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K is for Knothole

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Craig had been working out in the yard, just having finished mowing the grass as he now began paying attention to a few stubborn weeds coming up in his flower garden. He knelt, his trowel already loosening the dirt beneath such one as he glanced up. Directly across from him stood a six-foot wooden fence separating his yard from the neighbors. As he glanced, he caught sudden movement through a fairly large knothole in the wood. Like a naughty little boy, he leaned in closer towards it.

Across the yard into which he was peering, he saw her. He remembered his wife Sandy mentioning her name, “Becky,” he mused to himself. They had met out near the mailboxes where Sandy had learned just a few days after her moving in that she was recently divorced. Becky had been there less than a full week, and as yet Craig hadn’t even seen her as yet, let alone met her. Until now. His unobserved introduction was one he’d not expected nor anticipated either. He continued to kneel, grinning like that same naughty little boy.

Hearing the back door open, he turned his head watching his wife emerge carrying a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade. He smiled. She faltered in her step just slightly spotting him, shaking her head almost unnoticeably from side to side continuing her approach.

Craig adored his wife. He and Sandy hadn’t been married all that long either, each coming from bad marriages into this one. As such, there wasn’t anything they couldn’t or wouldn’t share with one another. Something they had vowed, promised, and committed to one another in always being honest with regards to their feelings, not matter what they might be. Because of that, Sandy knew every one of Craig’s deepest darkest desires and secrets. As he knew hers.

At just barely five feet, Craig affectionately called her his little “Tasmanian Devil”. He’d never known a woman who could become as wild in bed as she could once she was aroused. To see her, you’d never know it or believe it even if you did. Sandy wore her reddish-brown hair in a feathery short, easy to care for manner. She had large breasts, which tended to be accentuated because of her height, often given appreciative stares from men as well as women. Though some of which weren’t always welcome if someone became too obvious about it, or worse, actually made a suggestive comment, especially if she didn’t know them.

“Naughty boy!” Sandy whispered actually crouching as she approached the fence. “Just what are you looking at anyway?” she asked with an “I know what you’re doing” look on her face.

“Just meeting our neighbor,” he whispered back in low tones only loud enough for Sandy to hear. “And boy am I!”

She handed him his lemonade, taking his place before the hole in the fence glancing in briefly. “Wow!” Sandy exclaimed almost a little too loudly, quickly pulling away however in the event she might have been heard, even at this distance. She peeked briefly once again a moment or two later, then stepped away. “She is pretty isn’t she?”

Sandy wasn’t jealous. Craig knew her better than that, and she him. But he could hear the envy in her tone of voice when she spoke. Becky really did have “long assed legs” as Craig referred to them just moments before giving up his spot for his wife’s quick little ‘look-see’. Sandy had always wished that she had long legs, a natural desire by anyone who wasn’t. Just like some women wished to be larger breasted, something Sandy found to be more of a handicap than a blessing.

Becky had come out to take in some sun. She’d obviously been busy the better part of the week unpacking, getting things settled in. Now, in the supposed seclusion of her own backyard, she had thrown down a beach towel on one of her patio lounge chairs. Wearing nothing but a pair of dark sunglasses, she lay on her back, freshly oiled, gleaming against the brilliant sunlight now caressing her nude form.

Even laying down as she was, it was evident she was tall for a woman, perhaps even a model for she certainly looked it, though neither Sandy nor Craig knew or had any idea what she actually did for a living. Her breasts were certainly smaller than Sandy’s, but beautifully proportioned with dollar-sized, pink tipped nipples that even at this distance, could be seen standing firm and erect off her chest.

“Fuck me,” Sandy spoke still standing off to one side. “Right here…right now!”

Craig was grinning. Watching his wife begin turning into the sometimes wild little Tasmanian ‘she-devil’ that she was, he leered towards her lustfully as she stood, already peeling away the sleeveless blouse she was wearing. “Keep your shirt on,” she warned him. “Cause you’re taking bottom, and I know how bad you hate the itchy’s!”

Craig hurriedly unfastened his belt, stepping out of his Levi shorts, tossing them off to one side where they were soon joined by both Sandy’s top, as well as her own pair of shorts, along with her panties. Though his bare ass now melted into the grass, even if he got a case of the “itchy’s” as Sandy’d called them, he wasn’t about to complain. He was still grinning as she stepped over him, lowering, and then stole his breath away.

She was wet. Sopping was perhaps a better word for it. That mere thought alone never failing to make him hungry, “cock-hungry” for her he’d called it. Sandy’s pussy was always so deliciously warm, slick and wet whenever he came to her. Just as it was now. Just as his prick acknowledged, sending back the sensory information to his brain as the feel of her engulfing him so easily, so smoothly until he felt the lips of her pussy actually kissing at the now tight sack of his balls.

“Hold still,” she purred milking him. He loved it when she contracted her muscles around him, felt her cunt literally stroking his prick with tiny little contractions that slithered up and down his shaft as though her own lips were busily sucking him instead. “Play with my tits, pinch my nipples,” she added, her head half-tossed back as she leaned that way, his hands already coming up to fill his palms with.

Sandy could get as deliciously wicked as he himself was when she became aroused, if not more so. Though most of their friends wouldn’t know it, believe it because of her almost Jekell & Hide change that took place when she became not just aroused, but decadently aroused as she obviously was now.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s perfect! I love it when you play with my nipples like that!”

She was fucking him now, hard. He met her downwards thrusts, impaling her with his own fierce piercing, as cock became pussy, pussy became cock. Rapid, frantic, their coupling now taking on a mind of it’s own without worry or fear for the pleasure of the other for so in-tune where they, that as one began climax, the other soon joined.

Sometimes it was quick. Like this one. Barely a minute had even elapsed since they’d begun the furious assault upon one another’s flesh. Yet they sang out in near-perfect unison only moments later, Craig’s cock spewing torrents of fresh hot cream into his wife’s spasming pussy as she swallowed it, swallowed him deep near the opening of her womb.

She laughed, leaving him to lay there still breathless as he tried unsuccessfully at first to regain his senses. “Hurry up and shower,” she told him retrieving her clothes. “I’m famished!”

They’d planned dinner around a nice tossed salad and barbequed chicken. Suddenly he was equally as hungry as she’d announced her self in being. “Ok, just let me finish this last patch of the garden,” he stated, turning to watch, once again smiling as his cute sexy nude little wife sashayed back inside the house, carrying her clothes as well as his which he only then realized.

“Fuck!” he laughed, dragging his bare-ass over towards the garden retrieving his trowel once again. Spotting the knot-hole that had started all this in the first place, he stole another quick peek into it, somewhat disappointed, then curious as their new neighbor was now no where in sight. He tossed the trowel down onto the ground leaving the small strip of garden area as yet un-weeded. “Fuck it, leave it for the nightshift!” he told himself, then headed back inside, swishing his naked little ass in much the same way he’d seen his wife doing, wondering if she stood even now watching him through the dark recess of their kitchen window.


Once again clean, Craig had slipped into a pair of brightly colored briefs, which is about all he ever wore when lounging around inside the house, though usually careful to keep another pair of casual shorts handy and available in the event unexpected company arrived.

He’d just stepped out back onto their patio, firing up the barbeque in preparation for the chicken, turning to not only see his wife standing there, but their new, never formally before met neighbor Becky standing beside her.

It took everything she had to keep from laughing as Sandy turned introducing him to their neighbor. He noticed as she did, that Becky didn’t obviously appear to be too uncomfortable by his appearance, perhaps thinking in fact that we was actually wearing some sort of swim-wear. That was, until she spoke.

“Nice to meet you too,” she said extending her hand. “And don’t worry, chances are you’ll discover me running inside and out of my house in my underwear half the time too!”

Before he could answer, or inquire as to why she was even there in the first place, Sandy answered for her.

“Becky told me her new oven hasn’t been delivered yet. She was going to throw some hot-dogs on her barbeque, but can’t seem to get it lit for some reason, so she came over to see if you’d be willing to look at it for her.”

Craig opened his mouth to speak.

“I’ve already told her you would. But not today. Told her she’d be staying for dinner since we’re already planning on barbequing, and something a hell of a lot better than hot-dogs.”

Once again Craig started to speak.

“I asked your wife what I should bring, or wear in the event you were having other company. She told me to come as I am.”

Becky was wearing a skimpy bikini, no doubt what she’d been wearing prior to taking it off to sunbathe. She was looking at Craig expectantly, but then spoke once again before he could utter a single word.

“So, is this still ok? Or should I perhaps switch to panties and bra?”

Sandy burst out laughing, as did Becky. They stood there the two of them laughing and hugging one another as though having known one another for years.

“See? I told you that’d get him!” Sandy told her. “Now, come on, you can help me finish making the salad!”

Craig stood for a moment totally speechless, then turned back around to light the barbeque, which he’d already lit.

“Fuck!” he said silently, then smiled.


They’d enjoyed their dinner getting to know one another better. Though for the most part, Craig merely sat back content to listen to the women talking as though they had known one another for years.

“So what is it you do anyway?” Sandy had asked her. “You look like a model!”

It was the first time she had actually blushed. “Me? A model? No!” she laughed. “I am an interior designer, though in a way I guess you could say I do modeling. Or rather remodeling of homes. After doing it for so long for everyone else, I decided after my divorce to find a nice little place I could fix up myself. And now that I have enough money put aside to do that, I’ve taken some time off to remodel myself, as well as my home.”

“More wine?” Craig asked as he finished pouring what remained of the bottle into Becky’s glass, attempting to do the same to Becky’s. But she hurriedly placed her hand over it to keep him from pouring.

“Don’t care for wine?” Becky asked.

“Actually, I love it! But any more than two glasses, and I…well, lets just say I get a little frisky feeling. So I usually stop there.”

Becky frowned. “Oh come on Sandy, you can’t get that bad. Hell, I’m the same way after a few drinks. I’ve been known to really let my hair down and surprise a few people. So come on, if I’m having another, you sure as hell can!”

Craig was grinning from ear to ear. He knew his wife, and seriously knew that more than two drinks, anything and everything was possible.

“Well, ok…but just one more. Anything after that and I’m no longer responsible for anything I might say or do!”

“Speaking of do. I noticed you guys have a hot-tub,” she said looking over to where it sat in a secluded little corner of their yard. “I could really use a nice soak. My back and shoulders are killing me from all this lifting I’ve been doing.”

“Well you’re more than welcome to come over and use it any time you’d like to!” Craig began. “Just one thing though, if you decide to, you either have to do so in the buff, or wear something that’s never been washed with detergent. Perhaps a new swimsuit you don’t mind seeing fade in a hurry because of the chemicals in the tub. But the detergents play hell with the chemicals I use, so…either naked or something brand new.”

“Well thanks!” she smiled. “But to be honest, I wouldn’t feel comfortable tubbing alone, or using it that way. But if you two were comfortable enough, I could sure use it now!”

Craig’s head spun towards Sandy like a top. She sat smiling at him with a knowing look.

“Craig honey? Why don’t you go open another bottle of wine after you pop the lid on the tub. I’ll show Becky to the guest room where she and I can change. We’ll meet you out here in say…fifteen minutes? Give her a chance to relax without you ogling her, and give us a chance to chat. How’s that sound?”

To Craig, it sounded like heaven.


He was mildly surprised with his wife. Not only had she agreed to have a third glass of wine, but suggested he open another. Though as he considered that, chances were she still wouldn’t have any more, so the offer was more for Becky’s benefit as well as his own. “Still,” he thought silently. It had allowed the wine time enough to breathe when he finally stepped outside with nothing on but his robe, carrying the wine along with three unbreakable glasses. The girls were happily engaged in conversation, hardly taking note of him at all as he sat the tray down on the convenient little bar next to the tub, and removed his robe hanging it up next to theirs.

“Wine?” he asked expecting Sandy to decline, even more surprised when she accepted.

“Yes please,” they’d both indicated.

For a time, Craig was content to just sit there in his opposite little corner of the tub watching the two of them continue to jabber on. In a way, it was like watching dolphins at play as their breasts occasionally broke the surface of the water, giving him tantalizing peeks at the two of them. So completely different, yet “tits!” he thought quietly as he continued to watch them. Of course, he became aroused. Thankfully, with the surface swirling, bubbling, the prospect of discovery wasn’t very likely. That was, until as if on cue, Sandy and Becky suddenly moved to either side of him.

“Think he’s hard?” Sandy asked, reaching over. “Yep! He is!” she giggled.

Craig was flustered, bewildered yet totally enjoying this unexpected turn of events. As his wife toyed with his cock, he sat grinning as the Tasmanian devil took shape. “Go ahead Becky, see for yourself!” In the next instant, a second pair of hands joined those of his wife, so he now felt two pairs of hands gliding over and around his steel-hard shaft, as well as gingerly toying with his now very firm balls.

“Hmm, it has been a while,” Becky admitted. “Feels nice just being able to play with one again.”

“Fuck!” Craig moaned no longer able to control his feelings. “Feels fucking nice just having it played with!”

He truly thought he had seen it all until Becky reached over and began caressing one of his wife’s breasts. He looked towards her apprehensively. She’d never been with a woman before. And though they’d discussed it, the ‘curiosity’ of it and all, she’d admitted that the prospects of that ever really happening weren’t likely. For one thing, she didn’t know anyone she’d be comfortable with enough to even attempt it. By the look in his wife’s eyes however, he could see that it was having some effect on her as she closed her eyes smiling, letting the sensuality of another woman’s touch wash over her entire being.

As much as he was enjoying having his prick stroked, he needed to calm the inevitable in a hurry, or he’d be adding an entirely different chemical to the water within moments.

“Ah, I think I need some more wine,” Craig stated reluctantly detaching himself from the two women. To his surprise and relief, they didn’t seem to mind however. Suddenly Sandy was caressing Becky’s breasts as she in turn caressed his wife’s, which is also about the time they kissed. “Holy shit!” Craig stammered spilling the wine as he over-poured the glass.

“Ever gotten off in a hot-tub?” Sandy asked. Becky giggled.

“Once! It was great, but haven’t ever been able to do it again since!”

“Want to?”

“Hmmm, yeah. I’d like that,” she admitted.

“Come here,” Sandy cooed as Craig half stood, half knelt with the bottle still in hand not wanting to put it down, nor his over-filled wine glass in fear that he might miss something in doing so. “Try this one,” Sandy indicated. “Just wiggle up next to it on your knees, you’ll see that it’s in the perfect position!”

“Shit! I’ll say!” Becky exclaimed delightedly.

Craig watched as his wife slid in behind Becky, her hands tenderly reaching around cupping her hard firm breasts. The press of her own magnificent orbs against Becky’s back as she sat hugging her from behind, her hands slithering down along her sides, the softness of her ass, then back up towards her breasts as the two women knelt, moving as though in a slow sensual dance together.


“Yeah?” Craig answered as though hypnotized.

“Come over here and fuck me while Becky gets off against the jets!”

Craig downed his wine in one gulp, moving in behind his beautiful wife. Cupping her breasts just as she continued cupping Becky’s as Becky braced herself against the edge of the tub, gyrating her pussy against the pulsating jet.

“Feel nice?” Sandy asked her.

“Oh fuck yes…damn nice. I’d almost forgotten what this feels like!” she moaned breathlessly.

“Oh baby!” Sandy moaned as Craig slid easily inside her moist channel.

“Ooooh. I like the sound of that. He in you?” Becky asked.

“Oh yeah…fuck yeah! Perfect!” Sandy groaned. “More than perfect.”

Craig couldn’t believe this was happening. Watching his wife caressing another woman while fucking her was one thing. But Becky unashamedly getting herself off on one of the jets while they were doing it was unbelievable!

“Shit Sandy…can I ask you something?” Becky asked.

“Sure,” she barely managed as Craig slowly thrust in and out of her from behind. “Ask anything you’d like.”

“You…have you ever made love to another woman before?”

Craig halted mid-stride. Sandy laughed. “Well that certainly got your attention didn’t it my love?” she asked reaching around to pat the firmness of his ass. Turning back towards Becky, she kissed her on the neck, passionately. “No…I never have. You?”

“No. But I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve often wondered about it.”

“Yeah…me too.”

Craig didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know whether to cum or shine shoes. He could only stand there with his cock buried to the hilt inside his wife’s cunt and wait to see where this was headed…if anywhere. “So you have wondered about it then?” Becky asked turning. “Wondered enough to want to actually find out?”

“Fuck me!” Craig thought, easing himself out of his wife’s pussy, more curious than ever to see what her response might be. Most likely, nothing more than what she’d already done which was considerable. But to take it further…he could only wonder.

He might as well have been invisible. At least at first. Watching them kiss for the first time was one of the most sensual, erotic, things he’d ever seen. Considered a pretty damn good kisser himself, or so at least his wife told him, he continued to stand there watching in awe as their lips pressed ever-so-softly together. He could only imagine the dance of their tongues upon one another, seeing inside his own mind as he did, not as tongues…but extensions of their hard little clits happily lapping, skimming, slipping and sliding back and forth, up and down one another.

Once again hands seemed to be everywhere at once. He watched as Becky thumbed the hard thick nubbins of Sandy’s incredible nipples. Knowing full well what it felt like to touch them, watching someone else doing it, especially another woman, seemed surreal, almost magical as though he were having an out of body experience just in watching.

“Lets take this into the bedroom,” Sandy groaned softly. “Where we can all get a little more comfortable,” she said smiling at her husband.

“Coming honey?” she snickered looking down at his very hard, very erect prick. “Not too soon I hope,” she laughed at her own intended pun.

They were just settling down onto the bed, the heat of the moment temporarily cooled.

“I do have a tiny-winy confession to make,” Becky announced drawing their attention to her. “Earlier today while I was laying out? I noticed that there was movement near the fence, spotting a rather large knothole I walked over and peeked through it as Craig was mowing the lawn. The more I thought about it, I began to fantasize until I was rather ‘horny’ shall we say? Anyway…I decided to sunbathe in the nude, half hoping that Craig would in fact see me. Admittedly, I am a bit of an exhibitionist. And the thought of being looked at, knowing I was, without letting someone know that I knew it…was very, very exciting.”

Craig as well as Sandy looked towards one another a bit sheepishly. “Well, since we’re on the subject, I actually did peek at you through the fence while you were laying out.”

“As did I,” Sandy admitted openly. “And seeing you, well…it got us both rather hot, so we ended up fucking out on the back lawn.”

Becky giggled, blushing. “I know…I watched,” she said smiling. “Which is when I came up with the idea of seeing if I could somehow invite myself over for dinner. I also knew you had the hot-tub, so I was trying to figure out a way to see if getting together might cause something to happen. Obviously, it did. But I wanted you to know all that, before we really go any further here. I don’t want any hard feelings, or guilt trips for anyone because of this.”

“You feel bad looking at her through the hole in the fence honey?” Sandy asked.


“Well…then I guess no harm’s done. Now then…you want to eat me first? Or would you like me to eat you?”

Becky laughed. “How about letting Craig fuck me from behind while you lay beneath me. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds wonderful!” Craig interjected before his wife could say anything one way or the other. She did laugh however, easing his sudden concern.

“Wouldn’t you know it?” she laughed. “But to tell the truth, I really wouldn’t mind seeing that myself.”

Moments later, Becky was kneeling over Sandy’s face, her tongue already twirling, licking delicately, almost tentatively against the woman’s hard exposed clitoris. Though excited, and certainly wanting to fuck this woman’s delicious looking pussy, Craig found it equally exciting to initially just stand there and watch. Especially when Becky leaned over, now kissing, and then licking his own wife’s beautiful full split.

“hmmm,” both women moaned simultaneously into one another’s cunts. Unable to take it any longer, Craig stood walking around the bed until he could position himself perfectly, placing his cock at the opening of Becky’s slit, then grinning as he looked down into his wife’s face as she watched from one very interesting angle as his prick slowly eased in the tight wet glove that awaited him. He moved slowly, thrusting all the way in…then easing all the way out. Sandy continued her clit-tickling torture with her tongue as he did, occasionally reaching up with her hands to grab his slow-fucking prick, giving it a soft suck before replacing it so he could once again slide his prick deep within the recess of that liquid quim.

Both girls were mewling, moaning, undulating sensually like writhing snakes upon the floor. The sounds of so much liquid so freely flowing now became an aphrodisiac of unimaginable design. He was drunk from it, intoxicated, euphoric as his prick continued sliding in and out of that slippery soft tunnel. The feel of his wife’s mouth periodically stealing it away, licking off the essence of what was Becky’s nectar, as well as her own husband’s pearly pre-cum fuck juice, soon had her on the edge, teetering above a chasm of pure unadulterated bliss.

“OH fuck her! Fuck her hard until she cums…until you cum, cum in her pussy baby so I can eat it…eat her…eat you!” Sandy cried wickedly. The Tasmanian ‘she-devil’ had come out to play.


They had played for hours, fucking in every combination imaginable. Craig had finally collapsed, spent…exhausted, watching the two women once again pleasuring one another with their lips until somehow, miraculously coaxing yet one more deliciously naughty little orgasm from one another’s now spent pussies.

Sandwiched between them, they lay basking in the afterglow of it all. Hands still caressing, touching, but non-arousingly so. “Comforting,” Craig thought as his fingers traced tiny imagined lines on the soft flesh of both women as he continued lying between them.

“Well baby, I guess that one should count shouldn’t it?” Sandy stated after a time. Craig laughed.

“Yeah, guess it should at that,” he answered happily.

“Count for what? What are you two talking about?” Becky asked sounding as though she’d just woken up from a dream.

“Well,” Sandy said sitting up, her full breasts still looking as though in need of attention, which Craig was only too happy to accommodate by rolling her nipples as she spoke.

“We have this fantasy jar you see. And in it…well this just happened to be one of Craig’s little fantasies. So though we hadn’t exactly planned it, it still counts.”

“A fantasy jar huh? Wow…wherever did you come up with that idea?” she asked curiously.

“Actually, we like to go to this web-site from time to time and read stories. Craig’s discovered this one guy who wrote a story about it. Anyway, after reading it, we decided to do it ourselves. So once a month or so at the least, we take turns drawing out fantasies for one another, then fulfilling them. So…like I said, this just happened to be one of his.”

Sandy turned back towards her husband. “So honey, did you enjoy it as much as you’ve fantasized about actually doing it?”

“Even better baby…even better,” he said kissing her as they fell back onto the bed and began the fantasy all over again.

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