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Why Men are Better than Boys

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Kevin & Lisa had met in college and fallen madly in love with each other when they were just 18. They had married on Lisa’s 20th birthday, only 6 months after Kevin’s 20th and now it was only a matter of days before Kevin’s 40th. Both were successful professionals, Kevin was a photographer and Lisa a writer and they had decided very early on in their relationship that children would not be in their plan — just a desire to experience as much as life could offer and they had managed just that.

They enjoyed travel, worked out most days of the week to keep their youthful looks and bodies, and made sure they never failed to fulfil any desire the other had.

Their one shared passion was the stage and they loved to be performing — both were long standing members of the town’s theatrical group and this is where the tale begins . . . . .


The latest show was to be a joint venture with drama pupils from the local college campus, a group of 8 girls and 4 boys all aged 19 to 21. A glitzy production of “Anything Goes”.

One of the girls, Chloe, was the daughter of Kevin & Lisa’s neighbours — a gorgeous redhead petite & slim, slightly built but perfectly proportioned. Whilst Kevin was 6’2″ and Lisa 5’10”, little Chloe was a mere 5′ 1″ with a tiny waist, slender hips and small, pert beasts — Kevin knew she her measurements were 30A-22-28 as he had sneaked a look at the costume lists. She was soon in the habit of getting a lift home from practice instantly becoming really good friends with Lisa.

On one trip home a couple of weeks before the show was due to open they were giggling & sharing some sort of secret in the back of the car while Kevin drove, as they had been all evening long in practice. After dropping Chloe off and going into their own house Kevin was eager to find out what all it was all about. Lisa said she would tell him in bed, so he swept her up in his arms and carried her upstairs.

Despite being married 20 years their sex drive was no less than the day they had first made love and the conversation was to wait until after a frenzied bout of lovemaking.

When they had both recovered sufficiently, Lisa set about telling Kevin what had happened — Chloe had for some time been asking subtle little probing questions about their relationship and more specifically the physical side of their relationship. That evening Lisa had taken her aside and openly told Chloe to stop beating around the bush and just tell her what she wanted to know. It turned out that Chloe, who was 19, had only ever had one partner and this was her current boyfriend of 10 months. The thing was whenever they had sex he always climaxed within a couple of minutes and she had never experienced an orgasm of any kind — masturbation just didn’t ‘do it’ for her at all and her boyfriend was no use either – so Chloe wondered how long it had taken Kevin & Lisa to get things together when they had first met and hoped she could maybe pickup some tips.

With this Kevin started to laugh out loud — he and Lisa had not been able to keep their hands off each other from the day they met and lovemaking never took less than an hour, often 2 or 3! They knew every inch of each others bodies and both of them could keep going longer than the Duracell bunny so he had to know what Lisa had said in response.

Lisa said she had just given Chloe a few little examples of their escapades over the years and a couple of ideas on getting her boyfriend to spend a lot more time on pleasuring her instead of concentrating on himself — she had also told Chloe she was to call around anytime for a chat if she ever felt the need.

After just 2 days Kevin saw Chloe leaving as he arrived home from a photo shoot — and he was amazed to hear that despite trying out Lisa’s suggestions the very next night Chloe’s boyfriend had failed to take the slightest interest, just being satisfied with getting himself off then leaving. Kevin told Lisa that he could not understand why any boy would not want to keep a girl as stunning Chloe in bed as long as he possibly could. Lisa just smiled and said that she had given Chloe one more idea that she may want to try but was to keep it for the weekend.

That Saturday was Kevin’s 40th birthday and Lisa had planned the whole day to the last detail — a luxurious late breakfast in bed followed by a trip to pick up his surprise present, a brand new Jeep, rounded off with a catered candlelight dinner back at their house.

Once the caterers had departed and they were left alone Lisa announced there was one final extra special surprise gift for Kevin and he was to close his eyes until told to open them. He waited eagerly just able to hear soft sounds of careful movement in the room and when Lisa gave the word his mouth fell open as he was greeted by the sight of Chloe — she was stood before him dressed in her show dance costume as one of Reno Sweeney’s Angels comprising a pale blue and white polka-dot crop halter top, a knee length pale blue skirt and matching blue patent leather shoes. Lisa told her to give a little twirl and the skirt flew up to reveal pale blue silk panties and the tops of her white stockings held up by suspenders that matched her panties. Her long red hair had been tied in two bunches that hung down over her delicate shoulders and she wore no makeup.

Kevin looked up to his wife who was holding a digital camcorder — she explained that this was a three way present; she would get to see her husband enjoying his special present and capture it on film, he would get his very own fantasy porn movie and Chloe would get her first taste of real sex with an experienced and accomplished lover — all he had to do was say yes.

Kevin stepped up to his wife, kissed her passionately and told her to roll cameras.

Kevin could see that Chloe was breathing quickly — was she scared or was she excited? — so he took her gently by the hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom with Lisa following closely behind, the camera focussed on Chloe’s tight little bottom bobbing beneath the skirt.

Lisa darted around them at the top of the stairs and motioned them to follow her to the master bedroom and Kevin was surprised to see his wife had already made preparations for what was to come by lighting the room with candles and placing tall moveable standing mirrors against the walls from the guest bedrooms.

Lisa told Kevin to go and change so he slipped into their dressing room and removed all his clothes before donning a long Mandarin style Chinese silk robe. He took the opportunity to check himself out in the mirrored wardrobe doors and was pleased with what he saw — not bad condition for a 40 year-old, the daily workout was keeping him nicely in trim at around 210 pounds and the high rep light weightlifting work he did gave him good muscle definition too. Kevin decided he had waited long enough and loosely belted the robe closed before returning to the main bedroom.

It was time he started to enjoy his “present” — as Chloe stood meekly at the foot of the bed, Kevin walked slowly around her savouring the delicious form of her pert young body. He was not about to rush this event and stopping behind her bent forward and began to gently kiss her neck, letting the tip of his tongue trail lightly along the edge of her ear and delicately nibbling her earlobe whilst simultaneously brushing his fingertips gently along her bare arms and midriff — instantly Chloe had chills running up and down her spine as sensations she had never felt before rushed through her body and brain and threatened to make her legs collapse beneath her. Her arousal was instant and obvious, hard little nipples poking through her top and her breathing becoming short and fast.

Without stopping the nuzzling Kevin began to undo the 3 small pearl buttons at the rear of Chloe’s blouse allowing the silky material to fall free from her back. He then delicately untied the bow at the back of Chloe’s neck and the top slid to the floor with a faint sighing sound. He whispered in Chloe’s ear that she should open her eyes and watch herself in the mirrors (which Lisa had now moved in closer to the couple) — Chloe had not been wearing a bra under her top, it had been totally unnecessary with her small pert breasts. Kevin grasped each small, dark rock hard nipple between a finger and thumb then resumed kissing & licking Chloe’s ear and neck. He began massaging Chloe’s breasts and teasing her nipples, lightly at first but as her excitement quickly grew he used more pressure squeezing and kneading the firm young flesh, his fingertips expertly twisting and pinching the sensitive buds drawing them out.

It was all too much for Chloe, her breath now coming in ragged gasps as she gave herself over to the waves of pleasure, her pussy was burning with desire and the fact she was watching herself being pleasured heightened her arousal. Her legs collapsed as the feelings simply overwhelmed her senses — Kevin swiftly threw an arm around her waist and held her upright pausing to allow Chloe to recover, taking the opportunity to look over to where his wife was standing in front of him — Lisa had been busy, not only moving the mirrors into a closer position but having undressed and donned a short blue Chinese silk wrap that matched his after placing the camera on a tripod.

Chloe could feel the heat of Kevin’s arousal as his hard groin pressed into the small of her naked back as Kevin instructed Chloe to once again watch the mirrors closely as he resumed his birthday treat — he unbuttoned the waist of the skirt and it joined the top at Chloe’s feet before he knelt down behind her and she looked at her reflection. She stood with feet slightly apart clad only in stockings, and garter belt with her pale blue silk panties now soaked and dark with her juices — so much so that the insides of her thighs glistened in the soft candle light where the warm liquid had leaked out.

As she stood transfixed by her own image in the mirror Chloe gave herself over once again to the increasing feelings of pleasure while Kevin’s expert hands caressed her back, sides and legs first unclipping the suspenders and rolling down her stockings to her shoes before slipping both off before unclipping the 3 fasteners at the rear of the garter belt dropping that to the floor also.

Kevin’s restless hands now worked back up, first around the delicate calves, behind Chloe’s knees and up the inside of her thighs — when he reached the panties he moved around to Chloe’s side and let his fingers trace the boundary between flesh and material, one hand probing the crease between her firm young ass cheeks while the other stroked and teased the hot wet cleft of her lips. Locating the hard little nub at the apex of her pussy Kevin massaged her clitoris through the silken barrier immediately making Chloe cry out in ecstasy as the intimate contact released a first ever orgasm. The waves of pleasure tore through her tiny body and she would have collapsed again were it not for Kevin holding her upright — but he did not stop and she rode a second orgasmic wave her body now convulsing wildly like a rag doll shaken by a child. She was now babbling incoherently and making low gutteral animal sounds but still Kevin did not let up until he was ready for the final assault on her senses and with his index finger he drove her panties hard up into her incredibly tight asshole.

This drove Chloe over the edge into sensation overload, she collapsed semi-conscious into his arms as she climaxed a third time in as many minutes and he carried her gently on to the bed laying her down and removing the drenched panties so that she was finally naked. Kevin looked up to see Lisa in the shadows between the mirrors — she had abandoned the camera on its stand to record the entire experience automatically and was stood with the robe thrown open masturbating wildly, one hand buried in her shaven pussy and the other caressing her breasts and nipples.

Kevin turned his attention back to Chloe for the third time that night. She was a stunning sight to behold, her small pale body against the scarlet silk bed sheets completely bare — like his wife Chloe was shaven (Lisa had told him all of the dancers shaved as it was easier wearing some of the higher cut costumes) he slipped off his robe and stood there at the foot of the bed for her to see the extent of his arousal — mostly recovered from her exertions her eyes flew wide open when she saw Kevin’s tool, all 7 inches of crimson erection and she was filled with a mixture of fear and excitement not knowing how he could possibly fit that in her small cunt without tearing her apart as he was much bigger than her boyfriend was.

He climbed onto the foot of bed and reaching forward drew her lightly by the waist to its end so her bottom rested on the mattress, her legs were out and her feet dangled just off the floor, offering up her perfect pussy to his advance. Towering over her as he stepped between her thighs Kevin then dipped a finger gently into Chloe’s dripping slit coating it with her sweet juice and worked it slowly in and out savouring the delicious hot, tight grip of Chloe’s box. As she was so wet Kevin added a second finger to the pumping motion allowing the young girl to get comfortable with the sensation before adding a third digit to get her accustomed to gentle stretching and pressure.

Kevin could sense Chloe was very soon getting close to orgasm as his fingers probed the walls of her hyper sensitive pussy and his index fingertip brushed against her G-spot. He wanted her at maximum arousal and withdrew his fingers stroking the warm liquid onto his penis to lubricate it. Placing a hand in the small of her back he lifted Chloe’s hips clear of the bed slightly and with his free hand gripping his shaft he nestled the head against her puffy dark-red lips.

With a single slow powerful thrust he entered Chloe’s hot tight cunt — it was made easy by the amount of juices flowing freely from the aroused girl — and did not stop until the head of his cock was nudging her cervix and his balls were resting against her soft ass cheeks. This drew a long growl from the girl beneath him and he remained in position for several moments giving Chloe a chance to get used to being filled with a large penis but he did not have to worry as she immediately started to grind her pelvis against his and giving herself over entirely to the pleasure begged him to fuck her hard.

Kevin was not about to be asked twice so drew back until just his head was engaged inside her pussy lips and started to pound long hard strokes into Chloe gradually raising the speed as her cries of passion increased in fervour and once more teasing her petite breasts and nipples — very soon Chloe was cumming for the for the first time ever with just penetration, the walls of her vagina gripping firmly on Kevin’s shaft as her back arched from the bed. This drove him to the edge too and as he felt his balls begin to contract he pulled out of Chloe and with 2 or 3 strokes of his hand unloaded wad after wad of creamy spunk all over the breasts and belly of this gorgeous girl beneath him.

As his orgasm subsided, Lisa could not stop herself and rushed forward to expertly take her husbands dick right down her throat with practised ease, sucking him clean of the thick mixture of his jism and Chloe’s sweet juice.

Kevin and Lisa sat on the edge of the bed, one either side of Chloe, and sat for a couple of minutes in silence catching their breath and recovering from their exertions while the young woman rested in a warm haze of endorphins and adrenalin rush.

Lisa was the first to speak and she pointed out to her husband that perhaps he and Chloe might want to clean up, nodding in the direction of open door to the bathroom and smiling — Kevin agreed and taking Chloe by the hand drew the naked girl upright off the bed and led her across the bedroom, her skin shining with a mixture of sweat, spunk and pussy juice in the subdued light. The centre of the bathroom floor was occupied by a huge cast iron bath big enough for two people and one side was entirely taken up by an enclosed tiled massage shower with floor to ceiling glass doors — it was huge, more than big enough for the games Lisa and Kevin had played over the years.

Lisa quickly adjusted the jets for warmth and strength and dashed back to retrieve the camera returning just in time to catch Kevin entering the cubicle first and Chloe quickly following him in eager to discover what further heights of ecstasy Kevin could lead her to. He applied a coat of shower gel to his hands, thighs and chest and, placing himself tight against Chloe’s back began to gently rub himself against her creating a curtain of bubbles and instantly arousing the young girl once more. He continued to slowly work around Chloe savouring the sensation of her hard nipples as her tits rubbed his chest and stomach and by the time he was behind her once more she was begging for him to bury his throbbing cock inside her again.

Kevin wasted no time and without any finesse thrust into her and rode her hard forcing her body forward against the glass so Lisa had a shot of Chloe’s small breasts and bald mound crushed flat and sliding amidst the foam while her husband fucked her from behind. This time Kevin decided there would be no let up when Chloe climaxed — he knew he could last until he wanted to cum and was determined to see just how many orgasms this girl could have in one fucking. In her hyper-sensitised state it took no time at all before climax after climax crashed through her body – one, two then a third getting quicker and quicker until she could no longer tell where one finished and another started but still he kept thrusting while Chloe threw her head back snarling with pure desire before Kevin delivered the coup de grace — pulling all the way out he paused for a moment, took his soaking wet prick in his hand and lining himself up placed the dripping engorged crimson tip at the opening between Chloe’s sweet tiny bum cheeks before beginning a long slow hard drive impaling himself into the depth of her incredibly hot and tight virgin ass.

Chloe uttered a sharp cry of shock and pain that immediately changed to a scream of pleasure and desire as she succumbed to the incredible feeling of having her most intimate orifice filled with Kevin’s rock hard dick. He began to pump forcefully in and out of her ass, steadily picking up speed, moved his hands to tweak her nipples and clitoris while fully supporting her weight and all the time was nibbling her ears and neck constantly telling her how beautiful and sexy and wonderful she was — Chloe could was no longer able to control herself her body spasming and contorting with a rapid succession of orgasms or maybe one long immense orgasm, accompanied by Kevin pumping a huge load of hot spunk up inside her burning hot bowels whereupon she fainted still impaled on Kevin’s manhood.

Lisa finally put down the camera as the water washed the couple in the shower clean and once Kevin withdrew his shrinking cock he carried the girl back into the bedroom and laid her down on some huge soft towels Lisa had hastily arranged on the bed then they spent some time gently drying the delicate form of the unconscious girl — Chloe revived within 10 minutes to find herself warmly wrapped in a luxurious bathrobe nestled protectively in between the husband and wife and simply smiled at the couple before thanking them for the most incredible experience in her short life to date. When words of thanks began to fail her Kevin laughed and insisted the pleasure had been all his, but then so did Lisa who pointed out just how many tips and tricks Chloe now had to use with her boyfriend.

Chloe thought for a long moment before answering that after tonight there was no room for a boy in her life any longer as Kevin had opened her eyes to the pleasures only an experienced man can bring to a girl and it was a man she would be looking for very soon — Lisa and Kevin exchanged the briefest glance before they both snuggled into the girl and Lisa told her that she need look no further than this very bedroom because what she had undergone tonight was just the tip of the sexual iceberg and if she wanted to then Chloe was welcome to spend as long as she liked with them and together they would teach her all the pleasures a woman can have.

The delighted young girl settled back between the older couple grinning like the cat who just got the cream and said that after a sleep then maybe they could continue her education by maybe watching a film sometime soon . . .

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