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Ruth’s Lust Ch. 03

Category: Incest
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Ruth dropped Julie and Johnny off at their house, then drove quickly home. She knew her son was curious able why she had done what she had done and excited. He was quiet all the way home. She had not wrapped her beach robe about her body, but drove in her bikini. her son looking at her in a way he never had before.

She was trembling with need by the time they got home, and she forced herself to help unload the car. she wasn’t quite sure what she was going to do with Richard, but she knew she was going to do something. she had to do something, even if only to touch him, his cock, again. Richard said nothing after they had unloaded the car, but his eyes followed her everywhere. Ruth was pleased that he didn’t seem embarrassed about what she had done at the beach. Perhaps he and Johnny were playing delicious games with Julie after all.

She had though her son would be embarrassed, or maybe ashamed, but there was nothing to indicate that. She took his hand and pulled him into the living room. Richard went without protest, knowing he was about to become involved with his mother in ways he had never dreamed of. Ruth sat his on the couch, then sat next to him. She wrapped an arm around his shoulders. She rested her other hand on his thigh, halfway to his crotch. She hugged him.

“Richard….” she said softly. “Please try to understand what I’ve got to say.” What you did in the car…what I saw you doing,” she said in a throaty voice. “I know why you had to. You got excited touching me, rubbing oil on my body. So…I understand why you had to, you know, jack off.”

Richard trembled when she said that.

“I want you to know something about me, darling, she said, her fingers at the edge of his trunks. “I like to see a man do that. I love to see a man, or a woman too, jack off. It excites me. I don’t know why, but it does , and it’s been so long since I’ve watched that.”

Richard remained silent, seeing his mother’s nipple pushing through her thin halter. He couldn’t stop his cock from hardening.

“Please don’t be embarrassed” Ruth soothed, running her fingers along the shaft of his swelling cock.. “We could have a lot of fun, as long as you aren’t embarrassed. You could jack off, and I could watch you, and maybe….” She paused, taking a deep breath. “Maybe sometime I would let you . .watch me.”

His cock was now very hard, bulging at his trunks. Ruth was stroking her finger up and down it, over the cock-head and back again.

“If you enjoy it, you can watch me do it, too,” she went on. “We can do it together, watch each other. It would be okay, honey. It wouldn’t be as if we …did anything. You know, like fucking, We could just watch each other….you jacking off and me putting my fingers inside my…”

“You’d let me watch?” he asked, his voice thick and shaky. “You’d really let me watch you masturbate, Mom?”

“It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t, would it?” She hugged him tightly. “I mean, it you let me watch you jack off, it would only be fair to let you watch me, right?”

“Mom!” Richard gulped.

“Do you want to do it with me?”

Richard nodded his head vigorously, rubbing his cheek on her rigid nipple. Ruth closed her fingers about her son’s cock, squeezing it inside his trunks with an excited gulp of pleasure.

“Let’s do it right now, baby!”

Richard’s eyes were hot as he looked at his mother’s passion-contorted face.

“You really mean it, Mom?”

She nodded. “Push your trunks down, like in the car, and jack off for mother.”

As her son gazed at her, she leaned back on the couch, spreading her legs wide, the crotch of her bikini stretching over her cunt, her tits lifting sharply. She slowly lowered her halter. Her nipples came into view, and Richard groaned as he looked at them. but Ruth covered her nipples, sliding her hand down her stomach to the edge of her bikini bottoms. She pushed at the fabric and exposed s soft line of thick

Pussy hair to her son’s eyes. Sliding her finger down the front of her bikini, she traced the slit of her cunt, then very slowly pulled the crotch to one side, giving her son a very brief glimpse of her cunt.

“Now….” she purred. “You know I mean it, honey. Shove your trunks down and jack off for mother!”

Richard was so excited to get that peek of his mother’s stiff nipple and cunt, his cock was ready to burst from his trunks. He stood up, pushing them to his knees. His cock jerked upright, making a slapping sound against his stomach. Ruth giggled in delight as she gazed at him, her

eyes hot on his balls and very stiff cock.

“Ohhhh, baby!” she moaned. “Jack it for mother! Grab it and pump it, Richard! Ohhh, baby, jack that beautiful cock and cum for me….show me how hard you can cum, darling!”

She leaned back on the couch, legs spread wide, gazing at him as he closed his fist about his cock and began stroking up and down, his hips thrust forward, trunks caught at his knees. His gasps and panting breath excited her just as much as what he was doing for her. Her wet cunt throbbing inside her bikini. She clutched her tits with both hands, squeezing them as she stared with fiery hunger at her son’s cock. The pre-cum seeped out of his tip of his cock made her mouth water, and she swallowed noisily, writhing her ass on the edge of the cushions, opening and closing her long, shapely thighs.

Richard stared at his mother bikini-clad body, jerking his fist up and down on his cock faster.

“Beautiful!” Ruth moaned. “So beautiful, Richard! You have such a nice cock…so hard! Cum for mother, baby! I love to see my baby cum…cum hard and cum a lot!”

As he jacked off, Richard watch his mother open her legs wide, and began to hump her ass up and down, fucking at the air. The soft hairs of her pussy showed from the edges of her bikini, exciting him further.

“You’re making me so wet” Ruth gasped.

It was true, he saw. Glistening wetness seemed to be on her inner thighs where the crotch pf her bikini hid her pussy. Richard licked his lips as his fist pounded up and down, his hips jerking in a matching rhythm.

“I think….Mom, I’m about to cum!”

“Yes, my baby!” she squealed. “Cum! Squirt it! Shoot that hot cum for mother!”

“Ahhhhh…..uhhhh!” Richard groaned, then his cock gushed cum.

“Oooooooh!” Ruth breathed as she saw her son’s thick cum spurt high into the air. It arched and landed on her thigh, making her squeal with pleasure.

“Was it good Richard?” she asked in a whispery voice after waiting a few minutes for Richard to recover. “Wasn’t that better than jacking off alone?”

“It sure was Mom!” he panted.

“Do you still want to watch me do it, too?” she asked in a low, husky voice.

“Yeah!” Richard gasped, his eyes glazed.

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