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It started on a mate’s stag night/bachelor party, – whatever you know a bloke’s traditional booze-up before his wedding as. A crowd of us hit the town, crawled the bars and eventually ended up at a lapdancing club, ahem, as you do. . .

A good time was had by all, plenty of dances were bought, and the general agreement was what goes on the stag, stays on the stag.

My wife, Lucy, is a rather beautiful twentysomething English rose, all tall and shapely curves, long silken brunette hair, lovely smile, dazzling eyes and fabulous buoyant 36D breasts, undoubtedly her best asset. However, she is also very shy and quite staid. She only had one serious boyfriend before we got together and sexually it was more a case of persuasion than seduction, but once she was happy in a relationship she soon opened up. She was definitely a one-prick princess, as I’d always been led to believe. Happily, she became my one-prick princess.

A month or so after the stag night was my friend’s wedding. Another great boozy day set out in a country hotel. We were staying over like a lot of the guests and when the night finally petered out Lucy and I were left with four other guests: Tony, one of the other guys on the stag, his wife Linda, and a couple I hadn’t met before – a sweet, quiet blonde girl called Stephanie and her boyfriend Carl.

With everyone quite merry, Tony haggled a bottle of vodka and a couple of bottles of white wine from the night porter and took us all up to his and Linda’s suite. They had what must have been one of the best rooms bar the honeymoon suite, with an open-plan living and bedroom area – a big king-size bed and a very comfortable pair of leather couches. The bottles were placed on the coffee table, Tony got the glasses out, put on the TV to some music channel, everyone spread themselves around and we carried on drinking and chatting.

With Lucy perched on my left and Stephanie and Carl across the table on the opposite couch, Tony and Linda sat on the end of their bed, also to the left. The sexes became engrossed in their own conversations, the girls’ chatter soon becoming background noise as us guys talked over them. At some point, though, Tony was telling Carl about the fun on the stag night and blurted out about the lapdancing visit. It was right then that I became acutely aware of the female silence. I winced, Tony stopped talking. We all looked to see the girls listening intently.

Lucy was glaring at me. “Lapdancing?”

What could I do or say? Busted. I tried some cack-handed bullshit about forgetting to mention it because it was crap but she wasn’t wearing that. I thought she was actually going to get up and storm out at one point – her galvanising face was flaring red with suppressed rage. It made her look quite sexy but I wisely kept that observation to myself.

Linda saved my ass. She said, “Oh, Andy, you might have said to Lucy. . .Tony told me all about it – he was like a little boy. Couldn’t wait. . .”

Thank God for her. Linda is a voluptuous thirty-three year old, with a body built for burlesque. She always reminded me of Betty Page, the old-time striptease girl – same curvy figure, tantalisingly big tits crammed inside her white wedding outfit to show a deep cleavage. Her hair was the only real difference – light brown and cut in a bob which reached just above her shoulders. Her eyes smouldered and her lips were always full and red when I ever met her. Definitely a woman you’d always say had a bit of ‘va-voom’. She touched Lucy lightly on the shoulder. “Lucy, dear, it’s just a bit of typical harmless boys’ fun. . .I don’t think the dears could help themselves.”

“Well. . .I just always thought it was a bit. . .disgusting. . .” Lucy murmured, bowing a bit to pressure and letting me off the murderous stare.

Tony laughed. A successful used car salesman, he was always loud and some might find him a bit obnoxious – I knew Lucy was never too keen on him – but I’d met him often enough to realise he was just ‘all there’; what you saw was what you got – he meant no harm to anyone, just loved a raucous good time. “The only thing disgusting about it was what was going through my mind,” he said.

“What did they do?” Carl asked.

Stephanie looked at him, puzzled. “What do you think. . .”

“No, no. .. I know that. . .I mean, um, did they y’know, go the full monty? Or is it just a topless joint?”

Stephanie looked shocked at the idea. “They strip all the way naked? Oh. I thought lapdancing was just topless. . .” She looked pretty cute while shocked, I thought. Her bright blonde straight hair framed a slim tan face with lovely pale blue eyes and cupid lips. I couldn’t see much of her body sitting down but I’d noticed her short flapper-style blue sequin dress earlier and the trim figure and lithe legs beneath while she danced at the wedding. Very nice package.

Lucy looked at me again. “Well, did they flash. . .everything? How many dances did you see?”

“Oh, you pay for a dance one on one,” Tony said, then winced as he caught himself. The eejit.

“What?” Lucy was on the warpath again. She slammed her glass down.

I looked at Linda for help. Linda winked and said, “Lucy, surely you’ve done a little dance for Andy before?”

Lucy reddened and stuttered. Then she looked at me with narrowed eyes and said, “I don’t suppose you think I’m worth paying to dance for you?”

I of course assured her she was. Carl laughed as I floundered. Guileless Tony blurted, “Hey, I bet he’d pay. . .I’d pay to see you, Linda, no probs. . .”

I don’t think that is what she wanted to hear. She turned on him with that withering stare. “That’s nice, Tony –you wouldn’t even pay your own wife? You’d rather have a stranger shake her boobs at you?”

“Ah, Linda dances for me for free all the time,” Tony grinned.

Stephanie squealed in delight. Lucy looked even more shocked if that was possible. Linda just looked angry at Tony. “Well Lucy has a point. I don’t recall you ever paying me anything to enterain you. . .”

Tony opened his hands wide, “Ah, come on, that’s different.”

“Oh is it?” Linda said winking at me.

“Yeah, yeah, you’re my wife, y’know?”


“Well, it’s a. . .Um, it’s a husband- wife thing. . .”

“You don’t dance for me. . .”

“That would be stupid. . .”

“Stupid as I am doing it for you for nothing?”

“Hey, it’s fun!”

“So how much do you think I’m worth paying? If you compare me to your little floozies in the club?”

Tony was in trouble. “Oh. . .much more. . .Oh, about. . .hmm. . .”

“How about this much?” Carl threw down some notes onto the table. We laughed. Stephanie slapped him on the arm. “Carl! Cheek!”

Tony said, “Yeah, that’s about right. . .”

“For what?” said Linda. “To see these?” She cupped her big tits under her tight white dress, running her hands over them, faking an erotic sigh.

It was quite funny. Tony was like a lapdog, eyes bulging as his wife played up. Lucy even gave a little laugh through her shock, putting a hand to her mouth.

“You’ve never asked me to dance, Carl,” Stephanie said with a smile and a petted lip.

He looked embarrassed.

“I think he’s too shy,” Linda joked.

“I was buying Tony a dance,” Carl shot back. “That’s how it works, yeah? You buy your mates a dance and they get you one back. . .”

Pretty sharp I though. I backed him up: “Yeah, that’s right. The groom got the most obviously. . .”

“And how many did you have?” Lucy asked me.

“Not enough. . .” I mumbled.

Then Linda got up to her feet, a bit unsteady with all the day’s alcohol, and started to sway to the music in front of Tony.

He sat there with a big grin. She slipped off her shawl, baring her shoulders, ran her hands down her curves, over her ass, turning around on the spot. Tony clapped. So did Stephanie, laughing. I noted that Lucy had forced a reluctant smile onto her face, but she would slip the occasional sly glance at me and the look would have burned a hole in the couch. But I was not backing down from this fun. I whooped, egged on Linda, just to wind up Lucy some more.

Linda seemed to love the attention, a real wicked one this girl. She reached up her back to her dress zip, started to lower it. I took a deep breath, wondered what was coming. Tony tried to help her; she slapped his hands away. “No touching, you know the rules,” she snapped playfully. “You’ll be thrown out.”

He laughed , recoiled, sat there and let her get on with it.

Linda took her zip all the way down. I caught sight of a white bra strap, taut bare flesh of her back. Then she began to wriggle out of the dress, still keeping rough time to the background music from the television. Lucy gasped, Stephanie cheered. Carl said, “Wow, hot. . .”

Linda was stopping for no-one, Her tight white dress was wriggled to the floor, baring a delightful shapely ass to us. She only had on a white thong, the string of which disappeared between her full and firm butt cheeks. They were a sensual part of her voluptuous figure and undulated beautifully in time with her movements. I was kind of transfixed with the perfectly smooth shape of them – they were firmer than I imagined. She was a ‘big’ girl in the sense of her full statuesque figure but I saw no cellulite, just beautiful curves. And great legs enclosed in white hold-up stockings. She rolled them off next, a leg up beside Tony on the bed, thrusting her crotch at him. He just sat there, gormless, like most blokes do for an actual lapdance.

Legs bare, Linda turned and wiggled her ass at him. The rest of the room got a sensational view of her big bouncy tits, a rack you don’t see very often, raised up by a straining white lacy bra that was performing above and beyond the call of duty.

Linda straightened up, running her hands over those amazing tits. She looked at Carl and I as she did so. Stephanie thought it a great wheeze. Lucy’s jaw just dropped further. I took the chance to check out Linda’s crotch – her thong was tight and clung to her pronounced mound. Between taut thighs I saw a succulent camel toe under the white silk, a big slit, I though and wondered that she might be shaven so defined her lower lips appeared.

Then, as the song ended, she sat down quickly, clasping her hands together at her crotch and giggled, “Who’s next?”

“Hey, that wasn’t a full dance,” Tony said.

“Oh, you boys will have to do better than that,” she pointed to the notes on the table, “if you want your partners to put on a show like those cheap tarts. We’re worth more, right girls?”

Stephanie cheered again and shouted “Right on, sister!” you had to laugh –she was getting right into it. I even heard a little giggle peep out of Lucy. I wasn’t for catching her eye in case I got another withering stare. Anyway, I was happy enough o look at Linda’s big jiggling bra-clad titties. I also had problems keeping my dick under control. Carl seemed to be shifting for comfort, too. Tony was perched right on the end of the bed and in his usual unaware manner had pitched quite a tent in his suit trousers. I definitely saw Lucy sneak a peek at it – she was in my line of vision. That said, you couldn’t really miss it.

Carl was flicking through more notes, saying, “Okay, what1s the damage for a proper dance then?”

Linda shook her head. “I think it might be someone else’s turn to buy a dance. And maybe someone else’s turn to dance?” She raised her neat eyebrows and the devilment in those green eyes of hers was arousing. My dick recognised the possibilities marginally before I did – I felt the tell-tale throb.

Linda was staring primarily at Stephanie who looked both shocked and a bit excited at what was being proposed. She tried to appear demure biting on her fingers, flashing big eyes at us all, saying, “Oh, I couldn’t. . . .No. . .way . . .”

I felt Lucy tense beside me. She gulped at her glass.

Carl was egging on Stephanie. “Go for it honey. Show ’em how its done. . .”

Stephanie said, “Lucy. . .”

Lucy laughed, half-outraged, “Oh, I don’t think so. . .”

“Aw come on you young chickens,” Tony said.

Now Lucy was only five years younger than Linda, but Stephanie I put at around twenty-one. Tony’s jibe actually seemed to have an effect. Stephanie said to Lucy, “How about together?”

Tony clapped, “Yeah, yeah. . .” and he threw quite a pile of cash onto the table. “Go for it!”

Stephanie stood up. Lucy hesistated. Then she rose, too, and faced me, eyes shut, muttering to herself. Probably cursing me but I reckoned I could live with the aggro later just to see this.

“Turn the music up,” Stephanie said with a smile.

Linda duly did and Stephanie started to dance. Lucy watched over her shoulder as the slim blonde gyrated her hips, raising the hem of her little dress higher. Carl was sat back, hands behind his head, ear-to-ear cheesy smile on him. Then he glanced over at Lucy. This set her off. She began to copy Stephanie. Lucy has awesome long and athletic legs, and in her heels their shape was accentuated to perfection. She drew her red fingernails up her thighs, glaring down at me in a mix of anger and definite horniness; I could always detect that. I copied Carl’s pose and facial expression for defence – who can hate a gormless, horny bloke?

Lucy got more into it as the tune raged, tossing her long dark hair to and fro. On one flick she caught sight of Tony and Linda sat on the bed. Tony was watching her with undisguised lust – Linda had a hand gently squeezing his cock through his pants. That fired Lucy on even more – whether through rage or desire I didn’t care, though I suspected it was a perverse case of ‘I’ll show you bastards’.

But hell, who was I to complain? When events turn up like this in life you got to enjoy every second, so I damn well did.

Lucy ran her hands over her body, even tugging down the top of her dress – a ruby red silky number which showed every inch of her off beautifully. She accidentally exposed both tits to me as she pulled the dress – catching her bra, too. Each of her big firm tits is topped with a delightfully large rubbery nipple and both were engorged and erect to their full half-inch as I caught sight of them. She was definitely getting some sort of kick.

Lucy’s eyes were shut, so I took a chance to check across the room. Stephanie was lowering the top of her dress too, but in a permanent manner, wriggling it down with both hands. I got a real shock when I glimpsed bare back – no bra to speak of.

Tony said, “Hey, wow!” I heard Linda clap.

Stephanie took her dress right down to her waist, still with her back to me and leaned over Carl to rub her tits in his face.

Lucy gasped – I saw her clock what Stephanie was up to and her state of dress. As if it were a catch-up competition, Lucy reached right down to her own dress hem and lifted it swiftly. Her thighs and hips were exposed. She was wearing lovely little French knickers – the hotpant kind, made of a black see-through lace.

I heard another exclamation of joy from Tony – knew he could see my wife’s edible butt, so round and solid. Lucy pulled the dress right up, not stopping until it was over her head and off.

I struggled to take it all in and keep my eyes in their sockets – black bra to match the briefs, those buoyant tits of hers quivering beautifully as she danced. She kept tossing her hair, even more erotic, and leaned over me so I could smell her scent – both perfume and arousal I was sure.

“Oh, man. Bravo!” clapped Tony and I saw Stephanie step out of her dress, too.

I looked for the thong string up between her slim ass cheeks; couldn’t see one. I almost froze or came with shock – she was completely sans underwear. Absolutely no panties on at all.

I had a rear view of a petite tanned figure, narrow hips and tight ass, long legs and a lovely pure blonde mane reaching down to mid-back. Stephanie raised her arms in the air and yelled, “Woo-hoo!” obviously getting right into this.

Carl said, “Amazing. . .”

Linda clapped too, and shouted, “Well done honey! That was definitely the money’s worth.”

This prompted Lucy to look round, gasp again, and hesitate. She stopped dancing, took a long look at Stephanie and said, “Oh my god, Stephanie.”

This worked great for me because Stephanie turned round at the sound and just stood there swaying on the spot wearing nothing but a dazzling grin and shrugging. Her titties were small handfuls, incredibly pert on a firm hardbody which was tanned all the way down. There, at her flat belly’s nadir, was an enticing pale white bit – bikini shaped with a small smattering on her mound of light blond pubic hair. There was a distinct ‘V’ space between the top of her slim thighs and her pussy – her lips were shaven clean and were perfectly symmetrical and puffy with a tight line down the middle.

I couldn’t help but mutter, “Wow. . .” which Lucy picked up.

“Is that what those tarts do?” Lucy asked, aggressively. “Get naked for you?”

“Well. . .yeah, I suppose,” I said.

“Plus the bit of grinding on your meat,” Tony laughed.

I looked over wearing a painful expression. Linda was still massaging his dick through his pants. She stood up, leant across him so those big tits were pointing in my direction and hooked one leg up onto the bed like a dog taking a leak. It was the right position, though, for the lapdancer’s grind – it allowed her to lower her pelvis and grind her crotch along Tony’s leg and up to his own rather strained genital area.

“Oh, bay-bee,” Tony roared and leaned back on his elbows to enjoy.

“This what you mean, darling?” Linda laughed.

With her efforts, her tits slipped out the bra. I was faced with two lovely big melons capped with light pink aureole and wide nipples like bottlecaps. They shook and swayed to her movements. Linda was sighing a bit and her sparkling eyes were hooded. She was gazing at me and Lucy and biting her lip.

I heard Carl comment, “That’s hot,” and looked across at him. The beautiful naked Stephanie was sitting on his lap entranced by Linda and Tony and letting Carl idly stroke her perky breasts. I said nothing as I didn’t want to alert her and break the mood. His other hand was lying loosely at her crotch but I saw his thumb and forefinger ruffle her thin covering of pubes which didn’t make her flinch at all – instead she just gave a sensual little wriggle. Game on, I thought, for Carl. Lucky bastard.

Tony tried to loosen Linda’s bra, but she slapped him away and stood. She took it off herself, saying, “Naughty, naughty. That’s a rule broken. You only get to see these. . .”

Those bountiful breasts fell into view. Linda knew how to handle them, letting us all see them settle into magnificent profile then use her hands to squeeze and fondle, tweak her nipples and raise each boob to her mouth in turn.

“Wow,” Tony said. “Come on, let’s get my dance then. . . Bring them here. . .”

“No way,” Linda smiled. “You broke the rules. Pants off.”

Tony wasted no time is shucking off his suit trousers. He was left in a pair of boxers. The bulge was stretching them fit to burst. My Lucy gasped and I felt her stiffen a bit. This was going further than anything she’d ever been involved in, and I wondered if her nerve would hold.

Linda tested it seconds later when she said, “Right Lucy, these dirty beasts paid some slappers good money to get what we can do much better for free, don’t you agree?”

Lucy stuttered a reply in the positive.

“Okay,” said Linda, “And just look at you – what a fantastic body. It’s certainly got Tony going.”

Lucy made no reply, just watched Tony with his cheesy grin and big bulge.

“But that horny idiot broke the rules,” Linda said, “So he’s not getting his dance from me. . .I’m going to let Andy have it if you don’t mind?”

I choked, coughed. Lucy was dumbstruck. Linda just gave me a sexy smile and wink. She said to Lucy, “Think he can keep his hands to himself?” as she sashayed over towards me, those incredible tits shuddering, my cock aching.

Automatically, I think to get out of the way of those torpedo tits, Lucy stepped aside to let Linda at me. Linda was straight over me, hands on the back of the couch, nipples inches from my face. She smelled fresh, lovely. I ached to just flick out my tongue or clamp my lips round one of those chewy nipples, but right then I didn’t have the bravado of Tony for getting my erection partly exposed to everyone.

Linda stood back and began dancing in front of me.

Lucy was glaring at me and said sarcasticalluy, “Well if that’s what Andy wants.” Standing there in her sexy underwear, arms folded under heaving breasts, hip kinked to the side, long dark hair partly fallen over her face, even in anger she looked a million dollars. With Linda’s spectacular frame moving sexily in front of me and a slim, naked blonde cutie watching from ten feet away I could do nothing but smile a happy bloke’s smile. Lucy tutted and pursed her lips, thinking.

Then she said, “Have you got a hardon for Linda, Andy?”

Damn, the bitch was trying to embarrass me. Tony whooped, and I noticed he was absently tugging at his own cock through his boxer shorts.

Linda did that crotch grinding thing against me and said aloud so everyone heard, “Oh, I think he has indeed, girls.”

I heard laughter; Lucy’s and Stephanie’s

Then my heart leapt as Stephanie appeared beautifully nude beside Lucy. “Can I see?” she asked, looking so innocent it was unbelievable – like some kid asking to see a toy.

Linda lifted off me. Stephanie moved right up to my knees. “Oh yes,” she cooed, “That’s a nice bulge. Carl’s rock hard. . .”

I was getting the damndest view of her lovely little cunt. Those puffy lips were pinker than before and up this close I saw a gleam of moisture along her crack; Carl’s manipulations and the general atmosphere of excitement was taking effect. She flicked at her chest as she looked at my crotch and her fingers touched at her pointy nipples; small pink cones topping her upturned titties. I groaned involuntarily.

“Oh, you like me Andy?” She did a little twirl. She was loving this tease. “Think I could be a lap dancer?”

I wasn’t being any passive victim. “You bet, Stephanie. . .you should be a lapdancer. . .looking like that, it’s your vocation to mankind.”

The boys laughed, Tony cheering drunkenly.

“That’s just damned cheek!” Linda snapped. “Rule breaker!”

I didn’t have time to react before I was pinned to the couch, her massive boobs gloriously pressed in my face as her hands held my wrists. I could have struggled more but didn’t when Linda barked, “Stephanie, de-bag this boy!” and I felt Stephanie’s delicate fingers undoing my belt and pulling my pants right off. They caught round my shoes so she took them off as well which was a relief; might have looked pretty dumb sat there in my best Calvin Klein’s and my shoes and socks.

As it was I had a raging hardon with precum already staining my jockeys.

“Oh, take a look,” Linda said and slipped down. I felt her grind that tiny white thong against my erection, felt every inch of her soft pussy go along me.

“My turn,” said a voice. Linda lifted off, jiggling her boobs at me. My mouth went dry – Stephanie backed towards me, bent forward with her hands on her knees in a kind of squat to allow her to shake her bare ass right up to my cock. I felt myself jump in my shorts.

Linda squealed, “Oh wow, you got him twitching Stephanie! It must be that tight ass and pussy of yours!”

It certainly was. As if Linda’s dirty commentary wasn’t enough, I was barely a foot or two away from Stephanie’s taut, spread buttocks. They were perfection – tight as two peaches. And between – oh, well let’s just say some moments live with you til you die: a little puckered asshole and a smooth wet pussy, open of it’s own accord due to the moist pink inner lips peeking through. I could see her little clit and her tight hole winking at me as she gyrated everything she had right in front of my eyes.

“Fuck, that’s awesome, Steph. . .” I looked away from her aroused cunny and saw Carl standing near, watching and wanking. He had his cock out of his pants and was slowly fisting away.

Stephanie reached a hand towards him. He moved in closer. Linda clapped with glee, saying, “Oh, wonderful. Let me see it, Carl. . .”

She got a quick look, as did we all as Stephanie grasped his thick shaft and licked around the head. His cock wasn’t over long but meaty with a foreskin that Stephanie pulled back to drag her tongue around the rim of it’s bulbous mushroom head. Then she engulfed it with her mouth. Carl groaned. I think I did too as his girlfriend bumped her sweet tight wet pussy against my hard cock. She was bubbling under nicely was Stephanie – when she pulled away she left a little dark wet patch on my grey shorts.

She bobbed her ass towards me again. This time I couldn’t resist – I slipped a hand down and just ran a middle finger along her crack. It dipped briefly into her wetness before she pulled away again. Stephanie gave an excited moan.

“I saw that!” Linda pushed the busy Stephanie aside, declaring, “I’m cutting in this time, Stehphanie.”

Somewhere behind Linda I glimpsed Lucy. I half-expected her to stop everything at any second, but she was no longer in my eyeline, still standing nearby but shuffled out of direct line by Stephanie who was now on her knees sucking off Carl while her wandering hands pulled off his clothes.

There was a bloody orgy kicking off here and I wanted to see how long my presence might last until my staid wife sobered up enough to bring my participation to a screeching halt. So I made sure I didn’t make eye contact.

Which was not difficult given Linda stood right in front of me and dropped her thong to the floor. That rich hourglass figure was exposed in all its glory. Curves flowed everywhere in perfect symmetry. She stood hands on hips for a second, legs ever so slightly parted. I was drawn to her pussy – a pronounced, waxed clean cunt which was soaking her thighs with its juices. She had a high crack and protruding inner lips which in their swollen state dangled enticingly between her legs. I even saw a drop of moisture on one; wanted to lick it off.

She must have read my mind – she put a foot up on the couch and hoisted her groin right to my face. “Want to touch me as well?”

I grinned, not sure if I had the okay. I didn’t need to think too much – Linda pushed that wet cunt right into my mouth. I lapped at her. She moaned and shivered, pushed my head slightly before regaining control of her senses. She withdrew leaving my chin glistening. She tasted lovely.

“You just keep breaking rules, don’t you Andy?” I made no protest. She grabbed the waistband of my shorts, looked me in the eye and pulled them right off. My cock sprang up against my belly. I’ve a good seven and a bit when well aroused and I was damn well up for it then, I can say.

However, what I saw when Linda went down to whip off my shorts shocked the blood from me for a second: My beautiful retiring Lucy was watching the proceedings, backed up against Tony who was perched right on the edge of the bed. She still had her sexy underwear on but was allowing Tony – a man I reckoned she detested – hold her from behind with his hands on her hips as she slowly, steadily ground her ass, I was certain, right against Tony’s oversized crotch.

“Oh, my,” Linda said, catching the cause of my surprise. “You go Lucy! Show these boys how real class does the dance!”

Lucy looked at my cock and asked through narrowed eyes, “This what you want to see, Andy? Your sweet wife acting like a horny tart?”

Now I know Lucy well, and I know that she was truly damn angry at me for getting her into that. But I also knew she was too far gone to quit – one thing she really didn’t like was public embarrassment and things had gone so far that quitting in her eyes would have been more of a social faux pas than joining in! Plus I did believe she was discovering some new-found sexual kick out of it. Those big rubbery nipples of hers were showing no signs of quitting at all. Just the opposite – her right breast was forcing its way out of her bra, revealing the rosy bud and raised aureole.

Tony just raised his eyebrows at me from behind Lucy in his gormless, ‘I can’t believe this – great isn’t it?’ way.

“Well Andy?” Lucy growled.

“You look amazing, Luce, ” I said, hoarse.

“Look at you,” she said, “Waving your bloody cock about. At least take your shirt and socks off. . .” She smiled at that.

I thought it a bit of a green light so I did. Linda had sat down on the coffee table facing me as I talked to Lucy. I playfully threw the shirt and socks at her. She batted them away, saying, “No respect for house rules.” Then she spread her legs with a wicked look and touched her cunt. It was soaking. She parted her lips with one hand, stuck fingers in, rubbed juice around her clit, kept watching me.

I cupped a hand round the base of my cock and tight balls. Lucy sneered, “Are you going to wank over us, Andy?”

“Can I do it?” Stephanie – still kneeling, holding onto Carl’s cock. He had just finished stripping naked.

Lucy frowned. I though she was going to say something; realised she was bothered by something else. I saw Tony behind her, one hand at his own crotch. The dirty bastard was fondling his own cock and no doubt rubbing his swelling against my wife’s ass. I didn’t notice Lucy stop her bump and grind though- if anything she seemed to reverse harder against him. I was quite shocked.

Lucy found her voice when she saw me gazing at her ass. “You want to have Stephanie wank you?”

I shrugged, attempting some modicum of cool, straining not to scream “YES!” at the top of my voice.

Stephanie folded her petit hand round my shaft, rubbing the precum around my cockhead with her thumb. I moaned with the pleasurable sensations.

Lucy was watching intensely. “I think the dirty sod does want you to wank him, Stephanie. . .”

“It feels lovely,” Stephanie said. She was looking dazed with lust, kind of on a sexual high with an erection in each hand. Carl gave me the thumbs up as Stephanie started to pump us both gently. Linda moaned her appreciation and fingered herself brazenly, leaning back on the table so both Carl and I could see her gaping cunt. It was quite big in its engorged state and she was keen to force three and then four fingers in, just to get the reaction she wanted from us which was awed lust, I guess.

“That’s it Linda, honey, cum for us. . .” Tony was watching his wife bug-eyed as she increased her pace. Her pussy was making big slappy noises as her fingers splashed out juices everywhere.

I heard Lucy revert back to her shock and awe voice, remarking, “Oh my God, she’s going to come right here in front of everyone. . .”

Stephanie pouted her lips and moaned, “Oooh,” as she watched Linda convulse into orgasm. She also jerked our dicks harder with her enthusiasm. I thought she might be getting a bit of a kick out of seeing Linda cum. But I had to pull away to stop myself going over the edge. Carl was too late – all that previous sucking and the buzz of the nudity got to him. He announced, “Oh shit, I’m cumming too. . .”

Linda gasped, “Here, here!” Stephanie cupped his balls with the free hand that had been working me and guided Carl’s dick with her other. Linda slid along the table, one hand still wedged in her big pussy and let Stephanie jerk Carl’s spunk all over her big titties. She came again with Carl and rubbed his cum round and round those boobs.

I was just sitting forward on the couch watching it all, a hand on my dick but not jerking lest I cum too soon. I wanted to take it all in.

The real shock was just around the corner. Tony shouted over, “Amazing, honey!” at Linda who was wiping Carl’s sperm off her with my damn shirt! Linda was grinning like a Cheshire cat and biting her lower lip. She still had a hand working on her pussy and I realised she was a bit of a sexual animal, this incredibly formed woman; the look in her eyes was of unbridled lust.

Carl was still hard which was not too much of a surprise given the circumstances. Stephanie was sucking at his cock again in between taking her lovely innocent mouth off it and saying, “Oh, that was so horny. . .This is so horny!” She also had a hand between her legs and I could hear the occasional squelch when the music dropped.

“Are you okay sweetie?” Linda asked Lucy. “Has that horny bastard behaved himself?”

Tony loudly claimed he’d been the perfect gentleman with a wink to me. I just grinned. Then he said, “In fact I’ve been too much of a gent – haven’t even asked for a dance. . .”

Lucy amazingly agreed. “He’s been sweet, Linda,” she said, then glowered at me. “Unlike that dirty so and so. . .” She did have a bit of a smile on her face.

“Don’t you think Andy’ s been a good boy with that thing so far?” Linda laughed.

Now Lucy laughed, too, and then really shocked me by asking, “You want to see me dance now, Andy?” She stood off Tony and I saw the horny git had been doing as I thought, plus a bit more. He’d actually taken his dick out the fly of his boxers and had been rubbing his bare flesh up against my Lucy’s lace-clad bubble butt.

I answered Lucy by muttering, “If you like. . .” My dick throbbed a bit harder as I thought she was about to clamber all over me. But instead I audibly gasped as she turned back to Tony. She looked down at him, said, “Get those off, Tony. ..”

He looked at me like he’d won the lotto. He flashed his shorts off in record time., holding his dick overhand as he leaned forward. My jaw dropped as Lucy pushed him back gently with a hand on his shoulder. “I want to see your cock. . .”

Now someone as demure as my wife declaring she wants s to see another man’s naked, erect ‘cock’ is quite a sound. Absolutely horn-inducing. All sorts of things rush through your mind as a moment like that. I’d perhaps always wondered; it’s a confusion of jealousy, tension, fright, curiosity and an incredible galvanising rush of pure lust. Would she really do that? She was, right in front of my eyes.

And the thing was, Tony had quite a cock – it was a long, thick veiny beast of a thing. He was circumcised and the shaft tapered to a pointed head. Indeed, the shaft was thicker than the head – I’d not seen quite such a slab of meat, like something you’d find on a slab at a fishmarket. My own is quite regular in dimension and shape so Lucy was gazing at something completely new.

I wondered what she was going to do with it. Tony wrapped his fist around it and looked up at her expectantly.

She deflated his ego by asking, “Is it completely up?” which was quite funny given it must have been hitting nine inches plus by then.

Tony said, “Well, yeah. . .”

Lucy just smiled and said, “Nice. . .” then she turned back to face the room and began to dance again, just swaying gently but closing her eyes and letting her hands run over her fabulously toned body.

“That’s it, honey. . .Looking great. . .” Linda egged her on.

Tony was transfixed by Lucy’s ass as he openly toyed with his big dick, twisting fingers along his shaft, tugging gently on it and switching to fondle his balls.

Lucy pressed her tits together, forcing them both to spill out. Her nipples were as hard and erect as I’d ever seen them. I began to wank my dick again.

Linda was looking all around, still encouraging Lucy and fingering herself vigorously. She was roughly pulling her nipples as well, something which was driving me crazy.

Carl was facing Lucy and leering with a big smile as he wanked his thick erection. Stephanie was still kneeling licking his balls. She was also still playing with her puffy cunny.

Linda asked Lucy, “Are you enjoying this, Lucy, dear. . .Look what you’re doing to everyone. . .”

Lucy was breathing heavily. I was loving the iron grip that desire had on my shy wife. She opened her eyes, looked at everyone. Then she glanced back at Tony and moaned, “Oh, I want to see those hard cocks. . .”

I could have come then. Stephanie grasped Carl’s shaft with him and tugged him nearer to Lucy. Linda sat beside me, wrapped her dainty hands around my erection and languidly ran her hand up and down my shaft, adding a little twist at the head.

“Look,” she said to Lucy. “All for you. . .”

Lucy gasped, unclasped her bra and let it fall away. Her tits have their own natural buoyancy and the sight was cock-stirring as she danced faster, letting them sway with her movements, each upturned ever so slightly at those big hard nipples.

“I love those hard cocks, Andy. . .Wank them girls. . . I want to see those cocks. . love those cocks… is this what you want, Andy?”

She backed towards Tony again. He welcomed her gratefully, grabbing her hips, trying to leer round to see her superb breasts. But he winced an uttered, “Oh, man,” as Lucy’s ass made contact with his huge hardon.

She was well away on her own sex trip. I was astounded. So much so it helped stay my orgasm. Linda snapped me from my stupor by placing my hand on her bald cunt. I automatically thrust two fingers into her wetness. She shivered. “Lucy, can
Andy finger me? So good. . .”

Lucy was looking at us all with eyes heavy with lust. Her face was flushed as she ground into Tony and rubbed her breasts. “Yes, yes,” she gasped. “Yes, finger fuck her, Andy. Let her suck your cock. . ”

She was getting off on the dirty talk. So was I. Linda was taking it literally. She took my dick into her warm mouth, played with my balls while I kept up a rhythm with my hand on her sodden cunt. I could feel her hard nub of a clit against my palm. Felt her pussy contract as she came constantly, moaning and groaning through a mouthful of my hard dick.

“Fuck her, Carl. . .” Lucy said, as Carl sat on the table and Stephanie climbed onto his dick. Stephanie faced out, reverse cowgirl position. Lucy added, “Yes, fuck, yes, I want to see you ride his thick cock, Stephanie. . .Ride his cock. . .”

Then Lucy backed up to Tony again. He didn’t miss his chance this time – he grabbed round for those big lovely tits of hers. She just moaned as he took two handfuls and tweaked her solid nipples. Lucy actually ran her hands down over her mound and hooked her thumbs into the leg openings of her French knickers. I was sure she was teasing her pussy as she ground back against Tony.

Stephanie was squealing as she bounced up and down on Carl’s dick, rubbing her clit at the same time. Linda was sucking me like a woman possessed. She eventually broke off to lie back and cum violently as my fingers made her pussy squirt copious amounts of juice out onto the couch and floor. Squirting’s quite a sight. Carl remarked on it. Stephanie shouted that she was coming too and convulsed on his dick

“Oh fucking hell,” said Linda, “That was great. . .What’s happening?” she looked around, said, “Oh, yes,Lucy. Do you feel his big cock?”

Lucy gasped. She reached down and held the waistband of her knickers. She looked at me, head back, bare chest heaving. I smiled at her and pulled on my dick. This time she shot me a sly grin and stared directly at me with a challenging, defiant look in her eye as she slipped those lacy black French numbers down her long athletic legs an right off, leaving her standing in front of Tony naked but for her elegant heels.

Only thing was, when she’d bent briefly to drop her knickers about her ankles her ass had swayed back towards Tony, who’d obviously got an amazing rear view of her firm butt and pussy. I saw his hand caress her cheeks and slip back round her bare hips as Lucy stood up. She gasped and leaned back, allowing Tony to take her weight.

She was letting Tony draw her towards his crotch. Lucy spread her legs some more for balance and I got to see her in all her glory. As did Carl, who had let Stephanie slump to the floor to recover and now he was on the edge of the table stroking his thick cock as he watched my wife spread right in front of him.

“Fucking hell, Lucy, that’s gorgeous,” Carl said, fractionally before I also got to see what he was admiring.

Lucy had a thick triangle of dark pubes trimmed to a point just above her clit. Her pussy lips were shaved clean. She had gone for a wax especially for the wedding to get everything ‘spick and span’ down there as she put it.

So there was nothing to impede our view. Her pubic hair was a tangle of silky curls, but below, her labia were flushed bright pink with arousal. Her big outer lips were forced aside by her inner petals, normally relatively unobtrusive until she was turned on. Right then they were flared out, glistening with her juice as she instinctively touched a hand to her newly-exposed nether region.

She moaned softly, eyes closed as her fingers ran over and through her folds. Her whole cunt was a deep pink gash, open like I’d never seen it, shining with arousal.

I thought she was going to bring herself off then I realised something much more erotic was taking place. From between her legs the swollen purple head of Tony’s cock appeared, sliding along my shy wife’s cunt from behind.

That set Lucy off on a lust-fuelled frenzy the like of which I’d never even imagined never mind seen. She slid along Tony’s long, thick shaft, rubbing her clit on the rim of his cockhead, moaning loudly now, grabbing at her tits.

Even Stephanie said, “Wow,” as she took interest in the proceeding again.

Linda crawled in front of Lucy and asked “Do you want to feel his big cock in you, Lucy? It feels great. Take it all. . .”

Lucy said something in a muffled groan, and then reached down for Tony’s cock. Linda’s hand beat her to it, grabbing her hubby’s shaft and guiding the head inside Lucy’s slippery folds.

Lucy almost howled with the pleasure of it as she raised herself then thrust down against Tony’s groin, taking most of his length in one. It knocked the breath from him and he had to recover quickly because Lucy started to bounce up and down like fury. Her nipples were jutting out like second thumbs. She still had her eyes closed but suddenly opened them as I stared and wanked.

She growled, “Do you want this, Andy? Do you like me getting fucked?”

I smiled, because I knew this was beyond any revenge on me – she was just getting off talking dirty. So I just nodded.

That gave her more impetus. Lucy looked at Carl, said, “I want his cock, too. Give me it, Carl. . .”

He stood, eager as hell to feed it into Lucy’s mouth as she leaned forward to take it. She gobbled greedily on it. Linda, squatting on the floor, fondled both Carl and Tony’s balls as my wife got her very first spit-roasting.

I felt a hand on my own balls. Stephanie had crawled over. She gazed up at me with her beautiful blonde face. I knew what she wanted and held my hands out . She sucked on my dick just as hungrily as Lucy was on her boyfriend’s.

“I want you to fuck me, too. . .”

I looked up from the lovely Stephanie’s blowjob to see Lucy switch and lean back against Tony’s lap – now she was getting Carl to lift her by the hips and impale her on his broad cock. Linda helped him shuffle Lucy forward. The back of Lucy’s head fell in Tony’s lap. She turned her face to the side and brought a hand up to wank Tony’s slimy wet cock while she licked her own juices off it. You could hear Carl’s cock slap in and out of her soaking wet cunt.

It took only a few moments of this and Lucy started bucking like crazy. She was cumming, hard. Carl couldn’t hold her, though. He dropped her to the thick carpet. She growled at him to put his cock back in and cum up her. This shocked me. Thankfully, two things happened. Tony knelt on the floor beside Lucy’s head then grabbed her by the hair, forcing her to suck on his large dick again.

That stopped her egging on Carl to cum in her. Instead, he slapped his dick against her clit, making big wet noise which alerted Stephanie. She climbed onto my dick to watch the floorshow. I slipped into her tight little shaven hole very nicely indeed from behind and began to think it was me who’d be cumming up someone if I wasn’t careful. She began to grind and bounce and I spanked her ass in rhythm which got her squeaking with delight and desire.

On the floor, Lucy was spread wide open. She was actually fingering herself as Carl banged his cock against her pouting wet pussy. The noises were more splashes than slaps, so wet she’d got. Tony was alternating between sticking his cock in her mouth and taking it out to jerk while Lucy slobbered over his shaft. The sight was awesome. The sooner we can fit cameras in our own eyeballs the better – I’ d rerun it all day every day. Porn’s got nothing on reality.

Linda was sitting cross-legged, jilling herself off continually, asking Tony if he was going to shoot all over her and Lucy.

I put Stephanie down on all fours on the carpet beside them all so I could slam hard into her tight cunt. She was coming again with a high-pitched whine.

I held off, letting her sag, taking my diamond-cutter hardon out and crawled over to Lucy. Carl saw me approach and, being a gent, moved round the opposite side of Lucy from Linda who reached over my wife to jerk his dick.

I knew what I wanted – a piece of Lucy’s hot wet cunt. I got it. I pinned her fine long legs right back against her tits and slammed my meat into her up to the hilt. Tony’s big cock and Carl’s shorter but thicker one had loosened her up. My balls slapped against her ass. Lucy gazed up from sucking Tony’s cock, saw me, and went over the edge.

She took Tony’s dick from her mouth and begged me to fuck her hard, to ‘make her cunt cum.’

So I did – I pistoned in and out of her, not missing a stroke which quite impressed me but was probably more down to the amount of alcohol giving me just the right sensitivity in my member to use to perfection. Lucy screamed she was cumming, grabbed Carl’s dick out of Linda’s hand and began to wank it in tandem with Tony’s.

A dick in each hand and mine banging her like there was no tomorrow; My shy wife’s ‘corruption’ was complete. And Lucy was really loving every second. Her beautiful sparkling features were contorted in orgasmic delight. She screamed, “I love your cocks! I want more cock! More! Give me more!”

Then she lost it, howling as she came. But she only momentarily stopped jerking the guys. Her legs bucked and wrapped around me, twisting this way and that. I slipped out of her and back in a few times while her pussy contracted as she came like a train.

Linda was diddling herself over the edge, too. She yelled, “Oh, fuck, oh fuck, come on her! Spunk on her tits, Tony. . .”

Lucy heard her, said, “Yes!” in a carnal snarl if ever I hear done. But she guided Tony’s big cock to her face, letting Carl’s go to use two hands on Tony.

I stopped banging her to watch as her legs went limp and she lay before me, prone and beautiful. She had a look of serious concentration on her face as she pumped Tony’s shaft with one hand and twisted her other around his bulbous head, straining her head up off the floor to lick at it.

Tony shot me that crazy look of glee just before he announced, “I’m losing it!”

Lucy gasped her appreciation and to my amazement opened her mouth. Tony blasted copious strings of cum at her face. A few hit the target and Lucy lapped at the white liquid between her lovely red lips. The rest scattered about her neck and chin, a weighty pearl necklace.

Tony slumped, wheezing his thanks. Lucy just ignored him, sucked on the head of his cock, then turned to Carl and demanded he, “Wank off over me. . .Spunk on my titties. . .”

My eyebrows must have been hitting my hairline as my wife acted out what seemed like every slut fantasy she had hidden deep within. I wasn’t even touching my throbbing cock, just kneeling up, mouth open as Carl fisted his cock furiously and Lucy massaged her tits, mesmerised by Carl’s meaty rod.

He buckled and grunted, firing streams of jizz across Lucy’s chest. She groaned and lifted her hips off the carpet with desire. That amazingly raw cunt winked at me as more juices escaped her pink fleshy folds.

A hand around my own shaft – Stephanie again, telling me she was going to finish me off this time. I wasn’t arguing. I was in no state to argue with anyone right then; half utter shock, half utter horn.

Lucy moaned, “You too, Andy. Spunk on me. Stephanie, jerk his hot cum on me. . .On my cunt. . .On my cunt. . .”

She went off into her dirty fantasy world again and Stephanie did her best to oblige. She tugged at my dick with short fast strokes around the head – this girl was a practised expert at getting the sensitive bits at the right time. I felt the old familiar unstoppable build up and welcomed it.

I just had to ‘fill my boots’ so to speak and thrust fingers into my wife’s gaping cunt as I started to cum. I even got my other hand onto Stephanies delightful smooth little pussy, delving into her wet gash.

I came with a sigh all over Lucy’s curly triangle and belly. She writhed around in a long orgasm, rubbing the three amounts of cum over her body, into her tits and sliding mine all over her red raw cunt, mixing it with her own juices around her inner thighs.

Everyone sat around for a while, recovering. Lucy wiped herself down (with my damn shirt again) but still seemed on some different orgasmic plateau altogether.

My suspicions were confirmed when she began playing with Tony’s half-hard cock again, sucking and squeezing it until Tony became fully aroused once more.

Lucy went to town on Tony’s meat, jerking him and sucking his heavy balls. I was wanking again, as was Linda. Stephanie tried to arouse Carl but his two quick orgasms had left him spent, so she turned her attentions to me.

Linda soon joined in with Lucy and her husband and Stephanie watched on as she knelt on all fours in front of me, not allowing me to penetrate her again but luxuriating in the feel of my erect cock sliding up and down her dripping pussy as she guided it with her hand.

Tony left my wife to her own manipulations and began to fuck the demanding Linda who squeezed in front of him doggy-style, big tits swinging. I wanted to copy them with Stephanie but she said she was ‘too raw’. So she sat next to me, jerked me and fingered herself.

I got a shock when Linda, lost in lust, reached out and stroked Lucy’s pussy. Lucy was kneeling up in front of the fucking couple. She let Linda do this for a few moments and actually swayed in time to her fingers. Then Carl reached under her from behind and replaced Linda’s hand with his own.

Lucy began to cum immediately, turning the air blue again as she shouted at Carl to ‘pump my cunt with your fingers’. He gave it a good shot, continually thrusting three fingers into her dripping snatch. Lucy went down on all fours as her hot body bucked and shook with pleasure.

Tony pulled out of Linda and blasted another salvo of cum over Lucy’s face with she lapped greedily at. Linda turned and aided Lucy in sucking Tony’s huge cock clean.

Stephanie began to cum in earnest at the sight, wailing her release. Her hand jerked more erratically on my cock and realising the end was again near, I clambered onto her and wanked my dick against her pert titties. She did her best to squeeze them around my shaft and when I announced I was going to come she sucked on my cock for all she was worth.

I fired right into her mouth, causing her to choke a bit and release me from between her lips. But she was game and after taking my second spurt on her chin, she finished me off completely in her mouth again, cupping and gently squeezing my balls dry.

After that there was no repeat session. Lucy barley said a word and couldn’t get away to our room quick enough. She even left with her dress only half pulled down her naked body. As I spilled into the corridor after her, the old night porter who was going around collecting breakfast room-service menus from doors got an incredible view of my cum-soaked wife’s hairy triangle and raw glistening pussy and thighs.

Lucy continued on past him. I shot him a wan smile and followed, topless apart from my jacket because my shirt was ruined. I heard giggling behind and saw Stephanie run naked in the opposite direction with Carl chasing her, also nude carrying their clothes. I think the old boy’s night was made.

Lucy made sure we were away early in the morning to avoid everyone at breakfast. A bit of a shame, because I was looking forward to seeing them all in a different light. She talked briefly about the night in the car on the way home but only to stipulate it was ‘one of those drunken things’ and that nothing had changed between us. I assured her I had no problem with what went on and that we were all adults.

I did hook up with the guys some time later and we had a real good reminisce over beers.

Nothing sexual happened with those people again, and Lucy reverted to type, becoming my quiet shy but beautiful wife until one particular horny reawakening on vacation last year which I’ll write about soon.

The moral of those events that befell us? Well, none really – just that when a bloke goes lapdancing it sometimes pays to keep it to yourself. . .Until exactly the right moment.

Hope you enjoyed my memories. I do attempt to get as much detail in as possible, for my own sake (great to rerun it second by second) as well as the benefit to the reader. I’ll enjoy your comments, and thanks for any votes you consider it worthy of. Cheers.

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