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Maid to Serve

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‘Josie … Come in, come in … I’m so glad you could help me out like this.’ Mistress Megan held open the door to her apartment, and as I walked in, I felt the normal jumble of emotions rise up and threaten to overwhelm me.

I had received a text message from her at 4.30, while I was sitting rather bored in a meeting at the bank where I work. I was helping on a presentation to a group of fund managers who all thought they were rather clever and wonderful, but unfortunately, I didn’t.

It had been a long boring afternoon and my role had been one of support; making sure files were on hand and notes were taken properly. When my phone had chimed with the text message, I had received a frown from my boss for having the audacity to receive a text, and some strange looks from the others in the room as they watched me reading it blushing furiously.

Josie, Please be a dear and help out this evening. I have two special guests coming for dinner. I need serving Staff – uniform provided. 7.30, don’t be late Megan.

I could imagine what the uniform would be like and felt a thrill of delightful naughtiness tingle through my pussy.

I crossed my legs and glanced about the table. I knew I was blushing as red as my blouse but at this moment I didn’t really care.

I hadn’t heard from Mistress Megan for several weeks and had been waiting for a call or text, and was both thrilled and nervous to know another game was about to take place. I wasn’t going to have time to go back to my apartment and change, but I could pop into the gym for a shower … at least I could if this meeting finished in time.

The meeting was a special one for my office, so I had taken a more effort with what I was wearing that day. I had on a smart grey business suite – very proper, with the skirt cut just above the knee. A red blouse, black tights and sexy red underwear to match the blouse – and had felt smart and sexy all day.

The meeting broke up a little after six and I dashed out to the gym to freshen up – picking up a pair of seamed black stockings and a suspender belt on the way (I couldn’t turn up at my Mistresses house in tights, or gad-awful sexless pantyhose, as my American friend, Annie called them!) – and dashed over to Mistress Megan’s apartment.

‘Just drop your coat and bag in the spare room,’ called Megan, disappearing towards the kitchen. I did so, noticing two costume bags hanging on the wardrobe as I left, then came out and joined her in the lounge. She handed me a glass of white wine and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

‘Would you mind putting some music on, please, Josie, something soft. I’ve had a stressful day and need to unwind a little before my guests arrive.’

‘Yes, Mistress.’ I went to the music centre and had a look through the CD’s scattered on the shelf above, and chose a ‘Café del Mar’ volume. The music began and the door bell chimed, jolting me back to reality and making my stomach tighten with nerves.’

‘It’s alright, relax,’ said Megan. Smiling, she pinched my bottom as she went past to the door. ‘That’ll be Helen. She’ll also be serving this evening. My dinner guests won’t be here for some time yet.’

Megan came back in leading a very nervous Helen by the hand. That was how Mistress Megan liked her girls, nervous. Helen and I had been involved in games before. On our last encounter, she had helped ‘Doctor’ Megan give me a very public examination playing the part of ‘Nurse.’ She smiled when she saw me, and I think we both took a little comfort from the other’s presence.

The three of us chatted for a while sipping our wine, allowing the nerves to subside a little, and then Megan clapped her hands.

‘We should all be getting ready, they’ll be here soon. If you two will help each other out in the spare room, your outfits are hanging on the wardrobe. I’ll be in to check on you in a little while.’

I followed Helen into the bedroom. It was a little cramped so we pushed the single bed against the wall to make a bit more room. Taking out the first costume bag, Helen unzipped it, took out the costume and held it up. It was a French Maid’s uniform on a hanger. She blushed red as she took the separate pieces and laid them on the bed.

‘This is tiny!’ she exclaimed, holding up a little ruffled skirt. It was lacy and black, and flared out by several stiff white petticoats sewn inside.

The door opened and Megan came in.

‘Ladies, you’re not even undressed yet. Strip!’

Feeling weak, I started to undo the cuffs of my blouse and realised I was blushing the same as Helen. Helen was hesitating and appeared uncomfortable.

‘Helen, I said strip! Get naked, now! I want you both to do as you’re told, without me having to repeat myself, do you understand?’

‘Yes, Mistress,’ we both chimed, and then hurried to remove our clothes as fast as we could. For a few minutes, we bumped into each other in the confined space, removing skirts, blouses and underwear while Megan sat on the bed and watched.

Despite her slow start, Helen was naked first. She stood shivering slightly, staring at the floor, covering her pussy with one hand while the other was held across her breasts. I knew just how she felt. As I rolled down my last stocking, I felt terribly exposed in Mistress Megan’s unsmiling gaze. Part of me wanted to grab my clothes and run, while the slut in me wanted this to continue so I could be embarrassed and humiliated for Megan’s pleasure.

Finally naked, I stood with my hands over my pussy and stared at the carpet. I felt my nipples harden. I have quite big breasts and large prominent nipples, especially when they’re erect. The nipples become hard and the areoles tighten and crinkle, I’m quite proud of them but also, believe it or not, I’m very shy.

‘Don’t cover yourselves. You’re mine to do with as I wish and you do not cover yourselves. Put your hands at your sides and don’t move.’

Standing up, Megan ran her hands over each of us – squeezing and rolling our breasts and then pulling our nipples until they became fully erect. I loved the feeling of helplessness, knowing I couldn’t move while my mistress touched me. Being told what to do, and feeling the power my mistress held over me is an incredible turn on.

‘Both of you put one leg on the bed. I want to examine your pussies.’

We both complied and I was glad I’d taken the time to trim and shave earlier. Megan got down in front of us and I glanced down as she got closer to my vagina.

‘Spread your lips, Josie.’ I did as she asked and shivered as her tongue darted out to lap once and then again at my gaping cunt. I stood with two fingers spreading myself even as she turned to Helen and tasted her. I could hear Helen’s breathing quicken and she gasped as Megan’s tongue made contact the first time. Having finished her inspection, Megan stood up.

‘Delicious, and very pretty, girls. I want you to put your stockings and suspender belts on first and then you can do your make-up.’ She passed us stockings, still in their packets, and thin black suspender belts.

I clipped the suspender belt around my waist and then opened the stockings; a fine fishnet … black, of course. I tried to make Mistress happy by making a show of putting them on. Keeping my legs straight whenever possible and giving her a good look at my bottom as I bent over. I noticed Helen doing the same beside me, remaining bent forward as she felt Mistress Megan touch her, squeezing her bottom appreciatively for a moment before spreading her cheeks to kiss her anus – Helen gave a sweet little sigh.

Next, we were given black patent leather ankle-boots with five-inch heels, which we quickly put on, and then we were led to the bathroom. Helen had smaller breasts than mine and I was thrilled to catch Mistress looking past her, watching as my larger breasts moved with each step.

The boots were difficult to adjust to – at least if I wanted to appear sexy but I enjoy wearing heels and was pretty sure I was walking well in them.

She placed makeup onto the dressing table. ‘I want you both to look the same, so both use the same make-up, it will add to the spectacle of my two house-maids. One stunning blond, and one stunning brunette. She was stroking our bottoms as we looked at her reflection in the mirror.

‘There’s red lipstick, and green, grey and blue eye-shadow, use them all. I want to see far too much makeup ladies, remember you’re sluts so look like sluts for me. Oh, and red nail varnish, you can come out when the nail varnish is dry.’

Thirty minutes later, were back in the bedroom.

We put on the rest of the uniforms. White lacy tops with cap-sleeves, the neckline elasticised so it could easily be lowered. Over this, I put on a tight black ‘waspie’ corset, cinched at the waist to just below my breasts, and then the little black skirt with the stiff petticoats that come to just above our stocking tops. With a grin, Mistress Megan passed us small white aprons and mop hats to finish the look. I took them reluctantly, aware I was now a sexual fantasy figures, but also aware that I was feeling a strange mixture of sexy, ridiculous and extreme self-consciousness.

‘You both look incredibly sexy.’

‘Thank you Mistress,’ we both bobbed a curtsey.

‘There … There aren’t any knickers, mistress,’ murmured Helen. I turned to see her pulling at her skirt trying to make it cover her bottom.

‘No, there aren’t any knickers,’ confirmed Mistress Megan with a smile. ‘Leave your skirt alone, your bottom is meant to be seen.’ The doorbell went before anyone could say anything else, and we followed her to the door.

‘Don’t let me down, girls. If you refuse any of my requests this evening, I will punish you severely. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’ Bobbing another curtsy, I glanced across at Helen then reached out and squeezed her hand. She smiled but looked as nervous as I felt.

‘Megan, I hope we’re not too early?’

‘No, of course not. Katje, Julia, please, come in.’ Megan stood back from the door allowing two women to enter. They were both in their mid to late thirties and very attractive. The first had short dark hair and wore a fur coat. She let it fall from her shoulders as she came in and without a word passed it to Helen who took it and folded it over her arm. Beneath the coat, Katje, for that was her name, wore a short black dress, stockings and heels.

‘You’re very pretty,’ she tilted Helen’s chin with a finger, and then glanced down at her uniform. ‘Very pretty indeed.’ She glanced at me but didn’t say anything. The second woman now entered and I felt a wave of panic rush through me – Julia Dale. She worked in my building, the floor above me…she was beautiful, often a fantasy for me, long legs, big breasts and a stern exterior that I had always felt hid a soft loving heart, but…

‘Hello, Megan, and Josephine is here too, what a nice surprise.’ She looked me up and down, a smile on her lips. ‘I didn’t expect to find you here, Josephine. And dressed so…prettily, I never would have guessed.’

She kissed Megan on both cheeks and then unbuttoned her coat. Beneath, she wore a black knee-length skirt and matching jacket, white blouse and black stockings.

‘Where do you know my little pet, Josie, from?’ Megan helped Julia remove her coat and then passed it to me. Helen had already led Katje through to the living room. I stared at Julia. This was no longer a delicious game. Julia was part of my other life, my working life, the life of prim and proper Josie Crupper. I wanted to cry and run away and this Maid’s uniform now felt ridiculous.

‘Oh, Josephine works in my company. I’ve watched her with interest but only from afar. Different department and I had no idea she had similar …’

She reached out and brushed a manicured finger gently down my exposed cleavage, pulling the neckline just a little lower. ‘…interests. I’ve been looking forward to tonight’s dinner, Megan. But now doubly so.’

I smiled uncertainly. Maybe this wasn’t going to be too bad after all, but Julia Dale could have me fired in an instant, and there would be nothing I could do about it.

‘Well I’m glad to have brought you two together tonight. I’m sure Josie will do everything she can to make you welcome, won’t you, Josie?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’ I blushed as the two women smiled at me.

‘Josie, please pick that bag up and put it on the shelf will you.’

Megan pointed to a black plastic bag close to the hall table and I realised I was meant to show myself for them. I blushed and decided there was nothing I could do but continue with the role I had been brought in to play.

‘Yes, Mistress.’ I turned and, making sure to keep my legs straight, then slowly bent down and picked up the bag. The skirt hardly covered my naked bottom when I was standing, but bent over I knew I was revealing everything to the two women. I was standing with my legs slightly parted and knew they were seeing my freshly shaven pussy lips, but at least my anus wasn’t exposed. I could feel their eyes on me, and despite my fears that one of my banks senior partners was seeing me like this, I experienced a rush of erotic pleasure. Before I could rise, I felt a hand on my lower back indicating that I should remain bent over and on show for a moment – I froze. A hand softly stroked my naked rear, gently cupping each exposed cheek of my bottom in turn.

‘Well this is a side of Josephine that we never see in the office.’

‘This is the side that does anything I desire,’ replied Mistress Megan’s voice. ‘Are you going to say anything in your office about her?’

‘No! please.’ I tried to rise but the hand on my back pressed me back down.

‘I’m not sure what I’ll do about this,’ came Julia Dale’s voice. I felt the cheeks of my bottom gently parted. ‘Of course if she is good I might choose not to tell a soul…are you going to be good for me, Josephine?’

Bent over like this with the cheeks of my bottom spread and a finger slipping into my exposed vagina I would have been happy to do anything for her. ‘Yes, Julia. I promise to be good for you.’ I jerked as my bottom was slapped.

‘You will refer to Julia as, Mistress Julia, do you understand, Josie?’

The question was followed by two further hard slaps and the finger in my vagina was joined by one that touched against my anus, I gasped as it pushed in.

‘Yes, Mistress Megan, Mistress Julia. I’ll be good, I promise.’ The fingers were withdrawn, my skirt pulled down as far as it would go, and the hand removed from my back. I stood on shaking legs and placed the bag that I was still clutching, on the table.

‘Shall we go through and join Katje and Helen?’ Megan guided Julia through and I followed feeling very flushed and very worried.

Katje was sitting back in an armchair holding up the hem of her dress while Helen, kneeling in front of her, slid black lacy knickers down her legs. As we came in, Helen glanced over at us but Katje took a handful of her hair and pulled her face down into her pussy.

Sighing blissfully, Katje glanced up at Megan. ‘I hope you don’t mind me taking advantage of your staff, but you know how I love a beautiful blond eating my pussy, I just couldn’t resist.’

Megan smiled. ‘Well I might make you pay later, but please, go ahead and enjoy the little slut.’ She turned to me. ‘Josie, please make sure that Julia has everything she requires. I shall be preparing dinner in the kitchen.’

As Megan disappeared to the kitchen, I glanced to the writhing figures of Helen and Katje and then back into Julia Dents beautiful brown eyes. She stared at me saying nothing.

‘Mistress, Julia. May I get you drink or … or something?’ I smiled, cross with myself for blushing deeply but this was very embarrassing moment. I had met Julia Dale on three previous occasions but each time I had been dressed in prim and proper banking clothes. Standing in a French Maid’s uniform with a very short skirt, stockings and no knickers was … frightening.

‘Something? And what would that something possibly be, Josephine? Are you suggesting you get down on your knees and lick my pussy like your slut friend is doing to Katje?’

I bit my lip and then remembered my lipstick. ‘If you wish, Mistress, I’ll do anything you ask.’

‘I’m shocked with you Josephine. You’re dressed like a slut and now you’re offering to do lewd and disgusting things for me … do you like working at the bank?’

Oh, good grief. I felt tears well up. ‘Yes, Mistress Julia. I do like working at the bank. Please…I’m so sorry for all of this and if…’

‘Turn around and bend over…that’s right … now, touch your toes and don’t move.’

‘Yes, Mistress Julia.’ A little shocked, I did as she asked, bent over and keeping my legs straight, held my stocking clad ankles. Once again, my bottom and pussy were on display leaving me totally humiliated in front of a senior work colleague.

‘Spread your legs.’

‘Yes, Mistress Julia.’

‘Pull up your stockings they’re a disgrace, just like you. I can’t believe a representative of the bank would carry on in this disgusting fashion.

‘Ow!’ I flinched as her hand came down hard on my bare bottom, quickly followed by several more. ‘Ow,ow ow! Please, Mistress, Julia.’

‘I shall have to consider very carefully how you should be punished. Spread your bottom cheeks for me.’

‘Yes, Mistress Julia.’ I did as she asked and waited for her fingers to penetrate me, but nothing happened.

‘Stay like that, Josephine.’ I heard her go to the kitchen leaving me alone in a humiliating position. There was a muffled conversation, the sound of a glass of wine being poured, and then she was back. Her hand, chilled from the cold wineglass, began caressing my bare bottom, her fingers dancing over my exposed anus and open pussy lips.

‘Naughty, but very pretty and compliant. Stand up and turn around.’

‘Look me in the eyes.’

It was hard, but I did as she asked, she really is a beautiful woman I thought, and then remembered how much trouble I was in. ‘I’m so …’

‘Shhh,’ she put a finger to my lips and then the hand went down to my skirt, found its way beneath, and began stroking my clitoris. ‘Do you like that?’

I looked into her eyes and realised I was really enjoying the experience. ‘Yes, Mistress Julia.’

‘Good. You know, Josephine. I’ve been thinking that I should move you to my department.’ I opened my legs a little further and her finger slipped inside my wet vagina and then began moving along the length of my pussy lips. ‘You would have to work very closely with me, what do you think?’

Keeping eye contact while you’re being fingered by a beautiful woman isn’t as easy as it may sound. ‘I think … I think that would be…’ Before I had a chance to finish, the finger was removed from my cunt, and brought wet and fragrant to paint my lips with pussy juice. When she forced it into my mouth, I sucked it, still looking at her. The finger was withdrawn, and she glanced down at my exposed cleavage, a smile lit her face.

‘I have always wanted to …’ She slowly lowered my top, exposing my breasts and once again, I was blushing, fighting the impulse to cover my rapidly hardening nipples.

‘Well you are a big girl, aren’t you.’ She cupped my breasts, lifting them slightly before letting them fall. ‘What cup size are you, Josephine?’ She continued softly squeezing them as she looked into my eyes.

‘I’m a D cup, Mistress.’

‘Mmm, Make your nipples hard for me.’

I rolled my nipples between my fingers, pulling on them, pinching them, enjoying the look on her face as she stared transfixed by my breasts, unaware that I was studying her. She brought the wineglass up and I cupped my breasts so she could rub the chilled, misted sides against each nipple.

‘Dinner is served,’ called Mistress Megan.

‘Do not cover yourself. I want to see you like this,’ she instructed.

‘Yes, Mistress,’ I replied, and then bobbed a curtsy. She smiled at me and then went to join Mistress Megan at the table. Resisting the impulse to cover my breasts, I walked to the kitchen to help bring out dishes.

As the Mistresses began to eat, Helen and I stood in front of the table waiting for instruction – two rather dishevelled Maids – one with her breasts exposed and the other with drying pussy juice all over her face.

When the first course was finished, Megan glanced up at us and smiled when she saw us holding hands. ‘Josie, please clean Helen’s face. She appears to be covered in Katje.’ This brought laughter from the other two Mistresses. ‘Use your tongue, Josie. I shall fetch desert.’

‘Yes, Mistress Megan.’ I knew what she wanted. I turned to face Helen and kissed her softly on the lips, she responded, and for a few moments, we kissed.

‘Don’t hide those breasts, Josephine. And please expose your friend’s for us.’

‘Yes Mistress Julia,’ I whispered, and then began licking Helen’s face and neck. I slipped the front of her uniform down and pulled gently on her nipples feeling them harden, she moaned slightly and nuzzled my neck.

‘Don’t you just love having two girls that will do anything for you?’ This, I think, was Mistress Katje speaking.

‘They are rather delicious,’ agreed Mistress Julia.

‘Yes but they look far too comfortable don’t they.’ said Mistress Megan as she returned to the table. ‘I like to see my sluts squirm with embarrassment,’

The sound of hands clapping for attention brought Helen and I from our embrace to face the table. We stood, breasts exposed, flushed and expectant in front of our audience.

‘What did you have in mind?’ asked Mistress Katje.

‘Josie, turn around and bend over.’

‘Yes, Mistress.’ I did as she asked, keeping my legs straight and my feet parted so the three women could see me properly.

‘Reach behind and open yourself for us.’

I did as she asked, reaching behind me I placed a hand on each side of my bottom and parted my cheeks. I felt my vagina open and knew my anus was now fully displayed – it felt deliciously lewd.

‘Helen, spank her … hard.’

I felt Helen move closer and then her hand was on the small of my back. Without further warning, her other hand came down in a stinging blow on my exposed rear, once … twice … three times, bringing tears to my eyes.

‘Very good, Helen. Now, bend over next to her and assume the same position.’ Beside me, Helen bent over. We waited, displaying ourselves, listening as Mistress Megan walked around the table towards us.

I felt something cold dribble onto my anus and felt it contract at the shock. There was a moment as, presumably, Helen received the same treatment, and then a finger gently pushed its way into my puckered hole making me gasp.

‘Stand-up.’ I did so, and then glanced at Mistress Megan, she smiled.

‘Walk to our guests.’ I walked slowly around the table next to Helen, guided by the finger that was gently fucking my bottom.

‘Katje, Julia, please offer my sluts your cunts, and allow them to pleasure you.’

Swaying slightly from the finger in my asshole, I watched in delight as Mistress Julia raised her skirt and slowly removed her knickers. Leaning back in her chair, she placed her vagina closer to the edge and then reached for a small jar of honey on the table. She tipped it slowly over her pussy, the thick golden contents running slowly through the neatly trimmed pussy to coat her pink fleshy lips.

‘Time to eat girls,’ whispered Mistress Megan. Still with the finger buried inside me, I knelt down and began to kiss along the inside of Julia Dale’s thigh, edging my way closer to her vagina – she tasted divine. Beside me, Helen was doing much the same to Mistress Katje. I glanced up and saw both Mistresses kissing each other.

Something pushed into my vagina and I felt hands holding my hips. Mistress Megan was fucking me with a strap-on dildo and it felt so good.

The dildo withdrew, and then moments later something began pushing insistently against the barrier of my sphincter.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever fucked your ass with a strap-on dildo before, have I Josie?’

‘No, Mistress Megan, please dont…’ I managed to say before Mistress Julia pulled my face back into her pussy. Mistress Julia’s Pussy was truly delicious, especially with the addition of the honey. Even the thought of a large dildo invading my anus couldn’t stop me enjoying her soft delicate vagina for long. While one hand rested on Mistress Julia’s knee to help keep my balance, my other hand found my clitoris.

The muskiness of her vagina was deliciously overwhelming me and when the dildo pushed a little firmer, I pushed back inviting its entry. It hurt as it forced its way into me, but I soon became lost in a pink cloud of lust and desire as my anus was fucked and my pussy became wetter. As I touched myself, my face became covered in Mistress Julia’s juices.

It was a delightful way to get a promotion. Mistress Megan is delighted that Mistress Julia took to me so well and to this day claims she had no idea. I’m now Julia Dale’s assistant in the bank, and when we close the doors to her office for a private meeting, nobody knows just how assisting I can be.

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