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Love Rekindled

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I watched her walk naked into the room, my eyes devouring every nuance and curve as my heart raced and my flaccid cock began to stir. Her bright green eyes sparkled knowingly and a mischievous grin danced on her full lips. She was beautiful, sexy, intelligent and giving and I loved all of those things about her and more.

I’d first met her nearly a decade earlier at a restaurant in Boston. We’d both been married then but we’d been drawn together by a powerful unseen and unstoppable force. Our first night together had been innocent and benign. We had slept together, fully clothed on a small roll-away bed in a hotel room with a half dozen friends. We lay on our sides with our bodies spooned tightly together and our fingers laced together as one.

In the early morning as the sun outside began to rise and the others in the room slept peacefully around us our lips met in a tender kiss. Our passion had risen quickly to a fevered pitch and it had taken every once of self control to stop at just a kiss but our connection had been made and it would not be denied. We were a perfect pair. She was the Yin to my Yang and what followed was kismet but our star burned too brightly and it collapsed, albeit temporarily, under the gravity of expectation.

Our affair had lasted eleven months but we remained connected in mind and spirit even when we had little to no actual contact there was rarely a doubt that we would eventually find our way back into each others arms.

“What?” She asked with a glowing smile. She often displayed more than a hint of self consciousness despite her radiant beauty and I vividly recalled her covering her gorgeous, big natural breasts the first time we were ever alone together.

She’d had a fuller figure when we’d first met but she had been equally beautiful and I’d never been able to tear my eyes away from her sensuous body or her pretty eyes. I’d noticed her eyes first despite her boutiful bosom but I’d always been drawn to a woman’s eyes and hers were like sparkling emeralds. She was exceptionally bright and her intelligence was visible her eyes.

“You’re beautiful,” I replied quickly as my cock ballooned between my strong, well defined skaters legs. I was in my mid forties but I kept myself fit by playing hockey, running and doing pushups if for no reason other than to look good to her.

“I know,” she teased playfully as she cupped her hands under her big firm d cup tits. They’d been double d’s when we met a decade earlier and while I’d never been a breast man before her she had changed that in a hurry. I couldn’t get enough of her body or her mind and she literally redefined my definition of sexy. Before I’d met her I had always been attracted to small breasted, petite, waspy blondes with long flowing hair. Her hair had been short, dark and even bright pink during our first eleven months together and she was full figured with a tiny waist, big boobs and an incredible round ass, but she was more attractive to me than anyone I’d ever seen and that hadn’t changed at all in the nearly ten years we were apart.

“Modest too,” I said playfully as I silently beckoned her closer with a hungry gaze. I could smell the fresh scent of her body and I inhaled sharply drawing it into my lungs as I rolled onto my side and extended my hand towards her. It had been years since we’d been together but it felt like the blink of an eye, as though our time apart had been a mere speed bump in an eternity together. I’d never believed in fate or destiny before I met her. I had never believed in soul mates either but in the days and weeks after we’d first met I felt as though I’d known her all my life. It was as though our souls had been together long before we met and they’d been waiting for our bodies to catch up. That feeling had caused me to question my lack of faith in destiny and fate.

“Exceptionally modest,” she corrected with a devilish smile. She stepped closer and took my hand in hers. My eyes fluttered closed as I savored the warmth and softness of her hand. I had missed her touch. I had missed the smell of her body. I had missed the sound of her voice and the way her face lit up whenever our eyes met.

I pulled her to the bed and ran my free hand up her soft supple thigh towards her smooth shaved pussy. The delicious aroma of her arousal wafted over me and my head started to spin as if my proximity to her was making me drunk.

“Come here,” I said softly but firmly. We had discovered early in our relationship that we shared many of the same sexual kinks, not the least of which was an attraction to the BDSM lifestyle. We both identified as switch but we shared a preference for the submissive role and because of that we traded off being dominant depending on our moods. But we were so in tuned with each other that we were rarely looking to be submissive at the same time. My finger touched her labia and she shivered lightly.

“Ohhh,” she sighed as she closed her eyes and focused on my touch. I hadn’t touched her naked body in nearly a decade before that day but it felt simultaneously familiar and exceptionally exciting to do so even though we’d already made love once since entering the room. I had to fight my desire to throw her onto the bed and ravish her delectable body without the slow build that we both wanted and needed.

“You’re wet,” I said matter of factly. My fingers slipped between her engorged lips and a flood of her juices flowed from her needy cunt. She had always produced a lot of juices, at least with me, and I pulled my hand away from her slick folds and examined it as she stood with her legs spread shoulder width, her chest thrust proudly out, her shoulders square and her hands clasped submissively behind her.

My fingers glistened with her copious juices and I brought them to my lips while my eyes held her gaze.

“You still taste divine,” I said as I licked my wet hand like a kitten cleaning its paw. She tasted delicious and my recently deposited seed had done nothing to detract from that. We’d made love once shortly after closing the door behind us and it had been sensuous and passionate as we reacquainted ourselves with one another but we’d both recovered quickly from our respective climaxes and, as usual, we were hungry for more.

Our sex life had been intense and dynamic from the very beginning. Our first weekend together we had sex eight times in 36 hours. It had been a combination of tender and loving, raw and passionate, and hard and dirty and it had left us both exhausted, sore and wanting more. To me she was like a drug and I was an addict. I fed on her and she on me and the most difficult part of that first time together had been saying goodbye. It had been nearly impossible to leave her after that first weekend and I could still remember the pain I felt watching tears stream down her face when I walked away to my gate inside the Reno airport.

“Thank you Sir,” she replied slipping effortlessly into her submissive persona. She had taken on the dominant role often in our first eleven months together and I had loved it when we delved into FemDom but during our time apart she had really embraced her submissive nature and I was eager to explore that side of her in detail. I knew punishing her would not come naturally despite my natural type A personality because I never wanted to hurt her but in our frequent conversations about BDSM she had assured me that she enjoyed the discipline just like I did and the physical pain added to her pleasure.

“Would you like a taste?” I asked as my fingers slid back into her soaking wet grotto making her shudder and moan. Her lean athletic body shifted as she struggled not to squirm and writhe. My thumb touched her hard clit and a deep guttural grown spilled from her lips. She inhaled sharply and glanced down at me with soft puppy dog eyes.

“Yes please,” she answered softly. Her sweet, melodic voice shook with tremolo, betraying the depths of her excitement. The rich aroma of her arousal hung in the air and I brought my wet glistening hand to my face and inhaled deeply letting it fill my lungs before raising my fingers to her soft eager lips.

Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly agape. I traced her lips with my juicy fingers coating them with her juices before pushing my fingers into her mouth. She sucked hungrily and enthusiastically on my digits with her tongue swirling around them like she was working my cock. Soft wimpers and moans rose from her heaving chest and I released her hand from my grasp before pulling her down onto the bed beside me. My hand slid up her back and I pulled her face to mine. I could smell her juices on her soft lips and I kissed her gently as I rolled her onto her back and straddled her waist.

Her soft eyes, so seemingly innocent, looked up at me pleadingly and her lean body went limp as I stared intensely into her beautiful green orbs.

“Are you thirsty?” I asked with a devilish smile and a knowing look crossed her beautiful face.

“Mmm, yes Sir.” Her lips parted and I let saliva spill from my mouth into hers like a mother bird feeding its young. We’d done the same thing during our first weekend together. It had been an instinctual thing but it was representative of how in sync we were. Her eyes went wide and she held my saliva in her mouth until I nodded giving her permission to swallow my juices. She did so, slowly, before licking her lips sensuously and gazing into my eyes.

I continued to straddle her gorgeous body and dragged my ass up towards her pretty face as I held her eyes captive with a serious look. She knew what I wanted and a playful smile danced on her painted lips.

“It’s time to put your pretty mouth and tongue to work,” I said as I bent my painfully stiff dick to her lips letting my natural musk engulf her.

Her mouth opened wide and she licked the underside of my turgid manhood as I straddled her bountiful chest. My cock sprung upward when I released it and I inched higher letting my big hairless balls drop into her pretty mouth.

She sucked gently on my sensitive orbs letting her tongue explore my silky flesh as her body squirmed excitedly beneath me. I moved higher and knelt astride her face before lowering my freshly washed but likely sweaty ass to her willing lips.

Her long tongue slithered along my ass crack and snaked over my sensitive sphincter making me moan wantonly. Her hands gripped at my hips and she thrust her tongue inside me. The sensation was incredible and I wondered why I’d never asked her to do it before. I had of course licked her pussy and asshole countless times during our time together and it always drove her wild but I’d never asked her to lick my ass. She was not against ass play and one night when we were alone in my apartment she had viciously fingered my tight asshole while talking dirty to me. We had talked about getting a strap on so she could peg me but we had broken up before we did and I’d still never been pegged.

My chest heaved and I leaned forward, steadying myself on my hands as my knees went weak from the intense pleasure of her probing tongue. My cock twitched incessantly and I ached to grab it and give myself relief but I was far from ready to conclude our torrid sexual interlude.

I let her lavishly lap at my asshole for several long moments before climbing off her eager mouth and guiding my cock back into it as I lay beside her with my head near her soaking wet pussy. The rich scent of her arousal hung in the air and I savored the smell as it triggered a flood of memories from our time together.

She sucked and slurped on my throbbing cock making my toes curl and my head spin. I slipped my hand into the valley between her strong runners legs and teased her needy sex making her excitement rise as I brought her to the brink of a climax without letting her cum.

Her head bobbed taking my cock down her throat and her tongue wiggled from her mouth when she reached the root, licking my balls. The sensation of her talented tongue quickly brought me to the edge before she obediently backed off and edged me until her jaw ached. I took pity on her tired mouth and pulled her on top of me. We kissed deeply, our tongues entwined as we ground our bodies together like a pair of randy, sex starved teenagers. Kissing her had always been an intense, full body experience and nothing about that had changed during our time apart.

I guided her onto all fours in front of me and rubbed the head of my cock across her frothy cunt lips. A deep needy moan spilled from her trembling lips as she looked back over her shoulder with a sultry expression and chewed on her bottom lip.

“Do you want my cock?” I asked in a stern tone as I slapped her sexy round ass.

“Yes please Sir,” she squealed excitedly. I could see her juices liberally coating her shaved labia and I rubbed my cock head over them making her moan deep and low. She was hypersexed and ravenous but I wanted to tease her mercilessly.

“How bad do you want my cock my Pet?” I asked as the sound of another stinging slap rang in our ears. The alabaster skin on her firm round ass turned bright red in the shape of my big hand and she groaned with need and desire. She had always had an affinity for pain and domination and during our first eleven months together we had experimented with some choking, slapping and we’d talked about knife play and getting a violet wand but we’d never done it. There were too many things we hadn’t tried but we had a lifetime to try them all.

“I need it badly Sir,” she pouted. Her bottom lip curled and she chewed on it sexily as she looked back at me with soulful, pleading eyes that made me want and need her more than ever.

The paradox between my swelling heart and her desire for rough sex converged and I grabbed her hips firmly and thrust the length of my cock into her quivering, needy cunt. A low growl, like something from an angry lioness, filled the air and I paused balls deep inside her, savoring the perfect fit of her soaking wet pussy as I teased her tight asshole with my thumb.

“Thank you Sir,” she panted loudly. She inhaled sharply when my thumb penatrated her sphincter and her entire body trembled and shook like it did whenever I would slowly run my tongue over her top lip when we kissed.

I backed out until just the head of my thick circumcised dick remained inside her and then pushed my thumb deep enough inside her ass that I could feel my dick through the membrane separating the two passages.

She squealed and panted. She’d always liked ass play and she needed my cock hard and fast. I knew knew that she was on the cusp of an intense climax. My thumb was two knuckles deep and I eased my dick back inside her at a torturously slow pace making her moan wantonly.

“What’s the matter my Pet?” I teased as I repeated my slow torturous attack on her needy cunt. I was enjoying the feel of my cock rubbing against my thumb separated only by a thin membrane and I wondered what it would feel like if it was another man’s cock inside her ass while I was in her pussy. She had awakened my bi-curiosity during our first time together and though I’d still never touched another man sexually it had become an intense, recurring fantasy to do so.

“I want to cum Master,” she pouted. Her pretty eyes glimmered with desire and her pouty lip made me a sympathetic master.

“You may cum Princess,” I replied as I started to fuck her hard and fast. My thumb was still deep inside her ass and my hips slapped rhythmically against her firm cheek as I gripped her hip with my free hand. I could feel her fingers busily rubbing her swollen clit and her entire body tensed as she hovered on the edge of an epic climax.

“Thank you Sir,” she panted loudly. A string of unintelligible cries and moans spewed from her lips and her pussy clamped hard on my pistoning dick milking it to the point of no return as her body convulsed violently. I felt a spray of warm liquid hit my pelvis and I instantly realized that she had squirted. She had proudly admitted that she had learned how to squirt in the time leading up to our reconciliation and I was glad that I was able to get her there without her trusty Hitachi Magic Wand.

Intense waves of pleasure washed over her and I fought hard not to climax until she was finished. She slumped forward and I erupted inside of her spewing copious ribbons of hot cum into the depths of her womb as I grunted and groaned like a wild animal.

We collapsed on the bed and I wrapped my big, strong arms around her drawing her soft warm body tight against mine. Despite the difference in our height, I was a full foot taller than she, our bodies always fit together perfectly. Our lips met in a deep, passionate and emotion filled kiss. Our tongues danced together and I felt the beat of her heart sync with mine.

“I’m not letting go,” I said between kisses. I let my tongue trace her top lip and she shuddered wantonly.

“Good because neither am I,” she smiled happily. The road to happiness had been long and the obstacles had been many but after nearly a decade apart we had finally found our way back.

We lay in each others arms, our chests heaving from the ferocity of our respective climaxes and our sweat soaked flesh pressed tightly together. “So what were you thinking when you had your thumb in my ass and your cock in my pussy?” She asked with a wry smile on her perfect kissable lips.

“What do you think I was thinking?” I teased. We’d always been on the same page sexually and emotionally and I was sure she knew exactly what I had been thinking. It had often seemed like we shared a single brain. We’d always been in tune with each other to the point that during our time apart we would go months upon months without communicating but one of us would reach out at the same time that the other needed them.

I thought back to the moment that she awakened my then latent bicuriosity. We had been three thousand miles and three time zones apart but we found ways to be in constant contact. We’d been fantasizing and role playing with a lot of Femdom scenarios and toying with the idea of pegging as well as swinging. We’d joined a website that catered to swingers in the hopes that we could find a woman to help us fulfill our mutual fantasy for a threesome with another woman. She had told me early in our relationship that she considered herself bisexual and at the time our biggest fantasy was to bring another woman into our bed for both of us to share. The problem we found was that finding a single bisexual girl was akin to capturing a unicorn so we set our sights on soft swap couples with bi women. We, or more specifically she, befriended a few couples on the site that fit the bill but unbeknownst to me the men in the couples were bi-curious and the thought of watching me with another guy had started to intrigue her.

One day we were chatting on line and she asked me if I would ever suck her girl cock if it was on someone else. I quickly replied that I would as I pictured it fastened to another woman while my beautiful girlfriend sucked my cock.

“Even if it was on a guy,” she asked and I paused. I knew exactly what she was asking and I had a sudden, unexpected epiphany.

“Do you want to see me suck another man’s cock?” I asked as I shivered with excitement. I had never consciously considered touching another man’s dick and aside from a single dream about a shemale I’d never had an unconscious thought about doing so before that but as I watched the words appear on my computer a spark of interest and curiosity ignited inside me.

“Kind of,” she replied. “I mean I know that we both said that guy/guy stuff did nothing for us and I know you’re straight but I think under the right circumstances it would be really hot.”

“What are the right circumstances?” I asked. I felt a familiar tingle between my legs. I closed my eyes and pictured a naked, hard bodied and well hung guy in front of me. I had never before considered the male body appealing but at that moment it was.

“He’d have to be muscular and shaved with a big, pretty cock,” she answered. As usual her idea of hot and mine were perfectly aligned. “So would you do it?”

“I think you’re right. Under the right circumstances it would be hot so yes I would in the right situation. Does that surprise you?”

“Kind of, but not really,” she replied. “I know you better than anyone remember.”

“Even myself apparently,” I teased. I had never connected with anyone so completely on any level much less every level before and from there our fantasies took off unfettered by social conventions. She asked if I would swallow a load of cum and I told her that I would. She asked if I would let a guy fuck my ass and I told her that I probably would.

“What about a glory hole?” She had once asked and I told her that because of disease gloryholes were scary but the idea did seem hot and she agreed. It seemed there was almost nothing we wouldn’t at least consider and I suspected that hadn’t changed in our time apart.

“I was thinking how hot it would be to have another guy with us and feeling his cock rubbing against mine while we double penatrate you,” I answered her question honestly.

“Oh yeah, would you like that Piggy?” She teased. She had given me that nickname when we were first together and exploring Femdom. It had stuck with me and even when I was in a dominant role I embraced my inner pig slut.

“Yes ma’am,” I answered as we transitioned from her being submissive to me taking the subservient role. Our interaction had always been seemless and while the stress of the outside factors had made us fight when we were first together we had always worked well together because we were cut from the same cloth.

“Do you still crave a big juicy cock in your sexy mouth,” she asked. She pushed her fingers into my mouth and I could taste her pussy on her skin. My heart raced and my cock stirred anew.

“Yes Mistress,” I said sheepishly as I lost myself deep in her beautiful hazel green eyes. I remembered looking into her eyes like that the time we were in Las Vegas with friends of mine years earlier. We had just gazed into each other with glazed expressions and I’d never felt more loved before or since.

“Good,” she purred in a deep sexy tone. “I’d like that too. And I’d like to feel two cocks inside me at once. Would that make you jealous?”

“A little,” I confessed. When we were first discussing threesomes I had never allowed myself to consider another man fucking her but in our time away from each other I had grown. I knew it would be painful to watch another man’s cock giving her pleasure but I realized how selfish it was to deny her what she was not only willing but anxious to experience with me, especially since we had discussed sharing a woman dozens of times. The truth was that I loved her and I wanted her to experience all that life had to offer. Her happiness had always been first and foremost to me and watching her experience pleasures that only two men at one time could bring her would far outweigh any petty jealousy I would feel when another man was inside of her.

Her soft hand reached between my legs and she squeezed my still flaccid but stirring cock. I’d already cum twice in the three hours that we’d been together and at 45 my recovery times had slowed from where they were when I was in my thirties but no one had ever gotten me more excited and faster than she did and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was hard and ready to go.

“I think my Piggy needs a little more time,” she purred softly as she rolled over and knelt beside me. She pushed down on my chest and swung her leg over my head so that her pussy hovered inches above my mouth. “But I’m ready for more.”

The briny scent of her cum filled pussy filled my head and my mouth started to water profusely. “Lick your cum from my cunt Pig.” Her tone had morphed from timid to playful and then to stern and demanding and my tongue flicked out of my mouth as she lowered her sloppy wet hole onto my face.

My nose nestled in the crack of her ass and pressed against her sphincter as my mouth vacuumed my seed from her pussy. A large dollop of thick, warm cream filled my mouth and I held it there for a moment savoring the taste and texture. I’d often tasted and swallowed my jizz in the years since I’d discovered my latent bicuriosity and I ached to taste a fresh load from a throbbing cock but a part of me felt that it would be even hotter licking another man’s cum from the woman that I loved.

“Good Piggy, get it all,” she panted as she squirmed on top of me making my face resemble a honey glazed donut. My tongue flicked over her engorged clit and her body responded with another less intense but no less welcomed climax.

She cried out deep and low as waves of pleasure rolled through her beautiful body. I couldn’t see her but I felt her legs quiver and I pictured her squeezing her perfect tits as she came hard. Her juices flooded my face and I sucked them from her like they were the nectar of the gods, which to me they were.

My cock had grown fully rigid while she rode my face and she spun around quickly as she slid down my body. I gripped my dick in my hand and guided it to her frothy wet hole letting her impale herself on me. Her pretty eyes sparkled and danced excitedly as her hips ground against mine with my cock balls deep inside of her. The feeling of being inside her, joined as one, was complete and total bliss for both of us and I was glad we’d found our way back. I was resolute that I wouldn’t let her get away again.

I looked up into her eyes and felt my heart swell. My hands grabbed her hips and she leaned forward until our lips met in a deep wet kiss. No one had ever kissed me like her and my eyes closed tight. The taste of her lips on mine and the feeling of our tongues entwined was devine. My breathing quickened and my entire body moved in sync with hers. Every movement appeared to be choreographed by a higher power and my hands roamed over her silky skin.

“Make me cum Baby,” she said in a throaty voice that was dripping with desire. Her use of the word baby signaled an end to her dominance. She climbed off my cock and laid down beside me. Her eyes were glazed with lust and as I rolled on top of her she guided me back inside her womb.

I kissed her hard and took back control. I ran my hands over her body and moved them to her delicate throat. Her eyes got big and an excited smile spread across her lips.

“Yes please,” she croaked as she looked pleadingly up at me. She had always loved it when I was rough with her which is not to say we always had rough sex. Our sex life from the beginning had been a mix of passionate love making, raw hard sex, and kinky depravity in equal measures and we always knew what the other needed.

I squeezed her throat, restricting her air flow as I pounded my cock into her like a jackhammer. Her body shook and her hips thrust up to meet mine. I released my grip on her throat and she gasped for breath. The color returned to her face and she smiled again.

“More please,” she said weakly. Her hips continued to meet mine and I squeezed her throat again. As her breathing labored and weezed her body was rocked by another intense climax soaking me and the bed beneath us. I released her throat but continued to fuck her hard until the final wave washed over her beautiful body. Her makeup was smeared and her cheeks and breast plate was flushed crimson but she looked beyond beautiful. I knew from experience that her ravenous thirst was not yet sated and I looked into her glossy eyes.

“What would you like now my Pincess,” I asked as I fucked her with smooth, languid strokes.

“Fuck my ass,” she said in a thick raspy tone. We had talked about ass sex when we were first together but we’d never managed to get my rather thick cock into her very tight ass. In the years we’d been apart she had worked on stretching her sphincter and she’d told me that she’d come to love being fucked in her ass.

“Roll over,” I said with a smile. I lifted her ass into the air and knelt behind her gorgeous round ass. I remembered one time when we had been in a hotel. It had been a tumultuous weekend during the holidays and the stress of our situation had made us fight and argue but at one point we were in bed with her on all fours and me behind her with my tongue in her ass. That scene had left an indelible mark in me and as I pushed my tongue into her she moaned wantonly.

I lavished wet oral attention on her ass, saliva spilling from my lips and coating her delicious ass. I pushed deep and stretched her wide with my eager tongue before spitting into my hand and coating my cock with spittle.

“Do you want it,” I teased. I rubbed the slick spongy tip across her asshole and she whimpered like an excited puppy. Her round ass wagged like a dog, silently pleading for my cock to invade the depths of her bowels.

“Please Sir,” she moaned needily as she looked back at me with lust in her beautiful eyes.

I increased pressure and the flared head of my cock eased inside of her. Her sphincter gripped my shaft as I fed it deep until my balls pressed against her molten cunt. I grabbed her hips and spit onto my shaft as I backed out, leaving just the tip inside of her.

I started slowly but my pace increased and my body slapped against hers. I’d never fucked a person’s ass before and I couldn’t believe how tight it was. It squeezed my shaft and milked my cock. I could feel her fingers rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy.

“You wish we had another cock here don’t you Princess?” I teased as my cock pistoned into her ass.

“Yes Master,” she panted breathlessly. I knew that she was building to another epic climax and I wanted to feel her cum with my dick in her ass.

“Would you like two more cock Princess? One in your cunt and one in your mouth while I fuck your tight sexy ass.”

“Oh gawd,” she grunted like a wounded animal. “Yes.”

I pounded harder making her whole body rock with each powerful thrust of my cock. High pitched yelps and cries spilled from her lips and her body tensed. I knew she was imagining herself as the center of a gang bang. Three or more men whose sole purpose was to bring her pleasure. Her arms bent, lowering her pretty face to the bed with her ass in the air. Her ass squeezed like a vise on my dick and I felt my cock start to erupt inside her. It was an incredibly powerful climax and I’d only cum that hard once in my life. It had, of course, been with her when we were in Las Vegas together. We were alone in a room I was sharing with two other guys. It had been a magical weekend filled with a mix of romance and wild wanton desire. We’d spent time holding hands and being in love by a twenty foot tall Buddha statue outside of the Venetian Hotel and Casino. We’d had a quiet dinner together and we later had sex while both my friends slept in the same room but that time she had fingered my asshole and dominated me until we fucked hard and sweaty. When I came it had felt like the top of my cock had come off from the force of my climax and my balls had literally felt drained of every drop of cum inside them.

I collapsed beside her and rolled onto my side facing her. “I love you,” I said. My heart was filled to bursting point with emotions and I fought back tears of happiness. I pulled her close and kissed her deeply yet tenderly reveling in the feeling of her naked body against mine.

“I love you too,” she sang softly. My hand rested on her hip and hers on mine. I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine. I felt happier than I could remember and more complete than ever before. I was exhausted and certainly spent for the night but I knew that we had a lifetime to make up for our time apart and I knew that our souls would spend all eternity together.

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