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Massage Therapy

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Part I:

It was about 7:30 when Todd finally got back into his hotel room after a very long day full of meetings. The room was your standard Marriott; business class room with a king sized bed, a desk, lounge chair, small fridge and a large bathroom. It would suffice for the next two days, or rather nights. The days unfortunately were taken up with Convention duties.

He had just returned from a nice dinner with colleagues and had declined a night out in the city with them; he told them he was too exhausted from the day’s events and would definitely go with them the following night. Tonight he needed sleep….well that’s what he told them anyway.

He quickly threw his suitcases on the bed, and grabbed for the laptop out of his briefcase. His hands were actually shaking as he opened it up and placed it on the desk and plugged in the modem to the phone jack; he wondered the whole time whether he’d have the balls to go through with this. His heart raced in his chest as he logged on to his e-mail and found the reply to the message he’d sent very early that morning when he first arrived in the city. Part of him had hoped that the message wouldn’t have been seen today so he’d be off the hook and wouldn’t have to go through with this, but the part of him that caused the chills through his body, the same part that caused him to decline the invitation out with friends, knew that this is what he wanted to do tonight more than anything in the world. It was with that understanding that he read the mail…..


I’m so glad you decided to contact me now that you’re in the city. I’ll bet your nervous as hell, but don’t worry about anything. We’re practically old friends, we’ve been chatting and cybering online for almost a year now. Remember the original offer was just a massage, it’s my job after all. We don’t have to go any farther than that. Call me if your still interested. I can be there within 30 minutes.

Hope to hear from you,


Todd stared at the note for what seemed like hours. He and Jason had met in a “bi-curious” chat room months ago. He had been the curious one; Jason on the other hand, a massage therapist had plenty of experience and had been all too willing to share the vivid descriptions with Todd. By the end of their first hour-long chat, Jason had described in vivid detail the sensual massage he’d like to give Todd, kneading and then sucking every aching muscle on his body. By the end of the description Todd’s smooth chest and stomach were covered with the sticky reward of his intense masturbation session. The two chatted many times since then and had even exchanged pictures. Seeing Jason had made matters much worse; while he wasn’t generally attracted to guys, Jason’s clean cut good looks, toned smooth body and impressive package (under boxers) only fed into Todd’s curiosity. He hesitated telling Jason that he’d be coming to his home town on business, but again that part of him that couldn’t let this opportunity pass, jumped at the chance to break the good news.

It was that part of him that now picked up the phone and told Jason to come right over.

Part II:

Thank God the water pressure was good in this hotel and thank God the water was hot. Todd stood, back to the spray and leaned his head back under the forceful jets of water. He ran his hands through his hair, getting the last remnants of conditioner out . His heart was still pounding and his cock had been hard from the moment he stepped out of his boxers to get into the shower. He looked down at it now as the water pounded into his back. He ran his hands down his smooth chest and stomach and combed his fingers through the tightly trimmed brown pubic hair, this made his cock twitch just a bit. At full glory, he was close to eight inches and because he kept the base shaved and his pubic hair tightly cut, he felt he made very good “presentation”. He was way too excited at the prospects for this evening and much too nervous. Perhaps getting off first would calm some of the tension. He poured some more conditioner into his right hand and rubbed it in circular motions over his shaft. This caused his breathing to quicken, he wouldn’t last long right now, this was all too much for him. With his left hand he began lightly rubbing his smooth balls with his fingers and spreading his legs a bit, even worked his index finger into the crack of his ass to gently tease his hole.

His breath quickened and he was moaning softly to himself….the image in his mind was one of Jason sharing the shower with him, standing nude right in front of him stroking his own cock in unison with Todd. There cocks would look so hot only inches apart from each other. He imagined the look in Jason’s eyes as they signaled to him that he was feeling exactly the same sensations and that he wanted to cum at exactly the same moment. Todd couldn’t wait another minute and he actually screamed out loud as the first blast of semen shot from his cock onto the shower floor…more followed, again and again he shot until he was spent and almost collapsed. Thank God for the little wash cloth rail that he could use as support. He rested for a moment while his breathing and heart rate returned to normal or as normal as it could be under the circumstances and then he continued with his shower.

When he was dried off, he styled his hair, brushed his teeth, slapped on some Polo Sport and put on new boxers, a white pullover shirt and black jeans. It was now 8:45 and he was ready for the door to ring at any minute and he was scared as hell, so scared in fact that he thought he could actually throw up. He wondered if he should start drinking now or wait until Jason showed up. He chose to start now. He pulled the bottle of Zinfandel out of the fridge and poured himself a glass. Wine would surely relax him, he thought to himself.

Part III:

Then came the inevitable knock on the door and Todd wondered what the hell he’d gotten himself into. He stood up from the soft chair and was about to place the wine glass on the table, but decided otherwise; definitely needed to keep hold of the stimulants or he’d surely back out of this.

His hand shook as he reached for the knob and opened the door. Jason waited on the other side with an inviting smile. “Face to face at last.”

Todd never thought he would ever describe another man as hot, but that’s just what Jason was. About six feet tall with surfer’s style bleached blonde hair, icy blue eyes and a golden tan. He wore a white tee shirt and blue jeans and boating shoes with no socks. He held next to him a folded up white massage table and had a knapsack slung over his shoulder. For a moment, the massage table startled Todd and it must have shown in his eyes because Jason said, “Remember….I’m a masseuse” he said with a wide grin.

Todd invited Jason in and gestured toward the lounge chair for him to have a seat. He offered him a glass of wine which Jason gladly accepted. As he poured it and tried to make light conversation, Todd felt like he was stumbling….he just felt awkward and stupid no matter what he tried to say. He mentioned the day’s arrival and his dinner, but inside his head it was sounding inane babble. Jason seemed to catch on to this nervousness and immediately picked up the conversation and took over, chatting about all the different great restaurants he’d eaten at recently and all the great clubs there were around town. As Todd topped his wine glass and sat down on the bed to listen, he felt the pressure wash away. He listened to Jason’s soft but enthusiastic tone and felt relaxed enough to begin contributing to the conversation without feeling like a complete idiot. Before either of them realized, almost a half hour had past, another drink poured and they were both feeling much better.

Jason was the first to lay down his glass. “Now, how about that massage?” Todd smiled; the three glasses of wine had really loosened him up. “Yeah, I think it’s definitely that time.”

Jason set up the table and asked Todd to get undressed. He told Todd to wrap himself in one of the large sized bath towels and it was his choice whether or not he wanted to wear his underwear under the towel. Todd had already made the decision not to wear anything at all when he closed the bathroom door behind him to get undressed. By the time he got his pants and his shirt off he was hard as a rock again. He looked at his excitement in the mirror, now so relieved that he had made the decision to go through with this. The time already spent with Jason proved to him that he wanted this very much and he wasn’t writing off any possibilities at this point. He was going to let nature take its course here.

He wrapped the towel around his waist, making sure to secure his cock tight to his abdomen. He didn’t want a giant tent in the towel to give him away the second he left the bathroom. Jason had the room darkened with candles situated at different locations to produce the most remarkable shadow effects on the wall. Music was playing from a compact stereo that was located on the desk, it must have also been in the knapsack with the candles. Todd recognized the music as new age, but couldn’t quite remember the artist’s name. The sight of the candles and the sound of the music aroused him to points he hadn’t thought possible. He was totally above any apprehension at this point.

Part IV:

Jason gestured his hand over the massage table and Todd climbed up on it face down, he had to adjust his hard-on slightly to make himself comfortable. In the candlelight, he swore he saw Jason smirk at this little maneuver.

Over his shoulder Todd could see Jason picking up a small bottle of oil off the desk and then moved toward him. Todd felt the first drops of warm oil make splash down on to his bare back. Then the feel, finally of Jason’s hands on his body. It felt so incredible; the strong hands, undeniably male, but yet still so fucking sensual. Todd’s breath drew in at that first contact.

Jason kneaded the oil into his back and Todd became lost in the sensation, the smell of the oil and the sound of the music intermixed with his own low moans. His increasing hardness pushed into the towel, this was pure heaven.

Jason didn’t rush this experience. He worked on Todd’s back until every centimeter of tension had been relaxed. Using more oil he lightly stroked Todd’s side with the back of his fingers, up and down from his waist up to under his arms. Todd’s sighed out loud as Jason’s fingers brushed through the hair under his arms.

Next came the blissful assault on his shoulders, neck and then down his arms, one at a time. Even his hands and fingers seemed to be worshipped. This too was slow and intoxicating; Todd was on a sexual high he’d never experienced before. He had no idea how much time had gone by since the first drop of oil had hit him.

It must have been quite some time that had passed because before he knew it the music had stopped, an entire CD had played. Jason laid his hand on Todd’s back, “Time out for one second.” He moved over to the desk and pulled another disc from the bag.

Todd used this opportunity to relax the weight that was laying on his chest; he propped himself up on his elbows for a second, after first adjusting the now painful erection trapped in the towel.

“Do you like ambient music?” Jason asked.

“Yes, I love it.” He would have loved anything Jason had brought. When the next disc started playing, Jason moved back over to him. “How is this so far? Glad you went through with it?”

There would be no holding back. “I’d like it much more if I could see you out of those jeans, ” Todd replied.

Jason’s smile grew wide, “Oh man, that makes me very happy to hear.”

Still propped up on his elbows, Todd watched Jason move around in front of him. Their faces were a mirror of intense hunger for each other. Jason’s stare never broke from Todd’s eyes as he slowly stepped out of the boating shoes and then lifted the tee shirt over his head. Now Jason was bare-chested. He was toned but not overly-muscular, chest and stomach completely smooth and just the slightest bit tanned.

“No reservations about this?” Jason whispered the question, the tone a plea for a continuation.

Todd opened his mouth, trying to answer but the he couldn’t find the breath to make the sound, a quick shake of his head would send the right message.

Jason, still with eyes fixed, unbuttoned his jeans. Todd got one last look at the forming bulge under the denim before the zipper was lowered revealing a pair of black Calvin boxer briefs. Jason was hardening by the second as he lowered the jeans and stepped out of them. Todd was within a foot of another man’s aroused cock, something he had never even considered not so long ago. It was as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

His right hand almost timidly reached out to Jason’s confined dick. He felt himself sigh as he cupped and then very softly rubbed it through the cotton material. He heard Jason’s sharp intake of breath followed by a low moan at this sensation. “Oh my God, I can’t believe we’re finally doing this.” One of them had spoken it aloud, Todd wasn’t sure who, because it was what both were thinking.

Jason shifted his hips in a bit, grinding into the moving hand. Todd wanted desperately to see this cock nude, but was sooo enjoying the look and feel of it through the underwear. He didn’t want to rush it. Jason stepped a bit to the side so he could reach out and rub Todd’s ass through the towel. After a couple of seconds, he tugged at the towel a bit, prompting Todd to lift his hips up and loosen it. With access now, Jason’s hand slipped under the towel and brushed across his cheeks and lightly stroked up his crack.

“Oh Fuck,” Todd heaved. He spread his legs a bit and arched his hips up again giving Jason more space to explore, while never ceasing his devotion to the organ now straining under the Calvin’s. The feeling of that finger spreading and stroking his ass was almost enough to send him over the edge. He could feel his cock dripping into the towel and when he finally couldn’t take it any more sat up on the table. The evidence of large wet spot on the front of it gave everything away.

“I’ve got to taste you,” he begged. Seated on the table with legs at the side, Todd positioned Jason directly in front of him. He drew his arms around him and brought his lips to the smooth chest and stomach. He smelled cologne intermingled with the delicious natural smell of a body primed for sex. He kissed his way up and down his chest and around each of the nipples, just barely touching the skin with the tip of his tongue as he parted his lips. Jason must have been loving this because he held Todd tight to him. He lightly sucked on each of the nipples causing him to cry out.

Now he kissed his way back down to the elastic band of the Calvin’s. Jason stretched up to his toes to put his cock in line with Todd’s face. His cock, while fully erect was still pointing down, pinned by the tightness. The outline of it was down the leg, almost coming out the bottom. Fuck, this is going to be gorgeous, Todd thought as he very slowly lowered the Calvin’s, teasing himself to delay this moment.

When it was uncovered, it was pure perfection. Just as he’d imagined it would be. At least eight inches, cut, nice and thick and flawless. There was a beautifully trimmed patch of blonde hair above it and the base and testicles were shaved smooth. “Oh My God! Oh My God!” was all he could say. He held it in his right hand and lowered his mouth on to it. He’d imagined for months what it would be like but nothing had prepared him for how truly wonderful it felt and tasted to have that warm hard cock in his mouth. He loved the slightly salty taste and he loved how he could almost feel the hot blood pumping through the veins. When he was aroused, Todd always had a lot of saliva; usually he was careful to keep try to keep his mouth as dry as possible for the sake of kissing, but now that wet mouth would be a gift to Jason. He had never done this before, but he knew what he liked and he knew what looked erotic. His hot, wet mouth very slowly and sensuously sucked and licked and kissed; each time he pulled his mouth away small strands of saliva connected his mouth to Jason’s dick. Then that saliva became mixed with precum which oozed freely from the tip. It tasted so wonderful mixed with his saliva; he had tasted his own so many times while cybering with Jason and now finally it was reality.

This assault was taking it’s toll on Jason whose breath was quickening. “Oh fuck, Todd it feels sooo good.” Jason’s knees were quivering under his weight and he pulled on Todd to get up from the table. Jason guided him to the bed and he let the towel fall to the floor on the way. They were both nude now; two gorgeous men about to absolutely ravage each other in this secluded little world. The world outside would never know and yet neither or them would ever be the same again.

With his legs parted, Jason pulled Todd down on top of him. He was pulled into his very first kiss with another man. There wasn’t any hesitation, it was passion from the very first second. They ate each other’s mouths and their tongues wrestled as the smooth bodies and hard organs ground together. Neither could control their breathing and moans through the kisses. Todd could feel their cocks, lubed from precum sliding with ease across each other. It was positively the best feeling he could ever remember. Jason’s hands reached around and parted his cheeks as they kissed, and he could feel a finger sliding gently into his asshole which was still slick from the massage oil. The combination of all these sensations; the rubbing cocks, the deep tongue-kissing and the probing of his ass was more than he could handle. He broke away from this kiss for an instant and begged into Jason’s eyes, “Oh please…I’m gonna cum!!!”

Jason pulled him back into the kiss and drove his finger deeper into Todd’s ass and that was all he needed. With a scream louder than he could ever imagine, Todd pushed his cock hard into Jason’s and it exploded…blast after blast of hot semen shot out onto Jason’s cock, stomach and chest. As their bodies mashed together both became covered with the sticky fluid. Todd was weak and in spite of how spent he felt, he was not satisfied. He wanted more of Jason. He slid himself down the slick body of his lover and began licking his juices from Jason’s chest and stomach. He loved the smell and taste of his cream on Jason’s skin. He buried his nose in the trim pubic hair, inhaling the strong and delicious scent of man. Jason’s hard sex was in his hand again and he tongued a trail from the base up the shaft before engulfing the head in his mouth. The feel of it in his mouth continued to drive him insane with lust and he pushed his own cock into the bed, bringing life back to it again.

“God, I love sucking you.” He cupped Jason’s heavy balls and gently massaged them while his hot and very wet mouth worshipped him. Jason had spread his legs wide and was rocking his hips, fucking his face and moaning so loudly the whole floor must have been witness to it all. Todd was in a sucking frenzy; he had never felt so out of control in his entire life. He pushed Jason’s legs farther apart exposing the tight bud just under his balls. No stopping him now….he broke free from Jason’s cock and lowered his mouth and forced his tongue into his lover’s anal opening. Jason damn near squealed as his ass accepted the invading tongue. Todd tongue fucked him and stroked him until his tongue was sore; he couldn’t get enough, he wanted to be deeper inside him…

“Oh FUCK!!” Jason screamed! Todd could feel the rectal muscles tighten around his tongue and he felt the testicles pull up; Jason was going to cum hard. Todd quickly wrapped his mouth around Jason’s cock and stroked the shaft with everything he had. Jason’s body tightened and the first blast of hot cum slammed into the back of Todd’s throat, startling him. He pulled back for a second before going down again letting Jason’s juice flow freely into his mouth. He swallowed what he could and he let the rest linger in his mouth and rolled it around Jason’s cock as it continued to erupt. Jason’s body shook and he was panting and as Todd came up for air he was afraid Jason was going to pass out. He held on to his friend’s waist and watched as his breathing finally steadied and his muscles and facial expression relaxed.

Todd smiled, “Not bad for a novice?”

Jason stroked his hair, “You were amazing.” He reached out to pull Todd up and kissed him full on the mouth, tongues once again together, this time sharing in the taste of pure passion.

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