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Katie’s New Job

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It was just another Friday. Katie sat at the desk near the front door of the gallery, IMing with a “Master wannabe.” Bored, she played along with his demands to play with her clit. A little self-pleasure was better than sitting and doing nothing. After a few minutes, Katie looked up and noticed someone heading towards the front door.

“Customer. Gotta go,” she typed with one hand as she pulled the other out of her knickers.

With a courteous smile, Katie greeted the striking, very tanned blonde as she entered the gallery. “Good morning! Welcome to the gallery. How may I help you?”

“Good morning. I’m Cynthia, the new owner. Are you the only employee here?”

“Very good to meet you, Cynthia. I’m Katie, and yes, I’m the only one here.”

“Any customers here, Katie?”

“No, afraid not. It’s been a very slow day.”

“In that case, please lock the door and hang the ‘closed’ sign on it. When you’ve finished that, please come to my office. Um, where is my office?”

Katie gave her the directions to the main office and then set about locking up. While she wondered what was about to happen next, she also thought about the tall, very buxom woman she’d just met. She began to fantasize about being forced to undress and then to crawl on her knees to Cynthia as she waited in her chair. She thought about having her hair pulled and being made to lick Cynthia’s pussy. When she realized how wet she was getting, she stopped fantasizing and continued on her way to the office.

When Katie arrived in the doorway to the office, she paused to observe the new owner as she bent over the desk sorting through some papers. Cynthia was a little shorter than herself. Although very athletic looking, she had quite large breasts that appeared ready to fall out of the plunging neckline of her black dress. Katie could see the edges of the black bra that prevented that from happening.

Katie knocked softly.

Cynthia looked up, smiled and invited Katie to come in and sit down. “Make yourself comfortable, Katie. I have a few things I want to ask of you.”

As Katie took a seat in the chair directly in front of her, Cynthia sat down in the plush leather chair behind the desk.

“I’ll get right to the point, Katie. I’m going to be making a lot of changes here at the gallery and I need someone I can count on to help me do all kinds of things. I need someone who is familiar with what’s been done in the past and who is willing to help make changes for the future. I need someone who is attentive to my business needs as well as my personal needs. I need a personal assistant and I want you to be that person. Before you say anything, let me say that I’ve had my eye on you ever since I saw you at the company holiday party. I know what a dedicated worker you are. I know you keep up with the latest styles. And I must say I’m very impressed by you.

I know you’re married and have children, so I took the liberty of calling your husband to see if he’d approve of your going on overnight trips with me, often with very little notice. Jamie said that wouldn’t be a problem as long as all of your expenses are covered. I assured him that all expenses for any trips you take will be covered, you’ll get bonuses, and you’ll get a few additions to your wardrobe, too.

Before I get your answer, I want to make it perfectly clear that in addition to arranging meetings, handling papers and other normal business related activities, you’ll also be running errands for me and doing other things that may seem menial or maybe even a little humiliating to you. The plus side, though, is that you’ll get to meet all of the artists that will be exhibiting work here. You’ll go to parties with me. We’ll go shopping together. And, if you do everything you’re told with enthusiasm, you’ll make me happy, you’ll make plenty of money, and you can become an integral part of the success of the gallery. Oh, and you’ll get a company car. I think you’d look good behind the wheel of a metallic storm red Mercedes SLK300 roadster, but you can pick any color you want. Actually, you can pick whatever car you want that doesn’t cost any more than one of those, but I happen to know there’s one available at Worrells if you want it.

Oh, my! I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I haven’t even gotten your response yet. One more thing! If you accept the job, you’ll have to go to Castlemaine with me tonight to speak with a new artist. What do you say?”

Katie was thinking about a new car and wondering what Cynthia meant by “a little humiliating.” After remaining silent for several seconds, she asked if she could ask a few questions first.

“Certainly, Katie. Ask whatever you want. I want you to be comfortable with every aspect of the job.”

“Well,” Katie began, “I don’t have a lot of business experience. If I don’t know how to do something, I don’t want to disappoint you. Are you willing to help when I need it?”

“Not a problem, Katie! In the beginning, you’ll be doing a lot of small tasks, going to pick up things for me, and just generally being a companion for me on the trips. As time goes on, I’ll give you a little more to do, but not without giving you whatever support you need. Next question.”

“You said if I do everything I’m told with enthusiasm, I’d make you happy and make plenty of money. You also mentioned something about doing things I might think are a little humiliating. Can you give me some examples of what that might entail?”

Cynthia laughed before saying, “It’s not as bad as you make it sound, Katie! But since you asked, I’ll give you an example of what might happen this weekend in Castlemaine. I want to sign an artist who specializes in photorealistic fetish paintings. All of the works I’ve seen are of her girlfriend in bondage. She says it’s her girlfriend, but I swear she’s got to be her slave – the things she has to do! Anyway, in some of the paintings, her girlfriend is performing oral sex with another woman, or she’s being fucked with a strap-on, or having all sorts of things stuffed into her pussy or arse. Lesley, the artist, says she likes to get new acquaintances to do things to her girlfriend. She then photographs whatever is done and later paints from the photos. It’s conceivable that you’d be asked to do something kinky to or with her girlfriend. If you do it and act like you’re enjoying it, it could help to get Lesley signed on with our gallery. Does that explain it better?”

“Um, yes, yes it does,” replied Katie. “If I accept the job, you said we’ll go to Castlemaine tonight. I have no idea what clothes to pack, or even if I have the right clothes to take.”

Cynthia interrupted. “If you say you’ll take the job, I’ll take you shopping right now and buy you everything you’ll need for the trip, all the way down to a toothbrush. And don’t worry about deciding what kind of car you want. We’ll take care of that after we’re back. I’ll let you drive my car until you get a new one. It’s not as sporty as the SLK300, but it does have room for luggage. It’s a black, ML350 SUV.”

Katie’s mind was racing, thinking about a new Merk roadster, free trips, free clothes, making more money, and the possibility of having some kinky fun. “I’d be a fool not to accept the offer,” she told Cynthia.

“Great! Fantastic!” shouted Cynthia. “Now let’s go shopping so we can be ready to leave early. You call Jamie and tell him the good news. Here, use my phone.”

Katie took the phone and called her husband. As she started to explain about the trip she had to take that evening, he interrupted and said he knew all about it. He assured her he’d take care of everything until she returned, wished her a great time and told her to do everything asked of her.

As she was saying her good-byes, Cynthia patted Katie’s bum and said, “Come on, girlfriend! We’ve got shopping to do!” She handed the keys to Katie, grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the door. “I’m so excited about having you as my personal assistant!”

After both were in Cynthia’s car, Katie asked, “Where to?”

“I know this boutique that has the perfect clothes for this trip. Take a left out of the car park and go straight until I tell you to turn.”

Katie did as she was told, driving carefully so as not to cause any harm to her boss’ vehicle. Cynthia talked a lot, telling Katie of her vision for the gallery. Every now and then she’d ask what Katie thought. Mostly, Katie simply agreed without any explanation.

When they arrived at their destination and entered the store, a salesgirl greeted Cynthia by name. Katie was impressed. “Do you shop here often?” she asked.

Laughing, Cynthia said she probably kept them in business. “We need to look at some sexy, slinky dresses. The kind that leave very little to the imagination! You know I want a black one, but for my new assistant, I’m thinking a deep red would be right.”

The salesgirl showed them several different styles before Cynthia picked a black one and a red one off the rack. “Come on. Let’s go try these on.”

To Katie’s surprise, Cynthia followed her into the dressing room. She didn’t say anything as she started to remove the dress she was wearing.

“You know, Katie,” Cynthia said, “There are so many times I wish my breasts were smaller like yours.” Cynthia unhooked Katie’s bra and pulled it off. With both hands, she gently squeezed Katie’s breasts. “Oh, those are perfect! I’ll bet Jamie loves to play with them. I don’t know why you hide them under a bra. When you’re with me, you won’t. I want everybody to know what perfect breasts you have – not like these huge things! I have to admit, though, they do get me a lot of attention.” Cynthia removed her bra and let her breasts bounce free. “I mean, really,” she continued. “They get in the way when I try to use a water fountain. Whenever I have to wear a bikini, I have to get a custom made top to keep them under control. That’s one reason I prefer going to clothing optional beaches, but look at the tan lines they cause.” Cynthia raised her breasts up to show the pale skin beneath them. “And feel them. Go on, Katie. Give them a squeeze.”

Katie blushed a little. She could feel a rush of warmth through her pussy as she cupped her boss’ breasts in her hands and fondled them. Even though she was amazed at what she was doing, she kneaded them and eventually gave both nipples a firm squeeze.

Cynthia smiled and pinched Katie’s nipples. “Look how pretty your nipples look – perky and hard. Not mine. You really have to torment them to get them to look good.” Cynthia demonstrated by pinching, pulling and twisting her nipples until they stood up like Katie’s. “Damn! I’m getting horny! I’d better stop or I’ll be forcing myself on you soon!” She laughed out loud before telling Katie not to worry.

“When you wear a slinky dress like this, Katie, you can’t wear anything underneath it. Let me help you slip off your knickers so we can see how you look in it.”

Cynthia kneeled in front of Katie as she pulled down the silky smooth panties. “Beautiful!” she exclaimed. “But you’ll have to shave off that little wisp of a bush before we leave for the meeting. In the future, I’ll take you to the girl who waxes me and she’ll get you really smooth.”

Cynthia helped Katie put on the dress, took a step back and stared. After shifting her head from side to side, she reached forward and pinched Katie’s nipples. “Oh, yeah – now that looks great! Lean forward and let’s see if you fall out.” Katie did as instructed. “Oh, almost. You’ll have to be careful if you must bend over in public. Turn around and let me check out your bum.” Katie shifted her position and for fun, wiggled her bum at her boss. “Damn, girl! I may have to take you for real!” Katie giggled and wiggled some more. A moment later she felt the hem of the dress rise and then received a sharp hand smack on her butt cheeks. “You fucking tease! I’ll have that arse before the night’s over!”

“I have to wait?” Katie asked playfully.

“I’m afraid so,” replied Cynthia. “We’ve got to buy a few more things for you and then head to Castlemaine for our meeting. But as soon as I get a chance…”

Cynthia paid for the dresses, some shoes and a few other accessories and then whisked Katie on to the next store. Within another couple of hours or so, Katie had new luggage, dresses, shoes, lingerie, toiletries – everything she needed for the trip, including a purple Feeldoe®! Once everything was packed, Cynthia handed the keys to Katie and told her it was time to drive to Castlemaine. “Hop into the car and pull the hem of your dress up so the truck drivers can get a peek at your bits. It’ll be fun. Go on!”

Katie pulled her dress up around her waist and got into the driver’s seat. Turning to Cynthia she said, “Don’t you want me to sit on a towel or something? I’d hate to leave a spot on your seat.”

“Why? Are you wet, too?”


Cynthia turned and reached her hand between Katie’s thighs. “Let me feel.” She easily slid a finger inside Katie’s sex and began rubbing Katie’s clit with her thumb. “Don’t worry about it. I had all the seats treated with a stain repellant.” Cynthia pulled her finger out of Katie’s pussy and placed it into her own mouth. “You horny slut! Jamie told me you fantasized about being with another woman. Looks like he was right! I’ll wait until we get to our hotel in Castlemaine to find out just what all you’ve been thinking about. But right now, you need to concentrate on driving.”

Cynthia turned on the GPS navigator, entered the address of the hotel in Castlemaine and then sat back in her seat with her legs spread and her own dress pulled up. As Katie followed the driving instructions, Cynthia gave more details about the artist they were going to meet, where they’d meet, and what Katie was expected to do. Occasionally, as a big truck would pull up alongside their car, Cynthia would wave at the driver to get his attention and then point at Katie’s crotch, or if the truck was on her side, she’d wave and then finger herself. There were several near wrecks as the drivers tried to watch the show and keep driving.

When Katie finally arrived at their destination, Cynthia went to the check in desk, completed the registration form and got the room keys.

“I guess I wasn’t clear about how many rooms I wanted. There’s only one room available. It’ll just give us more time to get to know each other.”

The two women handed their luggage to the hotel porter and followed him to the room. When he opened the door, Cynthia walked in first and, seeing only one bed, asked if there was another. There wasn’t.

“Well, Katie, it looks like we’ll have to share a bed! We’ll really be getting to know each other well, Katie, not that another bed would mean we wouldn’t. Tell you what. Let’s get a shower before we change into our new dresses. I’ll even shave your pussy for you!”

Feeling more bold than usual, Katie responded, “Only if you eat me first!”

“Race you to the shower!” exclaimed Cynthia.

Both women quickly undressed and hurried to the shower. Acting like a couple of horny college girls, they exchanged gropes and pinches before Cynthia kneeled, spread Katie’s pussy lips and started licking up and down the juice soaked slit, pausing to probe deeper with her tongue and then massaging her clit with a circling motion. After many minutes had passed, Cynthia pushed two fingers inside Katie’s sex, rotated her wrist so her palm faced upwards, curled her fingers up and then began slowly stroking her fingers back and forth.

“Oh, fuck!” moaned Katie. “I think you’ve done this before!”

“Just showing you what I like,” replied Cynthia. “Remember it and repeat it, and you’ll do well in your new job. But right now, just enjoy it.”

Katie enjoyed it. She enjoyed it through multiple orgasms, pressing her boss’ face hard against her pussy and rubbing her juice all over Cynthia’s face. “You nasty slut!”

“You think that’s nasty? Turn around, girl!”

As soon as she turned around, Cynthia spread Katie’s butt cheeks wide and pushed her tongue into the puckered rim.

Katie bent forward more, pushing her arse into Cynthia’s face. “Eat it, bitch! I’ll show you who’s the boss.” Katie reached back, grabbed Cynthia’s hair with both hands and pulled her face tight into her crack. Normally Katie would never do anything like that, but she was enjoying this new sense of power, not to mention the probing of her arse.

Cynthia reached between Katie’s thighs and shoved three fingers into her pussy. Katie orgasmed almost immediately. Cynthia responded by pushing another finger inside her pussy, stretching it even more.

Moving her feet a little farther apart and pushing her bum back more, Katie cursed her boss. “You fucking ass wipe!”

As quickly as Katie said that, Cynthia forced her thumb inside Katie’s pussy, pushing her hand inside up to her wrist. As she wiggled her fingers inside and rotated her hand back and forth, Katie’s body shuddered with another powerful orgasm.

“Fuck! Fuck! Oh, fuck!” Katie yelled over and over. Her body trembling, she leaned against the wall of the shower.

“I thought you’d like that, girl. It was worth burying my tongue in your arse. Next time, you may not be so lucky, but you can count on getting fisted again. That’s one of my favorite things to do.” Cynthia tickled the walls of Katie’s pussy another few seconds before making a fist and slowly withdrawing her hand, stretching Katie even wider. “Time to shave off that bush and then get ready for the meeting.”

“You’re not stopping now, are you?” asked Katie.

“Don’t worry. Later on we’ll pick up where we left off. Right now we need to tend to the real business.”

After Cynthia expertly removed all of the hair below Katie’s waist, both women rinsed off and got out of the shower. As they took turns drying each other, Cynthia gripped Katie’s nipples tightly and told her, “I hope you aren’t too tired for our meeting. I have a feeling Lesley will want you to do something with her girlfriend.”

The two women went about drying and styling their hair, applying their make-up and dressing. Cynthia wore a plain bra but nothing else under her dress. Katie wore nothing at all under hers. It was obvious, the way the dress clung to her body, revealing every subtle curve. Smiling broadly, Cynthia pointed out the rounded outline of the recently fisted pussy. “I ought to give your clit a tug so it’ll show, too.” She reached under Katie’s dress, squeezed her pussy hard and worked her clit until it protruded like a tiny, erect penis. “Hmmm, pull on your clit and your nipples stand up, too! And try not to get your dress wet, girl.”

“After what you just did, I don’t know if that’s possible,” Katie replied. Jokingly, she continued, “Bitch! Just you wait!”

“Yes, I suppose I’ll have to wait. It’s time to go and meet Lesley. I’ll drive this time.”

They went out to the car, got in and Cynthia drove away. In just a few minutes they arrived at Lesley’s cottage. Once they were both out of the car, they checked each other’s appearance. At the door to the cottage, Cynthia gave Katie’s nipples a quick squeeze. “I just love the way those stand up! Eat your heart out, Lesley – she’s mine!”

Shortly after ringing the doorbell, the door was opened by a totally nude girl. Her nipples were pierced and stretched by decorative metal shields that held the barbells taut. Her clithood piercing was vertically oriented. The silver-colored barbell must’ve been a 2 gauge and had an even larger ball on the bottom of it. It appeared to press tightly against her clit at all times, causing a steady flow of pussy juice down her thighs. As Cynthia and Katie entered, the nude girl told them Lesley was waiting for them in her studio and to please follow her there. When the girl turned to take them to the studio, they saw a large pony tail protruding from between her butt cheeks, swaying to and fro as she walked. Quietly, Katie and Cynthia pointed at it and poked each other playfully. Cynthia whispered into Katie’s ear, “I may have to get one of those for you. I’m not so sure about the huge VCH, though.”

When they arrived in the studio, Lesley peered from behind a huge canvas she was working and introduced herself. “Hi there, Cynthia! I’m Lesley. And this little cunt is my girlfriend. Geez, I don’t remember her real name. I just call her Sheila because that’s what she is. I don’t know which of you is Cynthia, sorry. Just talked to a voice on the phone. Do tell.”

Cynthia smiled and introduced herself, and then introduced Katie as her personal assistant.

Lesley interrupted saying, “I’ll bet she’s a very personal assistant! Am I right?” When she stepped out from behind the canvas Cynthia and Katie were surprised to see that the only thing she was wearing was a short, paint splattered T-shirt which revealed a wicked looking devil’s face tattoo covering her pussy. It appeared that the devil was sticking out his tongue; the tongue was formed by her labia.

“As a matter of fact, yes, she is,” responded Cynthia. “But let’s talk about you and your work, and what it’s going to take to get you to sign exclusively with my gallery.”

“I can tell just by looking at you two that I want to be with you, although I would like to get you to do something for me, just to seal the deal.”

“And what would that be, Lesley?”

“As you probably know, I like to work from photos taken of Sheila doing things with other people. I’ve had her do a lot of things, including getting things shoved inside her pussy. To see how well you know my work, I want you to come up with something new. Something that’s never appeared inside her in any of my paintings. If you can do that, not only will I sign an exclusive deal with you, but I’ll create the painting with either you or Katie in it, too.”

“Seems reasonable. How long do we have to give you the idea?” asked Cynthia.

“If you know my work, it shouldn’t take long. Talk it over between yourselves and tell me in another minute or two.”

Cynthia looked at Katie. Katie smiled and whispered in her boss’ ear, “Has she ever humped somebody’s foot?”

Cynthia’s eyes suddenly widened. “Fuck, I don’t know! I don’t think so. It’s worth a go. It was your idea, so you tell her.”

Katie turned to Lesley and said, “I want you to make Sheila ride one of my feet. I’ll lie down on my back so she can kiss and lick both feet, and then when she’s ready, she must straddle one of my legs, lower herself onto my foot and fuck herself. I also think it would be fun to do a series starting with the foot worship, riding one, and continuing through eating Cynthia’s pussy and arse while she’s humping my foot. How do you like that?”

Both Cynthia and Lesley had strangely pleasurable looks on their faces. After a second, Lesley replied, “Damn! I love it! I like the series idea, too. I think I’ll add another scene in which I lie down at the other end of you, Katie, so I can get my foot up her arse at the same time she’s riding your pussy. Shit – she’ll be walking funny for a while, but it’s something I’ve never done and I love the idea.” Lesley laughed and then asked, “Katie, have you ever considered being a creative consultant? Mind if I borrow her sometime, Cynthia?”

Cynthia smiled and replied, “We’ll have to discuss that sometime. Am I correct in thinking that we have a deal now?”

Lesley, still grinning wickedly, answered, “Oh, hell yeah! The only thing we need to do is schedule the time to do the photos. I’m already booked for the next couple of weeks and I don’t think Sheila’s ready for foot fucking tonight. I’ll have to work on her some to make sure she can stretch open wide enough for that, and that’ll probably take a couple of weeks. I’ll have to get back to you to setup a time. Is that all right with you?”

Cynthia nodded and then asked, “Is she any good with her tongue?”

“Yes, she is. Why do you ask?”

“As a sign of good faith, I thought it’d be good for you to have her service Katie and me right now.”

“Hmmm… good idea! Mind if I fuck her from behind with a strap-on while she’s eating you?”

“She’s your girl. Do whatever you want! Try using your foot, if you’d like.”

Lesley thought about that a moment before telling Sheila to go inside and get the pedicure kit. “I probably ought to make sure I don’t cut her with sharp toenails.”

When Sheila returned, she kneeled at Lesley’s feet and began the trimming, filing and buffing of one foot. Lesley instructed her to hurry and finish one so they could get started. As the pedicure continued, Katie asked, “How long has Sheila had the clit hood piercing? Did it start out at that size?”

Lesley replied, “As soon as we got together, I gave her the VCH. It started out much smaller. I think it was an 18 gauge barbell, or maybe 16. Whatever the standard gauge was. The only problem was that she was constantly playing with it. I tried to keep her from doing it, but nothing really kept her fingers off her clit other than keeping her hands bound behind her back, and that meant she couldn’t do everything I wanted of her. So, I tried increasing the thickness and using bigger balls until she didn’t need to touch herself to get off. It’s a 2 gauge barbell now. With the big ball pressing on her clit, she stays aroused practically all the time. And when I put her in full body restraints and use a vibe on it, she goes wild. I like to do that right before we go out so there’s a shiny stream of her juice running down her thighs, and the piercing keeps it flowing. You should see the attention she gets when we walk through a dog park!”

Looking down at her feet, Lesley asked Sheila if she was done yet.

“I think this foot is suitably done,” she replied.

“Good! Put away the kit and get ready to make me proud. I want you to treat our guests to the ultimate pussy licking! Who wants to go first?”

Cynthia removed her dress and bra and then sat back on the sofa. Spreading her thighs wide apart, she invited Sheila to make her cum. “Let’s see how good you are!”

As Sheila got on her hands and knees and moved into position between Cynthia’s thighs, Lesley scooted her chair behind Sheila and started rubbing her toes up and down the already glistening slit. “Oh, this is going to be fun!” she exclaimed. Sheila began licking Cynthia’s sex as if nothing else was happening in the room. Katie undressed, sat beside her boss and started fondling Cynthia’s breasts.

Sighing heavily, Cynthia told Katie, “Go ahead and treat those things rough! Don’t worry about hurting me. Oh, fuck yes!”

While Katie squeezed, twisted and pulled on Cynthia’s breasts, Sheila licked and probed Cynthia’s pussy and clit, pausing every so often to suck the clit into her mouth or run the edge of her teeth over it. And in the background sat Lesley, stroking her big toe in and out of Sheila’s soaked sex. Everything went smoothly until Lesley tried to push more toes inside. Sheila gasped as her face was forced into Cynthia’s crotch. Lesley continued the pressure, mashing Sheila’s face into Cynthia’s soaked pussy.

“What the fuck!” yelled Cynthia.

Katie stopped the mangling of Cynthia’s breasts and looked behind Sheila. “Oh, god! She’s bleeding! What happened?”

Lesley answered, “I think I tried to do too much with that last push. Looks like I ripped her open. Shit! Katie, would you go into the kitchen and get a damp towel, please?”

Katie hurried into the kitchen, grabbed a dish towel, wet it in the sink and then walked back quickly. She handed the towel to Lesley who gently dabbed it against the bloody area. Sheila winced several times as Lesley wiped away the blood.

“I have some work to do now, Sheila, if I want to get that foot fucking series painted,” stated Lesley matter of factly.

“There’s no rush to do it,” responded Cynthia.

“No, no, I want to do it soon. I’ll just have to let Sheila’s pussy heal a bit before I start stretching it again, and this time I’ll go easier on her. Don’t worry. She’s a tough girl!”

“Maybe we ought to give her a break now,” replied Cynthia. “After she’s doing better, she can continue where she stopped.”

“Okay. Fine. We’ll call it a night then. Thank you both for meeting with me, and for coming up with that wonderful idea for the paintings! I’ll show you to the door after you’re dressed. I’m not too sure Sheila’s going to feel like doing any walking right now.”

Katie helped get Cynthia dressed, and after Cynthia got Katie’s dress on her, Lesley walked them to the front door of her cottage. “I noticed you were having a great time torturing Cynthia’s knockers, Katie. Maybe you’d like to work over Sheila’s the next time we get together.”

Katie smiled and said that sounded like a definite maybe. “Maybe I can do that while she’s riding my foot,” she said.

“Call me when you know when you can do the session with us,” said Cynthia. “Right now, Katie and I need to get back to the hotel and finish something, if you know what I mean.”

Lesley laughed. “Yeah, I think I know. You looked like you were this close to cumming back there before I fucked up.”

“Not only that, but I have a surprise for Katie,” responded Cynthia. “We’ll talk soon!”

The two women got into Cynthia’s car and went on their way back to their hotel. Katie tried to contain her excitement but found her fingers wandering up under her boss’ dress. “Damn! You’re soaking wet!” she said. “It’s a good thing we’re only a few minutes away from the hotel! Otherwise, I might have to make you pull over so I can fist you.”

“As good as that sounds, girl, we’ll just have to wait. I think you’re going to like the surprise that’s waiting for you.”

Once back at the hotel, the two hurried to their room. They got quite a few stares from people who noticed the wet spots near their crotches, and even more from those who eyed their bouncing breasts. Cynthia was the first to get to the door and unlocked it. Katie walked in quickly. To her great surprise sat Jamie, lounging on the bed.

“Hi Katie! Bet you weren’t expecting me!” he said playfully. “Don’t worry – the kids are at sleep-overs at friends’ houses.”

Cynthia patted Katie on her bum and said, “Jamie and I had a long talk about your job and everything it entails, and we decided it would be best if we simply share you. He, of course, takes top billing, but whenever you’re on the job, you’re mine to do with as I please. I have to admit that so far, I’m very pleased. Anyway, we decided that tonight we should share you, literally.”

Katie looked at Jamie to see his reaction.

“That’s right, Katie. Cynthia and I are going to show each other how we can share you, and you’ll show us how well it will work. From the look of your dresses, I’m guessing you’ve already started getting to know each other. Get naked and show me what you’ve learned about eating her pussy.”

Katie slipped out of her dress and then got on all-fours in between Cynthia’s thighs. Instead of rushing to pleasure her boss, she played with her pussy lips, tugging and pulling them apart.

“You fucking tease!” shouted Cynthia.

After a few more seconds of teasing her, Katie felt Jamie’s hands spreading her backside open and his cock easing into her own pussy. She started tonguing Cynthia’s dripping sex as her husband’s cock plunged deep inside her. She moaned in pleasure as one of her all-time fantasies became a reality.

“You like that, don’t you, slut?” queried Jamie. “That’s not all you’re getting tonight.”

Jamie fucked her with long, hard strokes. As the speed of his thrusting quickened, she heard and felt his balls slapping against her. The thrusts also pushed her tongue deeper into her boss’ twat. The taste of Cynthia’s juice made Katie want to bring her to orgasm, but that thought was soon interrupted.

“I’m ready for a change. How about you?” asked Jamie.

“Well, okay. Katie, go get the Feeldoe®. Hurry up!” instructed Cynthia.

When Katie returned with her new toy, Cynthia instructed her to lie across the bed with her head barely over the edge. She took the purple toy and rubbed the small bulbous end up and down her own wet slit and then pushed it inside Katie’s pussy so it looked like a purple penis growing out of her. “I’m ready when you are, Jamie.”

“After you, Cynthia.”

Cynthia straddled Katie’s thighs and lowered herself onto the purple penis. Once the penis was all the way in, she reached down and turned on the vibe inside it. “Oh, fuck! This is going to be good!” she said as she started raising and lowering herself on the toy.

Just as Katie glimpsed her boss’s huge boobs bouncing up and down over her, Jamie pushed his cock into her mouth and then into her throat. His balls hung down over her eyes and drug back and forth with each thrust into her throat. Between the sensations of being throatfucked and the vibrations at the opening of her sex as Cynthia fucked the purple penis, Katie was in ecstasy in another fantasy world that had become a reality. As she felt the flow of Cynthia’s juice cascading down her labia, she had her first orgasm. When Jamie withdrew his cock from her throat and shot his creamy cum onto her face, she orgasmed again.

As Jamie wiped his cock in Katie’s hair, he asked Cynthia, “You going to hump her all night?”

“If I could, I would, but to be honest, I don’t think I can last much longer. Oh, fuck – I’m gonna cum!”

And that’s exactly what she did. Jamie watched in amazement as Cynthia squirted onto Katie’s tummy and pussy. Her body trembled uncontrollably as she leaned backwards. Jamie quickly got behind her and braced her body to keep her from falling off the bed. Katie sat up, the Feeldoe® still inside her boss, and bit one of the hardened nipples pointing at her, causing Cynthia to gasp, curse and cum another time. With her body covered with perspiration, Cynthia pleaded with Katie to let her catch her breath.

Katie looked at her husband, grinned and said, “I think I like this job!”

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