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Slave Match

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Her name was Torrie and I fought her before. I easily beat her in a catfight and ended up fucking her in the ass and making her orgasm in front of everybody in the club she danced in. I figured she’d never want to see me again. Imagine my surprise when I got a knock on my door and opened it to find her standing in the hall of my apartment clad only in a black leather overcoat and heels.

I arched an eyebrow and smirked. “Don’t tell me… I was so good that you came back for another ass fucking. Is that it?”

“It’s your ass getting fucked today, bitch. I owe you one and I’m here to pay the debt. But that is one debt I’m going to love paying off.”

I just laughed and opened the door, waving her in. Thinking how much fun I was going to be able to have with her now that she was in my apartment.

“You wearing any –

I stopped mid-sentence when she let her over coat fall to the floor to reveal a body that had to be sculpted by the Gods themselves. I had seen it when I fought her before, but I really didn’t get a chance to appreciate how beautiful she was. “Nude, anything goes, no holds barred catfight I assume?”

She just nodded, glaring at me. The fire for revenge danced in her eyes and I realized she might not be as easy to beat as she had before. “Okay, fine. Stakes?”

Torrie smiled. “Loser gets fucked and humiliated at the end of the fight and is owned by the winner for one week. If you’re not too afraid that is.”

I just laughed, though something was nagging at me about this. Something just felt wrong but I figured it was my imagination. “Okay, Torrie. I could use a slut to clean up after me.”

She chuckled evilly. “Oh no, whore. You’re gonna be my bitch for a week. And I’m going to fuck you so good that I’ll break you and make you beg me to keep you on as my slave.”

“Did I mishear you last time when I fucked you so hard that you screamed: ‘Oh, fuck, fuckkkkkkkkkkk! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!’ I probably gave you the best orgasm of your life and do I get a thank you? Noooo… I get a bitch who wants revenge. Well, if that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get, bitch.”

I took my black daisy dukes off first. My blue tank top came off next, revealing my large, firm breasts whose nipples were as hard as bullets. I kicked my leather boots off and then slid my black satin thong down my legs to reveal my shaved mound. I noticed hers was bare except for a small strip of hair that we girls called a landing strip. Then the fight started.

I stood in a relaxed stance and just followed her movements as she crouched down and circled around me with her arms out as if ready to grab or pounce on me at any minute. “Better be careful girl, I kicked your ass once. Well, I should say kicked and fucked your ass once.”

I laughed but stopped when she drove her head into my stomach and grabbed my legs. She didn’t do a whole lot of damage. My abdominals are strong and tight but it surprised me a bit. I looked down at her and just slapped her hard on the ass, figuring it would humble her a bit.

What it did was make her mad and she wrapped both arms around my left leg and pulled it off the ground so that I was now hopping on my right foot to stay standing. I tried to yank my leg free but she had a solid grip. She started to twist my leg, forcing me to turn away from her. She knew that if I didn’t my knee would be wrenched. So of course I turned and once my back was to her she pushed forward, hooked her leg in front of my right leg and pushed me forward. I tripped and as I fell she bent my left leg up as far as she could to my back. Once I was on the floor, she was able to force my shoulders to the ground by bending it back even further.

I started fighting her, trying to stretch my leg back out straight but before I could finish doing that she dropped a hard knee with all of her weight behind it into the small of my back. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” My back knotted up and the pain was almost unbearable. But instead of giving in, I focused the pain into rage and reminded myself I couldn’t lose to such a weak bitch and serve her for a week as a slave. I mustered all the strength I could and pushed the front half of my body up by my arms. I then threw all my weight into my hips and bucked Torrie off my back, her being much lighter than me thank God.

Torrie was not expecting me to be strong enough to buck her off so she went flying off me and onto her ass. I stood up, my leg a bit numb but useable. I was so pissed that this little slut got the jump on me that I grabbed her by the hair and slammed my fist as hard as I could into her stomach. She doubled over, gasping for air as she curled forward trying to protect her stomach from further attack.

I pushed her into the corner of the ring gently, not wanting to hurt her. I knew she was no threat to me physically. She tried before and she could never beat me. I was too strong and fast. But I didn’t want it to be a total blowout so I decided to give her some time to recover.

I watched her doubled over with her hands on her knees, breathing deeply as she tried to regain her breath. Her long sweat-drenched sandy blonde hair clung to her face as beads of perspiration dripped from her brow like dew drops off a leaf. Her breasts were firm and full – easily a “D” and maybe more. Her nipples were hard like mine as well. All in all this dancer slash cat fighter had a body that would put Aphrodite’s to shame.

I knew then and there that cat fighting was not the way to go. She would be a better challenge in a sex fight. I knew I wasn’t probably nowhere as near as experienced as her in sex fights but I had to try; she was just too damn hot not to. Although the chance of defeat was much higher in a sex fight than a cat fight and I ran the chance of becoming her slave for a week, I had to chance it. Just like men, sometimes another part of a woman’s anatomy does the thinking for them.

“You’ll never win by fighting me physically. I figured you’d have learned that by now.”

She got up slowly, tears filling her eyes as she still gasped in pain from the blow to her stomach. Amazingly, she had enough energy to rush me, her arms swinging wildly as she screamed with frustration. I just looked at her, shaking my head and stepping to the side; I easily avoided her punches and let her run into the other turnbuckle, not able to stop her. I knew that had to hurt; she went breasts-first into it. She screamed so loud I even cringed.

Torrie managed to turn herself around and slumped in the corner, letting the ropes hold her up.

“You can’t take a hint, can you? Beautiful but not too bright, huh?” I asked.

She looked at me for a moment like a deer in headlights and then caught on. “Sexfight? The loser is the one who cums first?”

I clapped in mock admiration. “Yay, you get to go to the head of the class.”

She eyed my body over like a lioness eyeing up her prey; I immediately got that nagging feeling in the back of my head again. This time I couldn’t get rid of it.

She chuckled softly. “Hmmm… I’m willing if you are, baby.”

I grinned, trying to act cool and confident when I really knew I was over my head in deep water with a very large and hungry shark eyeing me up for dinner.

As she walked up to me all I could do was watch. Her walk along with everything else about her was so seductive, so… perfect. Torrie slid her hand across my hip and down my thigh to my bare and very vulnerable pussy. I immediately shuddered in ecstasy and knew I was in deep trouble. I wanted to give up to her right then and there but I was too competitive. I won’t lose unless I am beat.

“Damn,” I moaned, “maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” I pushed my breasts against hers, feeling her nipples drilling into mine as I tried to push her up against the wall. I tried to concentrate enough to get my hand to her pussy like she did mine but it was difficult, she was good… Too good.

She just laughed as she felt me shudder and grabbed my leg and pushed me down while she pulled my legs out from under me. She fell on top of me as I fell backwards. Torrie scooted down my body and before I knew it her face was buried in my pussy and her tongue slid along my lips, forcing a loud groan of pleasure out of me.

Her fingers reached up and twisted my nipples as her tongue found my clit and slid across it.

“Noooo… I can’t let this happen…” I tried to sit up but she put me onto my back again easily with the mere placing of her hand on my stomach. It didn’t take much, her tongue was sapping my strength and will to fight and I really didn’t want to resist it.

Torrie slipped her fingers between my lips and rubbed a finger from her free hand gently over my clit. She rolled my clit under her finger tip expertly with painless but firm pressure.

“Ahhhh… Noooo…” I tried to struggle and get away from her but it was not only futile but also not truthfully desired. My legs spread wider for her involuntarily and she sensed my vulnerability and knew she had me; I knew it too.

Her fingers slipped inside my pussy and she curled them up and flicked her fingertips across my G-spot which nearly made me cum right there but by a miracle I fought the urge to orgasm although just barely. Her tongue started in on my clit and coupled with her fingers hitting my G-spot, I knew I was hers. My body went limp and I lay their submissively as she took control and made me hers.

“Please noooo… Please don’t make me cum… I can’t be a slave noooo…” I could only beg her not to enslave me and I couldn’t even do that very convincingly.

Her fingers stroked the inside of my pussy as her tongue fluttered across my clit. The fingers of her free hand started to stroke my firm, muscular ass. Torrie slipped her forefinger deep into my pussy, getting it wet, and then pressed it firmly against my puckered asshole. Her finger slipped past my rosebud easily and she began to tease my pussy and ass. My legs tightened around her neck as I moaned like a little girl who had lost her puppy.

She began to finger fuck my pussy and ass in earnest at the same time as she continued to abuse my clit with her tongue. All of this helped lead up to a massive orgasm and my eminent defeat but it was the five words she growled with such authority that pushed me over the edge. They were simple words but powerful just the same.

“Cum now, my little slut!”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKK!” I screamed as my body jerked violently and my pussy exploded in ecstasy, my juices squirting over her fingers and down the inside of my thighs as I writhed in pleasure like a pig in its pen.

“Nooooo… FUUUUUCKK!” My legs were wrapped tight around her neck. “YOU BITCH!” I screamed as I sobbed , realizing I lost and was now her slave for a week.

Torrie smiled as she seen that I realized my situation and my new position. She looked down on me and giggled at the broken body of a slut she had conquered. I was another notch on her sex fight belt. “Look at you, slut. Lying there after the best orgasm you probably ever had. But guess what? The game isn’t over yet, whore. It’s time to make you my bitch and I know just how to do it. Go bring your strap on harness and two of your biggest dildos to me.”

I obeyed immediately, groaning inwardly as I realized I was probably going to get a dose of some of the medicine I had given her before. Realizing my situation was hopeless, I grabbed he harness and dildos and took them back to her, still on my hands and knees.

“Mistress, what are you going to do to me?”

“You will see, my pet. Now, put the harness around your new Mistress’s waist.”

“Yes, Mistress,” succumbing to my new role as slave a little too easily for my liking. I buckled it around her waist and she grabbed the two dildos. I knew I was going to be doubled penetrated because my harness had two rings to hold two dildos so that one could fuck both holes if a woman so desired.

The smaller dildo of the two was eight inches long and two inches thick, the bigger one – the one I affectionately named the Bitch Tamer – was ten inches long and three inches thick. I knew I was in for some pain this night. Mistress Torrie took the eight inch dildo and slid it into the ring that was meant for the ass and put the Bitch Tamer in the ring for the pussy. I sighed in relief somewhat; that Bitch Tamer would have literally ripped me a new asshole.

She inserted the dildos and got them situated and glared down at me. “Suck them slut. And get them nice and wet. I wouldn’t to hurt you!”

My eyes widened but I looked up at my Mistress gratefully. At least she wasn’t totally sadistic. I took the Bitch Tamer into my mouth first, sucking it deep and running my tongue on the underside of it as I bobbed my head up and down on it. I then moved on to the smaller dildo making sure I had plenty of saliva on this one knowing it was going to invade my ass.

When Mistress Torrie felt that I had sufficiently lubed the dildos with my mouth, she grinned wickedly at me. “Bend over the back of the couch, slut. Head down and your ass high in the air. Your holes will be at the perfect height to fuck and I’ll be able to fuck them hard.”

I walked over to the couch and bent over it, tears running down my cheeks as I knew I was about to become Mistress Torrie’s slave. Yet for all the shame and fear I felt, I also felt arousal. So beautiful was this Goddess that I could only submit to her whims. So I bent over the couch, my head pressed into the top of the cushions and my ass as high in the air as I could get it.

“Now spread those tender cheeks, slut. Let me see what I’m fucking,” commanded Mistress Torrie.

“Yes, Mistress Torrie,” I meekly answered as I spread my cheeks wide, exposing my rosebud and already-wet slit to her.

“Wider, slut!” she demanded, punctuating her command with a hard swat on my bare ass.

“Aaahh! Yes, Mistress Torrie.” I pulled my cheeks wider as I felt the sting turning the right cheek she hit numb and probably red as well.

“Good girl, slut.”

She lined the dildos up with my holes and began to push them in. The Bitch Tamer slid in rather easily which didn’t surprise me nor her probably. My cunt was wetter than a lake and I was so hot for this woman I couldn’t see straight. But the smaller dildo didn’t go into my ass as smooth. But with a few short jabs and some grunts of pain from me, it popped past my ring and slid deep into my ass. She paused with both dildos in me, not moving. I didn’t even realize she stopped because the pain was kicking in and distracting me.

“Ahhhh, fuck! They’re too big, Mistress. I’m so stretched and my ass is burning. Take them out please,” I begged. Yet I prayed she wouldn’t as I found myself getting curiously wetter.

I had nothing to worry about; she didn’t take them out. She grabbed me hard by the hips, digging her nails into my flesh as if to hold me still and thrust hard into my holes. It felt as if the dildos were going to come out of my mouth they went in so deep. Mistress Torrie than paused and smiled. She raised her hand high in the air and brought it hard down upon my left ass cheek this time.

I cried out and she laughed.

“Okay slut. Beg for me to fuck you and make you my bitch… Beg to be tamed by your own strap on and beg for me to rape your tender ass!”

Her words hit a chord in me, almost making me orgasm then and there but I held it back knowing I’d be punished dearly for cumming without her permission. I tried not to but I found myself doing what she said. “Yes, Mistress Torrie, please rape your bitch. Tame me and make me your slut. I’m nothing but your whore who needs to be punished and fucked like the slut I am.”

As I begged, she began to thrust forward again and the pain and pleasure returned and I found myself gasping in ecstasy. She buried the dildos inside my holes and thrust back and forth rapidly, fucking both my pussy and ass as hard and fast as she could.

“Nooooo… You’re raping me… Breaking me… Please… Can’t take it…”

I tried not to give in to the pleasure but I failed. “Don’t break me, Mistress Torrie… Please… Noooo…” I screamed as I found myself thrusting my body against the cocks in my holes painfully.

Mistress Torrie fucked me even harder, grinding the rubber dildos deep inside me. She pulled back, than thrust forward again as hard as she could. She leaned forward as she grabbed my nipples tightly, pinching them and using them to pull me harder onto her strap on.

I just pressed my face harder into the cushions of the couch as my will finally broke. I was now under her control and my pussy started flowing copiously while she fucked me senseless. All I could do after that was beg for one thing. Beg for the one thing that would in one way enslave me and in another way liberate me… “Mistress, may I cum please? Please let your slut cum.”

She fucked me harder, pushing me closer and closer to my breaking point. “No, slut. Do not cum.”

I fought hard to fight the orgasm back and succeeded for the moment.

“Are you mine, slut?” she asked as she ravaged my ass and pussy mercilessly. “Are you my slut? My toy to be used and abused as I desire?”

I tried to sink my face deeper into the cushions while I sobbed in humiliation and shame but I had no choice but to answer. “Yes, Mistress Torrie. I’m your toy to be used and abused as you see fit. I am yours for a week, Mistress. You own me for seven days.”

She stopped; the dildos were still deep inside me but she didn’t move at all. “Only for a week? Only for seven days? Are you sure? Seems like you would want to be owned for longer than that…”

Mistress Torrie than ran one of her hands across my back as she talked, the fingers of her other hand gently stroking my breasts. Are you sure you only want to serve me for a week? I thought you wanted to cum this way?” She smiled as she let the implications set in.

The bitch was going to make me become her slave for an even longer duration in order for me to get her to make me cum. I thought at first about refusing but I couldn’t. I had to cum. She had me against the ropes and she knew exactly what I needed as her hands played my body like a fiddle, causing my body to tense in a building orgasm but never quite letting me over the edge. She waited for my submission and I gave it to her.

“Two weeks. Two weeks if you make me cum, Mistress Torrie.”

She seemed to consider this and finally assented. “Two weeks as my sole property, slut.” She spread my ass cheeks wider and thrust hard into me. The Bitch Tamer filled my pussy and stretched me wide open as the smaller dildo expanded the size of my asshole.

“Cum now, bitch. Cum right now, slut!”

I was riding the crest and about to drop over the edge when she smacked my ass hard and screamed “CUM NOW!”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” My body convulsed violently as my juices coated the Bitch Tamer and ran down the insides of my thighs as I bucked wildly, grabbing my tits and kneading them. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! MISTRESSSSSSSSSSSS!”

Mistress Torrie continued to spank my ass and forced me to keep cumming until I was drained utterly and was nothing more than a quivering mass of flesh that trembled in pain, fear and pleasure on her dildos.

I was broken and nothing but her submissive slut now. “Ahhhh… No more, Mistress Torrie, please… No more… I can’t take it… You own me…”

After that, she removed the strap on and made me wash the dildos and left as she had to go see some friends. She commanded me to put this match into a story format and so I have. Unfortunately, the same night I lost to her, I won a Liberty match in which I fought for my freedom and won. It was straight cat fighting this time. I learned my lesson with sex fighting… At least for now.

Although I won my freedom, a part of me is disappointed that I did. I have to admit, I wondered what being Mistress Torrie’s slave would be like. But unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever know now. Not too long after I won the Liberty match, Mistress Torrie’s former Mistress, Victoriadomme beat her bad and collared her and now owns her until she tires of her.

Good luck, Mistress Torrie and I hope you get free soon. Maybe we can have another match.

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