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As Time Goes By

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Gary parked their car in the handicap parking space and, after hanging the decal on the cars rearview mirror, got out and walked to the passengers side of the car. Opening it, he helped his wife, Brenda, out and they slowly made their way into the restaurant.

Even at seventy-six years or age, Brenda was still the attractive wife he had married so many years before.

Oh sure, her figure showed some of the ravages of time, but, in his eyes she was still the glamorous woman of thirty-five he had wooed and won when he was the young college graduate of twenty-two. Even though she had difficulty with her legs, she was still the hellion between the sheets that he had discovered, living in the apartment next to his, there in Chicago.

Right in the beginning, she had warned him that these days would come, but, in the brashness of youth, he had declared his everlasting love for her. While at his sixty-seven years of age, he sometimes found it difficult to quench the fires of passion that still burned brightly in his wife’s body, they had found other ways to satisfy her needs; the dildos and vibrators, kept in their bedside night stand, as well as his tongue, which was still more than adequate to bring her to orgasm.


It had all begun so many years before.

Gary had counted himself lucky to find an apartment within walking distance of the new job he had acquired in the advertising business there in Chicago, right after graduating from Northwestern. While the pay was not great, the chances for advancement were, for the business, while relatively new, had obtained several big name accounts and was expanding rapidly.

The week following his moving in, he had met his next door neighbor, the beautiful young widow, Brenda Snows. He was immediately attracted to her, even though she was some years his senior.

The hormones that had remained dormant during his last year of school, while he concentrated on his studies, surged to the forefront and he found himself jacking-off almost nightly to the vision of Mrs. Snows. And what a vision it was; the tall, slender, redhead, with a curvaceous body, a body she had displayed in a form fitting pant suit when first they had met.

It took almost a month, but, flush with his first months pay, he worked up the courage to invite her to dinner. Somewhat to his surprise, she accepted readily and they made a date for that Friday evening at a nearby Chinese restaurant.

It was summer time and they both dressed informally, he in slacks and a sport shirt, she in a light summer dress, a dress that would be fuel for more nightly sessions with his right hand.

They had been seated in a booth and, over cocktails, as they perused the menu, he told her all about his new job, about his school year and the parents he’d left behind in the small town in southern Illinois. Gary couldn’t help but brag a little about his feats as a football player, to hear her laugh and tell him that her late husband had followed the Northwestern games. Of course, that had been before Gary even entered college.

Over dinner, she told him that, Robert, her husband of ten years, had suffered a massive heart attack while at work and had died almost instantaneously. “It was such a shock,” she said, that she still wasn’t completely over it, although it had happened five years before, right after her thirtieth birthday, not too long before his forty-third.

“He was a senior partner in a law firm and left me well off, as far as money was concerned, but, I gave up the apartment we had on the Loop and I moved here to cut expenses.” She became maudlin, saying, “I still miss him terribly,” then, without thinking, added, “he was a wonderful lover.” Brenda turned bright red, almost matching her hair color. “Oh, I didn’t mean to say that, it just slipped out.” They both laughed at her embarrassment.

After dinner, they strolled back to the apartment building, pausing to look at some of the store front displays. As they stood in front of a dress shop window, Gary brazenly took her hand in his, remarking that one dress in the window, displayed on a mannequin, would look spectacular on Brenda. She laughed and squeezed his hand in return.

Back at the apartment, outside her door, Brenda thanked Gary for a wonderful evening and, as she opened her door, turned and gave him a light peck on his cheek, before going in and closing the door behind her. For his part, Gary could hardly wait to get to his own apartment, strip, and lay down on his bed to jack-off, before going to sleep. Some time during the night, he woke to find he had another raging hard-on and jacked-off again.

Gary was awakened the next morning to the incessant ringing of his phone. Groggily he answered to hear Brenda’s laughing voice. “Hey, sleepy head, how would you like to join me for coffee and toast at Brenda’s own coffee shop? You won’t even have to leave the building, it’s right next door.”

“I’d love to but you’ll have to give me a minute to get dressed,” his hand again stroking his cock that had stiffened at the sound of her voice.

“Don’t bother, just come over in your pajamas, this is a very informal coffee shop.”

“You’ll have to give me time to find some pajamas then, cause I sleep in my bare skin,” he answered, stroking hard and fast.

There was a pause in the conversation as he continued furiously stroking his cock. “Oh. Well, I guess you’d better find something to put on, then. When you’re ready, come on over, the door will be unlocked.”

As Gary put the phone down, his cock spewed out a stream of creamy cum. Pausing only long enough to empty his swollen bladder and pull on a pair of jeans, Gary went next door.

Brenda was seated at her breakfast table, a coffee pot, two mugs, a plate of toast and a jam pot in front of her. She had on a brightly flowered housecoat, through openings, Gary could make out a shear nightgown. He was thankful that he had just moments before, drained his balls, for he was positive he would have developed another hard-on. Her red hair was pined up on the top of her head and she looked spectacular.

As Gary moved to sit down across from her, she said, smiling, “Aren’t you going to thank the cook for this scrumptous breakfast?” He immediately got back up and moved to her side of the table and bent down to give her a light kiss on her cheek as she had done with him the evening before. Instead, Brenda reached around his head and pulled him to her lips in a long, deep kiss.

When she released him, Brenda was still smiling. “I really wanted to do that last night, but I was afraid what you might think. Last night was the first time in five years that I felt alive and desirable again.” Gary leaned back down and kissed her again, this time without her having to hold his head.

Without saying a word, Gary went back to his seat and sat down. With a very serious look on his face, he said, “Brenda, you are a very desirable woman. I’ve thought that ever since I met you.” He picked up the coffee pot and poured some into each mug. She picked hers up and took a sip, her eyes smiling at him over the rim of the mug.

“I almost asked you to come in with me last night, Gary. I meant it when I said that for the first time in a long time, I felt alive, that I had the feelings of happiness.” She paused for a few seconds. “And the feelings of…of needing you to put out some of the fires that you lit.” She put the coffee mug down. “Do you understand?” Her eyes were no longer smiling but now had the serious look of a passionate need.

Gary nodded his head in complete understanding. “Do you know what I did last night after you closed your door? I went into my apartment and…and I masturbated. Not just once, but, a second time when I woke up around three o’clock this morning. And when I heard your voice on the phone this morning, well, I just had to do it again, that’s the effect you have on me.”

Brenda’s eyes opened wide, almost as if in disblief as she heard his confession. “My god, Gary,” she said horsily, “if only I had known. We could have spent the night making love.”

“I don’t know about how you feel right now, but this is Saturday and I don’t have to go to work until Monday morning. We could spend two days, fucking our brains out.”

A noticable shiver ran through Brenda as she put her coffee mug down. “Finish your coffee, my love.” she murmured excitedly.

If Gary’s cock had teeth it would have gnawed its way free of the jeans he was wearing. “Damn the coffee,” he answered, ignoring the niceties, “Let’s get to bed and fuck!”

Simultaneously, they rose from their seats and, with Brenda leading the way, went to her bedroom, the flowered housecoat dropping along the way. By the time they had entered the room, Gary’s cock had been freed of its confinement, standing straight out from his groin. Brenda merely pulled her nightgown up under her chin to reveal her firm, rounded breasts before falling onto her unmade bed. In a flash, Gary was on his knees between her legs, his cock leading the way. As he fell forward, Brenda grasped the firm rod, directing it to her hungry hole. She moaned in pleasure as it sank into her until the red hair of her pussy was mingled with the dark brown of Gary’s pubic hair. “Do it, lover, do it hard and fast,” she sobbed.

Brenda came quickly as their bodies bucked against each other in their dance of love. Her orgasm lasted only seconds and after the pause, they resumed the dance. She was moaning and crying softly when her second orgasm came, it taking longer to achieve than the first and seemingly lasting much longer than the first.

Gary’s orgasm came shortly afterwards as he pushed his rod forcefully, as deeply as he could, to pump his seed at the mouth of her womb, with three or four strong contractions of his groin muscles. Then, as his cock quickly deflated, he fell full length onto Brenda’s body, exhausted. Both were temporarily satiated.

It was late afternoon when, after three tiring bouts of intense pleasure, they both fell into a deep sleep, cradling each other in their arms. It was Brenda who awoke first, concious of the sheet under her, cold and saturated with the evidence of their torrid love making. She smiled at the sleeping Gary, next to her, snoring softly. Carefully, so as not to wake him, she disentangled herself from his arms and rolled to the far side of the bed to rise and go into her bathroom to clean herself. Her red pubic hair was matted with a mixture of her own fluids and Gary’s sperm and it took several minutes to clean and dry it.

Returning to the bedroom, she found Gary just as she had left him. She bent over his sleeping form and rained kisses on his face and neck. His response was to stir slightly then resume his snoring. Satisfied that he was too deeply asleep, she picked up the nightgown from the floor where it had been discarded some time during their love making and threw it onto the chair at her make-up table. Naked, she padded into the kitchen, they would have to eat something.

She emptied the pot of now cold coffee, placed their mugs into the sink and threw the cold toast into the trash can. While setting the table for two, she heard the toilet in her bedroom flush and a moment later a similarly nude Gary, entered the kitchen. Without a word he gathered her into his arms and they kissed, deeply and passionately.

Brenda felt his flaccid cock stir against her thigh and, breaking the kiss, she smiled and said, “I see that there’s still some life left so I guess we haven’t fucked our brains out yet.”

Gary laughed. “No, but I’m glad to see that you need something in your belly besides a hard prick cause I feel the need of some sustenance too.” Then, “Where do you keep your sheets, we made quite a mess of the one on the bed. Next time we’ll have to put a towel under us.” After directing him to the linen closet, he left, saying he’d take care of changing the sheet while she prepared their food.

Brenda had microwaved a vegetable dinner for two from the freezer, adding some already cleaned and cooked shrimp to the dish during the last few minutes of cooking. Scrummaging in her small pantry, she found a bottle of wine, red, but it wouldn’t make any difference if they drank it, instead of the white wine that was supposed to go with seafood.

For the most part, they ate in silence with Gary acquitely aware of the adoring looks that Brenda gave him. Several times they simultaneously reached out to touch each others hand. At the meals end, Brenda stood to clear the table and while rinsing their plates, Gary came to stand behind her, reaching around to cup her breasts and toy with her nipples. Brenda gave up the rinsing, tilting her head back to rest on Gary’s shoulder as she enjoyed the attention he was giving her. Her body shivered as he kissed her neck and ear. Whispering into her ear, he softly said, “I put a towel on the bed.”

Brenda broke out in a fit of laughter at that. “Were you planning on something that might get the sheets wet again?” With his mouth still at her ear, he replied, “One never knows what might happen.” Brenda twisted in his arms to throw hers around his neck to kiss his lips, becoming aware of something probbing against her mons. “Oh dear, lover,” she whispered through the kiss, “I think you are having sinful thoughts. Do you have honorable intentions towards my little kitty?”

Breaking the kiss, Gary replied, hoarsely, “I have all sorts of intentions towards your precious little kitty.”

“Good,” she replied, “let’s put those intentions to work right now, cause my little kitty is getting very hungry and must be fed.”

In seconds they had returned to the bedroom and were on the bed. Brenda was quickly in position to receive Gary’s stiff cock, but, instead of mounting her, he pulled her atop his body. In a squatting position, she lowered herself onto the ridgid meaty rod,watching it disappear as she impaled herself on it. She leaned backwards slightly, supporting herself with both hands on his thighs behind her. With Gary’s hands on her hips, she began to alternately rise then squat again, taking his full length into her cunt. Unaccustomed to such rigorous activity, she quickly tired and moving first one leg, then the other, till she was on her knees astride him, his cock still in her cunt.

Now Brenda could lean forward, resting both hands on Gary’s shoulders, her tits swaying above him as she pumped her hips up and down. For his part, Gary could now reach up and grasp those twin mounds, to tweak and roll her nipples between his fingers. The combination of his cock in her cunt and his hands on her breasts sped Brenda towards her first orgasm. Like each of her previous first orgasms, while pleasurable, it was shallow and not long lasting and she quickly resumed fucking Gary’s wonderous cock.

As for Gary, Brenda’s cunt’s contractions during her orgasm were effecting him too, and he began thrusting his hips to meet each time she descended on his cock. His actions served only to bring Brenda closer, until with loud sobs and cries, her second orgasm came. Her even stronger cunt contractions drove him over the edge and he gripped her hips to pull her down hard, forcing his cock to its full depth as it spewed out his now, watery cum. He held her until the last spasm had drained his balls and he relaxed his hold.

As his cock deflated, Gary pulled Brenda’s body down onto his own and they lay like that, in each others arms, both breathing hard. Brenda was the first to concede that her ‘little kitty’ had taken as much as it could. “It’s not sore,” she said, “but I’m afraid any more of this and it will be. Do you mind?”

Gary laughed. “Sweetheart, my balls could stand a rest right now. They’re getting tired trying to keep up. The spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak.”

The following day was spent in holding and carressing each other, interspersed with short naps, and only twice leading to satisfying intercourse. Gary returned to his own apartment in late afternoon, leaving Brenda in the deep sleep of complete satisfaction.

On Wednesday evening they again went out to dinner, after which, they returned to Brenda’s apartment to fuck. The agreed that they would not repeat the weekends orgy but rather, spend the next weekend in a loving relationship, fucking only when their desires for each other overflowed and they could not resist.

After a month of this arrangement, Gary gave up his apartment and moved into hers and they lived like a married couple. After six months, Gary proposed marriage. Brenda was hesitant at first, arguing that their age difference was too great. “Oh no, don’t play that card with me,” Gary retorted, “this is the same difference you had with Robert and that didn’t bother you. Besides, nowadays, women should always marry younger men who can satisfy their libido.” Brenda laughed at that. “Just where did you get that information?”

Gary paused as though in thought. “I don’t know, I read it somewhere. Dammit, woman, I love you and want to be with you forever. If you don’t feel that way about me, well, I guess we could just go along the way we are until you get tired of me.”

They were married the following May, right after Gary’s second big promotion at work.


Fortunately the restaurant wasn’t crowded and they got a booth near the door so Brenda didn’t have to walk too far. As they were eating their dinners, they would reach out to touch each others hand, almost on an unheard request, but just on the need for contact. It had aways been this way.

Over after dinner coffee, Gary continued to gaze at his beautiful wife, no longer the firey red head he had first met, but rather, now crowned with beautiful snow white hair. She caught his gaze and smiled back at him over the rim of her coffee cup. Then, putting the cup down, and with a gleam in her eyes, said, “Gary, my love, would you be kind enough to take this old lady home and ravish her. I feel the need again.”

The waitress brought their bill to the table and, just before leaving, said to Brenda, “I love your hair, it looks so soft and clean, not like a lot of ladies with grey hair.” Gary left a substantial tip for the girl.

After his retirement at fifty years of age, as a full partner in the firm, they had moved to this small town in Indiana and into a small cottage. Brenda had spent many hours, even days in furnishing it, making it as homey as she could. Only one thing was other than the normal country cottage; their bedroom was made a palace of love, with a mirrored ceiling and a king size bed with a mirrored head board.

With Brenda seated on the edge of the bed, Gary helped to undress her till she sat their nude to watch Gary undress. “Oh dear, look at poor Peter,” she had long ago christened his cock, “come here and let me kiss the poor dear.”

This too had become a ritual whenever ‘Peter’ had not been fully erect before their lovemaking. Gary moved to stand in front of her and, leaning forward, she lifted the flaccid cock to her lips. He watched as the purple head disappeared between her lips and she began sucking on it, her tongue tracing its way around the bulb.

Slowly the blood began flowing into his cock, firming it, no longer the hard rod of years before, but adequate for the task ahead. Her smiling green eyes gazed up at him in pride at her accomplishment. Still supporting his cock with her hand, she released it from her mouth. “There now, my love, would ‘Peter’ like to burrow into my little kitty, it’s all nice and warm for him.”

“Come on, woman, you know damn well that ‘Peter’ wants nothing better than to fuck your nice little ‘kitty’. Get up on the bed, quick.” Brenda obliged and Gary followed, to lay on his back in the middle of the bed so that she could mount him, the position that she had long favored. Before doing so, she bent over and deposited some saliva on his cock for the lubrication needed, then, astride him, slowly lowered herself, guiding his cock into her pussy. She sighed with pleasure when she was firmly seated on his hips, relishing the feeling of fullness.

Leaning forward over him, hands on his shoulders, her once firm breasts were hanging down over his face and Gary raised his head slightly to capture a nipple in his mouth while grasping the other in one hand. Watching their mirrored image in the head board, Brenda began riding back and forth, her always sensitive clit rubbing on Gary’s pubic bone. “Oh god, dear one, I love it, I love it,” she whispered, as he lightly nipped at the nipple in his mouth, while pinching and twisting the other.

They fucked slowly without the urgency of years gone by. Brenda, using her cunt muscles, a technique learned over the years, kept Gary’s cock firm, embedded in her, while she experienced several orgasms, one right after another. After almost a half hour, Gary’s prick could take no more and his watery cum flooded her cunt, then it quickly shrank to slip out of her nest.

It would be a long time before he could again rise enough to fuck her and Brenda was still not completely satisfied. She moved off of Gary far enough to reach into the bedside table drawer to pick up her dildo and vibrator. Returning to Gary’s side, she handed him the cock shaped dildo. Laying on his side, his head pillowed on her nearest breast, he guided the dildo to her cum lubricated cunt and slowly pushed it in, to fuck her with it.

Brenda flicked the switch to turn the vibrator on and moved the instrument to her clit. Her body shivered as it made contact with her bud and her hips began an involuntary humping, as Gary pumped the dildo in and out.

After a few minutes, Brenda’s humping became uncontrollable and she began moaning, crying out, “Faster, faster, oh god, faster, ooohhhhhh, I’m cumming, RIGHT NOW!” Her hips thrust up off the bed and Gary pressed the dildo fully into her, holding it there as the wave of intense pleasure washed through his wife’s body. When she could stand it no more, she flung the still humming vibrator to one side as she sobbed in ecstasy.

When the waves finally subsided, Brenda fell back, limp, gasping for breath. She turned to Gary to kiss him and to press her body to his. She was exhausted. It would be almost a week before the need for such release would arise again. But to Gary’s happiness, arise it would.

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