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Kelly and Ella Spoil Alec Orally

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Hi, this is my first post on this site!! I’m Kelly!

Anyway, I want to start posting some of my sexual experiences on here. This story is of what I did last weekend. I originally wrote it in my journal, and I got so horny writing it that I masturbated seventeen times during the process! It took forever to write.

So a bit about me. I’m in a three-way relationship now with a guy and another girl. Four years ago I never thought such a thing would work, but we are magical together. I graduated from college six years ago (I’m 27). Alec is 22, and Ella is 20. She is finishing her last year of college, and Alec just started culinary school. We all live in the same house. I think we moved in together the summer after Ella’s sophomore year, and so far it’s been great. Alec is an amazing cook! And so is Ella. And since eating is my favorite thing ever (besides sex), I get to eat scrumptious morsels all the time. Not everything is perfect, of course, but wow—I am SO in love with both of them. They are my everything!

Ella is the most beautiful woman in the whole world. She is so bubbly. She lights up my whole world every time I see her. I’m a bit shy and insecure, but I always feel so calm when I’m with her. Even in social situations! She is always patient and caring with me. One time I had horrible anxiety before I had to give a presentation at a green energy conference, and she cuddled with me all night when I was preparing, reassuring me. The next day I was on stage and I froze up. I couldn’t think of a single thing to say. Dread flooded through me, and I started sweating. I got dizzy. Then I saw her in the audience. She jumped out of her seat and gleefully smiled. She clapped her hands and screamed like she was at a football game. the whole audience started laughing, and I suddenly remembered what I was supposed to say. I shakily gave the rest of the presentation, and afterward she wouldn’t shut up about how good I was. She is everything good for me. I don’t know where I would be without her.

And MY GOD, is Ella hot on the dance floor. Every single person who has ever seen her dance has wanted to fuck her brains out. No exceptions. She’s half Latina, and half White. She has gorgeous bronze skin, thick black hair down to her ass, and huge green and brown eyes. She’s petite and thin, but not skinny. I’m a bit bigger and thicker, curvy, with boobs. She loves my big boobs, and I love that she loves my boobs. I have super long hair like she does, wavy and dyed golden with subtle highlights. Right now I’ve dyed a streak purple, and left the rest golden. Alec loves to grab my hair and pull my head back in his hands as he fucks me like an animal. I like that too. A lot!

Alec is amazing. He’s very quirky, and quiet like me. He sings and plays the guitar. I love listening to his voice at all times of the day. He is who I go to for deep intellectual conversations at 3 am, and massages. Ooooh. He gives great massages. And he eats amazing pussy, even better than most girls (except Ella—ohmygodohmygod does she know what she’s doing down there!). Alec LOVES to eat pussy, and he always gets way into it, smelling my pussy deeply and moaning, and finishing with his whole face drenched with my juice.

He’s been trying to train himself to not ejaculate during sex since we met, and he’s pretty good at it now. He usually goes two or three weeks between ejaculations, and fucks passionately and powerfully for as long as I (and Ella) can stand. He breathes the sexual energy up his spine, and has full-body orgasms without ejaculating if we go at it long enough. Some days he is completely gentle and tender, other days violent and powerful. But he always makes me come so hard that I literally pass out and can’t function for hours afterward. He’s about medium height, and built thin but explosively strong, like an old-school boxer. He has the most clear and expressive eyes I’ve ever seen. They’re deep brown, and I feel like our souls touch every time I look into them. I actually get shivers to this day even thinking about his eyes, and how powerfully they channel his personality. (Ella agrees with me, that his eyes are something from another world).

Most of the time when we have sex, it’s actually not all three of us at once. Alec fucks just me and just Ella separately about every other day (usually on the same day). Ella and I have sex almost every day. We all have threesome sex about twice a week. Now, that’s not to say we don’t like threesome sex! This story is about our most recent threesome.

Most of our threesomes are equally balanced, each giving and receiving pleasure in turn. But sometimes two people focus all of their attention on spoiling one person.

One thing Ella and I LOVE doing is spoiling Alec rotten with a double blowjob.

He only lets us do it to him about once a month. It’s his favorite treat. He only lets us do it once a month because it ALWAYS makes him ejaculate, and he insists on not losing his vital essence. He just gets too excited, and can’t control himself. Ella and I get SO HOT and WET by how much pleasure he gets from it. When two mouths are on his cock, he just SQUIRMS and MOANS. He gets transported to another world! He gasps, writhes, and grabs the sheets and our arms, hands, and backs with the grip of a monster, and his toes curl. He shakes and flushes. We have absolute control over his body. It is such a turn on!!

Last weekend we did it to him. I want to describe it in as much detail as possible, because it was so hot! It all started on Saturday, as Alec was coming home from his shift at the local Italian restaurant.

I grabbed Ella’s little ass from behind. She squealed.


I put my arms around her, her back against my breasts, and hugged her. I bit her earlobe, and she giggled.

“Let’s make out with Alec’s cock when he gets home,” I said, and started to rub her pussy. Since double blowjobs are such a special occasion, Ella and I usually glam up a bit for them. She twisted around to face me inside my arms and grabbed my ass. I looked at us sideways in the bathroom mirror. Her reflection winked at me.

“Mmmm, good idea,” she said. She grabbed the lip gloss and started putting some on me. Lip gloss is one of Alec’s weaknesses, and we put it on to let him know what’s in store for him. I put on Alec’s favorite lingerie of mine, and Ella put on a tiny, super-tight dress with nothing under it. We put on a little eye make up and brushed each others’ hair. Ella used a curling iron to give my hair a light curl while I ate her out. Then she fingered me on the couch while we waited for Alec to get home.

The front door opened, just as I was at the peak of my climax. “What’s going on in here?” Alec said. I sat up halfway, still trembling. He saw we were both wearing lip gloss. “Oh, no!” He said. He was already smiling, and I could actually see a bulge form in his pants right in front of me. Ella got on her knees in front of him and unzipped his fly, but didn’t take his cock out. Instead, she stuck her nose in his fly and inhaled deeply.

“Mmmmmmm!” she moaned. She looked up into his eyes and started massaging his inner thighs through his pants. I got behind him and stuck my hands under the bottom of his shirt, running the tips of my fingers over his hard abs and chest lightly, almost in a tickling way. I slowly breathed hot air into his right ear and began to suck his earlobe. Ella stood up and started making out with him. We pulled all of his clothes off except his boxers, while touching him all over with our warm hands. The boxers we left on so that we could tease him through the cloth. He grabbed one of each of our hands and led us to our shared bed.

First, we laid him down on his stomach, and started massaging. Sometimes we both used strong, slow strokes and deep pressure, to relax him. Sometimes we both tickled lightly, pinched, or scratched with our fingernails to excite him. He always sighed when we both did deep pressure, and trembled when we did the opposite. When two hands did one while the other two hands did the other, he moaned.

“You two are too good to me!” he groaned, while a little drool dripped from the corner of his mouth onto the pillow. His skin was getting hot to the touch, and we could feel his heartbeat getting faster. We touched every part of his back, scalp, neck, legs, arms, hands, fingers, feet, and toes. We flipped him over, and massaged his front, carefully avoiding his cock or balls. His erection was incredibly hard, lifting his underwear like a tent.

We lightly tickled the cock through the fabric with all twenty of our fingers at once, and breathed hot, steamy air from our mouths up the two leg holes into his groin. He was already starting to tremble every so often. A little tremble here, then ten seconds later another.

“Wow,” he breathed. “This is sooo good.”

At this point, we moved onto touching with not only our hands, but with our mouths. We kissed and licked all over his body. Sometimes we bit lightly. I made out with Alec while Ella licked his nipple. Then each of us licked a nipple. Then we moved from one nipple to the other, making out with each other while our tongues dueled over the nipple. Each of Alec’s nipples got the feeling of four lips and two tongues spreading spit over it. Alec gasped and squeezed one of each of our ass cheeks hard with his hands. He loves it when we do this. It foreshadows how we’ll soon be treating another part of his body!

Then we sucked on his toes and licked the bottoms of his feet. He was in ecstasy! He was starting to squirm gently and breathe harder now. He giggled a bit, and then moved to moaning as we kissed and licked up the inside of one leg, then down the inside of the other. Then back the other way. Each time we passed his groin, we would breathe hot, steamy air up his boxers and kiss the hard on through the cloth.

“Lift up your ass,” Ella told Alec. He arched up onto his shoulders and feet, and each of us took the boxers on one side, slowly dragging them down. We made a point to let the fabric slide on his cock, and when it did, his strong ass muscles tightened. Alec let his but back down, and we each got on top of one leg, facing him. He looked into our eyes. My pussy was dripping. I could smell Ella’s. Hers was dripping too.

We began lightly breathing on his cock through our mouths and noses, gently nuzzling the cock with the tips of the noses and kissing the ball sack ever so lightly. The cock was absolutely turgid with hot blood; the tip was bright red and throbbing. As I brushed my cheek the side of the shaft, I could faintly feel his pulse. Ella and I gazed into each others’ eyes and ran our noses up and down its length in unison, clearing the top and kissing each other each time, just above the tip. When we kissed, we let a bit of saliva drip out and land on the cock head.

We moved on to kissing the balls and shaft with just our lips, while scratching his inner thighs and squeezing his ass cheeks with our hands. His eyes would roll back a bit in his head every so often. All the while Ella and I were looking alternately into each others’ eyes or Alec’s eyes.

Ella was smiling and giggly (and so was I) by the time we started licking and sucking the balls. We each sucked and licked one testicle. I sucked mine into my mouth, and flicked it with my tongue. Ella licked all the way from Alec’s anus, up his perineum between his legs, and over the sack with a wide, relaxed tongue, letting lots of spit drip out onto his skin. Then we switched, and I licked long and slow while she sucked, and bit just the skin of the scrotum lightly between her teeth. Alec dug his heels into the bed, and ran his hands through our hair, squeezing our scalps. “OOOhhh, uuuuuuuuuuh, wow, mmmm.” He was letting all manner of noises escape from his mouth. All he could feel were two warm, wet mouths slobbering all over his balls. We made out with each other and his balls all at once, tongues sliding over the ball sack and each others’ tongues. We were moaning now.

I faced Ella, kneeling up now so that our faces, breasts, stomachs, and upper legs were touching. We motioned for Alec to stand on the bed with his cock in between our faces. We looked up at him and smiled, squeezing his cock between our soft cheeks. Our cheeks parted and the cock strained upward and down in little pulses. I took his cock and held it just next to Ella’s cheek as she and I began making out passionately. Alec was going crazy now with the teasing, and we rubbed the cock in the crack between our cheeks and noses as our lips were locked, carefully making sure that our lips and tongues didn’t touch the cock.

Finally, while continuing to make out, one of us would let the tongue flick out and lick the shaft. Then back to making out with our lips just grazing the cock. Every minute or so, then gradually more often, we licked the shaft once, as if by accident. The passion of our kiss grew, and the frequency of the “accidental” licks grew to about one every five seconds. I handed the cock to Ella, and she moved it a bit further down, so that now when the tongues flicked out, they would lick the head instead of the shaft. Alec would let out a huff of air and his whole body would shudder on every flick.

What we did next was the final tease: we slowly licked up both sides of the shaft in unison while looking up at Alec’s face. We skipped the head, closed our eyes, and kissed just above the tip. Then we did it again. And again. Alec was going crazy. His legs were starting to shake. We did this for about a minute, and then instead of skipping the head, we stopped right on it and passionately, wetly made out with the head of the cock right between our lips, our tongues sliding around the sides and over the top to meet each other. Alec shook violently and moaned so loud when this started that he almost lost his balance. I pushed the head between Ella’s lips and shallowly into her mouth with my tongue and kissed her upper lip. We gently passed the head back and forth like this, in between our mouths, saliva running thick down the shaft and onto the balls.

Ella slid her mouth down onto the cock, and I moved to the balls. She bobbed slowly. I licked the balls greedily, spreading spit and smiling up at Alec. I licked up the top of his shaft and kissed Ella’s lip, and she started swirling her tongue around his cock, with the tip slightly peeking out from under her lip. I kissed and sloppily licked the shaft as Ella alternated between engulfing the head with her mouth, licking the groove where the head meets the shaft, and tickling the frenulum with her tongue.

Ella moved behind Alec and started licking his asshole passionately. I took his cock all the way down and massaged the tip with my throat by swallowing repeatedly. Saliva dripped out of my mouth, and dripped on Ella’s thighs. She was rubbing her pussy now, and moaning loudly. Alec was moaning loudly to. I could tell he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Stop!” he said, breathing deeply and contracting his muscles. We stopped. Ella and I were breathing heavily. Alec lay down again, and we both moved up for a three-way kiss. Each of us was straddling one of his legs, and we grinded our pussies into his upper legs. One of us girls made out with him while the other sucked the earlobe on her side. Then we switched. Back and forth we went. The we stopped kissing and started grinding harder and faster. Ella started cumming first. She screamed and arched her back, shaking violently. Alec pulled her hair with both hands and bit her neck. She screamed louder and started shaking harder. Tears were running down her cheeks. This is when I came. Alec switched his attention to me, and grabbed my ass cheeks hard. The orgasm flashed through me with blinding force. I started shaking, while quietly whimpering. Alec shoved his hand between his leg and my crotch, and slid two fingers inside. He started pulsating his fingers on my G-spot, and started rubbing my clit with his thumb. I came again, this time harder. He started fingering Ella with the other hand, and she was almost instantly screaming again.

“Look deep into each others’ eyes,” Alec commanded. We did. The next wave of orgasm came at the same time for both of us, and our bodies shuddered in unison as we grasped at each others’ bodies and looked in each others’ eyes. We were on fire now, and I really wanted to lick Ella’s pussy. But today was our day to spoil Alec. So we collapsed on top of him and nibbled his neck until we calmed down enough to continue the blowjob. We switched position, Alec lying down on his back, one girl on each side of his body facing the opposite direction. This way, we could totally engulf the cock with our tongues. We went crazy, slobbering drool onto the hard shaft, licking balls, then shaft, then balls, then head. Our tongues were constantly sliding over each other and tickling each other. The slurping sounds kept getting louder, and Alec was bucking and thrusting, gasping, and moaning. “This is the best thing I’ve ever felt!” he yelled. “Oooooooooooh!” and he started shaking; his whole body was shaking.

Ella was on the balls side, so she would kiss and lick the balls while I reached around the shaft with my tongue and licked her upper lip. Then we worked our way up the shaft, making out with it and running our tongues all over everything. Then we reached the tip, and totally engulfed it in a hot, wet, make-out. Alec says this feels like one mouth with two tongues, and he LOVES it! He arched up powerfully, lifting his ass of the bed and thrusting his dick up several times, all while wheezing, his eyes rolled up in his head. “I’m cumming!” he said. So we pressed our faces together over the tip, sour tongues touching right over the hole. I felt the wave of jizz shoot up the shaft and burst out the tip, parting our tongues and squirting forcefully into the space between Ella’s lip and cheek.

There was so much that on the second spurt the pressure pushed the cum from Ella’s cheek into my mouth. It sprayed a bit out from the seal of our lips and onto is cock and onto Ella’s cheek. We slowly, ever-so-gently continued to make out throughout the whole spurt and for a few minutes after, spreading the cum all over his cock with our tongues. I rubbed my face on his cock, smearing cum onto my cheeks and nose. Ella giggled. My face was covered with cum, and Ella licked it off. Then I slurped the cum off Ella’s cheek and spit it into her mouth in between her lips. We kissed with our tongues, and then parted with closed lips, drawing out a thin rope of saliva and cum, which we draped over Alec’s cock and licked off with both tongues at once. Then we slurped up every last bit of cum off the cock.

We finished by rubbing Alec all over with our hands, grinding pussies into his thighs again, while one of us made out with him and the other licked his body.

The afterglow was intimate and erotic. We cuddled all night. The next morning, Alec fucked each of us hard until we were both passed out on the bed. We woke up a second time to an amazing breakfast of sweet potato hash, and omelettes with wild mushrooms and goat cheese.

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