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In a cool low lit room you push me to my hands and knees making sure my legs are spread wide. You take your time running your fingertips over my hips, thighs, to the curve of my ass and I shiver. I move to push back on your hands and you hold me still, taking your time. I feel the palm of your hand graze over my sex then cup firmly. I’m tense, nervous and incredibly turned on. I hear the sigh of approval from your lips as your fingers slide up sideways toward the one hole that’s been neglected for over a year.

I lay my head back down, shaking, wondering what you will do. I hear you move behind me and jump when I feel a fingertip press to my ass. I shove my hand between my legs to find out what you’re doing, touching your thumb on my asshole. My wrist grinding into my clit. I hear you half smile and sigh behind me and you push my own finger into me. I get the hint. My middle finger slides in. Damn my ass is tight but I know you watch as my finger disappears. My own finger feels huge inside me but pleasurable.

I hear you shift again as my breathing deepens. My wrist against my clit is doing it’s job well. I push my finger in to the middle knuckle when I feel your hand push the rest of my finger in. The muscles tighten around my own hand. I pull my finger out and dip two fingers to my own dripping sex and return to my ass, dampening it. Sliding two fingers into it I sigh in pleasure then you pull my fingers away. I feel heat on my cheeks as you lean down to me and tense suddenly to feel warm, wet tongue slide across my hole.

“Oh fuck!” I whisper. My hand buries itself in my own sex as your hands pull my ass cheeks apart so you can see what you’re tasting. I hear a slight groan as your tongue is flattened over my hole and I can’t help but push back. I’m already begging you to fuck me. Your tongue pushes past the natural tightness of me as you grip my cheeks and pull me to you. I move willingly. I’m so damn close to coming on my own hand.

Those hands grip my cheeks hard as your tongue explores the one thing no one’s touched in a very long time and the realization of being tongue fucked in my asshole brings me to one hand and I push against you as I come on my own fingers, almost growling from the intensity, shaking I feel your fingers replace your tongue.

I crash back to the sheets, barely able to breathe and automatically push back against your fingers. You know you can have it.

“Take it,” I manage to whisper and I cry out as your hand slaps my left cheek hard and grips it. I tense thinking you’re going to slap my other cheek when I feel your fingers push inside me. Hard. I gasp and grip the pillow under my head as my hole burns and stretches. I shiver as you slap my right cheek and grip it hard, making sure the flesh is warm and quivering under your palm. I hear you move again and your fingers disappear from my ass. I feel flesh against my thighs and I tense automatically. A soft brush of your cock against my lips, rubbing firmly into my sex. What the hell is he going to do? I make myself relax.

“Good,” I hear you murmur. You make sure your cock is damp with my juices and I reach down and press it into my sex, getting it good and wet. I hear you groan in approval as I take over, running the length of you with my fingers, palming the head of your cock against my clit. I push my hips against your rock hard cock, enjoying the feel of stiff flesh against my own warm pulsing sex.

“Give me your hands,” you say softly. I pull my hand away from you and hold them back. You move them to my ass cheeks. “Hold them,” you say a bit louder. I grab my own flesh and pull them wide apart. I shiver as I feel the head of your cock slide up and down on my hole. It almost tickles but so very warm and I hold myself still, knowing you have your pick of what you want of me. I feel your cock once again push against my asshole, barely stretching the muscles. Oh damn, he’s going to do it. You slip down and shove into me forcefully and I cry out as I let go of my cheeks and push back.

“Oh fuck me,” I whisper.

I wasn’t ready for this invasion. I still, taking in your length. A thought flashes through my mind that if you can stuff me this full in my sex what will it feel like in my ass. I clench your cock tight as I feel my juices run down my slit. I brace my hands against the wall as you pull back, and you push into me once again. Your hands on my hips making me fuck you. I hear your breathing change and one hand lets go of my hips. You hit the bottom of me each time, rubbing on my hidden button inside my sex and I’m so damn close to coming again. Your thumb pops into my asshole and slam against me as I come hard around your cock, almost growling in sheer pleasure. I hear you breathe heavily above me as my sex grips you tightly. My hands fall to my sides as I collapse against the sheets unable to move. I almost whimper at the loss of your cock in my sex but sigh as you move to my asshole and rub the tip on it. I push back against you making your cock pop into my ass. I hear you inhale suddenly and sigh contently. It’s so fucking huge in my ass!! Panic sets in but I make myself relax. I want this. You want this.

You push forward and I hear you groan in appreciation of the tightness. I tense against the burning of my sphincter and make myself relax. My hand returns to my sex, feeling how wet I am. You keep pushing inside me till I feel your balls on the back of my hand and I reach back and gently squeeze them. I hear you half giggle and groan as you pull back, leaving barely the tip inside me. You grab my hips tight and shove with all your strength, sighing in pleasure as you bury yourself in my ass!

“Oh shit!” I yell as you fuck me at a slow pace. I’m so stretched wide! I’m amazed at how different a cock can feel in my ass than in my own dripping sex. I can’t breathe but my sex reacts and drenches my hand and your balls. I squeeze your balls tight as you slide into me, burying yourself deep. I can tell you’ve obviously had practice at this. I’ve got one hand braced against the wall, one holding your balls and I relax and push against you. I can’t help but gasp, groan, whine and whimper as you push into me.

“Fuck my ass,” I groan.

“I am,” is the only reply I get. Smartass, I think to myself. I feel every pulse, vein and ridge of your cock in my ass. You keep fucking me steadily and I start moaning, whimpering, purring at the sensation of you fucking me so well that it makes my sex react and want to come again. You move faster as my asshole loosens up a bit and I feel your hand push mine out of the way.

You dip two fingers into me, wiggling them, smacking them on my hidden spot and I grip them tight as I almost come on your fingers. You pull them out and lean over me.

“Taste yourself,” you command. I lean up and greedily suck on both fingers making sure they’re clean. You straighten and fuck me faster.

“I taste like cherries,” I comment softly. You dip one finger into my sex and bring it to your own mouth.

“You’re right,” you reply and grab my hips again and moan loudly. It’s music to my ears. Faster you fuck me, I brace both hands against the wall as the feel of your cock now slides easily into my ass, pushing against my sex barely rubbing my spot. I push back, silently asking for you to fuck me harder. You pull my legs out from under me and straddle one leg but pull the other up to the side of me, but never pulling your cock out. I’m pinned to the sheets. You lean over me and begin to hammer your cock into my hole, your groans of approval sends shivers down my spine and I push up as best I can to give you the deepness you crave. I slip my hand under me and rub my clit. You lean up again and watch as your cock slides in and out. I feel you pause and then a…


“What the hell?!” I groan and you almost crouch over me and pound me hard and fast.

“Fuck me, fuck my ass,” I breathe. I reach back, clit forgotten and pull one cheek away and I hear you grunt as I feel your balls draw up. I know you’re close. Pinned to the sheets under you, you pump me faster. It’s almost animalistic the way you fuck me, thrusting into me hard, fast, non stop and I take it. I revel in it. I enjoy it, turning it into my own lust and arch my back as I come repeatedly. I’ve never been able to have an orgasm just from butt fucking. I hear you groan above me as you slam into me. Balls shaking you exhale loudly as l my ass is suddenly hot, full as you come inside me. I shiver underneath you as the energy you release inside me drenches us both. You thrust into me one last time. I hear you take a ragged breath and lean over me, resting your head on my lower back. Your cock is still buried in me. You move after a few moments, slowly pulling out.


“You had to take a picture of it, huh?”

“Of course,” you reply as you lay down next to me.

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