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Professor Vic

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Monday April 15th

The other day Charlene was talking about how bad she wanted to fuck her history of religion teaching assistant, “He could tutor me all night.”

“And all day,” added Erin

“And all next week,” finished Charlene. Erin loves talking about fooling around with her professors, but she’s never done it. Maybe it’s because too many of them hit on her. I know from experience that it can be creepy. S

ome fifty-year-old balding egomaniac making a pass at you. One professor even offered to take me out to dinner, to discuss the class of course.

But whenever we joke about it, it manages to linger in my mind. Usually as some generic fantasy. An impossibly hot professor bending me over his desk, fucking me while giving me a pop quiz, spanking me if I get the wrong answers. Well, a generic fantasy until recently. Now that generic lover has an actual name to add to an actual dream body. Professor Jacobs, Victor Jacobs, just the name starts to make me wet.

Vic, as Erin and I like to refer to him, is in his first year as a professor. Erin took his course the previous semester. She used to come home and tell me how just listening to his lecture made her wet. That she had to fight the urge to satisfy herself in the middle of class. With that kind of endorsement how could I not take a peek for myself?

Vic certainly proved that he deserved all the hype. I’ve been so enthralled by his lectures that I easily aced the first midterm. All my professors should be this hot; I’d have a perfect GPA. Not surprisingly, his history of Rome class seems to be filled with an unusually high amount of women. I think everybody has a thing for him, how could you not? He’s young, amazingly intelligent, and handsome, I mean gorgeous. A chiseled face, light brown hair, light green eyes, and a bright smile, which never fails to emerge, even from the intensity of his usually serious, deep thinker expression. He appears, under his buttoned down shirts, to have a decent body, tall with broad shoulders, and best of all big strong hands. Hands with only one imperfection, the wedding ring that adorns one of his fingers.

There is a rumor going around that he wears it to try and avoid attracting any unwanted attention. Like that would stop any of the horny women that eye him each day. A female professor, whom Erin is helping with a project, confirmed that he is actually married. The professor claims that she is just some plain looking young doctor. Erin thinks she wants to fuck him as well.

But unlike the rest who only talk and dream, I’m going have him for real, wife or no wife. Just thinking about his firm hands all over my body makes me want to…

Tuesday April 16th

I told Erin today about my plan, she doesn’t think I have the guts to go through with it. Little does she know. I made sure he noticed me today. From the moment I walked into class, my ass swaying in a catholic schoolgirl skirt short enough to make even a priest run to confession. Strutting over to an empty seat in my platform shoes, I could feel the lust coming from every set of male eyes upon me, on my tanned and well-toned legs. I loved every second of it.

To make sure I didn’t look like a total skank, I wore a concealing baggy sweatshirt around campus. It also gave me an opportunity to give the good professor another surprise during the middle of his lecture. He even stumbled over a couple of his sentences when about half way through lecture I removed my sweatshirt to reveal a skintight, low cut, white tank top underneath. My ever-trustworthy favorite black bra pushed my perky round breast up and almost out of the straining top. Seeing his face blush as he caught sight of me two rows back was priceless. Flustered he immediately looked down at his note cards, blankly staring at them as it took him a couple of seconds to regroup. Composed, he continued on with his lecture, but each time he stole a glance at me he would pause for an instant, slowly drawing out the word on his lips. I could hear the girls behind me muttering each time; my effect was so obvious

I didn’t make it easy for him. While taking notes I made sure to lean as far over as possible, giving him the best angle at which to view my breast swelling out of their confinement. He couldn’t look away for too long, I knew he was trying, but his eyes just wouldn’t obey. And each time I caught him, I returned an unwavering gaze, asking a question he couldn’t answer aloud. As the lecture progressed I started giving him a small, knowing smile each time our eyes met, which only made his face flush a deeper crimson. Then, towards the end of class, I started to boldly adjust my bra strap for no reason at all other than to draw more attention to my already prominently featured breasts. He was hooked.

He visibly rushed through the last part of lecture, ending five minutes earlier than normal. I took my time packing up my stuff, ignoring the leering eyes of the guys leaving class.

There is always a handful of girls, and one guy, who stay around after class to pester Professor Jacobs. The group is usually made up of the mousy plain looking types, who probably want Vic even more than I do. The problem for them being that not even on their best day could they pull of an outfit like the one I was wearing. So when I approached the professor they each gave me a jealous defensive sneer, but fell silent as Vic turned my way, calmly waiting to address my question. This show of coolness, whether it was just a front or for real, turned me on even more.

“Professor Jacobs,” I started in a business like voice, I didn’t want him to think I was just some bimbo, despite what I was wearing, “are you going to be in your office tomorrow? I was wondering if you could go over my paper outline,” I could see the envy dripping from the faces of each of the other girls.

“After my one o’clock lecture tomorrow I should be in, although I’d advise you to wear something a little bit warmer, I keep my office pretty chilly,” he condescendingly replied to me causing his fans to snicker.

Unfazed I answered back as I leaned over to write on a piece of scratch paper giving the professor an even better look at my assets, ” Don’t worry about me I stay warm pretty easily. What’s the room number.”

“1242,” he answered back failing to add another snide remark.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then,” I flirtatiously added as I walked away.

Wednesday April 17th

Appearing to follow his advice I showed up the next day in his office with a pair of form fitting jeans and another baggy sweatshirt. From the way he looked at the sweatshirt I knew he was wondering what was underneath. And I was wondering what was underneath that bookish exterior. I had teased up my nipples before entering, but as I sat down calculating how I was going to get him out of those pants, I realized that I shouldn’t have bothered warming myself up.

He quickly asked what problems I was having with the paper, skipping any small talk, almost rudely acting as if I were wasting his time. None of it bothered me. I had expected him to try and act this way, again adding a little spice to the situation, I’m not use to guys playing hard to get.

I handed him the beginning of my outline, and as he scanned it I took off my sweatshirt. The pale green shirt underneath was pasted on to my body. With no bra on, the outline of my perky round breasts were more than prominent, and still excited from my earlier preparation my nipples shot out at the professor. If he had ignored me in that shirt, I’d have been convinced that he was gay. I’d have made a blind man drool in that outfit.

Of course he was no different, when he looked up to make a comment I noticed his eyes simply freeze upon my chest. He remained frozen for a second before composing himself and glancing up at my face. I let him know I saw his stare, and that he was free to do more if he pleased, with an inviting smile.

Forgetting what ever unimportant comment he was about to make he paused for a moment to regroup, then looking confused and flustered he returned his gaze to my outline before him.

“Is there something wrong with the outline, Professor,” I innocently asked.

“Umm.. No it’s just fine,” he staggered out, “Are you cold in here? I know I tend to keep it a little too chilly for most people,” he added refusing to look up at me.

“No, I’m fine,” I casually answered, “in fact I was getting a little warm.”

“That’s good,” he mindlessly answered back, “everything with the outline looks alright to me, you can email me the rest when you’re done,” he attempted to hurry me out the door.

“Really, I’m not sure about the second part,” I refused to let him off so easily. So I stepped behind his desk and leaned over to point out the section on the sheet of paper, basically throwing my tits into his face. I hovered over him repressing a smile as I sensed him squirm beneath me.

“This part right here. I’m not sure if you wanted us to incorporate Hannibal’s mistake during the second Punic War…are you wearing any cologne, Professor?” I broke off from my pointless inquiry to flirt a little more, not that pressing my boobs into his face wasn’t enough. From the uncomfortable gasps of air he emitted I could tell my charms were working.

“Well, yes I’m wearing a little. I wouldn’t worry about Hannibal when discussing the Persians…” he attempted to skip my sidebar, but I interrupted him before he could.

“What is it? You smell incredible,” I complimented turning my head towards him as if to take a sniff.

“My wife picked it out,” he bluntly stated.

“I like her taste;” I answered placing my hand on his thigh to stabilize myself as I stood up. I felt him tense upon my touch. I sat on the edge of his desk in front of him; “You seem a little tense, Professor. You need to relax a little. I can give you a massage if you’d like,” I made my move with a smile to back it up.

“I don’t think that would be appropriate,” he quickly replied.

“Don’t worry Professor nobody would know about it. And I give very good massages,” I let the last words roll out of my mouth.

“I don’t think my wife would buy that reasoning.”

“She’s not here, Professor, no one would know,” I repeated enhancing my words by lightly passing my fingertips across my chest causing him to once again gaze upon my erect nipples.


“Professor, I’ve seen the way you looked at me in class. Don’t act like you don’t want me.”.

“I’m sorry if I ever…”.

“Don’t apologize, Professor. I love the way you look at me in class. Like you’re looking at my tits right now. It makes me wet. Do you want to feel how wet it makes me?”.

“I think you should leave,” he said while the growing bulge in his pants said otherwise.

“I know part of you wants me to stay,” I joked ignoring his verbal refusals, slipping my foot out of its shoe and pressing it against his crotch. I could see his concealed erection jump as my foot made contact.. “I can do things your wife won’t do, Professor.”

He immediately moved back in his chair and pushed my foot off of his crotch, “This has gone far enough, Katie.” He stood up and moved away from the desk his stiff cock tenting his pants.

“If that’s how you want it, I’ll leave,” I stepped towards him maintaining full eye contact as I squeezed by him rubbing against his stiff erection. “But remember that anytime you want to take me up on my offer I’m yours. And I’m willing to do anything, I mean anything for you,” I whispered the last words into his ear before I lightly pecked his cheek. He stood there like a statue as I turned from him and walked out the door.

I felt exhilarated as I walked down the hall almost breaking into a skip. I was almost relieved that he passed on my offer, I was having so much fun hunting my prey.

Thursday April 18th

Today in lecture I reminded Vic of my offer. I didn’t wear anything special just my velour-jogging suit. Not to say it wasn’t still sexy. The pants are cut low around the hips, exposing my slender lower abdomen and the gentle curve of my lower back, giving my ass a Jennifer Lopez like roundness. It was obvious that Vic was trying to avoid even glancing at me. He came in late and went straight to his podium keeping his eyes glued to the back wall as he lectured.

I refused to allow him to get off so easily. I knew that I was on his mind, even if he wasn’t actually looking, so I pulled from my backpack a bright red cherry lollipop. I made sure to open the wrapper as loudly as possible drawing his attention towards me. Once I locked eyes with him I slowly slid it into my mouth, staring at him as I sucked the little red ball. His eyes opened wide for a brief second before he quickly looked away.

But he couldn’t keep his eyes off of me for too long, and each time they were greeted with the sight of my moist red lips massaging the hard candy. Whenever I would catch his glance I would lewdly wrap my tongue around the red ball, licking in a circular motion like I wanted to lick the swollen head of his bulging cock. Just mimicking the sexual act made me hot, I seriously began debating whether slipping a hidden finger into my pants was too much. It would have felt so good to finger myself while he stuttered and stumbled through his lecture. But as a service to the education of the other students in the class, I was able to control myself.

Vic seemed to be fighting some demons of his own judging from the way he was fidgeting in front of the class. He usually paces back in forth while pontificating the virtues of the Roman Republic, but today, the way he was glued to the podium, he seemed to be reliving an adolescent nightmare, convincing me that he was probably wishing he could sneak a hand down below to relieve some tension as well. I was ready to help him if he needed any help.

Friday April 19th

I knew today was my last day to achieve my aims before he had office hours again next Wednesday, way too long to go with only my vibrator to calm my desires. I strolled into the open doorway of his office around two, disappointed to see one of his plain looking disciples, Kara, the annoying one with her hand perpetually up during lecture, pestering him. I thought about trying to come back later, but I was too eager to see Vic’s reaction to my presence.

Giving him yet another look I wore a demure black skirt and a business like striped white blouse, unbuttoned at the top of course. I also wore my black rimmed reading glasses in place of my usual contacts, and kept my flowing blonde hair pinned on the top of my head. He still blushed slightly when I entered.

He explained that they were just discussing the paper and asked if I cared to join in. Kara looked a little offended, she probably treasured anytime she got alone with Vic. Little did she know that he was actually just trying to avoid spend time alone with me.

Kara isn’t ugly, just plain. Pudgy body, mistreated hair, frumpy clothes, everything that enables you to walk past her without even noticing her existence.

“I think if Caesar had been able to convince Cato to support him, Caesar would never have been to stay in power,” began Kara.

“You’re going to base your paper on a ‘what if?” I immediately jumped in challenging her position, more out of spite than out of concern for the subject. From the flush of her face I could tell my question was not something she was prepared for.

“Now Katie, don’t prejudge Kara’s paper,” intervened Vic.

“It’s not a ‘what if’. That’s a key failure by Caesar. If he had succeeded in winning over Cato his future political problems would have been avoided,” she defensively argued back.

“A key failure? There are a ton of similar moments which can be construed the same way,” I calmly explained.

“You have no…” began Kara before Vic interrupted us.

“It sounds like both of you have strong ideas, I’m sure both you’re papers will turn out very interesting,” he immediately ended the argument for both of us, “How about we address any issues other than content that you guys have.”

“I don’t have any other questions, Professor. I’ll see you in lecture,” pouted Kara as she hastily gathered her things and left the office.

“See you then, have a good weekend,” Vic blandly said his goodbyes standing up as he did so, “I assume you don’t have any questions either,” he addressed me as he walked around the desk to show me the door as well.

“Are you kicking me out, Professor? That’s a bit rude, I do have some other questions for you,” I answered walking to the door with him.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to cut office hours short, I have another meeting to attend.”

“Really, you have time for her and not for me?”.

“It sounds like you’ve mastered the material pretty well already.”

“Well your lectures really stimulate me.” I flirtatiously responded reaching around him to close the door as we stood paces from it facing each other, our bodies only inches away.

“I guess your lollipop would agree.”

“You noticed,” I innocently asked.

“Don’t play innocent.”

“You’re right. I just wanted to give you a preview.”

“A preview of what?” from the look in his eyes I could tell he realized he slipped up.

“Of what I’m about to do right now,” I again reached around him for the door and locked it. He tried to turn around, but I quickly pressed him up against the door.

“You know we can’t do this, Katie,” he nervously stammered out as I reached down and deftly unbuckled his belt wasting no time before I had his pants unbuttoned as well.

“I know you’ve been thinking about me, Professor. I can see it in your eyes every time you glance at me,” I reached down and stroked his engorging cock through the material of slacks, “I can tell by the hardness in your pants right now.”

“Don’t do this,” he pleaded unconvincingly as I lowered myself onto my knees in front of his quivering bulge.

“Just relax, Professor, I’ll take good care of you,” I looked up at him before sliding his pants off of his hips. He offered no resistance as I did so. There was already a small wet spot on his striped white boxers where the head of his cock strained against the material. I kissed his cock through the cloth causing him to audibly sigh.

I knew he was dying to have some relief, so I tugged down his boxers freeing his long beautiful cock, which pointed straight out at me. It was thick, just the way I like it, the veins pulsing with the rush of blood.. Grasping on to it with my right hand I slid my warm mouth around it causing him to breathe in deeply.

“Umm, you taste good, Professor, just like I imagined,” I removed my lips long enough to let out. He ignored my comments impatiently applying pressure to back of my head telling me to continue.

I obliged his request sliding his cock further into my mouth. I could feel it pulse as I pressed my lips around it. Drawing it out I slowly slid my tongue along the underside causing him to gasp. I gave it a second of the cool air before capturing the swollen head again, this time swirling my tongue around it, teasing the edges with the tip. There was no doubt he was mine as he slouched against the door; each new movement of my mouth caused his breath to shorten.

Determined to show him what married life deprived him of, I moved from his rigid cock to his slackened scrotum. As I gently pumped his cock with my right hand I engulfed one of his balls with my greedy mouth sucking it in hard. Showing none of the delicacy I exhibited with his cock I roughly pressed my tongue against the soft skin. Treating the other as I had treated the first, I began stroking his cock causing him to emit a deep groan. Not wanting to send him over the top I relented removing my moist lips from his now wet testes.

He undid the bun on top of my head allowing my rich lustrous hair to cascade down my shoulders. Then he dug his fingers into my flowing locks massaging my scalp with their tips. His strong fingers felt incredible against my skin. I again took his flushed cock into my mouth using my saliva to lubricate it as I slid down lower upon it. I began bobbing my head aided by his now guiding hand.

Knowing what every guy wants I fed his cock all the way to the back of my throat. His body jumped as the soft skin enveloped it. I expertly allowed it to sit there a couple of seconds before drawing it out only to plunge it back in developing a steady motion, in and out, causing him to suck in air with each bob of my head.

“That feels amazing,” he groaned in approval totally lost in the pleasure I was giving him.

With my free hand I massaged his sac, rolling his testicles with my fingers as I continued to suck his warm cock. Just a minute of this full treatment brought him to his climax. I debated whether I should attempt to bring him back from the brink, but eager to taste his cum I thought better of it.

“I’m going to…I’m cumming,” he breathlessly stammered out. I felt his balls constrict, but instead of allowing him immediate release I formed a ring with my left hand and gently tugged down on his scrotum. Holding him for a few seconds I took my right hand and crept a finger into his anus. The shock of the new sensation made him jump and I released hold of is sac allowing his body to go rigid with the paralyzing pleasures of a powerful orgasm.

He exploded inside my mouth; I could feel shots of warm cum shoot against the top of my mouth. I love the taste of warm cum, salty, but sweet. After his initial bursts I applied pressure to his head sucking out his remaining juices. I swirled my tongue around his now ultra sensitive head causing him to moan as he gradually came out of the haze of his orgasmic bliss.

With his cock still resting in my mouth we heard a knock at the door. I could feel his body clench up. I wasn’t about to let go of his cock, expecting him to ignore whoever was on the other side of the door.

The person tried the doorknob, but finding it locked knocked again, “Victor are you in there?”. I looked up at him taking my mouth off of his retracting cock and shook my head. But I could tell from the panicked look on his face that he couldn’t just dismiss whoever was behind the door.

“Just a second, Bob,” he called out as he rushed towards his desk dressing as quickly as possible. “Could you let the professor in on your way out Katie?” he loudly proclaimed pleading with his eyes for me to play along.

I gave him a peeved look, which quickly melted into an obliging smile as I gathered up my things, “Sure, Professor. And you’ll take a final look at my paper before its due?” I reassured him playing my role.

“Of course,” he answered back smiling as I licked my lips both to make sure they were clean and to let him know how much I liked the snack.

I opened the door to find Professor Lewey, a middle aged man who always leered at me when I took his art history class. “Hi Professor Lewey, it’s good to see you again.”

“Katie, how are you doing?” he asked with a creepy grin.

“I’m fine. Professor Jacobs, I’ll email that paper to you.”

“Sounds good Katie. Have a good weekend,” he naturally smiled as I walked out the door.

“It was nice seeing you again, Katie,” added the balding professor, his eyes no doubt glued upon my ass as I walked away.

Tuesday April 23rd

I could barely stand the wait. Three whole days with nothing but Vic’s dick on my mind. So many fantasies rolled through my head, each one successively more lurid than the previous. I even fingered myself while staring at his department photo on the web. If Vic only knew. Well, he almost did, only at the last second did I delete a four-page email detailing everything I wanted to do to his body, and everything I wanted him to do to mine.

I did get an email from him on Sunday. A timid message apologizing for what happened, “I let myself get carried away”, letting me know that it can’t happen again, “You’re a attractive young woman, but I’m a happily married man,”, a request that I stay quiet, “Both of us could be hurt if others found out,”, some begging, “I could be ruined,”, and a principled, but insulting, stance towards me, “I can’t give you a grade you don’t deserve.” A bunch of nonsense that I expected. The only thing disappointing about it was that he was too much of a coward to talk to me face to face or even over the phone. It didn’t change my plans at all; in fact it made my fantasies even more pleasurable as he continued to play hard to get.

One o’clock finally came. I was glad I resisted the urge to call one of my fuck buddies over the weekend. Three days of priming left me so excited I just couldn’t wait for him to enter the room.

And then he did. With strong, confident strides he made his way to the podium. His green eyes hidden behind a pair of reading glasses, which he had never worn before. He tried to look the part of strict instructor, a serious scowl blanketing his face, but I could still detect the nervousness of his motions. He was too businesslike, trying to hide the charm that usually lit up the room when he walked in. No smile for the geeks in the front, no quick remark for one of his adoring fans. I loved each second of it, knowing that I was the reason for this drastic change.

I also had my game face on. You could almost say I was dressed plainly, three-inch black pumps, the only element of blatant sexuality in my academic appearance. I also wore my black rimmed glasses, my hair tied back, and a simple long sleeved black shirt on top of a knee length beige skirt. When fifth teen minutes later than usual he finally scanned the room during his lecture I gave no hint of recognition. He couldn’t help but pause upon me, but I simply stared blankly back, restraining the flirtatious grin, which was dying to emerge on my lips.

But I had my plan, or scheme would be a better word for it, set, so with about five minutes left in class I gathered my materials up and as quietly as possible made my way towards the aisle making a noticeable commotion as I squeezed past the other students. I left without even glancing at Vic, but from the momentary silence I could tell that his eyes, along with everyone else’s were following me out the door. The dramatic nature of my exit gave me such a rush. I could only imagine what he was thinking.

Betting that Vic was a creature of habit I rushed over to his office. I told the main receptionist that I was retrieving something for the Professor and that he had forgotten to give me the keys. She hesitated, but I flashed her a smile, and she gave in, not even middle-aged women will refuse a pretty girl.

With the extra set of keys I walked to his office. By this point I was so excited that my hand shook as I tried to put the key in the lock. Once inside my mind went blank for a second and I just stood there, but the anxiousness passed and I set about fulfilling my fantasy. I opened up his closet and grabbed one of his white dress shirts I had noticed the last time I was in his office. I thought about just grabbing a tie, but that may have been a little too much, so I stuck with the dress shirt.

I hurriedly took off my clothes including my already damp panties and put on his shirt, which draped down to my thighs. It felt so good being covered in his oversized top. I put my black pumps back on for presentation and undid my hair, allowing it to wildly fall on to the back of his shirt. All ready I took a seat behind his desk in his chair and began to wait.

Once I was settled it suddenly hit me that I didn’t even know when he would come, or even if he would come. Not to mention whom he would come with. None of these considerations had been part of my fantasy when I hatched the lust filled scheme over the weekend. But it was too late to look back now, so I tried my best to forget those doubts, I knew he usually went back to his office, and I had to depend on him doing the same today.

Waiting was also not in my fantasy, and as the seconds passed like minutes I began fumbling through his desk drawers. I thought it was odd that he didn’t have any pictures of his wife, or really any personal effects at all, just straight business.

Or so I thought until I slid the bottom drawer open and lifted up a stack of papers. There hidden amongst year old graded papers was proof that Vic’s wife was not taking care of all of Vic’s needs. Exhilarated I picked up his copy of an upscale smut magazine, Gentleman’s Choice, shocked that my very proper and intellectual teacher would have such a magazine. The title fit, but the cover picture of a young blonde spreading her legs to reveal a freshly shaved beaver did not.

“Vic, oh, Vic,” I laughed to myself as I giddily opened up the magazine and began flipping through the pages filled with intense hard core action. At first I was still caught up in the shock of the discovery, but as I flipped through page after page of explicit photos, gorgeous blondes sucking huge black dicks, brunettes being probed by enormous rubber dildos, red heads lost in their own pleasure as brutish bikers bang them from behind, I felt the needs of my own shaved beaver calling out. Unrestricted, just the light touch of the dress shirt covering me sent chills through me.

I focused on one particularly enticing, and in my situation relevant, series of photos depicting the taming of a young brunette by her teacher. I teased a finger around the outside of my slit as I looked at the teacher order her to remove her innocent white top. I imagined Vic during the same as I slipped a finger inside my dripping wet pussy closing my eyes tightly I slowly slid it in.

I opened them to turn the next page where the teacher forces the willing student on to her knees and makes her unzip his pants, followed by a shot of her wrapping her juicy wet lips around his thick cock. I just had to remember the feel of Vic’s cock in my mouth to send a strong sensation through my body. What I wouldn’t have given to have him in front of me at that moment. I looked on the next page to see him pounding into her tight ass from behind, her bent over his desk like his personal toy, his hand roughly pulling on her hair, making her cry out in pain and pleasure.

Suddenly, I head voices approaching in the hallway. One of them was definitely Vic’s, the other one sounded older and more frail. Unsure of what to do I first threw the magazine back into the drawer and stood up as if to hide, but I quickly calmed down. If I was going to get caught, I’d have him caught as well. I put the magazine back on to his desk and sat again in his seat trying to look as calm as possible with my heart thumping away.

I could see two shadows in the shaded glass as I heard a key enter the lock. The door opened slightly and I readied myself for disaster, but it didn’t open anymore than a crack. Now I could clearly hear Vic’s voice, “Thanks for the advise, Bob, I’ll be sure to keep it in mind.”

Then, “No problem Victor, good luck on that article,” answered the creepy voice of Professor Lewey. One shadow disappeared and the other turned into the door as it opened.

The look on Vic’s face was priceless. His jaw honestly dropped to the floor. I couldn’t help but smile as he looked at me with a bewildered expression, hurriedly closing the door behind him.

“What are…Why did…. How did you get in here, Katie,” he stammered out.

“I just told the receptionist that you needed your dick sucked at two o’clock,” I boldly joked, beyond confident in my position.

“This is insane, Katie. Are you out of your freaking mind?” continued my stunned professor.

“I know I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left your class early, it was rude. But I wanted to give you a surprise. What did I miss? I apologized as I stood up and walked to the front of the desk, sitting on it with spread legs and leaning back so Vic could get a live look of the cover shot.

“You have to leave right now, Katie,” commanded Vic, still too scared to approach me any further.

“I don’t know how it would look for me to leave like this, Vic,” I teased using that name for the first time.

“This is not funny, Katie.”

“I’m enjoying it.”

“You know how much trouble this could get me in? You know how much trouble I’m already in? What if Bob saw you in my office? What if..”.

“But he didn’t. And I won’t say anything, you won’t say anything. What’s the problem?”

“The problem? I’m your professor; you’re my student. I’m married…”.

“But from the looks of it not happily,” I interrupted again to pick up the magazine from his desk.. Vic turned bright red. “How come this isn’t on the syllabus? I really like the pictures of the professor and his student, don’t you?” I teased as I opened up the magazine to that photo spread.

Vic rushed up to snatch the magazine away, but I deftly hid it behind my back, “I can’t believe you…” he stammered unable to finish the sentence.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Vic. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few pictures.”

“Give me the magazine, Katie!” Vic demanded his embarrassment turning into anger.

“Don’t get mad, Vic. You can have your magazine if you do me a favor.”

“I’m not playing games, give me the magazine!”.

“Just one small favor.”

“I’m not going to give you an…”.

“I don’t want you to give me a grade,” I incredulously answered.

“Then what do you want?”.

“All I want you to do,” a paused for dramatic effect, “is make me cum.”

“Are you out of your mind?”.

“It’s only fair, Vic. I did it for you. Didn’t you enjoy it?” I added in my best pouty voice.

“That was a mistake.”.

“A mistake? You seemed to enjoy it.”.

“You know what I mean.”.

“But its only fair that I get to enjoy the same mistake, if that’s what you want to call it.”

“No chance, Katie,” answered Vic coming closer to me in an effort to reach around, but still trying to avoid contact.

“You don’t even have to fuck me.. if you don’t want to,” this made him pause for a second, “You can use your tongue, or even one of your long, strong fingers. But I think it’ll be more enjoyable for the both of us if you just fuck me don’t you?” I knew from his look that I had him.

“I can’t do that, Katie,” he was already weakening.

“You can’t or you don’t want to,” I challenged back. He could only give me an exasperated look, so I took my opening and hooked a finger on the top of his pants and pulled him towards me. He did nothing to stop me until I reached to unbuckle his pants.

“Katie, don’t,” he ordered placing his firm hand on my forearm.

“Suit yourself, I’ve thought about having your hands on me all week long,” I responded sliding my hand down the length of his crotch. He was completely hard underneath his slacks, and I knew from that moment that I had won the argument, not that I had entered with any doubt, yet still the realization not only made a huge self satisfied grin appear on my face, but added another spark to my already overheated sex.

I had my legs spread around him on the desk, so all I had to do was unbutton a few buttons from the bottom to expose my moist pussy. He couldn’t help but look right at it causing his cock to jump in his pants. “See how ready I am?” I asked as I guided his hand towards my awaiting pussy. He didn’t even offer up a light resistance as I placed his large right hand on my firm stomach and slid it down to my naked pussy.

I looked straight into his eyes as he made contact, nothing fake about the gasp I let out as his rough flesh pressed against my most tender. “That feels so good,” I moaned out, “Doesn’t it feel good Vic?” I asked as I leaned back on my elbows, throwing my head back as he freely explored my labia with his three middle fingers.

He didn’t say anything as he gently probed along my slit, splitting the two lips apart with nothing more than a light touch. I was so ready that each instant felt like a thousand volts of electricity were running from my thighs to my head. Throwing my head back I gently shifted my hips up urging him to probe deeper into my sex, to fan the flames that each touch turned higher. But he continued to tease despite my body’s pleading, gently pressing against the outer walls of my slick vagina.

I laid completely back, my head hanging off the edge, so I could use my hands to unbutton my shirt and expose my aching nipples. I relieved them with a pinch and twist from my index and middle fingers. The harder I pinched and pulled the better it felt. I was lost in the moment only wanting to feel him deeper and deeper, but he persisted in his torture, suggesting relief, but patiently holding me back, driving me insane with desire, “Don’t make me wait any longer,” I pleaded in distress.

But he remained cold to my entreaties; in fact he removed even the slightest touch from my desperate sex, massaging my inner thighs with a scientist’s cool calculation. I squirmed beneath his touch; my body electric with even the little relief he gave me.

Desperate beyond even the most liberal of limits, I took it upon myself to quench my thirst. Just inserting one finger into my heated sex caused a sensation like can only be called bliss. My finger massaged my inner wall with neither patience nor tact. I was incessant in striving for relief. I opened my eyes for a second, allowing my mind to clear for an instant and think of the spectacle I must have represented before Vic. He was staring at me intently still slowly rubbing my thighs as if in support of my effort. But once I caught his eye I could tell that the same lust that was raging through me was burning through him. Having him watch me pleasure myself gave me a new high. I loved seeing the look on his face as I fingered the pussy he was about to fuck.

I liked my parted lips and urged him to join in, “Fuck me professor. I want you so fucking bad!”. But he just smiled, and I didn’t care if it was smug, or condescending. I didn’t care who was in control or who was in submission as long as his thick cock was up deep in between my thighs.

He finally brought his hands up from my legs and used one to envelop the hand fingering my sex. He firmly drew that hand up and leaning over tasted the perpetrating finger in his month sucking the juices off with a chef’s delight, then pressed my meek hand back against the skin of my stomach and up to my round breast.

His hand spread wide was able cover the entirety of one of my voluptuous breast with ease. He pressed down on the hardened nipple, his gentle touch becoming a grasping clutch. He massaged both my swelling breasts, teasing the budded nipples with an alternate soft and hard touch.

Then, confirming his intention, he leaned down over my body and bestowed upon my awaiting lips a kiss, and than another, and another, until our fate was sealed and our mouths and our tongues violently clashed against one another. His hands found the curves of my body as I ran my fingers through his light brown hair.

His mouth wandered from mine as he used one of his hands to tilt my head up and expose my slender neck. His lips danced upon my flesh leaving sucking kisses with each step. I couldn’t have choreographed his movements any better as in time with his feasting lips his right hand rubbed its way towards the apex of my thighs. He ignited my own rhythm with a slip of a finger into my ripe slit. Done with the teasing he delved deep inside with one, then combined it tightly with another. His movement was firm, but not rough, the puppeteer playing each one of my strings.

My hips bucked up as he steadily pumped his fingers into me, my desire a pungent aroma in the air. Amazingly, his lips reached the back of my ears and the feel of his mouth engulfing my earlobe sent another pleasant shock through my system, feeding into the rising energy of my mounting orgasm. But he fed fuel to the flames when he rubbed his thumb gently against my clit. My body involuntarily tensed up as the combined music being played upon my sex sent me into heaven. I lost all awareness of the outside world. I couldn’t smell, taste, or even hear my own moans. I just felt. I just felt the explosion building. A wave rising to a crescendo breaking through my body, washing away any thought but bliss with its power. My body froze in the moment of my orgasm; his fingers still feverishly playing their devilish song. His eyes focused upon my own, basking in delight over the effects of his skilled efforts.

When I remerged, my body was still tingling in pleasure. Recovering my strength I leaned up so I could repay the favor. But his controlling hand held me down.

Smiling he kissed me again, massaging my eager tongue with a steady kneading into obedience. Now in control, he wasn’t ready to relinquish it, “Gotta make sure you’re satisfied. Wouldn’t want you to fail me,” he whispered into my ear as I felt his body creep away from mine. Hoping he was preparing to enter me I slid my foot on to his crotch feeling the bulk of his hidden cock. But again he would let me have no part, adjusting my leg to the side, spreading my legs further apart. Too my surprise he got down upon his knees and pulling my body towards him licked the length of my wet pussy with his tongue. He lapped at it slowly, like licking hot fudge from a sundae. The sound of his tongue smacking against my wetness accompanying each stroke.

I leaned up so I could watch him please me. I loved seeing his head stuck between my thighs, his tongue exploring each part of my drenched pussy. He looked up as I toyed with my pointed nipples. It felt so good, so good as he sucked in my clit and licked its tip with his tongue, like he had a PHD in cunnilingus instead of Ancient History. As I watched him please me the only thought in my head was the crude, “I’m going to fuck him so hard. So hard I’ll leave his dick raw.” The idea running through my head feeding my pleasure, pushing me to the top of the peak again. It crept up on me fast and my exploded with the rush of another orgasm. My body spasmed up, but he held it down increasing the speed of his tongue’s action building towards another explosion. God, I loved that man at that moment.

Then there was a knock on his door. His head shot up in alarm, my juices moist around his mouth and chin. I tried to tell him with my eyes to ignore it, but his head remained frozen in place. Another knock came at the door causing him to stand up still too panicked to do anything, looking like a deer in headlights.

“Professor, Professor, are you in there?” called out the frail voice I remembered from before.

Despite my passionate urging to do the opposite Vic responded, “Yes, Bob, just one moment, I’m finishing up with a student.” He gave me a pleading look, and much to my disappointment I obliged him getting off the desk while he straightened his clothes and his hair. I hurriedly threw on my clothes form the closet, just the top and the skirt, leaving my underwear as a parting gift. In no longer than one minute I was ready, looking a little disheveled, but Professor Lewey probably already had the thought firmly planted in his brain, so there was nothing I could really do to dispel his suspicion or erase his interest.

I put on my backpack and walked up to Vic, who was trying to adjust his erection to make it less prominent, luckily for me not an easy task. Despite his stiffness I leaned up for a small peck on the lips, and wiped off a little evidence of my pleasure from his upper lip.

“Thank you for the help, Professor. Are you going to be in your office tomorrow?” I innocently asked walking towards the door.

“No problem,” was all he could he answer, looking like a thousand thoughts were rushing through his mind at that moment. I answered the door for the professor who gave me that unnerving smile. Actually he didn’t seem to look at me any different than before. He was probably too busy mentally undressing me to have enough brainpower left to consider what we had just been doing. Hopefully his sense of smell was as bad as his taste in clothes.

“I have those articles for you, Victor,” I heard him say as I walked down the hall a huge smile on my face. A smile so wide that the receptionist looked at me like I was insane when I handed back the key.

The rest of the day I spent thinking about the next. Around eight o’clock I was absently staring at an open chemistry book when a knock at the door interrupted my studies. Erin was in her room, so I gave a sigh and walked to the door. I didn’t even bother to look in the peephole before languidly opening it. Appearing in front of me was Professor Vic holding my bra and panties in his hand.

“Vic,” was all I could say, now playing the part of the shocked one.

“You left these in my office,” he said with a smile coming towards me and dipping down to give me a passionate kiss and a powerful embrace lifting my feet off the ground. I quickly responded lifting myself up and wrapping my legs around his body squeezing him tightly to me. We kissed wildly as he carried me towards the couch. But that was the only part that was gentle. Once he had me against the couch he yanked my shirt over my head not even stopping to pay his respects, before removing my pants and underwear with equal patience, leaving me naked and pleased.

“Professor!” I playfully exclaimed causing him to smile a response as he removed his own slacks in a second, and his shirt in another leaving him standing there naked and ready, his thick cock saying hello in the language that I like, stiff and hard. He pressed against me his cock throbbing against my stomach as he grabbed my head and hungrily kissed my lips, weaving his fingers through my hair. His other hand was everywhere on my body, as were mine on his. Exploring the tight muscles of his back and the soft flesh of his rear.

I pushed back into him so I could reach down and stroke his straining cock, but he made it obvious that he wasn’t interested in anymore foreplay by roughly turning me around and bending my body over the back of the couch. I could barely regain control of my body before he had my legs spread wide and his dick up my inviting pussy. The memory of that first plunging stroke will send shivers through my body forever, his initial thrust was so deep and so unrestrained, knocking me into the back of the couch with its violence. But I love it rough when in the mood, and he put me in the mood for everything. So each of his animalistic thrusts were greeted with a pleased grunt from my lips, as he established or rather abandoned a rhythm with each desperate pump of his hips. His hands grasping me firmly, pulling me towards him, his cock drilling deep into my sex.

Not being one to ignore the sound of operatic moans and flesh on flesh, I saw Erin stick her inquiring mind out the door. She feigned astonishment, as she looked me in the face. But she must have appreciated what she saw since she stayed to gawk, her smile evolving into a look of arousal and envy. Her jealous stare added to my pleasure and making eye contact with her I let her know that I was enjoying each and every second of Vic’s stiff dick pumping into my pussy with a gloating grin. She shook her head in response, but showing her approval snuck her hand down the elastic waistband of her shorts.

That sent me to yet another level as I felt my body begin to flush with another orgasm. This must of coincided with his own, as his thrusts became short and frantic, until I could feel the warm explosion of his seed, and he let out a long groan of relief. He stood rigid inside of me as his cock spurted out a day’s worth of desire. He began to pull out but I reached back and held him as the feel of his deflating cock sent me over the edge, the electric sensation of another orgasm ripping through my body. He held me tightly in his arms as my legs went weak beneath me. His limp dick slid out of me and as he continued to embrace me from behind I could feel it slick against my ass.

Erin was no longer in her doorway, no doubt tending to her own needs on top of her bed. I turned around to face my assaulter allowing us to exchange a post-coital kiss. I reached down and grabbed his now flaccid member sticky in my hand as I gently rubbed it, “Is he ready for more?” I looked up and asked.

“He’s waited all day,” Vic responded looking down at my hand upon his penis like there was a third member in our party.

“Good,” was all I said as I took him by the hand and led him to my room and directly to my bed where I reminded him what a young college student could do and he gave me a lesson in the benefits of an experienced partner.

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