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The Re-education of Sofie Ch. 02

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…As Sofie felt her first orgasm pulse through her she cried out, and felt the strange pleasure everywhere. Master Ian drew her clitoris into his mouth and gently continued to lick at it. She tried to move her legs together, but could not, as they were bound to the large, padded chair. She moved her hands to his head, and tried to push him away.

She did this instinctively; the sensations in her clit as it throbbed post-orgasm were painful to her. Master Ian stopped licking her and placed his hands on top of hers, moving them back to rest upon the arms of the chair.

“Sofie, Sofie. This will never do. I see I shall have to bind your hands as well,” he said, not unkindly. Rising, he moved to attach two more velvet ropes around her wrists, binding them firmly to the flat wooden arms.

“Now, girl, let me tell you something important.” He stood between her legs and placed two fingers under her chin, tilting her face up to have her look at him as he spoke.

“You will not do that again, young lady. Never, ever try to stop a man from using you while you are here with us. It is wrong to do so, and will earn you punishment. Tell me, Sofie, did your father ever spank you?”

Sofie blushed again, and timidly answered, “Well…yes, Master Ian, sir…he did when I was younger…” She recalled receiving some smart smacks on the rump from her father when she had acted up, as all children will do at times.

“Good,” said Master Ian. “At least you will not be shocked when it happens here as well. How old were you when he last gave you a spanking?”

“Sir…” Sofie was thinking back, remembering…”I don’t remember the last time exactly, sir, but it was several years ago.”

“Hmmmm…I see. And was it given over his knee?”

“Yes, sir…and I remember he said that I was getting too big to spank anymore, and that from then on I would be punished in other ways.”

“All right. And tell me, did he give you your spankings on your bare bottom, or did he allow you to leave on your clothing?”

Sofie dropped her eyes again in embarrassment.

“On my…bare bottom, sir. I was always made to take down my panties for spankings.”

“Glad to hear your father planned ahead. And thank you for answering me honestly, Sofie. Now, be as still as you can for me…” and he knelt again between her legs, and returned his view to her filled cunt and tiny, protruding clit. He pressed her down hard against it with his index finger. She jerked in the chair and said, “Oh, please no, sir don’t! hurts me there where you…”

“Yes? Tell me…it hurts you where I ..what?”

Tears again sprang to her eyes, but she swallowed hard and said, “Where you were…ah…licking me with your tongue, sir…on my…clit. It felt wonderful but…at the end, it sort of hurt me…” And one tear slipped down her soft cheek.

“Good.” He nodded his approval, and still outwardly ignored her tears. To himself he thought, ah, sweet girl…you have no idea what a gift those tears are, and will be, for so many men…

“Yes, Sofie, I know that,” he said, and pressed harder with his finger. “What happened is that you had an orgasm. Here, we call that ‘coming.’ You came, and afterwards your clit became very sensitive. Is it still painful to you when I do this?” and he began to make small circles around her clitoris again, still using one finger.

“Yes, sir…ow! Yes, it is painful…but it..feels good too! Oh, I’m so confused!”

“It’s all right Sofie, you’re doing very well indeed. You will learn much about yourself here, and your body. For now, try to relax, as I need to teach you a few more things about your little clitoris before we move on to other matters. Now be still!” he ordered, in a somewhat harsher tone, and he again placed his hands on either side of her cunt, his mouth on her clit, and again he tapped hard several times on the dildo in her tight cunt. He sucked hard drawing it into his mouth. He could feel the tiny organ, which protruded a bit from the hood, against his tongue. He grazed his teeth over it, relishing her reaction as she again jerked in her bonds and tried to get away from the sensation. He ignored this, and continued to use his tongue on her, letting her feel every spasm. He could hear her begin to weep quietly as he continued to use his tongue, still circling, now and then stabbing, the hard little nub.

She moaned softly and begged him to please, please stop. He knew she was experiencing pain and pleasure mixed together and that her weeping and moaning was providing a valuable release for her emotions. As an experienced teacher, he also knew that the best thing was to let her weep, as he brought her over and over again through still more orgasms, allowing her to learn about the capabilities of her own body. Her cunt was soon overflowing with wetness, which leaked out around the dildo still firmly lodged within it, and dripped out to form a small puddle on the floor under the chair.

Eventually he stopped his licking and again stood up to survey his newest pupil. Sofie’s face was wet with tears, her head was thrown back, and sobs escaped her throat. Even from where he stood, he could see her clit continue to pulse with arousal, and the lips of her cunt were swollen and convulsing around the phallus inside. Her small breasts moved up and down with her ragged breathing. He thought she looked charming; bound and open, her newly found lust swelling her genitalia, completely open to his view.

He moved again to the case on the floor, and withdrew two hard metal clamps with a chain attached which linked them together. Keeping them in his hand, he moved again to stand near Sofie’s head, and placed one hand on her damp forehead, stroking her hair back soothingly.

“Now dear girl, you did very well,” he said. “Yes, very well indeed. It helps to be bound, does it not?” Not waiting for an answer, he moved to take one small, pink nipple between a thumb and forefinger, and began to roll it gently, squeezing and pinching slightly. “Sofie,” he said. “Look at me, please.” She slowly brought her head up, her eyes found his face and she looked into his with a slightly glazed expression.

“Master Ian? May I ask…”

“Yes, dear?”

“I need to use the loo, sir…may I please get up for a moment, sir?”

“Very politely asked, Sofie!” he said approvingly. “And yes, you may, in a while. Is your bladder full, then?”

“Yes, sir…it is…” she replied, squirming a bit in the chair.

“Hmmm…” he reached to place one hand on her abdomen, just above her pubic bone, and pressed firmly. “You find it..uncomfortable when I do this, yes?”

“Yes! Please, sir, don’t! I mean…sir…I really need to go now sir!” Her face was crimson with shame. She was trying very hard to control herself. This, of course, he knew.

He reached out to again grasp her nipple, leaving her abdomen in peace for a moment, and attached one of the clamps. She gasped as she felt the jaws close around her tender young flesh. Not giving her time even to speak, he clamped the other in place just as efficiently. Now both nipples were clamped, the silver chain hanging between them, the cold metal resting against her skin. Beautiful.

“You must wear these clamps, Sofie, in order to learn about pain. Pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin. If you watch a person’s face when they feel pain, and another person’s face as they achieve orgasm, if you did not know which was which–you could not hear them, nor see what was causing their reactions–you would see no difference in expression. Did you know that?

Sofie shook her head and said, “No, Master Ian…I..never even thought about anything like that!” She was clearly struggling to accept all the new things that were happening to her in this strange ‘school.’

“Well, it’s true. Now, in a little while I will release you to use the loo, and you then you will come back. But first…” and he once again leaned down to stroke her reddened little pleasure organ…”You need to come a few more times. I want you to feel the sensations, and tell me what is happening to you as I…” he jerked hard on the chain hanging from the clamps on her nipples, “…as I do this…” and he began to apply more pressure with his finger on her clit, “…and this…Tell me what you are feeling, Sofie. Speak, girl!”

She said, “Oh, sir…it hurts me, it does! But your finger…feels so…good there…” and she quickly orgasmed again. He kept it up, circling and circling, forcing her to come again. “Sir,” she said, “I don’t know if I can…hold it if you keep…doing that! And the clamps are quite painful indeed! It really hurts, sir!”

“Ah, good girl. You must hold it, Sofie. It would never do to have you soil my chair. Now come!” and he pressed harder and as she came again he said, “Just a few more to go, dear girl.”

Sofie again put her head back and felt all the strange and wonderful sensations. She was terribly uncomfortable. Her bladder pushed at her, making her need stronger, but she continued to orgasm, three more times rapidly, as his touches did not cease. She thought she might be feeling some urine leaking from her, but could not be sure; everything was all mixed together in her brain. She was struggling to sort it all out, and her embarrassment was clear on her pretty face.

This was precisely what Master Ian intended, of course. He smiled with approval as he watched her expressions reflect her efforts. An apt pupil, she was indeed.

Taking pity on her at last, he released her from her bonds and bade her leave to use the ladies’, indicating another door at the far end of the room. “When you are finished, come straight back here to the chair, Sofie, and we will move on to the next lesson, yes?” He smiled at her, and as she nodded and walked away he watched her arse moving beneath the thin fabric of her skirt, and thought, and the next ‘lesson’ will be a sweet one indeed…for me, that is!

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