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The Talent

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Jennifer and Derrick rode in the cab holding hands. She had been living in the city since graduating from college just over a year ago and, in that time, had not had much of a social life as she put her energy into writing for a regional magazine. On occasion she dated but most of those had been setups by well meaning friends. She had been in only two serious relationships, both back in college, but that seemed forever ago.

“So, tell me. If you have a good job downtown, why do you live so far uptown?” she asked. “Actually, beyond uptown?” she added.

Derrick smiled. “A good friend of mine owns rental properties up there. I have a huge apartment all to myself and the rent is dirt-cheap. But part of the deal is that on Saturdays I have to do some general upkeep on the building.”

Jennifer feigned horror. “I’m on a date with a building superintendent?”

He laughed. “Part-time super,” he corrected. “There’s a regular maintenance guy that covers my friend’s buildings during the week doing the major stuff but he has weekends off. That’s where I come in, keeping the halls clean, replacing light bulbs, sweeping the steps, that kind of stuff. I get a great deal for doing maybe six hours of work a week.”

They lapsed back into the comfortable silence. Jennifer studied Derrick’s face as he looked out the window at the passing nighttime skyline. She felt comfortable with him as if she had known him for a long time but there was an air of mystery surrounding him. He was a year older than her, lived up in Washington Heights, and worked as a graphic designer for a major ad agency. It’s hard to believe I just met him this morning, she thought.


Jennifer was in line at the deli waiting for her morning bagel with cream cheese. When she pulled out her cash, change scattered on the floor. The man waiting in line behind her knelt down and helped her collect the nickels and quarters.

“Thanks,” she said as he reached out to place the money in her hands. At the moment his fingers touched her palm, Jennifer felt a small jolt of electricity run up her spine and, in her mind’s eye, saw her having a romantic dinner with this stranger. How long this scene lasted she didn’t know, but the image was burned into her mind. The man cleared his throat and Jennifer realized she was holding his fingers.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, letting go. “I seem to have spaced out for a moment.” The stranger before her grinned shyly and said, “That’s OK. That’s happened to me from time to time.” Jennifer studied the man for a moment. He was about her age, maybe five inches taller, attractive, with light brown hair and kind blue eyes. His face wore an easy smile.

She held out her hand. “I’m Jennifer.”

“I’m Derrick,” he replied, taking her hand in his. Again, when their hands touched, the image of them having dinner flashed in Jennifer’s mind. Ask him out, her inner voice asked. I don’t know him, her inner voice countered. Her internal debate was interrupted when Derrick let go of her hand and said, “Well, have a good day. Maybe I’ll see you around sometime.” He turned to leave.

“Wait!” she almost shouted. “Would you like to have dinner with me? Tonight?”

The shy smile returned to Derrick’s face. “Sure, I would like that a lot,” he replied. They arranged to meet at Angelo’s on 43rd that night at 8PM.


When they arrived at Jennifer’s building, Derrick paid the cabbie while Jennifer got out and climbed the half flight of stairs to the door, rummaging for her keys. She turned and waited as Derrick climbed the steps. He had a calm expression on his face as he took her hand in his. “I had a really great time tonight and I want to see you again,” said Derrick quietly. “I believe there’s a spark between us.”

Jennifer was taken aback as she was just thinking those exact words. Ask him in. Her inner voice was getting more insistent lately. “Do you want to come in?” she blurted out. “The evening doesn’t need to end just yet. My roommate is staying at her boyfriend’s tonight so we’d have the place to ourselves.” Mortified, Jennifer realized what she was saying. Why did I say my roommate was gone? That’s a stupid thing to say to a guy you hardly know. He could be some crazed axe murderer! A calm voice soothed her mind. You can see he doesn’t have an axe – he’s a very sweet guy. You’ll invite him up, maybe have a drink and talk some more. No harm in that.

Derrick studied her face carefully. “Are you sure? You look a little, uh, conflicted and I don’t want to impose.”

Jennifer smiled. “I’m sure. But I must warn you, it’s a fifth floor walk-up.”

Derrick laughed. “It wouldn’t be New York if it wasn’t.”

Jennifer led the way up. As they climbed the stairs, she thought she could feel his eyes on her ass. Smiling to herself, she added a little more hip sway to her walk. She looked down at him as she turned onto a landing and could see his ears were turning pink.

She suppressed a laugh. “Come on, it’s just one more flight.” Derrick wished she lived higher up.

After Jennifer showed him in and triple locked the door, she took his coat and gestured to the living room. “Have a seat, I’ll be right back.” Derrick sat on the couch and attempted to look relaxed. “I’ll get some wine. I have a decent bottle of red,” Jennifer called on her way to the kitchen.

She returned carrying a bottle of wine, an opener, and two glasses. Derrick opened the bottle and poured. They spent the next half hour and the bottle of wine talking and learning more about each other. Eventually, there was long pause as they looked at each other. Then Derrick leaned closer.

Their lips met, soft and warm. Again, Jennifer felt the spark and kissed back harder. A vision formed in her mind of Derrick unbuttoning her blouse and sliding his hand over her breast. She parted her lips and slid her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues played over each other’s. She imagined Derrick sliding his hand up her skirt. Jennifer broke the kiss. Am I really this horny? To answer that question she closed her eyes and kissed him again.

unsnapping his jeans reaching in pulling out his hard cock clear fluid on the tip leaning down his cock in her mouth her hand gripping stroking

Jennifer broke the kiss again. Where did THAT come from? I’ve never done that before. She was aware of the heat spreading between her legs and felt flushed.

“Is everything all right?” asked Derrick.

“Yeah, I just needed to catch my breath.” Slow down, girl. Just chill out and take it easy, she thought but then brought his face to hers, closed her eyes and kissed him.

lying naked on her back her breathing heavy Derrick kissing down her stomach his mouth on her sex her back arching pleasure building licking sucking her pussy his tongue on her clit electrifying her body

Jennifer broke the kiss suddenly, her eyes wide. It felt so real, but then, nobody has ever done that to me. How could I know what a tongue feels like on my pussy? Her mind was a jumble of confused thoughts and visions. Derrick leaned back, looking concerned. “Maybe I should go,” he said. “It’s been a great evening and I wouldn’t want to spoil it by over staying my welcome. Besides, I have to be up early tomorrow.” He started to stand up.

“No, wait!” Jennifer grabbed his hand. “It’s OK. You’re not over staying your welcome. Please, sit down,” pulling Derrick back to her side. As he sat down, she leaned back against the end of the couch.

“Before we go any further, and there’s no guarantee that we will, are you clean? Do you have any social diseases I should know about?” she asked.

“Clean bill of health,” he assured her. “You?”

“Me, too. Come here then,” she murmured, putting her hands on each side of his face.

He kissed her, soft and tender at first, then harder, his tongue dancing in her mouth. She knew his lust was building, just like hers. She lightly sucked the tip of his tongue, her hands in his hair. His hand caressed her body, across her flat stomach and up her side toward her breast.

eagerly sucking up down his shaft his sweet meat in her mouth running her tongue around the tip down to the base up the underside feeling his blood pulsing in the thick vein her hand caressing cleanly shaven balls gently squeezing her mouth moving up down his cock wanting him to explode in her mouth her head bobbing faster his body tensing waiting for him to come doubling her efforts until

tongue sliding into her wet pussy licking inside her probing hands squeezing breasts fingers rubbing nipples little circles hands under her knees lifting legs up spreading apart her sex opening his tongue plunging mouth on clit tongue flicking waves of pleasure tongue moving rapidly circles swirling around around fingers rubbing nipples faster pussy swelling as she

A moan escaped from her lips as she felt Derrick’s hand squeezing her breast. Her pussy felt swollen and strained against her panties. He was kissing the soft skin of her neck, his head nuzzling her. Jennifer reached down and tugged at his shirt, freeing it from his waistband. She pulled his shirt off and plunged her tongue into his mouth. Derrick unbuttoned her blouse and undid the clasp at the front of her bra. He pushed the material aside and freed one of her soft mounds of flesh.

She felt wetness growing between her legs as his thumb rubbed her nipple. His hand squeezed as he kissed down her neck, his mouth moving towards her exposed breast. Jennifer’s ran her hand through his hair, guiding him until his lips brushed against her hard nipple. Derrick licked and sucked her nipple making it painfully hard. Her eyes closed and her head rocked back in pleasure.

Derrick’s hand slid up the inside of her thigh under her skirt, his fingers lightly caressing her skin. Jennifer opened her legs wider as his hand moved higher until his fingers lightly brushed across her panty-clad pussy. She gasped as his fingers grazed over her clit and she raised her hips to press her pussy against his hand. His hand moved like magic over her sex, making her crazed with lust.

With great effort she lifted his head from her breast and pushed him back on the couch. She straddled Derrick’s lap and gave him a deep kiss as he pushed her blouse and bra off her shoulders. Jennifer sat up bringing her breasts to his mouth. His hands played with her ass as he covered her breasts with licks and kisses. She sat down and felt the hardness of his cock pressing against her. She ran her hands down his chest to the top of his jeans and toyed with the top button.

She moved off his lap and knelt between his legs, unbuttoning his jeans. He lifted his hips as she tugged them off. Jennifer could see his cock was straining to be set free. She ran her hand over the form in his underwear and traced its outline before hooking her fingers in the elastic waistband and pulling his underwear off.

Derrick’s cock stood at attention, its seven inches of white hardness rising from a neatly trimmed bed of dark brown pubic hair. She could see a drop of moisture glistening on the tip. And she could see his scrotum was shaved. It’s just like I imagined! With her left hand she gripped his shaft and with her right hand she ran her fingers over his shorn sac. The skin felt smooth and soft, softer than any skin she had ever felt. She leaned in and kissed his scrotum, running her tongue over the silky skin. She kissed and licked her way up his shaft, and saw up close the clear fluid oozing out of the slit.

Tentatively, she licked the tip tasting salty sweetness, her tongue spreading the clear fluid over the head, making it slippery. She heard Derrick gasp as she swirled her tongue around the tip. Emboldened, she wrapped her lips around the head and slid down on his shaft. She took him in as deeply as she could then slowly moved up and off, his cock shiny with her saliva. Jennifer licked down to his pubic hair, up the underside and could feel his pulse pounding. Her hand cupped his balls. She licked down his shaft to his scrotum and gently licked and sucked. Derrick moaned with his head back and his eyes closed.

Jennifer continued kissing his balls while her hand methodically pumped his shaft. Derrick’s breathing became harder as she pumped faster. She knew he was getting close. She licked up his shaft and took him in her mouth, again swirling her tongue around the tip. He moaned louder. Her mouth and hand worked in tandem sliding up and down his cock, gaining speed.

“Oh, God! Jennifer! I’m going to come!” panted Derrick. Jennifer’s head bobbed faster. She felt his body stiffen and the skin around his balls tighten. She moved her mouth up to the tip and clamped her lips around the head as he started to come, hot and pulsing. She licked and swallowed his cream as it continued to spurt until no more came out. At last she let his cock slide from her mouth, looked up at him and smiled.

“That was fantastic!” Derrick whispered, out of breath.

“It was? That was the first time I’ve ever given a blowjob.”

“Well, then,” he replied. “You would make the all rookie team!”

Jennifer giggled and blushed. Derrick pulled her face to his and gave her a long, deep kiss. He guided her on to couch and sat her back as he slid onto the floor. He unzipped her skirt and gently tugged it down and off. As he set the skirt aside, Jennifer looked down and saw that her panties had soaked through. I can’t believe how wet I am! No one’s ever turned me on this much! Derrick’s hands interrupted her thoughts as they tugged her panties off. She settled back, watching as he moved between her legs, a look of awe on his face as he stared at her glistening pussy. Her nipples were erect in anticipation of what was to come.

Derrick kissed his way up her thigh, his lips soft on her skin, moving closer to her swollen sex. She could see her outer lips were puffy and she felt his warm breath on her inner thigh. She parted her legs wider as he touched her pussy with his fingers. He spread her outer lips revealing her pink insides and gently inserted a finger into her. His finger slid out and she saw it was coated with her juices as he ran it up her pussy and circled her swollen clit. His touch was soft but firm and she gasped when his tongue entered her. He lapped up her sweet nectar, his face buried between her legs. Jennifer squeezed her breasts and tweaked her hard nipples with her fingers.

His tongue licked up to her clit moving in little circles, occasionally flicking across it. He sucked her clit into his mouth and bathed it with his tongue. Jennifer moaned loudly. It’s better than I imagined! Derrick’s tongue moved faster finding a rhythm that suited her body. Her hips rocked as his mouth played her like a fine instrument. Jennifer felt her orgasm build quickly, growing like a large wave until it crashed over her, her hips bucking, her pussy grinding into his face. His licking slowed as she collapsed back onto the couch.

“That’s another first for me,” sighed Jennifer, catching her breath. “I’ve always wanted that done to me but it never happened.”

Derrick sat on the floor and looked up at her, his face serious. “That’s really sad. What’s wrong with guys? I love going down on a woman as much as I love a woman going down on me.” He paused and thought for a moment. “Are you are virgin?” he asked softly.

Jennifer laughed. “God, no! I guess my boyfriends were never as enlightened as you. Of course, they wanted me to go down on them but I never wanted to – it never felt right to me. And, they never went down on me. I just thought guys didn’t like to do that.”

“Well, since you’re not a virgin you’ll know what to do with this!” exclaimed Derrick, pulling her off the couch and onto his lap.

Jennifer saw that his cock was hard again and straddled him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“I know where this will fit nicely,” said Jennifer quietly.

As they kissed, she moved her hips forward until her pussy pressed against his cock. She rocked her pelvis, running her pussy along his shaft, enjoying the sensation when the head pressed against her clit.

She sat up, grabbed his cock and guided it into her wet hole. She slowly lowered herself onto him, her eyes closed, pausing occasionally to lift herself a little while her vagina stretched to accept him. After a few moments, Derrick’s cock was buried in her.

“Mmmmmmm,” she purred, opening her eyes. “I don’t want you to come in me, understand?” she said, looking him in the eyes.

Derrick nodded. Jennifer started moving her hips up and down, feeling him inside her as he moved his hips in circular motion, matching her speed. Occasionally, she felt an intense sensation when his cock rubbed in a particular area. So that’s where my G-spot is. As their bodies moved faster his cock hit her G-spot more frequently. Jennifer moaned and her breathing became harder. Derrick shifted his position and she moaned louder as he hit that magical spot again. She moved faster, her thoughts were in a blur as the intense pleasure built. Jennifer continued riding him until she felt his body stiffen and forced herself to stop, her head hanging down.

Concerned, Derrick lifted her chin to look in her eyes. “Is something wrong?”

“No, it’s … perfect.” She couldn’t express it any other way. After a moment, she asked, “You didn’t come, did you?” He shook his head. “Great. Lie back,” she commanded.

He lay back as Jennifer dismounted, knelt beside him and leaned over his body. She licked up and down his cock tasting her juices. The taste of her sex on him made her even wetter. She covered his scrotum with licks and kisses and sucked on his balls. Derrick’s hand moved between her legs and massaged her pussy. Jennifer responding by stroking his cock from the base to the tip, where her finger rubbed the opening. He moaned and pulled her hips toward his head.

She swung her leg over his head as he shifted his body until his face was under her crotch. Derrick raised his head and ran his tongue along her pussy. Jennifer shuddered and settled her pussy on his mouth, then went to work sucking his cock. He licked and sucked her clit as her mouth moved up and down quickly. She felt his hands on her ass inch closer to her pussy until a finger was inside her. She paused at the tip of his cock and slowly took him in as deep as she could until his cock touched the back of her mouth. She saw she had several inches to go. No way I’m going to get all of that in my mouth. I’ll need some practice.

Jennifer pulled his cock out and ran her tongue around the head. She heard Derrick’s muffled moan and felt him lick faster. She continued swirling her tongue until his moans became louder and his licking became more desperate. She plunged his throbbing cock into her mouth and moved up and down rapidly. She wanted him to come before she did. She gently squeezed his balls and his hips bucked, his tongue pressed hard on her clit. Jennifer moaned. She knew he was close but she was close, too. She pumped his cock in and out her mouth, moving faster, until she squeezed his balls again and tasted his cum as it filled her mouth, just before her own orgasm rocked her body.

She rolled off and lay next to him as the sound of their heavy breathing filled room. She looked up at the ceiling, savoring the moment, feeling his body lightly touching hers. She basked in the warm afterglow of sex, closed her eyes and dozed off.

She awoke when she felt Derrick get up and heard him pad down to the bathroom. She lay with her eyes closed listening to his movements. A few minutes later she heard him come back and kneel down beside her. His lips pressed against hers and she kissed him back.

“Jennifer,” he said softly. “I have to go. I really do need to get up early tomorrow.”

She opened her eyes and looked up at him. “You’re not loving me and leaving me are you?” A smile played at the corners of her mouth.

Derrick laughed. “I see you’re on to me. Seriously, though, I do have go and I feel bad about it. Can I call you tomorrow afternoon?”

Jennifer smiled. “Of course.” She stood up and got her phone as he dressed. They traded cell phones and each entered their numbers. With that finished, she walked him to the door.

“I’ll talk to you soon,” he said, hugging her. They kissed for several minutes, his hands running over her naked body. Jennifer felt herself getting wet again. God, he makes me so horny! She moved her leg and pressed her thigh into his groin, feeling his stiffening cock. Derrick massaged her ass with his hands before breaking the kiss.

“Thank you for a lovely night, Miss Jennifer. I look forward to seeing you again.”

She giggled as he walked out the door and she stood there, her naked body exposed in the doorway, watching him walk down the stairs. When he was out of her sight, she closed the door and locked it, checking each lock twice.

Jennifer leaned back against the door and reflected on the evening. She certainly had never been accused of being easy and she had never slept with anyone on the first date before. And, yet, what had happened tonight felt so right. He could read her so well. No, read wasn’t the right word for it. It was more like he was a radio tuned to her specific channel, a channel that no one else received. She looked down at the cell phone in her hand and, as she walked back to the living room, she flipped it open and pulled up the phonebook. She scrolled through the entries until she found his: Derrick the First. She laughed and pressed the SEND button.

Derrick’s phone rang as he walked down the sidewalk. He fished it out and read the display: Jennifer – All Rookie Team. Laughing, he answered, “Hello, Rookie.”

“Hello, Derrick the First. I couldn’t resist when I saw your entry.”

“And you just wanted to check that the number worked, right?”

Jennifer laughed. “Yeah, that, too. And I wanted to say, thank you, for such a great night and helping me achieve so many firsts.”

“You’re welcome. Just remember you had it in you.”

“Thanks again. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” he said and hung up the phone with a smile on his lips. She is special.

Derrick walked three blocks up to the subway station. At this late hour only local trains were running so he’d have a lot of time to think. He boarded a nearly deserted car on an uptown train, sat down, leaned his head against the window and closed his eyes. She is special.


Derrick felt an urge to ask out the woman in front of him whose body he had been admiring for the last five minutes. She stood 5’7″ tall, her skirt showing off shapely legs. He ogled her nicely sculpted ass. She was wearing a tight fitting blouse and, when she turned to look out the front window, the snug blouse accentuated her breasts that appeared to be size 34B. Her brown hair fell to her shoulders and she had the prettiest face he had seen in a long time.

The problem was, he wasn’t the kind of guy to strike up a conversation with someone he didn’t know, let alone ask them out to dinner. He silently cursed his shyness and pondered his dilemma until fate intervened: change spilled out of her pocketbook and scattered on the floor. He saw his opportunity and helped her retrieve her money. When their hands touched, Derrick thought about having dinner with her and she grabbed his fingers.

He knew at that moment she had imagined them having dinner together. He knew this because he felt a charge leaving his body for hers. He knew this because he had sent her the image. And he knew this because he saw the image in her mind, through her mind’s eye. When their hands parted, the circuit was broken and he couldn’t read her.

She eyed him for a moment then held out her hand and introduced herself. As they shook hands, the circuit was re-established and Derrick sent her the image again. He waited a few beats after the handshake was over, then wished her a nice day and turned to leave. She stopped him and quickly asked him out. After making the arrangements Derrick said goodbye and walked out with a smile on his face. He had always had better success if he let the girl take the lead. And that was how Derrick met Jennifer.


The train stopped and Derrick opened his eyes to check the station name. He saw he had at least another 30 minutes before his stop. The only other people on his car now were a young couple, sitting with their backs to him, kissing feverishly. He was tired, both physically and mentally. Connecting with girls always took something out of him but tonight he felt especially drained. He closed his eyes again, felt the train jerk to a start and thought back to when he first discovered his talent.


Derrick became aware of his unusual talent back in high school, although at the time he didn’t know how to use it. On dates with some girls he would get a distinct vibe, almost as if he was reading their mind. Except, he realized, he wasn’t reading their minds – at first it was more like stealing quick glances at pictures as they flashed by. He thought he was imagining it but soon associated it with physically touching them. But it didn’t work with all girls and it never happened when he shook a guy’s hand. With some girls the connection was better and with some, worse. And with some girls, he wasn’t able to connect at all. It had nothing to do with how the girls looked or how they acted or their ethnicity or how much he liked or disliked them. Of course, once he learned he was glimpsing inside a girl’s mind he tried to use it to his advantage.

On his first attempt he was making out with a girl in a car and an image of him squeezing her breasts flashed from her. As he moved his hand up and felt her breast, she hugged him tighter and kissed him harder. The next image that flashed by was his hand down the front of her pants as she squirmed excitedly.

But when his hand moved between her legs she pushed him away and yelled, “God, Derrick! What the hell do you think your doing? Take me home now!”

He drove her home as she fumed in silence. She refused to go out with him or even speak to him after that night.

His next several attempts had mixed success with no rhyme or reason, or so he thought. It wasn’t until Derrick was in college that he learned he could do more with his talent.

By his sophomore year, he had taken a more philosophical approach. Instead of acting on the images he received, he would go on as usual until he sensed the girl’s frustration and, at that moment, he would act. By playing it safe girls never got mad at him for doing what they wanted him to do. And, yet, he was somewhat dissatisfied with these encounters. All that changed one night.

Derrick was at a party at Helen’s apartment. Derrick liked Helen because she was laid back and hanging with her was like hanging out with a guy – she liked beer and could drink plenty of guys under a table, she occasionally told raunchy jokes, and wasn’t easily offended. And she was attractive. She stood 5’9″, just a few inches shorter than Derrick, her long legs leading up to her rounded hips, small waist, and on up to her 34C breasts. Her short blond hair framed her pretty Scandinavian face. But, he had never asked her out because they were such good friends.

At the party Derrick was having a good time, joking with friends, engaging in philosophical discussions of how the Smurfs were really an allegory for the U.S.S.R. and why the football team would win its conference but lose its bowl game. By the end of the party, Derrick and Helen were sitting at the kitchen table talking while finishing the beer. Only four people remained: Helen, Derrick and two guys passed out in the living room.

“Help me roust them?” she asked.


Derrick got up and walked over the couch. It took several minutes of prodding to wake up Sam and get him to his feet while Helen did the same to Jeff. They got them their coats, steered them out the front door and watched as they tottered off toward home.

Helen surveyed the apartment. “Good party. I can tell by the mess.”

“Since you were a gracious host I’ll help you pick up,” said Derrick and she gladly accepted.

They spent the next half hour picking up beer bottles, plastic cups, and empty liquor bottles while listening to music. Derrick mopped up a puddle of cheap beer on the living room carpet with a kitchen towel. At least, he hoped it was cheap beer – Helen advised him to trash the towel. He took out the garbage and dumped the bottles in the recycling bin. He returned and washed up.

She walked him to the door, thanked him and gave him a hug. While hugging her, Derrick sensed she wanted to kiss him, so he gave her a kiss on the cheek. Helen smiled, leaned in and gave him a small kiss on the lips. Derrick saw in her mind the image of them kissing passionately, their hands running over each other’s bodies. He kissed her back harder and the next moment they were kissing fiercely, they’re arms wrapped around each other as they shuffled back into the front hall of her apartment. The door swung shut behind them as Helen pressed him up against the wall.

They kissed for several minutes while Derrick watched images of them in various states of undress and groping pour from her mind. He wondered if he could steer her thoughts, so he consciously sent her an image of him kissing her from behind, her body pressed to his while his hands explored her body. An instant later the image came back to him and Helen turned around.

He kissed the side of her neck as he hugged her from behind, one arm around her shoulders, the other on her flat stomach as Helen’s hands gripped the sides of his thighs. He saw that she wanted him to kiss and lick her ear, so his lips moved up and obliged. He felt her breast with his right hand as his left rubbed her stomach. Helen squeezed his thighs with her hands. Derrick unbuttoned her shirt and slid his hand in under her bra and squeezed her breast. She unfastened the clasp at the front, freeing her ample breasts. His fingers played over her nipples making them stand at attention. Derrick imagined her rubbing her buttocks against him. A few seconds later, she ground her ass on his groin, the friction delicious against his hard cock. He imagined his hand down the front of her pants massaging her pussy. She turned her head and kissed his mouth, her tongue plunging deep, as the image came back to him.

His right hand continued caressing her breasts as his left un-snapped her jeans and lowered the zipper. He pushed the front of her panties down until his fingers found wetness. Helen moaned and tightly gripped his thighs. His finger entered her and he imagined her grabbing his cock. She reached behind her and felt his bulge, tight in his jeans. His fingers, slick with her juices, rubbed her clit. She gasped and squeezed his cock firmly before turning around. Helen pushed his coat off and pulled at his shirt, tugging it off over his head. She kissed him hard, her breasts pressed against his chest. Derrick pictured her on her knees, his cock in her mouth. The image flashed through her mind and she stepped back. Without a word, she took his hand in hers and led him to her bedroom where she pushed him down on the bed.

Helen rubbed his cock through his jeans before unbuckling his belt. She undid his jeans, reached in and grabbed him through his underwear. She crawled on top and straddled him, her pelvis digging into his as she removed her shirt and bra. They kissed, their tongues mingling. Derrick pictured her on her back, his face buried between her thighs. At this thought, Helen rubbed her pussy against his cock and sucked on his tongue. She kissed down his neck to his chest where she playfully tongued his nipples, before moving lower across his stomach. She pulled his jeans off and ran her hands up his thighs. They paused at his underwear before yanking the cotton material off.

She grabbed his shaft, wet her lips and took him in her mouth. Derrick gasped at the sensation. He pictured her rubbing his balls while sucking him off – Helen ran a hand over his balls. He pictured her running her tongue just over the tip of his penis – she swirled her on tongue around the head – he groaned. He pictured her licking his shaft from the base to the tip – she ran her tongue up down its length. The sensations were maddening. Derrick imagined her mouth sliding up and down on his cock moving faster and faster – Helen’s head moved quickly, her mouth sucking eagerly bringing him closer to climax. He couldn’t stand the pressure in his balls anymore and exploded in her mouth. She swallowed, then licked and sucked his penis to get every drop. She climbed on top of him and laid her head on his chest.

“You liked?” she asked.

“Oh, yes. I liked!” he answered, kissing the top of her head. “Very much.” He held her for a minute, resting, before saying, “Now it’s your turn,” and rolling her onto her back.

Derrick nibbled on her ear before kissing down her neck. With a breast in each hand, he licked and kissed each one in turn, bathing her nipples with his tongue. He no longer broadcasted – he only listened, letting her thoughts guide him. He lingered there until the sensation became too intense for her and then kissed down her flat stomach. He tugged her tight jeans off and sat between her legs looking at her. He ran one finger over her pussy through her damp panties. He felt the outer lips, the opening of her pussy, and finally her clit. Helen’s breathing became heavy and her body squirmed.

“Eat me, Derrick!” she said, hoarsely. “Eat me!”

He peeled off her panties and his eyes drank in the light blondish brown down of her bush. Her clit was swollen, her pussy glistened and he gaped as a drop of wetness ran out her slit and down towards her ass. He reached out and slid one finger into her and ran it up to her clit that he rubbed in little circles. Helen moaned. Derrick leaned down and licked her wet pussy, tasting her, running his tongue up and down her sex before arriving at her clit. He listened to her thoughts closely, following her silent directions as he quickly licked her to multiple orgasms. Finally she pulled his head up and panted, “Stop! Enough.”

He lay with his head on her stomach waiting for her to catch her breath before asking, “Do you have any condoms?”

She smiled and reached over to the nightstand drawer and fished out a condom. She tossed it to him and said, “Fuck me.”

Derrick knelt between her legs and put on the condom. He guided his cock to her waiting hole and slowly slipped inside her. He paused before moving his hips, slowly at first, as Helen rocked her hips. Gradually they built up speed until he was pounding her, sweat glistening on their bodies, her fingers digging into his back. He imagined fucking her from behind and she stopped moving.

He slid out of her as she turned over and got on all fours. She reached back between her legs, grabbed his cock and guided it into her. Derrick gripped her hips as he pumped into her. With each thrust Helen pushed back against him, driving him deeper, causing her to grunt. Her grunting grew louder and in her mind Derrick saw she was getting close. His hips moved faster and her grunts became cries, growing louder on each thrust before she screamed, “OHGODOHGODOHGOD” over and over until her body spasmed and her pussy contracted around his cock. Derrick continued thrusting and Helen orgasmed again, her pussy milking his cock, as he finally came, long and hard. They collapsed on the bed and slept.


They never officially became a couple, rather, they were just “friends with privileges.” A cruder way to put it is that they were fuck-buddies. When they weren’t seeing other people, they would hang out often, fooling around, exploring each other’s bodies.

One afternoon, Helen was kneeling, topless, between his legs as he sat on the couch, her hands stroking his cock, giving Derrick the finest hand-job he had ever received. He wanted her to run her tongue over his balls so he pictured it in his mind. She continued pumping her hand but her head did not move down to his lap. Instead, the image that came back was of her licking cleanly shaven balls. The thought drove him wild. Helen’s hand was moving rapidly, almost a blur. She squeezed his balls with her other hand, driving him over the edge, making him come on her tits. She licked his cum from her hands and sucked his deflating cock clean.

She stood up and said, “Let’s take a shower before the movie,” and grabbed his hand and led him in the bathroom. They showered, taking turns to lather up each other’s bodies in the hot spray. Helen maneuvered him under the water, soaped up her hands and stroked his stiffening cock expertly.

“You know,” she said, her hands working his hard member to full attention. “While I like hair, I think it would be fun if we shaved your balls.” Her hand squeezed his sac firmly. Derrick groaned and grunted in agreement.

Helen turned him to face the water to rinse the soap off his groin. She turned him back, got on her knees and dispensed shaving cream into her hand. She spread the foam over his scrotum and picked up her razor.

“Hold still.”

She carefully shaved him and all the while Derrick’s cock felt harder than it ever had before. The cooling sensation on his balls as the razor cut a swath raised the hair on the back of his neck. At last she was finished. He ran a finger over his scrotum, savoring the soft smoothness of the skin. Helen had left pubic hair at the base of the shaft so he didn’t look pre-pubescent.

They turned off the shower and dried off. Derrick wrapped a towel around his waist and headed for the bedroom to dress. When he turned around she was right behind him and pushed back onto the bed. Without saying a word, she opened his towel and began licking his balls. Her wet tongue bathed his sac, her breath warm and cool at the same time. He moaned loudly and dug his fingers in her hair as she sucked on each ball in turn. She continued licking and kissing for several minutes until he felt the onset of another orgasm.

“Oh, God! That feels great!” he groaned. “I’m going to come!”

“That’s the whole point,” she murmured, and took his cock in her mouth. His hips bucked and he came, filling her mouth. Helen stood up and smiled, licking her lips. “Hurry up and get dressed. We don’t want to be late for the movie.”

Derrick repaid her in spades that night. Early on in the film, he undid her pants and worked her pussy with his fingers, causing her to come repeatedly. For the first couple, Helen’s body tensed in silent ecstasy but with each successive orgasm she came harder and harder until she finally cried out loud, her whole body shaking, her legs clamped around his hand. Fortunately, it was during a noisy part of the movie so the other patrons didn’t notice. Well, at least not the patrons sitting on the other side of the theater.


The train stopped and the doors hissed open. Derrick had one more stop to go. He thought about Helen and about how he wanted to be more than just a privileged friend. They had discussed this several times at length, but Helen didn’t want it go any further.

“I like you a lot as a friend and love doing things with you and to you but I don’t want be anything more than that. You’ll always have a special place in my heart, but I don’t see us staying together,” she had told him one day.

Not long after that she became involved with another guy and they drifted apart. Two years ago Derrick heard they were married. He sent them a card wishing them all the happiness in the world. And for her, he meant it.

The train stopped again. He got off, leaving the two young lovers alone and walked up the platform to the unmoving escalator. As he emerged onto the city sidewalk, the chilled night air hit him in the face, waking him up. He walked the last several blocks to his apartment lost in thought.

After Helen, he’d honed his talent for reading women’s sexual desires at parties and bars. And, after awhile, he learned that with a few women he could even discover their most intimate fantasy the first moment he touched them. And, he learned that not all women wanted to act on their fantasies. Also, while knowing women’s carnal thoughts helped him immensely in bed, it did nothing to help his relationships with them. Occasionally, a woman would comment on how easy it was to make love to him, how she just knew what to do and how he knew what to do to turn her on, but he felt distant emotionally. He never told anyone, male or female, about his talent because a) who would believe him and b) he didn’t want to chance pissing the women off.

He climbed into bed, these thoughts churning in his head. And then he thought of Jennifer and his mind became calm. Jennifer’s different. Jennifer’s special. What happened tonight was unique. The connection was stronger. For the first time, he could feel what the woman was feeling. While they were kissing he felt Jennifer’s nipples become erect and sensitive to the touch. He felt her become wet. He sensed how his cock felt in her hand as she stroked him. He knew how his tongue felt on her clit. Somehow, he had a very special connection with her. He drifted off.


Jennifer awoke the next morning to sun streaming through her bedroom window. She looked at the clock with one eye: 9AM. Thank God it’s Saturday, she thought. I don’t believe I’ll be getting out of bed any time soon. She rolled over onto her back and studied the ceiling. The sheets teased her naked body, making her nipples perk up. I was so spent after last night I didn’t have the energy to put on pajamas. Thinking of last night made her feel warm inside and her hand moved under the sheet between her legs. Her fingers stroked her pussy slowly as she reflected on the previous night’s activities.

The thought of Derrick’s tongue made her squirm in pleasure. Her free hand moved to her breast as she slid one finger into her slit, wetting it. She closed her eyes and

his hands on her breasts gently squeezing wet lips on her nipple tongue licking moving from breast to breast mouth sucking nipples hard fingers rubbing getting wetter wanting him wet kisses on her stomach moving lower hands caressing breasts kissing lower legs parting pussy longing touching kissing soft lips getting closer nose pressing her belly moving lower legs wide lips on wetness tongue parting plunging deep strong hands kneading breasts legs on shoulders licking up soft wet lips surrounding clit gentle licking pressing her fingers in his hair tongue circling lips sucking tongue flicking clit swelling orgasm building tongue dancing fingers pinching nipples licking sucking faster chest heaving hips raising body tensing dam bursting

She cried out, her head back, the hand between her legs was soaked with her juices. Slowly, her muscles relaxed one by one and, feeling content, she dozed off.


When she awoke, she took a hot shower. However, before turning off the water, she eyed the handheld massaging showerhead for a long moment. No, I need to give my body a rest. She dressed in old comfortable clothes and went to the kitchen for some breakfast. Jennifer fixed a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice and sat down with the morning paper. She scanned the paper for twenty minutes but nothing held her interest. Her eyes fell on the fruit bowl on the small table, specifically, the bananas.

She picked up a large banana, peeled and examined it. It was about the thickness of Derrick’s cock and maybe two inches longer. She put it in her mouth but instead of biting down, she slid it in as for as it would go. She slid it out and back in, working up a tempo. Her mouth watered and soon the banana was slick with her saliva. She worked the banana deep and held it there, pressed against the back of her mouth. Jennifer fought the urge to gag and breathed slowly through her nose. She resumed the in and out motion taking the banana a little deeper each time. Soon it touched the back of her throat.

She pulled it out and estimated how much she took. About the same length as Derrick’s. She resumed practicing on the banana, thinking of his cock and working it quickly until she heard the front door close. She quickly ate the banana feeling guilty as if she had been caught masturbating. Well, you WERE fellating a banana, she thought, stifling a laugh as her roommate, Carrie, entered the kitchen.

“Hey, there. What are you up to?” Carrie asked, noticing the wide grin on Jennifer’s face. “You look like the cat that swallowed the canary.”

Jennifer giggled. “That’s not far off.” I did swallow, she thought and burst out in a peal of uncontrollable laughter. Carrie eyed her suspiciously.

“Spill it. What’s up?” she demanded.

Jennifer filled her in about meeting Derrick and the date they had. She left out the juicy details though, as she wanted those memories to remain private, just hers. Carrie suspected she wasn’t getting the whole story and pressed her but Jennifer refused to say anything more. Instead, she changed the subject by asking how Carrie’s evening went. Carrie turned serious and told her that John, her long time boyfriend, asked her to live with him.

“I said ‘Yes’, of course. I love him,” Carrie said simply, her eye moist with tears. “So, I’m moving out. Today. I’ll pay the rent through the end of the month, but after that, I can find someone or you can find someone to help with the rent. I’m sorry it’s so sudden.”

Jennifer thought it over and said finally, “That’s great to hear. Tell you what – I’m making good money now so I don’t need help paying the rent. I’ll just live alone for the next six months or so. That way, if something unforeseen happens between you and John you’ll have a place to go.”

Carrie hugged her tightly and the front buzzer rang. “That’s John!” she cried and sprang to the front door. “He borrowed his friend’s van.”

Jennifer spent the rest of the day in a melancholy mood helping John and Carrie haul Carrie’s things down to the van. She was sorry her best friend was moving out but she was also happy she would have the place to herself and took comfort in the thought of all the things she wanted to do to Derrick and where to do them. After Carrie and John drove off with the last load, Jennifer sank onto the couch, feeling a little depressed. Her cell phone warbled.

She took it from its charging base and looked at the display. Smiling, she answered, “Hey, there.”

“Hey, Rook,” said Derrick. “I hope you had a good day. I was wondering if you were busy tonight.”

“No. My roommate moved out today, it was rather sudden. I’d like to see you but I’m not in much of a mood to go out.”

“Well, how about I come over and cook dinner?” offered Derrick. “I could be there in awhile. Around 6 OK?”

Jennifer smiled. “That’d be great. But I don’t have much in the way of supplies. Should I go out and get anything?”

“No, I’ll bring the mountain to you. See you soon,” and he hung up.

Jennifer leaped from the couch and started tidying up. She washed the dishes in the sink, picked up the living room, and then tackled her bedroom. She threw the dirty clothes in a basket and hid the basket in the closet. Finally, she appraised the bed with a critical eye. Deciding to err on the side of optimism, she tore off the sheets and made the bed with clean ones.

Looking at her watch, she saw she still had another half hour before Derrick showed up. She swept through the apartment looking for anything she missed. Her last act of housekeeping was to change the bathroom towels. Jennifer settled in on the couch and tried to browse through a magazine but set it aside when she realized she was too giddy with anticipation to read. The couch she was sitting on reminded her of last night. She felt an itch deep inside her, an itch she knew Derrick could scratch.

The blaring of the door buzzer interrupted her thoughts and she dashed to the door to let him in. Her crotch felt damp. A few minutes later Derrick appeared at the top of the stairs holding two bags of groceries. Jennifer took one and showed him in. On the way to the kitchen, she realized that she had been too preoccupied with how the apartment looked that she forgot about her own appearance. She hoped Derrick wouldn’t mind.

Derrick put the groceries down and turned to her. “You look great,” he said, looking her up and down. She was barefoot, wearing an old pair of faded blue jeans, a tight fitting t-shirt with no bra and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. “Turn around,” he said and Jennifer complied. Her tight jeans hugged her hips, showing off her firm ass. Derrick’s cock stirred to life. He hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Jennifer turned his face to hers and gave him a deep kiss, pulling his body closer. When the long kiss ended, he stepped back.

“Food first, then other activities,” he said. Jennifer laughed. While they were hugging, she had felt the bulge in his pants move.

He quickly went to work preparing dinner and soon the kitchen was filled with rich smells. They chatted about their day while he cooked. Jennifer spent plenty of time admiring his ass and fighting off the urge to reach out and grab it. In what felt like no time the food was ready. She put on some music and set the table while he opened a bottle of wine. They sat down and ate, talking until they were stuffed. Afterwards, Derrick offered to clean up but Jennifer refused, sending him to the living room to put on some more music.

When he returned, she was standing with her back to him, filling up the sink with soapy water as music drifted in, a slow jazzy piece. Jennifer swayed her hips to the music, unaware of him. Derrick stared at her perfect ass, yearning to touch it. She started washing when she felt Derrick’s hands on her hips and his cheek pressed to hers.

“Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?” Derrick said in a low voice. His warm breath on her neck made her skin tingle.

“Yes, when you first came in.”

“Well, I’ll tell you again,” he said, kissing the side of her neck.

His hands moved up and found her breasts, caressing them. His thumbs rubbed her erect nipples – Jennifer nearly dropped the plate she was holding. Her pussy became wet and she turned her head to kiss him on the mouth, their tongues mingling. He pressed against her buttocks and slowly moved his hips. She felt his hard cock slide along the crack of her ass. She craved his cock, wanting to turn around, push him onto the table and rip off his jeans. Instead, she broke the kiss and leaned away from him.

“I’ll be done shortly. But if you keep distracting me, we’ll never move on to ‘other activities’.”

Derrick laughed, sat at the kitchen table and talked with her as she cleaned up. When the last dish was on the drying rack, she toweled off her hands and turned to him. He was watching her with a hungry look in his eye. She knew her tight jeans were driving him wild. Jennifer walked slowly over to him, her body swaying, his eyes following her hips as she crossed the kitchen and straddled his lap.

She rubbed her breasts in his face, his lips clamped down on one nipple and his tongue teased it through her shirt. Jennifer closed her eyes as his hands moved under her shirt up her back. The sensation of his tongue on her rock hard nipples became too much to bear. She lifted his face and they kissed. She sucked on his tongue while gyrating on his lap, her pussy rubbing against his hard cock. His hands squeezed her breasts.

Jennifer stood up. “Well, I’ve had a loving evening but as I was up late last night, I must go to bed early tonight,” she said. “I’m sure you can show yourself out.”

She walked out of the kitchen, turning off the light. Confused, Derrick stared after her. He walked out into the now darkened living room. She had turned off the lights and was now in the hallway silhouetted by a streetlamp shining through the window at the far end of the hall. As she walked away, she pulled off her shirt and dropped it on the floor. He heard her unzip her jeans and shimmy out of them.

He walked down the hall and on the floor outside a door found her panties. Derrick entered the darkened bedroom and heard the bed sheets rustle. A light on the nightstand snapped on and he saw her lying on the bed, naked.

“Pardon me, miss. I appeared to have lost my way. I was supposed to be showing myself out.”

“No,” said Jennifer in a husky voice. “You’re not lost. You’re in exactly the right place.”

Sitting up, she reached out, grabbing him by his front pants pockets and pulling him over to the bed. She sat on the edge and pulled his shirt up – Derrick took it off. Jennifer unsnapped his fly and tugged his jeans and underwear down to his knees. His cock sprang out, inches from her face. She ran her hands along its length and lovingly caressed his shaft and balls.

Her tongue wet the tip of his shaft and she took him in her mouth. Her right hand wrapped under his sac and around the base of his cock, pushing his balls up. Jennifer pulled him in and out of her warm, wet mouth. With each stroke she took him a little deeper until Derrick felt the head of his cock pressing against the back of her throat. He moaned. His pubic hair tickled Jennifer’s lips and his balls pressed against her chin. Her motions became faster as he watched her head move back and forth. He ran his hands through her hair, controlling the pace and depth of her movements. His hips began to tremble as his orgasm became inevitable. Jennifer’s mouth slid up the tip of his cock and milked the head with her tongue until he came. She continued sucking until nothing was left and laid back on the bed.

Derrick kicked off his jeans and dropped to his knees. He buried his face between her legs and eagerly licked her dripping pussy. His hands massaged her breasts and his fingers rubbed her nipples. He sucked her clit into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. A small cry escaped her hips. He repeated his actions. She cried out again. Each time he flicked her clit she cried louder. Her hands grabbed his hair and ground his face into her pussy, her hips pushing back to meet his tongue. She came loudly and her body shook until at last she was still.

He sat up, wiped his chin and smiled at her. He reached for his jeans.

“What are you doing?” she asked, thinking he was dressing.

“Getting a condom,” was his reply.

“OK, hurry up.”

With the condom securely on, he stood beside the bed and, hooking his arms under her knees, pulled her to him until her hips were resting on the edge. He placed her feet on his shoulders and with his hand guided his cock into her velvety pussy. He slowly pressed into her and Jennifer felt every inch of him slide in until he was buried to the hilt. In this position, it felt deeper than ever before.

His hips began moving and Jennifer focused on the feeling of his cock sliding in her. His cock rubbed against her special place and the pleasure was intense. She closed her eyes and gasped as his cock hit the spot again and again. Soon she felt another orgasm building but this one was different then her previous ones. This orgasm was much deeper, tied to the very core of her being. Derrick pumped faster and the pressure built so much Jennifer thought she would split and drown both of them in her juices. His hips moved faster and she was coming, the orgasm shaking her entire body. Derrick continued thrusting as her orgasm subsided but a second one was building behind it. She came again and was dimly aware that she was screaming. She heard Derrick shout and his hips stopped moving, his cock deep inside her and his body shook.

He pulled out and collapsed on the bed. After a few minutes, he got up to use the bathroom and when he returned he climbed into bed next to her. Jennifer pulled the sheet up as Derrick turned out the light. She fell asleep with her head on his chest.


She woke up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom. When she returned she saw Derrick asleep on his back. She pulled the sheet down exposing his naked body. Jennifer sat next him and ran her hand down his chest, admiring his body. Her hand moved lower and played with his cock. She watched it grow and stroked him until he was hard. Derrick moaned in his sleep. She leaned over and lowered her mouth on his cock, taking long slow pulls. Derrick moaned louder. She maneuvered her body over his and gently lowered her pussy onto his mouth.

She continued her slow sucking as she rubbed her pussy in his face. She could feel his nose sliding along her wet slit. Her hands caressed his sac and, before long, she felt his tongue on her clit. Derrick’s hands kneaded her ass cheeks as he slowly ate her out. Jennifer sucked on his cock at a leisurely pace, her hands massaging his balls, his tempo matching hers. After about ten minutes, they came simultaneously. She finished and turned around to face him.

“I hope you don’t mind. I saw you lying there naked and I just couldn’t help myself.”

“I don’t mind. It was a beautiful dream I woke up to,” he said, wrapping his arm around her. They slept like that until morning.


When Derrick awoke the next morning, he saw Jennifer asleep next to him, her face beautiful. He kissed her forehead and lay there, as happy as he’d ever been. Jennifer was special because not only could he see her deepest sexual desires, he could feel what she felt as he ate her out or fucked her. It was a first for him. It was as if he were a radio, finely tuned to her frequency. And he could sense that he made her happy.

Jennifer stirred next him, opened her eyes and smiled. “Morning,” she murmured.

“Good morning to you,” he said, rubbing her back.

She got up on one elbow and kissed him. “Has anyone ever told you you’re amazing in bed?”

Derrick considered his answer carefully. “I’ve been told,” he answered truthfully.

“It’s as if you read me perfectly. And I can read you, too. When I make love to you I know exactly what you want, like you’re guiding me. And you know exactly what I want. It’s like mind reading.” She paused. “Are you reading my mind?”

Derrick forced a laugh. “What do you think?”

She thought it over for a moment. “When I’m kissing you I get these images in my mind of me doing things to you and a few minutes later I’m doing those exact things and you’re loving it. Are you beaming me instructions?” she asked with a smile.

“Uh, right, that’s exactly what I’m doing,” he said, hoping he sounded like he was kidding. He thought for a moment. “Would it be so bad if I was?”

“No, I guess not,” she said slowly. “It’s like you said yesterday – these things are inside me. Deep down I really do want to do them.”

Jennifer had a dreamy look in her eye as she gazed into the distance. Presently, she turned to him.

“I’ll bet you’ve had lots of lovers,” she said, looking him in the eye.

“I’ve had a few,” he replied untruthfully.

Jennifer placed her hand on his chest. “Tell me about your wildest sexual encounter.”

Derrick thought this was a bad idea and considered making something up when he remembered a night when he picked up two girls at a bar.

“I’ll bet it was something to do with two girls you met at a bar,” Jennifer said dreamily. “A redhead and a girl with short black hair.”

Derrick froze on the inside. It had been with a redhead and a black haired girl.

“The redhead was named Michelle and the other was Lisa,” she said.

Jennifer looked at him and saw the fear on his face. “I’m right, aren’t I?” she said excitedly. “These images popped into my brain and I could practically hear their names. What did you do with them?”

Derrick was confused. He wasn’t trying to broadcast now, and yet, she was somehow reading his memories. He desperately tried to think of something else but couldn’t. His mind was locked on that night from over two years ago.

She answered her own question, closing her eyes. “The redhead sat on your face while Lisa gave you a blowjob. I’m seeing it through your eyes and I can almost taste Michelle’s pussy.”

Unable to stop himself, he recalled how she tasted.

“Yes, I can taste her now. She has a tattoo of a blue star just above and to the left of her pussy. The other one is sucking your cock and I can feel it. God, it feels fantastic – the stud in her tongue feels amazing as she runs it over your cock! I feel your tongue on Michelle’s hard clit, licking quickly. You suck her clit into your mouth and, Oh! She comes! Lisa’s tongue is driving you wild and, Oh, God! You come in her mouth!

“They trade places and Lisa sits on your face and rubs her pussy against your mouth. She tastes good, too but different. Her pussy is shaved and she has a stud in her labia. The redhead kisses her on the mouth while squeezing Lisa’s breasts. Lisa guides Michelle’s mouth down to her nipple as you eat her out. Michelle moves down to your cock and runs her tongue over your balls until you get hard again. She takes you in her mouth and her tongue flicks the tip of your cock. Lisa’s hips move in little circles, her juices run down your chin. As you lick her pussy, the piercing rubs against her clit. Her hips move faster and she comes.

“Michelle straddles your body and lowers herself onto your cock. Her pussy feels like a warm, velvet glove! She rides you as Lisa turns around on your face. She licks Michelle’s breasts as you lick Lisa’s pussy again. Your hands are on Lisa’s ass and you slide two fingers into her pussy while you suck her clit. Your fingers are slippery; you slide one into her ass up to the first knuckle. Lisa bucks, crying out, pushing her ass back against your finger. Michelle’s body bounces up and down, faster and faster. You continue fingering Lisa’s tight ass until she comes again and rolls off you.

“Michelle yells out she’s coming! Her hips grind into yours and her body shudders. She falls onto the bed. Lisa dives between Michelle’s legs, her mouth on her pussy. You get behind Lisa and lift her ass in the air. There’s a tattoo of a sun on her lower back. You slide your cock into her pussy and start pumping as she furiously licks Michelle’s clit. Michelle comes and you continue thrusting, driving Lisa’s face into Michelle’s crotch. I can feel your balls slapping against her thighs. Michelle comes again. Lisa comes and you pull out. Michelle sucks on your cock and you pump your hips quickly, your hands on her head. From behind, Lisa reaches between your legs and squeezes your balls. You explode in Michelle’s mouth!”

Jennifer opened her eyes wide and her body trembled. “Oh, my God! I just came!” she said, her voice shaky. “That was incredible! But, how is this possible? How can I relive your memories?”

Derrick took a deep breath and, looking up at the ceiling, decided he should be totally honest with her. He told her what he knew about his talent and how it worked, and told her what happened the day they met. When he finished, the room was very still. Jennifer absently played at the sheets with her hands.

Slowly, she sat up and asked, “But how did I see you with those two girls? How could I feel what you felt?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. There seems to be a special connection between us. The other night, on the couch, when we were kissing I could feel you getting wet. That is, I felt it from your point of view. That never happened to me before. And, the first time we touched, I felt a surge of – I don’t know – electricity pass between us.”

“I felt it, too,” Jennifer said. “When you put the change in my hand.”

Derrick nodded. “I don’t know how to explain it but you affect me in a way no one else can. I can’t explain how you pulled from me the memory of that night from two years ago, just like I can’t explain why I have this talent.”

Silence filled the room. Derrick’s inside were in a tight knot. He worried that he had blown it with this wonderful woman.

“Are you mad at me or disappointed in me?” he asked, bracing for the answer.

Jennifer’s head hung down, her hair hiding her face. After a long minute, she looked up, her face bright with a smile. “Of course not,” she said softly. “How can I be mad or jealous of what’s happened in the past when it’s brought you here to me, now. If anything had happened differently in either of our lives then we probably wouldn’t have met.”

Derrick hugged her tightly. “All I know is you’re special.”

She took his hand and stood up. “You’re special, too. And, incredibly talented. Come on, let’s shower.”

On the way to bathroom, memories of his sexual past flooded his mind. Derrick stopped and stared at Jennifer, his mouth open.

“You did that?” he asked.

She smiled, a look of mischief in her eyes.

“Someday, if I ever meet Helen, I must thank her for this,” she said, fingering his shaved sac.

She let go of him and sauntered into the bathroom. Derrick was close behind.

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