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Mr. Welcoming Committee

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Ace Hoffman sat in his new used truck and wished with every breath that he hadn’t moved from Atlanta three weeks ago.

This happened every time he’d changed cities in the past – Boulder to Baltimore, Baltimore to Atlanta, and now to Lawrence, Kansas. He missed everything he knew – his favorite bars, the great friends he’d left behind, knowing where all the roads go. 

But remember everything you don’t miss. Don’t forget that you need to forget Cameron.

That made more sense before he put it into words.

So, yes, he was here for a reason. And, yes, it would get better – eventually. Once this ridiculous Kansas summer stopped melting him. Once he built up some clients for his business so he could sleep easier at night. Once he stopped turning over in bed expecting to bump into Cameron’s solid, warm body. 

Cut it out, Ace. Move on.

Which is why he was sitting in his truck – a concession to his new zip code – outside a bar in Kansas City.

One of the realtors he’d finally gotten some work from had sniffed out his sexuality pretty quickly and recommended this place. Ace had been pushing his home staging business with any realtor he could find, and David had been willing to take a chance on a new guy. 

“I always send the new ones to Sparks,” David had told him with a wink. “Trust me, your initiation to Kansas City won’t be complete without it.”

Ace got the sense that David wouldn’t have minded giving him an initiation personally, but Ace knew better than to fuck where he ate, so to speak. 

He sighed and watched a couple of guys enter Sparks under the glow of a sea of neon signs. Three weeks in a new place, on top of three months of celibacy borne out of a breakup and moving. His longest dry spell since coming out. 

Ace didn’t usually seek out easy tricks in bars – at 32, he was more interested in someone he could wake up with, rather than someone to sneak into a dark corner with. But after four months of only his left hand for company – when he could even work up the energy for the effort – he wanted to at least feel another warm, male body against his.

And, really, what were the odds that he’d find his one true match in a bar? That his dream man would magically appear at Sparks?

Right now, Ace would settle for right now.


Sparks itself was new to him, but the atmosphere was comfortingly familiar. Dark, musky, loud and full of men. Ace breathed deeply, grateful to David for the recommendation.

Ace made his way to the bar and waited for a bartender to come round to him. He twisted his head to scan the room for fellow loners – someone who would be looking for some company.

He knew it wouldn’t take much to snag one of them. He wasn’t cocky, but he knew he looked good, especially to guys who like the tallish-blond-blue-eyed look. The move and his harried schedule had prevented him from getting a trim lately, so his naturally blond hair was getting precariously curly. It made him look a little too boyish for his tastes, but right now he was up for whatever his bait could snag.

“What’ll it be, gorgeous?” A petite young man with spiky, frosted hair caught his attention over the thumping beat of the music. The Sparks t-shirt fit snugly around his chest, and Ace could tell this little guy was well-built and, in a word, efficient. And he had a wide, sincere smile that no doubt helped increase his tips.

Cute, Ace thought. Not my usual, but very cute. 

Ace returned the smile, flashing his dimples. “Jameson, please.”

“Comin’ up,” the bartender winked at him.

Ace turned all the way around on his stool to watch the smaller man fix his drink. The bartender stretched to reach the whiskey on a higher shelf, and Ace enjoyed the view of a perfectly rounded ass in tight blue jeans.

His night was getting better and better.

“Here you go.” A highball of amber liquid appeared in front of him.

“What do I owe you?”

“Six bucks.” 

Ace laid down a ten. Well, the drinks are certainly cheaper than in Atlanta, he thought. That’s a plus.

The bartender’s attention was pulled away by the line of men bellied up to the bar. More than one of them had a hungry look in his eye for the cute twink serving them drinks.

Figures, Ace thought. Everybody wanted a piece of that yummy treat. He decided he’d better set his sights out on the dance floor to find what he was looking for.

He let the smooth whiskey burn his throat on the way down, warming him from the inside and zinging his blood. He relished the burst of heat the shot brought and decided he could add more fuel to that fire.

Ace turned around to catch the bartender’s eye again. Instantly, another glass appeared in front of him.

“You looked like you could use a refill.” The bartender grinned a little sheepishly. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Mind?” Ace asked. “A bartender who can read my thoughts and plies me with liquor? What’s to mind?” 

Instead of darting over to other customers, the bartender leaned over the bar, closer to Ace. 

“You’re new here.” It wasn’t a question.

Ace quirked an eyebrow. “You know everybody in this place?”

“We Kansas Citians are a friendly bunch,” he grinned. “And I have my own way of keeping track of folks.”

“You mean besides their names?” Ace decided, what the hell, he would make a play for this cute bartender.

“Oh, there are much more accurate means of identifying men.” That one came out as a purr. Ace was definitely seeing potential here.

“But without names I don’t know what to call you,” Ace said.

The bartender stuck out his hand. “Jimmy. Not Jim or James or Jamie. Jimmy,” he said firmly. 

“Got it.” Ace shook his hand. “I’m Ace.”

“Really? Is that your gay bar undercover code name?”

“Nope. Short for Acelin.” Ace shrugged. “German grandparents.”

“Nice to meet you, Ace.” Jimmy held onto his hand for a long moment, letting his thumb caress Ace’s skin. 

“So, are you just visiting our fair city, or are you here to stay?”

“Looks like I’m staying,” Ace said. 

“Good for KC,” Jimmy said. 

Ace held his gaze as he took a long drink from his glass. He saw interest there – and a knowing glint, as if Jimmy could see how this night would end.

“So,” Jimmy continued, wiping down the bar around him. “What are you looking for tonight?”

Ace shrugged. He was pretty sure he had already found it. “Some company. Something new. I was told this was the place to go.”

“Well, we get all types here. What’s yours?”

Ace cocked his head. “I’m feeling open to suggestion tonight.”

“Hmmm.” Jimmy let his eyes rake over Ace’s lean and firm body. Then he nodded, as if the decision had been made. “Well, I have a suggestion. I’m due for a break. Why don’t you let me show you around? I can help you find what you’re looking for.”

Ace smirked and drained the rest of his whiskey. He put another ten on the bar. “Lead the way.”

The other bartender smiled knowingly as Jimmy made his way from behind the bar. 

Clearly he’s done this before, Ace thought. 

Jimmy took him by the hand and led him to a dark alcove near the offices of the bar. Ace had expected a back room or at least the men’s room, but this semi-private space was even better. His cock twitched and filled in anticipation.

Jimmy tugged him into the tight space and spun him around so his back was against the wall. He stepped in close and pressed his mouth against Ace’s neck. 

“I hope you don’t mind,” Jimmy breathed against Ace’s skin. “I know there are lots of hot guys here tonight, but I just need to do this for you first.” His tongue darted out and licked the sweat dripping from behind Ace’s ear.

Ace sighed and dropped his head back to the wall. “Oh, what’s to mind?” he murmured. 

Jimmy dropped smoothly to his knees and ran his fingers along Ace’s waist and thighs. Ace looked down at the smaller man – this stranger to him – who was about to suck him off, and he was hit with unwelcome thoughts of Cameron.

This is the sort of thing he did all the time, he thought. I wasn’t enough for him. Too much and not enough.

He suddenly felt uncomfortable in his own skin, wanting to escape this dark corner and those memories of his ex-boyfriend.

“Listen,” he began, but his words were cut off when Jimmy’s hot breath warmed the bulge in his pants and his cock throbbed in appreciation.

“This is why I do this,” Jimmy murmured, his hands greedily, reverently cupping the growing bulge in Ace’s pants. “Each cock is new, a different work of art, has its own taste.” He outlined the thick length and mouthed Ace’s cock through the fabric and took a deep, satisfied breath.

“I hope you’re not in a hurry,” he mumbled against Ace’s bulge. “I plan to take my time with you. So beautiful,” he trailed off.

The hot touch, the dampening fabric, the anticipation of what would happen next – all made Ace harder than he had been in weeks – months, even. 

Ace let his mind empty of thoughts of Cameron, of his move, his new city – the only thing on his mind was this man on his cock.

Fuck Cameron. I need this. And he wants to give it to me.

Jimmy slowly peeled open Ace’s zipper and revealed the tantalizing bulge in his white briefs. A damp patch near the head of his dick testified to his arousal and need. 

It took both of Jimmy’s small hands to cover Ace’s long dick. He twisted the hard shaft in a corkscrew motion that lit up Ace’s nerve endings.

Ace needed to feel this man’s mouth on him. “Suck me,” he whispered, looking down on a man who was absorbed in his task. 

Jimmy smiled up at him. “Brace yourself,” he grinned. 

Wet heat suddenly surrounded him, and Ace hissed in pleasure. 

“Ah fuck, that’s it, that’s it,” Ace moaned softly. 

With the cock firmly in his mouth, Jimmy groaned and sent vibrations shooting up to Ace’s balls.

He wrapped his hands tightly around the shaft and suckled on just the leaking head, drawing more precum into his eager mouth. He teased the pulsing end of Ace’s cock with his clever tongue, tickling the space just underneath the mushroom cap.

Then he took him deep into his mouth, and Ace sucked in a surprised breath. Ace felt his cock reach the opening of Jimmy’s throat, and he thrust forward, wanting to experience that tight space. Jimmy gagged a little at the intrusion, and Ace immediately backed off.

“Too much?” Ace panted.

Jimmy pulled off his cock and licked his lips. “Never. Take it. Anything you want.”

Ace took him at his word and began pumping into that wet, welcoming mouth. Now that Jimmy knew to expect it, he relaxed his throat and let Ace’s long dick slip all the way down, making Ace grunt at the sudden, tight sensation.

“Ahh, incredible, you’re incredible,” Ace whispered, concentrating on the feeling of Jimmy’s unbearably hot throat, how the veins of his dick tickled the tissue, how the head of his cock throbbed urgently with every thrust. 

Wet, slurping noises filled Ace’s senses as Jimmy established a rhythm of bobbing deeply on Ace’s cock, then pulling off at intervals to suckle at the sensitive tip, never letting Ace get too close to coming. 

He wasn’t kidding about taking his time, Ace thought desperately, nearly out of his mind with need.

For long, long minutes – Ace lost track of the time, lost track of everything but this mouth – Jimmy made Ace’s cock come alive and made his mind go blank. He never wanted to leave this place, wanted to ride this talented man’s throat forever. 

Just when he was ready to bury himself down to the balls and reach his climax, Ace felt Jimmy pull off entirely. Both of them were panting from exertion. Ace took the opportunity to lean down and kiss him with thanks and gratitude.

“I’m not done with you yet,” Jimmy growled. He jacked Ace’s cock and planted his mouth on Ace’s tight and aching balls.

“Oooh,” Jimmy purred. “Your balls are so heavy. I can’t wait for this load.”

“You gonna swallow it?” Ace rasped. “Drink me down?”

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Jimmy whispered desperately. “Let me taste it. Want it on my tongue.”

It was time. Ace couldn’t take any more teasing. He was ready to spill his seed and feed this generous man some cum.

He grabbed Jimmy’s head with both hands and fucked his dick roughly and quickly down his throat. The need to come pooled hotly in his gut and shot down to his balls.

“Ahhh,” he groaned. “Gonna come. Take it, take it!” He pulled his cock out of Jimmy’s mouth and jacked his release with breathless grunts. Long milky streams of cum pooled on Jimmy’s tongue, and the kneeling man cooed with pleasure at each burst.

Ace felt his orgasm ripple across his skin, settling all his nerves and relaxing his muscles. So good. Just what I needed.

As he came back to his senses, he looked down at Jimmy, who was hungrily cleaning the stray drops of cum from his face. Ace could see his erection strain against his open jeans. That won’t do.

He had never been a selfish lover, and he wasn’t about to start now. Besides, he wanted to thank the bartender for the hot welcome to Kansas City.

Ace pulled Jimmy to him and crouched so that tight ass was flush with his spent cock. One hand came around under his shirt to rub a smooth chest and the other dipped into his jeans and found his hard dick.

“Want to hear you come,” Ace growled in Jimmy’s ear. He sucked tender neck skin into his mouth as he twisted his hand around a weeping cockhead. “Want to pull your load out of you. All over my hand. Want you to lose it.”

Jimmy let his head slump back against Ace’s chest and his breath came in short, desperate pants. 

“Keep talking,” the younger man moaned. “More, don’t stop.”

Ace tweaked a tight nipple and took Jimmy’s soft earlobe between his teeth. “That was so hot, what you did. Made you hard, didn’t it? Sucking my cock? I could tell. The way you moaned with my dick in your mouth.”

That prompted another low moan from Jimmy. “Yeah, I love it,” he groaned. “Loved your cock. God, make me come, please.”

Ace squeezed hard and rubbed his thumb over the tip. “Yeah, you loved it. You’re an artist with a cock, you know that? So fucking good.” He worked Jimmy’s nipple mercilessly and sped up his hand on the needy dick.

“Come on, Jimmy,” he breathed right in his ear. “Come for me, now!”

Jimmy’s whole body stiffened and he held his breath as each blast of cum spilled from his cock. 

While Jimmy panted and came down from his high, Ace let reality return. He zipped up and self-consciously wondered what happened next. Should he get his number? His full name at least? This guy wasn’t really his type, as talented as he was, but he didn’t know how to make sure nothing else happened – without hurting his feelings. 

“So,” he began, not knowing how to end.

Jimmy smiled kindly and rubbed Ace’s arm. “Don’t worry about it,” he said. 


“You’re thinking too loud,” Jimmy said as he adjusted his clothing. “You don’t have to worry about whether you should call me or whatever. This is just what I like to do for new people.”

“Huh. They should put you in the brochures,” Ace said. “A one-man welcoming committee.”

“My boyfriend calls me KC’s queer ambassador,” Jimmy grinned.

“Boyfriend?” That was unexpected. 

“Yeah. He understands about all this, my need for this. Not many guys would, I think.” Jimmy sighed softly. “I just love that man.”

Ace nodded and smiled, not quite getting what kind of relationship they must have, but not questioning it either. 

“Well, you tell him thanks from me,” Ace said. “And, thank you, too.” He kissed Jimmy on the cheek and left the dark room. 

That was exactly what Ace needed – not just the world-class blowjob, but the smiles, the friendly gesture. He stepped out into the thick summer night and sat in his truck for a long moment before putting it in gear. 

Welcome to Kansas, he thought. There’s no place like home.


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