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I had lived with my first really serious girlfriend, Pamela, for around 18 months when the following events I’m going to relate occurred.

I’d met Pam whilst working in a bar during a college year. We’d gotten on right from the start – she loved to party, and we clubbed many nights after work. Though outgoing, she was quite a private person when it came to sex.

I’d found out that although many tried, only one guy before me had gotten into her pants properly and that had been a serious relationship lasting some 2 years – her first real love.

So when I finally managed to get things on a sexual basis she was really keen and a fantastic lover. She was 22, tall (about five feet seven or eight) and had the type of body which appealed to me – long shapely legs and a full 36c bust. Coupled with long dark hair, big brown eyes and lovely sallow skin she was the sort of girl who keeps customers at a bar until closing time. Her personality was outgoing and she was chatty with everyone. When it got round that I was indeed shagging her on a regular basis I was offered many incentives to spill the beans – I could’ve drunk free for a year if I’d wanted to tell all.

But I kept it to myself. Didn’t want to spoil the fun. We eventually got a flat together, but still kept on with the bar work to get through college.

Pam had one very good friend called Lorri, a 24 year old babe. Not quite as good-looking as Pam (who was, and I’d say that anyway wouldn’t I?), but Lorri was a similar personality type – shy but you could sense the fun bubbling under.

She had a short light brown bob, a high-cheekboned sweet face and long legs like Pam’s. Her boobs were her best asset, though – her slim frame held high two lovely full melons, which always drew guys’ eyes like a magnet. You couldn’t help yourself – she was just in possession of those kind of tits which make you sit up and take notice. They’re a rare thing as you’ll all know and when your girl’s got a friend with a set then it’s happy days and someone’s always welcome to come round.

For a while Lorri started appearing in the pub, sitting at the bar for a few hours and drinking, for her, quite heavily. There would be the usual girl-girl conversations carried out in great secrecy. Turns out her slimeball boyfriend was cheating on her – not for the first time – and she was confiding/pouring her troubles out to Pam.

Now I knew the guy, and why he’d cheat on a piece of ass like he had at home I just didn’t know. Plus, I also got to see the chicks he was cheating with – working in a popular bar gives you the access – and not one was a patch on Lorri. It was pretty peculiar and I had to admit he was being a bit of a dick.

So Pamela tells me all this and I do the guy thing of tutting, etc, saying how terrible it must be for Lorri – all that. Then Pam goes a bit further and confides that Lorri thinks it must be because she’s not very sexually adventurous. Apparently, she has trouble loosening up enough to let herself get into it. It was an eyebrow raiser to see such a hot ticket and know she had inhibitions.

So Pam takes Lorri out one night to drown her sorrows, etc. I was working til closing time, and then headed home thinking I’d be in bed long before Pam got in from clubbing.

I took a shower and sat about in a robe, supping a beer and watching the music channels, just chilling before hitting the sack.

I was susrprised to hear the front door open and more surprised to hear Pam’s voice call on me. She came through to the living room where I was sitting, slightly unsteady on her high heels with – surprise number three – Lorri in tow.

The girls had gone for a meal, downed a couple of bottles of wine, hit the bars and then a club. But Lorri’s gook of a boyfriend was also in the club and she didn’t want to make a scene, so Pam had trailed her back to our place for late night drinks.

They opened another bottle of wine between them and settled down on the three-seater couch across from me. They chatted a bit amongst themselves while I watched Tv and then Pam got giggly and asked me if I was expecting company, given the way I was dressed in only my white bathrobe. I made a crack about flashing at the window which amused them both. I watched them giggle – realised Pam was wearing a great short black dress under her little cardigan with a pair of hold-up black stockings. She looked damn hot. I felt a stirring, wondered if she would be up for some fun later.

I switched to Lorri, clocked her terrific bare legs shuffling together as she squirmed with laughter on the couch. She was in white, her short skirt and halter top a contrast to Pam’s colour scheme, or lack of. Lorri was also showing a lot more flesh – that top displayed a great cleavage and bare shoulders. Those big tits juddered ever so gently and I couldn’t help crack a devilish smile.

“What’s got you?” asked Pam.

“You two look great,” I said.

“Thanks Andy, but I’m sure that big split in your ‘dress’ beats our outfits for sexiness, easily,” laughed Lorri.

So she was having a good time. Excellent. I laughed along with the girls.

Pam said, “I should have phoned you, Andy, and then you could have flashed us at the window instead of some stranger. . .”

“Yeah, very funny. You two might have fainted given the amount you’ve had to drink.”

“Drink doesn’t knock me out,” answered Pam with a devilish smile, “Just makes me horny. . .”

Wow, maybe I was right about getting some, I reckoned.

“Lorri shrieked at her friend’s audacity, then giggled, “Me, too, Pam.. .”

“So we would have been amused to see you show your wares at the window, darling,” Pam smiled at me.

“Ah, dear,” I joked, “Guess you’re just too late. Missed one hell of a show.”

“So who were you wagging your big dick at? The old lady across the street?”

“Ha-ha,” I said sarcastic. “My dick’s not as big as yours. . .”

“Huh,” Pam looked puzzled, drunk.

“Your rabbit. You left it under your pillow. . .”

Lorri hooted, “You’ve got a vibrator!”

Pam shrugged it off. “Yeah. So. You haven’t?”

Lorri blushed now. I thought they might have shared such knowledge but evidently not. “Well, no…not yet. . .” Lorri managed to mumble.

“You want to see mine? Don’t worry, it’s clean.”

Before Lorri could answer, Pam shot through to our bedroom. I smiled at Lorri. She went redder and said, “Does she use it a lot?”

“Guess so,” I smiled. “I bought her it for Christmas for when she’s too tired for a shag or I’m out. . .”

Lorri gasped, I laughed. She was easily shocked; her shyness couldn’t hide for long behind alcohol.

Pam came back in waving her pink toy with the ‘ears’ and the bit full of little marbles or something. “Here,” she said, offering it to Lorri who reached out rather tentatively. “Oh, for goodness’ sake,” said Pam, “It washes. It’s perfectly clean.” She threw it at Lorri then sat down and gulped her wine.

Lorri inspected the toy and a broad smile broke out. “Feels strange. . .Soft. um, what’s it feel like?. .You know…”

“They’re the best bit,” said Pam pointing at the ears. But it’s all good. . .” She grabbed it, turned it on and in one swift movement stuck it into Lorri’s cleavage.

The girls burst out laughing. Lorri lay back against the couch in a fit of giggles, staring at the pink vibrator wiggling around between her tits. It made her chest wobble quite dramatically. I was loving it. A bit too much – I felt the honourable member stir and stiffen. I quickly slid a hand down over my crotch, holding the thin robe in place.

But Pam spotted me. She howled with amusement and pointed. “Not the only tool working, is it?”

I put a leg up across my knee to cover the bulge. Lorri said, “What? What’s happening?” and followed Pam’s direction. She dropped her jaw open and uttered, “Oh, my…”

“Yeah, right, you two,” I said. “Can’t expect a grown man to watch two hot women play with a vibrator and not get affected, okay…”

“Oh, we’re hardly doing a thing,” Pam jibed. “You’re just a dirty bastard. Bet you’re imagining your dick where that vibe is right now…”

“Pam!” shrieked Lorri, disbelieving, but tickled.

She was right though. The thought had definitely crossed my mind, and lower down. Or is it one and the same?… “Well I wouldn’t make as much of an impression on Lorri’s boobies as that thing,” I said with a grin.

Lorri checked herself – pulled out the rabbit. I’d noticed the pale flesh of her cleavage reddening as the vibrator buzzed away. “Oh damn,” she said, tutting. Then pulled down her top to get a better look.

Just like that, as if my dreams were suddenly being answered by some genie, her tits fell out of the thin top. She wasn’t wearing a bra. In her half-drunk state she’d been too clumsy, tugged with both hands, too far down. I was staring, slavering at two incredible buoyant, ski-slope titties, each perfectly full and ripe with pink dollar-sized nipples which were jutting out a good couple of centimetres. Lorri screamed at her mistake. Pamela cracked up, hugging herself in hysterics as she wriggled on the couch. I was like a kid who’s just found out Santa is real, first-hand.

Lorri attempted to get her big tits back in. She was again too hurried, she snapped the thin strap on her left shoulder as she scooped those beauties. It took her ten long seconds to get her chest under control and then she sat there beaming red, hands cupping each renegade breast under her top. “Oh. My. God.” She said, mortified. “Sorry, Pamela. . .”

Pam calmed down her mirth. “Sorry? Don’t be sorry. . .What for? You just gave Andy a great thrill. Look at his dick…”

Huh? She snapped me from my lust. I gazed after the girls’ eyes – straight down at my crotch. I’d sat forward to witness the spectacle and had forgotten about my own wayward organ. I’m not overly-endowed but there’s a healthy seven inches there and under these extreme conditions of sexual arousal it might just have been a few centimetres bigger. Certainly was throbbing away and tenting my robe. Goddamn. I resumed my previous laid-back position, leg up to conceal the beast.

“Aww,” said Pam, mocking. “You’re spoiling our view.”

“Couldn’t help it. .. ”

“Let us see, then…”

“That’ll be right, Pam,” I said, frowning at her.

She continued to tease me. “Give us a show…”

“Beat it.”

“Yes, good idea – you beat it, we’ll watch…”

That cracked the two of them up. Lorri laughed hard, slamming back against the couch. The impact had a great effect on her weakened top – the broken strap failed to keep her left tit in place. Once more I got a view of that bouncing beauty as it popped out again, nipple rigid.

“Oh, shit!” Lorri yelped.

“Not again!” Pam screamed, laughed til she cried.

Lorri fiddled about, attempting to fix her top up. “Damn it! It’s torn now. . .”

“Those big boobs of yours can’t keep under control,” Pam said. “Just leave it out. I’m sure Andy won’t mind. . .”

She looked at me. Lorri, too, blushing furiously as she held her tit with her hand.

“Well, how’s about you let Lorri see the state she’s got you in?” Pam said to me.

“Huh, you think a bit of boob is goin’ to drive me crazy,” I muttered, at this point mentally willing my dick to behave. But I couldn’t take me eyes off that big pink torpedo in Lorri’s hand. It was impossible.

“I think you should show Lorri something, seeing as she’s flashing her assets at you…”

Pam was at it, really trying to wind me up. So I called her bluff. I stood up, turned my back to them quickly before they could get a view of my crotch. Then I lifted the robe up and mooned them. “My ass. .. ” I said. They clapped. I sat back down. Lorri was blushing even more but there was a glint in her eye.

“Not bad,” said Pam. “What d’you think, Lorri? Out of ten?”

She shyly said, “Eight…”

I smiled, “Ta, sweetheart. “I’ll give your titties a nine…”

She laughed. Pam pretended offence. “Nine, huh? So what about mine?”

“Dunno, haven’t seen them for a while…Maybe they’ve drooped…”

“Cheeky bastard,” she said. “Here…”

Then she slipped off her cardigan and pulled the top of her little black dress down to her waist. Pam had on a black lacy bra, which beautifully presented those firm breasts of hers. “There you go,” she said.

“Cheat,” I retorted. “What about the bra?”

“You can’t expect me. . .”

“Hey, Lorri even got both hers out.”

She glared at me, challenging. “Right.” Then she hastily took off her bra, throwing it across the room and sat there, back straight, arms out, pouting, letting her lovely 36Cs breathe. They looked fabulous as always, beautifully sculpted, topped with brown aureole and stubby little nipples. Delicious.

“Hmm,, nine I think…”

“What? I’m your girlfriend! You’re meant to say ten! You gave Lorri a nine! What about a nine and a half?”

Both girls were giggling. I thought I saw an opportunity.

“Difficult to tell,” I said. “Let’s see both together…” I delivered the line in such a way that I’m still proud of it today – I was wearing an expression of scrutiny, intently staring at their chests; it all looked in the spirit of scientific enquiry. The line tripped nonchalantly off my tongue and had the desired effect on their drink-addled minds.

They looked at each other, and Pam said, “Take them out again, Lorri,”

Without even giving it a second thought, Lorri was under some sort of spell and complied immediately. They both sat side by side, tits out, looking down at each other like I wasn’t there.

But I was. Damn tootin’! I was debating whether to try and get a camera involved, but I feared breaking the mood. I took the precious seconds of invisibility to drink in the awesome sight of my girl and her friend sitting next to each other topless, comparing tits. Pamela’s were a nice handful, firm and high set with great definition. Lorri’s were, in their full glory, two beautiful full sloping works of art, those ski-jump curves finishing in her puckered pink nipples. They settled with a gentle sway which portrayed their ripeness. I was a happy lad sitting there.

Pamela shattered my peace: “Well?…” she simply asked, serious.

“Incredible,” I said. “You girls have some awesome boobs between you…”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this..” Lorri sniggered.

“Well, either you’re enjoying it, or it’s cold in here…But I’ve had the fire on..” I said, grinning and staring at her perky nipples.

She actually grabbed each between thumb and forefinger, tweaking them a bit. “Oh, they’re always like this when. .. ”

“When you get them out..” Pamela laughed. Then she copied Lorri’s actions, saying, “Mine, too…Sometimes.”

She looked at me. I was a pig in shit with the two girls now fiddling with their nipples. “Can’t say you’re cold, Andy..So what’s your excuse for that hard thing?” Pamela said, sneering at me.

“Can’t help it if I’m visual..I’m a guy..” I said in defence, adjusting to cover my throbbing erection.

“Hey, we can be visual, too…right Lorri?”

Lorri shrugged agreement. Her tits responded beautifully, bouncing. She’d folded her hands in her lap and to my delight was showing no desire to cover up again.

“So how about you show a little bit of flesh too?” Pam said.

“I’ve already shown my ass.”

“That was just a flash. Look at us sitting her half-naked. About time you joined in the fun.”

I decided to call her bluff again. “Okay,” I said as the girls sipped their wine, “I’ll join you…” So I took both my arms out the robe and let it settle around my waist. “There,” I smiled, “I’m topless too…”

I got some catcalls and Pamela threw her rabbit at me. I caught the vibe, turned it on and teased around my chest with it. I stroked it over my nipples and said, “There you go, chicks. I didn’t see you two doing this…”

Pamela booed me. I tossed the rabbit back to her and said, “Your turn.”

She copied me, buzzing her nipples. Lorri gave a little excited yelp at Pam’s cheek. Then when Pam handed the rabbit to her she looked shocked. “Go on,” said Pam, “Show him…”

Lorri grinned, laughed and did the same. I drew in a breath as I watched those big titties judder and quake as she used the vibrator on them. She smiled at me.

Pam said, “There you go Andy…Anything you can do…”

Cheeky cow. Cheeky cows, actually. Lorri stuck her tongue out at me as she gave the rabbit back to Pam.

“I seem to remember I showed you my ass,” I smirked, leaning back, hands behind my head. Gotcha.

Pam screwed her face up in irritation. But I knew my girl – she like a challenge and didn’t like to be beaten. “Right,” she said brusquely, and stood up. From behind, her long legs looked fantastic clad in the stockings; her heels accentuated their languid curves. I could see thin strips of tawny flesh peeking out between stocking tops and dress hem. Delicious. But even I was shocked when Pamela proceeded to raise her dress right up around her waist, meeting the lowered top half so it looked like she was wearing nothing more than a black belt. Her ass was bare.

“Bloody hell,” I exclaimed.

Lorri gasped. She was sitting with a full-frontal view. She could obviously see what was hidden from me – Pamela’s shaven pussy right at face-level.

Pam stuck her ass back at me. Those heart-shaped cheeks shone. I wanted to slap it. Her posture forced the cheeks to part at the top of her thighs revealing her nicely puckered pussy – her inner lips always poked out slightly between her puffy outer labia. A beautiful sight framed by a beautiful ass. And her long legs, taut and sculpted by the sheer black stockings just raised the temperature even further. She even had the cheek to reach back and pull her ass cheeks apart, flashing her little asshole. “Spilled white wine on my panties when I went to the loo in the pub earlier,” she said, explaining her commando appearance. Then she sat down with a squeal and a big grin. I was intrigued to see she never bothered pulling her dress back down, or up. She was to all intents naked but for the stockings and heels.

Lorri was having fits of laughter, shocked but drunk enough now to get over her embarrassment. She sobered up a bit when Pam said, “Your turn, Lorri.” After a seconds pause, she smirked, jumped up and turned her back on me. She hiked up her white skirt and wiggled a lovely tight ass at me. I could see a white thong disappearing up her crack as I watched those firm cheeks flex. I also caught a glimpse of her big tits shaking in time with her ass as she bent over. She sat back down looking pleased with herself.

“Hey, that’s cheating, “I chanced. “You’ve still got panties on…”

She laughed, “No way…I’m not taking them off…No…”

“You got to, Lorri,” Pam teased, “Not a full moon with knickers on…Anyway, do that and then he’s got to go further…” She peered at me, taking this game seriously.

Perfect, just what I was hoping for. Two drunk girls, one sober horny bloke. Great recipe.

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” Lorri croaked, and without further complaint, stood up and wiggled out of her panties. They dropped to the floor, along with my eyes and jaw, and she then whipped her skirt up, showing me that sweet tight ass in full moon. I tried to tilt my head to catch a glimpse of her snatch but she was too quick and pulled her skirt back into position before sitting down again. Pamela clapped her and added, “Hey nice shave job,” just to niggle me, knowing I was angling for a look at Lorri’s pussy.

“Well, big boy, looks like the ball’s back in your court,” my girl said, grinning. She took a sip of wine, adding, “Think you’ve seen enough to wank that thing for us?”

Lorri yelped her shock and amusement.

I was surprised at Pam but should have expected her cheek. So I chanced it. “You going to watch and use that thing?” I asked, pointing at the rabbit.

Pam lifted her toy and ran it around her nipples in a blatant tease, gazing at me with big doe eyes. “Don’t tell me you don’t want to jerk off for an appreciative audience,” she said. Lorri gasped and put a hand to her mouth to quell her laughter.

“Do you want me to?” I asked, looking her square in the eye.

“I think we’d like that, huh Lorri?”

Lorri blushed furiously again now that attention was on her. I saw the flush spread to her chest above those big quivering boobies. She smiled and said, “Well, if Andy wants to…I’m not going to say anything…”

Did I want to? Fucking hell. Slow on the uptake. The damn thing was aching to be freed from the constrictions of my robe.

“Come on then,” said Pam. “We want you to get it out.”

So I did, very deliberately opening my robe and grasping my cock at the base of the shaft. I looked up. both girls were transfixed, Lorri open-mouthed.

Pam smiled wickedly and said, “Well, let’s see you wank it…”

“What are you going to do?”

“Watch! Come on – don’t be shy…”

Cheeky cow. Sitting there with my dick throbbing in my fist, precum already shining up the bulbous head, and she’s talking about being shy. So I started to jerk slowly, mindful of how turned on I was…Didn’t want to blow it too early if you know what I mean.

The girls watched. Pam unconsciously licked her lips. Lorri leaning forward, was breathing heavily. Her big titties had rock hard nipples and she would occasionally brush her hands against them. I was sure it was deliberate so I decided to up the ante.

“Give me Lorri’s panties over, ” I said.

Puzzled, Lorri looked at Pam then tossed over her panties with a little laugh. I wrapped them around my coke and pumped faster.

Pam said, “Oh, you dirty so and so..” but looked fascinated.

Lorri just uttered a small breathless sigh and bit her bottom lip.

I had their full attention. So I stopped.

“Hey, what’s up…Don’t stop…” Pam scowled at me. “We want to see you shoot it…”

“I think I’ve gone far enough for now,” I said with a smile, straining to resist the urge to give her what she wanted. It’s a bit uneven don’t you think?”

“What, two half naked girls watching you wank?”

“Yeah. I’m showing everythiong if you, know what I mean…”

“Oh…Right. You mean you want to see this…” Pamela pouted her ruby lips in a sexy smile and lay back against the couch, pushing her crotch forward. She opened her stockinged thighs to reveal her amazing shaven pussy. Her lips were swollen, and a sure sign of her arousal was the moisture glinting in the light.

Lorri looked shocked but stared at Pam’s pussy as much as I did.

“Nice,” I said, “but I want to see both your pussies.” I looked directly at Lorri. She caught her breath and went pale. She couldn’t meet my gaze and looked away, down at my dick. I took the opportunity to pump my shaft some, fondling my balls with my other hand, letting her see all.

“Go on, Lorri…It’ll be cool…Be alright..” Pam was getting well turned on. I could tell by the hoarse quality to her voice. “Let him see…make him wank off for us..”

Lorri took a second, then a big breath which pushed out those magnificent tits. She blew her breath out with a big sigh, steeling herself. “Okay,” she whispered. She copied Pam, lying back and sliding her hips forward. She bit that bottom lip of hers again, hard then grasped her skirt.

I watched with baited breath, insistent hardon and drooling mouth as the white material inched higher. I thought that at any moment she might chicken out – knowing Lorri for the quiet girl she was – but I’d underestimated her needs. She looked right at me as the skirt reached the top of her thighs. I could already see the promised land in the shadows between her thighs. Then she quickly lifted the skirt right up away from her crotch.

Her thighs were quite close together, but I could clearly see her pronounced mound with a trim little triangle of light brown pubes. I wanted to see when the point of then ‘V’ went though. I looked at Pamela, raising my eyebrows.

Pam understood. “Open a bit for him,” she coaxed.

Again, I thought Lorri might bottle it, but she shut her eyes and parted those firm legs. A gorgeous pussy opened up for me. The little triangle was her only concession to hair. Everything else was bald. Her pussy lips were pretty large, each a puffy chewable bulge. I think her slit was normally tight and perfectly symmetrical, but her spread showed Lorri was enjoying this evening of fun – I could see pink between those big lips, a cleft soaking in juice, a little trickle of which ran out and down into her ass crack. She was breathing heavily, gnawing on her bottom lip. I actually thought she was near to some sort of mini-orgasm.

“Lovely, Lorri,” I cooed. “A lovely pussy you have…”

She gave a little sight of pleasure, still with her eyes shut.

Pamela said, “Wow,lorri..You’re hot…” Then she glared at me and demanded, “Okay Andy, wank your cock for us…”

So I started to jerk again.

Pamela gazed on with undisguised lust. I knew that watching guys jerk off was a favourite fantasy turn-on for her. I wasn’t surprised when I saw her take the vibrator and start to attack her clit with it. I’d never really seen her masturbate properly before and it was eye-opening to see the passion with which she went about it. She flashed fingers through her wet pussy lips with one hand, spreading the juices and then held the rabbit on her engorged clitoris. Her clit’s quite small – just a hard little nub, and she likes it rubbed hard. She alternated between the rabbit’s ‘ears’ and the head of it. Then sometimes she’d furiously circle her fingers. All the time, her gaze was locked on my cock.

Watching Pam took me away from Lorri, but only for moments. She was in a trance, watching Pam’s antics, switching between us. Her hands were doing nothing, just resting on her abdomen above her neat bush, but I could see her quim getting wetter. Her big lips were shining now, and her inner pink starting to swell through like a budding rose. It was a dramatic transformation, her pussy gave the impression of looking so neat in it’s normal state.

When I knew she was looking at my cock, I deliberately unwrapped her panties from it and raised them to my face. She followed the white lace thong and watched as I inhaled deeply, crushing it against my nose.

That seemed to flick a switch. Lorri moaned with arousal and threw her head back, eyes shut. I watched in lust as she went at her pussy with both hands. She tugged and pulled at her trim pubes and slapped at her wetness with her other hand. I’d never seen this sort of wanking technique from a girl before. It was fascinating. I even stopped jerking to take it in. Lorri literally spanked her soaking cunt, splashing juices out; droplets flew with every slap. Her lips flushed full and fleshy and her whole crotch reddened. She kept slapping her pussy while, instead of continuing to tug hard on her mound, her right hand went to work on her clit. I watched her pull and push the hood back and forth and saw her clit noticeably swell until it was visibly jutting out from the wet flesh of her cunt.

It was me who was transfixed now and I snapped back to reality when Pamela staggered across the room to me, her toy jammed right up her smooth cunt. I didn’t get a chance to protest as she growled, “Fuck me,” and climbed on board, removing the toy and putting it in my mouth so I could suck off her juices.

She sunk right down on my raging cock, and orgasmed almost instantly. Pam rocked back and forth, one hand grasping me behind my neck, the other violently rubbing her clit. Her long hair tickled my face as she slumped and jerked, coming hard. Then she slid off me, down onto the floor, moaning, “Yes, oh yes, oh yes,” over and over, still coming, still fingering herself.

I was sat there, dick rigid. Lorri was still in a world of her own, wet slappy noises filling the room. Now, between spanking that sodden cunt she was also thrusting three fingers into her open hole. I started to wank again, determined to cum.

But Pamela brushed my hand off my cock. She replaced it with her head and started sucking. It was great but then I felt her teeth around my cockhead. I gazed down. She was looking up at me with a wicked glint in her eyes. She lifted me up and off the couch, manoeuvring me across the room by applying pressure on my dick with her teeth, and teasing my balls with her fingers. I was laughing – a novel way to be pulled around

She took me right across to Lorri and, freeing my cock said, “I want to see you fuck her…”

Quite shocked, I looked at her wide-eyed and asked, “You sure?”

She gave my dick a few little jerks and smiled, “Just this once.” Lorri, you want Andy to screw you? It’s great… ”

Lorri was very high on an orgasmic plateau, as the feminist books might say. Me, I just knew she was too juiced up to say no.

She opened her eyes, hooded with lust as they were, and said, “Okay…” in a quiet voice. That bottom lip of hers was chewed to rawness and she scuttled forward on the couch, taking my cock from Pam, and gave me a surprising quick suck. I shuddered – it almost triggered me off. Then Lorri pulled me down to my knees and guided my dick into that amazing wet cunt.

It was still tight, and incredibly slick. I made to thrust hard right in, but suddenly Pam was back in control of my cock. Grasping the shaft, she pulled the head back out, which resulted in a groan of disappointment from Lorri. But then Pam began to simulate Lorri’s slapping of her pussy, but using my cock instead. She fairly whacked my dick repeatedly against those sodden, swollen pink lips and big aroused clit. It drove Lorri crazy and she screamed and orgasmed. It worked the other way for me, thankfully – the numbing of the slaps helping stay my own end.

I eventually took control of my dick again and thrust inside Lorri as she came. It set her off even more. She writhed like a wild thing, those big bouncing tities flailing everywhere. I grabbed good handfuls and twisted her nipples. She roared with lust. It was amazing.

I looked round -Pamela was buzzing away at herself with her toy again.

When Lorri calmed slightly I wasted no time in getting what I wanted. I pulled out, leaned over her and said softly but coercively, “Turn round, I want you from behind…”

So she knelt on the floor and I got behind her small bubble-butt and banged into her hard, grasping at her hair which had her talking dirty – a real surprise and buzz – and getting the feel of those big tits as they hung down off the front of the couch. She came again, twisting and bucking on my cock with a series of ‘ohmygod’s,fuckingfuckingyes,fuckmycunt,’ etc, which was enough for me. I pulled out and stood up, scared I’d come up her.

Lori sat on the floor, breathing heavily, legs apart, top and skirt rucked about her waist. Pamela had divested herself of her clothes, was sitting there naked apart from the stockings. She was a sight – firm, tanned, long brunette hair a tousled sexy mess as she rubbed between her thighs with her vibrator. She was looking up at me; Lorri too.

Pamela said, “Right, now you can come for us…”

I matched her big smile.

Lorri gazed at my cock and said, “Oh yes please, Andy… Will you shoot spunk for us…” She was brazenly filling her well-fucked hole with her fingers, this ‘quiet girl’. Her thighs and crotch were absolutely soaking with her pussy juices. Her glorious big tits looked amazing. She saw me staring, ran a free hand over those beauties. “Do it over us…”

That was a cue if ever I heard one. I pulled like my life depended on it, watching those two babes on the floor, masturbating to my exhibition. I came a good load, jetting the first few strings of come right onto Lorri’s tits and down her body. She orgasmed with a shuddering wail. Pamela crawled up to take my remaining spurts over her chin and neck and finished me off with her hand and mouth, tipping me a big wink as I grinned down at her.

When we all ‘came to’ out of our orgasmic highs, the girls went to clean up, leaving me there, spent, to listen to their excited, amused chatter and exclamations of amazement at what had occurred.

There was no uneasiness thereafter with Lorri. We all agreed to keep it quiet. I was hoping it might become a regular thing (well, I’m a red-blooded bloke for chrissakes!) but the girls were adamant it was a one-off and a result of Lorri’s failing relationship that we’d all come together by fate and had a fun time. Don’t you just hate it how rational women can be?

After that, Pamela and I had a few more nice and eye-opening times in our five years together in our early-mid twenties. I’ll put ‘pen to paper’ about another if this was well received.

However, I hope you enjoyed this tale from my recent past. It was one of the horniest experiences of my life. You’ll no doubt let me know with your messages and votes. I’ll read all. Thanks.

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