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Leather Shorts

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I have always like the look of leather shorts that have a very short inseam. While looking through ebay one day, I came across some black leather shorts that looked quite sexy. They were square cut with a little v shaped notch at the sides of the hem. They were being sold by a manufacturer in Pakistan. I was a bit hesitant to order the shorts because the seller was in another country. The photographs of the shorts did look quite good and the description of the item convinced me to give it a try. 

I emailed the seller to inquire what the measurements were and if they could be adjusted. He was very nice and accommodating in all his correspondence. He said everything was hand made to the customer’s measurements and desires. He told me the minimum inseam would be about one inch. I loved the idea of that and asked if they could possibly be made one size smaller than what I normally wear as I would like a snug fit. He said he knew what I meant and to give him my actual measurements and he would make sure of the tight fit. 

It was about 3 weeks later when the package arrived. I could not wait to open it and see how they looked. The leather was flawless and very soft and supple. The quality looked first rate. I quickly undressed and slid them up my legs. The satin lining felt exquisite as they slid up my legs. When I had them all the way up, I had to pull on them a little to button them up and pull up the zipper. He nailed it! They felt so good. Nice and snug. Just the right tightness. I was instantly hard in them and you could clearly make out the outline of my cock and even the crease of the helmet in the soft leather. The inseam was less than one inch. So short and sexy. If I had not been hard, things would easily slip out as I walked around. The bottoms of my cheeks were just visible in the back. There was just a little gap between my cheeks and the hems of the leg openings where the seam went between my legs. It looked so inviting. Begging to be touched or to have a hard cock slip up the hem at that spot.

That evening, I could not wait to go out for a walk in them. About 10 pm, I slipped into them and a t-shirt and went out for a walk. The feeling of sliding around under the tight satin lining soon had me hard. It was a good thing too because my nuts and cock slipped out a couple of times. Soon I was hard enough that my cock was supported between my lower belly and the tight shorts. The feeling of the night air swirling bout my upper mostly exposed thighs bottoms of my ass cheeks felt so good. I was soon wishing I would be grabbed and dragged into the shadows and be taken advantage of on the spot. I was soon rubbing myself through the sexy leather as I walked down the neighborhood streets. It was only moments later that I came. Filling my hot new shorts with a load of cum. As I walked home, I could feel it trickling down my thighs. I felt so naughty and hot. As I got soft, I kept slipping out due to all the lubricating cum. It made it impossible to stay confined in those naughty shorts. Thank goodness no one noticed me out and about like that.

The next evening was a Saturday night. I was wearing the new leather shorts, surfing the internet and reading stories about people hooking up at adult novelty stores. As I was quite worked up, it was easy for me to get up the courage to go out in the shorts again. I chose a red t-shirt to contrast nicely with the black leather shorts. I tucked it into the shorts and put a black leather belt through the loops. My legs look great in them. The square cut, great stitching, and the belt made them look quite dressy in a sexy way. I was so aroused that the outline was clearly visible. I could already feel a little wetness on the satin lining as I moved around in them.

As you probably know from earlier stories, I have the top and doors removed from my Jeep during the warm months. I climbed in and opened the garage door. As I sat in the seat, the shorts felt so wonderfully tight. They rode up a little and exposed even more of my legs. I left my home and drove out into the warm night air. Whenever I used the clutch to shift, the feeling of movement in the tight shorts felt wonderful. My heart was pounding with the thrill of being out in the open dressed like I was. 

When I pulled into the parking lot of the adult store, I as a little surprised at how many cars were there. It was past 10 pm. I suppose it is a popular spot for Saturday nights. As I climbed out of the Jeep, I got a good look at how short these shorts were and how much leg I was showing. They did look great. The dark leather contrasting with my tanned legs and red shirt. The belt adding a touch of being dressed up a little or a hint of bondage. Oh my! Did I actually think of bondage? I was so hard at that moment. My heart pounding with excitement and fear. I had never gone into any public place dressed like this.

When I entered the store I was greeted by the cashier working at the counter. I noticed there were quite a few people browsing in the store. I few looked up at me and gave me a little smile. Many were dressed in sexy outfits, but I was the only guy in such a revealing outfit. I had to take deep slow breaths and concentrate on not stumbling into any displays. I had never felt so aroused, so vulnerable, so hard! I started looking around in the store, slowly walking up and down all the aisles. Stopping to look and things that attracted my interest. Some aisles had more people than others. At first I avoided the crowded but soon I went down one aisle that displayed butt plugs and dildos. There were quite a few patrons in this aisle. When I stopped to look at one, some guys walked past behind me. The space between the aisles was kind of narrow. As they passed behind me, I felt a few fingers brush the backs of my thighs just below the hem. OMG! I instantly felt the back of my thighs erupt in goose pimples. The feeling was so powerful. The feeling of being touched by a stranger. The feeling of being so vulnerable in such a skimpy outfit. The feeling of danger of being caught in a public place. I had not cum, but I could feel myself dripping with excitement. I felt a little dizzy with all the emotions racing through me. I had just started to calm down a bit when I felt another person pass behind me. I felt a finger just barely slip under the hem of my shorts and slowly slide along the edge to where I knew he could fell the crease of my cheeks and the spot where there was a little gap between my legs. A little gasp escaped my lips. Soon after this every time someone passed behind me, I would feel a touch here or there. Sometimes a little pinch. It was so hot!

After a few touches, I found myself unconsciously bending over to pick an item from a bottom display hook. I don’t even remember what it was. I immediately felt a few hands caress my ass through the soft leather. A few more fingers touching and probing. Then just before I stood back up, a little tug on the hem, trying to lift it a little more. During all this I had not turned around. I just kept looking at items on display. I was dripping like never before. I wanted to drive home immediately and masturbate like crazy. When I finally turned around to go down the aisle, no one was looking my way. It seemed everyone wanted to stay anonymous. 

I finally chose a couple of items to buy and went to the counter to pay. I was thinking how I could drive home with all the wild feelings going through me. When I paid for the items, the cashier gave me a hand full of tokens. When asked what they were for he told me they were for some private booths in the back where I could watch a video. He said that some of the customers in the store pitched in some money to buy the tokens for me. He showed me to a door in the back. He suggested that I go to the last booth in the hallway. I took a quick look around the store to see if I could catch anyone looking my way and find out who paid for the tokens. No one seemed suspicious. I thanked the cashier and walked through the door. When the door closed behind me, it was quite dark. I could see a dim light bulb at the end of the hall and light coming out the bottom of some doors. It looked like there were already people in some of the booths watching videos. 

I waited a few moments to try and let my eyes adjust, but there was just not enough light to see anything other than the outlines of some of the doors. I slowly took a few steps then suddenly felt a finger tracing edge of my shorts on the back of my thigh. I froze in fear and excitement. I felt warm breath at my right ear as I head a whisper: “relax and enjoy this”. I suddenly felt my body covered in goose pimples. The finger kept touching my skin along the edge of my shorts. Soon I felt a second finger. I shivered uncontrollably. Shortly after I felt a third and fourth fingers from different hands touching, rubbing, caressing. As my eyes adjusted a little to the darkness, I could finally make out the shapes of about five or six people around me. Soon the touching become bolder. The finger tips were slipping under the edge of the shorts. Both on the front and back. My balls were being caressed. The base of my shaft touched. Fingers slipped further up the back and I could feel them touching and caressing my opening back there. Was this really happening? My heart wanted to explode out of my chest. The feeling of being groped by several guys in my hot little shorts was almost too much. One hand slowly slid down my belly and into the top of my shorts. It soon found my rock hard dripping cock. I felt the fingers wrap around it and slowly started to stroke me. After the third stroke, I exploded all over his hand and filling the front of my shorts. 

Immediately after my orgasm, I felt something like a large finger slipping between my thighs and just inside the seam that runs between my legs. On my! It was a cock and it was rock hard. As my semen ran down my belly, the cock was soon covered in the sticky mess. It pulled back a little and moved forward again, only this time a little higher. It touched me back there. I gasped and felt it press firmly but slowly against my opening. I relaxed and just the tip slipped in. I cannot begin to try and describe the feelings. I had been on the edge for so long while driving here and walking around the store. Now this! About to be gangbanged on a public place. My secret little fantasy was about to come true! I heard several voices softly comment on how hot I looked in my sexy little leather shorts. They said it was so obvious I was in need of a good fucking! I never said a word. I kept quiet listening to their comments. It was all so true. 

The tip of the cock remained just inside my entrance. I was loving the feeling. Someone then moved against me in front. I felt the cock of the guy in front slipping up the front of my shorts. When did I get so hard again? I felt it slide alongside mine in the slippery mess. As this was happening, the cock in my ass slowly started to slip in further. The feeling was wonderful. At my sides I could feel others touching me with their fingers and tips of their cocks. I could feel their wetness leaving little trails on my legs. The person behind me soon started a slow rhythm of fucking me with the person in front matching the motion. The one on front fucking the front of my shorts. His cock caressed by mine and sliding in the slippery tightness under the tight leather of my shorts. 

It was only moments when the one behind me filled my ass with his hot love. As he pulled out, there was no chance for his hot seed to seep out as it was immediately replaced by another hard cock. When the guy in front came, he pulled out and someone else took his place. Soon, all my skin under the shorts were covered in cum. The tight leather slipped and slid around easily over all the dampness. I can’t exactly remember when I came again. I know it was only moments after the first. I think it was five guys who came in my ass and three who came in the front of my shorts. I just stood there quietly in my ecstasy and let them all use me. Oh how it felt so hot! I had hoped that they would make me kneel down and let se suck them off, but I think they were enjoying my short shorts fetish as much as me.

After they all finished using me, they left through a rear door that I could not see. I turned around and started to leave. My cock suddenly slipped out due to all the lubricating semen. I had to slip it back in and hold the front of my shorts to keep it from slipping out. When I come out into the light of the store, I realized how I must have looked. My tight leather shorts soaked in cum, me having to hold my cock in them, and seamen running down my legs. I received a few whistles as I quickly dashed through and out of the store. When I sat in my Jeep, the feeling of the semen filling my tight shorts felt wonderful. I slipped and slid around in them with every movement. On the way home, I stopped in a deserted store parking lot under a light so I could see the sexy sight of my soaked shorts. I slipped my hand down the front of the tight leather and stroked myself off again. Secretly hoping I would be discovered. 

I was not discovered but I soon came again and then drove home. I showered and had the best sleep of my life that night. I can’t wait for the next adventure I will have wearing those sexy little shorts.

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