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Maiden Voyage

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The kayak bobbed up and down on the lake as Rhonda adjusted her life jacket, “I don’t know why I have to wear this, I’m pretty buoyant.”

“Yea, I’d say you have a set of PF double D’s” Lynn replied with a laugh.

Watching her friend struggle to get her large breasts tucked into the life vest was almost comical. It was a problem she did not have.

In contrast her thin muscular frame made the foam filled vest essential, if she went overboard she would sink straight to the bottom unless she worked vigorously to keep her head above water.

“There… finally,” Rhonda said, breathing a sigh of relief. The lake patrol strictly enforced the rule on wearing PFDs after a series of drownings earlier in the year. She looked back towards the shore and laughed.

“What a noob,” she said, pointing to a man clearly struggling to raise the sail on his small sailboat.

“At least he’s not compensating from something with a hundred horsepower jetski.”

“That’s true, it takes a special kind of confidence to get on the lake with a sailboat, especially one with a pink sail. He’s either gay or very confident in his masculinity.”

“I saw him trying to back down the boat ramp when we put in, I think he’s a himbo, at least as far as sailing goes. Still he looks kinda yummy, one of those guys you want to sleep with just so you can brag about it.” Lynn said.

“He is kind of cute, probably pretty full of himself… oh, oh, oh crap, he’s going over,” Rhonda replied. A sudden gust of wind had caught the sail and before inexperienced sailor could react the entire boat rolled over.

Rhonda picked up her paddle, “Let’s go help him out and hope he’s not an asshole about getting help from women.”

“Okay, but why are you doing it the hard way?”

“Shit, forgot,” Rhonda said, setting her paddle back in its holder and putting her feet on to the pedal drive. The device was an expensive addition to the kayak, but was much more efficient than paddling by hand. She pressed down with her legs and the boat cut through the waves at an impressive speed for something without a motor. In less than two minutes they had pulled alongside the capsized vessel.

“Ahoy, you want some help?” Rhonda called out.

“Hi,” Troy responded. He turned to see two women in a red Kayak. They were a mutt and Jeff duo, the one in the front of the boat was thin and lanky with blonde hair, fair skin and friendly smile. The woman in the back seat was much curvier with tan skin and black hair. She flashed an impish grin.

“Is this a new boat?” The larger woman asked.

“New to me, I got it off Craig’s list. Hobie 14 footer, and as you can probably tell I’ve never done this before. I read some stuff on the internet, seemed pretty easy. Turns out it’s not.”

“Well, if getting help from a couple girls doesn’t crush your fragile male ego we can get you righted and show you the ropes,” Rhonda said.

“If I didn’t run my ego over trying to get down the boat ramp then it went down when the boat tipped over. I’m Troy, please excuse me for not standing up to greet you.”

“I’m going to get the sail down,” Lynn said as she slipped out of her life jacket and jumped into the water, quickly disappearing below the waves. The water was clear enough that both Troy and Rhonda could see her swim under the sailboat and lower the sail.

“It’s a good thing she came today, I can’t go that deep… the twins don’t like going under,” Rhonda said, “But Lynn has no trouble going down and staying down. She’s pretty good with her hands, should be done in a few minutes.”

“Thanks again for the help,” Troy said.

He had hoped the boat would be a way to meet women, but this is not what he expected. And these women were not exactly the ones he planned on meeting. While he didn’t plan on attracting the women from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, he didn’t expect the likes of his rescuers. They were both reasonably attractive and seemed genuinely friendly, but not quite the caliber of companion he had hoped for.

“You want some lessons?” Rhonda asked, encouraged by his attitude. He wasn’t the asshole she thought he would be.

“You know how to sail?” Troy asked.

“Yea, you could say that. I used to teach it at summer camp; we used boats just like yours.”

“Then I’d be a fool to turn that offer down.”

Lynn gasped for breath when she surfaced. She had been down for just over three minutes, well short of her five minute personal best, but taking the sail down had been a lot more work than just floating motionless. She did have the presence of mind to surface right in front of their new friend.

“Hi, I’m Lynn.” She said with a smile. The guy was cute, and probably out of her league. She turned to Rhonda, “The sail is taken care of, but I don’t think I can flip it.”

“You two grab the kayak, I’ve got this,” Rhonda said as she rolled off the side and entered the water with a splash. She swam over to the sailboat and climbed on to one of the pontoons, grabbing the rope that Lynn had left for her. She wrapped the line around her arm and started to lean back.

“I’m Troy,” he said, as he floated next to Lynn and watched Rhonda right his sailboat, “and thanks for helping me. I feel like such an idiot.”

“We all started out like this, the first time I had to flip a boat it wasn’t pretty. I don’t have much junk in my trunk, so getting it up was quite a struggle.”

“Do you come here often?” Troy asked, realizing too late that what he said sounded like a pathetic pickup line.

“Yea, today we are headed over to the east bay today,” she replied. What she didn’t say was they were headed there to celebrate national nude day. Technically it wasn’t against the law to be naked on the lake, but the rumor was the lake patrol frowned on it. The patrol rarely made it to the east bay, so going there meant not getting hassled. She glanced over at Rhonda to see how everything was progressing.

At first the sailboat refused to move, but Rhonda started rocking back and forth and soon the opposite pontoon started to lift out of the water. Once it cleared the surface the process accelerated. Troy was impressed by how quickly and gracefully the large woman moved. She balanced on the moving surface until the boat’s center of gravity was past the point of no return, then dove into the water and let the boat right itself. She pulled her body out of the water and sat in the center of the boat on the mesh that stretched between the two pontoons, then waved them over.

Lynn stayed in the water long enough to watch Troy haul his body onto the sailboat, admiring his firm ass. She tied the kayak up and followed him onto the boat.

“If you want some pointers we can show you the basics,” Rhonda offered, noticing Lynn’s approving nod.

“I would really appreciate that,” he replied.

“Great, I really enjoy seaman….I mean seamanship,” Rhonda said.

Lynn tied the kayak up to be towed as Rhonda re rigged the sail and looked around to see what she had to work with. “Do you have the trapeze?”

“A what?” Troy asked.

“Okay, let’s cover the basics,” Rhonda said. She began to point at different parts of the boat, “The mast is the big pole in the center, the floaty things are called hulls or pontoons, we are sitting on the deck, but on a this boat it is called a trampoline…”

“For obvious reasons,” Lynn interjected, bouncing up and down on the tightly stretched mesh surface.

Rhonda continued her lesson, pleased that Troy seemed to be listening, ” You steer with the rudders and and that big wet thing is the sail. The trapeze looks like swing, sound familiar?”

“I think so, I have this,” Troy answered, holding up a patch of fabric with some ropes attached.

“That’s it, let’s set sail,” Rhonda said, taking it from him and attaching it to the rigging.

“Let’s cover the most important thing first,” Lynn said, “Stopping.”

Troy watched intently as the two women raised the sail. Once the boat picked up some speed they showed how to release the sail and turn the boat to slow it down. After watching a few times he took control of the sail. The first time the boat almost capsized again. Lynn practically jumped into his lap to adjust the sails and keep the boat level.

“Okay, now come back here and I will show you how I handle the stick,” Rhonda said as she ran her hand along the tiller. She had unfastened her PFD to allow her to move comfortably around the boat, although she also used it as an opportunity to show off her ample cleavage. She instructed Troy to sit close to the rudder and hold the tiller with one hand, keeping the other free to control the sails.

“I think he’s got it,” Rhonda observed.

“Why don’t you show him what this thing can do,” Lynn suggested.

“Okay, you two handle the tiller, I’m going to set up the trapeze,” Rhonda replied.

Lynn sat down on the opposite side of the tiller from Troy, “If the pontoon on your side gets more than eight inches out of the water you need to move to the edge of the boat.”

“Aye captain,” Troy replied. He liked Lynn’s no nonsense attitude.

The boat turned downwind and Rhonda adjusted the sail. Their speed increased and the upwind hull began to rise out of the water. Troy started to move, but Lynn put her hand on his leg and stopped him.

“That’s not eight inches… believe me, I know what eight inches looks like.” Lynn looked at the bulge in Troy’s swimsuit and said under her breath,” And I sure hope I find out what eight inches feels like.”

The boat’s speed increased and Rhonda started to lean out over the side, suspended by the trapeze. The hull sliced through the water, continuing to increase and the hull continued to rise.

“Okay, that’s about right,” Lynn said, lifting her hand, “get over to the side.”

Gripping the edge tightly, Troy perched on the side of the boat. Rhonda adjusted the sail again and they started to go even faster. The spray from the pontoons splashed against Troy’s face as they rocketed across the lake’s surface.

“I had no idea a sailboat could go this fast,” he shouted.

“I like it fast,” Rhonda replied glibly.

“Hang on, we’re headed for some chop,” Lynn advised, noticing they were about to hit the wake of a large motorboat.

The shock of hitting the swells almost tossed Troy overboard. He tightened his grip and grinned as he watched Rhonda’s big tits bounce each time they crashed through another wave. When the boat cleared the swells it picked up speed again.

“That’s it,” Rhonda shouted, “We’re in the pipe, five by five.”

As the opposite shore loomed into view she adjusted the sail and the boat slowed.

“Come back over here,” Lynn called, waving to Troy. He moved back to his original position next to her.

“Can you show me where you were headed?” Troy asked as he steered the boat back toward the middle of the lake…

“Sure, but when we get close you better let me drive,” Rhonda said, putting away the trapeze.

“I’m still that bad?” he asked.

“No, it’s a tricky part of the lake. The story is there was an error on the survey when they built the dam that created this lake. That part was supposed to be about ten feet lower than it is, to the water is really shallow.. The nice thing is no power boats get in, they are afraid of nicking the prop on a rock.”

“That’s bad?” Troy asked, revealing his ignorance.

“Yea, it’s big bucks to fix that.”

“Why don’t they just make it deeper?” he asked.

“By the time they realized the mistake, some endangered fish had moved in, so they can’t blast the rocks out. It actually turned out pretty well, there’s plenty of lake for the speed boats, and that part of the lake is popular with the fly fisherman and non-motorized boat.”

“The best part is there are lots of hidden coves,” Lynn added, smiling coyly.

There was no mistaking the feeling of Rhonda’s breast pressed against his back. She was an excellent instructor even if she was pushing past the limits of his personal space. Lynn was lying on the trampoline, dragging her hands in the water. Troy found himself looking at her bony ass over and over. The more time he spent with them the more attractive the two women became. Troy felt a bit guilty; if he had been sitting around with his buddies drinking beer and seen Rhonda and Lynn walk by there would have been no shortage of snide remarks directed their way. He rationalized he would be one of the lesser offenders, but he was pretty certain a couple of his drinking buddies would have been quite rude. Right now he was thinking it would have been their loss, but he had no idea how right he was.

“Ready to take the helm?” Rhonda asked.

“I have the conn,” he replied.

“Very well number two,” Rhonda countered in her best Jean Luc Picard voice.

Holding the tiller steady Troy watched her crawl across the trampoline and lie down next to Lynn. Rhonda was whispering something to her friend, but between the wind in his face and the steady beat of the waves on the twin hulls he could not make out what it was.

“He’s cute,” Rhonda said.

“Yea, he is a bit of eye candy,” she replied.

“Should we invite him to join in the celebration?”

Lynn grimaced, “You really think he would be interested?”


“I suppose we could give him some incentive,” Lynn said, stroking Rhonda’ hair.

“I don’t know, I mean, that would be kind of weird.”

“Chicken.” Lynn said.

They had been friends long enough that they knew how to push each other’s buttons. Rhonda almost never backed down from a dare, and Lynn knew it. Rhonda nodded slightly, and Lynn leaned forward until their lips met. It was a brief kiss. Lynn casually looked towards the stern and was rewarded with Troy’s wide eyed stare.

In a matter of seconds the two women went from marginally attractive to pretty hot. Troy knew he had seen lesbians before, mostly without even realizing it. There were the fake ones in porn video, the obnoxious ones at protests and the occasional hot ones, made even more attractive by the fact they were probably unobtainable. He felt his face turn red when Lynn joined him at the back of the boat.

“I didn’t realize you two were a couple,” he stuttered. “I can probably get back on my own if you two want to be alone.”

“Oh, it’s not like that. We’re not a couple, just friends that get bored sometimes.”

“And horny,” Rhonda added, “and that’s a dangerous combination.”

“You don’t make out with your friends when you get bored,” Lynn teased.

Troy’s head whipped around. He had been so entranced by what Lyn was saying that he didn’t notice Rhonda had moved from the front of the boat.

“So here’s the thing,” Lynn said in a sweet southern drawl, “We here headed to the east branch to celebrate national nude day. There are almost no other boats, even the Lake Patrol can’t get in unless they trailer a boat all the way around the lake, so there’s no one to hassle us about stripping down. You’re free to join us if you want.”

“And it’s clothing optional, we will not think you are scared if you choose to keep your swimsuit on.” Rhonda said.

“She won’t think you’re scared, but I will,” Lynn added with a good natured smile.

“But if you don’t go I will think it’s because I’m fat,” Rhonda added, and then made a pouty face.

“What the hell, let’s go.”

“Wheee,” Lynn said.

“And we promise to behave, we won’t make you blush anymore,” Rhonda said, trying hard to keep a straight face.

“I don’t mind, I mean, ya’ll do whatever makes you happy,” he said.

“So it won’t bother you if I do this? ” Lynn asked as she reached around and put her hands on Rhonda’s ample bosom.

Troy felt his face flush again, but this time he felt his cock begin to swell as well.

“Stop it; you can see he doesn’t like that,” Rhonda said, shrugging Lynn’s arms off.

“More like he’s jealous,” Lynn whispered in her friend’s ear.

Troy’s reaction was only part of the reason for making Lynn stop, the other reason was her own arousal. Rhonda could feel her nipples getting harder and almost regretted leaving her life jacket open. There was no doubt that Troy could see the bumps under the thin fabric and figure out what was going on. She wondered if he knew that it was his presence that aroused her.

“So you two aren’t lesbian?” Troy asked. “Are you, like, bi-curious?”

“Maybe once, but there’s not much left to be curious about. It’s really was mostly about being bored and horny. Probably the same reason you guys watch so much porn,” Rhonda explained.

“We make our own,” Lynn said, trying to get a rise out of either Troy or Rhonda.

“Do you remember the first time?” Rhonda asked, joining the fun.

“I think we were over at your place on a dateless Friday night and started making out,” Lynn said.

Rhonda smiled, “Yea, you didn’t get past first base if I remember right.”

Lynn sat up and beamed, “That happened in the car. We’d just finished swimming laps at the gym and that men’s water polo team showed up. They were quite yummy. You know that they try to tear each other’s suits off during the game.”

“Yes, that’s why you kept plotting to hide a webcam at the bottom of the pool.”

“That one blonde guy with the washboard abs and hairy chest, I’d rip his suit off any day,”

“You can have him, I want the one with the Australian accent. Maybe you should set up that webcam.”

“If I could just find a way to get a wireless signal past the air / water barrier,” Lynn huffed.

Troy laughed a bit; surprised that they could be such horn dogs.

“She’s serious, she did all kinds of research on how the navy subs communicate,” Rhonda said.

“Turns out I’d need a antennae like ten feet long and a way to step the transmitter down to an ultra low frequency… not much chance of hiding that.”

“Anyway, we were kind of hot and bothered after watching them for a while, so on the drive home Lynn pulls into parking garage and we made out like high school kids,” Rhonda said.

Lynn held her hands up and caressed an imaginary pair of breasts, “That’s when I found out what big titties felt like…”

“Shit!” Rhonda exclaimed, letting out the sail and pushing the tiller to the side, “we are almost to the rocks.”

“I guess we will have to finish this story later,” Lynn said scrambling to the front of the boat and straddling one of the pontoons. “Make your speed two knots.”

“Aye, ahead one quarter impulse,” Rhonda said, winking at Troy. She wondered what he would think if he knew his name added to his charisma. She had harbored a girl crush on that character in the Star Trek series, and the idea of making out with Troy got her juices flowing, even if it was with a male Troy.

“What about your boat,” he asked, looking over the stern.

“She’s fine, bumping against something hard is what she was made for,” Rhonda replied.

With one hand on the tiller, one on the sail and both eyes on Lynn, Rhonda piloted them through the shallows with as much as a scratch on either of the fiberglass hulls. Once they were back in deeper water she pulled the sail up and steered them into a large cove. The sail went slack in the windless cove and the boat slowed to a stop.

“Shall we drop anchor?” Troy asked as the boat began to drift on the waves.

“Make it so,” Rhonda replied.

“Okay, if this trekkie geek fest doesn’t stop I’m going to…” Lynn threatened.

“What, force choke us both?” Rhonda teased, and then turned to Troy. “She’s a fan of the ‘other ‘franchise. She is even a member of the 501st, but her costume makes her looks like a comfort trooper”.

“Fuck yea, Vader’s fist. Hell, it’s the only way I can have big boobs,” Lynn shot back. “Sometimes the guys’s I hook up with at the ‘cons are disappointed when they find out I’ve stuffed my armor, but I make it up to them,” she said, licking her lips

“She not kidding her armor is like a 36D cup. She could rent space underneath it,” Rhonda said with a laugh, “Actually, she looks pretty hot in it. I’ve seen how she makes it up to them. If I were I guy I won’t care about her tits either considering what she does.”

“Enough talk, time to get wet. Oh, wait, Rhonda’s already done that,” Lynn said as she dove off the bow of the boat and entered the water with only a small splash.

“Fuck that,” Rhonda said, “Cannonball!” she hurled herself into the lake, spreading her arms once she hit the water and letting the water strip off her life jacket.

Not to be outdone Troy sprung off the boat and managed a full flip before entering the water. When he surface he saw both women hanging on to the side of the boat. Their swimsuits were draped over the pontoon.

“You weren’t kidding about the nude day thing,” he observed.

“Yea, but you don’t have to join in,” Rhonda said.

“What the hell, when in Rome,” he replied, sliding his swim shorts off and tossing them on to the sailboat. They spattered against the sail and slide down into the water, disappearing from sight. Rhonda watched with an amused look on her face, “Shit, what are those made of, lead?”

“Crap, my keys are in there,” he exclaimed.

“I’m on it,” Lynn said, then took a deep breath and disappeared beneath the surface.

“It’s going to be an awkward cruise back if she can’t find your shorts. Maybe you can make something out of my top,” Rhonda offered. “I’d offer you her top, but I’d be disappointed if that tiny thing was enough material.”

Despite the fact his cock was fully erect Troy felt unexpectedly comfortable being naked with Rhonda and Lynn. He wondered his Lynn had noticed his boner when she dove down to find his swimsuit. Rhonda’s life jacked was still unbuckled, and he could see that her nipples were hard. At first he thought it was just the cold lake water, but the more he thought about it, the more he began to think she was getting aroused. He just was not sure if he was turning her on, or if it was her friend’s lithe body she was attracted to.

It was nearly two minutes later that Lynn surfaced, Troy’s shorts raised triumphantly over her head, “Only about thirty feet down, no problem. Normally I’m not a fan of yellow on guys, but it worked out this time. If you had been wearing something black it would have been impossible to find.”

“Wow, that was some pretty impressive diving. How long can you stay under” Troy asked, taking his shorts back and carefully placing them in the boat.

“Oh when she goes down she stays down for a long time,” Rhonda said.

“How long?” Troy asked.

“Personal best is five minutes, but that’s not swimming around,” Lynn replied.

“Yea, I can’t do that,” Rhonda said.

Lynn swam over to her friend and put one hand on her shoulder, “My own personal rest buoy… think you can beat me?”

“I’ll take that dare,” Troy replied.

“I get to hang on to Rhonda, if I don’t I will go straight to the bottom.”

“Okay, fair enough,” he replied.

“On three, Rhonda counts” Lynn said, narrowing her eyes.

Rhonda started the count, “One, two, three”

Troy and Lynn slipped below the surface. He achieved neutral buoyancy about three feet below the surface. He could see Rhonda’s blurry form in front of him through the clear water. Lynn had her arm wrapped around Rhonda’s thigh. Her hand appeared to be pressed up against Rhonda’s pussy. There was no doubt in his mind that Lynn could see his erection.

On the surface Rhonda shook her head. Lynn loved to prove she was the best at things, and this was not different. The contest would be close. Lynn was already a bit worn out from her dive, and Troy looked like he was in pretty good shape. She felt Lynn squeezing her leg, and then felt her friend’s hand resting just above her pussy. It was clear who was supposed to be the beneficiary. Rhonda certainly enjoyed what she was doing, but the water was clear enough for Troy to see it as well. Maybe Lynn was just trying to get his heart rate up. Whatever her motive, Rhonda decided she would enjoy it.

Buoancy wasn’t the only reason Lynn clung to Rhonda’s leg. The other reason was warmth. The water quickly sapped the heat out of her thin body, except for the part against Rhonda. She looked over at Troy and grinned. The image was blurry, but it appeared he had the eight inches she had hoped for. Now a part of her body that wasn’t touching Rhonda began to warm up.

The lake was filled with dull noise, but Troy strained to hear something from the surface. He wondered if what he was seeing was an illusion, a distortion from the water that separated him from Lynn and Rhonda. Or was he watching two women getting ready to have sex. Their stories had given him an erection; he wondered what seeing them would do to him. The sound of his heart pounded in his ears and he felt a spasm in his diaphram as his body began to run out of air. He could see Lynn hanging nearly motionless on Rhonda’s leg. The two of them looked like a watercolor painting, slightly out of focus. He kicked up to surface, realizing that losing to a woman was a bit humiliating, but drowning would be worse.

Lynn’s face broke the surface of the water a few seconds after he surfaced. When she released Rhonda the larger woman’s breasts were exposed briefly. Troy grinned, in an area off limits to power boats all he could think about was motorboating Rhonda.

“Harder than you thought it was, eh?” Lynn teased, barely out of breath.

“Yea, but the real reason I came up was to hear the rest of your story,” he replied with a mischievous grin.

“Okay, where did we leave off?” Rhonda asked. Teasing him was fun, and it felt good to share their secret.

“Second base in the car,” Troy said eagerly.

“Oh yea, that was fun.” Lynn said.

“Ever go all the way?” Troy asked.

“Slow down there,” Rhonda cautioned.

“Yea, show a little respect, we aren’t some porn video you can fast forward to the money shot,” Lynn added.

With a few smooth strokes Lynn swam back to the boat and hoisted her body on to the taut material that passed for a deck. She stretched out, letting the sun warm her skin. Unlike the other two she had very little to keep the water from sapping the warmth from her body. Even though she was naked she did not feel exposed. Rhonda, and more importantly Troy, were still in the lake and could only see the portion of her body she dangled over the edge of the boat. Taking advantage of the fact that everything above her knees was hidden from sight she put her hand between her legs. While the rest of her body was chilled, the spot between her legs was quite warm. There was a special thrill in stroking he pussy with Troy so close. It was clear from the way he had looked at her that he would enjoy the show she was putting on. The thought of making a little noise crossed her mind, but she decided to keep it to herself.

“This feels great, the sun… the sun feels great,” she said as she rolled on to her belly and pulled herself to the edge of the deck. The water was clear enough that she could see Troy’s erect cock. It was difficult to see any details, but there was no doubt in her mind he had a hard on. He swam over to the boat and grabbed the pontoon, clearly tired of treading water. Rhonda seemed content to remain where she was, her breasts bobbing in and out of the water.

“So, what happened after the car?” Troy asked.

“We took a bit of a break,” Rhonda said.

“Why?” he asked.

“Boyfriends,” Lynn explained, “Rhonda’s pretty sexy, but no substitute for a good deep dicking… that’s the cure for being a lesbian, isn’t it?” she teased.

“So you do go out with men,” he said.

“Sometimes, and sometimes we just fuck them,” Lynn said, delighting the look of surprise on his face.

“What, you think only guys want hook up? Wrong.” Rhonda stated. She kicked her legs a few times and glided over the sailboat, then climbed on to it, making sure to give Troy a good look at her pussy. She lay down next to Lynn, but propped herself up on her elbows so he could see her tits.

“But the boyfriends turned out to be assholes, and before long we were bored and horny again. We went on a bit of a secret make out binge,” Lynn said.

“How’s that?”

“We would go to public places that offered a bit of privacy; movie theaters, walks in the park after dark, out here in the kayak,and have some serious groping. ”

The lake water was taking a toll on Troy’s body temperature. He hoped it would make his erection go away, he wasn’t ready for Lynn and Rhonda to know how much they were turning him on.

“It was a drive in movie that Lynn got to third base,” Rhonda said.

“And when we got home we went all the way,” Lynn added.

“She went all the way, “Rhonda said.

“What can say, I’m a bit of a tomboy,” Lynn explained.

Rhonda rocked her shoulders a bit, causing her breasts to sway, “and I’m obviously the more feminine, plus Lynn’s clit is so big it looks like a small dick.”

“It’s not that big,” Lynn shot back, “but it isn’t hard to find either.”

The only way Troy was going to avoid hypothermia was to get out of the water, and that meant either letting them see his erection or changing the subject so he would not be so turned on. Neither choice sounded very appealing, but he was about to start shivering.

“S…s…so what happened?” he asked, trying to stop his teeth from chattering.

“Lynn went down on me until I came,” Rhonda sighed.

The mental image of Lynn’s head buried between Rhonda meaty thighs filled Troy’s head. He pictured Rhonda playing with her large breasts as Lynn pushed her over the edge of ecstasy. It didn’t require much imagination with Rhonda jiggling her tits right in front of his face. Not to be outdone Lynn was running her tongue over her lips in a way that drove him crazy. His fantasy was interrupted by Lynn’s voice.

“If you’re staying in the water to hide your boner it’s not working, the water is pretty clear,” Rhonda said.

“If you aren’t coming out, I’m coming in,” Lynn said as she slipped over the side.

“Me too,” Rhonda added, rolling off the edge of the boat. She swam around behind Troy and put her arms around him. She put her hand on his cock and stroked it a few times.

“Is he okay?” Lynn asked.

“I’m afraid he has a bad case of blue balls,” Rhonda said, “I’m not sure we can move him without his balls exploding, I think we are going to have to treat him right here.”

“Stand back, I’m a trained professional,” Lynn said dramatically.

Pulling him against her breasts Rhonda whispered in his ear, “Hold still, I can keep up both up. Lynn’s going to take care of you.”

The scene unfolding in front of him bordered on ridiculous, and if he didn’t know better Troy would think he was starring in a cheesy porn film. He watched Lynn disappear beneath the surface of the lake. Then he felt her lips on his cock. In contrast to the cold lake water her mouth felt like fire.

“I’ve never seen her do this before,” Rhonda said, “I mean the underwater part. I’ve seen her suck cock a few times. FYI, she swallows”

With Rhonda holding him Troy was able to stop treading water; she was buoyant enough to keep them both afloat. Lynn’s hands were on his hips and her head was bobbing up and down as she took more and more of his cock into mouth.

“The first time was an accident. We were sharing an apartment and she didn’t know I was there. I was in the closet picking out an outfit when she and her boyfriend started messing around in the kitchen. I snuck out and watched them. They must have been in a hurry to get somewhere because after he came in her mouth they got dressed and left. She must be pretty good because it didn’t take her long to make him shoot his load down her throat.”

The combination of Rhonda’s breasts against his back and Lynn’s mouth engulfing his cock was getting him closer and closer to coming. The warmth of Lynn’s mouth disappeared and she burst to the surface to take a breath.

Troy tried to speak but was quickly interrupted by Lynn, “I want you to come in my mouth.” Before he could reply she vanished beneath the surface and once again he felt her lips around his cock. This time her hands were resting on his ass as she inhaled his throbbing erection.

“You heard the girl, she wants it,” Rhonda purred in his ear.

The decision to give him an underwater blowjob had been spontaneous, and Lynn hadn’t considered the practicality of the idea. As the minutes ticked by the lack of oxygen to her brain made her feel a bit punch drunk, but she knew he was close. There was no mistaking the distinctive taste of cum leaking out of his dick. Wrapping her legs around his she ground her sex against his shin, hoping that would be enough to push him over the edge. When his orgasm finally erupted into her mouth she wrapped her hand around his cock and milked him for every last drop.

The sensation of her tongue pressed against the bottom of his cock was too much, “Oh, oh, oh, I’m going to come,” Troy moaned as jet of thick cum spray into Lynn’s eager mouth. When she started stroking his cock his entire body shuddered.

When Lynn burst through the surface of the water she wedged herself between Troy and Rhonda. He turned around just in time to see Lynn press her mouth against Rhonda’s, a thin stream of cum leaked out from between their lips. Finally Lynn broke off the kiss.

“I told you he was sweet. Well, as sweet as cum can be. ” she said, licking her lips.

“Agreed,” Rhonda replied, mimicking her friend’s action.

“And big too, well, maybe not now,” Lynn said with a devilish grin.

With a pouty expression Rhonda said, “That’s not fair, I want to know what his big, hard cock feels like too.”

“I think we can find a way to persuade him to give you what you want,” Lynn replied, looking back at Troy.

The first back on the boat was Lynn, followed by Rhonda. Troy watched both of them climb on to the boat. Even though he had just come he found the sight of the two naked women very arousing, more so than when they had first met. They were smart, funny and sexy… much more than he would have guessed by their appearance.

When Troy finally hauled himself out of the water both women stared at his cock, curious to see what it looked like when the water wasn’t distorting their view. Despite Lynn’s blowjob robbing it of its stiffness, it still looked long and thick. Rhonda imagined what it felt like to ride up and down on it. Lynn’s fantasy was a bit different, she imagined being on her hands and knees as he rammed his cock deep into her pussy over and over until they both came.

“So now what?” Rhonda asked.

“This,” Troy replied, pushing her on to her back and lying beside her. He kissed her on the lips, and then thrust his tongue into her mouth. She had a bit of a salty taste, but he forgot all about that when Lynn pushed him out of the way and gave Rhonda a deep, passionate kiss.

“I think we should share her,” Lynn said, then kissed him on the mouth.

Rhonda lay still as Troy and Lynn kissed her. They started with her mouth, then her cheeks. Lynn was the first to kiss her on the neck, but Troy pulled ahead as their mouths approached her breasts.

When he tried to cup her breast in his hand it overflowed. He looked over at Lynn, “One for me and one for you.” When he finally managed to find a way to hold her bosom still he pressed his mouth against her smooth skin, watching out of the corner of his eye as Lynn did the same. His cock sprang to life has he watched Lynn kiss and lick Rhonda’s breast.

This wasn’t the first time she had played with Rhonda’s tits, and Lynn had learned from experience that it took both hands to keep things under control. Her eyes darted between watching Troy kiss and suck on Rhonda and the expression on her best friend’s face. Rhonda was clearly enjoying the experience. Lynn noticed that he had started to move lower on Rhonda’s body, and she followed him down.

It wasn’t long before Troy found himself staring at Rhonda’s pussy. Her pubic hair was trimmed back so that he could see the smooth curve of her outer labia, but there was no sign of her inner lips. He glanced over to see what Lynn was doing and found that she was staring at him.

“Would it be okay if I play with myself while I watch you lick her pussy?” she asked. Her hand had already found her own sex.

“Yea, yea,” he replied, crawling into the space between Rhonda’s legs.

“And after you make her come I want you to fuck me hard,” Lynn said as she started to stroke her pussy.

Even if the boat sank on the way back to shore it would still have been a worthwhile purchase Troy thought as he lowered his head. He could see that Rhonda’s hands were on her breasts, and he kept that image in his mind and he began to lick and kiss her sex. Using his fingers he parted her outer labia to reveal the soft pink flesh they hid.

Lynn had left out one bit of the story about going down on her friend. They had both been quite drunk, and neither had much of a memory of the event. When she woke up she found herself nestled between Rhonda’s legs and staring at her friend’s pussy, but with almost no recollection of how she got there. The idea of making Rhonda come was intriguing, and she watched Troy carefully in case the situation ever presented itself again. Seeing his tongue lapping against Rhonda’s sex was making her wet. She slipped two fingers between her labia, then three. She was quite aware of how big Troy’s dick was when it was hard, and she wanted to be ready to accommodate him when his erection returned.

Both Lynn and Rhonda were moaning loudly and it was music to his ears. He penetrated Rhonda with a single finger, her pussy was surprisingly tight. He wondered how often she got laid, but that though was pushed aside when she started to grind her pussy against his face. It was clear she wanted to get fucked now. He could feel his cock begin to stiffen.

“Oh, yes, oh, oh, oh yes. Don’t stop, yes, right there, right fucking there,” Rhonda moaned, her voice growing louder and louder.

Lynn felt her own orgasm approaching and withdrew her fingers. She didn’t want to come until he was inside her. The sight of Rhonda playing with her tits while Troy had his head buried between her legs was an arousing sight. She inched forward so she could see exactly what Troy was doing with his mouth.

“Yes, yes, yes, I ‘m going to come” Rhonda announced loudly. She lifted her hips and shoved her pussy into Troy’s face, then just as abruptly collapsed onto what passed for a deck on the sailboat.

Grabbing his arm Lynn pulled Troy in her direction, “Okay, my turn.”

It took a few seconds for Troy to realize what happening. Lynn was in front of him, head down and bony ass up, wiggling from side to side. He waddled over to her on his knees, then put one hand on his cock and guided it towards her sex.

“She likes it hard. She might look delicate, but you won’t break her,” Rhonda whispered in his ear.

He had been so focused on Lynn that he had not noticed Rhonda approach him. He felt her big tits press against his back and her hand slide under his until her fingers were wrapped around his cock.

“Allow me,” Rhonda said as she tugged his erection towards Lynn’s waiting pussy.

Placing her other hand between her legs Rhonda stroked Troy’s cock and her pussy at the same pace, trying to imagine what it would be like to have his throbbing erection penetrate her sex. It was only fair that he fuck Lynn first; it was Lynn that sucked his dick until he came, and Lynn was the only one on the boat that had not come yet. Peering around his arm she steered his cock forward until she saw the tip vanish between Lynn’s labia.

“Fuck her hard, but save something for me,” Rhonda whisper as she released his cock and placed her hand on his chest.

“Oh, yes,” Lynn moaned as she felt his cock sliding into her. Slowly every inch of his cock filled her and he pushed his hips forward and pulled back on hers. It felt almost as good when he withdrew his erection. The next thrust was hard, and the third even faster. Soon he was ramming his cock into her until his hips slapped against her ass. The fuse of her orgasm had been lit when she toyed with her pussy and watched him devour Rhonda’s sex, and she knew it would not be long before her climax exploded.

“Yes, y…yes, hard… harder…” Lynn moaned, her voice warbling each time he slammed into her.

Moving his hands along her body Troy extended his fingers until he felt the gentle swell of Lynn’s breasts and the hard buds of her nipples. He pulled her back, lifting her hands off the surface of the deck and slipped one hand between her legs. There he found that Lynn had not been kidding when she said her clit was easy to find. His fingers pressed against the slippery nub.

“Shit, shit shit! I’m going to come! Fuck!” Lynn screamed.

“She wants you to come inside her,” Rhonda said. If she was perfectly honest she would prefer he not climax yet, she wanted to feel his throbbing erection between her legs, and there was no guarantee that he could recover from his second orgasm as quickly as he had from his first. If she was smart she would have begged him to save his cum for her, but seeing Lynn writhing on his cock was intoxicating. Rhonda wanted to see a stream of pearly white liquid draining out of Lynn’s battered pussy when he was done with her. Urging him to shoot his load into Lynn’s sex was a gamble, but she was feeling lucky. Rhonda dug her fingers into his chest and pressed her tits into his back, “Fucking come inside that little bitch!”

As if Lynn’s very vocal climax wasn’t enough, Rhonda’s contribution made his orgasm inevitable. The pressure finally overpowered his efforts to hold back and a geyser of thick, hot cum poured into the skinny little blonde impaled on his cock. When he finally stopped thrusting he could feel Lynn’s cunt milking every last drop out of him. She collapsed forward and rolled on to her back.

Rhonda’s eyes locked on the pink flesh between Lynn’s legs and a grin spread across her face at the sight of the creamy fluid leaking out. She put her hand back on his fading erection, “Is there any left for me?”

“I…” he started to say, but was interrupted by Lynn.

“Oh yea, we will find a way to make it hard again, you’re not going anywhere until l watch you fuck Rhonda’s brains out.”

“Why don’t you lie down and let us take care of you?” Rhonda asked.

“Yea, a little rest, that’s all I need,” he panted. This was certainly a case of be careful what you wish for, Troy thought as he reclined. A threesome was one of his fantasies, and he imagined alternating fucking two different women over and over, but now he just felt drained and he had only come twice.

“Maybe this will help,” Rhonda said, putting her hand back on his cock and stroking it.

Lynn sat up. Part of her wanted to put her head on Troy’s chest and just feel the gentle rocking of the boat, but a more persuasive part of her wanted to see Rhonda riding his cock until she came.

“Would it help if I did this?” Lynn asked as she kissed Rhonda on the mouth.

“Yea , that helps a lot,” he replied.

There was no logical reason why he liked watching women kiss each other, but he did. The sight of Lynn’s lip against Rhonda’s cheeks, ears and neck made him feel like he could get hard again. When Lynn’s mouth moved down to Rhonda’ breasts he felt his cock jerk back to life. He was tempted to offer a suggestion, like asking them to 69 each other, but decided to remain quiet and see what they did.

“I think he is feeling left out,” Rhonda said, pushing Lynn away and then leaning over to kiss Troy.

“I think you are right,” Lynn added, following her companion’s example.

This must be nirvana, Troy thought as he floated in a post orgasmic haze and the two women started a trail of kisses down his body. He was only vaguely aware that they had each grabbed one of his wrists and it took him almost a minute to realize his hands were pressed between their legs. His left hand felt the large intriguing nub of Lynn’s clitoris while his right was squeezed between Rhonda’s thick thighs. Their lips were on his chest now. He thought about Rhonda’s big breasts and Lynn’s perky tits, but didn’t raise his head to look at them. Instead he focused on the tactile sensations. Their warm wet pussy around his fingers and their soft lips against his skin pushed him towards sensory overload. When they reached his abdomen he could no longer reach their pussies, but they thoughtfully guided his hands on to their breasts. He felt another spark of life in his cock as their lips moved closer and he pinched both Lynn’s and Rhonda’s nipples between his fingers.

Of all things Rhonda felt nervous as her mouth moved closer and closer to Troy’s dick. It had been inside Lynn, and despite all her talk she had never been as enthralled about lesbian sex. She knew if the roles were reversed, if Troy had fucked her first that Lynn would have no reservations at all about wrapping her lips around his cock. However, desperate times called for desperate measures and Rhonda desperately wanted to feel Troy’s throbbing erection between her legs.

Images of Troy and Rhonda raced through Lynn’s head. She had heard Rhonda have sex, but it had always been through a wall or on the other side of dark room. The prospect of actually seeing it excited her, she wondered if she would be able to get off one more time if she fingered herself while she watched Rhonda fucking Troy. Lynn reached out and put her hand on his cock, it felt thick and hard. It certainly looked like she was going to get her wish;Rhonda was get fucked as she was going to watch. Lynn lifted his erection up and looked at her friend. Rhonda stared back at her, looking apprehensive. Lynn lowered her head and took him into her mouth. Troy was just as hard as he had been the first time she sucked his cock, but this time she didn’t have to worry about running out of air.

As she watched Lynn’s lips glide up and down Troy’s rigid shaft Rhonda felt a bit jealous. Unlike Lynn, who had felt his cock with her hand, mouth and pussy, she had only stroked him a few times, and that was when she was guiding his erection into Lynn’s pussy. Rhonda put her hand on his dick and pulled it away from Lynn, then lowered her head until it was her lips that were wrapped around Troy’s rigid shaft.

Lynn willingly surrendered Troy’s manhood to Rhonda, content to watch her friend’s head bob up and down. She felt Troy’s hand slip off her breast and slide down her body. He squeezed her ass, and then his fingers penetrated her sex. She moaned as his fingers probed for her G spot, and felt a bit envious of Rhonda who was no doubt feeling Troy from both ends of her body.

Troy had watched quietly at first Lynn then Rhonda swallowed his cock. Now he was infatuated by the feeling of having his hands inside two different women at the same time. Rhonda was noticeably tighter than Lynn, something he planned to rectify soon enough. Both were dripping wet, but it was difficult to get two fingers into Rhonda, whereas three slid easily into Lynn’s well fucked slit.

It was time, Rhonda decided. She had toyed with him enough, now she wanted him between her legs. She straddled his hips and wrapped her hand around his cock, pointing it straight up. Lynn had moved, she was still on her hands and knees, but she was kissing Troy on the mouth. Rhonda lowered her body just enough to feel the tip of his cock. She went down another inch and felt it stretch her labia apart.

“You have a choice,” Lynn whispered between kisses, “I will sit back and play with myself while I watch you and Rhonda fuck.” She pressed her lips against his and thrust her tongue into his mouth, then pulled back, “or you can lick my pussy while I play with her tits and put my tongue down her throat.”

“That, pussy, I want that,” he stammered, overwhelmed by the combination of Rhonda’s hot pussy on his cock and Lynn’s dirty talk in his ear.

Lynn swung her leg over and straddled Troy’s face, then lowered her body until she felt his tongue brush against her sex. Staring into Rhonda’s eyes she smiled and said, “Let’s see if he can make both of us come.”

The two women leaned forward and shared a soft kiss, and then both straightened up. Rhonda let out a sigh as she sank down onto Troy’s erection. He felt warm, alive and big. Her last boyfriend had been average at best, but Troy was certainly above average. Rhonda wondered how Lynn’s small body accomdated his big dick. She felt his hips move has he begun to thrust up, driving his cock even deeper into her pussy.

Troy had overheard Lynn’s comment to Rhonda, and more than anything he wanted to satisfy her request. He wanted to make both women climax. Reaching up he put his right hand on Lynn’s breast and his left on Rhonda’s. At first he tried to divide his attention between licking and sucking on Lynn and thrusting his cock into Rhonda, but it soon became apparent that Rhonda didn’t need any help from him. She was riding up and down on his cock and a steady pace, so he focused on Lynn’s sex.

Lynn could see that Rhonda liked Troy’s cock just as much as she did. Her eyes were closed as she moved up and down on his thick erection. Rhonda’s mouth was slightly open, providing a tempting target, but Lynn decided to let her friend focus on the feeling of Troy penetrating her again and again. She had seen him make Rhonda come with his mouth, and now she was finding out exactly how good his oral skills were. He started with just the tip of his tongue on the very edge of her labia, starting just below her clit and going all the way down and then up the other side. At first she thought he was either intimidated or turned off by her big clit, but he soon put her concerns to rest. His tongue swirled around it and he planted soft kisses all over it. She inched down just a bit, hoping he would do more. It wasn’t long before he granted her wish, wrapping his lips around the swollen nub and sucking on it, causing her to moan loudly. He worked her magic button over with his tongue again, this time pressing down with the middle of his tongue until she pushed him away, but the moment she took her hand off his forehead he was back at it. This time he brushed his lips against her, then plunged his tongue between her nether lips, eliciting another moan.

Rhonda knew exactly why Lynn was moaning, and the thought of her friend coming on Troy’s face made her that much hornier. As good as he was with his mouth, he was even better with his cock. Or perhaps she was better with his cock. He was lying almost motionless beneath her, but she was hardly complaining. She liked having control, having the choice of bouncing up and down so she could feel the tip of his cock penetrate her sex over and over, or grinding her clit against him with his erection buried deep inside her pussy. Her fingertips rested in the grooves of his well defined abs and his fingers pinched and tugged on her swollen nipples. Lynn’s voice echoed in her head ‘let’s see if he can make both of us come’.

The idea that he could have a third orgasm had not even crossed his mind when they started, but now Troy felt the pressure between his legs that was the unmistakable harbinger of an impending climax. The pressure was building at a glacial pace, but he wasn’t going to look this gift horse in the mouth. He continued to focus on Lynn and Rhonda, counting on karma to watch over his nascent orgasm. Rhonda was fucking him with wild abandon. She had started out slow, but now she was bouncing up and down, her body slapping loudly against his. He could not see her breasts, but his hand told him they were bouncing around as well. In sharp contrast Lynn’s tits were nearly motionless. This was in part because they were smaller and firmer than Rhonda’s double D’s. Even if Lynn had larger tits they would not be bouncing because Lynn wasn’t moving as much. Other than a slight shift with her hips to indicate where she wanted his lips or tongue she was quite still. Her hands were clasped over his, holding his palm tight against her breast. He could feel the sexual energy bubbling out of both Lynn and Rhonda and dripping down on to him, feeding his growing climax.

Lifting one hand up, Lynn reached out and gently lay her fingers on Rhonda’s breast. Much to her surprise Rhonda reciprocated the action. It surprised her because while Rhonda had been a willing recipient of her touch, it was rare that Lynn found herself the object of Rhonda’s physical attention. Lifting her other hand she placed it next to Troy’s on Rhonda’s breast.

The muscles in her belly were practically vibrating; she knew her climax was close. Rhonda stopped riding up and down and pressed her sex against Troy’s body. She opened her eyes and saw Lynn, looking slightly drunk from the endorphins flooding her body. Lynn’s fingers pressed into the top of Rhonda’s breast. It felt like an electric current that originated in Lynn’s fingertips and went right to the vortex of her climax. Rhonda looked down at her friend’s small, perky breasts. One of them was completely covered by Troy’s strong hand, but the other was exposed. Slowly she reached out and stroked the top of Lynn’s tit. It was firm, much more so than her own breasts. Heat radiated off Lynn’s skin as her fingers skimmed over the surface, finally coming to a halt when she touched her swollen nipples. Rhonda pinched the amber buds, something she had never done before. The grin on Lynn’s face grew wider. Rhonda leaned forward and spoke, “Kiss me Lynn, kiss me and make me come.”

Those words reminded Troy of Lynn’s offer, and he could feel Lynn’s hand beside his and imagined Lynn tugging on Rhonda’s erect nipples while she slipped her tongue into Rhonda’s mouth. The climax that had been slowly building finally boiled over. He didn’t try to hold back or stop it. He didn’t try to shove his cock deeper into Rhonda. He just laid still and let the euphoria cover him like a fog.

It was an offer she had dreamed about. They had kissed before, but this was the closest Rhonda had ever come to initiating it. The idea that her kiss could make Rhonda climax made her feel warm all over. Their mouths touched, and then much to her surprise she felt Rhonda’s tongue slip past her lips. Lynn quickly did the same. The passionate kiss pushed them both over the edge and they moaned quietly as they came.

Even though neither of them said it, Troy knew both the women were having an orgasm. Rhonda clamped down on his erection and Lynn’s pussy gushed onto his face. His arms fell to his sides as he took in the experience.

As her orgasm finally ended Lynn fell onto her back, her legs splayed out on either side of Troy. Rhonda did the same, lying between Troy’s legs, her own legs intertwined with Lynn’s. Only the sounds of the waves against the hulls and their breathing were audible.

After a few moments Rhonda sat up, “I hate to be the one to say this, but we need to get going. The boats doe\n’t have lights and its going to be dark soon. It would suck to get hit by some asshole in a ski boat.”

“Yeah, that would suck,” Troy agreed.

“Small problem, there’s no wind in the cove. We are going to have to use the Kayak to tow the sailboat until we find some wind,” Rhonda lamented, feeling completely exhausted.

“I’m on it,” Troy said, diving into the water and swimming to the kayak. He grabbed a paddle and soon they were underway.

“You know,” Lynn said as she watched the sinewy muscles in his arms and back flex with each stroke,” I’m not even close to being horny, but he still looks good.”

“So it’s not just me,” Rhonda said, nodding in agreement. “You were right, he is quite yummy. Should we tell him about the pedal drive or let him keep doing it the hard way?”

“Hard way, definitely the hard way,” Lynn replied as she imagined his strong arms wrapped around her body.

A few minutes later, Rhonda felt the breeze and unfurled the main sail. Lynn called out to Troy and soon they were sailing towards the rocky passage that led to the lake. Once again Rhonda skillfully guided the boat through it.

“Before we start up again we should probably get dressed,” Lynn said, well aware of the lake patrol’s attitude towards public nudity.

“You know what, I say fuck the man, I’m leaving my top off,” Troy declared.

“Me too,” Lynn replied.

“Once you have three people it’s a movement,” Rhonda said, tossing her top near the mast. All three of them still put on life jackets, but in the spirit of protest they left them unbuckled. Troy found himself stealing glances at their breasts every time the wind blew them open, which was often. Soon they were back at the boat ramp, and Rhonda was waving to Troy as he backed his trailer down the ramp.

“Think he would do this again?” Lynn asked.

“I had no idea you were such a sex fiend,” Rhonda replied.

“Surprise!” Lynn said with smile on her face.

“Don’t know, let’s ask.”

The two women followed the trailer up the ramp and approached the car when it stopped. Troy stepped out, still smiling. Rhonda ran her hand along one of the pontoons.

“You know, if you put some lights on this we could take it on a moonlight cruise,” Rhonda said.

“And if you think this was wild, you should see what happens if you feed us after midnight…” Lynn added.

“Can I get your number?” he asked.

“Sure,” Rhonda said “I’ve got a pen in the car.”

Troy followed her over to the parking lot. There was only one vehicle with a kayak rack on it, but it didn’t look like a girl’s car. It was a Subaru WRX, and even from a distance he could see it had a few go fast parts on it. Rhonda opened the door and started digging around for a pen.

“You drive this?” he asked.

“Yeah, I do. What did you expect, some little pink convertible?” she replied, “Now come over here so I can write this down for you.”

Once he was standing next to her she pushed his swim trunks down and grabbed his cock.

Pulling it tight she proceeded to write her phone number along the length of his dick.

“I’m sure you will enjoy cleaning that off,” she said as she snapped the cap back on the permanent marker.

He quickly pulled his shorts back up, and then helped the women load the kayak onto the rack. They each gave him a kiss on the check, then got in their car and drove off. As he watched the tail lights disappear he had already started thinking about what it would take to put lights on his new boat.

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