled me off of Mark’s cock by my pigtails, and said, “Now, you’re going to help me give Mark a little show, and let him cum all over you, understand?”

This time I didn’t even manage a verbal response, just a nod. She motioned for me to lie down on my back, and I watched upside down as she quickly took off her clothes, revealing her fabulously toned body. Mark began stroking his cock as he watched his wife’s round, full tits pop free of her bra, and then her panties drop down to the floor, revealing a freshly shaven pussy. I gasped as I realized what she had in mind for us – I was following her orders, but it was also a chance for me to live out a fantasy of mine, eating another woman’s pussy as she ate mine in a 69 position.

I was already dripping wet, so she soon had her tongue and fingers darting quickly into me, but she was surprisingly tight. I began with just one finger probing the entrance to her pussy, and my tongue on her clit. We quickly found a gyrating motion that started us both moving towards satisfaction, as Mark encouraged us with his grunts and moans. Just as earlier with his sustained fucking, these were new sensations for me, tasting another woman’s sweet juices as her tongue moved expertly from my clit to my pussy lips. I started bucking my hips, pushing myself into her face, when she stopped me with a fast, hard slap on my inner thigh.

Sitting up, she explained, “No, you have to wait. You’ll have your chance later. Mark, are you ready to cover her with your cum?”

“Oh, yeah, Julia, I want to shoot my load all over this hot young cheerleader.” She replaced his hands with hers on his cock, and began quickly jacking him off.

“Oh, that’s it, Julia – I’m cumming, I’m cummmmmmmming!” and with that, I felt his cum cover my face, with a few drops landing on the v-neck sweater as well. Before I could do anything to clean myself off, Julia decended on me again and licked her husband’s cum from my skin, gently squeezing my tits as she worked.

Completely at their mercy, and both frustrated and turned on, I stayed on the bed as they both got up and went into the walk-in closet in their bedroom. Julia was the first to return, carrying a double dildo and a bottle of lubricant. Mark was right behind her, with a small video camera. “The lube is for me, sweetie, I can tell you’re still plenty wet,” Julia said to me as she quickly shoved the dildo deep into my pussy. Her force was welcome, wet and frustrated as I was, and I groaned with pleasure.

She took her end of the dildo in her hand, and before lubricating it, used it as a handle to fuck me with it. As she was doing this, I noticed that Mark had started filming, the camera in his right hand and his left hand occasionally fondling his temporarily soft cock. As I began to moan and buck on the dildo, Julia stopped moving it inside of me and took a moment to cover her end with lube. When she was ready, she grabbed my hands, pulled herself closer on the bed, and, intertwining our legs, slowly pulled the dildo into her pussy. After what seemed like minutes of slow movements, the dildo was entirely engulfed by our pussies, and we began grinding our clits against each other, the dildo reaching deep inside of both of us.

Almost lost in ecstasy as I was, I could see out of the corner of my eye that Mark’s cock was beginning to harden again as he watched – and filmed – this hot encounter. His naked wife was fucking an 18-year-old blonde hardbody cheerleader with a now-invisible double dildo, and he wouldn’t be able to stay uninvolved behind the camera much longer. Julia and I were both now moaning loudly, and Mark captured our rapture on film before putting down the camera and touching his wife on the shoulder and whispering something in her ear.

“OK,” she responded, “go ahead.”

Before I could ponder what they might have in mind, Julia rolled us over so that we were still able to fuck each other with the dildo, but Mark was also able to spoon me from behind. I watched as Julia handed him the bottle of lube, heard him squirt some out of the bottle, and then felt the cool gel on my ass, as he started to work it into the skin around my asshole. Before I could protest – anal virgin that I was – I felt Mark push one of his fingers a few inches into me, and realized what a spectacular feeling it was.

As he slowly fucked my ass with his finger, I could hear him lube up his cock and begin to stroke it. When he was ready to approach my tiny asshole with his big hard cock, he put a hand on Julia’s leg, encouraging her to slow down our motions on the dildo. As time seemed to stand still for a moment, I felt first tension, then release, first pain, then satisfaction, as he pressed his cock, inch by inch, into my ass. Once he was all the way inside, he stopped moving, and Julia began our motions on the dildo again. Slowly, ever so slowly, Mark began actively fucking me as I relaxed enough to allow his cock to move inside of me.

The sensations were unlike anything I had ever felt – a cock in my ass, a dildo in my pussy, the build-up of an orgasm twice postponed – I was going to explode like I never had before. Julia was actually the first to orgasm, and her bucking motions on the dildo started to push me over the edge as well. But Mark still had a long way to go, and started fucking my ass with more and more intensity and speed. As he fucked me, a long, deep orgasm started – starting where Julia’s left off and lasting until Mark’s began. I now pushed the dildo away from my pussy with one hand and reached back to encourage Mark with the other. Julia reached down to finger my clit just as Mark exploded inside of me, and he and I both screamed out.

I’m not sure what happened next – I may have blacked out, or maybe just fell asleep. When I regained my senses, Mark and Julia were both gone, but somehow had removed the cheerleader uniform from my body before they left. I got up, naked, and staggered into the living room, where I found them sipping tea, fully dressed. Embarrassed at my nakedness in spite of the incredible intimacy we had shared, I quickly found my dress and pulled it back on, sitting down next to Julia on the couch. After a moment of awkward silence, Julia said, “Well, sweetie, I don’t think you need to worry about that spot on the squad – you’ve earned your position.”

Mark snickered, but Julia explained herself, “Oh, come on, honey – that workout we gave her is tougher than anything she’ll have to do as a cheerleader. If she can last in bed with us, she’ll make a great member of the squad.”

“Thanks, Julia. I’d better be going, but hopefully I can see both of you again soon?”

“Absolutely,” Mark replied. “Now that I know how good you look in Julia’s old uniform, I’ll be asking her to invite you back as often as possible!”

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