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Dr. Parker

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Jill woke up, confused by the sounds she was hearing. Searching through her foggy mind, she realized it was the sounds of waves crashing on a beach. This confused her further. While she lived in San Francisco, she was nowhere near the ocean. She felt a warm breeze, light and fragrant.

She raised up, holding the covers to her chest, it had registered she was naked. She heard a small sigh, and realized she wasn’t alone in the bed.

Looking over, she saw a well muscled, broad back and tousled blond hair, so fine it looked platinum. She let out a small squeak, and the man turned.

Mike Hogue!

She felt a few seconds of pure terror.

He grinned at her.

“Morning, sunshine. Sleep well?”

She leaped off the bed, wrapping the sheet around her.

“What happened? Where are we? What have you done?”

He was naked also, and her eyes involuntarily went to his crotch. He was sporting his morning wood, and it was impressive.

“I guess Mrs. Madison wasn’t kidding.” flitted through her brain.

“Done? We haven’t done anything, you went right to sleep when we arrived. Breakfast?”

He got up, his morning erection noticeable, even though she tried not to look.

“Come on Jilly, you need a shower.”

He reached out for her and she shrank back against the wall. A frown creased his face.

“Come on, don’t be difficult. I do not like difficult people.”

“Help!” she screamed, trying to run. He easily caught her arm and held her up against the wall.

“Jilly, I’m trying to make this pleasant. If you insist, I can make it very unpleasant. Now when I release you, I want you to walk into the bathroom and shower. Hurry up, breakfast will be served soon.”

He let her go and she tried to run. When he caught her she tried to scratch his face. His demeanor changed instantly. He picked her up and threw her on the bed, ripping the sheet off her. He jumped on top of her, his six foot six frame bearing down on her five foot five. He had her on her stomach, straddling her. She felt his erection nestling between her legs.

He grabbed her arms and pinned them on her back. Leaning down he whispered “I wish you hadn’t been difficult. What you’re about to get is just the tip of the iceberg if you persist.”

The next thing she knew his large hand crashed down on her bare ass. He spanked her ten times while she squealed and screamed. Slow measured strokes, delivered while he talked.

“When I let you loose, you WILL go into the bathroom and shower. If you don’t, we repeat the whole exercise, only it’ll be twenty instead of then. Resist after that, and I’ll use a ping pong paddle. Do you understand?”

He had let go of her hands and had grabbed her hair, pulling her head back. She snuffled and hiccuped for a few seconds. He tugged her hair forcing her head back even farther.

“Do you understand? Answer me girl!”

“Yes…I understand.”

Mike patted her butt gently.

“Good. When we’re done showering, I’ll rub some lotion on, it’ll make you feel better.”

He got off the bed and held the bathroom door open. She lay there until she saw him frown, then jumped up hurriedly. The bathroom was huge. The shower could easily hold four people and not get crowded. It had six overhead sprays as well as six horizontal.

Mike had turned on two overheads, at opposite ends. He climbed in and looked back. She hesitantly got under the spray.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it? I hope I got what you needed.”

She checked the caddy. It was filled with the body washes, gels, shampoos and conditioners she liked. it looked a great deal like her caddy at home.

He ignored her, cleaning himself with his back to her. She showered with her back to the wall, watching his every move.

“Come over here, Jilly. Wash my back for me, please? I’ll return the favor.”

He soaped up his cloth and handed it to her, turning his back. She looked at the cloth for a moment before slowly rubbing it across his back, lightly. He sighed with contentment before turning around and soaping up her cloth. When he told her to turn she submitted slowly, almost trance like. He gently washed her from the top of her shoulders to the bottom of her back. He patted her bottom gently and handed her the cloth.

“There, all done. That wasn’t so bad, was it? Your hairdryer is on the counter. When you’re all put together meet us on the veranda. It’s very nice out this morning.”

He paused at the door, looking back.

“I’ll lay what you will be wearing today on the bed. Make sure that is ALL you have on when you join us. Don’t disappoint me, Jilly. I don’t handle disappointment well.”

She held the hairdryer in her hands. It was the same model she had at home, and all off the perfumes, makeup, and deodorants were her favorites.

She tried to understand what was going on. The last thing she remembered was saying good night to her assistant and walking to her car.

Jill stayed in the bathroom as long as she could. When she finally came out all she found on the bed was a tiny thong. She was dining with people dressed like this? No way!

She walked to the land side of what was apparently a house and opened the door, a vague thought of wrapping a sheet around her and running down the street looking for help. There was no street, no neighbors, just jungle crowding up to the edge of the well manicured lawn. Where the hell was she? Hearing a noise she turned quickly.

There was an Hispanic woman slightly smaller than her standing there. All she had on was a thong similar to hers.

“Come” she said, “breakfast is being served, and Mike is getting impatient. You can relax, no one will hurt you if you just listen to what he says.”

She gently took her hand and led her back through the house to the veranda. She balked at the door but the woman tugged her hand, forcing her out.

There was a table covered with a large umbrella. Mike sat at the table, along with a tall blonde woman, also dressed in a thong. She knew who she was. Edie Montrose, his personal assistant. That would make the Hispanic woman Chantal, their secretary. She couldn’t remember her last name.

Mike stood as she reached the table, pulling back a chair and seating her, then Chantal.

“Thank you for joining us. This is Edie and Chantal. They were nice enough to join us on this little vacation. Juice? It’s just been squeezed.”

She soon had a glass of juice and a cup of coffee in front her. The coffee smelled rich, delicious. She splashed a bit of fresh cream into a cup, took a sip, and for the first time since she rose, smiled. Mike smiled back.

“It’s locally grown. If you like, I’ll have some delivered to your office once a month. It’s most addictive.”

She almost relaxed, looking out over the beach to the bluest water she had ever seen. The sand was so white it looked like refined sugar. Chantal was chattering away almost child like while Edie and Mike smiled at her. The professional in her wondered what their dynamic was. She realized Mike was talking to her.

“It’s beautiful here, isn’t it? I thought you would like it. A few days in the sun, without distractions, will do you a lot of good.”

“A few days? You can’t just kidnap me like this! I have responsibilities, inquires will be made.”

“Jilly, Jilly” he said with reproach in his voice, “don’t worry yourself. I took care of it. Your assistant got an email from you Friday night. You’ve gone out of country to help a patient in crisis. You had her reschedule your other patients for the week, and gave her the the week off with pay. She was really happy. Nobody will be looking for you before next Monday. You have nine days to relax, catch some sun, eat some really great food, maybe have a drink or two.”

Nine days!

“You can’t do that! You can’t just kidnap people and get away with it. When I get back I’ll file charges. You’re in a lot of trouble.”

His smile sent a shiver down her back.

“Yes I can. I’m your patient. I got a team of people going through your office and home computers. When they get done I’ll have a paper trail in place that will pass even the closest inspection.

You’ve been treating me for weeks for depression. Payments have been made, appointments are documented. There’s even a profile of me in your notes. Plus all the stuff you were gathering on me is in another file. If you’re investigated, conflict of interest will raise its’ ugly head. How can you treat someone and gather information for someone else at the same time? You just got off probation, how long would you be able to practice if that came out?”

He paused, letting her take it in. Then he grinned.

“So you see, no one is going to report you missing. You’re going to come back with a nice tan, without bruises or contusions. Photos will appear on your Facebook page showing us all together, laughing, smiling, having a hell of a time. All your friends will be so jealous you got to go to such an exotic location just to treat a patient in need.”

Tears started rolling down her cheeks.

“Why are you doing this?”

For the first time his eyes grew cold. He seemed to get bigger if that were possible and she felt the power coming off him in waves. She shrank back into her chair.

“I didn’t snoop into your life, work up a profile for someone else. How does it feel when someone messes about in your life? You and I are going to have several long talks over the next few days. I advise you to never lie to me. You wouldn’t like my reaction. Remember, according to you I don’t have much of a moral compass.”

Just like that he was smiling again.

“But that will be a few days in the future. For now, Let’s just relax.”

Chantal and Edie chatted about things they were going to do today, including calling her Jilly as often as possible. In her memory, no one had ever called her Jilly before.

She started when Chantal reached over and rubbed her arm, before slipping a finger casually over her breast. Up until then Jill had forgotten she was practically naked.

“You’re so pale, Jilly. We’ll have to be careful. don’t want you to get burned.”

“You’re right” chimed in Edie, “we’ll have to keep you lotioned up, especially after we swim. You’ll love the water, it’s so warm.”

Mike had excused himself to make a call. Business, he said. As soon as he would out of sight, she started begging.

“Please, please help me escape. I can get you away from him, protect you, free you from whatever hold he has on you.”

They looked at her, shocked, before they both burst out laughing.

Edie hugged Chantal and gave her a kiss.

“Listen to her, baby. She thinks we’re unhappy.”

She turned back to Jill.

“Listen, Jilly. Mike was the best thing that ever happened to me. He took a broken down, desperate, out of shape, middle aged woman and transformed me into what I am now. How old do I look? Never mind, I’m forty six. I have a great job, travel the world, make damn good money. I have a life I never dreamed I would have, and I owe it to Mike. Chantal started out a bit rougher, but she’s very happy now.”

She fixed a level gaze onto her.

“Let me be clear. We would do anything, absolutely anything he tells us to do. If I think you’re a threat to him, you’d disappear. Understand, we would literally kill you for him.”

“Now relax. He means you no harm, if you give him what he wants, and tell him what he wants to know.”

She rang a little bell, and three natives appeared to clear the breakfast dishes. Two women, very attractive, and a young man, quite handsome. All wore a knee length garment and the women were topless. It reminded Jill she was almost naked in front of strangers, and she put her arms across her breasts. Edie noticed.

“Jilly! Arms down. All women on this island go topless, it’s their style of dress. You’re being rude!”

Jill hesitantly dropped her arms.

Edie smiled.

“good girl. Now, lets gather our stuff and spend an hour or two on the beach, before it gets too hot.”

The went down to the beach, where a portable gazebo was set up, complete with a cooler for drinks and snacks. Edie and Chantal laid out three huge, over sized towels.

Chantal fetched a bottle of lotion from the gazebo and rubbed it all over Edie. It looked like a gesture of love to Jill. Edie returned the favor, once nipping her bottom lightly and laughing at her squeal.

They looked over at Jill, seated in the gazebo.

“Come on Jilly, come out and play.”

She was about to refuse when she saw the seriousness on their faces. Soon she was on her own towel.

“You need lotion, Jilly, the sun is really potent this time of day. And you’re overdressed. You don’t want a tan line, do you?”

For the first time it registered on her both women were totally nude. She instinctively looked at their sex, noting the smoothness, then looked down, noticing for the first time she was also hairless. When had that happened?

Chantal giggled as she tugged one side of her thong while Edie pulled the other. Soon even that tiny wisp of cloth was gone.

“Do you like it?” asked Edie as she casually brushed over her shaven mound. She felt a jolt of electricity course through her. Edie noticed and smiled.

“You should thank us, we helped you do it last night when we got here. It’ll really look good tanned.”

Her mouth hung open as Chantal laughed.

She lay, passive, as the women gently rubbed lotion into her skin. It was almost a massage, and she was feeling really relaxed when Chantal started rubbing lotion into her breasts.

“I’ll do th….” was all she got out before Edie put her fingers to her lips. Distracted, she tasted coconut oil.

“It’s our pleasure. Try to lie still.”

Soon both nipples were achingly hard as Chantal rubbed and tweaked them. She almost had an orgasm when she bent down and nipped them both, swirling her tongue over them while she held on with her teeth. Jill was breathing erratically when she let go.

Edie had her turn onto her tummy.

“My turn” she said to Chantal.

She started at her feet, rubbing, massaging slowly up her legs. Jill was trembling by the time she was at the top of her thighs. She skipped her ass and went to work on the small of her back, working upwards until she was at the base of her neck. She reached down and swirled her tongue over the sensitive skin beneath her hairline, going over to nip her ear, laughing when she jumped.

“You didn’t get it all” said Chantal.

Edie looked down at Jills’ firm ass and grinned.

“I didn’t forget, I was just saving the best until last.”

Soon Jill felt the cool lotion spread over her ass, some trickling down into the crack. Edie kneaded and rolled, slipping a hand down now and then. Once Jill felt it brush her anus and tightened up, getting a small smack.

“Relax!” Edie ordered. “and spread your legs a little, you really don’t want that little honey pot burned, do you?”

She widened a tiny bit, but Chantal grabbed a leg and pulled her wider.

She felt the oil trickle into her slit. It felt delightful, so sensual. Soon Edie was massaging her inner thighs, brushing back up now and then.

When her hand massaged the oil into her lips, she let out a small sigh. The fingers were light, feathery, hitting just the right spots. Jill couldn’t help moving her hips a bit. When Edie slipped a finger inside and strummed her clit for a second, she nearly exploded. Before she could recover, Chantal had wedged her hand under Jill, grabbing a nipple and rolling it hard, tugging forward every few seconds.

In surprise and excitement she arched her body upwards, and Edie plunged three fingers inside her, working rapidly.

Jill was trying to tell them to stop, but all she seemed capable of doing was grunting. When Edie slipped out and pinched her clit hard, she experienced one of the biggest orgasms she could remember. She made sounds, starting out as a moan and ending up as a full shriek, her hips moving, desperately trying to get the fingers back. Edie immediately slipped back in, massaging her through an orgasm that lasted for minutes. Finally she let out a gasp and flopped down.

She collapsed, mortified. Both women kissed her on the cheek and thanked her.

“Now maybe you can relax” said Edie, as they lay down beside her in companionable silence. They lay for an hour, turning every fifteen minutes, before Edie and Chantal dragged her into the water, splashing and playing. Chantal brought snorkels, and soon they were watching the undersea denizens conduct their lives.

By now too hot to lay in the sun, the women retreated to the gazebo, enjoying the breeze the overhead fans were producing. They reapplied lotion, even indirect sun could cause a burn. There was nothing overtly sexual this time, just three girls helping each other out. Jill lay back on a chaise and was instantly asleep.

They let her sleep two hours before waking her and taking her back to the house.

“Time to clean up. Mike will be back shortly, and we need to greet him.”

They showered together in the big bath, washing the residue of the sea and sun from their bodies.

Edie was slightly red, but not uncomfortable. They gave her a fresh thong that matched theirs.

“Aren’t we going to dress?”

They laughed before Chantal explained.

“When we’re here, this is how we dress, unless we’re going out. It’s completely private, the only way here is by helicopter or boat. Besides, it pleases Mike.”

“Is that the most important thing in your life? Pleasing Mike?”

Without hesitation they answered in unison.


Edie patted her hand.

“You’ll understand by the end of the week, dear.”

Jill had her dander up.

“I hope he’s not trying to convert me! It won’t work. I’m a strong woman, a professional with an independent mind. No one could force servitude on me. I refuse to let it happen!”

“Mike would never force you to do anything, especially submission to him. If you even have a thought like that, put it out of your mind.”

“But, if you do decide to, you would have to ask him. Until then he wouldn’t even consider it.”

Edie finished her little speech just as they heard a helicopter approaching. She watched it land on a manicured patch of ground and saw Mike jump out. For a second she admired him. Damn, he was impressive. Then she shook herself, remembering her circumstances.

He strode across the lawn, his crisp white linen suit and broad hat made him looked colonial. He should have been born two hundred years ago, she thought. What would he have been? Businessman, explorer, bandit, pirate? Probably all four at different times.

Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t notice Chantal and Edie slip to the floor, sitting back on their heels, arms down, back arched. When she finally noticed, it struck her they were waiting to be inspected.

“He’ll never get me to do that” went through her mind as he opened the door.

He paused just inside the door, noticing his women. Then he looked at Jill, perched on a bar stool.

He patted each woman in turn on the head and pulled them up for a very deep kiss. They responded, molding themselves to him. When they stepped back she couldn’t help but notice their hard nipples and the bulge in his pants.

He walked over and surprised Jill with a kiss on the cheek.

“How was your day, girls? Did you get Jilly to finally relax?”

Chantal giggled.

“I think so. We massaged some of the tenseness out of her, at least for a moment. She had a nice nap afterwards. Then we played in the ocean.”

Jill felt her face flame red, remembering. Would they tell him? Probably.

“I appear to be overdressed. Excuse me for a moment, ladies.”

She expected him to be in shorts, but he came back totally naked, his massive tool at half staff.

“Jilly isn’t the only one that needs a little stress relief. My negotiations today didn’t go as well as I would have liked. They’ll eventually come around, it’s too much money for them not to. I just wish they would shorten the process a bit.”

Edie began massaging his shoulders. He sighed with pleasure.

“Was the king being difficult?”

“No, Edie, he was totally on board. It’s his counselors who aren’t agreeable. They’re afraid it will lessen their power base. And they’re right, it does. I just need them to look long term.”

Jill had no idea what they were talking about. She wasn’t really concentrating on the conversation. Chantal had slipped off her thong and climbed into his lap, kissing his neck and chest while she wriggled around on his by now erect cock.

“Can I help relieve some stress too?” She giggled.

He responded by lifting her up and around until she was facing Jill, then sliding her down on his shaft. She gasped and grunted until she was fully seated, then she groaned, rotating her hips. Soon she was sliding up and down, slowly. Edie had pulled his head around and engaged him in a deep kiss. Despite the circumstances, Jill felt her arousal building.

Chantal started speeding up, and Mike abandoned the kiss, grabbing Chantals’ hips and pushing her deeper, faster. She gave a little shriek that turned into a moan as Edie came round the couch and started kissing her, trailing down her neck to her breasts, teasing and biting her nipples, quite hard at times, being rewarded with more little shrieks.

Chantal reached for and sought Edies’ pussy. stroking and fondling. Jill felt faint.

Suddenly Chantal stiffened, letting out a howl as she orgasmed. She stopped moving, and Mike cuddled her for a bit. Then she sighed and slipped out of his lap, exposing his cock, gleaming with her juices. Edie immediately took her place.

Soon she was bouncing with abandon, moaning. Chantal lay beside her, reaching up to fondle her nipples occasionally. After what seemed like an eternity, Mike grabbed her hips and pulled down savagely, emptying himself. Edie lay back against him for a second, breathing deeply.

When she finally slipped off him Chantal was on her knees immediately, swallowing his still mostly erect cock all the way to the base. Jill was impressed. How could she do that?

Amazingly to her, he never lost his erection.

He stood, picked Chantal up like she was a child, and strode towards the bedroom, Edie following.

“Excuse us Jilly, we may be a little bit.”

She sat there stunned. As Edie went past, she whispered in her ear.

“Second bedroom, right hand dresser drawer, third down. It might help.”

And then she was gone. Jill got a glass of wine, and sat listening to the sounds of passion. After the second glass she walked to the bedroom door. Chantal was on her hands and knees, grunting as Mike slammed her from behind. Edie was on her back, holding her face to her crotch.

She went past, into the second bedroom. Curiosity got the better of her, and she checked the drawer. Eggs, vibrators, dildos, beads, almost every toy imaginable. There was even a strapon harness. They were all new, still boxed.

It may have been the charged atmosphere, the wine, the situation, or the warm ocean breezes, but soon she was on the bed, a six inch vibrator humming on high as she plunged it in and out. She was so lost in the sensations she failed to notice Chantal enter the room. When she felt the small hands rub her breasts, her eyes popped open and she stopped.

“Don’t stop, honey, you were almost there. You look like you need the relief. I’ll help make it more enjoyable, it you will let me.”

Her hand reached down and covered the one holding the vibrator, pushing gently. Soon Jill surrendered to the feeling. Chantal removed her hand, bent over, and smothered her breasts with kisses and nips. Her hand reached down again, finding her clit, rubbing furiously.

Deciding to help her along even more, she took her hand off herself and did the same thing to Jill, stroking her clit, lightly at first, then going faster, harder. Two minutes later Jill felt the massive surge coming, and she orgasmed so hard she almost passed out. When she gathered her senses, she found Chantal working the vibrator, plunging it in as deep as she could, rapidly.

“You didn’t think one would be enough, did you?”

By then there was another orgasm building, so she surrendered. Chantal didn’t let her up until she had three. When she finally stopped, she lay gasping, soaked in sweat.

For the first time she noticed Mike and Edie. How long had they been here, she wondered? She tried to cover herself, but Mike held the sheets.

“Well, don’t you look relaxed. These sheets need to be changed, and we all need a shower. Come on, a long, cool shower will do us a lot of good.”

He strode to the master bath, Chantal and Edie tugging Jill along behind him. The shower did indeed fit four, if you didn’t mind rubbing body parts occasionally. He had all the heads on, and the water felt like a massage. Mike was careful not to touch her, keeping the girls between them.

She washed the backs of both Edie and Chantal, and they practically bathed her. Mike watched with a grin. She looked down, and he was semi hard again. Was he a machine?

The girls ran him out, saying they had to do a little more grooming. Jill should have been shocked, but when they produced razors and lathered each other up, shaving each other carefully, it seemed natural.

“Your turn, Jilly. Mike likes us smooth.”

She started to protest, then shrugged her shoulders. She did most of it herself, but let Chantal help her in a few difficult spots. Jill dried her hair and pulled it back into a high ponytail, a style she hadn’t worn since college. Chantal went on about how much younger she looked. She actually glowed when Mike praised her.

She was surprised how hungry she was. The dinner of grilled fish, fresh local fruit, and a salad, was excellent. It barely registered that the servers were topless like her, or that he was talking to them in their native tongue.

Soon they were talking business, and her mind wandered. Suddenly she noticed the silence, and that they were all staring at her.

“I’m sorry, Jilly. This is a kind of working vacation for us. It was rude of us to exclude you. Maybe you can help. I’m having a hard time with two members of the local government. If I give you my notes, think you can profile them, give me some insight? Of course you’ll get paid, your usual fee, plus a bonus if it actually helps us seal the deal.”

He explained the situation.

“We’re in the Pacific, in a country composed of nine islands. Up until last century, each island was a separate entity, with their own hierarchy and ruling factions. The ruler of the biggest consolidated them into one country through negotiations, war, and intrigue. Now they have a parlimentary style government. The families of the smaller islands form part of the government, sort of like the House of Lords in England. There are only eighteen members, two from each island, but they’re incredible powerful, owning almost seventy of the the islands. The king is trying to give more ownership and rights to the people. He’s wildly popular because of this, and they resent it. He’s already started selling parcels of his island to private individuals.”

Mike pointed to an elaborate tattoo on his left forearm.

“This is a tribal tattoo. It identifies which island I belong to, and indicates I’m part of the royal family. I’m actually a citizen. Because of this I’m bound to the king. Technically I’m his foreign advisor. And I take the job seriously. You’ve profiled me, so you know except for Martin, I had no family until I came here on business. Is this in your file? No? Let’s leave it that way.”

Chantal and Edie urged her to help.

“We’ll all be in the capitol most of the day. It would give you something to pass the time.”

She thought about it. If she did it they might leave her alone.

“All right, but I don’t have my glasses with me, unless you pa…..”

She stopped talking when Mike lay her glasses on the table. It didn’t surprise her.

They talked, had another glass of wine, watched a little television, mostly financial news, but they did watch a nice movie in between. At eleven Mike sat up, yawning. He gave both women a nice kiss.

“Time for bed. Come along, Jilly.”


“Time for bed. You woke up with me this morning, so it’s not a big deal. I should have told you, for the next few days, we’ll be sleeping together. And that’s all it will be, unless you ask me nicely. Now come along, don’t be difficult. We don’t want to repeat this morning, do we.”

Suddenly she flared.

“Hell no! You’re not God, you can’t order me around like this. I choose who I sleep with. If you…”

She would never have believed such a huge man could move so fast. Soon she was draped over his lap, ass up. Chantal was sitting on her legs, and Edie had her by the hair. Mike was rubbing her ass lightly.

“Jilly, Jilly, I thought we were on the way to being friends. Guess not. Edie, Chantal, how many?”

Chantal: “Twenty!”

Edie disagreed. “Ten. But with the strap. Time to get the bitch’s attention.”

Jill was wriggling furiously.

“Good suggestion girls. I think a combination of both.”

He had Edie lean in and whispered to her. Jill still had her head down, so she didn’t see the predatory smile on her face. She went to her bedroom, coming back with the items he requested. She pulled her head up, showing her the eighteen inch long, two inch wide leather strap.

“This is your own fault, bitch! He tried to be good to you, and you insult him. It’s gonna hurt, and I’m gonna laugh.”

“Edie!” said Mike sharply. She instantly dropped her head and apologized.

He was still rubbing her ass.

“I’m sorry, Jilly. Edie is training to be a Dom. She practices on Chantal, and a little sissy she has at home. He used to be her husband. Now she has long hair, the cutest set of lips you ever saw, a 32C rack, and a silver sleeve to keep her clit in control. I haven’t had her yet, even though since Edie belongs to me he does too. But she’ll offer her to me soon, and it isn’t like I’ve never fucked a little dick girl before, now is it?”

“But Edie is right about one thing, if you’re going to act like a bitch, I’m going to treat you like a bitch. Edie.”

She felt something go round her neck. She tried to fight it, knowing it was a collar.

“Lie still, you’re not helping yourself here.” Edie attached a leash, jerked it so Jill knew what it was, and dropped it by the couch.

In the end, Mike gave her six swats with his hand, three on each cheek. Chantal gave her four, and then Edie used the strap five times.

Jill was crying with the spankings, but when the strap hit she almost went beserk, jumping and screaming. When it was over she just lay there, snuffling, flinching every time he rubbed her bottom.

Edie got a cloth and wiped her face, stroking her hair with the other hand.

Chantal was whispering to her.

“Why did you make us do that? We really like you, but if you keep pushing him he’s going to dump you back in your apartment and let you explain to the Manetti brothers where you’ve been. Please, please don’t make him do that.”

At the mention of the Manetti brothers, she paled. They were her contact with their mysterious boss.

Mike stood, dumping Jill in the floor. He yanked on her leash.

“If you promise to behave, I’ll let you walk. The least bit of defiance and I’ll make you crawl into the bedroom like the bitch you’ve been behaving as. Tell the girls goodnight, and thank them for the day. I think right up until the end it was pleasant for you, and what happened just now was none of their doing.”

She wished them goodnight and thanked them for the day. They both hugged and kissed her, before retiring.

She followed submissively into the bedroom. He led her straight through into the bathroom.

“If you need to go, go now. You won’t have another chance until morning.”

She was about to burst from the wine. When it became obvious he wasn’t leaving, she sat, letting it flow while he held her leash, leaned up against the counter. After she washed her hands, he led her back into the bedroom.

He threw two pillows down on the hardwood floor.

“If you act like a bitch, you sleep on the floor like a bitch. I’ve set an alarm for three hours from now. If you think you can behave then, you can get into bed. Good night.”

He locked her leash on the headboard. flipped the light off and got into bed.

She stood quivering.

Damn him! Arrogant bastard! She was about to rip the covers off the bed when common sense prevailed. Did she really want to piss him off again so soon? She knew it would lead to more pain and humiliation.

Sighing, she arranged the pillows as best she could, having to almost curl up to keep her off the hardwood floors. Mike grinned into the darkness, listening to her settle down.

It was a miserable three hours. The floor was like a rock, and some part of her anatomy was always in contact with it. Then it got cold. With no cover she lay there shivering. When the alarm beeped, she fought her pride for all of fifteen seconds before slipping under the covers. Despite herself, she curled up to his back for heat. Mike grinned in the darkness before drifting back off to sleep.

She woke, feeling warm and relaxed. He had turned over sometime in the night, and she was spooned to him, one massive arm over her, his hand cupping her breast. She could feel his erection against her bottom. One wiggle, and he would be inside her. Despite her fear she got aroused. She fought for control, lying as still as possible.

Jill felt him come awake, stretching, which shoved him more firmly between her cheeks.

He tweaked her nipple. It sprang instantly erect as she jumped and tried to move away. It proved impossible in his grip.

“Good, you’re awake. Sleep well?”

She tried to form an answer when he gave a quiet laugh and slipped out of bed. She heard him showering. She got up to answer the call of nature when the leash rattled and she knew she couldn’t leave the bedroom.

Jill was practically dancing with need when he came out, going to the closet to pick out his clothes.

He ignored her until she spoke.

“Please Mike, may I go to the bathroom?”

He eyed her, considering.

“Think you can behave yourself this morning?”

She was holding her legs together by now.

“I swear it. Please Mike, please!”

He walked over slowly and unlocked the leash from the bedpost. Handing it to her, he gave her instructions.

“When you come out on the veranda for breakfast, hand me the leash and kneel beside me. Any deviation, and you go back to the bed. I’ll let you loose when I get home tonight. Understand?”

A smile played over Edie’s face when she came out. There had been no thong on the bed, so she was naked. Without a word she handed Mike the leash and sank down on the towel laid out beside his chair. He stroked her cheek for a minute before unlocking the leash but keeping the collar on.

He pointed at a native girl standing behind Chantal.

“This is Lisa. Not her real name, but you probably couldn’t pronounce it. She will set you up in the office, give you the information you need, help with a laptop. Then she’ll leave you alone until ten. Follow her directions to the letter, if you don’t, she’ll tell me.”

He stood, then reached down to kiss her cheek.

“Have a pleasant day.”

Lisa served her breakfast as the helicopter departed. Then she took her to his home office. Lisa had the laptop booted and ready. She pointed to a stack of files.

“Read. These are too sensitive to be anywhere near the internet. People would die if they became public. Begin.”

She closed the door and Jill sighed. Soon she was engrossed, making notes, cross referencing facts, looking up public information on the internet.

There was a knock on the door promptly at ten. Lisa stepped in with a glass of juice and some fruit.

To her surprise she produced a key and took her collar off. Jill instinctively rubbed her neck. It was padded and wasn’t really uncomfortable, it was just…foreign.

She tried to thank her.

“Not necessary,” she said. “Mike’s orders. You’re to spend an hour on the beach to collect your thoughts and get some sun. Then we eat lunch, the collar goes back on, and you go back to work. Again, Mike’s orders. Please don’t make a fuss, I’ll have to tell him if you do.”

Jill brushed away a tear and followed her to the beach. Lisa dropped her wrap. She was naked under it, her dark bronze skin gleaming. She held up the bottle of oil. They covered each other, making sure nothing was missed. They did the same hour as yesterday. When they got back to the house Lisa dragged her into the shower to get rid of the sand and oil. Jill idly thought she could get addicted to this.

After they dried, Lisa surprised her by giving her a native wrap, showing her how to fold it.

“Mike said if you were good to let you wear it. He also wanted me to show you this.”

She opened a black velvet box. Inside was a triple row of pearls, joined in the middle by the largest pearl she had ever seen. They were a dusky, dusky tan, almost translucent, glowing. She reached out to touch them, but Lisa snapped the box shut.

“No no. This is yours, the price is you have to ask him for it, with all that means. If you don’t ask by midnight tomorrow, they go to someone else. Now, back to work. I’ll check on you at four.”

As distracted as she was, she still managed to finally concentrate, and was surprised when Lisa knocked. It was four thirty, she let her go another half hour when she saw how immersed she was.

“Come on, Mike and the girls will be here in a few minutes, It’s only polite we greet them.”

She laughed as Jill stood and tried to put her wrap on. She was going to keep it on, but it seemed so constricting she slipped out of it and draped it over a chair.

“Here, like this, remember?” said Lisa as she gave her a quick tuck and tug.

She had Jill loosen her hair, and wove a wreath of fragrant flowers into it. She opened another box, tiny this time, and took out a pair of pearl earrings, the match to the necklace.

“Mike said to give you these if you were good. Thank you for letting me serve you today.”

They held hands as the helicopter landed.

Mike and the girls got out. Edie and Chantal were unwrapping their skirts as they walked, handing them to Lisa after hugging her and having a whispered conversation.

“About me, I bet” Jill thought as she watched them.

Mike smiled at her dress, touching the flowers in her hair and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“You’ve gone native. A good look on you.”

Chantal and Edie agreed.

They had a quiet glass of wine, unwinding after their day. Jill, trained to spot the markers, noted their tenseness.

“I take it things did not go well today?”

Mike started, then smiled.

“Is it that obvious? Yes, the talks have stalled. Lord Mateaou continues to be uncooperative. Have your studies garnered any useful information?”

“Maybe. If you’ve a minute, I need to show you something.”

They followed her to the home office. She took her time bringing up the exact image she was looking for.

“Your Lord Mateaou is a traditionalist. He believes the country should be dissolved and the islands should be autonomous again. Of, course, the old warlike feelings only linger in some great grandfathers, and his delusions of being an autocratic overlord are far from accurate.”

“The islands are so interwoven through commerce and marriages autonomy is almost impossible. He refuses to believe that. Here! This is what I wanted you to see. Look at his left wrist. That’s a new tattoo. Know what it means?”

It was a picture of the man in traditional island dress, his tattoos plainly showing. Mike frowned.

“I think I do, but share your theories with the others.”

“This mark right here” she enlarged the image, “means he is going to war. Soon.”

Mike nodded agreement, and excused himself to use the phone.

His call went to the King first, and the captain of his bodyguards, a former SAS with a good reputation.

“Keep him safe, Major.”

“Will do. Watch your back, mate. Next to the King, you are the embodiment of almost everything he hates. A rich foreigner, trying to exploit his country. It doesn’t matter that you’re a citizen now, or that you’re adopted into the royal family.”

Mike acknowledged his warning. He had a quick conversation with Lisa, and she started making calls. Soon five natives and one white descended on the compound, armed to the teeth. They quickly faded into the jungle, watching. Another team would relieve them in the morning. Mike returned to the office.

“There’s more”, said Jill, “look here.”

She pointed to a small man who seemed to always hover near the aspiring warlord.

“Lord Mano, his cohort and right hand man. He’s the other one I wanted you to check on.”

“He’s also his lover” said Jill. “Watch.”

She pulled up a video of a speech Lord Mateaou had made, urging autonomy. After the speech he was whisked into a Mercedes with blacked out windows. She froze it on a frame just before the door closed. You could see Lord Manu reaching up for what was obviously a kiss. Mike roared with laughter.

“You are amazing! I missed that completely. This will change everything.”

“How?” she couldn’t help but ask.

“These islands are unusual in their view of homosexuality, especially where men are concerned. They don’t really care, in fact they view them as special. They also think they’re unstable emotionally. If word of this gets out it would destroy both political careers. I can use this.”

He rushed out, and spent the next two hours on the phone. They dined without him.

Chantal and Edie treated her like a queen.

“You clever girl! I never got a gay vibe off either of them. In fact, every time Lord Mateaou looked at me I felt like taking a bath. Do you think he’s bisexual?”

Jill paused, considering.

“No, but I do think he’s a bit of a sadist. I think he may resent genetic women, especially the attractive ones. Might want to have Mike check on that too. He could find a skeleton or two.”

Mike rejoined them later, and the talk was all political. He took every suggestion she made under consideration. She glowed under his praise, and was stunned when he showed her a copy of a wire transfer of fifty thousand dollars credited to her bank account.

“Thank you so much, but that’s too much.”

He just grinned.

“It’s not enough. Take it with my thanks, and that of the king. It was his money. He looks forward to meeting you. There will be a small reception Saturday night, you are commanded to be there.”

It was hard to digest the information, or what she had gotten into. She hoped it didn’t end badly for her.

An hour later, when Mike announced it was bedtime, she followed him into the bedroom without hesitation. Instead of stopping, he walked her out onto the private patio.

“Truth time Jilly. I found out about you when someone was following me during a visit to my friend in Atlanta. He’s a lot more security conscious than I am, his people spotted the tail first. When we split up and they stayed with me, we wondered why. The next day we ‘invited’ the guy following us to have a chat. He was a bit uncooperative at first, but in the end he was a big help.”

“I asked the investigative service he worked for why they were watching me, they too were uncooperative, at first. Finally they admitted who they contracted with. We followed the trail all the way back home, and directly to you. I’m going to ask you politely Jilly, once. Who do you work for? And more importantly, why are they interested in me? Think carefully before you answer, I have my own sources. If I catch you lying, even by omission, bad things could happen.”

He handed her a file, asked her to open it.

It was her life. Her education, her failed marriage, her children, her troubles with the law and her profession, all there.

“Your daughter is very attractive, a little clone of you. Fifteen right? Very smart. And your son, sixteen, a basketball prodigy. And your ex, a very successful surgeon. You had it all, Jilly, too bad you threw it away.”

“Let me remind you, bad things can happen to good people. It would be awful if anything happened to them. If your husband were to lose the use of one of his hands, it would end his career. Your son loves pickup basketball at the local park, it would be awful if he were to get injured, lose his shot at that scholarship that seems to be a certainty. And your daughter, a beautiful girl is a temptation many can’t resist.”

She had progressively gotten paler as he talked. He gently took her hand.

“I would never do anything to harm your family. They have nothing to do with what you’re into. The Manetti brothers and their boss, now that’s a different story. Do you realize how much danger they could be in if they decide you’re not being diligent in your quest for information on me? You’ve gotten yourself into something way past your control, I can’t help thinking it will all end badly.”

He paused to give her time to reflect.

“So, to save you and your family, why don’t you just ask me what you want to know? I won’t tell you everything, but enough to keep them happy. In return, I need to know everything you do about the man asking the questions.”

It came out in a rush.

“I don’t know his name. I don’t even know what he looks like. I do know he speaks with a pronounced southern accent, so I suspect he is someone from your past. And he hates you with a passion. As far as what he wants, it’s everything. Your net worth, what you’re working on now, who’s closest to you. Everything. He knows a lot about your former lover Shanna, even that she isn’t genetically female. I got the impression he found that very amusing, judging by what the Manettis told me. Something about liking guys after all. And they have a nickname for him, Stumpy. Mean anything to you? And they won’t dare to call him that in front of him, they’re scared to death of him. If he’s not organized crime, he has a close relationship. That’s all I know.”

She started sobbing, and he put her on his lap, cuddling and soothing her.

“Thank you Jilly. I know that you’re scared. By now they may know you’re with me. When you get back, you need to tell them everything I asked you. You’ve been compromised, so they’ll probably drop you. I’ll have people watching for awhile, just to make sure your family is safe. I promise you. And you can also tell them that I’m going to go looking for him now. Tell the Manetti brothers I expect to have a small chat with them shortly.”

He held her until she nodded off, them took her to bed. She woke up spooned to him, holding tight.


She woke up the next morning, disoriented. Then she realized she was alone in bed. Why hadn’t he gotten her up? She rose, showered, did her hair and applied a little makeup.

“I just want to look nice.” she told herself as she looked into the mirror.

They had just finished breakfast, but dawdled over coffee as she ate. Mike was off to the capitol to help the king and the loyal members of his government to assess the new information and decide how to proceed. Edie and Chantal were motoring over the local village with Lisa while she shopped for fresh food, to break up the monotony of the day.

“Come with, Jilly” said Edie, “Mike has some things he wants you to look at, but nothing that can’t wait until this afternoon.”

“It’s a really pretty place” chimed in Chantal, “and they have some very nice shops.”

She agreed, hesitant for some reason to leave the compound. Mike urged her to go.

“Get out and see the sights. With just us to look at for the last four days, you must be dying to see other people. It’ll do you good, let you get a feel for the people.”

“Besides” he added, “you need a dress for the reception next Friday. Formal, as least as formal as it gets around here.”

An hour later they were in a large launch, speeding through the breakers. There were three guards with them, all native, two male and a woman.

“Better to be on the safe side” said Edie. “They’re all highly trained, members of the elite troops the King is so proud of. They all speak English, if you have a question. But please don’t distract them, let them do their job.”

The town was small, less than two thousand people, but it was a bustling market place. There was one small American style store, the rest of the commerce was done in a sprawling outdoor mall, divided into sections, each with a theme.

Lisa took them through the food vendors first, picking out fresh fish that was immediately packed int large coolers they had brought. Next she bought most of a small pig, and four chickens that were still alive. By the time they were done shopping they were dressed and packed.

Jill didn’t recognize most of the vegetables, but Lisa picked the best of the lot, bargaining fiercely, a local tradition.

The necessaries out of the way, they got down to some serious shopping.

Jill was admiring a strand of pearls, thinking how good they would look on her daughter, when it occurred to her she had no money. Edie recognized her distress. She laughed.

“Buy anything you like, baby. It all goes straight onto Mikes’ account, and he can afford it. If you have to pay him back, remember you just earned fifty grand.”

“She stood for a minute, then smiled. She took the pearls, then found some loose ones the same color as her earrings. She bought the lot, whispering to Lisa, who giggled. They had the necklace placed on the launch, but took the loose pearls to another vendor, specializing in ribbons and laces. A selection was made, and they carried it and the pearls along.

Next they stopped at a shoe shop, where she was custom fitted with a pair of sandals. They had a three inch wedge, and the top was an intricate weave in gleaming white. It was open toed, and the weave went past the ankle. A very elegant example of shoewear, and light as a feather. She ordered two more pair, wishing she could pick some up for her daughter.

They stopped for lunch, and she tasted the potent coconut liqeur the islands exported. It burned and she choked. She switched over to tea.

They ate a rice dish that was delicious, in the custom of the country, with their hands.

“Right hand only” whispered Chantal. “It would be an insult if you used your left.

She wasn’t as adept as the others in rolling the sticky rice into small balls before dipping it in one of the many sauces, and a few fell onto her chest. When she raised the napkin to wipe them off, she remembered she was topless, as were all females in the town.

It hadn’t really bothered her when she saw the rest topless, so she rolled her wrap down to her waist as Lisa had taught her. They all had their hair wrapped in bright scarves in defense of the wind from the launch, and they left them in. No one paid much attention except for a few Europeans, Frenchmen there on a service contract. One of them made a rude comment, and Jill, who was fluent, whirled around and slapped his jaw hard, chewing him out in his language. They fled the scene, the laughter of the women ringing in their ears.

They went into a stall of a cloth vendor, and she was amazed at the vibrant colors.

“Pick something, Jill. Remember, you have a formal dinner to attend.”

After what seemed hours, she picked a bolt of muted orange. The women applauded her choice, saying it set off her hair and skin tone nicely. The next trip was to a tailor shop, where she was measured from neck to toe. For some reason it didn’t bother her when the wizened little man measured her bare breasts, or deftly dropped her wrap to measure her hips and inseam.

Lisa had a whispered conference with an assistant, and left the pearls and ribbon with her.

Finally shopped out, they headed home, where they immediately shed their clothes for an hour on the beach. The intimate touches while they applied lotion aroused her a bit, and Chantal teased a breast, tweaking a nipple into hardness before leaving her alone.

They showered, did their hair with flowers, and had a cocktail while they waited on Mike to return.

No one was more surprised than Jill when she slipped to the floor beside Chantal and Edie, just before Mike entered.

He stopped, savoring the view. He pulled Edie to her feet and gave her a nice kiss, massaging her bottom. He did the same to Chantal, then held his hand out to Jill.

He pulled her completely off her feel, giving her a deep kiss. Her legs naturally wrapped around his waist.

He broke the kiss and looked down, a smile playing round his lips.

“Good afternoon, Jill. Did you have a pleasant day?”

“Yes, very nice. And I have something I want to ask you, but it will wait until bedtime.”

Edie and Chantal smiled knowingly.


They were in a deep discussion about politics, when Jill yawned, loudly. They all looked up.

“I’m sorry, I’m just a little tired tonight. Are we going to be up much longer?”

They all grinned.

“No, Jilly, I think we’re done here. Time for bed.”

He led her to the bedroom, stroking one body part or another. He lay her gently n the bed. She closed her eyes, expecting a kiss. After a few seconds she opened them to find herself alone. She could hear the shower running. She smiled, and slipped into the bathroom.

“May I join you?”

He grinned and opened the door.

They washed each others back, and he surprised her by shampooing her hair, making it as much a scalp massage as a wash. He rubbed the scented soap, across her shoulders, drifting down to her breasts, rubbing her nipples with a feathery touch. She sighed and leaned against him, feeling his massive tool rubbing across her lower back. Just as she started to reach for him, he got out.

“See you in bed” he said softly, slipping out the door.

She finished, taking a little time to rub her swollen lips and enlarged clit, thinking about what she wanted.

She dried her hair, applied lotions and scents to her body, before she came into the bedroom and slipped beneath the covers.

He kissed her lightly before he pulled back slightly.

“There was something you wanted to ask me?”

She sighed. He was actually going to make her ask him.

“Yes, Mike, there is. Can I sleep on the left side tonight?”

His eyes got wide, then he gave her a small grin.

“Of course, Jilly.”

He threw the covers back and got in on the right side. She got in, snuggled to him. Soon she was tossing, wriggling, like she couldn’t get comfortable. Mike finally said something.

“Can’t get comfortable?”

“No” she said. “I prefer the middle, I think.”

With that, she crawled on top of him.

“You don’t mind, do you?”

Before he could answer she covered his mouth with a kiss. He responded, soon rubbing her body gently. She could feel his erection growing. She broke off, sliding into a position beside him, grabbing his cock and stroking it slowly.

“Are you sure about this? You don’t have too, you know.”

She kept stroking him.

“I think I’ve learned enough about you to know you wouldn’t hurt me. I’m asking Mike, just take it easy, please.”

He didn’t respond, but slipped down and gently sucked her breasts, swirling his tongue over her nipples until they ached with hardness. After what seemed like hours, he eased down her body until he was kissing the area just below her navel. She tried to stay still, but couldn’t help it, and she started moving. It had been nine months since she had had a lover, and a lot of pent up need surfaced.

“Please” she said, pushing his head lower. He grinned into her skin, but obeyed, until his lips were gently lapping her outer lips before progressing inwards. Suddenly he plunged his tongue inside her as deeply as it would go. She gave a little squeal. “His tongue must be as long as his cock!” flashed through her mind before coherent thought left her body and she surrendered to the sensations he was causing.

He was frustratingly slow, driving her need higher and higher. We he locked his lips round her clit, getting faster and faster, she arched up off the bed.

All the sexual tension of the last few days had her on edge already. Her climax exploded out of her as she screamed at the top of her lungs.

In another bedroom, Edie was stroking Chantals’ hair as she sucked on her nipple. Chantal raised up, her white teeth gleaming in the muted light, and giggled.

“Sounds like somebody else is having a good night.”

Edie nodded as she pulled her back to her breasts.

“Yes it does, honey, it does indeed.”

Mike raised up, moving up her body until his mouth found hers. She tasted herself, and decided she liked it. She felt him pressed against her, opened her legs wider and tried to slip him in.

He towered over her, supported on his arms, and moved slowly, not entering, sliding up and down her well lubed slit.

“Be gentle” she said, “but make me take it all.”

He slid in, listening as she groaned in pleasure. Sliding almost out, he paused, before sliding another inch into her. At seven inches she felt full, at eight stretched. At nine, he was touching places no one ever had. When she felt his pubic bone touch her, she was almost comatose, washed in feelings of pleasure and pain. As his strokes became faster, she started babbling, screaming through her second, then third climaxes. He continued to pound.

“Is he a machine? I don’t think I can take much more” flashed through her head. Suddenly he pulled out, flipped her easily over and onto her knees, and entered again. She passed out on her sixth orgasm, to wake later as he gave one more mighty lunge. She came again, feeling him pulse and spray inside her. She lay exhausted, lapsing into sleep in seconds.

Mike, still wired, slipped out of bed and went to Edie and Chantal, enjoying another romp before returning to his bed, spooning to her.


Jill woke to the feeling of her nipple being sucked gently. Smiling, she reached to cradle his head, when she felt long hair. She looked down to see a mass of dusky red curls. Chantal. She flinched, ans she looked up, smiling.

“Good, you’re finally awake” she said, before swirling her tongue over her nipple once more before getting up.

“Breakfast is being served. Grab a quick shower and meet us on the patio. Do you want me to wash your back?”

Jill declined, so she went back outside. She rushed through a shower, pulling her hair back into a ponytail.

She noticed it on the bathroom counter. The pearl choker. Without hesitation she put it on, enjoying the way it matched her tanned throat.

Chantal and Edie actually applauded when she came out, and Mike put her on his lap, nuzzling her hair. The girls came around and gave her a full kiss. She didn’t hesitate to return it.

“You’re one of us now” whispered Chantal. “You’ll never be alone again. If you need us, we’re a phone call away. Any time, do you understand?”

She nodded, with tears in her eyes. All her life, she had been alone, except for her marriage, never having a support system before.

Deep down, she knew she had been manipulated, coerced, even drugged. Her training and intellect made her see it. But in the end, no harm had come to her, and she actually enjoyed the attention.

Mike gave them all a big kiss, taking extra time with Jill, before leaving for the capitol.

Jill looked at the girls and grinned.

“Beach time!”

They laughed, lounged, swan in the ocean. She consumed most of a bottle of wine, lying back with her hand over her eyes, enjoying the feel of the sun on her body, when she felt a hand trail across her stomach, while another from the other side rubbed her cheeks, before trailing to her breasts. She just lay there, allowing it to happen.

Soon her breasts were being massaged, and an oily finger traced her outer lips. She sighed, then wriggled, clutching the hand to her breast, pushing into it.

Soon all three towels were put together, and for an hour she learned all about the joys of same gender sex, both giving and receiving. Later they lay, twined together, idly kissing.

“Did you enjoy it?” asked Edie, always the leader.

“Yes, it was what I fantasized about and more. Too bad it has to stay here.”

Chantal raised up, propped on an elbow.

“Why would it have to stay here? We all live in the same city. There’s nothing wrong with friends stopping by occasionally for a visit, or a girls night out, is there?”

Jill thought for a bit, before smiling.

“it’s nice to have friends” she said, giving them both a small kiss.

That night, they all slept together, using every combination they could come up with to pleasure each other. Mike actually looked tired when they were done. He still responded immediately the next morning, when she woke with just him in the bed. She slid down his body, trailing kisses, playing with his almost erect cock. Never a fan of oral, she just had to see how he tasted, and if she could get more than the head in her mouth.

He tasted like sex, and she got at least four inches into her mouth before she felt discomfort. She had watched both Chantal and Edie take take him with ease, all the way to the base, and marveled. Must be the result of lots of practice.

He responded, gripping her hair, guiding her, enjoying it for a few minutes, before pulling her up and giving her a very satisfying session.

They showered together and met the girls for breakfast. They talked, and could see she was a little down.

“You’re not having regrets, are you?” Mike asked, gently.

“No, no, it’s not that. I was supposed to pick my daughter up in the morning. My son had a basketball camp he wanted to attend, and it was going to be a girls only weekend. My ex was even going to give me an extra day. She’s never going to forgive me. Can I call her?”

Mike was moved. He held her hand, and told her he’d see what could be done. As soon as he left for the capitol, he was on the phone to the king.

That night he told Jill he had arranged for her to speak to her daughter in the morning. They spent another passionate night. She had a surprise for him.

She came to bed wearing her choker, and a thong made of a black satin ribbon around her waist, a string of matching pearls disappearing into her ass and centering her pubis in the front. He was very appreciativ

The next morning he was up before her, leaving a note to put on what was provided and join them for breakfast. He also asked her to put her hair up into a ponytail.

Curious, she went into the bathroom.

A full, though daring bikini, and a matching native wrap. It was the first time her breasts had been covered in almost a week. She found it uncomfortable.

Wondering why, she came out to the patio. Chantal and Edie were both attired the same, although Chantal kept tugging at her top.

“Chantal, stop squirming. You can take it off later, I promise, now be a good girl, or I’ll have to spank you” said Edie, enjoying her discomfort.

Chantal giggled, and stuck her bottom out. Edie gave her a pretty good swat, and it made her wiggle and ask for more.

“Later, baby, I promise.”

Jill was idly wondering what it would feel like to have her bare bottom swatted by a beautiful woman when she heard the helicopter.

Mike was reading a newspaper. He looked at Jill.

“Jilly, will you meet the copter and escort our new guest out here?”

The request struck her odd, but she obeyed, knowing he never did things without a reason. Edie and Chantal went with her, but stopped short of the pad.

The doors swung open and Jill advanced, idly wondering who it was.


Katrina Parker, aka Kat, stepped out, obviously bewildered. Her face lit up when she saw her mother.

“Mom!” she screamed, running to her and almost knocking her down.

They hugged while Kat jumped with joy and the copter receded into the horizon.

“How did you get here?” she finally asked, as she caught her breath.

“You sent for me, remember? Or rather, your patient did. He said it was out of gratitude for the help you had given him. I was met and escorted all the way. Gee Mom, you’d think I was royalty. And first class is awesome, but not as much as the private jet we took later. Your patient must be richer than God.”

Jill was stunned, and looked up. Mike was there with the girls, grinning like mad. She took Kat by the hand, and made the introductions.

“Kat, this is Edie and Chantal.” The girls shook her hand, then hugged her in welcome.

“And this is Mike Hogue, our host.”

Kat was awestruck. She remembered seeing him on television when she was small. He looked a lot bigger in person.

She reached out to shake, and Mike pulled her hand to his lips, kissing it gently.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Katrina. I’m quite fond of your mother for the help she has given me. When she told me you two had planned a girls’ weekend, I felt like a heel for messing it up, so I fixed it. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little money.”

He had said it with all the charm his Southern background could muster, and she was instantly smitten. She blushed and stumbled through an answer.

“Well then, now that we know each other, let’s have breakfast.”

Jill noticed that Lisa and the other girls had rolled their wraps up. Kat was impressed with the house and surroundings. Edie and Chantal were telling her about the beach, the local village, snorkeling, even horseback riding, if she wanted it. It was about to overload her.

Mike sat and smiled, listening to the chatter. He had a weakness for children.

He stood.

Kat, it was good to meet you, but I have to work now. I’ll be gone most of the day. I’m sure your mom and the girls will keep you entertained.”

He stood, and they all stood with him. He kissed Edie and Chantal on the cheek. Jill surprised them all by giving him a kiss on the lips.

He strode off to a waiting boat, waved, and sped off.

Chantal and Edie showed Kat to her room, an enormous space with two queen size beds.

“You’ll have to share with Mom, all right?”

Jill looked at them and Chantal winked.

Kat was thrilled.

“Now, if you want, we can go down to the beach.”

Kat wasted no time in getting into the bikini she had brought. While she changed, they had a hushed conversation.

“There are no men around today, only women. Mike said you might feel more comfortable. And don’t worry, we act like adults when we’re not alone.”

They went down to the beach, after Jill made sure Kat was covered with tanning oil. She immediately jumped in, and they all played for about an hour.

Going back to the gazebo, they reapplied lotion, got some cold drinks from the cooler, and lay down to work on their tans.

Jill wiggled back and forth, before she sat upright.

“This is ridiculous!” she said, looking at Kat.

“Honey we’re here alone. There are no men around, none even on the island. I’ve been tanning topless. do you mind?”

Kat sat opened mouthed. Despite her penchant for thrill seeking, she always thought she was a little repressed. She nodded no, and soon her mother and her friends were topless. She was surrounded by tanned breasts, and she became a little jealous.

“Uh, Mom, since we’re here alone, can I take my top off too?”

Jill grinned, glad she wasn’t offended.

“Sure honey, just make sure you use plenty of lotion, wouldn’t do to get burned there your first day, would it?”

Kat giggled, and self consciously lotioned her breasts, getting embarrassed when her nipples hardened.

They assured her it was just natural, and soon all thoughts of embarrassment were gone.

Regretfully, after an hour, they redonned their tops and went back up to the house. Lisa gave Kat a native wrap in bright blue, and taught her how to wrap and tuck, making her practice until she could do it on her own. Just before Mike returned, Lisa wove flowers into her hair to match her mother.

They were all waiting for him when the boat landed.

He looked up, admiring the group, before going to greet them. They all gave him a kiss on the cheek. When he got to Kat he praised her, saying she looked like a little native.

She surprised everyone by pulling Mike down,and reaching up on her toes, to kiss his cheek.

“Thank you sir, for bringing me out. I’m sure Mom appreciates it too.”

Mike actually colored a bit, before bursting into a grin and lifting Kat off her feet, twirling her until she laughed. He sat her down gently, and asked for a moment alone with her mom.

“Jill, I hope you don’t think I have any designs on your daughter. I would never…”

She put her hand to his lips.

“Shhh. I know that. Remember, I profiled you. If you have a weakness, it’s fondness of children. I know she’s quite safe around you, and that Edie and Chantal will behave. In fact, both seem quite struck with her. Now, let’s have dinner.”

They ate, talked on safe subjects, drew Kat out to talk about herself. Even Jill learned a few things about her daughter. She was surprised to find there were a few boys interested in her.

Mike took her hand.

“Kat, you seem like a fine young woman. My upbringing was a little unorthodox, but one thing I learned early was the effects of peer pressure. I’m not so far removed that I don’t remember how teenage boys are. Be careful, Kat, if you do anything, do it because you want to, not because you think you have too. Understand?”

She flushed a little and nodded her head.

“Good” he said. Now, who wants their ass kicked in video games?”

They trooped into the living room, where a state of the art gaming system had been hooked up to the sixty inch television. For the next ninety minutes they all played. Mike with the intensity he applied to all things. Kat was the best of the bunch, and beat him a few times, before the girls started ganging up on him, eliminating him early every time. He finally gave up, and sat and watched smiling, as they went at it. Kat started nodding, and Jill told her to go to bed, her body was still adjusting to the new time zone.

She sat while she showered and got ready for bed, brushing her hair like she did when she was a child before tucking her in. She was asleep within minutes.

Jill went back to the living room, jumped into his lap, and gave him a passionate kiss.

“For a dangerous man with no moral compass, you’re a sweetie pie.”

Mike laughed.

“Jilly, I’ve been called many things, but never that.”

He kissed them all, and told them he’d like to sleep alone tonight. They were all a bit disappointed, but respected his wishes.

The next morning he told them he wasn’t working, and that he needed to go to the village.

“You’re all coming. Kat, I don’t know if your mom told you, but tonight, she has to attend a social function, at the command of the king of this country. He has extended an invitation to you, when he found out you were coming.”

He stopped, smiling at her amazed look.

“Know what that means? It means you have to go shopping! You need a dress, shoes, jewelry, the works. So take a few minutes, get ready, and let’s go!”

The girls scrambled, and in record time were in the boat, urging him to hurry.

Jill talked to her on the way, preparing her.

“Honey, you have to remember, we’re in a foreign country, with different customs. It’s legal and accepted here for women to appear topless, it’s been a way of life for centuries. So please try not to stare, it’s rude, and these are a very polite people.”

Mike had chosen to wear the typical native dress, a male version of the wrap. Jill was surprised to see him barefoot. with some sort of native bracelets on his wrists, and a matching necklace. She was also impressed with the deference he was accorded, even though they called him by his native name and seemed genuinely friendly.

Lisa had come in a different boat, to shop. She had rolled her top down, sighing as her breasts were bared. Americans were a strange race, she mused. They loved seeing naked women, but were uncomfortable when faced with more than one set of breasts in a social setting. She had slept with a few, and found them mostly selfish, with very limited skills.

She remembered her first encounter with Mike, when he first bought the house. He was definitely the exception to the rule. Kind, open, admiring her body and sexuality without being rude. He was a native born in the wrong skin, in her opinion.

When they got to the crowded market, Kat instinctively grabbed Mikes’ hand for reassurance. Jill smiled at the sight and said nothing. Soon, though, she got comfortable, and would dart this way and that, exclaiming over the selections. They took her to the shoe maker, where she got three pair of sandals, in one, two, and three inch heels. She insisted on wearing the low ones the rest of the morning.

They had taken her to the dressmaker first thing. Mike had already ordered a dress suitable for the function, in several different colors. He bought them all, and the tailor measured her for alterations, promising the one she picked would be ready before they left, and the rest would be delivered the next day.

She picked up two more native wraps, some jewelery, and after asking, small gifts for her closest friends and her brother. It pleased Mike that she was thinking of others.

Jill and Kat had no idea what they spent that day, because he had it all billed to him, and never discussed it.

They went back to the house and rested for two hours.

Kat wasn’t really surprised when she woke from her nap to see her mom and her friends walking around the house topless.

“Mike must not be here” she thought,as she donned a wrap and walked into the living room as bare breasted as the rest.

The women stopped talking and smiled. She was just about to greet them when Mike walked into the room. She let out a little shriek and fled to her bedroom. Jill followed her.

“Kat, honey, it’s all right. He was in a room full of breasts, you were just part of the crowd. Mike means you no harm and doesn’t think ill of you. Now, I think you’d be more comfortable if you’d put your bikini top on. Join us when you’re ready.”

She collected her thoughts, donned her top, brushed her hair, and went back into the living room. Mike tried to apologize, but she stopped him.

“It’s all right. I keep forgetting I’m just a girl. Don’t worry, I’ll grow up someday.”

He grinned and kissed her cheek, then disappeared into his room. The women spent the next few hours getting ready. Edie and Chantal told them not to worry about their hair, they would fix it after they arrived. Helicopters play havoc with hair.

They arrived, circling the city before setting down. The largest in the country, it was still less than a hundred thousand people.

The waiting limo whisked them to the palace. Security was pretty tight, but the crowd was in a festive mood. Legislation had been signed that day moving the country closer to democracy. And though Kat didn’t realize it, her mother was instrumental in getting it done.

They met and mingled with dignitaries from many countries, there were twenty embassies, with more countries begging to establish ties with the country.

Kat and her mom were amazed by it all. The king was abut five nine, and wore a tuxedo top over his native wrap. He thanked Jill profusely enough to embarrass her, and introduced Kat to his son by his second wife. They were the same age, and he was to escort her at dinner and the dance that followed.

He was slightly shorter, with a lean, muscled body and liquid brown eyes. One of her favorite pictures from the time set on her nightstand for years. After all, how many fifteen year old girls can say they dined and danced with a real live prince?

Jill danced with the Japanese, French, and Dutch ambassadors, and several prominent businessmen. She got one dance with Mike.

“I won’t share your bed anymore, will I?”

He smiled sadly.

“Probably not, not with your daughter near. She’s a pretty sharp girl, and I’m sure she is guessing how personal our sessions were. I hope despite how it started out you had a good time, maybe learned a little about yourself.”

He stepped back so she could see his face.

“And Jilly, I really would like to see you sometime on a professional level. I have issues from the past I can’t let go of. Maybe you can help clarify some thoughts so I can move on.”

She knew he was talking about his ex, Shanna Jones.

“It’s been almost two years and he still loves her. It’s written all over his face. Maybe there’s hope for them yet.”

Every one she had interviewed talked of his time with Shanna as being the happiest in his life. And she knew, despite his flaws, he was a decent man who deserved whatever happiness he could get.

The next day he and Chantal were gone. Kat hugged him hard, thanking him for the experience of a lifetime.

“It’s not over yet. Your mom has made arrangements for you two to stay two more days. Edie wants to stay as well, so she can be your guide.”

Jill cried as she hugged him, thanking him for the gift.

So they spent two more days on the island. The prince and a dozen of his friends, both sexes, joined them them the last afternoon and evening. Lights were strung on the beach, bonfires were built, music was provided.

The girls were all local, and wore thong bottoms, donning wraps as the night progressed. Jill wasn’t surprised to see the prince and Kat slow dancing, swaying gently to the music. What did surprise her was to see her without her bikini top. Then she realized she and Edie were still topless. They got some appreciative glances from the boys, but they weren’t disrespectful.

At one in the morning they stopped the party, ushering the prince and his friends to the large launch they had arrived in. No one seemed to notice when Kat pulled him behind some palms. They were both flushed and smiling when they returned three minutes later.


Kat returned to school with quite a story. Her friends were disbelieving at first, but when she showed them photos and video clips they were awed. It was icing on the cake after soccer practice when they hit the showers, and Kat showed off her out of season tan, with no lines at all.

Jill went back to her practice a changed woman. She gave a full report of what happened, and her employer sent her a nice severance check. She was nervous for about three months, until a man in a suit stopped her in the street.

“Mike says hello, and to tell you you can relax. It’s over, you’ll never be bothered again.”

She smiled, relaxed for the first time since leaving the island. As she walked back to her office from lunch, she idly rubbed the back of her neck. The tattoo was tiny, almost invisible in her hairline.

Edie and Chantal had showed her theirs. Five days later she sent Mike an email with a photo. All you could see was the back of her neck, her hair pulled up.

“Mine” it said,in tiny letters.

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