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Lydia And Lucy On The Beat

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“My god this is a slow night! What the hell is everyone doing?” Constable Lydia Knightley was bored to tears, almost literally, and struggling to keep awake in the worst way. 2am on a twelve-hour night shift was the beginning of the nods, and with no action around, there was nothing but will power keeping her awake.

Lucky she was working with the hottest Senior Constable in the station, and she only had to glance sideways in the car to see into Lucy’s gaping uniform, letting her gaze linger on Lucy’s satin-encased breasts.

“Yeah, it should be going off! Hot night, normally gets everyone worked up for trouble,” Lucy spoke deliberately, feeling Lydia’s eyes on her fantastic breasts as she drove. She thought Lydia was gorgeous, with those big brown eyes, great honey skin and an arse Lucy just itched to get her hands on. But being the only dyke at work was hard, and Lucy had learnt her lesson years ago about showing any interest in the hot girls in the station. Invariably they were straight, or even if they were interested they were too scared of the backlash from the boys to contemplate coming across.

Lydia was the first to show this much interest in a long time, though. And Lucy had been working up the nerve for ages to hit on her properly, just to see what the reaction would be. Lucy knew she looked pretty good, especially for a woman of nearly 40. Her body was a fit machine, honed from daily gym sessions and her hard training as a triathlete; she knew she was worth looking at, but no one had seen her naked in a long, long time and she was really starting to get bored with fingering herself to sleep.

The problem was, Lydia was at best 24 years old, and Lucy was worried Lydia thought she was just too old. Little did Lucy know how much a turn on the age gap was for Lydia, and how many times Lydia had rubbed her clit into a frenzy at the thought of fucking Lucy.

“So, what do you want to do, hun? We could got for a drive through the industrials to write off our taskings there, if you want?” Lucy’s eyebrows cocked up in question as she glanced away from the road to look at Lydia, only to find Lydia looking at her with the strangest little smile on her face.

“What?” It was Lucy’s turn to smile as she looked back to the road, trying to concentrate on her driving. She felt a bead of sweat start rolling down her side as the full weight of that look and the sexual tension that passed between them settled on her. Tonight was surely the night to see what side of the fence Lydia stood on, it seemed.

Lucy pulled into the industrial estate gates slowly, both women scanning the darkness for anything out of the ordinary. Lucy let the car roll along, her mind churning as she struggled to work out how to approach this situation. She was so busy thinking of kissing Lydia’s full red lips she turned left when she should have turned right and found one of the many dead-ends in amongst the massive sheds. The headlights illuminated the pre-fabricated wall, and Lucy swore softly, shoving the transmission into reverse.

As she turned her head to check behind her, she felt Lydia’s hand on her arm.

“Do you mind having a pit stop here? I just need to stretch my legs. I’ve got a chockie bar if you want to share?” Lucy looked into Lydia’s eyes and saw something there. Something nervous and wanton, and so, so sexy.

“Um, sure. Sounds like a good idea.” Lucy pushed the transmission into park and switched off the ignition, the silence that enveloped them interrupted only by the low chatter of the police radio. Both women opened their doors and climbed out, Lydia moving to the front of the car and stretching up tall with a yawn. Lucy caught sight of her just as she closed her door, and stood for a few seconds, just transfixed by the supple grace of Lydia’s body, even in the unflattering uniform and heavy gun belt.

Lydia leaned back on the car, digging into the big pocket on the leg of her uniform cargo pants and pulled out a Kit Kat. She looked around and saw Lucy just standing by the driver’s door.

“What? Is something happening on the radio?” She asked, thinking Lucy must be listening to the police radio. “No, nothing,” said Lucy with a soft smile.

“Well, come over here and have some Kit Kat then!” Lydia patted the warm bonnet of the car as it ticked quietly, cooling in the gentle night air. Lucy walked slowly to the front of the car, propping her tight arse on the bonnet and looking to Lydia.

Lydia broke the chocolate in half, holding out the two wafer sticks and grinning as Lucy’s fingers brush Lydia’s, very deliberately. Any pretence of professionalism was quickly slipping away, replaced by the most pressing and obvious lust. Lydia took a bite and, mid-crunch, suddenly whispered, “Um, Luce, do you mind if I ask you something?” Lucy stared at sky up above them, picking out the Southern Cross just off to their right. “Sure,” she murmured, somehow sensing what was coming.

Lydia paused. Then, “What’s it like being with a girl? I’ve never been with a girl before. I mean, I’ve never even kissed a girl or anything.”

Lucy sighed with happiness at the question. She knew this was it, and she felt the heat spread between her thighs at the acknowledgement of what this was. “Being with a girl is incredible, like nothing else.” As she finished speaking, Lucy turned to Lydia, placing a hand on her cheek and leaning in. She let her mouth hover an inch from Lydia’s, letting her decide whether this was what she wanted. Lydia wasn’t breathing, she was so nervous and excited and aroused all at the same time.

As Lydia pressed her lips to Lucy’s soft mouth both women moaned quietly. All the sexual tension of the night, and the months leading up to that night, poured into that kiss. Soon their tongues were sliding together, Lucy taking Lydia’s hand, her fingers interlocking with Lydia’s as she stood and turned her body to Lydia’s, pressing her into the car.

The intensity of their desire mounted as the women kissed harder, more desperately, hands roaming each other, with Lydia gasping at her first feel of Lucy’s magnificent breasts, the nipples so hard they poked out defiantly against the blue cotton of her uniform shirt. Lydia unbuttoned Lucy’s shirt quickly, wanting to feel her smooth naked skin and hard muscled back, pulling the shirt up out of her belt and sliding her hands up and down Lucy’s back, then cupping her breasts, moaning into Lucy’s mouth in pure delight.

“Oh fuck honey,” Lucy murmured, “God I want to fuck you so badly. Do you want to? Here?” Lydia giggled at Lucy’s question, then contemplating stopping and having to wait for hours til the end of the shift, Lydia kissed Lucy again, “Yes. God yes. Fuck me here sweetie.”

Lucy needed little encouragement and undid Lydia’s gun belt, holding it in one hand as she undid her own. She kissed Lydia hard, then pulled back, her fingers pinching Lydia’s hard nipples. “Wait here for one second, I’ll dump these in the car. Don’t want anyone sneaking up and grabbing our guns!” Lydia nodded with a grin, her pussy throbbing uncontrollably as she felt the insane wetness leaking into her panties just from kissing Lucy.

Within seconds Lucy was back, pressing hard into Lydia’s body, pushing her back on the bonnet of the car. Her tongue slid into the hollow of Lydia’s neck as she unbuttoned Lydia’s shirt quickly, pulling it open to slide her hands over the perky tits. Her fingers rolled Lydia’s nipples through the bra, pushing it up to expose her firm breasts for her mouth, then expertly unhooking the back so the bra fell loosely. Lydia moaned in Lucy’s mouth as she slipped her arms from the loops, letting the black satin fall on the bonnet.

“Oh god, oh Lucy,” Lydia couldn’t stop moaning softly, so turned on as she looked up at the stars, knowing anyone could just drive in, especially other cops. Fuck they’d never live that down!

Lucy pulled Lydia up to her, kissing her mouth again as she unbuttoned Lydia’s pants. She could tell that Lydia was wet and worked up, and the puddle forming in her own knickers was incredible. She turned Lydia to face the car, wrapping her arms around the younger woman, hands cupped under her breasts and mouth sucking her neck. Leaning forward slowly Lucy managed to press Lydia against the bonnet, Lydia gasping as the warm metal met her hard nipples, a feeling so foreign she could only groan.

Lucy started working Lydia’s pants down, peeling them, taking her time to reveal Lydia’s gorgeous arse. She licked her lips as Lydia’s firm round globes are revealed, and planted a lingering kiss on each buttock. “Jesus, Lydia, you have the most amazing body,” she whispered, her hands gently parting Lydia’s cheeks and her tongue gently licking Lydia’s tight arsehole, making Lydia whimper. Lucy pulled the pants down to Lydia’s ankles, pressing her further forward on the car to get access to that hot wet cunt.

Lucy could smell Lydia’s delicious juice and knew how hot Lydia was. She traced a finger over the swollen lips, seeing the glisten in the street light glowing over the wall. She dipped her head and let her tongue flatten against the hot slipperiness, slowly lapping from Lydia’s cunt lips, over her opening, and right up her arse crack, lingering at the tight pucker to make Lydia moan again. She rubbed the hardening clit softly with a finger as she licked over and over, like a well-trained dog, making Lydia pant and whimper her name.

“Oh Jesus Lucy, oh fuck…”Lydia moaned, unable to believe a tongue could make her feel this way. The men she’d fucked had never got her so wet and excited before, not by a long shot, and she could feel her body starting to tremble as she built towards climax.

Suddenly Lucy stood, breaking all contact with Lydia. “Stay there, I’m just going to get something,” she commanded. Lydia whimpered in frustration and want, but stayed where she was told. “Close your eyes, honey,” Lucy murmured, “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Obediently, Lydia closed her eyes tight, her body beginning to press harder against the hood of the police car, trying to rub her swollen aching clit on the metal. She gasped as her clit made indirect contact, and managed to grind against the bonnet as she was left unattended.

“Oh, you’re a naughty little girl, aren’t you?” whispered Lucy, very close to Lydia’s ear, making her jump. She’d been concentrating so hard on rubbing herself on the car she hadn’t heard Lucy approach. Without warning, Lucy grabbed Lydia’s right wrist, bringing it quickly behind Lydia’s back and snapping a handcuff on with practised ease. Lydia gasped in shock and tried to turn towards Lucy, but Lucy just pressed her bodyweight into Lydia’s hot body, her crotch thrusting into Lydia’s arse, forcing her harder onto the car and making her bare clit bump the bonnet so that Lydia cried out.

Swiftly, Lucy pulled Lydia’s left wrist up behind and snapped the handcuffs home, smiling to herself as she adjusted the bracelets and locked them. The heavy handcuffs hurt, she knew that from experience, and she made sure to have them loose enough to allow Lydia some wiggle room, but not too much.

“How do you like that, baby?” she breathed into Lydia’s ear, kissing her neck and grinding her pelvis into Lydia’s delicious arse. Lydia could only whimper, forced to lie helpless over the bonnet. Her heart was beating out of control and she was sure Lucy could hear it. The fear rising up in her was only abated by the throbbing heat in her engorged cunt and she bit her lip as Lucy’s nimble fingers slid up her wet slit.

Lucy crouched down and licked Lydia’s hot dripping pussy again, moaning as she tasted the torrent gushing out of her junior Constable. She slid two fingers into Lydia’s wetness, loving the gasp and moan as Lydia took her deep, pushing back to take more. “All in good time, sweetie,” Lucy whispered, “there’s more to come.”

Lydia’s wrists hurt a little but all she could concentrate on was Lucy’s fingers in her cunt. She rocked back and forth, fucking Lucy’s fingers like a cock, all the while her nipples, bare and hard, rubbed the warm bonnet.

Suddenly, she felt something cold and hard at her pussy opening, something metal. She yelped and tried to move away, but she was virtually tied still, with the handcuffs holding her upper body still and her pants restricting her ankles. Lucy let out a small moan as she pushed the cold metal into the prone woman and Lydia’s mind worked trying to think what it was.

Just as Lucy pushed it in, Lydia’s brain clicked. It was a baton! A fucking police baton!! Lydia tried to say something, but at that moment, Lucy rubbed her clit so gently, teasing as she pushed the baton in slowly. A sexy squelch emanated from Lydia’s dripping pussy and Lucy grinned. “Oh you are a wet little girl, aren’t you?”

Lydia couldn’t believe what was happening, but it felt incredible. The coolness of the baton and Lucy’s expert touch was rapidly driving her to a mind-altering orgasm. Her body started to respond, pushing back slowly as Lucy fed the baton in. Unhurriedly, Lucy started to pump the baton in and out of Lydia, gradually building the pace and pressing in behind Lydia to reach under and rub her hot clit.

Lydia’s body was betraying her. She knew how dirty this was, letting herself get fucked by a baton, but the very image in her head of the beautiful, amazingly sexy Lucy behind her, thrusting the baton in as she fingered her hard clit, was so hot. She moaned and whimpered, riding back on the metal cock, knowing she had never felt this way when she was fucked by the real thing, and feeling her hot dripping cunt sucking on the baton like never before.

It was more than Lydia could take for long, and within minutes Lydia was screaming and shuddering on the bonnet of the car, her cunt spasming and clenching on the baton, now slick and warm with her juices. Lucy held the baton still and let Lydia ride it as she came, marvelling at the younger woman’s strength and gorgeous arse.

As Lydia started to relax, Lucy slid the baton from her cunt, giggling as Lydia’s swollen wet pussy made a hot slurp when she pulled the last inches out. Lucy knelt and licked at the hot juice, her tongue soothing Lydia’s over-heated pussy, her fingers smearing the juice up Lydia’s crack and around her tender arsehole.

Lydia whimpered and adjusted her hands behind her back, unable to really think through the dark haze of her post-orgasmic state. No one had ever touched her arsehole before. Some guys had wanted to, but she’d never let them, fearing the pain. She liked the way Lucy’s fingers felt, all slippery in her own juices, but she’d always been a ‘not in that hole’ kind of girl, pushing any man who dared ask away.

“Lucy, what are you doing?” she questioned, her voice a little higher than normal in her uncertainty. “I’m going to play with your arsehole, baby,” Lucy murmured, “I promise I’ll be gentle.” Lydia trembled a little, painfully aware of how much she was at Lucy’s mercy.

Lucy darted her tongue out and licked Lydia’s tight little pucker, loving the taste and feel of Lydia’s anus as it clenched at her touch. Lucy licked softly, gently, letting the tip of her tongue gently work Lydia’s hole open a little at a time. She was rewarded by a sudden hot moan from Lydia, obviously giving in to the intense pleasure, however different it was. Lucy’s fingers resumed their slow rubbing of Lydia’s sensitive engorged clit, allowing her fingers to slide over it in time with her tongue.

As Lydia began to moan louder, more rhythmically, Lucy worked her finger into Lydia’s arse, sliding it deep. Lucy cried out and arched her back, pushing back to take it deeper instinctively as her pussy dripped juice on Lucy’s delving fingers. Soon, Lucy had two fingers in Lydia’s tight clenching arse, her other hand working three fingers deep into her cunt at the same time. Lydia could barely control herself, not believing how good it felt to have fingers in her arse too. She groaned and whimpered as she rode back on Lucy’s thrusting fingers.

Suddenly Lucy slid her fingers out of Lydia’s arse, leaving it gaping slightly, and Lydia moaning in frustration. Just as Lydia was drawing breath to demand Lucy put her fingers back in her arse, she felt the cold touch of the baton at her arsehole. It was still wet with pussy juice and felt amazing on Lydia’s heated arsehole.

“Oh, god Luce. No one’s ever put anything up there before. Its going to hurt, please be gentle.”

“Don’t worry, honey, you’re ready,” Lucy soothed, pushing slowly but firmly on the baton. Lydia whimpered as she felt her arsehole resisting the baton. “Just relax, baby, bear down on it,” Lucy cooed, merciless as she pushed the baton against Lydia’s anus. Lydia cried out as she relaxed her tight sphincter and the baton suddenly slid in unhindered.

“Oh fuck!” Lydia screamed, her voice echoing off the walls of the factories around them. Lucy smiled and just held the baton still, her fingers still working Lydia’s hard clit. Lydia stood still for a full minute, letting Lucy minister to her swollen clit, her arse slowly warming to the idea of the baton inside it. Lucy felt a broad grin spread across her face as she saw Lydia start to push back and take more of the baton inside her. Within minutes she was pumping back on the baton and crying out in pleasure.

Lucy just held the baton to her stomach, leaning over Lydia’s back and enjoying the contact with Lydia’s bare back and arse, her fingers digging deeper into Lydia’s clenching cunt, juices drooling on her hand. Lydia was making the most guttural, animalistic noises, her whole body trembling in excitement, and Lucy knew she was going to cum like a train any moment. She reached up and pulled Lydia’s head back by her ponytail, turning Lydia’s face to hers and kissing her hard as Lydia erupted with orgasm.

Lucy held Lydia from behind, the baton deep in her arse as her whole body shuddered and shook in Lucy’s arms. Lydia could only grunt and moan as she came and came, Lucy’s fingers on her clit. After what seemed like an hour, Lydia collapsed exhausted over the bonnet, whimpering like a little girl.

Lucy slid the baton out slowly, loving the little convulsion and squeal from Lydia as the tip popped out. Lydia’s arsehole gaped a little and Lucy couldn’t resist licking it gently, trying to soothe the sore, raw skin. She took the keys to the handcuffs from her pocket, quickly unlocking them and rolling them off Lydia’s tender wrists. She kissed the red welts on her partner’s arms, and pulled her up, turning Lydia in her arms and holding her close as Lydia’s breathing returned to normal. Lucy was still, for all intents and purposes, fully clothed, and she felt the delicious heat and wetness pooled between her legs.

“Hey, baby, hey,” she soothed, “You OK?” Lydia could only gulp, and nod. Lucy knelt and pulled Lydia’s pants up, tucking the wrinkled shirt in as she did up the button. As she was doing up the fly she felt Lydia’s hand on her face. “What about you, honey?” Lydia asked, a look of concern on her beautiful face. “You didn’t even get your clothes off! I wanna make you cum too.”

Lucy smiled wryly. “You’re on nightshift tomorrow night, aren’t you?”

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