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This is a work of fiction and all characters – both of them 🙂 – are of legal age. Originally I hadn’t intended for this story to be about a brother and sister, but story-wise it was just better that way than when it had been two close friends.

I would like to thank Bert_Fegg for his editing and helpful suggestions to make this story even better than it was before.


“Are you okay?”

Brad looked up at his sister briefly. “Yeah.” He let out a brief sigh. “No. I don’t know.” He felt Brianna plop down next to him on the couch, her arm immediately coming to rest behind his neck, her hand on the other shoulder, pulling him just a bit closer to her.

“What’s going on,” she asked.

Brad simply shrugged, not feeling very comfortable about talking about the hell that was his life, especially to his sister. “Just… stuff.” At her slightly raised eyebrows he added, “At school.”

“What stuff?” she asked, not letting him evade the subject. When he remained silent, she tightened her arm around him briefly. “Hey, I’m your big sister. You can talk to me about anything, you know that.”

She was right, of course. Despite the eight year age difference, Brianna and he had always been close, could always talk about anything. That had only changed when she’d gone off to college, the distance only growing when his parents decided to move from the east coast to the west coast. He’d only seen her during the holidays, and while that had always been great, it just wasn’t the same.

After college she had moved in with her then boyfriend, deciding to stay back east. Then suddenly two months ago, his sister had announced she was coming to the west coast. Without her boyfriend. Brad still wasn’t sure why they had broken up, but he was going to figure it out soon. The point was, her moving here and, at least temporarily, living in the same house again, had seen their closeness return almost immediately.

“I bet you’re looking forward to prom night,” Brianna said, probably in an attempt to get his mind off of his problems, but unknowingly hitting on what was bothering him the most right now.

Brad sighed. “Not really.” He didn’t even have to look at her to know she was now frowning. “Jen… She broke up with me.” Though he wondered if you could even call it breaking up when one party had never considered it to be a relationship in the first place.

“Oh, Brad,” Brianna said, once again pulling him close. “Well, it’s her loss for letting go of the best guy she could ever hope to be with.”

He turned his head and glared at her, immediately feeling bad for it, since she wasn’t aware of the circumstances. “I was just a bet,” he ground out, the revelation still raw. “Her friends bet her she couldn’t stand to date me for three months.” He shook his head and stared ahead of him. “I should’ve known. Why would a hot girl, any girl really, want to be with a dorky nerd like me? She just laughed in my face, Bri. I asked her why she couldn’t at least have waited until after prom, and she just laughed. I mean, God, my first girlfriend wasn’t even my girlfriend. How pathetic is that? I’m the biggest loser on the planet!” He turned to look at Brianna and noticed anger, something he had expected. He was taken aback by the intensity of her rage.

“I wanna go over and rip that bitch a new one,” she said, anger evident in her voice. She remained on the couch, her arm still around him. “But, Brad, sweetie,” she said gently. “You’re not a loser. What she did is fucked up, but you can’t blame yourself for that. And you’re not a dorky nerd, either.”

“I’m sure everyone at school knows about this by now,” Brad said. “Do you really think they’re not thinking I’m a loser? I’m sure she’s told her friends and God knows who else everything I told her…” He suddenly blanched. “Oh, God, I told her I’m still a virgin!”

“Sweetie, that’s nothing bad,” Brianna told him gently. “It’s pretty cool to save yourself for someone special.”

Brad glared at her again. “Nothing bad? I’m eighteen and still a virgin! And I wasn’t saving myself! I just can’t get a girl to be with. And even Jen managed to hold off on the sex for those three months, though I now understand why. God, I can never show my face again around school! And I sure as hell am not going to the prom.”

Brianna looked at him, remaining silent for a while as if she was trying to figure out how she could fix his problem. Then an odd grin appeared on her face. “Maybe you should go to your prom. Show off with a really hot girl, one who’s willing to show copious amounts of PDA.”

Brad snorted. “Yeah, like I can find a girl like that. And within a week, no less.”

“I’m available,” Brianna said.


Brianna kept her gaze firmly on her baby brother, trying to show him she was very serious with her offer.

“Yeah, ha ha, good one,” Brad said, clearly not believing her.

“No, I’m serious. You could take me to the prom.”

He looked at her for a little while. “Are you crazy? You’re my sister!”

Brianna nodded, her gaze never leaving his. “Yeah, but the only friends I made around here are in a serious relationship, or I would’ve asked one of them. And nobody you know has ever seen me, not even… that bitch,” Brianna finished her sentence, her anger toward the girl rising, but she pushed it down. “So, really, nobody would know me, or that I’m really your sister.” She smiled as he gazed at her, as if trying to determine if she really meant it.

“Wouldn’t that be a little weird,” he asked. “For me to show up with someone new, barely a week after I was dumped?”

Brianna shrugged. “Not necessarily.” She counted it a small victory he wasn’t thinking that taking her to the prom was the weird part. To her, it wasn’t. He was her baby brother and she’d do anything to help him.

“But, do you even have a dress?”

Brianna smiled and nodded. “Yep, still have my prom dress. It probably still fits.” She frowned slightly. She hadn’t gained anything around the waist, but her bra size had definitely gone up. She tried to remember if the dress had been snug on top during her prom, but she couldn’t quite remember. “Wait, I’ll go try it on. You just stay here, okay?” At his nod, she stood up and walked toward her bedroom. It didn’t take her long to find the dress, but looking at it critically and looking down, she was doubting if her boobs would fit in there.

She shrugged to herself, and began to undress. She admired herself in the mirror, clad in only her thong, before she picked up the dress and looked at it once more. It looked like it hadn’t been too snug back then, but she wasn’t quite sure if her boobs, after the growth spurt she had around the time she turned twenty, were going to fit. It was definitely going to be tight, but all the guys at the prom would be insanely jealous of him if she managed it.

Brianna remembered that she couldn’t put on the dress by herself properly, that she needed someone to close it at the back. When she had been getting ready for her own prom, her mom and one of her girlfriends had helped her, but neither were here.

She shrugged to herself once more, put the dress against her front and walked back toward the living room, deciding her brother could help her with that. “You’ll have to close it up for me, Brad,” she said, making her way toward the couch, turning around so he could help her. “The bottom part is just a zipper.”

It took almost a minute before Brad started to fumble with the zipper, and Brianna suddenly knew why: she was wearing just a thong and the dress, the latter currently only covering her front. Well, it couldn’t be helped. Besides, he was her brother; this shouldn’t be such a big deal.

It took him a few tries, his fingers once slipping off of the zipper to lightly smack against her ass, but he managed to zip up the bottom part without difficulty. She turned slightly toward him, smiling. “See, still fits. Well, the bottom part at least. These,” she lightly shook her boobs as she clutched the dress against them, “are a bit bigger than they were when I went to my prom.”

She faced away from him again trying to hide the light frown when she realized what she had just done. Why the hell had she emphasized her bigger boobs by bouncing them? “There are four straps, two on each side, that need to go straight across my back toward the other side, where you can hook them. Just like a bra.”


Brad’s mouth was open slightly, his sister acting like it was the most normal thing for a brother to help his semi nude sister into a very sexy dress. At first when she had stood before him, he hadn’t known what to do or how to react. Her entire back was bare to him, except for the thong she’d been wearing. Deciding that getting his sister decent was probably the best way to deal with the uncomfortable sight before him, he had fumbled with the zipper. He’d blushed profusely when his fingers had slipped off of the zipper when the item had suddenly stopped moving, causing the back of his hand to hit her on the ass.

But as she had turned a little and informed him her chest was bigger than it was some eight years ago, especially as she had shaken them up and down a bit, that had really gotten him speechless. And now he also became quite a bit nervous, knowing he’d have to hook four straps ‘just like a bra.’ He’d never had even touched a bra, didn’t quite know how to do what she asked. “Uhm, I’ve never, uhm.”

“Don’t worry, it’s easy. Just two hooks that’ll interlock.”

Brad shook his head at the casual way she explained it to him. His eyes took in the smooth, silky skin of her back. And no tan lines anywhere, he noticed. He shook himself, suddenly realizing she was his sister. He looked for the straps she had mentioned, saw only one and his hand moved forward to grab it. Then he hesitated. Except for the straps, the dress would leave her back completely bare. More importantly, the sides of the dress where the straps were located, were not very close to her back. Not at all. He could tell that once the dress was completely on, the side of the dress would be almost at the front of her, exposing not just her back but her sides as well.

“Come on, Brad. I don’t wanna stay like this forever.”

Brad noticed his hand trembling as he reached once again for the strap. The strap that was attached at chest height. Near the front of the dress. It felt like hours before he finally managed to take hold of the strap, deliberately grabbing it a little lower.

“Make sure you don’t twist the straps, ’cause that would be really uncomfortable for me.”

His eyes shot up to the back of her head. Didn’t she realize what this was doing to him? Instead he sighed as quietly as he could, hoping she wouldn’t hear it. “Right,” he said, adjusting his hold on small strip of fabric, almost up to where it was attached to the front part of the dress. Using his fingers, he straightened it, as he moved toward the other side. Once there, he was faced with the next challenge: attaching the strap to the other side, using a mechanism he had no experience with and, he now realized, was actually on the inside of the dress.

Of course, that was the best place to put them, as it would be completely concealed from sight. But that also meant his hand would have to be between the dress and the side of his sister’s breast. He then frowned, realizing he was already holding the tip of the strap, but it barely reached to the side of the dress, let alone far enough for the hooks on the material to catch at each other. “Uhm, I don’t think it’s gonna work,” he informed her. “I can barely reach the other side.”

“Told you the girls are a bit bigger now. Here, does this help?”

Brad was afraid his eyes would pop out any second now. Apparently Brianna was pushing her breasts flatter against her body, which did give him almost an inch, but it also resulted in the sides of his sister’s breasts being pushed out a little further and toward the back a little.

“Can you make it now,” Brianna asked again.

“Uhm, yeah. I think so.” He took a deep breath, noticing his hand was shaking once again as he moved it, along with the tip of the strap, between her breast and the dress.


Brianna bit her lower lip, her mind going in a direction that wasn’t quite appropriate. She’d never been particularly shy about her body, but she was fighting the urge to let the top of the dress ‘accidentally’ slip and fall down her body. That wasn’t something she should do in front of her baby brother. A lover, yes, but not Brad.

She held out her elbows a little, keeping both hands firmly against her boobs and pressing them against her body. “That should give you a bit more space,” she said, waiting patiently as Brad attempted to hook the strap to her dress. “You can use your other hand to just flip the dress a little, so you can better see what you’re doing.” He did what she asked, but it still took him over a minute before it successfully hooked. “There you go. One down, three to go.”

“Uhm, there’s no… I mean, I saw them just now when… They’re kinda… trapped.”

Brianna frowned. “What do you mean ‘trapped’?” Suddenly understanding dawned. “Oh. Well, uhm, can you pull them toward you?” There was no reply, and no movement, so she turned toward him slightly, looking over her shoulder. “Can you?”

“I’m not sure if that’s such a good idea. Can’t you grab them?”

“Not without letting go of the girls, and I’m not quite confident the one strap will be able to hold the strain.” Actually, she was quite sure it wouldn’t, considering the amount of pressure she had to put on her boobs to even allow the straps to be attached. “So, either grab the straps, or unhook the one you attached earlier so I can fix it.” She turned back toward the front and moments later felt his fingers dig between the side of her breast and the dress and he started to gently tug on one of the straps. “Brad, hold on, sweetie. The hook is caught on the front here, and I don’t want you to rip the dress.”

He stopped immediately and she pondered on how to fix it. “Okay, you’re gonna have to fix the problem, since I can’t let go of my girls.” She turned around completely to face him. “It’s stuck right here,” she moved the index finger on her right hand to indicate where the hook had caught the dress. “Just reach in and carefully extract the hooks from the dress.”

She tried not to frown, despite her current conflicting emotions and thoughts. The fact she could feel her nipples press against the palms of her hands, simply at the thought of her baby brother having to touch her breasts, was not something she had expected. It was simply wrong. Wasn’t it? Yes, it was. She should’ve asked Brad to unhook the one strap and pull down the zipper, so she could fix it herself in the privacy of her room. Come to think of it, she shouldn’t have asked her brother to help her with this at all.


Was she serious? Did she really just ask him to put his hand between her breasts, little room as there was between them? He lifted his hand and moved toward her cleavage, shaking uncontrollably. He looked up at her soft giggle.

“Just relax, sweetie. Dip inside, find the hook and untangle it from the dress.”

Brad kept his gaze on her for a little longer, smiling ever so slightly, then moved his hand downward. Soon his fingers dipped into the small gap between her breasts, feeling her smooth soft skin as his finger moved in even further.

“Okay, just move to the right an inch or two and you should find it.”

He nodded, his gaze now fixed on her breasts. He’d only ever seen her once in a swimsuit, but he’d been eight at the time. He’d never really known just how large her breasts actually were.

“Sweetie, I meant my right.”

His head snapped up, ready to apologize for being so dumb, but she simply smiled at him softly, giving him a wink. “Though I probably should let you cop a feel when we’re at the prom anyway.”

He was blushing again. Then again, he didn’t think there was a lot of blood going in that direction to actually be noticeable.

“I can tell you like that idea.” She leaned toward him. “I think it’s time for you to unhook the strap again, and unzip the bottom part.”


Feeling Brad’s hand slide along her left breast had only caused her to become more aroused. Her thong seemed to be definitely soaked now, her nipples even harder than before. More importantly, she didn’t even attempt to convince herself this was wrong. At her half joke about having him cop a feel, she noticed Brad was clearly affected by this as well.

As soon as Brianna felt the strap being unhooked, she released her hold on the front of her dress, simply letting it cascade down, leaving her chest bare to her baby brother. She stopped his hands as they started to move toward the zipper, guiding them to her boobs. “You deal with these, I’ll deal with the zipper,” she said. She reached back behind her, unzipping it, while watching the expression of wonder on Brad’s face. She was acutely aware she was going to be his first, in several ways. The first tits he was seeing. The first tits he was kneading, inexpertly but still gentle. Soon he’d get to see his first pussy and feel a woman’s wetness for the first time.

Suddenly he pulled away. “No, this is wrong. You’re my big sister.”

She grabbed him and pulled him closer again. “And you’re my baby brother.” She planted a sweet kiss on his lips. “Brad, I realize this is a bit unorthodox, but I can see how much that bitch hurt you. I want to help you get over her, in every way possible. And I really want to have sex again. It’s been too long.” It really had been. From the first time she had sex, she had loved it. As a result she’d become very active, almost wanting sex every single day. Ever since her break-up she hadn’t wanted to date anyone for a while, though her sex drive had tried to get her to at least get someone to fuck. She had resorted to regular masturbation, but it wasn’t as satisfying.

In retrospect, it was obvious now why her mind had started to think these thoughts about her baby brother, why she had become a little bolder in her actions; she was just really horny, horny enough that she didn’t really care that it was her brother she was having these thoughts about.


Brad found himself being hugged tightly by his mostly naked sister. The feeling of her full breasts pressing into him turned him on even more. He wanted to feel them against his own bare skin. Brianna released him again, a pleading look on her face, but she didn’t need that anymore. If she wanted it, and he wanted it, why fight it? He took a step back, noticing a brief look of disappointment as she misinterpreted his move as a rejection. Instead, he removed his shirt, and crashed back against her, his need to feel her amazing tits against his skin urging him to pull her even tighter.

“Your room or mine?”

Leaning back slightly, he looked at her, smiling. “Yours, if that’s okay.” He hoped it was, since he hadn’t felt like keeping his room anywhere near tidy since Jen had broken his heart.

She smiled back at him. “Sure. Come on, sweetie.”

He followed her, ignoring the discomfort of his erection trapped in the confines of his pants as he walked the short distance, though he was sure he’d walk halfway around the world. Her thong gave him an excellent view of her firm ass as she led the way to her room. Once inside, he closed and locked the door, hearing Brianna giggle again.

“You know mom’s not back for another two days, and dad won’t be here for another week.”

He turned around, shrugging. “Yeah, well, better safe… than…” In the time it had taken him to close and lock the door, Brianna had taken off her thong.

“Sorry. The word you’re looking for is ‘sorry'”

He couldn’t help but look at her bald pussy, his very first one. Oh, sure, he’d seen them in certain magazines and several sites he visited regularly on his computer, but this one was right here with him. He’d only have to take a few steps and reach out with his hand to touch it. He took in the now completely naked young woman in front of him, really looking at her. She was simply the sexiest woman alive.

“Come here, sweetie,” Brianna interrupted his thoughts, as she patted the spot on the bed right beside her.

He’d been so focused on his thoughts and simply looking at her, he hadn’t even noticed she had climbed up on her bed, and was now sitting against the headboard. Seeing her sitting like that, looking so inviting, made his erection attempt to twitch, but it was hampered by his boxers and pants. Instead of moving over as she requested, he began to undo his belt buckle, followed by the zipper and button. Once his pants had fallen down to his ankles, he quickly pulled his boxers down, before he’d get too anxious about how she would react. He wasn’t all that confident he’d be imposing enough for her or anyone, his frequent perusal of various porn having shown him dicks that were far more substantial than his.

He stepped out of his pants and boxers, and felt relief wash over him over the whispered, yet clearly audible ‘wow’ from his sister. Still, his natural shyness returned as he sat next to her, leaving a little room between her and himself.

Her hand began stroking his leg. “Just relax, sweetie. Just do what comes natural.”

He wanted to point out that there was nothing natural about siblings being together like this, but her hand had changed direction, and had move to the inside of his leg, her fingers lightly brushing his balls. He turned his head to the side, eyes traveling from her smooth long legs, briefly pausing at her partially visible slit, before moving further upwards to pause, longer this time, on her breasts.

Moving further upward he paused at her mouth and the sensual full lips that were forming a smile for him. Finally his eyes locked with hers, the darkness of them telling him louder than words just how turned on she was by all of this. Her hand touched his cheek, then moved to just behind his neck as she leaned toward him, her lips ready to kiss him. He closed the distance, not entirely sure if he had actually made the move himself, or if his sister’s hand behind his neck was guiding him, but he didn’t care. He wanted to kiss her, capture her lips between his own.

Unlike the sweet kiss she placed on his mouth earlier, this one was more passionate, but not hungrily so. Loving, that’s how he’d describe it. It was the kiss of two lovers expressing their love and desire for each other. And of course they loved each other, they always had, from as early as he could remember, his big sister had been there for him, stood up for him. Sure, there had been pestering and making fun of each other, but never in a mean way.

“What would you like to do first, sweetie,” Brianna asked once the kiss ended. “You get to call the shots,” she added.

That got him a little nervous again. Sure, in theory it was great if the woman you’re going to have sex with gave you full control. But what did he want to do first? He hadn’t really anticipated that question, but as his eyes cast down, they once again flitted over her cunt. “I want to look at you,” he finally said, again shy and worried she would change her mind. She kissed him on the cheek.

“Of course you can look at me, sweetie. Here, lay down and face away from me.”

He did as she asked, then felt her get out of bed. Not on her own side, but on his, half climbing, half rolling over him, the soft flesh of her breasts pressing into him. Next thing she was standing next to the bed, one foot placed on its edge, the other on the floor. The pose provided him a clear, unobstructed view of her pussy. His breath almost caught in his throat when she used two fingers to spread her full pussy lips apart. He could see the wetness, even smell it, the scent of her sex intoxicating.

Hesitantly he reached out, his fingers getting close to her moist sex, but then stopped, uncertain if she’d be okay with it.

“Touch me, sweetie. Explore, enjoy.”


Having her baby brother look at her, touch her, was incredibly arousing to Brianna. Her breathing was shallow and her pussy wetter than ever. The knowledge that she’d be his first only added to her arousal. She was going to make sure he was going to have the best experience anyone could give him, the main reason why she had told him he was in charge.

Part of her still realized this was wrong, or at the very least considered to be so by the majority of western civilization. She wasn’t quite sure if it was wrong, though she sure as hell wasn’t going to tell anyone about this experience. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as his fingers moved gently in between her pussy lips. When she reopened her eyes, she saw that Brad had propped himself up with his other hand, his face closer to her wet cunt.

“How does it… Could I taste you?”

Brianna smiled softly at him. “I’d love that.” She climbed onto the bed, deliberately brushing her tits across his face. She ached for him to suck her hard nipples into his mouth, but remembering her promise to have him call the shots, she kept the thought to herself. Instead, she moved over him to lay down beside him, flat on her back, her legs spread wide. Brad moved in between her legs, his face a few inches above her slit.

Noticing his hesitation, she moved her hand down in between her legs, her fingers spreading herself open, the palm of her hand rubbing on her clit. “Go for it, sweetie,” she said, surprised at the breathy quality. He looked in her eyes briefly, then finally moved in closer. Brianna moved her hand upward, releasing her lips but leaving her finger on her clit. She moaned when his lips made contact, her eyes closing again when his tongue followed almost immediately.

Her sighs and moans seemed to increase his confidence and she felt her own finger being nudged away to be replaced with one of his. At the same time, his tongue delved deep inside and she lifted her ass of the bed involuntarily. “Oh, fuck… Right… oh yeah… right there, sweetie.” She moaned again, her hands now on the back of his head, urging him on.

“God, yeah… Oh… fuck!” Brianna felt her orgasm building from deep inside, ready to erupt. “Shit, sweetie! I’m… I’m almost… uhn, fuck… almost there.” His finger was working on her clit and his tongue, moments ago simply licking her slit, delved deep inside her again just as the dam broke, her juices rushing to meet his tongue, as she loudly vocalized her orgasm, mixing her squeals with profanities and pleas to God.

It took her a while to come down from her high, her breathing slowly reverting back to normal. Brad was gently licking and kissing her pussy all over, but stopped when she removed her hands from his head and propped herself up on her elbows. “I guess you liked the taste?”

He looked up at her with a big grin. “Definitely. You taste amazing.”


Brad was grinning like a fool, he knew. Laying on his back, his sister snuggled into his side, her soft round tits pressing against him, and the taste of her cum still in his mouth, he was feeling like he had just won the jackpot.

“What’s next, sweetie? Do you want me to fuck you or suck you?”

He turned to look at her, as she had lifted her face toward him. He really wanted to have actual sex, putting an end to this being a virgin business. But the appeal of her mouth working on him won out, partially because he wanted her to taste him without her own taste mixed in there. “Suck me,” he said and his breath caught again at the look of pleasure on her face.

“Good, ’cause I really want to show you how much I appreciate the work you did earlier.”

He moved to sit against the headboard, wanting to see his sister go down on him. His head fell back momentarily at her first touch with her hand, but he quickly resumed looking as his sister expertly manipulated his cock, first with her hand, than with her tongue and lips. She started by trailing kisses down to the base, then with her tongue she returned to the tip in one fluid motion, gently curling her tongue around his head once she was there. In the next second, her lips wrapped around his shaft and she lowered her head, until he was pretty much entirely inside her. She held there for a few second, the tip of his cock deep inside her mouth, and then pulled back until only half his penis was inside. Her hand wrapped around the base, her thumb gently stroking in sync to the movements of her head.

The feeling of her lips gliding across his member was so different from just jacking off, so much better, he momentarily had to let his head fall back again, closing his eyes from the pleasure his sister was giving him. He wasn’t even sure what the best part of all of this was: the feeling of her lips, the swirling of her tongue every time she reached the top, the random pressure she applied with her tongue along his shaft when she reach the apex of the down stroke or her thumb stroking against the base. It all felt mind numbingly amazing. “Shit, Bri! I’m not… I can’t hold… can’t hold out… fuck! Bri, I’m almost there!”

He opened his eyes again when he felt her mouth releasing his dick, the action accompanied by a nice plopping sound. She was looking up at him lovingly, a smile on her face.

“Let it all out, sweetie. I’ll take care of it.”

He looked down at her questioningly.

“No, it’s okay. I want to do this. For you.”

Before he had a chance to say anything else, her mouth engulfed his shaft again. She had reoriented her hand, her thumb still rubbing the base of his cock but her fingers were now gently massaging his balls. “Oh, fuck,” he said, gasping as his body started to spasm slightly. “I’m cumming, Bri. I’m cumming.” He no longer had control over his body, his hips bucking as his climax crept closer and closer. He found his hand in Brianna’s hair, moving toward the back of her head.

Just as he was about to release his load instinct took over and he pulled her head down, forcing his dick almost all the way in, releasing his semen deep inside with a mighty grunt. He kept her head there, the feeling of her swallowing his juice so incredible, he didn’t want to miss any of it. Eventually he let go of her head, even though Brianna had not even once struggled against his hold. Her mouth remained around his now deflating cock and she sucked and licked him clean, all the way back to the head, placing a small kiss on the tip before releasing him completely.


Brianna lay down next to Brad once again, her arm draped across his chest. He didn’t have a lot of chest hair, but enough for her to play with, which she enjoyed doing. Brad had never been the sports type and wasn’t bulky, but he didn’t look like some kind of wimp either. Defined, that’s the best way she could describe his physique.


She hummed an acknowledgement, craning her neck to look at him, her fingers still running through his chest hairs.

“I was wondering if… uhm, I mean…” He let out a sigh. “Never mind. It’s stupid.”

She frowned slightly, attempting to figure out what he had been trying to ask. Surely he wasn’t worried she wouldn’t take it to the next logical step, was he? She had just figured a short resting period was in order, if only to make sure his manhood would be ready. “I wasn’t planning on ending it now, if that’s what you’re worried about?”

His arm tightened around her as he chuckled. “That’s great to hear, but that wasn’t what was on my mind.”

She enjoyed being pulled closely against him for a few seconds, before looking at him again. “Then what is it, sweetie?”

He remained silent for over a minute, until he suddenly blurted out “Am I small?”

She moved to prop herself up on a bend arm, the other still caressing his chest. “Sweetie, you’re not small. I’d say you’re pretty much average in length. Why would you think you’re small?”

He shrugged. “I’ve watched some internet porn and I just assumed that, well, that was the norm?”

She couldn’t help but laugh a little at his embarrassed expression and flushed cheeks. “It’s porn, sweetie, not a reality show.” Her hand moved from his chest down to his penis, still limp. “Yours is pretty much the norm, though you’re a little thicker than I’ve ever had before.”

She felt herself blush, feeling suddenly uncomfortable talking about her prior experiences to him. When she looked back it his face, she noticed a wide grin. “I see you like that piece of information.” She looked down again as she felt his cock stir in her hand, not quite hardening, but there was definite movement.

Brianna moved to sit on top of his abdomen, bending forward slightly, putting her boobs on display, offering them to him. It didn’t take long before his hands started to caress her breasts, his finger gently following the contours, taking the long way round to finally reach her nipples.

“They’re amazing.”

Brianna smiled. “And unlike most women in your porn movies, they’re completely natural.”

His hand was cupping them, a slight frown on his face. “But they’re bigger now than when you went to your prom?”

She shrugged, causing her boobs to bounce as if to prove to him they were natural. “I was kinda surprised as well. I was pretty sure I had stopped growing at seventeen, but when I got to my twenties I had a sudden growth spurt to what I have now. Threw me completely off balance.” Reviewing her words she added with a grin, “in more ways than one.”

“I bet your boyfriend wasn’t complaining.”

Brianna giggled. “No, definitely not.” She glanced behind her, noticing Brad was now fully erect. She scooted backward on his abdomen, her eyes never leaving his. She could see the anticipation in his eyes, as well as some nervousness. “Don’t worry sweetie. I’ll be gentle.” She winked at him as she lifted herself up to guide his manhood toward her lips, teasing his head along her folds before guiding him inside, moving down leisurely.

He felt really good, sliding inside her. He definitely was thicker than any of her former lovers and she took her time taking him in, partially to adjust to his girth, as well as to make sure Brad was feeling everything.


Brad was surprised that, despite the tightness of her pussy on his dick, he was going deeper and deeper inside her with ease. This was it, he realized. His virginity would soon be nothing more than a memory, courtesy of this beautiful woman on top of him that he’d known since birth.

She had her eyes closed as she slowly slid further on to him, her mouth open as if she was saying “oh”, yet no sound came out. He didn’t want to close his eyes though. He wanted to see and feel everything. He grinned when he felt her press down on his groin, his cock now completely inserted in her cunt. He looked into her eyes as she opened them, a soft smile on her face.

“You fill me up nicely,” she whispered. “Sweetie, I want you to enjoy this, okay? Don’t worry about me.”

He nodded, his hands softly kneading her breasts, silently promising himself he would try to hold out for as long as it took her to have her own climax. For what she did for him, she deserved to get out of it what she craved as well.

She started to move on top of him, barely lifting herself up, his cock only sliding about an inch in and out each time, but she added a motion that would shift his cock almost from one side to the other, impossible he had thought that to be, considering the tightness.

“Protection,” he suddenly blurted out, realizing he hadn’t grabbed a condom.

She bent forward, kissing him on the lips. “Got it covered, sweetie.”

The change in position caused new sensations, as she started to move forwards and backwards on him. Her breasts were bouncing enticingly in front of him, his hands having left the full mounds as she had leaned forward. He was now caressing the rest of her body, as she set a slow pace, but increasing the stroking depth.

God, it felt incredible. He had often tried to imagine how it would feel to have sex with a girl, but it couldn’t compare to the actual feeling of her slick walls sliding back and forth on his hard cock.

She leaned down even further, her full breasts pressing firmly on his chest. The shift in weight on his chest caused by her ever deepening strokes was the most wonderful feeling he had ever experienced.

“Want me to speed up,” Brianna asked him in a whisper.

Brad looked up at her, then shook his head. “No. No rush.”

She smiled at him then, and he could see she was glad he wanted to go slow for at least another while. It proved to him that she was enjoying this as much as he was.

Brad wasn’t sure exactly how long they were moving like that, but suddenly he felt her spasm a little. Just once every couple of strokes, but increasing in frequency. Her breathing had also become a little less steady, moans intermingling. He realized she was approaching her climax and he grinned at her.

Soon he heard her starting to moan his name, her movements becoming more and more irregular. It was the sexiest thing ever!


Brianna was fast approaching her climax, moaning ever louder. She noticed Brad didn’t seem to be near his, which surprised her. In her experience guys, at least her former lovers, had usually been quicker to get there, causing her to have to slow them down, in hopes of reaching her climax before they were finished. Something that hadn’t always worked either.

But here was her inexperienced baby brother, holding out far longer than she had anticipated. His grin told her he was aware of it, too, and proud of it. Well, he ought to be.

Of course, the position she had assumed stimulated her far better than any other. Brad’s cock felt amazing, like nothing she had experienced before. Her clit was rubbing on top of him, her movements allowing her to control the exact amount of pressure being applied and when.

It all lead to her orgasm getting closer and closer. Hoping that after this climax, they would continue on long enough that she could cum a second time, she refrained from speeding up, not wanting to stimulate Brad too much. Instead she changed the pressure, adding small sideways movement to the mix to achieve an almost circular motion on her clit.

Again she felt the dam deep inside her give way to bring her blissful release, her moans becoming louder and louder at each thrust. “Uhn, fuck, I’m cumming, sweetie, I’m cumming!” Her release rushed through her from deep inside toward her cunt, her walls clenching down involuntarily, her cum washing over his dick, adding more lubricant to their already slick coupling.

She kept moving a little, prolonging the wonderful feeling of climaxing while still riding a full erection, knowing that their current bout wasn’t over yet. Panting she stopped moving, physically unable to keep going. She was exhausted, despite their pretty slow pace. She lay with her head on his shoulder, enjoying his caresses as she tried to get her breathing under control. “Shit, that was good.”

They remained like that for a while, then she felt him start to stroke his member slowly inside her, and she grinned. She moved up in a sitting position, moving with him to increase the stroking depth. “Do you want to fuck me, sweetie?”

For a fleeting moment she saw his uncertainty, but it was quickly replaced by a smile and nod. She climbed off of him, releasing his cock from her depths and lay down on the mattress on her back. Before Brad could even move upright, she had already lifted her legs upward, holding the inside of her knees with her hands to pull her legs close against her chest, giving him complete access to her.

It didn’t take long before she felt the tip of his cock slide along her slick lips, before his entire cock slid completely inside her again in a single fluid motion. She felt his balls slam against her ass, as he started to move in and out, each stroke almost his entire length. Always slow on the way out and fast on the way in, keeping it deep inside her for a second.

This was just so fucking hot, and Brianna felt her next orgasm building inside. She needed him to go faster. “Yes, sweetie, fuck that pussy. Fuck it real hard, sweetie.” It had the intended result, as Brad sped up considerably, pounding her relentlessly. “You like it sweetie? You like fucking your big sister?”

His only response was some incoherent grunts and moans, but he seemed to piston in and out of her with even more force.

“Fill me sweetie. I’m almost there.” She wasn’t lying, the tell tale signs of the dam inside her reaching its breaking point for the third time still a very welcome sensation. Suddenly Brad’s movements became erratic and changed from a constant pounding to deep long strokes, once again holding a second or so as he bottomed out. He let out a mighty groan and she felt his sperm being deposited deep inside, triggering her own damn breaking, her juices mingling with his, her walls clenching around his cock.

They remained in that position for a while, both panting heavily. Brianna had released her knees, her hands caressing Brad’s back, soothing him. His penis, still inside her, was starting to lose some of its rigidity, and he pulled it out. She could see their intermixed fluids glistening on his semi hard shaft as he rolled on to his back to lay down next to her.

Silently she reached over to her nightstand, retrieving a few tissues, holding out one to him. He accepted it and cleaned himself, and Brianna reached down to do the same to her pussy. As she turned back, Brad had turned onto his side, placing a kiss on her shoulder. She turned her head toward him, smiling softly.

“Thank you,” he said.

Her smile widened and she pulled his arm across her body so he was completely holding her. “My pleasure, sweetie.” She yawned suddenly and giggled when she was done. “I guess you wore me out.”

He yawned as well. “I think we wore each other out. Can I stay here?”

“Of course.” She turned to her side, pushing her back against him, his arm still around her body. With some difficulty she managed to pull the covers over both of them. “Goodnight, baby brother.”

She felt him place a kiss on the back of her shoulder. “Goodnight, big sis.”

She snuggled further into him until she was completely comfortable. Just before dozing off, she giggled. “We still don’t know if the dress fits around my boobs.”

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