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I Call on Gabrielle

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A few days ago, I got a call from Gabrielle, inviting me over. We are good friends and sometimes go places together but when she invites me to her apartment, it is always for the purpose of making love, and that is fine with me. Gabrielle is very pretty, beautiful, even, in her late thirties with a flat stomach and muscular thighs from kickboxing and working out six days a week. She has short brown hair, impish green eyes and, I think, a great figure even though her breasts are rather small.

Gabi is sometimes self-conscious about the size of her breasts but her nipples are large and sensitive, and she has a great, tight ass. Besides being beautiful, she is very sweet and I really enjoy spending time with her, either in bed or out.

We met on the internet but not in the way people usually mean when they say that. We are both writers on Literotica and one time, after we discovered we live in the same city and that we liked reading each other’s stories, we decided to get together and see if we wanted to turn some of them into nonfiction. We did, and we both enjoyed ourselves so much that we have gotten together frequently since then.

After letting me in and locking the door, we hugged and kissed, affectionately at first, but soon our kisses turned passionate. “Let’s go into the bedroom, George,” she suggested. “I like what you’re doing back there but it feels a lot better in bed.” She was referring to the way I had my hands pushed through the elastic waistband of her pants, fondling her ass, which is extremely fondleable, through her silky panties. That sounded like a great idea to me so we walked side-by-side into her bedroom with one of my hands still inside her pants, caressing her lovely ass.

Once we stood beside the bed, Gabrielle turned to me and we embraced and kissed again, this time letting our tongues caress each other. While our mouths were active, our hands were too as she unbuttoned my shirt and I pulled her t-shirt out of her pants. When all my buttons were undone, I turned around while Gabi removed my shirt and when I turned back, I took hold of the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it off over her head. She was not wearing a bra and I cupped one hand under either of her small but well-formed breasts and leaned forward to begin licking Gabrielle’s nipples. They were fully erect and I delighted in licking them while Gabi thrust first one side of her chest then the other to meet the strokes of my tongue.

This was fun but we both knew it was a lot more fun lying down so Gabrielle lay back on the bed and, holding onto my arms, pulled me onto there with her. She had no difficulty doing this because I wanted very much to join her and, after we adjusted our positions, I resumed licking her beautiful, big nipples. Gabi was squirming on the bed already, enjoying what I was doing and encouraging me to continue. “I really love that, George. Now, suck my little titties.”

That was my intention and I drew one of the little beauties into my mouth and started gently sucking while my tongue caressed her nipple and areola. After a minute of sucking on one of the twins, I turned my attention to the other, and switched back and forth. “That feels really good, George, but I wish my titties were bigger so you could really get a lot in your mouth.”

I interrupted my switch from one lovely globe to the other to tell her, “Gabi, you have really beautiful titties. They are a bit small, but a terrific mouthful and your nipples are big and feel really great in my mouth. Your titties are some of the nicest ones I know of.” I’ve told her that before but I know she likes to hear it and it is the absolute truth. Both of us were still wearing our pants but I could tell it was time for me to remove Gabi’s and start eating her pussy. In addition to her upper body, her hips were squirming on the bed and I could detect the delightful aroma of her pussy juices, which I very much wanted to taste again.

I licked my way down her stomach to the waistband of her pants, and then I got up and knelt between her legs. Gabrielle lifted up from the bed and I pulled her pants off and got my first look at her panties. Because her ass is so sexy, Gabrielle likes to set it off with sexy panties and the ones she was wearing were silky, transparent blue and cut high so they were little more than a G-string covering her pussy, and a narrow triangle covering her ass. The crotch was soaked with her delightful juices and I truly enjoyed the aroma. I licked her pussy through the panties and it was delicious, although I knew her juices would taste even better when I licked them directly from her.

Gabrielle lifted her ass off the bed again and I pulled off her panties, giving me my first look that day at her pussy, which is really beautiful, with its pink lips, shining wetly, surrounded by soft, light brown pubic hair. Although beautiful, her pussy smells even better than it looks and I happen to know that the taste is best of all. I slipped a pillow under her ass, raising her to a good level for eating and prepared to prove once again to myself how delicious Gabrielle is. When she raised her legs in the air, I placed my left shoulder against the underside of her thigh and when she reached underneath herself and spread her ass cheeks, I slipped the middle finger of my right hand, lubricated by saliva, into her ass. This would be just a small sample of what would be in her ass later but I know Gabrielle likes me to finger-fuck her there while I eat her pussy.

My left arm wrapped around her thigh with my fingers in her soft pubic hair when I leaned forward. My nose was inches from Gabi’s pussy, and I breathed deeply of her juices. After enjoying their aroma, I started enjoying their taste, sucking everything from her love hole and licking everything from her pussy lips. Gabrielle knew that she would really enjoy having me eat her pussy, just as I knew that I would really enjoy eating her, and she was already cooing happily and fucking into the air, partly from anticipation and partly from the pleasure of my finger plunging in and out of her ass.

After my tongue had sluiced up all the available nectar, I started licking the outside of her outer lip. Although she is less sensitive there than in other places, Gabrielle’s pussy is so beautiful that all of it is deserving of my attentions, and I enjoyed the feel of her soft hair on my tongue. After licking to her mons, I licked her other outer lip the same way. A small amount of fresh juices had accumulated in her love hole and I enjoyed them and the feel of her pussy fucking into my face.

Gabrielle’s pussy lips begin just below her wet love hole and my tongue started caressing the small area between one pair, licking the soft flesh and the lips themselves. When I reached the point where her labia are close together, I probed my tongue into the seam between them, as well as the surfaces of both lips. Very slowly, taking my time and prolonging the pleasure for both of us, I licked both of them, my tongue covering every bit of both labia repeatedly, until I reached the point where Gabi’s inner pussy lips merge to form her clit hood. Very briefly, only one stroke, my tongue curled underneath and caressed her adorable clit sheltering there before continuing on to the end of the outer pussy lip and licking her mons, once again enjoying the feel of her soft pubic hair on my tongue. From that light touch of my tongue, Gabi’s body was rolling back and forth on the bed in pleasure.

After feasting on the fresh juices in her pussy, I licked the other pair of lips the same way except that I didn’t stroke her clit with my tongue before licking to the end of Gabrielle’s outer lip. Once I had tasted her outer lip and mons, my tongue returned to the top of the hood that was protecting her adorable clit and caressed her there. Although my tongue touched her clit hood very gently, the indirect stimulation of Gabi’s sweetest of sweet spots caused her pussy to fuck even harder into my face. “Lick my clit,” George,” she interrupted her cooing to say, and I did, but only very briefly, barely touching her there.

Even a gentle touch on her adorable love toy caused Gabrielle’s pussy to start fucking stronger than ever into my face and to gush juices, which were delicious, and her cooing to change partly to moaning. From what my mouth was doing for her pussy and what my finger was doing for her ass, I could tell Gabrielle was getting closer to cumming but she still had a ways to go. After devouring all the fresh juices, I probed my tongue into the lower rim of her love hole, turning my hand so I could continue fucking her ass with my finger while licking and probing there. When I started doing the same for the side edges, I turned my hand so I could stroke my finger in the way most comfortable for me. The feel of my finger turning in her ass brought forth an especially loud moan from Gabrielle so I turned it a few more times because I really love giving her pleasure, as much as she loves giving me pleasure.

“I’m ready to cum, George. Suck my clit,” was her request but I considered it to still be a little too early. Except for her clit, the most sensitive parts of Gabi’s pussy are the inside surfaces of her inner pussy lips and it was my intention to explore there next with my tongue. Gabrielle gave out with another loud moan as I thrust my tongue under the lip just as I wiggled the finger that was fucking her ass. Back and forth, from one inner lip to the other I moved my tongue, stopping to dip into the delectable juices that were bubbling from her love hole. Her thigh muscles rotated out, presenting her pussy even more fully to me and I knew it was time for Gabrielle to cum. While fucking my finger into her ass faster, I inserted my tongue into her love hole and flexed the tip up to caress the top of that delightful pink place, stimulating the base of her clit. I increased the speed of my finger even more as my tongue massaged the small area just below Gabi’s clit and above her vagina. My tongue gently insinuated itself under her clit hood, caressing the adorable button sheltering there, and after the hood was clear of the little darling, I clamped my lips tightly and began sucking. While I sucked, my finger still fucked in and out of her ass and my tongue fondled the engorged sides and top of Gabrielle’s clit, continuing for several minutes while her body thrashed on the bed and her pussy fucked up into my face.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Gabrielle squealed joyfully and I quickly pulled my finger from her ass before the muscles there could tighten and hold it a prisoner. Her hands pressing on the back of my head and her pussy fucking strongly up into my face kept my mouth and her clit together the way they both wanted to be. Gabi’s legs scissored my head, alternately squeezing and releasing me while her heels drummed on my back. Both my arms were hugging around her thighs; neither of us wanted to lose the delightful contact between mouth and clit. Gabrielle climaxed, arching her back, squeezing me with her legs and jamming her pussy against my face one last time before totally relaxing on the bed, her legs draped weakly over my shoulders and her arms flopping at her sides.

As I knew there would be, there was a pool of fresh cum juices in Gabi’s love hole and I licked everything off her thighs, crotch and pussy lips, leaving enough in her pussy to provide the lubrication we would be needing. While she was recovering from her strong orgasm, I went to the bathroom and washed off the finger that had been in her ass and wiped from my face the pussy juice that my tongue couldn’t reach. After I left the bathroom, I took a condom from the nightstand, put it on and picked up the tube of Aquaglide.

When I returned to the bed, Gabrielle was smiling. Her smile became wider and more lascivious when she saw the tube of lubricant and she turned onto her belly so I could apply it. I squirted it directly into her ass and reached in the same finger that had been there before to spread it evenly all around. When her ass was thoroughly lubricated, Gabi rolled onto her back again, spread her legs and held up her arms in an invitation. After I wiped off the finger that had applied the lubricant, I spread her pussy lips with the fingers of one hand and guided my cock with the other. When the tip of my cock entered her pussy, Gabrielle reached her arms up above her head so they were lying palms up on the mattress.

With one push, my cock was halfway inside and with another, it was most of the way into Gabi’s pussy, well-lubricated with her own juices. With two more thrusts, my entire shaft was buried all the way to my pubic hair. Before I started stroking with my cock, I grabbed her wrists and pressed them against the mattress, putting most of my weight on them and holding them firmly in place. None of my weight was on her body because I know how active Gabrielle likes to be when we make love. With Gabi’s arms held securely, I pulled my cock back almost out of her pussy and stroked it forward. She eagerly fucked back to meet me and when she did, Gabi started struggling to get her arms free from my grip. I held her wrists tightly as she struggled and I plunged my cock in and out of her pussy while Gabrielle matched my strokes, both of us moaning in pleasure while her legs squeezed my thighs and her upper body twisted and squirmed on the bed under me.

Our moans were interrupted by long kisses, with our tongues twining, and Gabrielle kept her legs around me while swiveling her hips, increasing the pleasure for both of us. Even while she was immensely enjoying our fucking, and making it even better through her uninhibited movements, she struggled, without success to get her arms free from my hands and from my weight that was holding her down. Gabrielle had deliberately placed her arms in such a position that she had no leverage, and no real chance to escape. That was fine with both of us because she didn’t really want to get loose and would have been very disappointed if she had succeeded. Gabrielle really loves making love with me. She relishes the feel of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy and massaging her clit, but it enhances her pleasure if she feels like she is held in place against her will so we have worked this out between us. Although it used to seem strange to feel Gabrielle struggling to get free while hearing her telling me how much she enjoyed what we were doing and feeling her fucking back and feeling and seeing her thrashing under me from the sheer pleasure, I certainly enjoy the game.

“That feels wonderful, George. Keep fucking me and don’t stop and don’t let me go.” After telling me that, Gabi started a new motion, rocking from side to side while still swiveling her hips and thrusting her pussy back to meet the strokes of my cock. I could feel her clit massaging the entire length of my shaft as I stroked all the way in and out, and her moans of pleasure told me how much she was enjoying it. My moans and sighs told Gabi how much I was enjoying our love-making also. We continued like that, slowly fucking, Gabrielle moving all over the bed under me, both of us feeling so much pleasure we wanted to prolong it as much as we could.

After a long time and many thrusts of my cock into her pussy, Gabrielle murmured, “Give it to me good, George, I’m getting ready to cum.” When I heard that, I moved forward on her body, still keeping my weight on her hands, and started plunging my cock in faster, and almost straight down. The new angle forced the top surface of my cock more strongly against Gabrielle’s clit and the increased speed would bring her to a more intense orgasm. She knew this, and kept swiveling and rocking her hips and fucking back to meet me, matching my increased speed. Gabi was still struggling against my hands that were pinning her wrists to the mattress but she seemed even less interested in getting free.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck my clit. Fuck my clit.” And then: “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she cried out. As pre-arranged, I released her hands and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I curled my arms under hers while continuing to slam my cock in and out while Gabrielle’s legs spread farther apart to take my cock even deeper. Her legs scissored open and shut as they had earlier, this time with my thighs in between, while her heels drummed against my legs. For several minutes, Gabi continued cumming, squeezing my back and my thighs while the force of our mutual thrusts bounced her ass up and down, all the way off the bed. As she climaxed, her legs squeezed mine and her back arched, helping her drive her pussy extra hard against me. Gabi’s fingernails dug into my back, drawing blood but the pleasure of the fucking I was doing and of feeling and seeing her enjoy her orgasm was so great I didn’t even notice the pain.

Gabrielle was completely relaxed and her energy level was low after her big orgasm but when I pulled my cock from her pussy and took hold of her ankles to turn her over, she knew what was happening next and helped as much as she could. After she was lying on her belly, I spread her legs and knelt between them, my cock well lubricated by her pussy juices. Gabi’s ass was ready for me, still coated with the Aquaglide. After Gabrielle cums from fucking with her pussy, she likes to take my cock into her ass immediately so we had lubricated her there before we started fucking in her pussy. Although still weak, she was able to reach back and spread her ass cheeks to enable my penetration and I reached between them with the fingers of one hand and pried open her sphincter. The other hand held my cock and I steered the tip into her ass and gave a gentle push. The head squeezed into the tight, puckered hole; Gabrielle moaned with pleasure and continued to hold her cheeks open for me.

With a series of short, firm thrusts, after being sure that no loose skin was caught anywhere, I squeezed my cock all the way into her. Gabrielle let go of her ass cheeks but continued to lie flat on her belly, not saying anything yet, but encouraging me with her moans of pleasure. I started slowly thrusting my cock in and out. “Oh! Oh! George, that feels so good. Give it to me! Give it to me now!” Gabi cried out and I gave it to her. The plunges of my cock into her ass were slow and deep and she lay passively, except for some involuntary squirming, for the few strokes it took for her to start cumming.

“Yes! Yes!” she cried and her arms and legs flopped beneath me. I had been on my knees, except with my upper body lying on top of Gabrielle, pressing her into the mattress but when she started cumming, I raised myself up, supporting my weight on my hands so she could get the full enjoyment from cumming. Still pinned to the bed by my cock going all the way in and out of her ass, her body rocked back and forth and her arms and legs thrashed under me for several minutes. We both enjoyed the intensity of her cumming until she climaxed, her body jerking and then relaxing again, sprawled out under me. I still had the entire length of my cock buried in Gabi’s ass because we both knew we weren’t through yet. She enjoys having a cock penetrate her ass so much that she actually cums without me fondling her clit, which is almost unique among my lady friends. The first time we made love, I held her arms in place while we were fucking in her ass but it was just too awkward so we don’t do it anymore. We have plenty of fun, even without that aspect.

“That was really good, George. Your cock feels wonderful in my ass,” Gabrielle murmured to me. “I still need to cum one more time so stay there until I’m ready and I’ll get up on my hands and knees.” Since Gabi’s ass is a marvelous place for my cock to be, I had no trouble doing as she said, waiting until she gathered her strength to continue. While waiting, I did slowly stroke my cock into her a few times because, like I said, Gabi’s ass is a really wonderful place for my cock to be but it’s even better when my cock is moving in and out.

When she was ready, Gabrielle got up on her hands and knees. “I hope you are ready for some serious fucking. I still need to cum one more time.”

“If you’re ready, I’m ready but let’s take it slow at first.”

As if to demonstrate what I meant, I stroked my cock into her slick ass, slowly, all the way until my pubic hairs were tickling her, and back out, till only the tip stayed inside. When I stroked back inside her for the second time, Gabrielle fucked back to meet me, taking my cock all the way into herself again. She moaned from the pleasure I was giving her as I stretched her sphincter and rectum and I moaned from the pleasure of her tight ass squeezing my cock. “Just like that, slow and easy. That felt really good. Give me a lot more like that.”

With my hands on the fronts of her thighs for leverage, I gave her a lot more like that, always plunging slowly in and out while Gabrielle thrust her ass back to meet me. At first, she was on her hands and knees directly in front of me but after a few strokes she bent down, wrapping her arms around a pillow and supporting her upper body on her forearms. From that position, she would be able to thrust back more strongly and she would be able to take my cock even deeper when I really got going and rose up higher to start fucking down into her the way I would do later. Although her face was partly buried in the pillow, I could still hear her moaning from the intense pleasure her ass was feeling and I made no secret of the intense pleasure her ass was giving me.

Gabrielle likes my cock in her ass so much that she reached back and spread her ass cheeks again to enable me to get a fraction of an inch deeper into her. My hands on her thighs held her steady and kept her from falling forward while she held her ass cheeks open. With every stroke of my cock, I backed out so just the tip was still inside then drove forward, stretching her, until my cock was all the way back in. Because her hands were holding her ass cheeks open, Gabi was not able to thrust her ass back to meet me the way we both like her to do. Since that was so, when my cock was all the way in again, I would pull her to me and give one last thrust so that every fraction of an inch of my cock was doing what I meant it to do, pleasuring Gabrielle and me. Her first orgasm from my cock in her ass had been quick but the second one would be even better because it would be after a longer time, which was fine with both of us because we certainly had nothing better to do.

Although neither of us could have thought of anything more enjoyable to do, Gabrielle changed her movements to make our fucking even better. While I held her upright, she started swiveling her hips, thrusting her knees into the mattress and changing the angle my cock entered her ass. This changed the way my cock stretched her sphincter and allowed my cock to massage a different part of her rectum at every stroke. By this time, Gabrielle was enjoying our fucking so much that she had almost completely lost control of her upper body, which was thrashing around in front of me while she moaned and sobbed from the intense pleasure her ass was feeling.

“Okay, George. Really, really give it to me,” was Gabi’s request.

I knew that meant she was close to being ready to cum and what I should do. “Okay,” I said and I started getting to my feet to stand, knees bent, with my legs outside hers. Because I would not be able to support her in this position, Gabrielle let go of her ass cheeks and once again leaned forward with her elbows on the bed and her ass presented fully to me. Standing almost upright with my hands clutching Gabi’s hips, I started fucking down into her ass, using faster strokes and driving my cock hard into her. She thrust back just as hard, sobbing with the intense pleasure. The new position meant that the penetration was as good as it had been earlier and it also meant that Gabrielle was able to fuck me with her ass just as actively and just as strongly as I was fucking my cock into her. There is some strain to my knees in using this position but the pleasure for both of us was well worth it.

For several minutes I pounded my cock into Gabi’s ass while she pounded back at me. “My clit, George! Get my clit!” she urged. Although she had cum earlier without any playing with her clit, to cum the second time, she would need me to fondle her there. I needed no further urging and I kept my left hand on her hip while my other hand reached around and found Gabi’s adorable love toy, wet and engorged, and started gently massaging her. “Yes! Yes! There!” she exclaimed. I knew Gabrielle was ready to cum and I knew it would be powerful so I continued slamming my cock into her ass while fondling her clit. She urged me to keep fucking her, which was redundant because that was exactly what I wanted to do. After several more minutes, she started cumming.

For the fourth time that day, Gabrielle cried out that she was cumming and I knew that this would be the most tumultuous one yet. My right hand concentrated on caressing Gabi’s clit while that arm and my other hand clamped onto her hips to hold her upright. While her upper body writhed and shook on the bed in front of me, her hips continued to swivel, driving her knees into the mattress. I kept plowing my cock into her ass while Gabrielle tossed around on the bed, sometimes thrusting back to meet my cock and sometimes rocking sideways. To keep us from falling off the bed, I leaned to my left, pulling her with me and we both landed on our left sides.

With both of us lying on our sides, I no longer had to worry about Gabrielle falling and she could enjoy herself to the maximum. With my right hand I continued to caress her wet clit and that arm and my left hand held her ass steady as I rammed my cock in and out. That was the only part of Gabi’s body that was held steady; her head tossed up and down, her arms flopped aimlessly and her legs kicked and thrashed. Gabrielle was really enjoying herself and I was too, not just from the pleasure of ramming my cock into her slick, tight ass, which was wonderful enough, but also from seeing how much fun Gabi was having.

Finally, after five minutes of intense pleasure for both of us, Gabrielle climaxed, her body giving a tremendous spasm and then completely relaxing. I relaxed too; I had been holding off cumming while Gabi was in ecstasy but after her monumental orgasm, I also climaxed, ejaculating into my condom.

For a long time we lay happily in the spoon position until my cock softened and slipped out of the ass where it had given and received so much pleasure. Gabrielle rolled over onto her back and gestured in the direction of her pubic area which, along with her thighs and belly was covered with her delectable pussy juices. “A good hostess always provides her guests with the food they most like,” she said. “Go ahead and be my guest.”

Gabrielle certainly knows what I like and it was one of the most fragrant and delicious meals I have ever eaten.

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