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Katies Warehouse Fun

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During my adventure in the warehouse I had told the lads there were two office girls who enjoyed sex as much as I did and would see if they were up for some fun.

I would speak to the girls first and explain that they could trust the guys to be discreet, (lets face it they were onto a good thing) then get back to them with the details.

Both of my friends, Katie and Rachel, had been excited when I told them of my wild afternoon, we often swapped stories over drinks and set up adventures for each other if we have had an exciting time.

Katie in particular was taken by the setting; she liked fast rough sex with strangers.

Whenever we were telling each other our fantasies she always came back to one where she is teasing and is ‘forced’ by a group of men. Excitedly she asked if I thought the warehouse guys would go along with her fantasy, I said that I would see how they felt about it, if she was serious.

“Jules I am wet right now just thinking about it.” She said.

Rachel slipped her hand under the table and Katie gave a start, almost jumping out of her seat.

Rachel brought her hand up to her lips and delicately licked the tip of her index finger.

“She’s not telling lies; by the state of her she really wants this.”

We all got a fit of the giggles; Katie was flushed red, either with embarrassment or excitement, when we calmed down I excused myself and rang Dave the warehouse manager.

After a long chat he said that as long as she was sure then there would be no problem. As far as her fantasy went they could all be trusted to play along without hurting her, Dave said he had the ideal situation in mind if I it was OK for one of his friends who made deliveries to the warehouse to be involved.

I said that was fine and would tell Katie the good news.

“Any chance you will be calling in, the chaps would love to see you.” Dave said.

“I think they saw enough of me last time,” I laughed, “But you never know.”

Katie almost jumped out of seat when I told her it was on.

She would visit the warehouse on that Friday afternoon, when most of the staff had a half day. That way they would not be disturbed, although the way Katie felt the more the merrier.

It was a week later when I received a phone call from Katie, she could not wait to tell Rachel and myself what happened to her and so we arranged to meet for a drink that evening; in fact Rachel and I had our own story to tell but that can wait for another time.

When we arrived at the bar Katie had already ordered the drinks and looked to be on her third, she stood, greeting us warmly with a hug and kiss on the cheek before settling back and taking a long pull on her drink.

Before we get to her story I should describe my two closest friends.

Rachel is petite natural blond with small firm perky tits, not needing a bra she tends to show them off in tight t-shirts or sheer tops, she has bright blue eyes and her pert rounded ass often draws complements, I know Steve has a particular fondness for it.

Unlike Katie and myself who like to keep our intimate areas waxed, (we both use the same salon after Katie was fingered to an incredible orgasm while being waxed…but that’s another story) Rachel likes to keep a tiny landing strip, she always jokes that it’s to prove that she is a natural blond.

Katie is dark haired shorter that both Rachel and I but makes up for it with a stunning glamour model figure. Her boobs are large but well in proportion to the rest of her, wide hips tell of her part Mediterranean heritage, (her father was Spanish) giving a classic hour glass figure, she likes to keep her hair long and tousled, deep dark eyes hint at wild passion, as well as a fiery temper when roused.

Her skin is naturally tanned contrasting with Rachel’s pale skin when they are naked, (yes… yet another story).

Any way Katie settled back and told us of her afternoon adventure.

About midday Dave called Katie’s office to enquire about a late delivery, she had been glancing at the clock waiting for his call all morning, beginning to think that the lads had second thoughts, she jumped and almost knocked over her coffee, that had long gone cold, as the phone rang.

She told us that it was impossible to concentrate during the day, the air had seemed electrically charged with anticipation and several times she had absentmindedly touched herself, daydreaming as she waited for the afternoon to arrive.

When the call came she took a deep breath, undoing a button at the top of her summer dress to show a little more cleavage, she had thought about going to the toilets and taking off her damp panties but decided it would add to the fun if someone else removed them instead.

On reaching the warehouse she had walked over to Dave’s desk, armed with the delivery schedule, the other guys were not around and she wondered again if it was all off. Leaning over the desk she allowed the dress to part slightly giving Dave a good view down her cleavage.

“Why don’t you sit by me and we can look over those.” He said, gesturing to the folder under Katie’s arm.

She took a seat to his right, crossing her legs so that her dress rode up showing a good deal of thigh, Dave’s eyes travelled over her leg and he placed a hand on her knee.

“We had a naughty girl down hear a few weeks ago, are you here for the same?”

Katie feigned anger brushing his hand away, “Just here for the delivery thank you.”

Dave put his hand back on her knee, “Not dressed like that your not.”

Katie felt two hands on her shoulders holding her down in the chair; she had not heard Rich as he snuck up behind her.

“This is a nice view from up here boss.”

The top buttons being undone he could obviously see straight down her dress, taking in the curves of her ample cleavage.

Dave’s hand crept higher up Katie’s leg she flinched when his fingers stroked the smooth inner thigh, reaching the edge of her thong panties, if he touched the crotch the game would be up because he feel how wet they were.

His fingers eased underneath the leg of her panties, Katie squirmed as they came into contact with the damp material, the pressure on her shoulders increased holding her still.

The telephone rang and Katie almost jumped out of her seat, Dave casually leaned over and picked up the phone, “Rich, the delivery is here.” He said.

Much to her annoyance Dave’s hand left her leg as he and Rich made their way over to the good’s in, what the hell was going on? They were supposed to be teased by her then take advantage that was the game she had been waiting for, now it seemed the damned delivery was more important than a hot willing woman.

Sighing Katie went to the goods in area, she did not know at this point was this is where her fantasy would be played out, she expected to be taken in the rest area/office where I had my adventure, but I had since spoken to the guys, changing the plan because it would fit her fantasy better if she was taken outside and not somewhere she expected, making the ‘forced’ bit more realistic.

Plus I had told her about the warehouse guys…but not about the driver so he would come as a shock.

As I explained this to Rachel, Katie narrowed her eyes and said she would get me back, adding “And can I get on with my story please.”

When the van pulled up the Driver, who was called Mick along with Dave, Rich and John unloaded the contents, stacking boxes in order, now and again one of them hanging back, casting an appraising eye over Katie’s figure.

Bored and confused as to what was going on Katie leaned over a box, aware that her dress had parted because of the nice breeze cooling her warm skin, making her nipples stick out a little, but unaware of the amount of breast visible to the guys.

Concentration on the delivery waned as the guys noticed Katie lounging over the boxes, face turned to the sun, eyes closed, enjoying the warmth on her skin.

The quiet was broken by Mick, “Man look at that you can almost see her tits.”

Katie looked down and realised she was almost exposing her breasts, her nipples tingled as she pretended to ignore the comment but actually adjusting her posture so she was bending forward, the top of her dress opening up more.

The thrill of being on display making her pussy wet.

Dave came over to the stack of boxes throwing his clip board down.

“Guys I’ve already told her she’s a tease and that she needs teaching a lesson, the same as the last little office girl who came down here with her goods on display.”

Katie flinched as a hand touched her ass, skin tingling with both fear and excitement because this was not the game she was expecting.

Either way it looked like it was too late to change her mind as she felt arms grab her

Dave held her arms tight pulling her back into him; she could feel his hardness pressing into her soft ass as the three other guys looked her over.

“What the hell do you think your doing?” She said.

Katie struggled in vain against Dave’s tight grip as Rich unbuttoned her dress, pulling the thin material open exposing her half cup bra, dark nipples hard against the lacy cups, her tiny lacy see through thong was damp showing her excitement.

Rich reached out a finger and eased the front of the thong away from her belly, peeking down it he said, “Not a hair on it boys, looks like it will taste nice.”

“OK you’ve had a look, now let me go.” Katie said struggling as Rich stripped off her dress.

“The funs just started.” Laughed Dave as two of them reached out grabbing Katie’s ankles, she squirmed and wriggled trying in vain to get free.

They helped Dave to lift her onto the boxes; John sat astride her belly holding her down, both hands cupping her breasts squeezing them roughly through the thin lace, her nipples poking out hard against the palms of his hand.

Rich pushed his face between her legs nuzzling the moist material at her crotch with his lips; Katie wriggling her hips at his touch.

Her bra was taken off, she felt the clasp unclipped then cool air across her breasts as the material was torn roughly away, lips closed around her nipples as John and Mick took a breast each, sucking and nibbling the hard nubs.

Katie gave a start as Rich slipped his fingers inside the flimsy thong and ripped it down from her, baring her pussy for the first time, she tried to squeeze her legs shut but Dave and Rich took a leg each and she felt them tie something around her ankles fastening her down as she struggled, spreading her open.

Everything was exposed, breasts, pussy, her body naked in the warehouse yard, this is not what Katie had been expecting and a there was a flutter of butterflies in her stomach when she realised how exposed she was, what if someone else came along?

This was not how things had gone with Jules, where as she was in charge Katie was at these guys mercy.

Katie paused for a moment draining her glass and replenishing it from the bottle of wine that Rachel had ordered.

“And you know what girls? Tied up and helpless like that, I had never been wetter.”

Before Katie could object further she felt hands grab her breasts, mauling them twisting the nipples painfully but at the same time exciting her, causing Katie to twist back and forth moaning. (I told the guys she liked it rough.)

Legs pulled apart buy the ropes Katie’s pussy had parted slightly, her puffy lips on display, she sighed as Rich stroked his fingers over them, moaning “No” as two were slipped inside, even though she enjoyed the sensation of his fingers as he thrust them deep.

Looking down and then to her right and left she saw that all the guys had their zippers down, cocks out.

Rich was displaying Katie’s pussy to John, parting the lips, spreading them open as he thrust his fingers in. ” Look at how wet she is, my fingers are soaked, cant wait to get my dick in there.” He said.

The delicious feeling of being on show, along with the dirty talk and rough attention being paid to her breasts created a tingle in her rock hard nipples and Katie squirmed as familiar feelings tickled to her lower belly…she was going to cum.

Richards’s fingers pumped in and out of her pussy, Dave and Mick were twisting and sucking her nipples and tits making them tingle. Katie told us she felt the orgasm building inside but was able to hold back until John rubbed his hand over her lower belly and slipped his finger over her clit, rubbing the hard nub in little flicking motions.

Katie’s orgasm hit with such a force she thought she’d bring people running over to the warehouse with her cries, Dave put his hand over her mouth muffling the scream

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she moaned cum trickling out of her pussy, hips squirming as she tried to get away from John and Richards fingers, the sensations too much for her to take, they held her still continuing to rub her pussy as wave after wave of pleasure flooded through her, taking her breath and making her dizzy.

There was no time for Katie to catch her breath as her hair was pulled turning her head forcefully; Mick pressed his cock to her lips.

“It’s our turn to cum now, suck me bitch.” Katie allowed her mouth to open taking the tip inside sucking greedily; he made a contented sound at the contact and pushed his hips forward, forcing Katie to swallow his cock deep.

Rich had climbed up on the boxes between Katie’s legs, parting her wet lips with his fingers, his cock nudged against her pussy and with one thrust he sank his full length deep inside, causing her to cry out around the cock in her mouth.

Mick grabbed a hand full of her hair and began pumping his cock into Katie’s mouth, she cupped his balls in an attempt to get him to ease off but he slapped her hand away, grabbing her head with both hands he came with a grunt pumping his load down her throat, Katie gagged as he tried to swallowed all of his cum, spilling it down the sides of her lips and over her chin.

He held her still until every drop had drained from his member.

Katie knew that Rich would cum soon as he pounded his cock into her pussy at a frantic rate, slamming her back and forth on the boxes, she lay back taking the hard fucking, breath hissed between his teeth and soon he went ridged as his cock exploded, his warm seed splashing deep inside her as he came, long and hard, the slimy mixture of their juices coating her leg as he pulled out his spent cock, flopping it on her thigh.

There was no rest for Katie as fingers explored her every part, nipples were pinched, twisted and tugged, her soft breasts crushed in rough hands.

She moaned in pleasure.

John plunged a finger deep inside with no finesse.

(Jules had been right about his virgin fumbling)

He just pushed hard in straight up to his knuckle, frigging it methodically in and out.

A second finger plunged in as a thumb was rested on Katie’s clit, grinding down making her twitch and spasm.

When she looked down she realised that Both Dave and John were fingering her together, standing either side of her legs watching as their fingers disappeared in her damp slit. The thumb on her clit was again bringing her close to orgasm, her pussy was soaking.

Dave brought his three middle fingers together and rubbed them against Katie’s slit.

She yelped in pain as he suddenly pushed them in, stretching her lips wide, cries of pain turned a moan of ecstasy as he frigged them in and out while rubbing her clit with the fingers of his other hand.

“Yes fuck me” Katie cried. “Someone fuck my pussy.”

Dave’s cock took the place of his fingers as Rich pushed his to her lips.

Mick grabbed Katie’s hand and brought it to his cock; she began to stroke it as Dave slammed his cock in her pussy, her lips closed around Richards’s cock, with her tongue lying along the length, letting him rock his hips gently back and forth fucking her mouth.

Katie ran her thumb over the end of Mick’s cock making him shudder as Dave’s cock fucked her pussy hard, slamming deep and fast, not making love to her but taking her.

He bucked his hips thrusting hard, eager to cum as Katie met his thrusts pushing her hips forward. Rich’s cock throbbed in her mouth and exploded sending a stream of hot cum into her mouth and down her throat, he pulled out pumping the rest on her tits.

Dave gave one last hard thrust and Katie felt his load flooding her pussy.
Katie moaned as Dave pulled out, he had climaxed too soon, she writhed her hips as cum oozed out of her pussy all over the boxes.

“Turn her over.” Mick ordered.

Rough, strong hands turned Katie leaving her head hanging off the corner of the box and her ass in the air

A hand came crashing down on Katie’s buttocks and she squealed.

More slaps rained down on her ass as she wriggling it, taunting them.

“Open her legs” Mick said, she couldn’t see who held her ankles but her legs were pulled apart, in his position with her ass high in the air she was open and on display. Mick ran his hand over her swollen lips and inserted his thumb, fucking it in and out.

“You have a really nice cunt.” He said.

The filthy word made her tremble, She felt him press his cock to her pussy lips, wiping his end up and down through the mess that trickled from her, before grabbing a hold of her hips and plunging all the way in, his balls slapping at the back of her legs as he ground his groin hard against her, he reached round and fingered Katie’s clit as he slowly slipped the end of his cock in and out.

“Your going to cum on my cock bitch.” He said.

Katie knew he was right because she had been close to orgasm when Dave was fucking her; she began pushing her hips back onto Mick, bucking and meeting his thrusts, circling her hips as his fingers brushed against her clitoris.

She moaned as he leaned forward biting her shoulder, sinking his cock all the way in and holding it there as he played with her clit.

Katie ran her own fingers over her pussy lips and pressed them to the fingers on her clit, urging him on, her breath came in little gasps as he rubbed the slick nub faster, her orgasm shook through her and Mick had to hold Katie up as her legs went weak.

He held her tight to him until her orgasm started to subside, then brought his hips back, drawing his cock almost all the way out and slammed back into her hard, making Katie cry out at the brutality of it, pushing her forward hard over the boxes. Grabbing a handful of hair he began pounding into her pussy with short fierce thrusts, driving the air from her lungs each time he crashed into her.

He brought his hand down hard on her ass calling her an office slut.

Katie once again paused to drain her glass, her face was flushed and both Rachel and I were leaning over the table caught up in her story

“I swear he was taking the whole rape thing serious, I have never been fucked that hard ever, I was there for him and his pleasure, to be used for him to cum in, my poor pussy has never been pounded like that…it was so hot.”

Suddenly Mike grabbed Katie’s hips and slammed her to him; his cock pulsed and throbbed as he poured his load into her aching pussy, he stood back from her letting his cock flop out against her leg.

“I was knackered, out of breath and thought that was it, they had all taken a turn and I could go home take a bath and rest up while I relived the day’s events, but I had forgotten about one of them.”

Katie had stood against the boxes panting; trying to get her breath back thinking the fun was over until she heard Mick say.

“All right John it’s your go.” Katie turned and was about to object when she felt herself grabbed and pushed forwards over a slightly lower stack of boxes, her wrists were held tight by Rich and Mick who grinned at her.

“OK we have all had fun, now let me go.” Katie said.

“I was really angry but they had a special treat in store for me thanks to what Jules told them.”

Rachel gave me a puzzled look and I just shrugged.

“Jules, do you remember what I said when you described Johns thin dick?”

I almost choked on my drink…”That it sounded nice for a spot of anal.”

Katie nodded. “And you told the guys what I said didn’t you?”

It dawned on me then where Katie’s story was going and all I could say was


Rachel was almost jumping up and down in her seat. “What? What happened?”

Katie poured herself a fresh drink downed half then continued.

Dave ran his hand over Katie’s buttocks, letting his fingers linger along the crack.

“There’s one lad who hasn’t cum yet, he’s pretty much the virgin of the bunch so we thought he should have a special treat seeing as you are ours to play with.”

Katie felt her legs being spread once more, this time her ankles were tied so that she could not move, she was so vulnerable there, naked, legs wide open, pussy dripping, drenched in both their cum and her own juices.

She felt fingers on her pussy, massaging the goo on her lips, slipping inside then trailing up to her ass, one finger rubbing her wetness over the tight hole there.

This continued for a while, a finger sneaking round to play with her clit while others were slipped inside, caressing the slick walls, finding her G spot, teasing until her juices flowed. She could not help herself and began pushing back on the fingers invading her, yet another orgasm building.

Katie was startled as the fingers were replaced by a cock; she was just able to turn her head enough to catch a glimpse of John as he pushed his thin prick in and out building up a steady rhythm, she sighed and closed her eyes, if it was right and he was a virgin he would not last long enough for her to get off.

Suddenly John withdrew his cock from her pussy.

Katie thought it was because he was about to cum, suddenly she felt him pressing the slick head against her ass, she tried to wiggle her hips to get it away but strong hands held her firm.

“Not there you little Bastard, fuck my pussy but keep it away from my ass.”

John ignored her please and Katie yelped as the head of his slick cock forced her tiny hole open, Dave encouraged John telling him to push back and forward a little at a time until he had worked his cock all the way in, to take it slow.

Katie pressed her forehead to the box and hoped that he would not last long, it had hurt a little as he began to thrust gently in and out but his cock was slimy, lubricated with the mess from her pussy and she was getting used to the feeling.

To Katie’s surprise, as her ass loosened up it was beginning to excite her.

Katie was stunned that she was actually being taken against her will, there was no way she would let a stranger ass fuck her and it was only because the guys were holding her down that it was happening now, this was as close to her rape fantasy as she would get, it had always been her favourite fantasy, it felt so dirty coming down to the warehouse and letting them take her this way.

Being fucked like that while the other guys watched was making her so hot, her pussy was soaking and she needed to cum.

Surprised at how good it was feeling Katie began moaning encouragement.

“Fuck my ass you little cocksucker, make me cum”

Katie raised her ass slightly, squealing with pain and pleasure as held her too him, beginning to get a little more forceful with his movements, pulling her back onto his cock and grinding his hips.

John was almost able to sink the full length of his penis inside her ass when suddenly, gasping and shuddering; he came, shooting his load, cum dribbled over his balls as it leaked from her tight hole, running over her pussy and the back of her legs.

Katie pulled away and flopped down on her back, he had finished but she needed more, needed to cum again, spreading her legs so the guys could take a good look at her wet, sore pussy she parted her lips, slipped two fingers inside and masturbated to another orgasm. The squelch of their spunk, mingled her own juices and the musky smell of sex filled the air as she worked her fingers over her sopping lips and clit.

They looked on as Katie writhed naked on the boxes, hot and sweaty, cum dribbling from her pussy and ass she groaned and came once more.

Rachel and I both sat back, Katie finished off her wine and sat back.

Rachel was the first to speak.

“Oh my goodness, I am so wet listening to that, I think I might have to ditch my panties.”

Katie raised her glass to me.

“Thank you for setting it up Jules, Rachel, I highly recommend a trip to the warehouse, only don’t wear your best underwear, it doesn’t last long.”

We finished our drinks, Rachel inviting us back to hers I suspect to help her with her damp panties…but that’s another story.

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