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Antique shopping

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I was shopping for an antique cabinet on Saturday; I’d already been to three different Antique stores but found nothing. Fortunately, I had put a bit of thought into the process and had driven to the furthest store first and progressively made my way back home visiting the other stores. So far I’d found nothing that was vaguely suitable. As I wandered into the final antique shop, I saw a cabinet that was perfect for what I wanted. So much for all that planning I thought, if only I’d come here in the first place I could have saved half a day.

I pulled out my tap-measure and noted down all the dimensions, length, width and height. It was going to be a tight fit, but with a bit of luck it should fit perfectly. I looked at the price $2,000, not a bargain, but if it fitted it would be perfect. Before I decided to haggle I thought I’d to go home a check the measurements against the space in the bedroom I had planned for it.

Having checked the measurements I got back to the antique shop and did a final measure – sure enough it would fit, as I was going through my final deliberations a female voice came from behind me.

“Hello, can I help you?

“Yes” I responded as I turned around to face the sales assistant, “I’m very interested in this cabinet, but it’s probably a little outside my price range.”

“It’s in fantastic condition for its age, I don’t think you’ll find a better example. When were you thinking of buying?” she asked.

“Right now, if we can come to some agreement on the price.” I countered.

We both stepped back from the cabinet and began the ancient art of haggling. I studied my opponent; she was obviously not some dizzy sales assistant, more likely the owner of the antique store. She was in her late fifties or early sixties, with fine features and a long elegant neck. Her hair was straight, brunette in colour and it hung a couple of inches past her shoulders, she wore a short string of pearls around her neck and matching pearl earrings. It all accentuated the elegance of her features. She wore a loose fitting V-neck red top and matching red skirt that was pulled tight across her womanly hips and thighs.

“When would you be able to deliver it?” I asked.

“How far are you from the shop?” she responded.

“Probably ten minutes, is it possible to have it delivered today?”

“Well the shop closes in an hour, I can call my delivery man to see if he can fit it in at this late hour – let me give him a call.”

As she walked away I took the opportunity to study my bartering adversary more, her skirt came to just below the knee, she was slim waisted, but it was difficult to tell more as her loose fitting top gave nothing away as to what lay beneath. Her hips moved deliciously as she headed towards the counter, I focused more intently on her solid thighs and started thinking thoughts that had nothing to do with the price of the cabinet or her age, which was at least twenty years more than mine. As I looked back up to her flowing hair I realised that with all the antique mirrors on display, she had actually been watching me watching her. I blushed.

I turned my attention back to the cabinet, looking for any obvious imperfections that would give me a negotiating edge. I then looked up again to the sales women who was in an animated conversation on the phone, again she caught me looking and smiled at me as she continued her conversation with the delivery driver, her left hand flicking her hair off her shoulders. Finishing the conversation, she walked back towards me. I looked at her as she walked towards me with an enticing smile on her face. Even though the V-neck top was loose fitting I couldn’t help but notice a telltale movement of her chest as she took each step.

“We have five minutes to come to an agreement if you want it delivered today.” She said abruptly.

“Well, if we can deliver it today, I’m prepared to pay $1,500 cash.” I offered.

She looked at me, her left arm crossing her waist and her right hand reaching for her pearl necklace that lay at the very base of her neck, as she considered my offer.

After a few moments consideration she responded. “$1,750 is the best I can do, plus $50 for delivery.”

Immediately, I shot back “$1,750 including delivery.”

“You have a deal young man.” Her right hand reached out to seal the deal with a handshake.

I took her hand to complete the agreement and felt an instant connection. Her hand was slim, cool and soft to the touch. I probably held her hand a moment too long as she pulled away from me saying she had to call the delivery driver.

I followed behind her to the sales counter and waited for her to make the call to the driver. He was obviously pissed about having to make a delivery this late in the day, but she just smiled at me through his obvious ranting.

“You are not far from here at all are you?” She said after she gave the driver the address. “Is there anything else I can interest you in?”

I’m sure I blushed, as I responded, “No, you’ve been very accommodating, thank you.”

“I’m sure your wife is going to love it.” She offered.

“No, it’s just me.”

“Oh really.” She said as she flashed a warm smile.

I looked back towards the antique cabinet, saying, “I much prefer things aged, they have so much more character than the new.” I then looked her straight in the eye. “I had better get home and prepare the space, thank you so much for your help and I hope to see you again soon.” I said as I left the antique shop.

Driving home my cock started to tingle thinking about the sales woman, her hair, her soft skin, that tiny waist, those solid thighs, her elegant fine features and the hint of something very interesting under her top.

The delivery driver arrived with his off-sider about 45 minutes later. I directed them to where the cabinet was to go. The guys made light work of the heavy antique and as I was guiding them through the house, trying to ensure that neither the walls nor the cabinet got damaged I heard a female voice call out.

“Hello, It’s Patricia from the Antique store, how are you guys going?”

Somewhat surprised I went to meet her as she was walking in the open front door. “Patricia, lovely to see you again, the guys are just placing it now, come in.”

As we walked through the house Patricia commented how lovely the house was. She then strode into the bedroom and spoke to the delivery driver, suggesting he move the cabinet a couple of inches this way and then a couple of inches that way. She looked to me for approval.

“Thank you, that looks perfect.” I said. I could tell the driver had just about had it with her micro directions. I offered them a cool drink, but the driver, the older of the two, politely declined saying he needed to get the truck back.

I then turned to Patricia and before I could say anything she said “I forgot to give you the certificate of authenticity, I’ll go and get it out of the car.”

She followed the two delivery men outside and said her farewells; she then came back to the house knocking at the open front door.

“Come in.” I shouted from the bedroom. I heard the front door close as I stood admiring my purchase. As Patricia entered the bedroom I smiled saying how good it looked.

“It really does suit the house, I’m so glad this piece has gone to a nice home – here’s your certificate of authenticity.” She said as she handed me the certificate.

“Thanks, would you care for a drink? I feel a little post purchase celebration is in order.” I offered.

“That would be lovely, thank you.” She said as we walked towards the kitchen. “Champagne?” I offered. “Absolutely.” She smiled.

Taking our drinks I gave her a quick tour of the house, as we chatted I took the opportunity to study her shape; she had an incredibly slim waist and wide hips with solid thighs and backside. Her shoulders were not particularly broad, I guess in proportion to her fine features. Her face and hands showed her age, but she was not unattractive by any means. In fact I was really enjoying having her in my home and I wasn’t making any moves for her to leave soon.

We moved back into the lounge room and I refilled our glasses. While Patricia sat on the lounge I noticed her legs were very shapely and there was definitely something happening beneath her top. As she sat with a slight twist at her waist the fabric of her top pulled tighter across her chest, highlighting a solid curve that peaked at the hint of a nipple pushing against the confines of a bra and the red top. Blame it on the champagne, but I’d obviously been studying her far to intently. Patricia brought me out of my gaze.

“So, you live here alone?” she asked.

“Yes.” I smiled.

“You really have a good eye for antiques, your house is lovely, and it’s a surprise that a young man like you has such tastes.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked as we both continued to sip the champagne.

“Well you’re much younger than my usual buyer and your house has much more character than most I’ve been into – I usually try to sneak a peak at the houses to whom I’ve sold large pieces such as yours. You really do have lovely taste.” She said as she started playing with a lock of her hair.

“Thank you.” I said. “Coming from someone who has as much knowledge as you that’s a real compliment. I guess I’ve always been drawn to the sophistication and style of older things. I mean I love my iphone and LCD TV, but they just don’t have the warmth of something that has aged, something that can tell it’s own story, if you know what I mean?”

Patricia smiled at me as she continued to play with her hair. I noticed her second glass of champagne was almost finished.

“Another glass?” I offered.

As I rose to get the bottle from the kitchen, Patricia called out. “Do you mind if I have one final look at the cabinet? “No, no, go right ahead” I called back, “I’ll bring your glass to you.”

I walked into the bedroom and looked at Patricia, she was running her hands along the wood grain of the cabinet. She turned as I walked in.

“I’m sure this could tell a few stories, imagine all the things it has seen over the years.” She said as she continued to caress the carcass of the cabinet.

I smiled back at her; the atmosphere in the room was getting hotter by the second. “Well, in that case I hope I will add a story or two while I remain its current owner.” I said handing her the champagne.

“Cheers.” I offered as we clinked our glasses. “Thank you for being such a pleasure to deal with.” Patricia turned to face the cabinet, as she did I took in her shapely backside. “It really does look good in this room.” She said. I replied without taking my eyes off her “It’s fabulous.”

She turned to me and asked a simple question “The cabinet?”

“No.” was all I said as I moved towards Patricia. I ran my free hand around her tiny waist and pulled her closer to me. We remained only inches apart, my eyes never leaving hers and I waited. It felt like an eternity, I wondered had I totally misread the situation and then her lips reached for mine and we became locked in a deep French kiss, our tongues eagerly searching each others mouth. I started to feel her solid backside, squeezing the flesh and pushing my hard cock against her hips. With a light bite of my bottom lip Patricia pulled away.

“Ooh, I think we’ve both had too much champagne.”

I took her hand, feeling its aged elegance and led her back to the lounge room. “Well we can’t let the last of the champagne go to waste, now can we?” I said as I offered to top up her glass.

“Anymore and anything could happen.” She said, as I started to refill her glass. As I put the empty bottle down I offered a toast to unexpected pleasures. Patricia looked over the top of the glass as she went to take another sip and countered the toast saying almost in a whisper “may they continue.”

Patricia sat back on the edge of the lounge, her legs tucked under and again her torso slightly twisted at the waist. At this level her head was at the same height of my hard cock, which was clearly obvious through my jeans. I put my glass on the coffee table and then held Patricia’s head in my hands. Leaning forward I kissed the very top of her head, feeling the silky softness of her hair against my lips and running my hands through her hair and then down her long elegant neck. I ran my fingers under her chin; I could feel both the softness and the age of her skin. I’d never been with someone this old before and the unique feeling excited me more. I tilted her head to face me and again we began kissing intensely. Her lips lacked the fullness of a thirty year old yet she kissed with as much passion. The age lines that radiating from her eyes and across her face told of experience.

I dropped my hand to cup her breast through her soft top; I was amazed at the sponginess of her breast flesh. As I squeezed harder she moaned and pushed her tongue deeper into my mouth. Her hand began massaging my cock through my jeans, neither one of us wanting to break the kiss. I pushed, pulled and tweaked her breasts amazed at how compliant the flesh beneath my fingers was, as I did so Patricia moaned and pushed her tongue deeper into my mouth and began squeezing my cock. I pushed my hips against her hand as I broke the kiss.

“Oh my god, Patricia, you are amazing.”

She just looked at me and smiled as she reached for my belt and undid my jeans, she pulled my boxer shorts down and my cock pulsed as she wrapped her soft cool hand around the shaft.

“It’s been too long since I had a cock this nice.” She said as her lips wrapped around the head, and her tongue swirled along the underside. I ran my hands back through her hair and pulled her face closer, without hesitating Patricia totally engulfed my cock with her mouth and swallowed to the very base. I had never had any woman deep throat me before and the feeling was sensational. As she pulled her mouth away from my cock to take a breath, her right hand began to wank my cock into her mouth. She then began a coordinated movement between her mouth and her hand. The rhythmic motion of her mouth and hand had me close to orgasm in minutes.

As my orgasm built I ran one hand across her cheeks and the other through her hair. “I’m going to cum.” I told her as my cock spewed into her wet mouth. Instead of pulling away, Patricia pushed her mouth further along my cock and began milking my cock with her hand. Totally drained, I dropped next to her on the lounge. She leaned towards me and kissed me deeply, the after taste of my own cum still fresh in her mouth.

As we kissed my hands went instinctively to her spongy breasts, I started pulling her top up but immediately Patricia tried to stop me by saying “you don’t want to see this old body.” I quickly responded, “oh yes I do, I want to see every inch of you, I want to feel every inch of you.” I held Patricia’s hand and placed it on my still hard cock. “Feel how much I want you.”

I stood, with my pants at my feet and led Patricia to the bedroom; I took my shirt off and stood in front of her totally naked. “Now your turn.” I said lustfully.

Almost reluctantly Patricia slipped her skirt off, at last I could take in her white, thick, firm thighs that were highlighted by black lace underwear. I peeled her panties off revealing a neatly trimmed pussy that was the same colour as her hair. Her waist was so slim compared to her solid thighs and backside; the stark contrast just accentuated her womanly form.

Slowly, Patricia pulled the v-neck top over her head. I looked in amazement, the black matching lace bra sat low on her torso, the underwire supporting the bulk of her breasts. I couldn’t wait any longer so I pulled the bra over the top of her breasts; her long pendulous breasts fell heavily against her torso. I had never seen anything like it before, her breasts hung down at least five inches, they looked like they had been extruded from high on her chest. But the most striking feature was her nipples and areola. It was as if she had dropped her pendulous breast an inch into dipping chocolate. Her nipple and areola on each breasts had to be the size of a CD.

I sat mesmerised by the sight. Patricia started to pull her bra back over her long breasts saying, “I’m sorry, I’m not what you are used to.” I reached out, stopping her; I cupped the long spongy breast and felt the considerable weight in my hand. My lips locked on to the huge areola and between kissing and licking her pendulous breast I said, “I’ve never seen anything so amazing.”

I fell back onto the bed pulling Patricia on top of me, my mouth still suckling on the dark ends of her breasts. I was so taken by her breasts I’d almost forgotten about her pussy, until I felt her hips moving back and forth locating my cock at the entrance to her cunt. With one movement Patricia pushed down on my cock and I felt her pussy suck my cock deep within her.

Reaching behind I held her large arse as she bounced up and down on my cock, her fleshy backside felt delicious to touch, I squeezed and groped the soft flesh. My eyes were locked on the amazing sight of her long pendulous breasts, with their huge chocolate coloured areola swinging every which way. With her head thrust back she grabbed both tits and twisted them in her hands, she then dropped her head and sucked the enormous ends dark ends as she continued to bounce up and down on my cock.

I pulled out and turned Patricia over and stood at the end of the bed, I almost pleaded with her to let me fuck her from behind. With that she pulled both pillows from the head of the bed and placed them under her waist – lifting her glorious arse into the air. She then lent forward and took her weight on her elbows and forearms. The sight before me was spectacular. The two large globes of her arse sitting on top of pillar like thighs and a very pink and very wet pussy looking back at me. I gently slapped her arse and watched the ripples radiate across her arse and down her thighs.

I pushed my cock into her pussy and within seconds our rhythm was locked in sync. With each push of my cock Patricia rocked her arse back against my forward thrust, the wobble of her large arse cheeks adding to the excitement. I leant forward and held her tiny waist, which defied the size of her arse, and pushed deeper into her soaking pussy. In response, Patricia began swivelling her hips countering my deep thrusts; I lent forward and held her long hanging breast in my hand.

The whole time Patricia kept uttering “Push it deep in me. Oh, yes fuck me. I need this so bad; I want you to fuck me. Yes, yes. Keep going lover, fuck me.”

Hearing the oldest lover I had ever had talking so erotically as I fucked her was pushing me to the edge. I grabbed her tiny waist with both hands and increased the power and speed of my fucking.

I surprised myself with my own words. “Yeah, you wanted a good hard fuck all day, can you feel how hard I’m fucking you? You wanted me to fuck you the moment you saw me didn’t you?”

“Yes baby fuck me hard, yes I wanted it, harder baby harder.” She shouted.

I was getting close to blowing my cum in her, so I pulled out.

“No, keep fucking me.” She pleaded.

“Turn over I want to see those big tits of yours and I want to suck those enormous nipples.”

“Oh, yeah, fuck me deep and squeeze my big tits.” She said as she rolled onto her back.

Patricia pulled her legs wide apart as I pushed my cock into her pussy again. She the lifted her ankles onto my shoulders saying, “Now fuck me nice and deep.” I lifted my weight onto my arms and started pounding my cock into her pussy like a pile driver. Patricia then grabbed both of her spongy breasts and held them together, the huge dark nipples swelling as she began to orgasm. Her voice almost trembling “Oh, fuck yes don’t stop I’m cumming.” As she continued to massage and maul her own breasts my cock started shooting cum deep into her pussy. I lent forward and locked my mouth onto one of her huge areolas as my orgasm continued and finally subsided.

Falling into each other’s arms, we were both lay spent. Patricia spoke first “I think you just added another story to the antique cabinet.”

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