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Lust in the Classroom Ch. 02

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The next day I had two classes and to be honest about it I might as well not even have gone. My mind was on Donna and her beautiful, sexy body. The day before had been wonderful and I was looking forward to making love to her again. I had almost forgotten about my promise to take her with me to see if those two hot teachers would return for another bout of sexy lovemaking.

About three o’clock my cell phone rang. It was Donna wanting to know where to meet me. I could tell that she was really looking forward to the idea of spying on some hot sex.

“Oh Jill I’ve gotta tell you that I’m hot as a pistol just thinking about it. Do you think they’ll come back?”

“I hope so Donna but like I told you yesterday, no promises.” Despite my caution to her I felt my enthusiasm for the whole idea start to pick up. Donna’s eagerness was contagious.

“Meet me outside the main door to the high school at four o’clock. I’ll be inside and let you in. Don’t be late, if they’re going to come it will be about four thirty when they get there and we have to be inside the room by then.”

“Ok. God Jill, my pussy’s dripping just thinking about it. I can’t wait!”

“Save some of that juice for me baby, you know how much I like the way you taste.”

“Oh I wish you were here right now Jill. But I’ll see you in about an hour. Bye- bye honey”

Oh lord, now I was in the mood. Just talking to Donna had gotten me horny as hell. But I had things to do first.

Classes at the high school were over by two thirty and by three o’clock most of the students had left. The teachers worked later but most of them were out of the building by four. We cleaners started at three thirty.

Toni had been right yesterday. All the cleaning crew would be on the second floor that night stripping the floors and then waxing them. I milled around with the rest of the cleaners for a while and then about three forty-five I slipped downstairs and using the master key in the janitorial office I unlocked the classroom door where I had watched yesterday. I returned the key and went back upstairs for a few minutes.

A terrible thought hit me. Who was to say that they would use the same classroom? They could go anywhere for their lovemaking. But what could I do? I had to assume that they would act like creatures of habit and return to the same spot.

About five minutes to four I slipped away again and went downstairs. Opening the main doors I let Donna inside. I could feel her excitement.

Looking around to make sure that no one was in sight I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. Her eager tongue found mine and for just a moment we clung together. But this was not the place for this type of greeting.

To be perfectly honest, at that moment I would have been happy to pull her into the rest room, sit her up on a sink and nibble on her beautiful pussy for about an hour or two. But I knew how much she was looking forward to our ‘adventure’ as she had called it so I restrained myself. “Come on” I said.

We let ourselves into the unlocked classroom and giggling to ourselves ran back to the cloakroom. I showed Donna the window we could peep through. She stared out at the classroom for a minute and then said, “I’ll be right back.”

She darted out into the classroom and damned if she didn’t pull the teacher’s desk a little closer to our window and turn it slightly to a different angle. Returning to the cloakroom she laughed and said, “If there’s any pussy eating going on out there, I want to get a good view.” I was frankly amazed. What a wonderful, slutty mind she had.

Who knew how much time we would have to kill waiting so I pulled her to me and once again pressed my lips against hers. She pulled my body in close to hers and her tongue began probing my mouth while her hands cupped my ass and began kneading and squeezing my cheeks.

She broke our kiss after a moment and her tongue began exploring my sensitive earlobe while at the same time whispering wonderful, nasty thoughts to me.

“I’m so fucking hot Jill. My pussy’s on fire. I wish your tongue was way up inside me baby, licking and sucking me. I’d cum right in your mouth again like last night. Would you like to suck me off again honey? Have me cum all over your face again? Ohh it’s so yummy.”

Would I? That’s all I had been thinking about all day. I was just about to reach down for a handful of her wet pussy when I heard voices in the hallway. I whispered “shh” to her and we both ducked down out of sight.

Luck was with us because the door opened and two ladies came into the classroom. I didn’t need to look. I remembered their voices from yesterday. Oh yes, it was Toni and Susan.

I looked at Donna and noticed that she was flushed from the excitement. Her eyes seemed big as saucers and her hushed breathing was irregular.

“Didn’t I tell you the cleaners would be upstairs tonight?” Toni said. “We’ve got the place to ourselves.” I heard her click the door lock and there we all were, locked in together.

“I’ve been thinking about this all day Toni. My lesson plans are a mess and I’ve got tons of reading to do but all I can focus on is that beautiful, sexy body of yours. God, what have you done to me?”

“Let’s not think about any of that right now, I’ll get your lesson plans straightened out later. Right now let’s concentrate on how good we’re going to make each other feel. Like when I rub those beautiful breasts of yours like this.”

At this point Donna and I raised up to chance a look out the window. Susan was turned partially away from us and Toni was standing behind her. Toni’s hands were caressing Susan’s breasts while she nibbled on her neck. Susan’s head was tilted back as she began to respond to Toni’s touch.

“Oh Toni baby that feels soo fucking good. Can you tell how hard my nipples are already? Ohhh yes!”

Susan turned around to face Toni and their tongues met in a hot passionate kiss. Susan’s hands roamed freely over Toni’s ass, rubbing and exploring and pulling Toni even closer to her. Toni moaned and buried her tongue deep into Susan’s mouth. Her fingers began unbuttoning Susan’s blouse.

I glanced at Donna and saw that she already had her hand down between her legs gently stroking her pussy. She looked over at me, smiled and mouthed silently the words “I’m so fucking hot!” I knew what she meant because I was feeling the same way. I began lightly rubbing my nipples and felt them stand right up in response.

Meanwhile Toni already had Susan’s blouse off and with no hesitation she slid the bra off of one of Susan’s breasts, bent forward and took the nipple into her warm, wet mouth. Susan moaned loudly and held Toni’s head against her as if she were afraid that Toni’s lips might release it unless she held her there.

Toni’s head moved back and forth in a circular motion as she slurped and sucked that stiffening nipple. Switching suddenly to Susan’s other breast she quickly dropped Susan’s bra to the floor and began sucking on that breast. I could plainly see Susan’s nipple was stiff and glistening with Toni’s saliva. My own nipples grew even longer in response.

Susan was backed up against the teacher’s desk and Toni gently leaned her back until her feet left the floor and she was lying on her back on the desk. Incredibly enough Toni managed this without once breaking contact with Susan’s breast and her mouth.

Susan had worn a skirt that day and Donna and I had a wonderful view of her long, sexy legs as her skirt rode up to the top of her thighs when she reclined on that desk. Donna mouthed something about “eating that pussy” that I didn’t quite get and I saw her shorts fall to the floor as her fingers dove inside her panties. Christ the temperature in that cloakroom felt like 100 degrees!

Susan’s head was rolling back and forth as passion became her mistress. “Oh fuck Toni, you’re driving me wild! Oh suck that tit honey. You’re getting me so fucking hot! Do it baby, do it!”

Toni’s hand reached down and found Susan’s crotch and began rubbing her through her panties. One of her fingers traced the indentation that I knew was her pussy and then her whole hand would massage the entire area. Reaching as far under Susan as she could reach I could see her fingers seek out Susan’s asshole and gently rub that area as well. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen and my pussy was dripping.

Finally Toni let Susan’s nipple slowly slip out of her mouth. “I’ve just got to taste you baby. Your pussy is so wet I can’t wait any longer!”

“Oh baby I want you to eat me too. Put your tongue in me baby. Suck me! Fuck me with that tongue. Make me cum and I’ll give you all the cunt juice that you can drink!”

Toni smiled at that and quickly slipped her sweater and bra off. Her breasts were magnificent just as I had remembered them. She slid Susan’s panties slowly down her legs, savoring the view. Then she raised those panties to her face and inhaled deeply of them, loving the earthy smell of Susan’s pussy.

She smiled at Susan and said, “Oh don’t worry baby, I’m going to eat that beautiful pussy of yours and lick up every wonderful drop. But first there’s something else I want you to do for me. Turn over onto your stomach for me baby. That’s it just like that. Do you remember yesterday what I said that I would do for you?

“You mean when you said you would…?”

“That’s right honey. You just lay there and relax and let Toni lick that hot asshole of yours.”

‘I’ve never done that before. Are you sure that…”

“I’m sure that you’re going to love it. And so am I honey. Now just relax and let me do all the work for a while.”

Inside the cloakroom the temperature shot up another ten degrees. Two of my fingers were up inside my cunt by this time and I could see Donna’s fingers ramming in and out of hers. Could this really be happening?

Toni licked her lips in anticipation. She began by rubbing her breasts on Susan’s ass cheeks, rubbing them back and forth across it. I could see her nipples, long and pointed graze those cheeks. Susan was obviously enjoying it as she suddenly drew her knees up under her and arched her back giving Toni full and easy access to her backside.

“Ohh you catch on quick sweetie,” Toni purred. She lifted her breast and put the nipple directly between Susan’s cheeks and began gently rubbing it back and forth in Susan’s ass. Her long, aroused nipple pushed at the entrance to Susan’s asshole and Toni did her best to push it in as far as possible.

“Oh what are you doing to me? That feels so goddamned good. Slide it around Toni honey!

Toni was happy to comply. She leaned forward and attempted to work that tittie further into Susan’s butt. Susan helped by reaching back and pulling her cheeks as far apart as possible. After a minute or two Toni finally pulled her boob out of that valley of delight and said, “guess you need a little lubrication down there.”

Bending forward her tongue gently began licking the outside of Susan’s cheeks. First one side then the other, each time coming a little closer to Susan’s ass itself. Finally, pulling Susan’s cheeks as far apart as she could, her tongue traced a path from the bottom of her pussy all the way up her ass, lingering just for the slightest second on Susan’s asshole itself.

Susan was squirming in delight. ” Oh god that’s wonderful! Do it some more!”

“Oh honey, your wish is my command!” Once again her tongue traced a path from pussy to asshole. This time her tongue lingered on Susan’s hole, getting it all wet and gently probing at the entrance.

“Ohh, that feels fucking wonderful! I had no idea. Do it Toni! Tongue fuck my ass!”

Needing no further encouragement Toni bent to her task. Thanks to Donnas having moved the desk earlier we had a perfect view of her licking and bathing that hot asshole with her eager tongue. After getting her ass soaking wet with her saliva, Toni gradually began pushing at the hole itself with her stiffened tongue, slowly pushing it up inside Susan. She then began slowly sliding it in and out, gradually increasing speed and pressure. Her tongue was reaching a good couple of inches into Susan and it was sliding in and out faster and faster.

Susan was moaning loudly now as Toni reamed that ass faster and harder. Both women were lost to their passion now as Susan enjoyed having her ass eaten for the first time and Toni wallowed in the oh-so-nasty joy of licking out her lover’s ass.

Back in the cloakroom Donna and I were just as lost in passion. Neither of us had been really prepared for the spectacle we were now enjoying right in front of us. Donna’s panties were down around her ankles now and she was fingering herself furiously. My shirt was off and my bra was pushed down affording me access to my swollen nipples.

I think it was the sight of my naked breasts and nipples that sent Donna over the edge and both of us to the brink of catastrophe. She told me later that she just wanted to suck my nipples when she tried to walk over to my side of the window. She forgot her panties were down around her ankles and lost her balance and crashed head first into me knocking me backwards into an old coat rack. That ancient coat rack completely tipped over sending wire hangers everywhere and making a horribly loud crash. I ended up flat on my backside and Donna fell forward and landed on top of me.

I was momentarily stunned but couldn’t miss the sounds of Toni and Susan jumping up from their lovemaking and coming toward that cloakroom. I knew we were caught!

Toni was the first to reach the cloakroom. The crash had startled her badly but her look changed rapidly from apprehension to surprise to anger when she saw Donna and I lying on the floor half naked in a pile of coat hangers and other debris.

“What the hell is going on in here? Just what do you two think you’re doing in here?”

Susan walked in and could only manage, “Oh shit!”

“Get up off that god damned floor and tell me what you two are doing here! NOW!”

Donna managed to get up off of me and both of us regained our feet. Donna’s panties had come off totally in the fall and my breasts were hanging out and my pants were open. We were about to mumble some meaningless excuse or other when Susan walked around us and noticed the window overlooking the classroom.

“Oh Christ Toni they must have seen everything, There’s a window here. Check this out.”

“Don’t you two fucking move,” Toni said as she walked over and checked out the view. Turning back to us I could see anger in her face as the whole picture of our activities became clear to her.

“You two are a couple of peeping toms! You get your rocks off watching other people have sex and then what…you get off together or something? Well you’re busted big time ladies. I’ll have you both suspended from school or worse!”

To this day I don’t know where I found the courage to say what I did but I’m convinced that it saved our behinds. Looking Toni in the eyes I blurted out, “what are you going to tell people, that you were licking your girlfriends ass and we spoiled you fun?”

Toni looked as if I had slapped her across the face. “Why you little bitch!” But she paused as the truth of my statement dawned on her.

“They’ll never take your word over mine. I’m a well- respected teacher here. You’re just a what…freshman or something? I promise you that you’ll be out of this school before the week is over.”

“Maybe so,” I countered, “but your reputation will never be the same. You can count on that.”

Toni flushed an even deeper shade of red and I thought she was about to strangle me when Susan spoke up.

“Toni, come outside here for a minute and talk to me. You two stay put.” Susan half pulled Toni outside the cloakroom leaving Donna and I alone.

“What are you trying to do” Donna mumbled, “get us expelled or something?”

“Shit I don’t know. My mouth left the station without my brain attached or something.”

Donna started to giggle at the stupidity of that statement before regaining her composure. Outside we could hear the two of them talking in hushed tones but couldn’t make out what they were saying. “I guess we’re toast,” Donna mumbled.

After the longest three or four minutes of my life they walked back into the cloakroom. Looking us over from head to toe Susan said, “well we’ve decided that it’s in every ones best interest if what happened here never leaves this room. Everyone here has something to lose if this got out. Agreed?”

“Agreed” Donna and I mumbled.

“However,” Toni announced, “You do realize that some punishment is in order. After all you were sneaking around where you had no business and peeping at our most private moments. So Susan and I have decided that we will handle your punishment right here and now. Then it’s over and forgotten once and for all.”

“All right but what sort of punishment did you mean?”

Toni and Susan’s eyes met and just the faintest trace of a smile became noticeable on their faces. “Get out into that classroom,” Toni ordered.

Donna reached down for her panties but Susan stopped her. “You won’t be needing those. Get out there just the way you are.”

We walked out to the classroom and Toni herded us over to the desk and ordered us to lean across it.

“You’ve been very naughty girls haven’t you? Well naughty girls get spankings where I come from. Now you,” she said jabbing me in the back, “get those pants off. I want to see bare ass from both of you.”

Despite my feeling that maybe this was getting out of hand I reached down and slid my slacks down to my ankles. Susan pulled my panties down shortly thereafter and I lifted my feet so that they could pull them off my feet and completely off. Donna was already bare ass naked. Now we were looking at each other as we lay across that desk with our asses sticking out and Susan and Toni out of our sight behind us. The whole thing was erotic in a weird sort of way and despite our situation I felt the first traces of passion renew themselves.

Someone delivered a light slap on my ass and I felt my buttocks jiggle slightly. The feeling was far from distasteful, in fact I kind of enjoyed it.

“You can do better than that Susan. Watch me.” With that a loud slap was administered to Donna’s firm ass. The sound filled the classroom and I heard Susan giggle. A second slap followed and I heard Donna moan softly. From pain or pleasure I couldn’t say.

My ass was next and it was much harder when it came this time. The vibration carried through my butt and my pussy tingled slightly. Hey, this wasn’t half bad I thought.

Both of them slapped our butts at the same time next and again that tingling sensation coursed through me. I glanced at Donna and could tell that she felt the same as me because she smiled slightly and licked her lips.

Susan and Toni fell into a rhythm as first one cheek and then the other received lashing blows. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feelings of unexpected pleasure the spanking was causing. Donna was moaning loudly now as she too gave herself willingly to this new experience.

I sensed that Toni and Susan were also beginning to rather enjoy themselves. From time to time one of them would mutter ‘Ohhh’ and their breathing sounded louder and quicker.

“Ohh, look how red their asses are,” Susan moaned. Her slaps were losing their intensity and becoming more like caresses. “Think they’ve learned their lesson?”

“I think maybe they have,” Toni said. “Are you naughty little dirty girls going to behave yourselves now?”

“Oh yes,” Donna moaned. “Anything you say. Anything.”

“All right then, stay where you are and Susan and I will put some nice cream on those nasty red asses of yours. Wouldn’t want you to leave all sore and red would we Susan honey?”

“Certainly not,” Susan managed between labored breaths. “Such nice young asses should be loved not spanked.” Her hands were frankly caressing my ass now, gently rubbing the reddened area. She moved her other hand to Donna’s red ass and gave her the same gentle caress. Her fingers slid gently in between my cheeks and ever so lightly grazed my asshole. The feeling was electric and I jerked in response.

Toni returned with a large container of skin cream that she had been carrying in her purse. She squirted a large amount of cream on our red asses. It was cool but felt very soothing. Soon both of them were slowly and gently rubbing that cream all over our behinds.

Susan had very talented fingers and she gently massaged the red cheeks of my ass. My skin back there was all slippery and gooey with lotion and the feel of her fingers was quite sensual.

“Oh these asses look so good don’t they Susan honey?” I felt rather than saw them lean towards each other and exchange a slow kiss. Breaking the kiss Toni whispered, “we better make sure that these assholes aren’t hurt all up inside. Spread her ass apart for me baby.

Oh my god. I felt Susan pull my ass cheeks apart and Toni’s wet fingers gently rubbed up and down over my asshole. I had never in my life had anything inserted there but Toni’s wet finger slid right into that brown puckered hole easily. I bit back a scream as it felt extremely tight at first but Toni told me to relax my muscles back there and soon I began to enjoy the feeling of her finger gently moving in and out.

Susan giggled and said to me, “Well nasty girl, how does that finger feel in your ass? Ohh Toni that looks so good. Let me have a try.”

I felt Toni’s finger slowly pull out of me and leave my ass. Soon however Susan’s finger replaced it. Toni watched her fuck my ass for a moment and I noticed her licking the finger that she had been using on me. What a wonderfully nasty woman she was turning out to be.

“Fuck that ass slowly Susan. Take your time and when her ass loosens up try two fingers, Do it slowly and gently now. Remember, it’s her first time.” She then turned her attention to Donna.

I couldn’t see what she was doing to Donna but I heard her moan and close her eyes and I could see in my mind Toni’s finger sliding oh-so-gently into her asshole. I felt Susan probing my ass with her finger and soon a second finger followed it. It was heaven! In and out those fingers slid and with each thrust it felt like the vibration was passing through that thin membrane separating my ass from my pussy and passing right into my clit. I was dripping wet and I felt my juices running down the side of my leg.

“Oh fuck my ass! That feels so good! Do it honey, fuck it good!”

Donna was out of control as well. “Oh is that your tongue in my ass? Oh lick it baby! Put it way up inside me. Ohh, that’s it. Ohh fuck that’s good.

Susan must have received some inspiration from Toni because I felt her wet fingers slide slowly out of my ass and then something wet and juicy replace them. I realized that Susan had started tongue fucking my ass and this drove me wild. I reached back and grabbed her hand, found the fingers that she had been using on me and sucked them into my mouth. It was a spur of the moment action but I found I loved the taste of my ass on her fingers. It tasted so earthy and nasty. I slurped them clean.

Donna and I were moaning in unison now as those teachers gave us the ass licking of a lifetime. In and out their nasty tongues rammed and each stroke drove us to a higher level of passion. Suddenly I heard Toni say, “Let’s switch over Susan. I’ve got an urge to taste this other girl.”

Regretfully I felt Susan slide her tongue out of me but soon Toni and she switched places and I felt Toni’s hot breath in my ear whispering, “Well dirty girl, how do you like your punishment so far?”

“Oh please don’t stop! Lick my ass some more and I promise to be good.”

“I might be persuaded to do that but first I want you to taste your friends hot little ass.” With that she thrust her tongue into my mouth and holding my head in her hands began French kissing me deeply. I could taste Donna’s juices on her tongue and I drank deeply of them loving the wonderful nastiness of the whole idea. Pulling my lips away from hers, I licked Toni’s lips and face, which were coated with Donna’s wonderful juices. Oh yummy. I’d have to get some more later,directly from the source.

Toni made me turn over and lie back on the desk while holding my legs back towards my head. This gave her access to both my ass and pussy and she made the most of it. First she licked up all that tasty pussy juice that had been flowing out of me since Susan’s first slap on my ass. Gently pulling my pussy lips open she sought out and found my throbbing clit with her tongue and licked and sucked on it. While she was doing that she slid a finger into my pussy, got it good and juicy and then slowly slid it into my ass.

I heard Donna panting and moaning next to me and I knew she was going to come soon. Susan’s head was bobbing between Donna’s ass cheeks doing god knows what and Donna grabbed my hand and squeezed for all she was worth.

My own climax was also fast approaching as that delightful teacher alternated between tongue fucking my pussy and my asshole. It was a feeling unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

“Oh Toni I’m gonna come! Oh, don’t stop! Oh shit1 Oh shit!”

I felt the wave of pleasure start to build in me and I clenched Toni’s head with my legs and pulled it tight into my cunt. She was licking and sucking furiously now, as eager for me to cum as I was. The pleasure built rapidly, helped immensely by her finger sliding in and out of my asshole.

I felt Donna start to shudder and convulse and she screamed out in pleasure. Luckily her arm on the desk muffled the sounds or the whole school cleaning staff would have come running. Her body jerked repeatedly as her muffled screams of joy repeated over and over. Beautiful Susan’s mouth never left Donna during her climax as she brought my roommate to several intense peaks of pleasure.

Moments later I came so forcefully that Donna had to hold her hand over my mouth to block my squeals. Wave after wave of intense orgasms as my hot pussy exploded in Toni’s eager mouth, bathing her in my love juices. I must have came four times before she finally raised up from me after giving my ass one final lick.

I was too weak to move but Susan and Donna both joined Toni in a sexy three-way kiss, exchanging juices and licking each other clean. I had never been so satisfied in my life.

Finally Toni smiled and said, ” Well I hope you two have learned your lesson. You will be good girls from now on won’t you?”

Donna laughed, reached down and gently rubbed my wet pussy lips and said, ” I’m not at all sure that one lesson is enough to make us behave. You may have to punish us again sometime. If that’s all right with you that is.”

Susan and Toni exchanged smiles and Toni said, ” Yes, I can see that you two have a lot to learn yet. More lessons just like this one are exactly what you dirty girls need. I think we’ll be getting together again real soon. In the meantime teacher is going to give you girls some homework. I want you to practice at home every night the skills we were teaching you today,” She leaned in closer to us and said, “. Good pussy eaters and ass lickers are made not born. Practice, practice, practice. And yes, there will be a test next time.”

Donna giggled and I just lay back on that desk, still trying to catch my breath. Looked like this was going to be a wonderful first year at college!

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