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An Apple a Day

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They’d been flirting for a while now, and as he was the last patient of the day, she didn’t have to worry about Dr. Rosenthal coming out and catching them, so she simply enjoyed the moment. He was everything she liked, smart, funny, athletic, in his late twenties, and judging from the way he dressed, pretty well off, to boot. Which is why his appointment made no sense, but what she figured must be a clerical error might get him to blush if she asked, and shy boys were just so… tasty.

“Now it says here that you’re scheduled for a high colonic today, is that right?”

Nancy had been working at the clinic for almost a year now while trying to pay her way through nursing school. She’d never had anyone come in for an enema who wasn’t at least fifty or seriously ill, so when he went just a little red and said, “Um, yes, actually”, her interest piqued.

She decided that taking his background information to figure out why would give her more time to flirt, so she took him to what she and the other Nurses Assistant’s called the ‘machine room’. Filled with a half-dozen expensive, noisy machines, the room was semi-soundproofed so that when they ran everyone in the office block couldn’t hear them. Frequently, she and some of the other girls would come back here on their lunch breaks to gossip, since they could talk as loud as they wanted and not be heard outside. Since their new enema pump was kept there, they’d just end up back here anyway.

After asking all the questions on the form, she still hadn’t gotten a satisfactory answer from him regarding why he’d be getting such a strange procedure, she decided to simply ask outright. “So, you don’t seem to have any health problems which would require this procedure, Mr. Lewis, is there something else going on I haven’t asked about?”

He was quiet a moment, as thought considering what to tell her, then he simply chuckled and said, “No, just a family thing, I guess. My uncle is an osteopath and the recommends we all get this done yearly, for our own health. And please, call me Nick,” he said at last with a smile. He had a gorgeous smile to go along with the rest of him, and despite the awkwardness of the situation, she found herself considering asking him out before he left the clinic.

“Fair enough, why don’t we get started, then? You can tell me about your uncle, he sounds interesting” she chuckled. Rather than comply, he froze, and gave her an unreadable look for a moment.

“Ah, will Dr. Rosenthal not be performing the procedure, then?” he said, a little nervously.

Frowning she replied archly, “I assure you that I’m capable, Mr. Lewis, and Dr. Rosenthal is busy with another patient. While this particular machine is new, it’s not that complicated and I am certified to handle it.” She was a little upset by his lack of faith in her, and her opinion of him dropped some. No date for boys who can’t deal with female doctors…

“No, no, look, it’s *really* not that. You seem really capable and intelligent, I just…” He sighed, and looked right at her, saying, “Okay, honestly? I came here to ask you out. I’d seen you around campus and I talked to some of your friends about where you worked and since I needed to get this done anyway, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone. But, I guess I’m feeling a little self-conscious about doing this with you here.”

Okay, nevermind, all those points go back on the board, plus a few more, she thought. “Look, Nick,” she began, “do you trust me to do a good job with this? It really is something I’ve been trained to do.”

“Well, yeah,” he replied, “It’s just that…”

She cut him off, “Nick.” He looked at her cautiously. “I tell you what, you let me do this, and I’ll go on a date with you, okay? Just show some faith.” He paused then, and with a half sad smile, nodded once and grabbed the gown she tossed to him and went to change behind the screen set up for that purpose. She smirked as he walked away, waiting until he was behind it to turn on the back light so she could see his shadow. She’d picked out the smallest size gown they had after his remark upset her, and upon hearing that he’d wanted to ask her out decide not to give him a larger size for… other reasons. As she watched his silhouette strip, she gave the slightest hint of a sultry smile. Professionalism aside, she was looking forward to seeing… as much of him as possible.

He came back after a moment, blushing slightly, as the gown was stretched tight over his masculine frame, outlining muscles and barely covering his ass. “Is there another size, Nancy?” he asked after a moment?

“Nope,” she lied, “we mostly get women in here, so there’s just the one.” He seemed to accept that and lay down on the correct spot on the table. She velcroed a snug strap around his waist, legs and arms, as the table would be tilted to different angles during the procedure, and he seemed unperturbed by this. The machine stayed prepped, so the only thing left to do was attach the bags and insert the hose.

The pump was larger than a normal colonic, as the special machine had been designed to use a slightly higher pressure and more fluid in order to get farther up the alimentary canal in order to remove more debris. Unlike the simpler rubber hoses of the home models, this one had a plug that fit in the patient’s anus to make sure that the greater pressure didn’t force their sphincter back open. Therefore, a little lubrication was required to get the whole thing started. As he watched her put a healthy amount of lube on her gloved fingers, he nervously spoke up, “Um, Nancy? Look, I want to…. apologize in advance here. I can be a little… sensitive sometimes. Please don’t be offended, okay?”

She was confused as to what he could mean, but nodded and smiled reassuringly. She *was* a professional after all. Moving between his legs with a hidden grin, she examined what she’d be getting on her date and found that he had a nice package, both in tush and equipment, which was already semi-erect, seemingly from his nerves. She slowly lubed up his anus, then inserted on finger in to lube up his entrance. His breathing quickened slightly as she’d lubed the outside, but when her finger went in, his tumescent cock jumped slightly and she could tell that he’d tried to stifle a gasp. ‘Oh,’ she thought, ‘so *that’s* what he meant…’

With a wicked grin, she proceeded to lube his passage up much more thoroughly than necessary, taking a long time and going back once for more lube. She could tell that he could barely restrain himself and was thoroughly enjoying his impromptu finger fucking, even if his face was very red. By the time she decided she’d tortured him enough, he was rock hard and leaking pre-come, though she was pretending not to notice at all. As she reached over for the plug, she caught his eyes, half-lidded in pleasure, and gave him an innocent smile, to which his gaze narrowed suspiciously in response. Inwardly, she chuckled, and then she began working the point of the plug slowly inside of him. He fought as long as he could, but she was doing it as slowly as she could, and finally she got a reaction, when after she slid another inch in, a moan escaped him, and she paused to ask him sweetly, “Did that hurt, Nick?”

His breathing was fast and it took him a moment to collect himself to answer, “N-no… just… intense.”

Deciding that she’d tortured him long enough about her intentions, she asked him, “Do you want me to stop?” As she said this, she slowly worked the plug back and forth in his ass, making it obvious that this was in no way part of the “normal” procedure.

He squirmed under her ministrations, then she heard him whisper breathily, “No… please don’t.” It was the ‘please’ that got to her. Up until then, she’d been enjoying herself with no real thought about taking it further, but hearing him beg her made a rush of heat fill her body. Her lab coat suddenly felt too tight and her mouth was dry. Suddenly she had a flash of images fill her head, her riding his body, still bound to the table, totally at her mercy. The thoughts made things deep inside her clench in anticipation and she could feel the beginnings of wetness between her thighs. She thought frantically for a moment, Dr. Rosenthal would be with her patient at least another half hour, if not longer, the walls were essentially soundproof, once the machine was on, and he’d already said he wanted her…

She worked the plug around for another minute, reveling in the way he writhed and gasped for her, until finally she slipped it in place and moved to turn the machine on. He’d become slightly more flaccid as the rush of the experience left him, but as the pump began its powerful flow of high pressure fluid, she heard his bindings strain and a strangled moan slip from him, and saw his cock jerk back to rigidity. She smiled then, thinking that ‘sensitive’ might not be enough to describe this poor boy. While he tried to collect himself, she quietly said, “I’ll be right back” and left to check on Dr. Rosenthal.

Sure enough, she was still working and assured Nancy that she would be for quite some time. On her way back to Nick, she stopped by her purse to grab some deep, red lipstick she carried and mascara, then grabbed the heels she’d left here after a meeting with a professor (amazing what an extra few inches and the right… attitude could do for getting taken seriously, she chuckled) and then quietly slipped back to Dr. Rosenthal’s office.

Dr. Rosenthal was a small woman, lithe and petite, but not too short. Since lab coats in general were designed for men, this meant that even the smallest size fit her like a baggy dress and made her seem like a child. She compensated by wearing an older style coat, from the fifties, she’s said, which was double breasted with five sets of buttons, coming from just below the neck falling all the way down to her calves. They had been mostly worn by sanitarium workers, it seemed, but it fit Dr. Rosenthal much better than the standard coat. She had three, so Nancy simply grabbed the cleanest one left and slipped into the bathroom.

Nancy was *not* petite. She worked out regularly as stress relief, so she had good muscle on her arms and legs, and a tight tummy, but the biggest difference between her and the good doctor was Nancy’s generous C-cup to the doctor’s minimal B’s. Stripping out of her clothes, including her bra and panties, she pulled on the long coat. It was snug in the arms, but not constrictive, and loose enough in the shoulders. She was able to button the bottom three sets of buttons, though with her wide hips and attractively rounded ass, the final buttons made the coat seem like a pencil skirt and would definitely keep her stride short. Still, she supposed that could be sexy if she worked it. The top set was never going to happen, but the second down was right beneath her breasts and she was having difficulty even getting one button done. Finally, she took a deep breath, lifting her breasts, then quickly did just one of the two buttons. The material strained around her prodigious chest, squeezing her breasts together enticingly and thrusting her cleavage up obscenely. She liked the look. For her final touches she applied the mascara deeply and gave herself a thick coat of the lipstick to make her lips look blood red and wet. She slipped on her heels and walked across the hall to the machine room.

It had only been a few minutes since she left Nick, and she was pleased to see upon entering that he was still as hard as ever. The condoms she’d picked up from her purse were in her right pocket and feeling the foil wrapped packages in her hand gave her a rush of renewed anticipation and wetness. The door was situated such that patients couldn’t see who walked in and out of the room, so as it shut, Nick heard the noise and called out, a little shakily, “Nancy?”

Saying nothing, she stalked slowly across the room, her legs confined in the fabric, causing her to swing her hips sexily as she sauntered towards him. Each time her legs crossed in front of the other, her thighs would glide past one another, and she could feel anew the moistness inside her. The feeling of it made her purr. He called out again, a little more nervous, “Nancy? Is that you? Um… Dr. Rosenthal?”

He said the last with even more trepidation, given his massive erection and the thought of the elderly doctor walking in on him in such a compromising position, she supposed. She stepped beside him finally, giving him a profile view of her voluptuous frame, and the way it strained the fabric of her coat. She turned towards him and leaning over from the waist, so that he couldn’t help but stare straight down her cleavage, she gave him a sultry gaze and murmured, “And how are we *feeling*, Mr. Lewis?”

He didn’t say anything for a moment, stunned by lust, before his eyes cleared a little and he said wonderingly, “Nancy?”

She gave him a small, genuine smile, before her eyes wandered down to his still erect cock and her lips quirked into that lustful grin once more. She began getting up on the table, but soon found that her coat didn’t give her the leg room to get up high enough, and the machine was in the way besides. She paused for a second before remembering the step ladder in the corner, from where the janitor had been working on the ducting. She brought it over and put it at his head, then let him just hear her come up those steps, one at a time, her heels clacking hard against the metal steps.

She stood over him now, giving him a long look up her coat, but as she was about to turn around he moaned as she hike up her coat slightly to split her legs apart for balance. Pausing with her legs at shoulder width, she could hear little noises coming from him, and looking down, saw that his eyes were fixed on her pussy, which she could feel was quite wet now. He was also quite obviously straining somewhat at his bonds, as though he wanted to touch her. The thought made her dizzy with a surge of lust and she decided to kneel before she fell. On her hands and knees now, waiting out the vertigo and enjoying the feel of the dress tugging at her body, she noticed that his struggles had only increased when she’d lowered herself on to him, and now his nostrils flared as he breathed in her scent heavily. ‘Oh, you *like* that, do you?’ she realized with a smile.

Deciding to tease him further, she rocked back slightly on her heels to bring her ass and crotch closer to his face. Just before she reached him, his breath would catch, and she could hear him mouth open, so she would rock forward again, and he would whimper. While taunting his bound form, she reached out and fisted him cock, enjoying the feel of his hardness in her hand, like a throbbing piston wrapped in warm skin. *God* he was hard, she marveled. The anticipation of putting his steel-like member inside her distracted her and she made the twin mistakes of both missing the telltale sound of his mouth opening and going too far back on the next rock of her heels. Her only warning, as it were, was the sudden glorious feeling of his tongue running between her nether lips before he flicked across her clit, lightly. She was the one to groan, then, and he simply sighed. So powerful were the sensations in her pussy that she felt the weakness in her legs return and with a lust-hazed mind she fell backwards and sat on his face firmly, the only thought she could spare being ‘serves him right’.

From the way his already rock hard member tightened even more as his hips bucked up, she’d been wrong before. Or rather, he had liked the sight and smell of her pussy, but he *loved* the feel of it. She’d never smothered anyone before and for a moment she felt a rush of dominance and power from sitting on this man’s face, then felt a different rush as he came back to himself and buried his tongue as deep inside her as it would reach. After a short time she lifted herself up to let him breathe only to have him make a soft “noooooo” sound, which she took to mean that he wanted more, and for longer. This time she was gentler, but by the way he stretched his neck up into her, she figured he liked it better the first time, so she once again lifted herself up slowly to his soft protests, and when it looked like she was getting up, she mashed her ass and crotch onto his face as hard as she thought he could take.

Judging by the vibrations she felt through her ass as he groaned, this was exactly what he was looking for and she couldn’t complain as his tongue and lips expertly pleasured her cunt while flicking around wildly. As her passions peaked, she began grinding her hips into him for more sensation, much to his vocal approval. She began dry fisting his cock slowly as she ground her hips back and moaned strongly, feeling an orgasm building on the edges of her awareness. Abruptly, she lifted herself off of him, and swiftly removing the foil wrapping from a condom, placed between her lips against her teeth. She turned her head towards him to show him what she was doing with a smoldering stare before turning back to his erection and slowly deepthroating him while applying the condom.

As she slipped her lips and teeth around him she could feel his dick pulsing in her mouth from his excitement. The beat seemed to roll right down her throat and into her pussy, making her body quiver. Moaning shakily, she tore herself away from her fellatio, turned quickly around and shoved herself down on his cock. The heat of his rock hardness felt like it was burning her from the inside out and she wasn’t able to do anything more than just feel the waves of fire burn through her for a few moments. Finally, he twitched inside her and she felt herself clench on him in response. Slowly she began to move up and down, setting an aching pace. Her breathing was deep and low and at some point she started making small moans every time she dropped back down. He was groaning softly and trying to buck his hips up against her, but his restraints held fast. Chuckling darkly, she took her time, and put her hands to work on her own body, pulling, caressing, and scratching like she was trying to shed her skin to let the fire out. Her breasts ached, straining against the thin fabric of her coat, so she undid another button and her cleavage suddenly spilled out of the top. Her hands moved up to pinch her nipples and squeeze her breasts wantonly, increasing the warmth growing more urgent in her belly, until with a rush of pleasure, a spark crawled up her spine, and she began to convulse in a powerful orgasm that locked her thighs around him and made her crush her breasts to her chest. Looking down she saw his body tighten as well, and felt his cock spasm inside her, driving her on and on.

After almost a minute, she came to and made the sudden realization that he was still achingly hard. Smiling at her sudden fortune, she pulled herself off to change out the condom only to realize that he hadn’t come! She stared at the empty tube of latex for a second before murmuring in his ear, “I guess I get you a *few* times, don’t I?” His only answer was to hit her with a look that begged for more. Thinking for a moment, she knew that she was too sore to continue with anything in her pussy for a little while, but the humming and whirring of the enema pump in the background gave her a delicious idea.

Walking over to a switch, she shut off the pump, then moving to his ass, she picked up an extra large, rubber anal plug and showed it to him. His eyes widened momentarily and she laughed, “It is quite large, isn’t it? But I know you want it…” she purred, then finished softly, “I want it, too.” With the ease of long practice, in one smooth motion she removed the hosing and slipped in plug, where it sank in and locked in place. He moaned, deeply, and his breathing got very heavy and fast. She walked over and stroked his face as he calmed back down, making small comfort noises and pressing her breasts into his chest and shoulder. When he had adjusted, she switched out condoms quickly, then brought over some of the lube used for insertions and coated his member thickly with it. Smirking slightly, she also coated his entire crotch, as he made small noises of disapproval. “Hush”, she said, “you’ll like this, I promise”. She climbed up on top of him again, then sat down with her back to him as she got ready. “Normally, I would suggest working a couple of fingers in like I did for you, but honestly, it gets really boring around here sometimes and I… practice quite a bit”, she finished with a dirty grin. His eyes grew even more lustful as the shared a knowing glance regarding this peculiar pleasure. She smiled then, a real smile, soft and a little shy, feeling that bond between them and he responded in kind. Both felt their passions soar as these new feelings of connectedness overlaid their previous, more primal ones.

Slowly, almost hypnotically, she stretched her arms backwards to grip his biceps and lever herself up on all fours, her feet on his thighs, and she languorously lowered herself onto his still vertical erection. As he slid between her cheeks both of the made a little sound, and she began dipping herself onto his tip making it rim her tight hole. Finally she concentrated and pushed, and he slipped inside her an inch or two. Her small sounds became deep moans as she let her body weight impale her anus on his cock. Her hair cascaded freely down onto his chest, brushing softly against his skin and nipples, making him pant. When her hips met his and she could feel all of him inside of her, she tightened her muscles, making them both groan appreciatively. Still with him in her to the hilt, she slowly slid her ass around on his crotch, the lube she’d spread earlier, giving it an intensely erotic flavor. Then, using her impressive muscular control, she slowly milked his penis, up and down, setting a steady but smooth pace. On every upstroke he would tense, making lines of fire climb up through her tummy into her chest. Soon, the sensations overwhelmed him and he began spasming again, harder this time, and she felt the stirrings of an orgasm build that surprised her. As good as this always felt, it was rare that she could come without any direct clitoral stimulation, but apparently this was going to be one of those times. What felt like a slow humming started deep between her vagina and anus and radiated outward, causing her grip on his arms to tighten suddenly and small explosions to crash through her body.

Slumping to rest against him after she finished, she purred contentedly, before realizing that the slight tightness and soreness she felt inside her ass was not the pleasant fading of their coupling, but his still rigid member. Growling in disbelief, she tore herself off of him and looked at him hard. “That’s it, little boy”, she said, grabbing his hair tightly and forcing him to meet her angry gaze. “This time you are going to come with every drop you didn’t these last two times inside of me and you are going to *like* it, do you understand?” He nodded slowly, and she released his hair to let his head fall against the cushion. With no ceremony, she stripped off the condom to replace it and knelt on top of him on the table.

Her mind was wild, awash with frustration, desire, humiliation, and an almost primal need. How could he not have come? Was she not attractive enough? She would *drag* it out of him, if necessary. Her face took on a lustful, almost desperately manic cast. He was rock hard beneath her, entranced at the sight. Hair splayed out around her in a storm, like leaves whipping in the wind. She impaled herself on his member in one harsh thrust and a painfully urgent groan rocked through her as she closed her eyes, the wanton impulse driving her body through the haze of backwash from her over-sensitized clitoris and she grunted with each slam of her body into his, her inner muscles grasping him in an iron grip. Her leg muscles burned from the force of her motions and her hands clenched his tightly, locked together as the wild fierceness rolled between. He was moaning, now: a low, guttural sound which vibrated from his chest and made the darkness in her tummy roil with excitement. Her lips were inches away from his neck and shoulders, and the energy coursing through sought out his flesh as she licked and bit her way into his soft, sweaty skin. At the deepest point of the stroke, his tip was bumping her cervix, hard, like a strong pressure, normally painful to her, but in her feral state, it simply drove her closer and closer to the edge.

She was screaming between her teeth now, a high, crazed sound which seemed to be all her inflamed voicebox could produce, as her frantic eyes sought his. There was no control in this frenzied fuck, simply pure animalistic pounding, all muscle, flesh, pain, and desperate pleasure. Her body was lost to the impulse, the need to join with him, driven by her inflamed passion and competitive spirit which sought at once to dominate him and gain his favor by forcing him to give up his seed. As the fire built inside her, she felt his body tense and she buried her teeth in the meat of his neck, screaming for all she could as spasms wracked her body, radiating outward from her center. He pulsed inside her, held tightly to her flesh by her inner muscles, and each pulse set off another cascade of mind-numbing intensity, sensation beyond pleasure or pain, simply overwhelming her ability to process it, but sating a need inside her that she had never felt before. Her hands gripped his in a bone-creaking hold, spasmodically tensing as each wave went through her. Deep inside her she could feel his condom fill as he came and came, all that he had not before, had been holding back, and a fierce pride welled up in her tired, battered body, as a languorous pleasure washed over her senses as the waves slowed and finally stilled in her core.

None of her muscles worked. She lay there, empty of all thought or energy for a full minute before she summoned the presence of mind to realize that being found like this would be very bad. “I…. I can’t… move,” she stammered out tiredly.

His voice softly answered her, “Can you release my arms?” Her hands weakly tugged at the restraints until she could find enough annoyance at her state to tear each Velcro far enough down for him to finish the job. As he sat up and took her in his arms, he gently extracted himself from her, and undid his waist and feet. He buttoned her coat, slowly and carefully, then set her back down on the table as he began unhooking himself from the monitors. She stirred lazily to see him expertly remove the wires and hoses, showing little of the fatigue she felt. Distantly she was annoyed at that, but for the moment her body felt so incredibly good and relaxed, not to mention exhausted, that anything else failed to enter her thoughts. Still, she found she was in no way immune to shock as he turned to her, with a slight grin on his face and asked, “So… about that date…”


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